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Call us eight eight eight say ESPN that's eight eight seven to nine three seven seven six. Let's explained to the radio America, the state state were in. Okay. Yeah. So from honestly guys we just sat down about thirty seconds ago. And the reason is the last forty eight hours. I did a whirlwind toward to Portland Oregon which four to produce a feature for the masters for ESPN's masters covering, right? And with the great Tony female if you guys golfers or not you probably remember Tony backpedaling down the fairway par-three lash flow in his ankle apart and all that. And so we revisited that. And it's going to be fantastic interview. He's a fascinating person. It's such a kind man but getting to Portland from Charlotte, North Carolina is hard. So you texted me this this. This is not the first time. This has happened. I texted you just casually whatever like Tuesday Wednesday when it was. Hey, man, what's going on? And your sponsor back was I'm good. I'm headed out to Portland, and I'm like, okay. And I'll get on. On new that you are supposed to be in Chapel Hill this morning for this show. Yep. And then because you're going to the Carolina game this afternoon. I'm I pass right here. As soon as he leaves here is going straight about two and a half hours from here to the dean dome parking lot. And you said to me just casually. And like I said, it's not a first time. I was having you go, I'm I'm headed out to Portland, this is like Wednesday. And I was like well he's for this show on Saturday. And I know he's supposed to be in Chapel Hill on Saturday and haven't been to Portland a couple of times to the old Portland fairgrounds race track. And I did a blazers piece one time. I'm like, I'm not sure if anybody has actually gotten out a map, and and said, I don't know if this go worry, I'll be honest with you. Portland in my mind. Like Portland's like, okay. I got it. But we'll slot direct. There had you been before I've been several times. But it wasn't for some reason. It was registering to me you're very few direct flights from Charlotte. Right. You have to connect. So I stop in Phoenix. And then go up Portland, right? It was about thirteen hours from the time. I left my house, Tom I got to my bed and rightly do the interview yesterday morning goes beyond swimmingly hall for let me back up. I'm burying the lead here on my flight from Phoenix to Portland, I get a notification from American Airlines on my phone that my flight tomorrow is canceled. Okay. So you got the nice day. So you got the heads up, right? Freak out. Right. Start Email and text and everybody I know trying to get some hail. I'm a girl. Molly Nelson who. Schedules. Everything for me. She feverishly goes to work. Well, I go I get on a one thirty yesterday in Portland. Yeah. Go to Chicago. Yeah. Sentence Kogyo for three hours. Right. Get to Charlotte. Okay. I got in my bed over here. Total about two thirty. Yeah. Lauren went off about six forty okay? Out there on some clothes. Ran over here announcing with you, right? Longwood off a six forty four seven o'clock AM show. Just like old school. So when I got avionics hang. So now, so we we're all we saw him cast on radio and television. But back when it was just radio the alarm at six forty may stumble into the basement would no pants and do radio for two hours. That was that was but now yet to put on you have to look presentable it to put a shirt on. I mean, I it was the world's fastest shower. Or you took a shower. Oh, yeah. Okay. I'm totally impressed, man. I flew all day yesterday. I can't show up in front of our southeastern conference friends. And a you do it for us. You don't wanna look haggard did it for the you did it for the people in Chapel Hill. I know that for so all right. So so you took a shower that I'm totally impressed because I just figured what that hair you just a little palm eight on couldn't little Deborah, Dan. And just stop. Yeah. And the, yeah, that'd be done gives you a little dot from the from the store. So we have to callers today. All that whole rigmarole. We just said tell you guys that we have to callers today. I get a text yesterday. All right. So I don't know if the radio folks realized that we have mardi McGee beer coups. We do. They're awesome. They are camouflage and they have the mardi McGee logo on. Right. And then on the backside of them they had the southeastern conference network right logo. We do. So as I have tendency to do took a pitcher of beer, and I sent you guys a photo here. This is just a few days. Most Friday nights, you do that. Although you didn't do it last night because you're on a plane by Portland. That's right. Yeah. Well, I sent our boy Barry owed them, they head football coach for the Missouri. Tigers you're the man. Yeah. This macabre drink, right? And you would have thought he was like I need that Cousy. I don't care what it takes. I've got gotta have that Cousy. So