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Hurry into old navy one day only today. Get fifty percent off all outerwear, plus get cozy socks for just two bucks. Yep. Fifty percent off all outerwear and two dollar cozy SOX one day. Only today at old navy and old navy dot com. Ends tonight Valla to seventeen exclusions apply. You want to be healthier yet? You just don't know. What to do all these shows telling you this and that, but nothing seems to work. We'll listen close. Golden State media Cossacks has got something. Great for you. The health and wellness podcast dedicated to workout Transi eating habits. Diane everything about healthy living. Join us in our banters as we help you not just live life to the fullest. Let live it to the healthiest. Hello. And welcome to the GMC, health and wellness podcast. Brought to you by the GMC podcast network. I am her host Heidi. And I am again joined by the fabulous. Sarah. Are we talking about things that can kill us? No, actually that is a good relief. If you're listening to an earlier upset, this is not about things that can kill you actually about something that could be very beneficial for you good. So that's a bit more on the positive side. There is I mean to every story there could be a slight downturn in mood. Sure. So I'm just going to be you know, again, parental information. Now trying to tell you how to live your life. But you know, she wanted to know in case you hadn't figured this out. We are not doctors you need to you. Do you? We'll let you know. Do your do your own research, ever, distrust, something you hear on gassed, very true and differently this podcast to read labels for sure. So today what we're talking about is CBD oil or Canaveral. No. I think the wrong again. How did we decide video? It looks phonetically but video I will probably say that incorrectly again later on when I try and inevitably pronounce it correctly again, but we're gonna save for my ease CBD oil. That's what's most commonly known as and this oil has really become like a very popular like a hot product really in the states, particularly well, especially in the states that have legalized medical marijuana for medical uses and for recreational use, and because of that legalization this oil has definitely jumped in popularity and has really entered more into the mainstream. Like, for instance, the other day, my mom was telling me how she's thinking of giving the cat CBD oil. Oh, really? Yep. You buy it for your. I mean, I'm sure you can. Oh, you can especially in California. Yeah. Yeah. I think she's thinking of binding like Petco, and she wants to put it in his food for his joints. And if he she thinks he might have arthritis. He's elderly. So she's thinking of putting that into his food which after reading this. I'm like, oh, it's really everywhere. Try to not talk to her. I don't know if he should just self medicate your your pets with cannabis oil. I mean, that's what I was thinking. But. And I realized that the different from the there's different there's different ways of ingesting, or you know, taking it. So you're not you're not going to necessarily be high. But still I would I would maybe talk to someone. I yeah. Yeah. I've been trying to suggest that. How's that going? Not good. But this oil it's in. I mean, it's in pet things now apparently, but it's also been popping up in like restaurants. I think I saw magazine cover where they were talking about it and had a whole article about it and in different like just in little oils that you can like drop her onto your tongue to take orally. I mean, it's all to be taken orally, which is why it's like food and things like that. Or why my mom can put it in the cat's food. Right. So it's really I think some of it has to do with the the ease of use as well and have how acceptable it is. It's really made it jump in popularity. There is a show on Netflix that I saw recently. I didn't see the show just the trailer that is about cooking with marijuana products. And. It's just it's everywhere anymore. It is it is it's really popular. And so I wanted to talk about it. Learn a little more about it. So CBD oil is a non intoxicating marijuana extract. And it's being credited with helping treat just a host of medical problems, everything from epileptic seizures to exile, eighty two inflammation to sleeplessness. And I think that's like not only is it kind of easy to get and to take this taking it orally. Also, it's being touted as having benefits. And that's another reason why it's been very popular. Because it's you know, it's more like the natural holistic way to treat different ailments. There are some experts say the evidence is scant for most of these benefits. At least the ones that everyone will say, it's helpful for anything. Like, oh, you're having an issue. Maybe she just take CB oil a lot of anecdotal evidence. Yes, I'm curious as to what the more. Official evidence might be that's the atom looking for. I mean who knows maybe I'll come back, and if you up with Donal evidence about the cat, maybe I'll just add to the pool of the cat is frolicking like a kitten doubt that, but you know, we'll see. So old man cat, so along with some of the experts saying the evidence is not very vast for this product CB is being produced at this moment without any regulation. So that can result in products. That may vary in quality. I'm very really while widely because there's not a standard for it CB