163: Bannon's Bad Day


This means that Donald Trump will be the forty fifth president of the United States. This is your life. Now, this is our election. Now, this is us. This is our country. It's real. Hi and welcome back to the forty fifth rob here and I'm here with my colleague Coho Susan Simpson Hey Susan Hey Arabia how you doing? Hanging in their house, the pandemic going on your end. I mean it is apparently still raging. I nobody gives a shit. The world is still burning. And we are just like outpacing I. Think so many other countries in the world on curbing this is it's yeah. My life continues to go on everybody I know all my friends family, they continued to quarantine and be good. But seriously man I've invited I've been invited to a wedding las week I've been invited a dinner in last weekend. I'm like dinner I what? So a dent like a Jesus look at somebody's house our neighbors and I was like, yeah, I'm not really covered auto just drop off food I was like okay. But I think people are just fatigued and are wanting to get back to their lives and a lot of them are doing. It is weird sometimes when you see aspects of life are people who are living their lives it was not Kobe times and it is it is hard to keep up the distancing keep up your routines of isolation when you realize that some out, there are not and like well, what's the point? Why should we do this now? Appoint of course. You when your. Sick but it it's such. A will be the last one. Standing Susan. It's the slowest driver I go to a crowded a grocery store for the first time in probably months the other day I came out like feeling like I had a cough and a sore throat already habits already happened. Well I mean to be honest I gotta I gotta get groceries like every four days with the amount of milk. My kid goes through but we go I, feel pretty safe I. Mean like the stores are mostly you know it's like at ten percent capacity and everybody's wearing a mask and staying the heck apart. Stores like that and spills. Okay. Not Apparently about your stores in general with this one was like not almost normal times crowded. It was definitely sort of like a freak out moment 'cause I hadn't seen that so long. And no masking are masking. There were there was masking had that going for? All right. There's a little bit of a barrier artless. Let's talk about where we are right now with numbers as of this morning Joe Johns Hopkins reporting, we are at one, hundred, seventy, seven, thousand, five, hundred, thirty, six, US deaths, which by the way is twenty percent of the reported global death like. Count. We account for twenty percent of it. We are four percent of the world's population. Where at five point seven, five, million positive cases as you are aware in the last couple of weeks school sorted opening universities started opening I have two friends just over the weekend. told me that they dropped their sons off at their dorms I'm like. What are you doing? But I guess everybody's like I guess we're just GONNA end up coming back soon and spreading our. Aspirin exactly spreading out further. University of Alabama just reported this morning that they've had five hundred sixty cases on campus. I think they've been open for like a week differ some time. Exactly. I mean, there's and I guess my question is, what do you do those students? Do you quarantine them on the campus of because that seems to be the only way to make sure it doesn't spread into every other part of the country most likely they travel home and then hopefully quarantine at home but in many cases probably don't. Travel itself is to make things. Ogling. Hopefully they're driving. It's I I feel like we're just at the beginning of a just like the worst part of twenty twenty because. I feel cases would explode because of all the school stuff and then the election and it's I I'm really dreading the rest of this year. So here's the good news mask. Wearing the data continues to come in and show that it is effective at it can have a very significant reduction in the spread of the virus. It's not foolproof course at other and save everyone can't stop it. For good but it does extremely effective There was a report out of South Korea where a woman had gone in to a starbucks who was infected and something like twenty seven patrons also got. The four. BREESE's working there were wearing masks and did not get it. You're kidding me the patrons around her twenty. Some people acted I was pretty sharp sharp by that by itself but the good news is at least like sneeze on everybody's. Transition. Like waltzing around just like sitting on thinking opera yeah. And the size to rally the to the episode. Stay was the US to hairstylists to Salt Lake between them over one hundred patients. But but they wore masks sniping Colin positive none none of their customers. Got It. So I do think if we can get mask-wearing up to be like ninety five percent prevalent It. Will make a real dent in this and it would make a flu season less the possible nightmare might be well, this administration is not going to mandate however Joe Biden in his speech. Last week of the DNC did say that he would he would enact a national. Mandate, to wear masks so Yeah, I'm not sure how it's GonNa enforce that. But like I I wonder I appreciate the sentiment thinks that could by itself make a difference but in terms actually forcing it not so much. I mean he actually this I mean trump uses his you know he threatened states with funding this and that why couldn't a Democratic president the same like if governors and mayors and say, if you nod enforce this, then we're going to withhold federal funding. For X., Y. Z whatever hundreds of programs that you get money for why can't you use the same tools? Because were public and ideally the power the partially coming from Congress under the Constitution. It's like. This is like a national security threat but okay. Talk a little bit about the anymore. Talk about before we get to the DNC I want to talk briefly about those. Yeah, well, there's one element this week not development. Well, they're somewhat development going on in the treatment front. Did you catch the press conference What one day when we go can't tell anymore on the new tripping authorized with FDA I talked with the plasma the plasma. Yeah. So over the weekend trump was you know tweet now this feelings as usual and had some particularly batch of tweets about how? The FDA or whoever raised like. The deep state, the deep state or whoever at the FDA is like blocking development of treatments for Covid which you know we just all moved onto that because whatever it's where we are now but that is extremely Warming, thing to come out with the president declared that his administration is somehow like. Blocking treatments for various reasons anyway. Within twenty four hours. There was an announcement that there'd be press conference to announce a new treatment would be authorized which well, that was pretty quick And we did turns out. This, this nutrient thing authorized or at least it hasn't emergency use authorizations. was from convalescent plasma nor is trump said it? PILOT PLASMA. So. Plasma it's an old therapy. I mean it's real therapy in the bigger sense it's been there are conditions and diseases where it's very beneficial in it's known known treatment. It's not. So kind of crackpot