I made him the Cousy all my flight from Chicago here last night. I get a text from him say, it, my son just called me and said I have a letter from Marty Smith, did you just put it like a regular envelopes at my? And I said you need to call in tomorrow morning and discuss your glee to get this cozy and they've started spring ball. And all that. So we'll just hang out with him. And then we have a North Carolina. Tar heel legend calling at eight thirty. Do we not? Antoine. James the who who by the way, oh, bring this up to him when played at providence high school in Charlotte, which is so close to my house that I can like here the marching band practicing. And. Yeah. And of course, we have Duke Carolina. The second round I was at the first round of Duke Carolina a couple of weeks ago and present the mardi McGee. Right. We we we split those duties, and I don't know if you're going to see Zahn play at and sell the didn't sound like, but we'll see the goal is to have him. We're here in Charlotte. The goal is to have him ready to play in Charlotte in the ACC basketball tournaments see basketball turnby I had to wait game. Whenever the way game was. Yeah. What night was at Tuesday night. Yes. I think it was Tuesday night and Cameron. I was there for that. You were at Cameron, and then went to Portland, and then came here Cameron Portland here Chapel Hill, I'm going to the Players Championship. Monday tuesday. I go to Oklahoma Kyla merge pro day for two days. Back here to ACC tournament next week. Okay. Awesome. RTR? Yeah. That goes for him. Yeah. So use the same way. And right now, I'm laying low and I'm trying to lay low, and it's it's not going. Well, but but my school Randy TV producer ending our just talking about this. The fact that we will be my schedule is going to be not sure how we're going to pull this this show off. But we'll do it last year United the radio show from our truck. Like, I did it in a parking lot Imatra. I remember. Yeah. I had to from a truck last year. You can't do TV from you. I mean, you could I've done TV from the back of my truck last year when Maryland Baltimore County defeated Virginia in the tournament. I did a live shot from the backup hookup truck in the parking lot of the spectrum center. I was just talking about that game last night. Are you about to burn yourself? I'm going to try to drink my coffee without the top on. Okay. We need we need to do a coffee count today for you. I just looked at the tweeter machines cooter off thing. While you were talking almost not my coffee off this and to save the coffee for American knocked a hit cooter cooter. Knock my phones. All better, be careful cooter will pick you. Anyway. So about to call Randy. I've no idea what's going on my way. Dude. Mardian mcgee's going. This disorder. Swimming conversation going on there's cameras rolling around and cables, and I'm spilling coffee, and you're spilling coffee are boy will young you should up at six fifty seven are boy will young wrote is Marty Smith double fist in his coffee this morning. Yes. We'll the answer is unequivocally. Yes, there's too and that is that room coffee. I have this is room called. I could tell about the cups. It is rather odd. I could tell by the fine. Thanks, Keith happy because he doesn't have to worry about. Starbucks logo is more keystone qisas doing some calisthenics so much going on right now. If I if I seem distracted during the first segment of the show is because I was because I have no it's almost like the thanksgiving show. We did with the parade going through everything. Okay. Let's go back design on them in our radio people. We're talking we're talking. We're talking to Keith in the studio Keith is a man that runs the studio, and he's a professional wrestler has on a soul glow t shirt and has also glow t-. Yeah. And he is moving stuff around tell you this. Tell you. This Mars face little for literally every camera in here has moved since the show started which is why if I sounded like my my daddy was so kicked in it sound like I had no idea what Martin Hussein is. Because I wasn't listening. I was watching this. So I was at Durham on Tuesday night and coach K in his post game press conference. Hey, wait a minute. We're already sideways, anyway, they're they're going. We gotta take a break. This is remarkable. All. All right, folks. We really enjoyed that. First second, we might get canceled during the break. It's Marty McGee and he used and radio that use PIN app and the SEC network, but we got some room coffee Marty and McGee not your typical radio show. There were out on KOMO concrete. Locked and I've been. 