255 - Live at the Chevalier Theater in Medford, MA - Late Show (2018)


this is exactly right. Early show didn't stand late. Show resume wooden girl rose so it was so sweet and then she turned around and saw that no one else's but she sat down is the best. I felt i felt it. It was the best strongest ovationhair from the loneliest. It's my greatest fear to stand up in front of people who i assume are standing actually are sitting and staring at my ass. That's probably in the top three. What are the other ones of course moss in a box and everything that's happening today but other than that we're all together. That's what's important. They are late show late show by as we were walking up the stairs. Vince is blocking us to the stage and he goes remember. They've been drinking since five. That's right so have we. I mean look. I couldn't stay on the wagon for too long seventeen. Years is quite some time. Shaking is one of our best new bit. Let's see yeah. We did that guy. If you some you may have been here. But the shell at the end of the show. We had a wedding proposal of marriage. Wedding proposal of mareo she was. It wasn't just any wedding proposal. It was of marriage marriage. And not only that if you follow the my favorite murder out of context twitter feed. It's the people that run that it's that couple. We brought them a- said thanks so much for doing that. They told us the story behind it so cute. They didn't highschool broke up. Lead their lives matt again and i was like. I wonder which ones going to propose. She was shaking so much really and was going to do. You don't take that much not know what's going to happen. And then she said since. I'm broke and pulled a ring pop out song it was. I almost gave her my My mind but it's probably cost less than the ring. That's not insulting events because oh it's not the good one. I guess. I need a wedding ring after we got married. We everything about that gesture saw. I know it didn't mean it that way but there. It is but there was laying on the floor with the road that we brought him home. This is my favorite murder by the pod. Karen kill gareth. This is georgia hard star sake. Thank you were in new york all week. We saw ones me completely make good man and from her hotel yesterday just the one thankfully just one citing thankfully it was only him. And that's good luck. I think one in la. It's if you see angeline lady in pink car that's good and then new york just a fully nude man at night on the sidewalk in front of the hotel that you're about to have to walk through good luck. Good luck. yes that happened. That really happened to and i flashed you if you were. Were here for the show before this. You'll know that. I walked out of the elevator. Knowing who's going to be waiting for me. So i could give her her bag. And that moment. I was like no i'm gonna do. I don't have sleeves on my dress. Pulled it down to my tits. Lucked out of the at midnight on a saturday saturday on a friday night midnight friday night new york city hotel and georgia rolls the fucking dice and hums out topless. Anyone could instead either way. It's a great story. I mean could have even been a better story if there was just a group of businessmen. Stand there talking about the dow jones industrial average. And then i'll bet on you know. And then i was right and then also johnny bet on red in the dow jones. Definitely yes. i think it's it's green and purple and pink and red and then you just bat and they can make friends for me visually. It was shocking. Not not because georgia was topless. Because she's done that. Fun trick to me. Several times surprised nakedness. I highly recommend it as a joke. Also she makes her eyes go like three times wider than i've ever seen them so there's lots to look at us like what's this. How are we doing that. What's it's just a it's the it's the embodiment of surprise. But also that little dress you have. It's like a sundress sundress. An elastic at the top and she just had it right underneath her. So it's kind of like how you do in office shoulder. You have your choice. You're like i dunno. Go off the shoulder. She just like. I'm going to go down here today. Just gonna make it like back and sometimes you have to pick your own my bed. We have to do hallway. Bids stevens not here. Everybody i know he's taking care of my go-to stop hating me doing a great job. Lots of photos. Yes he always does such a good. He dedicates himself to the care of your cats. I think he's figured out. He got a new app or something because now he's he's got a photo of them and then and then hearts appear around. A little song comes on if i if i hit the loud thing on which i never do. I thought you were going to say that. He had cat ears and let cap face on the cats. Kathy's out for cats. You love cats so much. Could an extra kathy based on your cats fade. It'll be great. Is that the end of that. And do that really was really wasn't anything it wasn't is late show. You don't get darning. Strongest anecdotes has an elvis shirt on. Even an elvis shirt on. Now don't you. She did the brief thing and stood right. Chill on your hands by the way. That's why i'm touching her so much also because we're working at our news. Cirque du soleil read just weirdly. Pull each other to the side as the opening of the show we had. We just did a show. And then we do the meet-and-greet actor it's one hundred people hugging and smiling and it's really lovely and then both of us go back. We're not old ladies and yeah both of us. Go back into the green room and just do these stretch. Because both my hips my plantar fassa. It's real sad very. There's a lot of grunting and brian and it's not like this. Is sports strenuous any anything at all hard. There's five minutes is standing. And then there's an hour of sitting and we're like well. How do we get another. No one's ever thrown their backout from hugging people. Before and yet we had a girl meet and greet who said she was went really fast to me walking and she goes my psychic. Italian grandmother knows who killed jon. Benet as she walked away. Got here right now. She goes here and goes she's psychic. And she goes she's a psychic nutritionist. And then fucking walked away nutritionist. I can tell you eight fucking whatever for breakfast. She's like stop with the carbs already. You don't have to be a psychic really. That's a bit of a scam psychic. Nutritious true. I don't know it feels like you're eating into on guard. I don't know why. I feel like you eat chocolate in crumble and hotel. It seems like you lay down all