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You are listening to a free Berge of majority report with Sam cedar to support this show and get another fifty minutes daily program. Goodridge already dot S M, please. Rob. It is Wednesday. November twenty first two thousand eighteen my name is Sam cedar. This is the five time award winning majority report. We are broadcasting live steps from the industrially ravage Guana canal in the heartland of America. Downtown Brooklyn USA. On the program today. New York Times reveals Donald Trump wanted to prosecute Komi and Clinton as recently as the spring of two thousand eighteen. Mile. I've grown a lot since then. It's all changed much mature. Meanwhile, Trump wants to pardon Mohammad bin Salman. And his acting DOJ Matt Whitaker up until. Last year was living off of the conservative dole. Who was paying? We may never know. Trump administration allows Kentucky to add work requirements to Medicaid a gain. And don't eat romaine lettuce. Unless you're libertarian. And don't believe in the FDA. Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi run circles around Seth Moulton and will retain leadership. Migra family separation caused eighty million add that to the. Tens upon tens of millions for our military going down to the border in America is being made great again a buckle up, folks. It's starting to look like the Trump recession is forming. Meanwhile, progressives are seeking committee power in congress as so they should. And lastly, we're -ticipant adding the potential. For a special guest today. We will also get your calls early. It could very well. Be a. Freebie Wednesday today, folks. All this and more on today's program. I'm not gonna lie lays gentleman. I am not feeling. Well. Today was one of those mornings where in retrospect you wake up, and you're like what were we thinking? Why didn't we do a pre-tape today? There's no one. I mean, I have a feeling. And didn't matter both looking at me like we had that thought we had that thought well in advance. Well, no one articulated it to me. I'll just tell you that right now. But people are. But I in sensitive to the fact that people are driving. Two places today and tomorrow for thanksgiving. Maybe you're getting on a plane. I I hope for your sake. You're not. Pain in the. Paying the arse on a day like today. But we thought that you would enjoy a little bit of of politics and entertainment today on your ride home. That's the theory. We will we will be there will be no live show tomorrow. And on Friday, we will have a prerecorded interview. But we will be up on YouTube live, we have a or in real time. I guess YouTube premiere so the live chat is going to be there for everybody they go. So he's about and meanwhile, hopefully, I will feel better by then. Going to get into some of the stuff the show. But before we do two thousand eighteen as you know has been a difficult year for human rights, but have you ever wondered how rights abuses are documented around the world? You probably have with the sheer volume of global crisis. We're seeing from civilian casualties in Syria to ethnic cleansing and Miramar to the caging of children on US borders. It's critical. We expose the truth in order to defend the rights of all bring those responsible to Justice. Well, if you've been listening to this program for any period of time really going back to when I was on. AM talk radio. He will know that Human Rights Watch does just that they are an independent nonprofit organization known for their accurate fact-finding impartial reporting in targeted advocacy. They often do so in partnership with local activists and human rights groups, they accept no money from any government. But rely on the support of informed dedicated people, just like you. Matt you had mentioned to me yet. Was he yesterday about Human Rights Watch report? Yeah. Human Rights, Watch did some work on Airbnb point out of parts of Israel because of their anti-palestinian or no Palestinian options. I mean, they're all over the place and covering all this stuff. That's hugely important. And nobody else will do it frankly. So if human rights are important to you, visit HR w dot org slash majority to make a donation and support. It's vital work around the world. When you do not only is your gift a tax deduction, it will be matched dollar for dollar until twenty nine thousand nine. That means your donation. We'll go twice as far to advance Justice, and defend the basic dignity of people who need it. Most. Again, that's HR w dot org slash majority. I almost want to. You know, every now, and then I get that idea of like what if I had the ability to actually I I will did any power other than occasionally getting people to work on the show to show up here in the office. I do I do mean occasionally. Sally, Matt I mean, Michael and Jamie. I have no idea where they're. But I think one of the things that I would do if I if I ever achieved a a. Dictatorial power in this country. It would be to suggest that. If you have any type of television program. You you really aren't allowed to have political guests on and allow them to say things about politics unless you're going to be critically. You're going to critically think about them, right? It's one thing to say like, oh, we're going to have you know. We're going to have Newt Gingrich on to find out. What makes this guy tick? I don't know that I would watch that. I already know the answer it is he's running gripped, but that's much better than allowing him to actually run the gripped. Stephen call bear had on last night. Nebraska, Senator Ben Sasse who is. You know, a bit of Opposers, I think is the way to put it. Right. I mean, he's of. And look if you wanna have Ben Sasse on and ask them, you know, I don't particularly like it. When when people are, you know, politicians humanized that much, but I understand. Okay, fine. You know, some people say should not be humanized like Dick Cheney, you should not humanize him in any way. I don't even care if it's like a depiction of him as a bad human. I think you just you should should not humanize him. But when Ben Sasse gets on and starts espousing political ideology. And you you leave an unquestioned, and it I mean, it's it's annoying. And it's it's it's detrimental long-term. Here's Ben Sasse on Stephen Colbert show. Doubt. How would we find out if she did that we should know all that we can own it for one second? This is Ben Sasse giving a very specific answer. On. Vodka