idea. It's real the question is real in this case with cove in nineteen, and that is a much. Much more uncertain. Question. Now, this has been used already think something like ninety thousand people already gotten this treatment in the US because under a national expanded access protocol which is basically a way that lets treatments that are experimental be given to patients and the Mayo Clinic has done a cold the study we'll get to that bit they've done. They've done a many patients with the plasma with the aim of trying to get. Evidence to show if it helps. Now this evidence is at best lukewarm and the week before this whole press conference the actually refused to grant knee way runcie use others Asian on the plasma therapy because there just wasn't evidence that shows that actually does anything. So, this this back have been twenty four hours. This crazy tweet, we've got this press conference shows that FDA's bowing to political pressure Now. What we do the studies that we do have are concerning and that despite the packers with a lot of people got mistreatment. At no point was like a real study done like a double blind. Stay with Control Group put together and which means the data we're looking at is not comparing people who got treatment those who didn't get it. It's for instance, showing people who got treatment at different time periods. So here's the results of the study in one instance patients who got the treatment of the compound plasma within three days of being dynastic Ovid had an eight point seven. Case Pataudi rate. Over a seven day period however, patients treatment four more days after diagnosis tally of eleven point nine percent or seventy rate which means that. There's possibly. Some effect going on here. But what they're measuring is like three days versus four days and how long it's getting treatment so it can be showing. If people have. Progressed four days longer than the disease, their outcomes worse as opposed to showing terms effect making see how that would I can see how that would make sense because obviously, this is the kind of disease that people just degenerate like very very rapidly with time one day you're like not till not feeling. So well, three years later on ventilator. So that one day could make a big difference I guess. Yeah. It's really it's really a drop ball that they did not organize an actual study, give an opportunity to do. So I don't understand why that didn't happen the risks, and for this reason, this is why people like like there is no evidence has actually works yet. Well I see. Okay. So there's no study with a placebo but what about? Just. In general if people get no therapy I would, how does the death rate compared to those people? They haven't done it they have not studied pair of patients. To okay. So they just did they have did not look bad at all. 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So take the first step to defeating your debt. Get your free assessment today. Go to build dot com slash forty fifth. That's bills dot com slash forty fifth bills dot com slash forty fifth. At the press conference despite the fact that the data by itself is already shaky. It gets worse. And a Commissioner Steven Hahn at the press conference. GAVE THIS FOR WHY QASIM PLASMA IS In his belief a big deal. So. Let me just put this in perspective. Many of you know I was a cancer doctor before i. BECAME FDA commissioner and thirty five percent improvement in survival is a pretty substantial clinical benefit. What that means is even if the data continue to pan out one hundred people who are sick. With covid nineteen thirty five would have been saved because of the administration of Plasma. We've seen a great deal of demand for this from doctors around the country. Yes. So this is very very. Look I'm not good at math, but even I either. Like if I'm like. Wrong it's really wrong. Yeah. Now This thirty, five percent number of the case. Reduction in mortality. would. What Hans said it means is that if one hundred people got sick with Cova now thirty five, them are gonna live would otherwise died if they all get the treatment that's not that that is just. Nothing to do with the actual numbers and volunteer right? What this would mean for instance, is it say Bat You had. Out of one hundred people Kobe. and. There's no treatment that three what have died than with treatment only to die that would roughly be those thirty three percents but close enough to the numbers at haunt signing as opposed to haunt who as in his words as a cancer doctor. Thinks that it means thirty five people would live. It's it. have been a doctor. Bullshit yeah. If if you have any, if you have any any experience like shopping and doing a quick like Ma, Ma checking your brain about like A. Sale price come on like anybody can do this. This is insane but not the guy in charge of authorizing nutrients. Now remarkably in the trump era Han did later issued an apology for his confusion of the absolute relative risks. But it was like the last tweet in a tweet thread. Oh, by the way. Sorry I screwed that up. All right. So this was supposed to be like trump. You know trump's big todd right? This is GonNa be like some really exciting new news. Help Yeah. This was the FBI scrambling to somehow get back. Trump's good side after trump tweeted that they're all of the state. So. He's really been able to like manipulate every single agency. All right but other than that it no other news on the vaccine front right. Things are still promising and moving along is Dr Fifty still. Alive. She's still route knocking winter that man a longtime. Trump. Yeah and I don't think there's been a chronic virus briefing, right? Like it was like they. We're going to restart these and then they kinda like tapered off or somebody you know I hadn't even noticed. But yeah, they definitely have stopped that because apparently didn't give him the rush he needed and also he kept saying bad things. Slate was the Cunanan one the last one. No. He may have been the time we Cunanan and he's like, yeah, they're good. People love his nation. Okay. I only heard about that I have no I don't know what happens. So why don't you tell us about that one was like this was last week and they've been the last quarter various breathing come to think of I check on that but finally someone. Asked trump about CCR on and they did it at a good. Here's trump answering question about. On and the Georgia candidate. Who was recently? In the primary, thank you for being here and we'll take some. Questions. During the pandemic of Cunanan Movement has been appears to be a lot of followers. Can you talk about what you think about that and what you have to say to people who are following this movement right now let her know much about the movement other than I understand I liked him very much. which I appreciate but I don't know much about the movement I. Have Heard that it is gaining in popularity and from what I've here it's these people that when they watch the streets a portland. When they watch what happened in New York City and just the last six or seven months. But this was starting even four years ago when I came here, almost four years can you believe it? these people that don't like seeing. What's going on in places like Portland and places like Chicago and New York and other. Cities