the time. I feel like you ate. Mcdonald's is in a new york hotel. And you're like oh no sorry. Those i burp. I'm so sorry you're not psychic. I have i'm repeating. Should we sit down. Yes tonight's table was brought to you in miniature. No we haven't grown in size able has shrimp magic show it is. I wonder if they use this when they were here for. The recent price is right. Live was a fucking thing i mean i know the price is right is live to begin with taped. Live life been. Yeah so much fucking fun. And i hate everything and it was like drew. Carey was amazing and a dream. It was lovely and did you. You didn't get to run on down back now. You have to be like fun and exciting to be like six the fucking morning and they interview yesterday like dancing poet for my job right now. I'm here and i'm just not what would you say. I'll be announcer don pardo. I can't remember who it is. And then you do the cameras to go like this and then the next contest and low prices very come on down georgia heart star. Sorry i'm so sorry no you should be you. Should you should go. Go go for me. I'm the director cut go again. We're gonna take that again else. Okay now you do it all day. And the next contestant on the right is karen kill come on a i would straight up. Deny i would never be there in the first place. This is a this is the late show. Yeah it is thank you. This is also a true crime. Comedy podcasts before we get started thank you so you know. We always like to run that down for people. Asking people don't know it's true. There's people who are brought to this show by other people against their will and against their better judgement meet-and-greet line they were like three people. Were like so happy and hugging and learn. One woman is just like i guess and the girl because this is my aunt. She thought she was coming to a murder mystery show. She thought we were going to solve the murders. The end of the show. They live to her. And i was kind of looking areas like sorry into win them all. I mean it kind of is. It's like a mystery how this has happened we had in the. This is my my favorite moment happening. In my brain ingredient new york there was a girl who was a we. Call them drag along shoes. A drag never call them up before. But i love it drag along that thing we say all the time and have t shirts of so the drag along was like it was that thing. She was like i brought her. It's my birthday. Or whatever i turned around i was like. Did you find. She was like all right all right. Well okay and then she starts explaining how this friend of hers is so obsessed that every time they get into the car she makes them. Listen to the podcast. And she goes. And i'm like sitting in the call. Like what are we gonna listen to talking. She's fucking rice she's right. Don't make your friends listen to talking. You're supposed to do it with your friend. And then when they're not they're do it with your other friends but i turn. Are you ready to listen to some talking. Good your first. This time i was. I last time i didn't do the full explanation. 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You also get a sixty day risk-free trial so there's nothing to lose visit simplisafe dot com slash faith for your free security camera today simplisafe dot com slash faith a and now. I'm going to do the legend of lizzie. Borden has hot. remind suppose to. We'll do it fast. let me go i. I only have one photo at the end. I can't follow that you shit. It's not no no. I don't want to change. Don't change it. weird. Stephen comes out with a clipboard and a whistle. No you cannot change it. You've been very inaccurate about the order for years. Please don't change it okay. You go you go you go go. Go go go go. You're going to lizzie. Andrew borden true was born on july nineteenth eighteen sixty in fall river massachusetts powell river pronounced fall. River were there. I think it's fallen there. When that one came up. I was like i fucking got i fall and then river. There's no extra e. ages at the end or anything so their father was grew up kind of poor modestly he worked very hard throughout his life eventually becomes the director of textile textile. Mills is a commercial landlord. He does very well for himself. At the time of his death he was worth three hundred thousand dollars. Which today is worth how much more than three hundred thousand dollars right over. Eight million dollars so shit. My the bordon's were rich bitches up on the hill. Yeah but andrew the father. I'm going to call him. Andy was a cheap bastard. He even though families of means of the day all had electricity and indoor plumbing basics right as we call them andy was like we don't need that. We know you can't try it once. We flush the toilet one time in your life. You're like wow. They're all while this is incredible. I can't go without poor. Lizzy is out in the outhouse with a candle. I really hate my life. She's an older sister named emma and they're raised very religious and lizzy belongs to lots of fun clubs like the endeavour society of women's christian. Temperance union fucking do not party at all the whole now of it. They don't spike that holy water. Nah ever now no spiking holy water it. Should you just go like this with it unless you spike it with fucking acid. Then you're like. Oh my god jesus. My boyfriend love him. You're gonna go see dave matthews with my boyfriend. Jesus finally so no okay. When she's three years old lizzy and emma's mom dies. Or i should say liz inside her father remarries. A woman named abby frame lizzie and her sister. Never call abby mom or mother they call her missus borden cause they her fucking god even at three years old or i guess older will as i guess as they grew up. Yeah once they learn how to give shade. They were like oh. I know how to be very lightly rude to you all day every day for the rest of your life. Wow we're gonna keep it formal. They both believe that. Abby only married their father for his money so they're not into it. Okay so we're going to cut you. It's the end of july eighteen. Ninety two k. lizzy is unmarried thirty two year. Old sunday schoolteacher. Who don't forget belongs to the women's christian temperance union. Those crazy ladies fly mary. When you got your bitch. Oh can we pull up the first picture I'm not sure. Oh yes so. Here's their home him millionaires. It's very boxy and then on the left. There's the outhouse sheesh a huge one huge pit on the other of that door cool things bleak. Then i think. Could you go to the next picture too. Because i think we've got