Trump's emails now, do I think Trump's emails or big deal? No. We always have a problem with like the way that we organize this stuff. And you know, clearly, it was big enough for essentially the entire establishment media to make a narrative of it. And for the Republicans to do like literally like six investigations. About Hillary Clinton. But leaving that aside, here's bent Sasser refuses take a position on it. But seemingly reasonable doubt. How would we find out if she did that we should know all that we can know? Seriously, really, well, I don't know the particulars of this story job right out, the particulars of the story with a so it turns out the restaurant brand gauge government, and they're supposed to check and balance one another in the last two years. The check in the balance thing over there because it sounds like a lot of check. I think we lost the balance somewhere along the line. The converse doesn't work. Thing. That's something. That's something that we could ran the congress doesn't seem to be working. Well, how long have you actually been in the Senate now almost four years? What do you do? The problem is why why doesn't the congress function the way that I think the founders intended ause you for one second. This is very easy question for people to answer. Why has congress not functioned the way that it's supposed to in terms, and they're talking about you're talking about oversight of the executive branch. Now, the answer is quite easy. It is because the Republican party has controlled both those branches in the Republican party has over the past twenty twenty five years in addition to being ideologically problematic from my perspective. But functionally in terms of congress have been totally derelict, and they are a death cult and death cult don't really care about good government and accountability. Let's see what Ben Sasse thinks congress function the way that I think the founders intended. Yeah. So I mean, I think in two hundred and thirty years of US history. The congress is probably the second weakest moment. The founders didn't have a vision of the world where people wanted to be in politics, moved to DC and stay there forever. You're supposed to think the place where you're from is the most interesting place in the world. And we use the term historically public service because you go to Washington to serve for time. And you're supposed to go back home right now. Most people in Washington their biggest long-term thought is about their own incumbency. They don't ever leave that place. And so they don't want to do hard stuff. So there's not a lot of checking and balancing there's a lot of more kind of parliamentary instinct to defer to people in your own party. And the founders will be confused by that posit. You know, what the the founders would be confused by a lot of things. I mean, this is such a ridiculous argument. The there's something fundamentally wrong with politicians who want to continue to work in government. The bigger problems that people leave and then cash in frankly on their service, but the idea that the founders would be confused by this. You know, what else they'd be confused by how people actually get to Washington. They fly issue they fly big steel cans. What are you serious? What are all these black people doing to what is the point? He's trying to make about public servants. Like if you look at that. Actually, we call them public servants because you were supposed to do it for that long. That doesn't follow at all. No, he's supposed to do public service. It's supposed to be something different from being from having a job. The founding fathers. Absolutely. It'd be awfully shocked to frankly that what are their slaves doing? As in the Senate. What is this whole thing where you now popularly elected a Senator what that's insane. We were supposed to get some type of power for the land owners. That wouldn't be that confused by gerrymandered. No, they wouldn't be that confused by Jerry, Mandy, and what? Again, explained to me this thing where they're flying. We had anticipated the internet. We knew that would happen. But we thought everyone would Skype in we didn't think they would have the ability to fly. That's absurd. I'm so confused. This is just a dumb. This is just ridiculous and Ben Sasse. I'm sorry. It's consumer point to me that something that Ben Sasse is done that has been provided a check I mean, this guy so in touch with the essence of what the founders expected. He's like Jeff flake might kind of. He's not going to go all the way, but he'll give you a little taste, and I suppose bents acids is going to wrap up his career in two years and head back to Nebraska's that word to believe Ben Sasse is on his his retirement lap right now. But it's annoying to me because right after this all that called bear does is move onto the next thing. Ben Sasse is core. Here we have the five thirty. This is actually fairly useful the the Trump score. Oh, okay. All right. Well, I would imagine it is quite low right because he has been such a check. Doesn't look like he's pretty pretty on board without the checks are held the balancings been going. Oh, really, what's he doing there? He's he's he's almost ninety percent is a b plus Trumper. Ninety percent. In fact, he is a not less than a point away from his predicted score based upon how well Trump did his whole thing of like it's more parliamentary that people just subscribe to their own party. He has been there on just about everything. And the only thing he deserves. Yeah. Tariffs and healthcare. Which of course, he was. Unbelievable. Benz S. Yes. So much for Ben Sasse. All right. Well, let's get to the story about. Kashogi because of the C I A now. Has said that they have fairly significant evidence that. N B S was aware of this. Now, it also is the most obvious answer. That kashogi was I mean that mom had been Salman was involved in this. First let's start with. With Donald Trump. Being asked if he's leading NBS get away with murder. And here's Donald Trump's. Essentially his statement. I mean, they released another statement that was all about justifying this position. But this is the position are you letting the Saudis get away with murder, murdering a journalist this about America first. Paying us four hundred billion dollars, plus the purchase and invested gun thing. That's probably the biggest amount ever paid to the United States. Don't you believe there? See I didn't make a determination. Just like I