and states. and. I've heard these are people that love our country and they just don't like seeing it. So I don't know really anything about it other than. They do supposedly like me and they also. Would like to see. Problems in these areas like especially the areas that we're talking about go away because there's no reason the Democrats can't run a city and if they can't, we will send in all of the federal whether it's troops or law enforcement whatever they'd like we'll send him and we'll straighten out their problem in twenty four hours or less. Than half of the theory is this belief that you are secretly saving the world from this site tanic cold of header files and cannibals does that sound like something you are behind him I haven't I haven't heard that but Is that supposed to be a bad thing I think. If if can help save the world from problems, willing to do it I'm willing to put myself out there, and we are actually where saving the world from a radical left. Philosophy. Yeah he he did not disavow it. He refused to sit out in fact he's like, oh they're. Patriots he doesn't know much about it. He says, which is obviously bullshit but like he. Just. Refusing to disavow this. This insanity. And worth noting later, meadows, his new chief South did the rounds on Cable News and he also refused the disavow Cunanan because guess what Cunanan airbase they love you announced borders it's batch but like they need that support that and they're not going to push it away and. So. Georgia martyr Taylor Green who is a Completely deepen the Q. just one of the primary she is. She is terrifying. She crazy straight up crazy and instead of like distancing themselves like the GOP tweeted congratulations like the State party did the I mean like I am I think I don't know if president trump himself personally also congratulated her. tweeted that she's the rising new star, the Republican Party. Yes and he's right. He. Unfortunately, right. Fortunately correct. Yeah. She's a complete She's a racist Islamophobes. She's one of the worst I've seen emerge and that's saying a lot. What do you think you're going to win this? Oh. Yeah. It's the district where Ford County is. She's GonNa win, Oh my God. God. And she's the kind who'd like based enrolled her twitter activity like she is like this not just like Dabbling Cunanan she's full on the Vatican sacrificing children in alters beneath like yeah. She makes video Rome. Yeah and she fulling fully believe in satanic globalist. Cannibal Sex Trafficking Thing. Yeah, it's not pretty it's. got also. Detroit the Save the children rallies that went on. Yes. I did I saw video footage of one in Hollywood. And you know what's making me angry about that is not just the fact the rallies happening but also, I've seen some media coverage of it calling it a save the children rally. This is. This is this is very alarming. So this is like mull children say the children like you're not saving the children for real threat from saving them from Lake. Being raised in tunnels instigate life essences yeah yeah. I don't know how many millions of children are missing from there. I don't know where they. You know where where coming for the actual children, take them their families. We know that at the border like that's not that the children are worried about where these children that they are in wearing their parents and why aren't they say anything really missing. maybe the part of the consider say tonic conspiracy. Yeah. All right. So it could be that the coronavirus briefings is halted because president trump became obsessed with the DNC which began last week and real quick. Did You Watch the DNC HAL? No, you didn't know Susan Really. Watch. I did and you know what? I'm glad I watched it was the first time in I think year three years that I felt like a glimmer of hope. I mean, I know the chances are that the hope will be crushed because this man is still the election but. I did I was like an I mostly was very stressed out for Joe Biden. He's an elder. He delivered the best speech of all four days. He really did he killed it he's just so he has so much empathy and so much class but the whole thing was produced beautifully the roll call was great. The music was great. It was it was I mean I remember at the beginning of it people like Oh my God this is GonNa Suck by the end of it people everybody was saying they should like we should keep the we should you conventions virtual from now on it was that it makes sense like the virtual it makes sense to do it that way. Yeah. Yeah of the quote pandemic, but you might not think that if you watched the RNC last night. I saw some bits and pieces toward the end. I. I don't have cable right now but I had a PBS and they're playing the cloudy bit. In that was some horror show Chit. Right there. Can we listen to? Can we listen to? Kim, can we listen don JR girlfriend Oh God? Oh, God. To suit. I got PTSD from that. America it's all on the line. President trump believes in you he emancipate ten lifts you up to live your American dream. You are capable. You are qualified you are powerful and you have the ability to choose your life and determine your destiny. Don't let the Democrats take you for granted. Don't let them step on. You don't let them destroy your family's your lives and your future don't let them kill future generations because they told you and brainwash you and fed. You lies they you weren't good enough. Like parents, you can achieve your American dream. You can be that shiny example to the world. Manifest be the change in this country that you dream that you hope that you believe in stand for an American president who is fearless who believes in you and who loves this country I'm we'll fight for her. President trump is the leader who will rebuild the promise of America and ensure that every citizen can realize their American. Dream. Ladies and gentlemen, leaders and fighters for freedom and liberty and the American dream. The best is yet to Tom. Do the legit was channeling like a WWF. He'll I don't know what that was supposed to be I never. Seen I guess it was inspirational when apparently as the DNC was go going on to this would be obviously trump was probably watching and he was like Oh. My God why can I have that? Why can't they do that for me and he was he was making calls every night i. want this I want this all these ideas of course, pulling that together the last minutes for complicated. But they did they did a great job and my favorite part the DNC probably was the very end. It was like you know they had like fireworks and these cars spread out and the music was amazing. It may come on common and John Legend as Great. So they asked trump, what is Going to be like inspirational and hopeful, and then you've got John Junior Cocaine was trending last night for a reason to. Do. So I was sitting there I'm like wait he's crying Wisey crying what happened to him. and. Then I check twitter with. Cope I'm like Oh is that is that what it is you think so what you just emotional According to twitter. That's what coke looks like. John. Boy can say I like something was wrong with that man like something was not right and whether it was him having a good cry backstage for his speech or him like blowing a few rail I don't know something was super. Wrong. And it was. I guess we're GONNA pretend that didn't