there she is there's are star. She one hundred percent looks like a character. That hilarious trip from saturday night live would play. You know yet by surname. Yes kate mckinnon thank you yes you know. Why because kate mckinnon when she's being super funny she just crazy is like that. Yeah but lizzie. Had them all the time. Apparently look at those close cropped curl bangs that she's thing those took some work. Do i need to do that. You should do a part straight up the middle. Every time we do old stories. And i see the women's hairstyles from like long ago. It makes me panic. Like i have to have that here right now. Is that shit where you have to wrap braids up around your head like fucking heidi and walk. I mean would have. It's horrifying i think. Just what about the ones like the jane austen time were you had to do braid. Hoops like like they're like big mary. J. blige earrings but braids pulls cyrus phase instagram models. What if the jane austen look came back. Instagram models can have it. That's right and they can keep it and then gave it i do. I do like a nice high caller. The hike tight badeah just right up to choke is right up to the chin. Okay sometimes nudity is hot and then sometimes covering your entire body is also trying to wear a dress. It's all that will do it. Okay there so. Lizzie is living in her father's house. As a sunday schoolteacher thirty two years old unmarried. Nothing wrong with it. No no but back then. They called her a hag a hagit spinster. Did they know that's just my scholar. That okay okay. You can take that pitcher down of lizzie. Bit haunting inches. Like be entire time is she's looking right at me. Okay so a couple of weeks before the time about to talk about yes. I don't know how. I phrase that on the page lizzie. And her sister get into a fight with their parents their dad and step mom because they find out that the dad is giving huge amounts of real estate to abbie's family do the so they're pissed. Okay okay so then a couple days. After this big family fight the whole house will just take in violently. Ill and including their irish made maggie sullivan so abby fears that somebody may have tried to poison them because she knows that no one likes her husband including his daughters and probably their irish made most likely sounds great. Sounds like a healthy fun place in albion house with no electricity or toilet or alcohol fighting stress. Yeah no fucking alcohol. I'm sure tons of bibles. Okay so the everybody recovers but and they recovered just in time for their uncle. John moores to visit and they think he was there to discuss the property. Transfer issue okay. So it's august fourth eighteen ninety two okay and so that morning after breakfast andrew and uncle. John there in the sitting room and john decides. He's going to go into town and buy a pair of oxen. He's just like i'll be right back. I forgot i have to go pick up. A couple of oxen forgot to go to the bodega right real quick and just grab two huge oxygen and bring him back anyone wanting chou bonnie any tate's cookies. Yeah ogre just just the oxen okay. Cac he's also gonna go visit another niece fall river so he says he's going to be back at noon and andrew goes for a morning. Walk around nine. am lizzie. And emma are supposed to clean. John's guestroom because that's one of their chores chores. Thirty two and thirty four and have so much fucking money. They have a ton of money. No one will actually let them touch and they have to pee in a field would still go. Make the bed so amazon away to visit. Friends and lizzie is not anywhere to be found. So abby goes up to clean that guestroom sometime between nine and ten thirty a. m. and as she's changing the pillow cases she is struck on the side of the head just above the ear with a hatchet causing her to fall face down on the ground and then she's struck with that hatchet eighteen more times on the back of the head killing her says that the sentence turns out of kills her. Was it the seventeen somewhere around. Twelve as what i heard. Shit man i'll theory. That is what we hear. Law and order call overkill. That's right. there's a personal issue here. There's a rage issue here okay. But they don't know any of that yet because this is before police work was invented. Okay andrew gets back from his walk but the front. He goes to open the front door with front door key. it won't work so he knocks. The irish made maggie comes down. She tried to unlock the door. She finds that it's jammed and then. She claims that she heard lizzie laughing on the stairs but she looks around and she doesn't see her their knee. Where's page three there. It is fuck wise peach three after page for his nothing to nine. It's actually probably no okay. So according to lizzie she had been out in the barn looking for as we all do during the day when your lady walking around looking for a piece of iron that got lost in translation that the past hundred years so it made sense. Yes at the time. She said something specific that made sense and was like oh good right now. It's like what she was out touching pitchforks like looking for a piece of iron back then was like an innuendo changing my say tampa. Did they have. They didn't have those changing the cumbersome fucking diaper where when i got my period essentially i was out in the red tent. Okay so she's looking for iron morning ritual. You can't wake up without my iron. So when she comes back into the house she tells her father. Abby this step mother had gotten a note from a sick friend and so she left the house of gokhale on that friend and then she helps her father she. This is what she tells police later that she brings her father over to the couch and helps them pull off his boots and get settled on the couch. Because he's going to take a nap. Okay so then. She tells maggie that there's a sale at the department store. And why isn't she go. Check it out. Maggie who probably makes eleven cents. A week is like you go. Fuck yourself actually. I have to go scrub shit in an irish accent. So thank you sound like. Thank you think this lizzy barden telling medical shopping. Grandma grandpa came. I was just possessed by my psychic grandma. Okay maggie's like i actually still don't feel bad from when we all got poison last week so i'm going to go take a nap. And she goes up to her. Third floor look like an attic room and she goes and takes a nap so she is resting and she. Then here's lizzy screaming from downstairs. Maggie come quick father's dead. Somebody came in and killed him. Yeah yeah you say it all like