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You'll get interest rates up to twenty times the national average you can chat with real people twenty four seven, and they won't nutmeg you with hidden fees allies team actually cares about doing right by you and your money so go to A L L Y dot com for more ally. Bank member FDIC the watt. Morning McGee on ESPN radio used who's got a real presented by progressive insurance. ESPN radio is presented by progressive. Sure. How real strong drivers who switch to progressive can save an average of six hundred sixty eight dollars all guess, by the way, Antoine Jamison coming and bury them apparently. Yeah. Baby. My we don't know what he's calling in. But he's gonna call this show. Pennzoil performance line. Tweet us one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed. So first segment, honestly, I'm gonna have to go back and listen to it. I don't want. Happen. Hey, I gotta read this tweet. About that. First segment. Okay. Our boy, Jeff, Jeff rights, boys. That was the JR Smith no idea what's going on. But you're still champion. Just kept going. Now in here in the okay and the TV studio the he's got it handled over he's gotta handled over here. Traffic tetris Travis Travis good Ono Travis has has an SOS. Travis microphone is not working. He said and smoke signals from Bristol. We can hear him. I really wanna talk to you. But man, they just they just can't hear me. That was that was that TV Radi being the subconscious of radio traveling. Oh, what are you talking about? This is Travis. I'm here. It's all fine hair. Still my hair guys. All of you still have hair envy. And yes, I still look fourteen. He's hey, you know, what I think I'm going to be a Michigan fan. Now, we need to just put all the thoughts in his head that that we know. He would never he would never do. Hey, Assad did something last night that I know you did last week. And I thought about you because I wait to hear took my daughter to Charlotte Hornets game, and my wife and daughter, and you had taken your daughter just a few days earlier. And I gotta be honest with you. My daughter isn't a huge sports person. Because I think she acquaints sports with like Wadad Heston airplane leaf subconscious, right? But of all the sports, I've never seen her get more excited about the Nass National Basketball Association, like there's there's something about that event that just translates to being fourteen or being ten or whatever. Right. It's quick movement. Yeah. There's a lot of action. Yeah. There's a lot of pageantry around it all the time. Never saw the entire event is a a moment. Yeah. And it goes quickly. Yes. Over in two out two and a half out. That's never so like the Larry Johnson bobblehead night. Oh, what rob base played at halftime? Yeah. Right. It takes two I that entire song. But he did he did two songs news done because halftime was only like ten minutes. He's rob base. It was awesome bitty. How the point is. It was like going to like, you know, big minor league baseball guy. It was like going to monitor league baseball game. But without like without without the easier summertime pace of baseball. It was just paying bang bang. Bang bang. But I I sit in here with my daughter last night, and I was thinking all right because you just been there with your daughter loved it a few days earlier. There's just something about it. I'll tell you know, thing about the NBA, and there you yes. So last night. Yes. That was it and people lost their mind. Problem is I just won't stop talking or listening to you guys know the lyrics, you you forget unless you're there like how massive these dudes are. Oh, yeah. And how will they move? It's crazy. It's crazy can Travis talk us yet. Randy might be able to look this up, whomever. The center is for the Portland trailblazers. He's a European player. Humongous man, seven foot two or something coat coach or something like that. That's it say it again. Jerk each is that it Yousef. No, which whatever. Okay. They hate here you we can hear you. Let me tell you. This man is like seven foot two hundred thirty pounds or something and moves like a gazelle, and he's agile. And he he's got great post moves. He's a good shooter. And I just was sitting there. Look, I was trying to break this to eighty six seven to eighty six eleven oh, he ain't six seven. I was going to say six eleven to eighty and everybody said six eleven so anyway. I was floored with this guy. And then of course, they have Damian Lillard CJ McCollum like it was fun to watch the blazers. But Williams, and oh, yeah. The book leaves yet. They had a cloud trout cod. Drexler Cliff Robinson Duckworth Kevin. You Terry Ford or to report cherry Puerto was crossing people. There you go. How about that tells you about the NBA what we just did is all you need to know about the NBA of our youth because guys didn't leave. Well, they stayed on the same teams for years and years and years and McGee and our in our early forties, and we just named seven of the Portland trailblazers from the nineteen ninety two NBA finals young. So yet. So we. There's some what the NBA does a great job of is taking that right? They're taking tapped into our youth, and then plugging that into today like on Friday nights when when a Hornets have