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Social distancing slows the spread of corona virus. So stay a minimum of six feet away from others and stay home if you can more info at Corona Virus Dot Gov. Let's all do our part because we're all Hashtag alone together. Brought to you by the Ad Council. Did you know that the first computer bug was an actual that x Rays? Were used as entertainment at kids birthday parties. I'm Merrin I'M GREG. For our new PODCAST SURPRISINGLY BRILLIANT. We've been collecting some of the most shocking inspiring and downright bizarre stories from science history from space mysteries to stone dinosaurs. You'll find in surprisingly freely from Seeker. So come listen to surprisingly brilliant on the iheartradio. App Apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts. This is Kelly Henderson. And you're listening to at home on velvets edge in the midst of this corona virus pandemic. It's important for all of us to know that we are all in this together and there is not one person who isn't being affected by this in this series. I'm talking to celebrities and artists about what they are doing. And how they're staying positive during this isolation period it's a look into the day in the life and I think you guys will be surprised at just how similar their days and emotions look to the rest of the world this week. I'm talking to my fellow. Louisianan Country Music Artists Jordan Davis. Jordan's career took off with his number one platinum hit singles. You up and he's continuing to kill it on the charts now with slow dance in the parking lot. We talked about everything from having a new baby at home during isolation to his love of Tiger King on Net flicks. Here's our conversation and go tigers. Okay so my fellow Louisienne. This is so fun to talk to another. Lsu Person Does Hager's. I said to my mom the other day that the good news for us even if this fall football season gets canceled at least we can just replay last season and we have a good season to replay rolls over so. Come back to back champions. That's see I love this mentality. This is a great yes. So without sports and touring happening. What kind of other stuff have you been doing to occupy occupy your time right now? I mean I own new dead. I will get a four month old at the house I've been been busy hanging with her. Which has been awesome and then also we stopped. We did start a tour at the beginning of this so pretty much. Put us on the road pretty early in January and then You know we were gone pretty much every weekend leading up until they shut us down so right Being at home now I'm actually. There was a lot of things that I've been trying to catch up on and but mainly just kind of spend time with them. You know. It's been a really busy. Not just past year really past couple of years so the downtime as as you know it's not it's not ideal but it is great to get a little more time with them. Yeah so you're kind of just leaning into this time at home it sounds like no absolutely and I mean I really think that's the only way to go about it. You know it's a for the first couple of days. I was really bummed out now. We had some great touring setup and some fun shows that we're looking forward to but I mean it's just kind of the way the chips Phil and I realized a couple of days in that it was just like you know nothing. Good's GONNA come out of this but a sit around powder not pout about not being on the road right. Now it's Kinda family time and cannot shifting shifting gears to to write more music in in maybe you know maybe some great will come out L. Speaking of Writing Music. I saw a tweet that she put out the other day that you're trying to get a CO write with Tiger King. So this is where corona virus has led us. Have you watched that you okay? I'll watch the first episode just because it's been such I mean it's everywhere everywhere on instagram twitter. You can't escape it so I'm trying to get into it. Does it get better after the first episode. I don't I don't want to say yes. But you know it's one of those. It's it really is just so wonderfully terrible that for me that sucked me but yeah I mean if you got you know if you got a couple of hours to kill in one AWASA pointless television. We know if there's ever a time to watch a totally ridiculous show. It's right now. I would tune into the tiger cat. Okay I keep the characters. Themselves are obviously fascinating. The first episode. I just kept saying to myself. This can't be real right like these are not real people. Well if you keep watching. You'll continue to say that I did that. You and your wife are going to be hosting a happy hour on instagram. I keep saying making the joke that my happy hours. Keep getting earlier and earlier in the day. But what kind of things are you guys going to be talking about? So we just released a new song A Song I wrote not long after a MEK kristen so it's GonNa be just Kinda Kinda based around that time but also you know. I think we're both kinda going. Stir crazy and we we've Both take any type of of kind of interaction frightened now. So you know log on for an hour and just kinda hang out. Answer some questions and Canada's tell people what we're doing You know some things. We're working on as far as just being stuck at home and live with a four month old During this so just kinda. Everything is going to be kind of an open book. Yeah I've seen that with a lot of artists. They're really missing the connection with the fans. Like that's something you guys are used to getting every weekend so then God we have these. Instagram lives in all these other ways to actually connect people still. Is there? Something that you and Kristen are doing each day. I mean you just mentioned connection but is there something specific that you guys do to not just so negative and bogged down. I know for me like if I'm just feeling so isolated sometimes I I can get Kinda dark. So is there something that you guys are doing to stay out of that? Think we're kind of what both folks on just Kinda like quiet. Tom Discount you know just Either reading or you know just spending some time by yourself and This counter