that at once when something like that. Honey yell at magic. The father's dead get. Somebody came to the front door. it was jammed earlier. Remember sick last week. We were always no but we were all sick anyway. Somebody came in a stranger from not from fall river probably from another town. My father died. Thank you you know. There's a movie of this coming out. There's a movie coming out with khloe seventy. I believe i love her. She can be creepy as she can't she she she can do that stare. Guess she can. Oh yeah it's already out because it there's a theater critic here. We have to leave this show and go watch it immediately. Okay so a maggie comes down. She finds andrew is slumped on the couch and he has eleven hatchet wounds to the face into his face. The old face eleven. That's ten in a row and then one for good measure shit out from anger. I'm not gonna put up the picture if you're a georgia then you're going to look a picture up after the show. I was horror thinking about how to take this. Study that photo. It's not good. But here's what's interesting. It looks like a man laying on a couch and who's tried to be funny and just put a bunch of hamburger on his face. That's what it looks like. I'm not showing it to you so you can't be mad. I'm just giving. I'm just painting a picture with words. And that's what i do for a living now. Here's what's interesting when you look at that picture. That crime scene photo. You will see that. Andrew gordon has his boots on. So there's things things aren't adding up. Get your story straight lizzy. Yeah that's really our name. Don't lizzy andrew lizzy andrew. Get in here and get that story straight okay. So the details. His nose was cut off entirely. You'd think so with eleven rushes so obviously there was even more screaming after the fact and then maggie runs to get dr sadly and ironically. Now the neighbors who of course have heard intense blood. Curdling screams begin to gather at the house. Which is what everybody used to love to do it. Crime scenes back in the day. Just come in and start walking around. So lizzie goes out and she starts telling all of them. That was out sick visiting a sick friend. She basically keep talking shit to everybody as her father is laying on the couch dead. She also mentioned how the family had been poisoned the week before or that. She thought their milk was poisoned. How they'd all gotten sick at the same time so the police maggie finally brings the police back and they immediately suspect lizzie. Because and this is the thing that that happens has happened a lot they. She's not acting like a daughter whose whose father has just been murdered with a hatchet. She's very calm and cold and poised but maybe she was like that all the time. The other problem is that hurt story changes every with every police person that she talks to you so i she says she was walking into the house and then she heard a noise but then the next person she talks. She says she came in. She didn't hear anything and everything was normal until she found her father when she's asked where abby is. She tells the police that she's gone to visit the sick friend but then the next time. She's asked she changes her story and she says oh. I think she's actually upstairs. Somebody could somebody go look like can you. Can you finally go find her. I'm sick of putting on this charade. Yes so somebody else. Could you go. Look for the person i know for. A fact is alive upstairs so maggie and a neighbor lady start to walk upstairs. Don't get like halfway up the stairs. When they get level with the ground they could see into the guest room and they see abby lang dead in a pool of blood so there was probably more screaming there now. What's weird is even though. They suspect her. The police do not check lizzy clothes or hands for blood and she tells them that she needs to go lay down so they can't really the only kind of glance into her room. She won't let them into her own to look around and they're like all right. I guess that's just how it is so they do search the rest of the house and in the basement they find to hatchets two axes and then a third hatchet head with a broken handle. They think the broken one might be the murder weapon because it looks like someone tried to add dustin dirt to the blade. Try to kind of cover it up but still they take nothing from the house. There's no evidence there's no they're just like okay. Take a picture with my mind. Got it dirty hatchet. all right. See you guys later at one point. One of the officer sees lizzie and her friend alice. Russell who lives in the neighborhood go into the cellar together and they both leave the seller. But then lizzie goes into the house by herself and he thinks he sees washing something. She's like bent over the sink washing. Something he doesn't ask he doesn't look they all leave. He's like hey. I'm going to be a situation. Two days later the police they begin more thorough investigation. They just had to take a breather. Think through really takes time themselves so they start looking at all the clothing and they start inspect the hatchets and they tell lizzie. She is now officially a suspect. And at some point after this. Alice comes back over the house. And she finds lizzy. Lizzy is in the backyard burning address and clinch right. Yeah so she has lizzy. What's going on and lizzy says oh. I got some paint on this dress. So i can't wear it anymore so i'm just going to be cool about and burn stare on khloe seven years so alice gets the creeps and leaves so on august eight. They take lizzie. And the police take lizzy and for questioning her. I don't know they could have come to her house. I'm not sure if they had a police station or with is worth it go somewhere. They they take her in conceptually. I don't know where she asks. For attorney they refuse. I guess they do back then. All the rules were different. It was totally opposite ear and at one point she freaks out so that she's they have to give her a shot of morphine funds. So as you'd imagine that has that affects her testimony when they big into question her. She can't really track what she's saying and cheese contradicting herself and she's a little erratic maybe kinda sleepy. She says she was on the stairs and she says she never went up the stairs. She says she took her father's boots off. They show her the crime scene photo where his boots are on eventually. The investigators discover that the day before the murders lizzie tried to buy something called prospect acid otherwise known as cyanide at the drugstore in