happen but like that totally happened, well, the messaging was interesting him and Kim Guilfoil. Both of them had I mean other than the crazy shoddy bits a had a similar message that was directed very much. The American people and it was like you can have it all I thought this was interesting. Over and over he that's what Don Jr. repeated over and over she repeated that all your dreams can come true. You can have it all all the prosperity. What can be yours. It sounded almost like a kind of like a tent revival type of. Prosperity. Gospel stuff going on. Yeah and it reminded me of of some of the analysis done about why white poor white voters will still vote Republican it's and it's because they are fed this dream that you. You could be just like us right I mean that's part of the. Part of the draw. So anyhow, I was really interesting. I don't know how the rest of it. There's a couple of speakers, but I really mostly tuned out and I checked in highlights later. Now it's going to go and trump is going appear like every single day. So Yay for that I guess Trump's problem is that he just does not have exposure voters. Yesterday in the daytime, the NC he he started one of his rambling talks I swear to God I started listening I started listening and I'm like I can't I can't do. It's the same God damn thing over and over and over. Anyway in the meantime, Kanye has disappeared from the news I don't know what's going with his presidential bid. Apparently he's off the ballot. Missouri. He did not get enough signatures so. So that's it. Well, Missouri. Okay. All. Right. So let's move on. We've got three more nine to the. We'll see how close we know it's going to go shit show. I mean full of hope and optimism. What are you saying? Milania, is going to give the speech of her life and she will Michelle Obama gave a fantastic speech and she's GonNa Coffee. Word for word but all the trump speaking including the honorable bunka trump and. Speaking of which did you hear what the book that's coming out millennials friends I heard you I told there was a book didn't hear more about it is. What's IT GONNA? COST FRIEND Yeah Yeah Yeah and she's provided to some outlets like she secretly recorded Melania and that's not a friend basically shit talking trump and I she doesn't like along surprise surprise. All right. So let's move on last week was the Senate hearings with the postal US Postal Service what's it called? the Postmaster General Louis Joy. So I, I don't know how long the hearing loss I think. It was a day and then this Monday yesterday were the house hearings now. It hasn't you noted earlier that hasn't been like very exciting but a couple of things that have come out first of all this guy knows very little about. The agency that he runs. Whatever whatever shenanigans are afoot here safe to say that the joy is not the puppetmaster. He doesn't I mean he doesn't even know like he doesn't. He's like I. Don't know why certain machines were removed. I had nothing to do with that. But when he was asked look six, hundred, seventy, one machines have been removed like just in the last few months we'll you reinstall them before the election he had no soaring machines he was asked about the price of postage. No. He asked who did the changes that really happened under his leadership and he said he didn't know and couldn't get you just he has no idea why the post offices changing it's just happening. It's not his responsibility. You know I thought was bullshit until I. saw that read the story that was just reported. I think in the New York, Times about how apparently Stephen Newton. Secretary of Treasury is the one who. Might be behind all these shenanigans as far back as January he began having meetings with different the the board of different members of the Board of Governors of the US. Postal Service. But meeting with Republican ones and not the democratic ones and so because they weren't invited the Treasury meeting, there's not a corum apparently, they're the sunshine laws apply. So they don't have to actually report that this meeting took place. But at that time since then Mnuchin has had his fingers all up in this Helping to direct the board of governors like you know passing along like a proposed candidates for the position to the White House just deep in it. Not, his apparently, his reason for this is it treasury right? I mean he wants to cut costs this and that. Is that legitimate? Do you think? No, that's that's not how this works. It's not how this works So far. Is that the the hiring of joy was very Outside traditional channels. It was not through the normal process. He was not a finalist under the. Very expensive consulting searches and see they hire to find them a candidate for this role. He was just magically inserted in after making the first cut selection. And he apparently went into this interview where he was the one asking all the questions and they had a joe joked at the It quote unquote interview that they had asked something they could say it was really an interview. So he knew he getting the job going in there he he does not. I think it's safe to say does not qualified. For the role. Whatever's going on he's not the one masterminding in that. That's the one conclusion I. We can safely say they still not hearing. Yeah. So that's basically it. I mean, the dismantling the postal service continues I saw an interesting tweet by the US Postal Service a couple of days ago. I can you know there's trump is trump is not miss an opportunity to continue to talk about how there's I don't know fifty, seven million ballots and they're gonNA be lost and and and trump himself is tweeting save the postal service like last week he tweeted Save USPS I mean the gas lighting is on. All, the charts. But. The US Postal Service tweeted a couple of days ago I was like, Oh my God who did that going to get fired that if every single American. Voted by mail in this election that would mean they would only have to deliver seventy five percent of their regular annual deliveries like so they they can handle it as what somebody over there saying. The election the problem is that all the males jacked up and the thing. People are losing, their, meal. All right. So let's move on. Now this last week, the Senate Intel Committee report which Has Been Long does finally released about all the Russian. Russian stuff with trump and their conclusions. Over thousand pages a Lotta. Redacted style It was actually not it was the reductions were. Overall. I mean, definitely less a proportionate was redacted then with a report for instance but was extremely frustrating and was also point out by Senator Wyden. His additional remarks are additional comments was that the reductions were primarily focused on stuff that's relevant to today to ongoing matters such as the efforts by Senator Ron Johnson to. Launder. Dissipation from Ukrainian officials allied with Russia. Where to politically harm Joe Biden. So all that stuff. All Ukraine stuff was large redacted on. There was some stuff that was just like. You know kind of. Interesting but not really that in more. Than helpful got redacted but for the most part actions that. I think we're both disappointing. We're the ones it affected the. The amount of state Ukraine stuff. Still, this report was throw. It was well done. It was very detailed. It