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The. Be. It's episode one seventy, three of the feed, the official Lipson podcast, the podcast that takes it beyond how podcast into keeping you podcasting with podcasting tips and information for the every day castor and taking you inside Lipson, largest podcast host and distribution network since two thousand and four. Hello, welcome, I'm Elsie Escobar, Co host and producer of this podcast as well as the community manager at Lipson. Thank you so much for listening. And on this episode we have an update on the GonNa Destination and now we have audible. Audible Amazon music and we answer all kinds of Faq's for you. Gimblett, being sued and how that could affect the rest of US podcasters the way an all those DMCA takedown notices that are coming to people shows episodes only going to the web player on purpose do apple chart positions really matter podcast, Bingo and this time we have geographic user, agent and bonus language stats ready. If you know what's coming and you, WANNA get on with? It hit that thirty second forward button about four times right now. For the rest of you, here's the scoop on getting on the show. You can send in a thirty second promo to the feed at Lipson DOT com. It needs to be thirty seconds or less and be clean as in new profanity and again do your very best to keep it to thirty seconds attached to your email and send it to the feed at. At LIPSON DOT COM if you don't have a promo, but you want your voice on the show. Ask US a question or conversation that you hear on an episode. Send us very feedback. You will hear a couple of examples on this episode. You can also record it and email it to us. You can call us at four, one, two, five, seven three. Three nineteen, thirty four, or you can use speak pipe at speak pipe dot com slash the feed. We also have a long running blog feature called Rockin Lipson podcasts and every Monday. We highlight one. Lipson podcast in order for you to be featured on the blog you email the feed at lives in Dot Com. That's it. I'll send you all the information. Information it is first. Come first serve so the sooner you get your Info to me. The sooner I'll get you in the queue. And now let's jump into our main conversation with Rob Walt, VP, podcast relations at Lipson as well as my co host right after our first Promo of the episode I shake my head with Lisa and Sam and F why? They're Promo promos sixty seconds. I allowed that because they saved my behind because I had no promos for this episode. Thank you, Lisa and Sam and here we go. Hi, everybody. This is I shake. My head was Lisa and say hello. Okay four things people need to know right off the top Lisa tell them twenty years besties here who? We're almost fifty know. Off that just stuff that you're almost fifty whenever three we podcast from my car were sitting inside your car right now for from Canada. We're from the art of the prairies. We're from Saskatchewan. If you're unsure if that's a real place, does Google it? Yeah, but we also bring you a new episode. Every single Friday we do, it's about an hour long, but you know what time goes by quick 'cause. We're just too crazy. Women bantering talking about lighthearted topics talking over each other all the time. We argue, but disagree, but we always go back to laughing, we do. We just wanted to be the least stressful part of your week. Exactly so you can listen to pod being I tunes in any other podcast that you have. We're all over. Social media were on twitter, facebook and instagram. Raum. Generic Time Alcee Oh. I think by the time folks here this show. I'm going to be in Pittsburgh and I'll be in national. Oh, wow, how about that again and I? Almost was still a national I almost didn't learn any wasn't able to do this episode this week. Oh my Gosh I drove out to national last week. Thursday and the plan was dropped off my car and on Friday. Get the. I had to get the electrical bill so I could get my son registered in school. Did all that on Thursday? Night started not feeling well. The whole pep dismal Marshall, and and then Thursday night start getting heavy fever and the plan was Friday. I was GONNA jump on a plane and fly back home, Drexel Light, and then this week we finished the the sale of the House and packing and drive out. Thursday night into Friday morning. I get a fever, and I'm running a fever from one Wanda. One three well, the find that out after I went and bought a monitor through Friday morning, and then I see that fever, and like why can't get on a plane? Maybe the wrong so I bought a second thermometer. NOPE, that was not wrong. So, I went and got a Cova test on Friday and they're like okay to be. Five three to five days could be a week before we get the result on my. So I go back, and I try to get some work done, and I just basic pass out and I wake up Saturday around two, and I'm still have fever, and not feeling good, so I go to the ER and they're like. Oh, it's Kobe Yuck. Oh definitely! Yeah, well. We've seen before covert definitely covered. WE'RE NOT GONNA test. You could ever test, but here's an issue Yada Yada. And I'm thinking Oh. My Wife's going to kill me. Leaving her with the whole move. There's no way I'm going to be going back. but long story short for Sunday morning I get to cover test backs and I was negative, so and the fever broke, and it was no longer a fever, and I jumped on the plane, flew back home. Oh my gosh, but yeah for a little bit there. I was like Oh, I got it. All thought is Raba. I know moving stressful and throw covered. Holy monkeys, and I'm going to hear it forever well. Thank you for showing up to record. I kept one of the things I think of. How can record feed if I'm here? Mike. Oh. Do from my laptop. It's going to of course that's podcasters. Looking I didn't bring my mic. I didn't bring my external microphone. WHO's GonNa Pack my Mike's at home. Oh, my son, oh. No, that's not good. My son just got had to take him to the Er because he was going to eat cupcake. So, he's not the right one. Yeah, so I was worried about my mic and packing up my boom arm and my stuff well, I'm glad that you're feeling well. I am feeling well. Being food poisoning by the way so I said to my wife. Go honey I go. Good