reflecting everything not just my life and that sometimes I kind of forget about that as far as with Kristin you know being on the road in running guy I like to think that my world in my life gets busier. Then everybody's just not home and that's really nice and You know Christmas just as busy as I am different. It's just a totally different thing. So we've We both been Canada's focus on on on you know whether it be in the morning you know kind of like to get up in the morning and and spend some time on myself and Christians more towards the afternoon so it just kind of really focusing on on those things of just a just a lot. More meantime Yeah have you been surprised about any of the emotions that may have come up just? I don't think a lot of stop like that. So it's interesting to see what comes up when you actually sit still for a second of A. It's true journaling. I think one of the one of the best things you can do for for anybody to Kinda whether it be a goal or whether it be. Something's bugging you anything I think when you put put it down on paper Is it helps a lot and you know and you know the reason. Why at least for me? My main reason was like I was always too busy to do it to where now So it is Kinda cool to wake up and just open up a blank sheet of paper a Word Document and you know. Read a little bit in read a little bit expensive time yourself. This kind of types of stuff out or write himself out goals problems things you want to get better at and like you know like you said earlier everything. Everybody's running so wide open I hope that everybody does take this as the positive of it. As as may be slowing down and maybe realizing where we were running so wide open where we. We probably shouldn't have been more so that's kind of been. Some of the positives ended up taking away. Yeah I love that. What what is it like to be a new dad and look at your daughter and kind of this crazy world like has it has a. What does that feel like? What what are you thinking about for her? I mean it's it's a totally different different world than than what we grew up in. Yeah I mean just as far as you know I think for me You Know Woman Galley for both of us. You know social media in is important part of what we do. And it's in some in. There's positives of that and there's a lot of negative that oil some. Kinda just I duNno. It's GonNa be a weird weird parenting thing to learn because it's not like we can call our parents and say hey what we do you know. It's it's kind of like this is just a new kind of on the front end of this. There's no there's no roadmap for this gun so Yeah I mean. It's it's crazy to see what I can only imagine where it's GonNa be whenever whenever she can actually use ahead you know. I think it's just GonNa be a a mix of taking the good and and you know a race in a bad or or not. It's into a unfortunately that is a that is one of the one of the parts of it. Well before all this current virus of hit you were on quite a roll you had to back toback platinum number one songs. He had single singles you up and take it from me. Your current single slowly into the parking lot is top five and still climbing. This is really exciting and your debut album. Home State is out now said. Did I hear that you might have some new music coming out in May? Yeah we're We're releasing an EP of half little bit. You know it's A. It's been a batch of songs that I've been really really proud of won't to get out but you know one of the Canada. The blessing and the curse of Heaven the success of Home State in the success of the singles is we. Haven't you know well I say we it's a I haven't wanted to move on from it and there's still a lot of songs on that album that I wish we could of single older or or spent more time kind of highlighting but just the way that music going now and So we kind of held onto the record for a little while so in the meantime still riding a lot and In yeah this This EP cone out is it's it's it's got some of the. I think the best songs that I've ever written and I am I'm excited. Said get it out excited. Give SOME NEW THE FANS. I think the the main win out of this well. I'm sure after this isolation all of us are going to need some new music. I've replayed album after album after album. So we'll be good hopefully touring. We'll get back up and running soon so but without like without knowing what's next what is the ideal next thing for you. What did you say I mean obviously yeah getting back out on the road. Possible is is the priority but the author the abandoned crew. Now we've become really really close over the past three or four years of going out and playing music. I think that's one you know finding a way to take care of those guys Because it's it's just a weird time and that's something that's never really happened And I feel like there. There's sometimes the gas that can get forgotten about in this but Yeah I mean you know. I'm trying to think of kind of creative ways to to make sure they're taken care of Which is can atop on the priority list. Right now And then also just you know. Continue Underwrite With a bunch of down like this. You Know Kinda makes me. WanNa make another record which I feel like that is like you're saying you get about this. I feel like when we do. Come out of this We are GONNA have a lot of a lot of music. Jordan Davis and Tiger King. I'm waiting for it What a dream. Where can people keep up with your touring stuff and then where can people go to see this Question and answer with you and Kristen. So we're going to run through my instagram. Join Davis official websites Jordan Davis official DOT COM and that link to to twitter instagram and also had tour dates whenever we get cranking and The instagram is probably probably the best way to to keep up with what what was going on to keep up today. It's awesome we will do it Jordan. Thank you so much for being here. Kelly thank you very much. Thank you guys for listening by either Zach BRAFF DONALD FACE ON. We're real life best friends. We met cling fake life. Best Friends Turk and J D on the Sitcom scrubs twenty years later. 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