said, I think it was very maybe he did. Maybe he did they did not make that assessment. The CIA has looked at it. They've studied it a lot. They have nothing definitive. Well, I mean the. A lot of people are asking. Why would it be? Why would Donald Trump? Be so hesitant to. To hold the Saudis responsible for this and particularly MB us and. The argument that it's about jobs and money is obviously bunk. I mean, people have debunked this all over the place. The the deal is closer to twenty eight billion dollars. And it goes. To Lockheed Martin in. They're creating less than a thousand jobs close so close it's so big. So big. What do you have twenty million billion? Yeah. I mean, the number keeps inflating like even this debunking was like every time he mentions one hundred ten billion dollar arms like today. It was like four hundred. It just keeps going up. You just pulled a number out. The. The more accurate answer as to what is motivating Donald Trump. I think possibly could be found in a may nineteenth two thousand eighteen piece in the New York Times by Mark mazzetti. Ronen Bergman and David Kirkpatrick headline Trump junior another aids meet with Gulf emissary, offering help to win election. Donald Trump junior. The president's eldest, son. Three months before the two thousand sixteen election. Was part of a small group gathered at Trump Tower, one of the people there was an Israeli specialist and social media manipulation. Another was an emissary for two wealthy Arab princes, one of whom those Arab princes with Muhammad. Ben Solomon, the third was. Eric prints from blackwater the emissary, George Nader. Said that the prince's who led Saudi Arabia in the UAE were eager to help his father win the election. They made some type of deal. The the Israeli social media guy ended up getting paid a couple of million dollars after the election. Nater was brought in multiple times into the campaign. Not the type of profile that you would have. If your offer of help was rejected. But the question becomes like. Is Donald Trump really the type of person to get help being elected? And then. Just be incredibly loyal, for instance. Let's say you were the first Senator. Who came out and supported Donald Trump? Would he be loyal to you, even even if you kill somebody? And your name was Jeff Sessions. I think the answer would probably be no. It's. I mean, I don't even think this is like a tit for tat type of situation the way that Trump is acting. He may have some deal. Donald Trump junior may have some deal. Kushner may have some deal. Or the Saudis may have information that. Would be dangerous for them to share with other people about Donald Trump or Donald Trump junior. Like, I mean, they they made a deal. It is unclear what that deal was. Donald Trump's loyalty is been proven time and time again to not necessarily be most super deep the most loyal. It's very strange. It's very strange what's going on here. Now, I will say that a lot of the players who are talked about in this piece. They've already talked to Muller or they have been talking to Mahler. So we will probably find find out. I have a feeling when Muller ends up bringing out his report if he does that it's going to be. Much wider in its range than we an -ticipant. There may be some elements about Russia. There may be more. I mean, the collusion stuff seems to be pretty much of a slam dunk at this point when you're trying to prosecute Komi. I mean, I would like to prosecute McCall me, but it would be more like under the. Cedar bylaws. What do you do if you are a completely craven? Republican media person. And the CIA has said that MB s was involved. The Turks have said that M B S was involved. Every expert on Saudi Arabia says it's almost inconceivable that a fifteen member hit squad would travel to an embassy. Chop up a journalist who's an American resident. And Bs would know about it. What do you do if you are that craven Republican talker? Well, you continue to craven and talk and. Here is Hugh Hugh Hewitt. Trying to come up with an explanation for how it is that the president the United States who's going on and saying like I needed to do it for the money. We get American needs. This incidentally, not only does American not need Saudi oil. We buy. I don't know what ten percent of our oil from Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia could raise the prices of oil internationally by by choking off a supply from OPEC. But. There's a report out today. That. See an insider business insider, Texas is about to create OPEC's worst nightmare. There's been so much drilling. That's been going on in this country over the past even under the Obama administration as well. There are new pipelines that are getting built all over Texas. And in Houston, the US oil capital shale executives are trying out different superlatives to describe what's coming soon. Nami they call it a flooding of biblical portions an onslaught of supplier phrases, they could tossed around. So in other words, Saudi Arabia couldn't be in a weaker position right now. If we are so worried about. American oil. I mean Americans access to oil than we should be nationalizing those pipelines and those oil refineries, but here's Hugh Hewitt to explain why Donald Trump is doing this. The CIA is concluded that and the S was behind this murder. This has been reporting this has been reported by our news outlet NBC news among a number of others, including the New York Times in the Washington coast. Why is Donald Trump brushing off and that's been by zone intelligence community? Why after I have to be cautious here because the CIA sometimes is wrong. It's it was was it's national intelligence estimate about Iran's weapons of mass destruction in two thousand and seven sometimes reporters, even great ones at my colleague at the Washington Post and NBC get fed information by the which is incomplete to advance a narrative by a particular constituency with. The press and attack the president there. There is often a whole my gosh. The agency often brass David Ignatius and the washer book, they often push out a narrative, but they want are you saying that all of them were by CIA at the at NBC. Watch with an ER. All the other networks do CT. I would defer to Shane to to talk about the team. Line with on my other intelligence from the Turks and from others, but go on gone. I again, Katie. Yeah. It's very possible. That kashogi was ordered murdered by NBS positive one second. So here's the first argument. You