was a counterintelligence, the final volume in the Senate Intel Committees Review of this. Counterintelligence measures and the harm to America and what we can going forward it was. A I mean the the sentence control, the Republicans. So the Republicans on the committee had us on often they did, which is remarkable because it was a very detailed document did not support any of the narrative going around trumpworld did not support claims about like you know. That's conspiracy to spy on his campaign and all that. It refuted those clamps in fact, but of course. The. Republicans senior Republicans, they had to somehow signal their continued support for trump. Has One thousand page detailed exhaustive report into the whole Russian trump world efforts backing twice sixteen. The Republican. Members of the committee had a additional comments very end. That was just basically one page that said, no clue no collusion which fancy. In bold and well. After they've signed onto this report that explained in detail all the ways the trump campaign had welcomed US Russian assistance in all the damage and harm pose to. America. But maybe they didn't read report in Kid. You know they they they had to read. They had to have signed off on all of this visit to happen. That's the things. This report could not have occurred if they hadn't been fully behind it and -greeing the be done. So they obviously. Agree they recognize the problem they recognize the issues they're not on it, and yet politically, they're forced to do this whole Marco Rubio dance of like there's no collusion. And the report. This is what is the what's the value this report we'll actually done with this report does other than just Kinda documenting this is like a this is like an official report. Now, documentary something is there any way in which it can be useful to? Any doesn't matter we'll support actually that's it's focus was like a detailed list of well one it's recounting. What happened in two has pretty comprehensive set of recommendations for various agencies or private actors about how the street on again like for instance issues in how the FBI was briefing targets of these international hacking attempts. There's definitely a disconnect between how the FBI was trying to inform the targets of these attacks and how the targets victims were responding to it. In this case in leading things like with the DNC and other groups who So written that respect this report very helpful is here's Williams went wrong. Here's a better like here's why this was. We did not respond appropriately and here's how we should. Try and Change Communications, happy I and victims of hacking for. So it was very useful aspect but as the report notes, a could not do there's a lot that report couldn't couldn't. No couldn't find out because of the extensive section about trump inspiration. For, instance, the trump ministration. Witnesses the called continuously invoked the privilege, which one they can't. Because that's the president's privileged to invoke, and he did not vote and to they're invoking for things that happen during the transition are like entered the campaigns on cases which doesn't exist. There's no executive privilege for the president-elect But in the end, basically the. Senate Intel. Committee concluded that it just had to get up and taking those documents because quote if a subpoenaed witness was a government official and asserted a claim of executive privilege matter species that claim peered, the committee was effectively foreclosed from pursuing civil contempt. So they're like well can't do shit. But it also noted that the committee had anticipated that it would phase executive privilege claims from the Obama administration officials who they called and in fact, though quote in practice though Obama administration officials freely shared their conversations with the President Obama and each other related to the Russia threat. Joint Defense Agreement issue where the trump world figures all claim their partisan secret jd and therefore can't talk about jd or like their role in certain day all mountain's but as this. found. They couldn't actually do anything because if they did it take forever and would never have been resolved in time for still have any meaning. So. Here's the question that I saw raised over and over on twitter. I saw a lot of people crapping on Muller after this report came out yet twitter happy with they're like, oh, muller fail are the trio by wanted was. What, what's he doing all this time? And? Yes. Like people were angry after seeing the was very explicit and much more direct in house laid out from the Senate committee report that like what was the Miller report doing? What was what was this coy vague nonsense? And I think it's it's just kind of water that was an emotional reaction to that whole time and I was like Muller will save US smaller will save us. And no mother was never going to save anything like when has prosecute ever save? Shit. That's my bias but like the prosecutor, a prosecutor is not the tool for the job that people wanted to see Deng the. Mother, did was obey the rules of being a prosecutor I? mean he was very very within. He's drawing within the Lions Kinda Guy So things like suggesting the president engaged in criminal conduct, they couldn't charge. No Muller wouldn't do it because that's what the prosecutors called said he couldn't do. but like there's no scenario, which prosecutor would be able to do what people were hoping. Could be done because his only goal as the special counsel was to find in charge criminal conduct, which as the Senate intimates report notes Is really at odds with. What as a nation, we needed after the Russian interference operation twice team they talked about how although colonel prosecutions are you know a vital tool and they're necessary? It must at all times, he balanced with a pursuit of criminal prosecutions and quote it is the committee's view that this balance was not achieved. Russian interference with the US electoral process was inherently a counterintelligence matter and not one well suited to criminal prosecutions as a result. The committee found that some of the colors aspects of the FBI original crossfire hurricane investigation were crowded out by the special counsel's effort to identify charge and prosecute crimes. in other cases, nascent counterintelligence efforts by FBI were subsumed by CEO and were neither fully pursued returned FBI until the conclusion two years later. In other words. Yes. Special Counsel Likely. Interfered and blocked our ability to fully understand what happened. Why sixteen because that's how criminal prosecutions work you have there's Supposed to do that's what he was supposed to do. I mean I'm nothing at smaller failure I'm saying that's that's this is. I mean this was a consequence instrument foreseeable But we're thinking to me is like, why why is it that like? Okay you're saying, okay. They're saying that the efforts by FBI were subsumed by special counsel not return to the FBI like what is it one document like one binder it's going back and forth really FBI can't continue to like do their. Whatever their investigation and enforcement as Muller is doing his work. Because criminal prosecutions are so different from the counterintelligence purposes are for credit prosecutions. You have