town but the clerk told her that she needed a prescription for my doctor says i need this my bones. It was either back then. It was either of you had an illness or ailment of any kind you either got cyanide or cocaine those choices sometimes. You'd get them together and lucking party speed ball. So there's a trial on august eleventh warrant served lisi's arrested for the murder of her parents days before the trial begins. The i find this to be so fascinating. I didn't know this before five days before the trial begins. There's another axe murderer in the area. Yes and that suspect goes to trial and convicted but the police say that the man was not in the falls river area at the time of the board and double murder. Did i say falls fall. Sorry it's very late so say he's not around but i think that's the most. What is bizarre coincidence. Copycat now okay. So borden's trial begins june of eighteen ninety three. Of course it's a media sensation. They compare it now to like it was like the oj trial of the day. It's all anybody talked about there. Were reporters in this tiny town from new york from boston. All these people packing the courtroom and so the prosecution just brings the facts. Here's the broken hatchet head that was found in the basement alice. Russell gets up testifies about lizzie. Burning the dress. there's different. There's all the places lizzy says. She was brought up all the all her conflicting stories. The lizzy maintains that she was in the barn at the time of the attacks. Witness named hyman lewinsky. I mean would we do. It was the past. He says he saw lizzy leave the barn at eleven o. Three am and charles. The gardner confirms it. I guess he doesn't have a last name at eleven. Ten lizzy called to downstairs upstairs saying that her father had been killed. So they're trying to put the time line together of where she actually was and there was a lot of dramatics in the courtroom of course and at one point when it is revealed that abby an andrews heads were removed for the autopsy lizzy faints dead away in the courtroom altogether. The trial last two weeks which is actually really short and then when the jury goes out there only out for one and a half hours and then they come back with the verdict and they find lizzie. Borden not guilty what she's acquitted of this crime. It seems like a lot of people don't know the jury found her not guilty so when she was leaving the courthouse she told the press. I am the happiest woman initially told them. I'm the happiest woman in the world. can't you tell. I'm smiling now. What's crazy is because of the wonderful children's rhyme that we all learned and the legend lizzy remained the prime suspect in everyone's mind basically to this day and she's been memorialized. Basically as an axe murderer. Why do people believe so strongly that she did it. There's lots of theories and there was lots of kind of good reasoning first of all. It's all the personal elements of the murderers that you know a hatchet to the face to the head. It's obvious somebody that had a lot of rage and want revenge or the attack was personal theorising. So obviously she could have done it for the money she had a lot. She's to inherit a ton of money from her father and clearly if he was like parsing out the millions to his new wife then that met her inheritance was getting smaller. There was also a theory. She was being physically and sexually abused by her father which would then track with the viciousness of the attack. There was also a rumor. That lizzie was having a tryst with maggie. The irish made man. That's right and then because of that Andrew and at abbey or one or the other were witness to that and they had to get rid of the witnesses but none of those proven to be true. That's just all theory and or gossip around the town so the borden sisters get their inheritance. Because she's lizzy is acquitted and after the trial. They buy a huge modern house on in the hill neighborhood of fall river. An anti fuck you suck you. Dad manner they they hire a full staff. Wow just like live. Large up in their manor house lizzie begins calling herself like a college sophomore. That goes to france for one semester. But everyone's in towns like your fucking lizzie bordon and you killed your father with forty wax of an act so get the fuck out so she is ostracized by society and then in one thousand nine hundred five her and her sister. Emma get into a fight and emma moves out of their mansion on the hill and the sisters never see each other again. Yeah so lizzie. Bordon died of pneumonia. June first one thousand nine hundred eighty seven at the age of seventy four and only a couple people attended her funeral. How her sister. Emma died nine days later that sad. They're buried next to each other now in oak grove cemetery. And that is the legend of lizzie. Borden zam for more accurate information. You can also watch the christina ricci series that was on its pretty good christina. Ricci has a really creepy stare forehead as well. She works she can work. That cost. jansher that part down the middle bang. That's someone who can work the part down the middle. It's right okay. That was great job. Thanks so much. You don't do you not think she didn't like i kind of don't care but i like the rhyme. I think it would make sense. It's such it seems like it was such an oppressive household like fathered has millions of dollars and won't get fucking electricity like just as someone who's my father would not bias atari when we were growing us and we weren't poor he just wouldn't do it on principle and then finally one christmas. He got us a used pong like machine. Which is an atari kids. Know pong is like caveman. Atari pong is just tennis. It's it's lines it's like two els playing a game against each other. It was so long after that one right going. Yeah and we were just like why like. What did we ever. duty you. Imagine 'electricity match. Knowing how mad i was about the wrong. This seems like it's very very possible and also just there's things there's things about the fact that everybody got sick. I think maybe she was trying out a couple things and maybe that fight. There's just things building. I also think back then women just didn't it was like she didn't get married you know. She was a sunday school teacher. Just her life was really oppressive. Obviously very dedicated to the family. So it's just like she went off. she just snapped. It seems like that maybe or maybe she's just a victim because she just doesn't react to anything and people hate that. Yeah well and that's our take. That's the part of the podcast called and that's our our take is we don't know aren't taking. I'm sure someone wrote a great book. That's going to explain exactly why it's one way or the other. But i didn't read it taylor. Yeah i know the answer to this question that i know you're gonna answer it. Everyone do you ever want to go to the dermatologist. Bigger too stressed out figuring it all my god. You read my diary. But guess what karen i have to tell you something because now there's a simple solution. You don't have to leave your home to get it. it's called hers. 