is extracted from the flowers and buds of marijuana or hemp plants. It does not produce intoxication or marijuana's high that high is caused by THC. CBD does not have that chemical in it. So it's not it's not going to get you high. It has these other apparent health benefits. CB oil is legal in thirty eight's, thirty states where medical and or recreational marijuana is legal seventeen additional states have specific laws on the books. And there is only one reported use of CBD that is sort of been scientifically proven, and this is using cadaver. Oh, no canal dial to treat epilepsy, and that does have scientific evidence supporting him. I have heard of that. Yes. This is one other times, it's not really regulated. Or there's not a ton of evidence that scientific, but this is one particular use that definitely has scientists scientific evidence. So last month. The US food and Drug administration. Their advisory panel unanimously unanimously recommended the approval of the CD medication epi dialects, and that is to treat to rare forms of childhood epilepsy. And that's really the only area where evidence has risen to the point where the FDA has said that it's acceptable to approve a new drug and for the rest of CB's potential uses. The really isn't enough evidence to make a firm conclusion about its effectiveness. So there have been some human clinical trials that suggest CB could be effective in treating symptoms of anxiety or particularly social anxiety. And there have been clinical trials in adults. But those trails have been a lot smaller than the epilepsy. Studies. And I don't believe the studies. So the studies epilepsy or specifically for childhood epilepsy. And so the CB clinical trials for other things like anxiety. I believe those are just on a dull they were not on children. So again, if you're using CD oil may be careful of using it for kids. I would say it looks like really the main trials have that have been related to children is specifically for epilepsy. And it's this specific drug. It's not just like CBD oil straight from the bottle that you could buy it isn't Pacific medication. The FDA is approving it's not just the oil anywhere. Because again, it comes up in like food cafes or putting it in or Sarah was mentioning the net show. It is kind of everywhere in that sense. But it's different from the medications. Also, CB's usefulness as an anti inflammatory medication is the next most promising use of it. But the results have mostly come from animal studies, so not necessarily human studies that have shown this to be particularly promising. The rest of potential uses such as antipsychotic antidepressant or sleep aids. Have all been studies in animals with only one or two example studies in humans. So I don't know I feel like like we were mentioning most times when people are suggesting CB oil. It's really from anecdotal evidence. I feel actually I know a guy who had prostate cancer decided that he wasn't going to treat it conventionally with western medicine. And so he just started doing I don't know if it was CD oil, or if it was another version of hemp related product. That's the way he decided he was just going to treat this. I think it was first of oil. Didn't didn't work? But yes, I feel like. There's not enough evidence out there yet to just make your own decisions on that kind of stuff. Don't just I mean, obviously, it's up to you. Whether you're going to what kind of treatment, you're going to get for your body. But don't just be like if somebody else did this. I'm going to just make my own decision and not get an e medical advice. Right. Right. Yeah. And I think that's also not to say that you can't decide and I think it's good for me. So I'm also going to do it because it's not necessarily going to cause you major harm kill you. Right. You know? But I think the idea of replacing other drugs, maybe you wanna talk to fresh out have been more studies yet done on right, right? Other other drugs. But it is interesting that has been shown to be helpful in this one particular medication for epilepsy. I think that definitely shows this could be useful and other medications as well. But more studies are definitely needed and beyond just anecdotal. Yeah. Also, it has been reported that the studies that have featured humans for other potential CBD uses have either been case reports or studies that did not compare Zolt against a control group that did not use the oil. So if there's no control group, it's kind of hard to know if you're dealing with like, the true, effective drug or just like a placebo effect. You know, like someone just thinks they're being given a drug and then that'll be beneficial. So I would say there need to be more studies that are a little more indepth. Their also concerns about both the quality of CD oil being produced and its potential side effects because I think it's so popular right now a lot of places are making it and producing it and mass market in it, and that doesn't necessarily mean that it's been completely proven. It just means people trying to get in. I feel like on the cash flow sensually. So we're going to take a quick break. And then we'll be right back. Keep talking about CD oil. Hi fashion line. 