a at home game, it's these like flashback Fridays. And so there was Larry Johnson bobble head and all the video that they showed on these incredible HDTV screams. All it was all old school like standard definition VHS footage of like the eighty nine Hornets and Lonzo morning with the shot to beat the Celtics in the playoffs. And also, but they kept showing that stuff, grandma and all that, and they were mixing the two and they're playing the wizards and half the people there that were there to watch the wizards were wearing bullet stuff. So they're just there was something. They just kinda they get it. They get who they are. They get what the league is. Like there were given out NBA jam t shirts you'll video game. I mean, it's just Oku. Right. But this is. There's something they just they figured out. How to take like the video the hornet show before the game started with the first expansion draft and kill it. Trump Yuka and Rex Chapman. And all that. And then they did this montage all the way up to you know, Kemba Walker. And so you just kinda felt this daughter in are sitting there it was like all right? But did just kind of get it. They figured out how to how to mix the two they really get it. And isn't it interesting? All you need to know about. How will that league is doing is at the NFL owners are courting Adam silver? Yeah. And why would he ever know even consider that he is leading in tremendous fashion, a global sport with stars everywhere to there are so many stars in the National Basketball Association right now, they have one of the greatest television deals in all of sport with. Yeah. Yeah. That might be a little self promotion showers. That's the truth. And. It's just they're so innovative. He is. He is such a good KOMO. Well, I'm such a fan and have every time I see him speak. I'm like, I'm on that guy and his owners pretty much on board. It's not like a fistfight like it is for everything that Roger Goodell wants to do. And by the way, someone who played in that league Antoine. Jamison going to join us. It's morning McGee used to be in radio use peanut messy network. We just talk sports. Woo ESPN serve sports fans anytime anywhere ESPN, plus more sports. More leads more teams, more ESPN. Download the or visit ESPN dot com today. Let me tell you without Pete who loved hockey and always wanted to play in the NHL Pete played since he was three and begged his mom to let him stay on the ice by some nights. He even slept in his hockey skates. Pete practiced and practiced until one day when he was forty seven Pete realized he just wasn't that good. So he threw his skates in the trash. But then you heard how Geico proud partner of NHL good safe. Him money on car insurance? So he switched and saved a bunch. So it all worked out everybody. It's modern McGee on ESPN radio and ESPN app. Tune in today for college basketball action, big twelve Baylor battles, Kansas. Coverage begins at one thirty eastern on ESPN radio and the ESPN app. You can call us, by the way. Eight eight eight seven two nine three seven seven six eight say ESPN Antoine. Jamison is gonna call us in about an hour. People are checking in on the one eight hundred flowers dot com Twitter feed or teammate. Now check since is true. Love Marty is sitting in a dance competition for your two little girls at seven AM while the event DJ is blasting dance techno music at you. Guessed it, seven AM hashtag. There is not enough coffee. Brother just know feel your pain because my daughters are in competition dance. Yes. I know. And that their son is a commitment. Yeah. And everybody's chicken. End to let us know about the first segment people are sending us gifts of cars crashing and tractors crashing into trees. And Jim Roberts said show was a train wreck. And I welcome minutes. But you guys are bearing the lead again when the sports four with some Zahn at UNC, this radio show this morning almost about sports. That's how you know that we maybe weren't quite one hundred percent. I so I think we should have a poll McGee. And so for those of you on radio, we come back sometimes from break, and we're only on the television set right on the southeastern conference network, which is what just occurred a few moments ago. That's true mysterious and short TV segments with TV. Randy McGee eloquently read this promotion because there's a very important softball game lady softball game, Tennessee, and Florida Tennessee indicators today is it today. I wouldn't listen to the series out of his own on Sunday. So that led me to recall, the fact. That cairn weekly the softball coach for the Tennessee, volunteer, maybe softball, I met her to Alabama, Tennessee football. We were talking about this on the TV a minute ago and Karen invited me I was talking about how difficult I thought it must be to hit their pitchers because Tennessee's pitchers are also. And so she invited me to come try to hit against these ladies, what do you believe my chances