can't believe the CIA. Okay. But what about the Turks? Well, you can't believe the Turkestan the CIA. What about every other? It's s that's come from any other expert on this. Well, okay. It's possible. I've done enough. I've laid that that little patch of doubt. But wait a second. Let me move onto a different argument. I'm going to retreat to another argument, Katie if I could poured murdered by s very possible. At the president said today when he was going to the helicopter was to put into context that the Saudi Arabian relationship is very important. In the statement today, the very important second paragraph is about the real enemy in the Middle East, which is Iran, which has greatest state exporter of terrorism. The world and has murdered hundreds of Americans in conflict in Iraq Saudi Arabia matters test because they're in alliance with the UAE with Jordan, Egypt, Israel, and the United States and Bs is not Saudi Arabia. You've heard people like Lindsey Graham and other is tell the president he to invest it in the crown prince, but he is being very strategic. He's being very strategic in protecting Ambi s by also protecting Saudi Arabia because it's so it's so key to our relationship. You're is Sean Hannity doing the B team version of the same argument? This is they're doing both the. Fake, intellectual and just the blowhard version of this exact same talking point. Here's how Sean Hannity delivers that talking point at said, I I believe NBS did. No, I'm probably ordered the killing of this Jamal Khashoggi. Here's the problem. We had war war to we had to align. With a mass murderer by the name of Joseph Stalin to defeat Hitler. Right. We didn't like that alliance. Either right now, we have a historic moment where s Israel Egypt. Jordan, the emerets the Saudis are now perfectly aligned against Iranian hegemony and the threats of them getting a nuclear weapon with their radical ideology of wanting to destroy the world that America American Israel. All right. I think there should be as you. I agree with you about sanctions, I agree. They needs to be a punishment. But I also with the president we should not end this relationship. So. Apparently alienating Saudi Arabia is the functional equivalent of allowing the Nazis to continue to. Create a. Huge empire that threatens all of Europe. And frankly the entire world. The other thing. I mean, what's fascinating about this. If this was the reverse the Republicans were talking about how weak. The US government is now that we cannot at the very least just force 'em Bs out. We are so weak that the Saudis are now pulling us around by our tale. This frame. I think is is silly. But it certainly the one that the Republicans would use. And. I there's. I mean, I think the the the problem with this is self evident. I mean, if you basically say this. This coalition to fight the the Irani and threat. Is too big to fail them. What what can you prevent them from doing? What I mean? What where does this at it's just absurd, and it will have no implications on anything. Nobody. Nobody. No Republican voter cares about this. They don't care. They don't think that Iran equals Nazi Germany. Oh, no. They all do. That's why they won't care about the killing of this. Oh, the Washington Post columnist, but I feel like even they don't really care the actual voters. Don't care that much about Iran. No. I don't think they do not as much as the this is not this is like the flip side, right? This is. The iran. Demonization helps. Trump's position in this have not vice versa. Usually there doing stuff to demonize on this. They have to expend some of the demonization cachet to protect whatever it is. Don, Trump is so hell bent on protecting. It's a look forward to hughhewitt dedicate and the rest of his career to CIA watching. Yeah. Exactly. He's super skeptical of them. All right. Let's move to the other story about the leadership of the Democrats in the house. The coalition of sixteen letter signers has already fallen apart. God bless you has already fallen apart. Apparently, at least one guy Higgins from New York has decided he is going to rescind his signature on that letter. That is important because the the magic number was fifteen fifteen votes against Pelosi could be afforded as of now, it may be the Democrats picked up a house seat in Utah. And in. I think it was California was the second one was two of them. The Mia loves seat. And then there was a second seat that the AP called or maybe the had called that one. Nevertheless, there's at least about fifteen votes that Nancy Pelosi can afford to let people take based upon their. On their promise to their voters and all this is blown up and Seth Moulton face. Showing at the very least that Nancy Pelosi is pretty good at what she does when it comes to at the very least. Twisting arms and getting votes for what she wants and knowing when where and when she can get them Seth Moulton now has a Seth Moulton problem. He was holding a town hall and amesbury on the north Shaw. Up near the New Hampshire line, more or less where you would go. If it was a Sunday, and you need to do a pack run because the blue laws and Massachusetts, he will shoot across the board pick-up some booze. Come back paddy for football game. Let's say. Seth Moulton announcing his opposition to Nancy Pelosi. Apparently, he didn't check this out with his constituents. Washington. Get rid of everybody and field. Fly. You've got to still Terry. And apparently that constituent was onto something because he certainly didn't have the skill set. He was backing off the letter very quickly saying how he didn't write it. There were people there were other members in the dark hiding out who who were frayed that it was written. And then he goes on to compare Nancy Pelosi Tamargo Thatcher, which I think from an ideological standpoint is wrong and also from a historical standpoint what he discussed also wrong. And it didn't seem to do very well politically with his own constituents here he is. Someone told his. On the same difference. The foreign parliament. Terms. And. Not to be. Floor. Vote. Anyway. She went to the floor twisted arms. Hopes. Prime minister went on. And that's that's. That is the strangest first off what happened. Margaret Thatcher is our own party. She didn't have the votes amongst our own party. Nancy Pelosi clearly has the majority of Democrats in favor of her even prior to the opposition falling apart to the point where she's like almost orchestrated the