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Jaylen clarify registered trademarks of Harman international industries, Inc. Still on the search of that one true love on the limbo in this crazy world of dating marriage relationships. Well, listen to the Golden State media concepts relationship podcast, your one-stop podcast for everything about relationships. Welcome back to the health and wellness podcast. We are continuing to talk about CBD oil. There's another thing I want to mention about the regulation. So because there is a lack of regulation that's kind of related to the legal like murky nature of marijuana. The FDA has not stepped into regulate products like CD, oil and states are really struggling to put regulations in place. They don't have the deep pockets of the federal government. So it's harder for the states to determine how they're going to regulate this and to put that into place, right? A twenty seventeen study who was which was led by professor of psychology at the university of Pennsylvania found that nearly seven of ten CBD products didn't contain the amount of marijuana extract promised on the label. Nearly forty three percent of the products contain too little CD while about twenty six percent contained too much and is a. Rickie drug because it's not like absorbed in your body. Really? Well, when it's taken orally less than twenty percent of the drug is absorbed orally, and if it isn't made in the right way, you may not be getting as much drug into your circulation as you think which is interesting, and because of that because you're not getting a bunch into your body when you take it orally. That that could not be very useful. If your CD oil actually has less of the oil or less of the potent compound that you think you're getting right? So it could actually just be a placebo effect, pending on the testing of your particular product. And again because there are regulations you really don't know about one in five CBD products contained the intoxicating chemical THC, which again, it's not supposed to and that's a problem because THC can increasing Zayed's, and it can actually make seizures worse. So these are the things you need to be careful about because if you're taking deal to decreasing Zayed's or decrease seizures or something like that. You could potentially be making it worse because the oil is not regulated and could contain THC. And I'm assuming that this is something that because it's not terribly. Well, regulated you won't necessarily be able to tell reading label, right? Yeah. That is a bit of the unfortunate part. I would say we're sort of still in the beginnings of this product use like, it's definitely popular in popularity. I feel like the last few years at least that I've noticed not being super hip myself. So so I think because of that there's still a lot more research to be done, and we're at the beginnings. And I think I'm sure I'd like to hope that regulation will come in to the point where you can like judge based on the label little bit better. But of course, right now, I think it's just companies trying to get in on a hipster thing. Also, there are potential interactions with other medications. Studies on CD have also raised concerns about the interactions other drugs that a patient minority taking for example, epilepsy. Studies found that there were very clear increases in the blood levels of sun, some anti epileptic drugs when people were on CD, and this could mean that people taking an anti epileptic drug alongside CD need to adjust their dosage downward to avoid possible side effects. So again, just the interaction between CD and other drugs. It could be negative. There's also some indication that CBD might harm the liver about ten percent of people taking CD in studies had increases in liver enzymes, which would indicate possible liver damage about two to three percent of individuals taking CD actually had to discontinue because their liver. Enzymes were so high. It was concerned the people running the study. So you wanna be aware? I feel like a lot of times some of the things like CD oil or feel like there was another product. I mentioned in the past. Maybe it was. I'm not sure I think that's with insulin. But there are a lot of potential interactions with your liver since that is what is filtering out toxins and just other things in your body that your body doesn't need. So if you have a sensitive liver or potential liver problems again, you probably already do this. But it's important to pay attention to some of the things that you're putting into your body, especially something like, which is unregulated. Well, and it's important. I think to not just self medicate like or just self determine if you're doing something that maybe is a little unconventional. Also, go in for regular blood work. Make sure you're checking levels to make sure to so that you're at your healthiest. And it has that is true. And I think it's really suggested that if people are interested in they should seek out a doctor who has read up on the subject and might be where potential uses I think again because it is kind of new not every doctor required to know about it. And not every doctor may so it's important to. Look into. Also, I want to mention there is a potential hold up and the distribution of CBD, and this was reported in the Atlantic, and it's related to the state's New York, Ohio, and Maine and these states have begun to wage a war on edibles contained CBD, even in states where recreational marijuana is legal such as main there is a gray area with regard to adding CBD to food products, which is interesting also because that is a really popular way for CD