are to at least file a ball off against these all American ladies who by comparison or throw in like ninety five right art and the ball is dropping out the bottom. Right. What do you think much answers? Just foul like making any kind of contact if you. If you also if you saw like twenty twenty two twenty five pitches, I'd give you the chance to foul foul one off at the end. Okay. Is that fair? I think that's very if you just saw I think that'd be a victory. If you saw the fewer number pitches. You see the the higher the percentages that you will just not even that you'll just with and head on back to the house. Would've Travis Travis just told us to look at his screen, and I'm looking at his screen. Oh screen the computer. I got the TV screen. All right. So what I'm sitting here looking at Jimmy fan making our pull hosts Comoro. The all star game a few years ago. Yeah. So this he says look at the screen that keep in mind now Travis we're in this TV studio, and you say look at the screen, and there are looking at eight nine ten. I'm looking at about fifteen screens. And then there's the screen here that he actually wanted me to look at it. Yeah. So Jin is Johnny bench making our pool halls. I'll pull host looks like such an idiot that he's just laughing at himself. So we forgot our own Kersee. So never so you know, what I'd like to amend. My earlier statement if Albert pool halls cannot make contact off Jimmy Finch than I put your chances much closer to zero percent, then I had them. Thirty seconds. I can't imagine I can make contact, but I'm gonna try. I'm gonna go to not. Yeah. Coach coming in Knoxville. And I'm going to try to get the right, but he clarified it. Good. I think if you gave him twenty pitches again, you're going to be able to make contact maybe even get a hit. But I'm sitting here watching this video that radio Travis through up there. And it's like, I'm telling you pull host wasn't even close. So. Yeah. But he probably only got one pitch thrown at him. Nobody's gonna hit after one pitch. This will complete the trifecta for me though, because dressed out in full pads with coach Pruitt and the boys through and in the attempt to catch punts. Call it eleven out of eleven off the jugs machine, not off of a owners foot mind you. Catches essentially because there's no angles and all the things they were consistent two to mess with your head. Okay. And then the very same night. I think it was the same night same weekend for sure dressed out with the basketball team during their midnight madness. Contest for three point comes. Or this is socks was this. Did you come up there in the in the knee Hasek's, and all that stuff think? So I had on a head band. Now, it's getting jumped over by two of the players during the dunk contest. And so we don't it would be apropos for at pro. It'd be out apropos. I'm an per tag afro. I mean, hey, you know, what will I I'm trying to think of my experiences like this. But you know, we both have driven race cars. Right. Yeah. It was ugly. It was a plant thing with Tony Stewart one time texts Motor Speedway and at the end of the night, he handed out certificates. It showed you how fast you went. And he made a really big deal out of the fact that I but thirty people, and I was I was middle of the pack. It best. Oh, speaking of NASCAR. I would be remiss it would be it would not be apropos. If I did not ask you about the fact that for so far NASCAR fans are longtime NASCAR readers, watchers listeners, whatever with us a minute. So we'll little bit of Throwdown. Yesterday at the Phoenix international raceway to whatever we're calling it. Now Daniel Suarez who is known for being the Mexican-born drivers next give city and then Michael McDowell who is known for being like the Sunday school. He's willing to Sunday school teaching. Ever. Yeah. They I mean, it was like it was awesome will throw down like it was like I mean, I I was a mobile during qualifying. I don't even know what it's what it was about. So daimyo Soir is the wake you away qualifying for for racist works now as you're all out there together. Right. You go out and packs and all that stuff. And it's a mess. You're trying to get a fast lap. And if the guys in your way, it's a Dana Suarez felt Michael McDowell did not get out of his way and allow him to get clean lap and Dana's warez. He said, you know, anybody knows me. And again, this is like a smile and really nice guy. He said to me my nose me. You know, if you show me respect, I'll show you respect. If you don't say, it say that I will say I'll kick your butt say, I'll kick you. But that's not what he said close that is a got him. So for saying that other word what what is it not parentheses? But when you when when we're writing and we have to switch. Word out and like, right, expletive or whatever. It's substitution substance. Sure, it's apropos anyway, limitation, y'all. So I'm on his airplane, and I'm on airplane wifi coming from