opposition. Well, you need to hundred eighteen votes. She had the vast majority of democratic votes, even if she didn't get to to eighteen right Thatcher lost confidence her own party lost confident in her in. This instance, you're talking about maybe ten percent of the Democrats wanting to vote against her. So that analogy was wrong and just the analogy of like, and they got a new prime minister and everything was fine. Pretty dramatic change. Thatcher was hor- rugged fifth grade civics lesson really is. I'm gonna I'm gonna do something that hopefully, you won't pick up on. How condescending it is. As I tell you this story. My understanding is that year was booted because she wasn't pro Europe enough. Is that right? John Major typeset very possible. She wasn't moving into the twenty first century. All right. Let's play this. And then we'll we'll start taking some phone calls. Here. Let's take this. Let's take a phone. Call right now. You calling from a Hello. Hello. Hey, hey, yeah. I'd like to order twelve pairs of the cracker factory drawstring pants in the pullover. Top with the Jesus Christ Appliquee in all the colors. I'd like him in -til bone may not blue okra all all I'm treating myself treat myself for doing so well into in the debate last night. Listen, do you need my Welty card number. I think. Who is this? This is Cindy had math. My number is two two four nine. My code word is white makes right TV. See wait a second. Cindy, Hyde Smith the. The running. From Mississippi SIS PBR. Treat myself. I'd like to order the cracker factory drawstring pants with the with the overtop with Appliquee. Well, no it is. No. This is not give you see. But I'm glad you called in this. This is my name is Sam cedar joke is some kind of a joke. QBC? No, this is not QVC. I keep telling you my name is Sam cedar. And we actually I mean, coincidentally we were talking about politics. So I'm glad to have. Ever whatever your name is. I don't know what's going on trying to order the, you know, do you know who this? This is listen to me, listen to try to order twelve pairs of the drawstring pants and overtop from cracker factory. I don't have any Quaker factory pants but lacking. You sound like what are you on the east coast you liberal what's going on here? Well, I'm east coast. Yes. Yes. I'm above the left as it were. But it's interesting. We were just talking about your debate. Or just about to talk about your debate. Tell you what I put ziplock bag over my own head. So I could not see north Hugh myself and the silent debate. But I'm pretty sure I one that's why I'm ordering all the drawstring pants as an early to treat myself. Well, holidays, my guess be didn't know whether he was coming or going after that would well it turns out we actually have some some some clips from last night from the debate. Now, my understanding is. Bag over my head. Nobody's supposed to hear it. Well, we we have a couple of clips here. Let's do do you mind. If we play them and ask you about. I'm not gonna listen I'm going on. I oughta one awesome wanted to order. The luxury rope. Because we have Christmas hanging the luxury run. I don't even know what that product. My husband cattleman, Mike, and I like to have hangings we're having thanksgiving with our Pyo is coming and Ray Moore's coming. He loves the car of the Turkey, and we're also been a flawed or some cattle, but we're not gonna eat them. Okay. Why aren't you going to eat you play your clips or whatever? Listen to me Judah. I don't know what y'all are doing over there. But I'm gonna keep making a list of some things I need from the QVC. So you play whatever you need to play. Let's play this. I which one should we play. I matt. Yeah. This is from the debate. Here is a clip now. Of myself, and my Mr. SP. Yes, exactly. And this is this is how did you get? How did you get any anything from that debate? That was a silent like a silent auction. Well, I understand. I'm not even sure how we got it. We get clipped to this debate. Matt C span O C span. Yeah. And here is and this is where she looks down at her. Which one is this. Okay. I'm talking about. I'm sorry. Okay. Well, let's where she addresses the public. Yeah. This is where you address the the the comment that you made about the public hanging here. It is. John posit. I'm sorry who had lost their parents tragically at the hands of black people. We excuse me. What? No, I here. Let's just play your your apology, then you can respond to it. How's that explain and apologise tonight at a campaign event? I had the opportunity visit with the supporter who has a big piece of my heart. See his mother and dad both died when he had a cancer when he was in high school. So it's so to express my deep regard in my sincere commitment that they showed man I used the phrase I told him that. I would fight a circle song for him while obviously I would not stick my arm in a circle song, nor did any of my comments ever, Maine that I would enjoy any type of capital punishment sitting there witnessing this. You know for anyone that was offended for my by. My comments. I certainly apologize. There was no ill will no intent what's so ever in my statements in nearly twenty years of service been your state Senator your Commissioner of agriculture and your US Senator I have worked with all mississippians. It didn't matter their skin color tight their age or their income. That's my record. There is never been anything. Not one thing in my background to ever indicate. I had Wiltord anyone. I've never been to anyone. I've always tried to help everyone. Eight. Oh, twist note and weapon to the us. When I ordered the the quack affect re confederate flag land where everybody was all upset confederates. Like, let's not tell you what those same the south going gonna do again. But my dear friend. He's got a big piece of my heart a big piece of my heart. And I was just so tickled when we got a chance to talk. You heard phrases fam- freighters that's one spot in Meatball. I can't believe I hope things where if it's in the same. It's in the same western canon of popular phrases and things that got Gary has sick. Fury boat. What no way to him. You didn't refer to capital punishment you referred to a public hanging. And yeah. Public. It's a phrase Sam lack hashtag worth it. You know, whatever people say with and there's no ill. Will that is? So when I wear my confederate clothes, and when I do the reenactments eight dollars in good fun. My record shows that listen Sam we got enough problems out here in Mississippi. We you know, everybody's talking about the wildfires in California and crazy, California, LA La Land. But you know, we have your Mississippi. We got droughts we got we got storms. We have black people we have holes in the roads, we have all kinds of problems here. The last time the stores blew through here. The dining nonsense store, we have a lot of ninety nine cents stores. Stores nearby store. Got listened to me store got hit so hard. There was literally twenty two dollars worth of damage that how much damage was done at midnight or nonsense store dollars would be that. We have three things I think would. That twenty dollars worth of damage that was hit the one near my house. Don't even give you start on the Family Dollar store by the piggly-wiggly. 