oil to get out to the public. So not just like, you're at home, and you're taking a few drops of CD oil onto your tongue. It is being sold in at a bowl things. Like, I mentioned cafes and that type right? So in New York the department of health announced that it had begun a crackdown on establishments. Again, restaurants coffee shops that had been using as a food additive now. They're using CD's in theory. They're using the non the one that won't get you high. But again, no regulation. So do you really? You don't really have any. Way of knowing when you order something like that. That it. It's not going to that doesn't contain TC THC. ATC just is concerning to me. I would say your chances are obviously lower than if you were taking gonna eat a pot, brownie. But right, but you get and you don't know because there's not widespread. Regulation any regulation. Really? So my trust level is low this podcast is done. Yeah. I stopped going on web to eat. Well, yeah. Yeah. That was bad for me. Does everything everything everything is killing is causing one potential thing. Cancer any symptom? Yeah. Is everything cancer on one of them? Oh, for sure and everything has already killed me. Centrally your dad's. I'm reading it. I've already died or just as I'm looking into symptoms that I may have or like things for the podcast. I'm like, oh, this is awful for you. You look good for someone who's dead. Oh, thank you. Yeah. I try fully eight. CBD oil, you know. So again related to the in food. There has been really a crackdown and this initial crackdown has included seizure of CD products and the warning of fines to come which could total up to six hundred fifty dollars beginning in July for violations. So I guess that means that establishments had already sprung up, and then we're being shut down right having their product seized, which also I feel like the states like New York, Ohio and Maine, at least in my personal opinion or states don't seem super conservative or potentially about the subject. I guess depends on where. New york. I would say, but the city is different than other places in New York. So that's true. I mean because like recreational marijuana is legal in Maine. So I don't know I guess like even because marijuana may be legal that doesn't mean CD oil is legal because you're putting it into food. Right. I feel like goes into a different category. And I wonder if that has to relate to like, maybe the feds are more concerned about people's health food because you're more trusting food or more people are likely to consume it than just right marijuana. Yeah. You could I suppose you could consume it without even realizing if you're not paying attention, you'll go in any order something. And then somebody says you realize you're an account you're gonna cafe slash coffee. Shop that's stuff with CD oil, and you say what's CD oil. That's that could be some people, you know, who just don't pay attention or don't know necessarily, what CD oil is. Yeah. Now. That's true. Well, good for all of you for listening to this. We will be informed. And again, if you're in your go higher remain, it looks like those restaurants are going to be shut down and potentially have fines so go now. Go to a neighboring state that might have it. I'm not sure. Also, according to the New York City spokesperson restaurants in New York City are not permitted to add anything to food or drink. That is not approved a safe to eat until dial is deemed safe as a food additive. That department is ordering restaurants not to offer products containing CBD. So yeah, that's that's right out. Sorry, New York down. They're gonna wanna go to a different restaurant. If they exist around you or just different state. I feel go across the state line. You'll be fine. Just go buy some oil and put it in your food. I'm not saying that don't I did not just say that as a recommendation, I was being sarcastic tongue in cheek. Also, I guess not. I mean, you can probably buy everything online nowadays. I'm sure you. But I did not look into where you can buy CD. I haven't just found it on shelves. I mean, I guess I found that at Petco for the cat. Right. I feel like you can order anything on Amazon. Yeah. That's true. I feel like Amazon get me really boutique. Boozy oil that I can put my coffee or something. So she start your own product line boot and actually call it buji boutique Bucci. That would be hard to say Bucci boutique, that's my first album. Who knows it could it could be a hit. I could sell it in New York, and may know Hieaux not having these restaurants. And with that. As I go to plan my album, we're gonna take a quick break. And then we'll be right back. How are we into old navy one day only today get fifty percent off all outerwear, plus cozy socks for just two bucks? Yep. Fifty percent off all outerwear and two dollar cozy SOX one day. Only today at old navy and old navy dot com. Ends tonight Valla to seventeen exclusions apply. Y'all nude Sawyer Raffour asks what if what if your ride was refined Rudd? At the same time. Did you do see a car that's got style and substance to spare the all new wrath limited featuring a sophisticated muscular new exterior and available options. 