Portland and check in on the Twitter machine and try to stay away from it to be quite honest with you, I try so hard to stay away. But I needed to see what was going. I was completely checked out for two days on the entire world of sports. I because I was so I'm on this interview. This is today hit it to Portland. And so I get on the Twitter machine in my entire whole. I thirty tweeter 's was about this Throwdown. And I'm like come on come out the Wafaa won't play. The I'm like, come home. And so finally the video place, and I was like dude that was a straight. It was star Cade eighty-seven. Yeah. Dusty Rhodes, Rick flair. Rotate down Throwdown and the crew chief McDowell's crew chief has swore as on the hood of this car. Yeah. Choking McDowell runs. It suarez. Like comes at him. In Suarez pools. Like this. I mean, he mean, he it was like a one look a stiff arm Throwdown move. And in the crew chief pins him against the hood of the car, and it would do it was. So an last night in the middle of the night. I knew that Marty had landed at like one thirty in the morning because there was a text train going with a bunch of really former ESPN NASCAR employees going back and forth by can you believe that? And then the last check in was from you like three hours five in the morning, and we'll woke up this morning morning landed I got to read you a great Twitter. Okay. This is on the one eight hundred flowers Twitter machine from our boy James t afro pro pro is the major leagues of being appropriate. We're at pro- pros that are appropriate. We're at we're opera pro. Hey, so we'd be remiss are we still do you have another? You're going to ask you about fights but going well, okay. I was going to take a right hand turn to Luke Perry. But we'll do that in just a minute. Let's do let's finish out. I it's the greatest quote that quote about if you show me respect, I'm a show, you respect. But if you don't come over there and kick your backside my favorite quote in NASCAR. And like ten years its appro. I was high five and the guy beside me on the plane. He didn't even know what it's like what is up with this redneck coming back from who is this historic finally worked on the plane. Oh about a Travis. I'm looking at looking at the correct screen Travis. Let's check in with Travis Travis. Can we hear you on the television microphone? I think I know the answer and the answer is no. Guys. I'm just going to sit back here kick looks like Eddie Mosey. Here's Brady do a whole lot. I'll let you guys know we hit when when we hit our heart. Of course, he's doing his job. Everybody else sitting there going, you know, I was just thinking about how Desmond Howard was better than any player that our house than ever had. That's what he's thinking. It's morning McGee on ESPN radio the ESPN app. Mississippi network with don't want it down with Daniel Suarez. Michael mcdonald's. Mardian mcgee. Not your typical radio show, how the mall concrete-block sinonov Adila back to kick and hit on concrete block. Don't try kick them if they're gonna go to say that not worry more Marty and McGee next you wouldn't settle for a two star spin class a personal trainer, would you? So why settle for Bank that treats you just like another number? Ally knows you deserve better and their mission is to be just that. And with ally Bank. 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Juarez and Michael McDowell normally to mild-mannered dudes, and it was nothing about it. But you are starting to break you, and I've been going to the racetrack for longtime longtime both of us and we've been to I mean hundreds of races you were like ninety five as special for the first and you were just ninety eight nine professor. We have both been accidentally caught up in some pretty sizable fight fleas. So what was the one was there one where you're like in the middle of it? And you're like, well, dude, what am I what am I looking at the greatest one that I was in. I was in the middle of to both of them involve, Jeff, Gordon. But the marquee when that I was right in the middle of Texas Motor Speedway. Brad Keselowski and Jeff Gordon, right? And that's when Kevin Hart shove Brad in the bike it. Yes. And it's hard to an explosion. Yeah. It was. I mean gas throw in haymakers all around me. So Jamie, little our lovely former colleague Jamie's at FOX. She was at ESPN with us for a long time. We had the NASCAR coverage. She's in the Jamie, Jamie, can defend herself, Jamie. Yep. But I wasn't going to have it that she might be in a situation where one of these guys was overloaded with adrenalin testosterone, and she might have been called in the crossfire wrote. So I like go in there to try to sort of wrap my arms around her and shield her from eating idiocy that was occurring. And she honest to God gave me the full blown Heisman. And there's a great photo. A tremendous photo of like Brad Keselowski like pulling like gonna kill you. Jeff, Gordon, I'm like trying