to be concerned all times about constitutional rights about getting evidence in a form that can be used at trial. About. Knocking ethical breaches and the whole approach is just. These aren't like similar thing when someone both. But they're not like. Two parallel processes they're just entirely different worlds where one is your your goal is to put someone in prison and the other your goal to find out what happened. And in this case yeah. The. Because of this because the SEO existed and was pursuing criminal matters that did mean that people couldn't pursue. That is a counterintelligence matter at the same time or else lose evidence interfere with one another it's just something you can do as a parallel. Okay. All right. So Well, somebody gets up last week for like a couple of hours bannon. Ban Well. Also, we had Klein. Smith. Real quick on the DERM Kevin. Kline. Smith I. Wait who is this I don't even know I can't remember. Well, he's he's the first person prosecutors as part of Durham's efforts to investigate investigators. And maybe the last we'll see but basically he's a former FBI attorney He was charged with making a false statement because he's the one who in part of Faisal application for Carter page, he altered an email from. Someone in the government and forwarded it on and pretended that was what they originally melt said. Now, this has been quote about on Fox News everywhere like that's proof that they spied on trump's campaign. It's proof of misconduct wrongdoing looking at the overall circumstances. No, that's not what happened here it was. Like. But for the record, I'm totally prosecution with this guy did was wrong. should've happened and was criminal. My is but it just didn't have anything to do with like a anti-trump conspiracy You're saying it was just wrong good. He made the change to the email, but I'm looking at the change. Is it a really a material change? I think yes, it is. It's. It he guilty so it's moot. Point I. Had trouble trying to prove in court. But yes, I think it was material but not in the way that that the Fox News crowd. Thanks. So this happened in June of twenty seventeen for the fourth renewal of the third renewal fourth applications on on the page weren't. So now this is like five once trump has been in office, it's not spying on his campaign trump's president. Already. Even three previous warrants that were. Approved. For the fourth one, an issue came up because Karner Pager's going on TV and saying, I'm a source for the CIA. So someone was like wait is really a source for the CIA go. Find Out, and then the problem is the word source is really confusing and there's a lot of. Conflicting terms between various. Agencies. and the actual email those four to decline Smith but he changing forwarded on it originally said that. page wasn't. Wasn't operational con appraisal contact, or OC. And what he would point day will change it to say the page was an operational contact and not a source. which basically was him being too lazy to get a clear record and just wanted to write make it obvious like okay. Yes. He he does have contact CIA. He wasn't operational contact between like he would be debriefed on his interactions and Russia. He wasn't given task. He wasn't giving jobs to do he was asked to do anything, but he would agree to talk to the CIA, our agencies after the fact. Here's what I saw wasn't wells in Russia whatever. Which? Makes them a source of sort and his role as an OC was disclosed in that was never not shown. It was the fact that. Climate change it. Specify conveniently say time but not a source source like not a real source just see. So, whatever it's all kind dom do get charged Whatever it could be. The last one say I don't think that bar they got a plea deal early and he pled to. Guilty to one charge. Yeah. Okay. I mean for all bars flaws which are many. I think all signs are he is this guy's not eager to go on A. Charging trump's enemies rampage. He's does not seem inclined to want to do that trump's pressuring him. But he knows that that's not gonNA help the overall. Goal here. So he just seems to do it and it's possible can last one I think trump is not gonna run answer, but we'll see. How that man has the time and energy to remember all of his grievances. All the vengeance that he needs to enact. Exact. It's amazing. We all woke up. Happy. When ban we saw that sketch of. And in in a mask and handcuffs, I'm a little bit torn here. 'cause like on the one hand. I never. Sing Song get charged with a crime like that's. Not Something I usually take pleasure in. Something I'm like even like it's a serious matter that. Like, IT'S A. Big Deal. It's sad. There's a crime like it's not a good thing. It's not a moment of celebration. It's not something that's. Going to fix anything? But. Yeah I'd be lying. I didn't feel about. Shannon toyed with. Important. Yeah let's talk about like what he was charged. He was was he the only one charged? He and three others who three of his Co conspirators and this We build the wall scheme based on the late twenty eighteen go fund me the going around guy raise. Twenty five, million. to build the wall himself. That was the wasn't that the the former trump's lawyers. Guys need no a better end. It's just the better veteran Oh. The. Face, the CRISCO Buck Chris Quebec's let's go was involved as an attorney yet he was not charged. Dot Yet. We'll see but here's this is the actual. Information Against Bannon and his co-defendants is to charges. One of conspiracy wire fraud conspiracy to commit money laundering, and because they raised twenty, five, million from. The Wall obviously, that's going to be used. Obviously this was always going to be criminal nature like it's predictable. And They Didn't they his yacht on Chinese exiles yacht. Side note is involved in the whole Brady scheme which one did lose day is with the whole Elliott and why is not in charge? Anyway. Put that side of the moment one day, we'll get brady his his time was coming. Maybe we'll see. As bannon the these charges are based on his like really actually amateurs efforts to launder money that they were taking out of the go. Fund me money for the wall which would only go to the wall and not go to their salaries like it was really really amateurs operation I I really. Thought, the band would have been good money laundering. He should be good at it seemed like a thing that he'd be good at with. Assumed that it wouldn't matter because his people are like all the positions of power I know visit a touch them I. Guess I mean maybe like They assumed they knew enough to like want to try and hide things with a text things like Oh. Yeah. Gets also company to wire. It's conceal we're doing. I'm like. What are you doing, Dannon like this is. We expected better if I, did I really feel about Bannon. Next time. Make sure you take some while he was lying hours out within hours. Right? He posted what was the bond like five million or something? Yeah. Well. His petty scripting with him but. There were people who were talking about how on twitter on Cable News about how Oh look there's proof that bars efforts to mess with the. Southern. District of New York didn't work. The ouster of the US turney there. Berman right didn't affect operations. I came away with the exact opposite impression. This in information, the