'cause I'll tell you how hard that was hit. But I'm not going to do that right now. Listen, I'm tired of being accused of things excuse me. I'm getting so upset my I got a frog in my throat. Now, you gotta go crazy. 'cause I said I got a frog in my throat. I don't really have logged throat. It's just an expression. Okay. All right. So a lot e what is your name again hall? Sam. Not Rachel Sam that Sheba. No, not Bethsheba nothing from the well, I guess biblical. Other people in their that. There is. Lamb laughing at you. Mad and Brendan are here. Voter suppression is not a good idea. I'm full of good ideas. Voter suppression is a fantastic idea. Now. Wait a second. Now came up with that. Or was that got here? I don't know. I don't know. He I don't know who who said it. But it's a fantastic idea. I'm having I'm having I'm having I'm having a bumper stickers. Suppress it. Hashtag suppress. All right. Well, Cindy, Hyde Smith hold on for one second. I wanna play this clip of some the Jackson free press. It is a. It is a tweet. I say watch I can't to twenty times Cindy Hyde. Smith look down at two large stacks of notes in front of her. Just the first two questions candidates weren't supposed to bring notes with them. But her campaign and. It's hard for the TV getting ready from order. Also, I'm giving out gifts and things like that. That's what I had. I had in front of me. Well, let's TV watch. Let us watch the video in people can decide for themselves house that I watch. Okay. Hold on for one. Second pause it, and we're just gonna play it. And we'll spin. Get down children. He storming our borders. Repeal ObamaCare thing that we will support shirty willing. Pre existence conditions pre existence condition care, which bed disaster for healthcare. Really American Combet supports that, you know, at campaigning banishment sitting there wouldn't sing this. You know for anyone that was offended for my by my comments, stop the apologized with. No, he'll will no intent what so ever. In my statement, you listen. I I have to say height Smith hold influence. Excuse me. On wheels meals on wheels. Sam I started program meals on wheels in my in my with my parish in Mississippi, and what we do is we bring with the homeless, and we ask them to pay for it it teaches them to support themselves now. Wait a second. All right. That is that seems to me to be ridiculous. But but I want to get back to that video. You clear clearly looking down at you know, that's not my name is Matt. No, you were reading them. It's on. Samuel. Do you ever what? Downlist thanks to do today. Things. I gotta do tomorrow. Remind myself, I would've had post. It's I didn't get a chance to go to the office the blast door. Why would you be reading though late in the middle of answering your question in a debate? If they weren't notes. Coming up. I spent a lot of place in there. I'm spitting plate. Sam. I got lost to do. It's called multi tasking. Task king. She's you were waiting. Let me I understand what multiple tasking is. But I just wanna be clear on this. You a reading notes about what you need to do to prepare for the holidays and simultaneously excuse me. And answering the question in this debate. That's what you were doing. That's you're still called balti- tasking. Okay. I can do more than one thing. Why you're making me getting so I'm getting so this is such classic. Classic liberal nonsense. I don't even know how you got the same numbers QVC. I mean, no what's happening. I think you you do not have a big piece of my heart. I'll tell you what you get you know, what I'll give you a piece of colon. That that. Wouldn't even spare. I wouldn't even give you peace of colon. And how you can get any malicious intent what I'm saying. Interpret anything about what I'm saying? And get is just talk about ridiculous pick y'all so long to apologize. Because we have nothing to apologize for listen that dear my dear friends parents guide, and when he was in high school from black people giving them cancer. So that is what black people giving him cancer. How how did black people give his parents cancer? Do your homework. You'll figure it out. South going to do it. Again. Get down down children gather round, Catherine children get loud, south going to do to king. So. Get make my order now. Right. Yes. Sure. Okay. So you gotta order for the twelve the twelve the twelve Quaker factory twelve cracker factory pants. Yes. They make the best of have you seen a factory. Oh, and they have wonderful wonderful things. But anyway, so what are they saying you're doing over? Where are you? All right. We're we're in Brooklyn. This is not QBC. Boy, it's all happening in Brooklyn urban outfitters, Williamsburg, it's the best. We're not we're not near Williamsburg, and I have not been to an urban outfitters didn't probably twenty years, but we are in. Closer to Guan, and we're doing a political talk show from the left. We have to use the indigenous first nation tribe. Name we have to call it. The want us after the after the Indians who so cruelly tried to massacre the white people as they tried to build their homes and bring Jesus to the land that the Indians the red Indians red engines now how you're gonna miss turbot that what did she say? Now. Curren? Why folks to bring Jesus to land, right? All those things you said offensive. Do you know how big a piece of my heart in the red engine has? No, I don't. Heart. They've a big piece of your heart. But why would you pay a heart? No ill will how you could misinterpret and and imply any negative intent what I just said about the red engines massacre in the white people who were just trying to build a home and bring Jesus to the land next. You're going to say it was wrong to even smallpox infested blankets. That was that was a bad thing. It was about smallpox before Sam they'd never had it before Noah blankets. So you're welcome. Well, I don't think people want smallpox even for the first time. They never had it before have they now they know you get a chance to note. No, thank you. I did not want smallpox. Now. I know. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for the blank think. That's a problem. Right. I mean, she I mean, they they it's it was deadly. I'll tell you what the problem is that I cannot tell my artisanal moonshine I'm trying to fill my kids moonshine. You know, what sounds like Brooklyn might be played? I get my artisanal moonshine won't talk to you. I won't talk to you. Is that your each all know my name is Sam what? So any height Smith? Excuse me. Shoshana. No Sam my name is Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam I wanna talk to you little bit later on about distribution of my artisanal small batch farm-to-table ethically. Butchered bespoke moonshine Brooklyn, I don't understand those things proceeds go to the confederate the confederacy Dow, Cindy heights. And to me, I listen, Cindy, hides hiccup Dhia, you'll you'll learn everything you need to know about me on hiccup -pedia. I I will do that. What do you think your chances are you're election? I believe is in about. Better than good bed and good. I'm going. I'm going to win. You know, what I say, I say gerrymander, Jerry, Jerry have you met gerrymander? No. Well, then my Jerry. A person. I mean, I believe if I'm not mistaken. He's he's helpful. He help them. And listen to me governor Phil Bryant knew when he put me in office that I was gonna do good job. And I'm a winner when I was involved with agriculture and commerce. Everybody knew was winter. Yes. I have a gap in my bottom teeth. But that is just I sit corncob touching there. Some people have made fun of that gap in my bottom teeth. Some people have said it looks like I'm on a mess. Well, yeah. Maybe I have a face like that. Maybe I look like I was born in butcher holler. And I was a coal miner's daughter. In fact, I was a coal miner's daughter. In fact, I mean, where are you a coal miner's daughter or no, yeah. And I got married. Well, fifteen hundred having babies fifteen then I was a country singer for while I was called the first lady country and true, then I had a brief a sabbatical. And then I got involved in politics, but I was born a coal miner's daughter. And then my first thing was do little and we had lived in butcher holler. And then we moved and then I had my babies, and then I started saying country. I learnt how to play guitar, and I was called the first lady a country, and then I stopped, and then I got into politics. My understanding is that you were a back in two thousand you were a member of the Mississippi Senate and you in twenty ten switched from being a democrat to a Republican. I was more of a Dixie credit Sam. But yeah. In the two thousand I I was I was I was country singer was the first lady country in the seventies and eighties. I had a great tour bus, and I was known for my wonderful wigs. I don't see how that's possible. What in the seventies? That was born coal miner's daughter. I don't think that's you. That's isn't that Loretta Lynn or. You're talking about. I don't I don't know who you're talking. You talked about fifty spicy. I dunno. You mean, but anyway Sanders actress. I know what you're talking about. You can look me up on hiccup etiam. You wanna learn about me? Okay. Dude. Again, gonna do it again. How many children did you say you had? Why has started had my babies when I was fifteen. I had four babies one after the other. I had how bunch of babies my understanding his daughter are was giving it who are you talking about my that's from my second marriage. My my daughter my daughter who is his who who is is is my pride and joy is a big piece of heart. Oh, my kids have a big piece of heart all of them. They have all my heart. I don't even have a heart Sam, I don't have a heart. I keep giving pieces of it away. I'm heartless. I mean, I give I find that hard to refute. Well, listen. Celebrate thanksgiving you sell that you he didn't you? What are you celebrating? What are you doing you going home for thanksgiving, you where you have it in Brooklyn? I'm going actually up to Massachusetts. Don't massachusetts. Oh, you'd have Worcester. Yes. That is me. I think I have heard it you've been on the MSN MSNBC. Yes. That's that's that's correct. I wear a suit sometimes well sport jacket. Yeah. Than others. Sometimes your phases fuller. Sometimes it's sitter that kind of thing. That's true. Yeah. Casually put on a couple of pounds. Then sometimes I take it off. And sometimes you take it off you yo-yo dieters. So am I that's why you gotta get close from Wacker factory. They have lasted waistband, and they go all the way up to fast three x x factor. I'd probably do did that all their lounged. Parents so much fun appliques. There's Jesus their Santa Claus. There's there's sheriff are Pyo all kinds of things. It's wonderful. You know, maybe this would be good for you since you are a politician. And you're a sitting Senator countries thing is to be the first lady country used to be the first lady of country. A listener of mine has put together a campaign ad stencil for me to run for the Senate in a primary in New York state. And I thought maybe you could listen to it and give us a sense on. Bob's burgers. My daughter loves Bob's burgers. Did you ever? There's somebody. Sometimes sounds like you on that. Bob's burgers. Not that. I'm worth. No. No, no. Yes. I'm not important. Here is a an ad that was done by Craig adult few. The youtuber fiesta. Yeah. And I I don't I don't. Fella. It's possible. I can't I can't read the the the name. But there it is. I mean, people can see it. And here's an ad. They put together that's places together. Some of the audio from the show with some images, and perhaps maybe you could give me your feedback on this. Sure. That's have to get with the program and understand the Democrats have to get with the program and understand the way the stuff works is take the power, and you use the power, even if it means you're going to lose the power congress. Right. We'll control things like commerce interstate commerce. And has responsibility for the general welfare. Not going to raise taxes on the bottom twenty percent, and it's absurd. Silly. It's dumb Medicare for