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Eight hijacking wasn't a crime yet And the airports were designed in a way that made it so you could just go on in and bring whatever you want on board. You just walked right through on the tarmac onto the plane. You didn't even fucking ticket. You didn't have to put your cigarette out. No they were like please. Smoke on the plane helps right there. What do you mean you didn't buy ticket. You get you get on a train you get on the plane. And then they're like you pay for your ticket from your fucking seat. I swear. I swear. I swear i read this. I don't know it's true on the internet on the internet. Isn't that insane. Yeah that's crazy so the the. Yeah so the stewardess or called at the time which is a fucking outdated term. We all know you just think so. You would just go and they give you tickets. No nothing like that. You just pay for your ticket. And they were great. And hijacking wasn't considered a serious threat by the airlines or the passengers. 'cause so it started happening and it was almost like a prank. It was basically like when the dude would the streaker who would run on the field. That was like that guy or slowing the game down your funny like fish so they would just be people who wanted to go places and they would hijack the plane and just like take me to. Cuba was a normal thing and they would take him there and everything would be fine like from two from. I don't know anywhere it was it was kind of seen as an inconvenience more than anything else. They would be like oh great. We're going to cuba. Honey got hijacked. I'm going to be like three hours late. And there was actually an italian american dude who hijacked a plane from los angeles. He made them take him to rome when he arrived. He was hailed as a hero by all the italian. Refuse to extradite him. Yes this fucking guy and he was also incredibly hot. So the puck and castellina spaghetti western. And that's how hijacking was so. It wasn't no one gave a shit. What is that. Clint eastwood clint eastwood. There's a ninety nine percent invisible. Podcast episode about hijacking talks about this stuff eventually. The hijackers start to become more like classic kidnappers demanding ransom so they were like we better do something about this. So in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. The faa created an anti hijacking tax task force to come up with solutions. Because the airlines were like. We don't want to spend all this money. It's gonna cost so much money to check. People make sure they're hijackers are not so let's think about better solution and they were like. Hey the public feel free to. I can throw in your suggestion. Well really they were like we want to hear it. They took they took calls. It's a call. They came up with shit. Like what if we do a fake airport that we pretend as cuba. But it's really here in florida and then we arrest them when they get too expensive then someone was like how about an injector seat for the hijackers sucking kidding or a seat where you get a shot of morphine comes up and shoots. The hijacker with sleeping pills. Shit was this. These are all the ideas from a fifth grade classroom. That's right spiderman. Okay so then. None of those worked and did so. One fight was hijacked in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine. This is how little people how not seriously people took it. In one thousand nine hundred eighty nine it was hijacked from newark to miami. And this is an episode of radio lab talks about this. The host of the show candid camera. You guys know that popular show alan. Funt was on board with his family. The fucking the plane gets legit hijacked and when the passenger seat and funds like edwin like this is a prank show and even the hijackers come out of the cockpit. They all applaud. You and i swear to fucking i'd this is not a brain. He's the only him and his wife and kid are the only ones who know it's not a prank. that's hijackers. that's okay first of all. How fucking hilariously frustrating for this hijackers. You'll get everybody get joan and they're like fuck you me. I'll recognize you. It's a great episode. Rail called a smile. My ass. Really funny that's so good and so it wasn't until the plane actually landed in havana instead of florida. And they're fucking plane is surrounded by cuban military officers. That he will finally believed was which is like if something like that is happening. I want to believe it's a joke until it's not anymore. You know what i mean like. What a great way. Yes like you mean like when we were flying here today and the plane just went like this real quick and i was fucking studying this. I couldn't tell you that you know it was scary. Because i'm studying hijacking right now. That's all it was. It was scary but it was scary in that way where i went like everybody went like that and then but then it was just completely normal as if it didn't happen and then i was just like. Please don't have a panic attack. I was begging my brain like just stay in this mode right now and don't just don't think about how that felt well. It was what i do every time. And i'm sure everyone else does is look at the flight attendant. She cool. she's cool. He's cool okay. Then everything's if she's going like this. Then i'm going to have a panic attack. If she's still getting like cups and he did not miss a beat and she was just like ever get these assholes out of here so okay. So this is what hijackings were like in. And that's how things stood on march seventeenth nineteen seventy saint patrick's day. Your favorite holiday. Everyone here boston. So that's when march seventeen seventy when the first death caused by air piracy and us history took place in massachusetts airspace. Wow yeah so here. We are okay so seven thirty pm. Eastern airlines flight bound flight bound for boston from newark. New jersey takes off with sixty eight passengers work. I have the burp. Excuse me shit edit