indictment. quivalent. Really let me let me concerned that the bars. Control over tapping Suny is extensive and that this may have been. The compromise. Compromise case and that Barr did allow ban and his co-defendants be charged with these like petty ass scripting crimes. I don't think this is the real criminal conduct here I don't think this is the serious conflict, the most serious conduct that was involved. And in fact, the stuff that. Case or other cases this case this case. So the stuff should have been a much bigger deal more than one of our band was doing has to do with the guy building the wall, the contractor that was used a guy named Tom Fisher. because. Now, this twenty, five, million, that was raised. Now we know at least like what five to ten million of it went straight into the pockets of Bannon and his co-defendants. So let's say they have like fifteen million left. Did this group we build the wall did build some wall built four miles of wall. It's now disintegrating by the way. At a cost of fifty million dollars, yum? So where did that other like thirty, five, million come from? The Guy. Who Built The Wall Fisher why Fisher? Spending thirty, five, million of his own money to build these four miles of wall. Well. Coincidentally I'm sure it's equipment entirely and knows not. This dude has gotten two billion dollars in government contracts to build the wall. The government wall and trump has personally and aggressively intervened in the contracting process to insist that both the US army core and officials that Fisher get this contract, which is insane and alarming on. So many levels even side from the band graft and you add that in and what you have is a case of. A contractor giving thirty five million dollars to help the campaign manager of the trump campaign. Engage. In. This. Gift. And then and then have the president personally intervene to give him two billion in contracts. For this wall building. Contrary to the actual. Procedure done despite the fact that this guy was disqualified from contradicts his proposals were like one not sufficient for the requirements and to not competitive in price. That's that this is an insane. Scale of like Public Corruption Anna there's not that if this a compromise indictment and and that's the extent of control that or interference a bars been able to Do over there. Does that mean that even if Steve Bannon tomorrow were to be like I am singing like a canary blow, the wide open I'm going to tell you the truth it wouldn't matter. We know they have all of their emails and communications. We know they have lots of information about what's going on here. There's no chance of wouldn't have covered Fisher activities and yet fisher. As far as we know, is not even mentioned in the complaint in fact how there is. Like a contractor a whatever they call it. So there was a contractor who helped the money laundering occur and the only known contractor is. Fisher. So he could have actually been identified information as having engaged in criminal conduct it. He's not named and there's no reference to his. Involvement. In the the real quote unquote. But but it is basically a possible match scenario where this was not an influence operation where it was. I mean seriously like fishers giving thirty five million to build a wall abandoning co and he's never once like, Hey, y'all should maybe use your connections to trump to put in a good word for me. Of course that happened Being the lobbying violations are obvious the laundering by Fisher is obvious and I. Personally, I'll also still do not understand how private money can be used to build like government property. It's not building I mean you can the government basically they bought some land and built a wall on it, which is legal. You can do that, and then the just calling the the wall. It's they bought some land on the border. Wall you can do that like there's nothing. They got the permits to do it. Maybe they bribed officials those permits who knows I want check into it now. But of course, the walls falling apart anyway. So it wasn't even like a good wall, the four miles. But. Like this is this is like terrifying. This This sort of influence operation is happening and. As far as we know, it's just being shut down. Because Obama did his bad abandons codependence dead is serious conduct people were defrauded. But like okay. Seriously like the people who gave money to this group like really didn't think Panin and Co, we're going to take some money as a salary of course they were like. It's still fraud, but like it's it's not the most egregious fraud I haven't really seen any outrage from the folks who donated though I haven't seen the victims of crime. I'm not sure call themselves victims like this is not. This is this is. Also I don't think. They're asking. Somebody like it's it's kind of questionable the wrong word for it, but it's not the the crime century here. It's basically the money laundering a real crime that that was some. Dumb stuff and that's definitely criminal but like the actual fraud here is. The victims were willing and apparently not even as far as I can tell, Evans actually annoyed by it. So the real issue here is that public angle and yet we may never hear the word about it. Maybe. Maybe. This is something that a new administration could be like Oh we're GONNA. Take a look into it now. Oh, that that's true. But in terms of the Bar control over the Oj I know some people were thinking could be like the preliminary indictment in that may be more becoming dowager pillow flip. Reading that that information? I don't think. So I think this was the compromise where Suny Was GonNA charge someone and yeah and the day they don't really care gets charged so I wouldn't do I would love to hear those conversations. Yeah. It's gotta be tough Berman. Berman like Muller is a by the book prosecutor and he's not going to weigh in on this another. So we have no way of knowing what happened. a couple of things happening court. We've got these Sivan's subpoenas. Yup. That's still ongoing of course, print court ruled that. New, York could subpoena trump's tax records. So they continue with that and then trump responded and. Argued before the court, the court that okay. Well, maybe there could be some subpoenas against me 'cause that's what's important to said, but this one is overbroad and improper and can't be done. A Trial Court said Oh. No hello. No, no. NOPE try go So then of course, trump appeal. So that's going to the second circuit beginning of next month. So you know we could probably spend a few more years go on back and forth between Supreme Court Trial Court Pellet courts until the sexiest resolve one day and like twenty three no my God. Well, in the meantime, the Attorney General has also open an investigation right or have they actually brought charges on this well, this is the New York ag this is the ants. So the subpoenas that we're on for trump's tax records that was part of a criminal investigation that was a grand jury contemplating criminal charges against certain individuals possibly like including trump the New York attorney general suit we've found about week is civil nature. It's an investigation by the new. York. AG In. Possible like tax avoidance and other issues by the trump organization and as part of that, they have sought records from the