all would go along way to make people's wives that much better. I went out actually when those two guys drink the other night. So that's the only thing. I try. So as people are ready for me. I'm ready for them. You know, this is the problem with politics. That it's all about this focus group driven. It's like what happened in the candidate? The campaign manager comes in and starts to corrupt the guy. I've been saying this for two years once you get the left is going to start a civil war in this country. The majority will impose will on the the rest of the country. This is the threat. This is a threat. Suscession threat. It's it's no it is a civil war threat. Right. We have two choices. One is. To embrace government. Or there's going to be violence. That's the choices that we have America. That's it. There's you point either you start letting states discriminate and create a race to the bottom. There's going to be violence. The only thing that you give you any type of hope all though, it's still incredibly disturbing. We're going to reduce. We're going to land on eight idea of government and be most appropriate size of government. That maintains the order of our that. I. Chuck stops you I'm Sam cedar. No, I have to say. Cindy, height Smith that the the. Those some of my words were edited out of context can ask say listen to me, I fell asleep mostly, but I didn't perk up a bit when I heard civil war and violence. I heard those words now here's the problem with that ad the music. Oh my God. You need to get like, maybe the Atlanta rhythm section or maybe the Charlie Daniels buying or maybe even both is Hank. Hank Williams junior both secrets get that music or Ted Nugent, something my goodness. It was o- other than that. I thought I sort of like some of the words I was hearing, but I mostly fell asleep. I'm just sorry. I'm sorry. That's what I would have to say. So you would see okay. Because because I am audience member made the video, and I just wanted to get you as a as a sitting US Senator in candidate for reelection. Perked up, but I mostly was asleep. But I perked up when I heard civil war violence threat. I like the sound of that. And I now don't everybody got polish? She likes us three words. Those words everybody likes those three words. That's why they're in the dictionary. If people like those words, I wouldn't be in the dictionary. Would they? Bashed like, a hoop skirt. That's not how the dictionary works. That's not how the dictionary works. Well. Yeah. Watch you tell me how dictionary worked sent well it works. Well, there's a committee that assesses whether a word is add to the lexicon enough to warrant it being included in the dictionary. Say what I say. I said people love the words, they're very popular. That's what existed in a bound volume. If people did a lot of words threat violence, civil war. They they go away. Yeah. They wouldn't be a book they'd be in a maybe a wax cylinder somewhere the Smithsonian between Archie bunkers chair these jackets something like that. That's not how it works. I don't I don't don't like. Mad? I don't have my Quaker factory close coming to me. This has been such a disappointing phone call. I mean know how this happened. How in the world your number and keep you see the same number only know how I'm saying. I'm sitting here talking to some fellow name name Leah or whatever the hell. Your name is. I don't even know understand. What's happened? You're in Brooklyn. Well, my phone almost dropped on the floor. All right. Well, listen, Cindy, Highsmith we've got to move into the fun half of the program. It's a real thrill fun have lucky lucky listeners, so fun so much fun. On. Well, we've we think it is. Thank you for having me on the go half. It. Well, what are you gonna do? I mean, I guess I guess that's it. Well, I guess thanks for nothing. I think you should apologise to me. And this point I'm waiting. I wanna wish you all day. I'll sit here all day. All right. Well, listen, I would like to issue. Good luck. But I, but I can't do that. I don't want you to win. Well, I just I frankly, I've. Sexist ages people against Nancy Pelosi sexist ages. You're sexist ages. That's your problems me is that I'm a woman who's a fifty nine years young. That's how I call. It. Fifty new fifty eight by the way, PM I got news for you. It's it's okay. Well, nothing nothing. Just continue yo yo diet and getting on on the TV. You do that. Why don't you? I will. Cindy, Hyde Smith has been a real pleasure. Talking to you. Okay. Well, you got a piece of my colon. I guess I'll leave you with that. I guess that's all the that's all I can say, well, we're gonna take quick break. And we'll be right back in the. On the phone app. We will. Thank you. I appreciate that. Okay. I don't know. Folks, just reminder, you can support this. We will take your calls and more in the front would just have to take a break. I've been drinking a lot of fluids. Take break head into the fun half. Wherein? We will take your calls. Maybe we'll hear from a nother special guest. You can support this program by becoming a member at joined the majority report dot com. Join majeure just a couple of bucks a week keeps the free show trucking along and his way of saying. Thank you. We give you extra content every day. Join the majority report dot com, don't forget checkout. TM BS you can do. So I tuned or on our YouTube channel, also or patriotic same the anti Fodda check it out patriot dot com slash the anti Fatah. Don't forget, folks. We are doing Michael's doing his live show in February. We are doing the majority report live January thirteenth. It's a Sunday. Two thirty PM. You can find a link to the tickets on our website at majority dot FM or just Google. Brooklyn pod fest majority report. Where where are we doing again at the bell house? So check that out. Also, Matt what's happening with? Yes. So you could say more and more people talking about Catharine Maria Sedgwick because about a thousand over thousands of people have downloaded my narrations for that. Which is probably more people than have read that book in a long long time just that in of itself. So check that out Catherine Maria such Rick, and we're gonna move onto some more interesting things or some not some different interesting things and the next couple of weeks. Okay, folks. Quick break fun half be right back. Folks. Six four sixty five thirty nine twenty she in the fun. That does this. Males.

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