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So we mentioned a New York, Ohio and Maine, which have restricted CD oil and restaurants, and other eateries that might be using it. Some of the reasons could be happening really that lies in the lack of guidelines and FDA confirmed research on CD, and although statistically significant reduction in seizure frequency has been demonstrated by patients who take dialects which is the medication getting CD that has been approved. So patients improved with this particular medication compared to a placebo group. And because of that the FDA approved the drug the FDA us this clinical indication as significant statistically significant for patients with particular syndromes, specifically Devitt syndrome, and Lennox Gastaut syndrome, and that is unconfirmed for other possible ailments. So while the FDA has approved this particular drug with CD oil in it. It's forced. Purpose and for specific like patients that doesn't mean they've approved it for everything. And because they have an approved it for everything I feel like that means states are still unsure about CD. It's kind of in this like grays own really, right? Because there hasn't been overarching FDA approved approval. And even with university based data that suggests that CD treatments can help with chronic pain or glaucoma that's not been proven by the FDA study. It's not been clearly proven. So it sounds like other university. Studies and other studies have been doing it. But it's not the federal agency. And because it's not the federal agency that can leave the goal. I dunno loopholes or areas worth unclear and to really talking about legality. I'm not trying to say that it's not helpful for these things. But more about the legality of it. Which is why states might be not allowing it in restaurants and the like. And the FDA like they're not going to just at an unproven substance to food items. So which I mean, I'm grateful for the not just going to do that. Also, other issues related to a lack of guidelines CD products, don't have any labeling standards or dosage guidelines, and in many instances, consumers aren't aware of how much they're receiving in restaurants and coffee shops that are using CD in food and beverages. Which is a big part because if you go to a bar like when I was a heavy hand of the bartenders pouring more than you think, you know, you can't control that. And you might not even be seeing them make your food or make your drink. Sure restaurants, would probably tell you how much they're putting in. I like to think, but you know, it's not regulated, you know, what's good or bad, and they don't necessarily have cell you. I mean. You don't often go to a restaurant? I mean, they'll they'll tell you. It's basically and things, but it's like they say there is a half a Cup of potato in this or specifically. And so they wouldn't have to do that with CD oil. Right. Yeah. I think like I went to a kava bar, and I believe we've mentioned on the podcast before. But I went to a kava bar, and they told me how much was in it. And I also I wouldn't have known what that meant. If they had said like how much is in my drink. Right. You're like, I don't know. What that mean? Right. Is after all is is actually much is a small dosage. Yeah, there's a wide range of knowledge or everyone understands this. And I think again that probably also relates to the FDA is not going to go out and just approved. It's popular. Which which is good. And really until there's a better way to pass along like labeling dosing information to consumers, it could be difficult for CBD edibles of any form to really thrive in the public market. So I really until the FDA is going to make clear guidelines. I don't think it's going to be super. I don't know not sketchy. Essentially until there's a real line that is drawn. And the news of CB edibles crackdown in select states might be a bit of a surprise to some cannabis enthusiasts. But also, it'll probably be a really big surprise to investors who were already invested in CBD. There are few publicly traded companies that lean heavily on CD products to drive sales and profitability. So this is really not going to be good for them. Particularly in like, New York, Ohio and Maine. The crackdown will probably make profits difficult for these companies in the future. Obviously if these restaurants and establishments are not even allowed to exist. I'm sure these companies will I'm not sure what they're going to do. But probably moved other states probably gonna come to California. Right. Find anything about my home state or Colorado, also Colorado. So we'll see how that goes. I feel like if it's too tough on certain companies, the market's not gonna grow anyway, because it's not going to be profit in it. But I think it will be a product that remains in public interest and public use probably for a while. It's definitely I don't want to say, it's a fad. But it's definitely news. Oh, yes. Trending. Yeah. For sure. And if you are thinking of using it specifically for anything medically related, you wanna talk to your doctor do your own research, again, there aren't regulations, and there aren't dosing regulation. So please be careful and do what you think is right for your body. And that brings us to the end of the show. Thank you so much for listening, and please tune into the next health and wellness podcast. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts and wellness podcast part of the Golden State media concepts podcast, you can find this show and others like it at WWW dot Jesus MC podcast dot com. Download our podcast on itunes, Stitcher. 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