trump organization looking into. A few of trump's properties namely, his Forty Wall Street building. The Chicago. Tower he built an property in Bedford? New York called seven springs. In this, the the motion they brought this week was to compel production because. So far surprise surprise the trump organization step forthcoming documents who could seem that coming. Yes. So this investigation has to do with the the loan fraud potential on fraud and tax avoidance. and. For me the most interesting part of it was that apparently Ellen. Weisberg who's the CFO trump was Asian Did agree to interview with the, new? York? AG. And before this the trump. Refused to produce documents about various tax and loan issues by saying Oh. CFO Weisselberg will tell you all about it. He can confirm that we pay those taxes. He confirm that we did all that stuff legally and they get this interview with Wiesel Bark and he says like Oh no I no knowledge of that. I have no personal knowledge of that cannot confirm any of this. So. Their attempt to dodge producing documents obviously backfired burden backfire just flops. So now the is pursuing documents themselves. And here's why this is interesting because the stuff you're looking into stuff that I've been wanting for a long time and kind of think, we never get answers for but particular the Chicago Unit acquisition mystery may finally resolved this is that weird? Entity created two, thousand, six and that we know from trump's EFI. See disclosures he owes fifty million dollars or more debt to, and we don't know who or what are why and. It's bizarre because trump owns this company. So how does he? Have A. Fifty plus million dollar debt to accompany he owns. What it like this with is a time when trump's cargo tower starting to fall apart, he owed about one hundred, fifty, million dollars to a group of predators. Maiming ladder capital and for some reason in a bizarre sort of. Agreement latter, agreed to let trump by pay off this debt for forty, eight million. Now it's one, hundred, fifty, million, dollar debt. Trump gets forty, eight million pays off the creditors of that and creditors. Cool. That's fine. That's that's all right. which makes no sense. But assuming it happened that way which I have doubts about something did happen that way. That means trump had one hundred, million dollars income of forgiven. Debt is income for Tax Burmese. So. Trump should pay taxes on one, hundred, million dollars and. What may have happened is that instead of doing that trump US Chicago unit acquisition entity to sort of laund- her the loan forgiveness. And basically park it away in claim that the loan still exist and therefore was not forgiven. And that this entity exists solely to have on paper a debt obviously, it's never going to get paid. Now that's the most probably the most plausible and. More boring inflammation of what happened now, still criminal because he's still tax boarding. What I'm curious about is if it really wasn't forgiven debt in the first place because it seems bizarre to me but circumstances that latter would've agreed to write off one hundred dollars either way. The New York AG is looking into it and you know. Maybe by twenty, twenty, three eleven answer there to just twenty three. This is the investigation in which Eric Trump just said I refuse to comply with subpoenas and implied that he was like invoking the fifth. So there's a couple of other issues that the eighties looking into and they're being the seven springs property, which is trump's like decrepit crumbling mansion What she bought for seven point five million in the late ninety S, and now claims for purposes, financial records, and for purposes seeking loans apparently. Claims Worth Two hundred ninety one, million dollars I. Was GonNa say Oh my God. Yeah. He also claims when he gave some of the land from this mansion away to Nature Conservancy It was worth like twenty, one million and he claimed that the tax deduction when the whole property was not worth twenty, one million like seriously this is not even a real like place you can't live in the building. It's that falling apart like Eric Don Jr. used to live in the colleges on the premises during the summers because those were operational but the rest of it is just kind of a decaying mansion. BEDFORD NEW YORK. It's the one where when trump would gadhafi. Came to the UN. Trump like made money. Good hoppy intent. Mansion of his so got it. Got It. Okay. Anyway. It's a big weekend. Trump financial records news. Talk about the Republican Party Platform, we didn't talk with us. at the top of the show RNC but this was just released yesterday right? Can we please talk about this? I? Think this is a fitting end. Episode Shocked know what you want. Okay. Can I just ask you how you understand this is this them to saying we just give up there's just no point whatever trump wants we got it or is them saying? He you know what? He's not going to win. We're not going to the effort doesn't matter. It's not that I think in some respects is actually a recognition of reality, which is that the platforms matter at the policy doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. So why pretend they're just cutting to the chase because Is what trump wants, what trump wants to do. So why even waste time and resources and energy fighting or arguing invading within your own party on like a you know a forma policy statement when in day everyone involved knows. It doesn't matter what trump wants to see happen. So. That's the one page resolution right there resolved. The Republican Party has and will continue to enthusiastically support the president's America first agenda, that's it. That's it will adjourn without adopting a new platform until twenty twenty four. So. I mean. In the Republican Party. Now, literally is the Party of trump not only are like half the featured speakers at the convention trump's. Trump's girlfriend. Junior's girlfriend clarify. We have the platform which is actually whatever trump wants. You know it's not GonNa go after trump you know von count junior it's just not. So I had. The horrifying realization and it was like week or two ago I was talking to my husband and. As like. Wait. What like okay. Assume that like somehow. Biden wins and trump just accepts it. And there's you know smooth power. That doesn't mean trump's going away. Because of that happens he's just running for twenty four. WHENEVER GONNA be free of this chaos how? Yeah that's what I think I think we're never going to be I feel the chaos is here to stay through him through his kids. It's just here to stay. Even if he loses he's not going and he'll be running for twenty four newly think. So unless he's idea something unless these cuts a deal and unless he runs off to Russia or Saudi I mean. If some respect I, mean, he has to run twenty four claimed political persecution. If he's not still political actor, then he can't Klay an idea Susan I. Think he's already had these ideas long before I I'm putting them out there. Oh. Canadian like immigration in order. All right. All right. Well, thanks so much for the update and continue to stay safe. Stay away most craziest doors. And all of you to the same day mass stay home and we'll be back in two weeks. All right takeout see all then.

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