that out of your brain so it's sixty eight. Passengers and five crew members are aboard. Everything is totally normal intel shortly after takeoff. They're passing over franklin and when about thirty miles south of logan airport when the flight attendant comes around to collect the ticket money. You want to buy a ticket for the plane. You're already on. Yeah exactly what happens when you're like i don't have any money well. Well then you'd better go smoke in the bathroom. She gets to a man named john. J. d. vivio. the vivo. excuse me. He tells the flight attendant that he doesn't have any money for the fifteen dollars. Seventy five cent ticket. Well how how. Long ago seventy. I don't have today's money how much that is. But i'm sure it's not the seven hundred dollars it would cost today. It's gonna say. I started things seven hundred dollars. Good hey he says. I don't have the money and ask to speak to the pilot and then pulls out a thirty eight caliber revolver saying he said john devoe is a twenty seven year old. Who lived with his family in new jersey when he was sixteen years old eleven years before he had shot himself in the head in a suicide attempt he survived but the bullet remained lodged in his skull and as a result his behavior had become more and more radic over time. I bet it's fucking happens. Eventually leading up to this hijacking eleven years later and he boarded the plane wearing a chain neck necklace. Skull and bones amulet on it. Cool which. I'm sure every like half the people here are wearing for back. Then it was fucking weird. The flight attendant brings this guy john devoe to the cockpit which was being manned by captain. John robert wilbur junior. He's thirty five years old. He's an air force pilot. Who would only been promoted to captain six months prior he and he is with his co pilot. First officer james. Hartley whose thirty The captain wilbur calmly says to the flight attendant a please let all the passengers. Everything is fine and nothing is wrong. Put on your flight attendant face. Yes and so she goes back. And then the captain and co-pilot expected to vote to demand to be taken to cuba because that was like where everyone wants to go at the time when they hijack a plane but instead vivo tells the cap to fly east until they run out of gas. That's a bad fuck and plan now after. Were like great. We'll do it. But after about fifteen minutes the captain said told him that they'd crash into the atlantic. They didn't return to boston for fuel so they because they had been on their final approach for landing at the moment so they didn't have a lot of gas fuel gas. I'm sure it's just unleaded right. So devoe he's says he says. Okay the refueling trip. But as soon as the plane starts to turn he gets spooked. How and he abruptly shoots officer hartley in the chess. Shit and shoots captain wilbur. Twice one in each arm i know. No it's bananas. Those are his steering arm. Crucial to flying a plane officer hartley collapses but despite being he's one that got shot in the chest despite being mortally wounded he fucking recovers enough to rip the gun from vivid hand. Fucking shoots him three times. Sorry this is a lot of gunfire and then he lapses into unconsciousness and shit. What how we never heard about what a way to go out to your faulk year. Yes he is wounded. He slumps between the seats. But he's he's able to fuck and this is like a magical and he's able to fucking himself he starts. He doesn't have his gun anymore. But he starts clawing at captain wilbur. Attempting to grab the fucking steering wheel enforce it to crash Fucking this okay cut. Let's take a break for a second. Yes please everyone. Meanwhile anyone wanna snack cigarette. How 'bout a cigarette snacks snack. The meanwhile back in the plane. Passenger peggy mclaughlin. She's a nineteen year old boston college student at the time. Yeah so she's not fucking around. She says that they were only dimly aware of the life or death battle going on in the cabin that the passengers didn't even know what was going on. They heard a commotion. Someone said it sounded like a fake gun. Pop apopka sure cap gun a gun thank you. They didn't know what was going on. They didn't realize they were in the midst of an attempted hijacking until the shots rang out. And that when they heard that some people dough from their seats to the floor and that the flight they realize the flight had veered off course because they found themselves flying over the back bay. Peggy thought they were going to land in the harbor so she fucking starts taking her boots off like ready to fuck and swim. Always ready that peggy. Yes right and you know those prime hot like sexy nineteen seventies boots and. Then she's like. I might as well change in my suit while we're doing. It's basically yeah. So meanwhile let's go back to the cockpit so so wilbur. Captain wilbur he. He's fighting with fucking vivo. He grabs the gun that had fallen to the ground. Hits to do over the fucking head with doing him. Beats him with the pistol while continuing to fly the fucking plane and those are those are bullet arms fucking and both of his arms are shy. Then captain wilbur radios the tower and says my co pilot is shot. Where the hell do you want me to put this thing. So hot so hot so hard. He doesn't even mention that he's shot at all. He he this so now. The vivo is unconscious and despite being shot and both buchan arm bleeding badly. Captain wilbur is able to write. The plane plunged during the struggle and then safely lands safely and smoothly land aircraft. They can't do that sometimes. When we're just coming in de la and everything is fine. Yeah smoothly at logan yuck and lands at sea bananas. The entire event took place in only only ten to fifteen miles away from logan international airport at an altitude between three and five thousand feet. Nothing no it is one supply and safety on the ground. If if it was arrested and with murder he sent to bridgewater state hospital for mental evaluation. You can ch- you can cheer for bridgewater state. We have a whole group from there today. Great welcome he's taken for a mental evaluation. But basically like fuck this shit. And he's taken to suffolk county jail at charles street and they're no trial would take place though because on halloween. Nineteen seventy while awaiting trial for air piracy and murder devoe hangs himself in his cell. Peggy mclaughlin are nineteen year old. Boot girl police tell me she marries the ono vs so cuting shit. We'll make it that way in the movie. And she's played by chloe