to grab Jamie. Bob pockets are boy who's also at FOX now. He's behind me. I think and Jamie is looking at me with this face like guess, she is yelling get off me so forever. That picture was Parker says background has Twitter account wasn't really. Everybody's face is all blown up a he likes screen-grabbed off television. And it's like thirty people throwing down there. Travis Travis is looking at his and let me tell you what Peter screen right now. What a bad ass, Jamie. Is. She told me later, she's like appreciated the sentiment. But I I was in that position. I was getting that interview. I was doing my job. And I was like. I will never ever to defend your honor ever. Again, you do your thing. I was at Bristol. It was a back. Then I guess it was the butchers the nationwide series the finish series of whatever we've moved onto hotel hotel Cup around to number two. But it was it was after the extending nationwide Busch series race, whatever it was on Saturday and Greg biff will and Kevin harbor sloth in race. And I was standing by the car, and I think we're talking to Bill and I'm looking down a link to pit road. And you just see somebody like off in the distance just running tortoise, and I'm thinking, you can't really tell who it is. There's all these people is crazy. We're all crowded around before car all the sudden Kevin Harvick came over the top of that race car like Jimmy Superfly Snuka, and he came down and like try. Put biff will like a headlock. And so it went from all of us in this media scrum to complete like Monkhouse, stampede Throwdown. Because what happens is, you know, is drivers do whatever. Like what happened? With Suarez McDowell the drivers do whatever. And then all the crew does compound in there like they're coming out of a clown car to defend their boy. Yeah. And it's an all of a sudden there you are right in the middle of it. And I'll never forget. I mean, he got air like he got harbor Gullick major league air, and I was a bristle another time, and Jeff Gordon like shocked her body because all the sudden he just he just shoves. Mankins? Yeah. Freak me out. I have a great story about that. So at the hall of fame NASCAR hall of fame induction. Last month. I think it was the end of January or something. I was sitting right beside. Jeff Burton who is the great NBC broadcaster. Now play by play by play but analysts the mayor now for for NBC, and Jeff was beside me, and Matt Kinsey was behind me with his wife, Katie, and Jeff Gordon is getting being inducted into the hall of fame. And I turned turned Burton, and then I turned to Matt. And I kind of wave mad up. I said which one of you two had this sorriest fight with Jeff Gordon because Jeff show mad at Bristol. Remember, Jeff Chev? Jeff Burton on the backstretch at Texas. Yeah. Yeah. And just like I was both of those guys were the victims of the Jeff Gordon chief Wahoo McDaniel chop was Jeff I've always said this. We were just featured in a documentary film on this. How smart Jeff is? And the smartest thing Jeff ever. Did was. Hillman on football fight the dumbest thing you can do. Go rolling in there and take that helmet off. Because it seems like a good idea in football to like. Okay, now, I'm weaponized. But now, you're also exposed but all the hard core. Racers. Oh, oh, yeah. When when Daniel Suarez went in there yesterday with no him at all. And Michael McDowell had his own. He was ready to throw one other quick fight. I want to mention that. I was in the middle of was a couple years ago two thousand fifteen maybe fourteen. No, I know. I don't know anyway, thirteen within the last few years. Phoenix, arizona. Jeff, Gordon, Gordon, Jeff gets in more fights. I didn't really I wouldn't. I forgot about that. And realize that John it was talking about. Suckered summa. So Clint Boyer who is the current people's champion of NASCAR. He's just a good oboe and making noise adore him. And I love Jeff to Corey Kansas. Jeff replace a Lance. Lynn whites parts, his car on track for all intents and purposes waits on Clint to come around tax it straighten offense calling customer shot at a championship. Clint parked it on pit road got out of that car faster than is if it was on fire, and I mean took off in a full board. Underwear Olympics forty yard bomb after Gordon garage and Iran Iran strives for strive with him with the microphone laughing. I'm like, I can't wait to see a mad. I can't remember who it was one of our former colleagues that he is one of the pit row camera guys like heroes of the broadcast ran with Clint Boyer. That's how I know. You did because live on TV with like a whole like blown out like mobile unit running. Would Clint Boyer as he ran out there. There you go. Now a NASCAR fights coming. It's morning McGee on ESPN radio and ESPN. Rose radio your computer your phone. Choose tell your smart speaker play ESPN radio now playing ESPN radio. Everywhere.

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