seventy she becomes a librarian and a yoga instructor and she doesn't fuck and talk about this for decades. It was a time period where they were like. You got great. You don't need therapy the end goodbye. That's it you don't talk about it ever again best. If you don't tell any right she said one time the fbi stop by after to ask her questions about it and then she never fucking spoke about it again in tell when captain sully landed the not a boat i it was a plane landed in the hudson and then she's like you know what i have a story tell us. Oh you like landing planes. I got a story great but she says that the memory had never left her. of course. we'll yeah so. James hartley captain wilbur were proclaimed heroes and on march twenty fourth nineteen seventy the. Us senate passed a resolution. Commended them both for their quote. Extraordinary heroism incompetence now retired. Captain robert wilbur. The captain says the captain cut number. The captain i wrote. He says he doesn't think about it. That but peggy eventually wrote a letter to him thanking him for saving her life. No wilbur captain wilbur. Insisted that he was just doing his his job. And that james hartley was the hero. Oh and that you guys is the eastern hijacking flight thirteen. That was it was amazing. It's like it isn't that long. I just hate when i find out how much how many things i don't know. There's just so many things in that story where i'm like. Wait what crazy like a train. You just pay. You're on the plane. Stupid t and seventy was on the plane that flew out here on the. I went into the bathroom and they had a an ashtray the door. It's so scary when that you go skirt. You're like how fucking old is it happens. It's we go in a lot of planes and you the majority of them still have ashtrays and that we're here tonight to petition. We need to start cycling. Those fucking things out for that to stop or let's start smoking on planes again. But i don't want it's terrifying insane to we do actually thank. You picked my various undergarments. The places they're not supposed the ending up. Karen has been harassed. And i think it's really important that you listen to me right now because there are people. I say this part and people do not listen. They don't and then they get picked and then they do a thing that i asked them not to do and everyone in the room doesn't like them because of that and it's not good so listen to what i'm telling you right now when we do hometown murders were in the city. We like it when it's a local story so eight. This date is good locals good. We love accents. We wanna hear something from what happened around here. That'd be great also. Of course. I think you guys know this. It's if you're not so drunk you can't follow your own line of logic. The top two is pretty important. It's very nervewracking to be up here once you get up here. There's like a think you're fine at first and this wave hits you then your mind goes blank. You start remembering weird shit. You did in high school. There's a whole there's a whole experience to it so you might think you have it in the pocket. Just make sure it's good when your story has a beginning of middle and an end for sure. Usually it's good when the the end pays off like our last hometown was amazing because it had this awesome ending. So that's i always recommend that and then finally it's just remember. Everyone in the room hates you because you pay so make it quick all right now. Georgia's going to. I think you want to do it because you guys get this face and it hurts me and my soul and can't see anything you know unless you do it. You look at them to me. It's more of a psychic. It's an italian psychic grandmother. Show me how to do show me. How could you bring the lights up a little bit if it's possible we'll just look at that. You can't do it. Rich pitches in the balcony. Crazy fucking fools is it. This is right there and walk over here. I mean i like your spirit and everything is nice tv thing. You're just gonna jump down the thing. Is we call. We called the balcony rich at the last show. So you just rich. What's your name bent. Thank you abby commuter. Here's a microphone shabby everybody player. Bob's burgers thanks. Where are you from new bedford k. Check check okay. So this is still an ongoing thing. That's going on this is the murder of. She's the first person that was murdered this year. In new bedford. Yeah the case is still going but on january twenty second around two a m choose found outside of her home screaming. She wasn't dead yet and we're not laughing about that part or nervousness and stuff like that. She was stabbed multiple times. It actually ended up being over forty nine times by her neighbor because sh- her neighbor didn't like how loud she played her music or her dog. She had like a emotional support dog that was like smelling yappy named lowly to too loud so he decided to stab her jesus super bad and they texted each other like days before and they actually like us the texts as evidence and stuff and they talked about how they're gonna beat her up and his pit bulls on her but bill. Her and her dog were stabbed and she unfortunately did not make it but her dog did survive. Lalita lives tabby. Everybody thank you. Oh my god you guys. These two shows have been unbelievable. Night truly has been the least drunk yelich crowd with that. We've ever had credible like you know what it is. It feels like everyone's in listening in ten. Just right there listening. It's such a great feeling. Not it's not like you guys have a bad reputation or anything like that ply brooklyn last night with canned wines might have been our own thoughts. You guys two shows have been so much the fact that we sold out three fucking show. Thank you so much for supporting us. We're so frigging lucky to be here to be part of this. We're very every time ticket. Sales start and then people start tweeting us with insanely angry messages about how they didn't get tickets and what we need to do about it. We really take it as a huge compliment because our very this thing that's happening with this podcast is just very rare. And it's very very special. You guys have started your own community your kick connecting with each other. It's just it's incredible and we're really honored to be doing this with you. It's it's really a beautiful thing to see and we really really appreciate it. We hope you know we're so so grateful that we get to be here with you really are thank you. Yes so. Boston stay sexy.

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