news is the a covert tests proved you did try to poison me. She had made she had made me some Turkey sandwiches for the drive I didn't eat them until after the drive after the drive out there, it just so happened that she gave the same Turkey to the dog. The dog got sick to so so what me and the dog did this off the wife, but L. Turkey Turkey. Oh, get Ya! I told her she didn't. The dose wasn't strong enough well, if On on that note, though as we deal with Turkey, poisoning possibilities and non code positively, we are moving to talking a little bit about our new destination as you. So. We talked about Ghana. Destination, which did go live as expected, and now we have another new to announce, and it's Amazon music. Slash audible gasps. That's correct Amazon music. Slash Arbel meets both. This one is live now for all Lipson users to add their show, but note live at your show to not mean your show. We'll be live in Amazon music or audible quite yet more on that in a minute for now you WANNA add your show to make sure your show is in the new podcast directory coming from Amazon when it goes live to the world. So you have some homework this episode and this is really really easy mark. The election lipson account click on destinations. Click add new then. Click next ed next to Ghana and fill out it. If you have not yet and then click add next to Amazon music. Slash audible and fill it out two minutes tops to add both destinations go ahead. Go and do it now. Hit Pause. And then fill out and then hit playing continued episode. Each was really really easy Omar, and then per the Amazon destination. Here are a couple of CUNYS. Amazon provided to help understand what's going on here to question. When and where podcast launching on Amazon music slash audible cancer. We are not announcing launch schedule at this time. Stay tuned for more information I. HE stays subscribed to eat. This is a global distribution agreement, and we will distribute your everywhere. Amazon music slash audible is available and then question. How will I know my podcasts available on Amazon Music I shall answer if you submit your guest now. It is likely that it will be included at launch. Initially the best way to know if your podcast is available will be search your show on Amazon, music audible once podcasts are launched well. Thanks Amazon for that. Info again folks go submit your shows or show right now. Go into destinations, Click Avenue, and then find GonNa Find Amazon music slash audible and add your show both and thanks. For, adding podcasts here in the near future, absolutely and again just to reiterate everybody, and especially, if you see information on social media or e, somebody asking these questions may be on facebook, groups or Things like that. Make sure that you tell people that we act. We don't know when this is happening. It's happening soon so meaning that they will be available in Amazon, music and audible per their launch. Simply because we're GONNA get those questions all the time. Anyway like when is this going to happen one? Can I see my show? How are people going to be able to subscribe all of those questions? We can't answer any of those, so the best thing that you can do is fill this out and then forget it. It's not because we can't answer because we're under NDA which we are in the. We can answer because they haven't told us yet, right. So we don't know quite yet. I think they're still working out. There finalized schedule idea, but but again when we know more and we know for sure will definitely let you know on here, but important point. Get your show in early. There's a high probability that if you shows in their early when they do Alpha and Beta testing internally, your show will get played and. And found and bumped up in the search algorithms, so the earlier you can get in the better. Yep, this is when you do it people and now we have a little bit of a follow up on this stitcher serious deal. Arab yet sounds like the final number was Kinda sorta three, hundred, twenty, five, million I think we get said three hundred on the last episode. But at three twenty five is just two hundred sixty five of cash up front as the rest is, it sounds like milestone related, and if any of those milestones involve prophets or positive cash flow let's just call it to sixty five for now and leave it at that, and on that note, actually, let's go ahead and listen to a voice mail that we got from the amazing Sevilla. Morgan Well Hello There Robin Elsie. It's Me Civil Morgan of the childless, not by choice podcast I. Literally just finished listening to yet another enlightening. Of the feed episode one seventy two. I literally also signed up for Gada and downloaded their APP while listening to your episode. Also when you started talking about serious buying Stitcher, and how serious has stock price took a little dip. While of course, my ears perked up. You see in another lifetime I. worked in finance for about eleven years seven of those as a licensed stockbroker, so typically the buying company does take a dip in their price, and if the company being bought is public, their stock price will take up a little bit. Also I just wanted to let you know that I. Then went down a rabbit holes researching serious as all I knew about them before my research was that I have them in my vehicle and I cannot live without them. Well this is the reason I only listen to the feet at my desk or where I have access dependent paper so that I can do what you guys say immediately. Thanks, again for all you do have a great one by will still thanks for that feedback stores like we put that right there next to the segments purpose. Now, and of course that must mean by this point you're listening. You've already added Your Amazon music. Slash audible destination so Kudos to you very good. Job Yeah Yeah Oh my goodness gracious. I'm so I'm so glad. Civile oh. We love you switching gears a little bit to skim like getting sued or being sued, and this is for not making their podcasts. Accessible for those that are jeff on their site? This is one. We all need to watch closely as the idea of getting accurate transcript via ai well, that is just not there yet. Tech gets US around eighty five percent of the way there, which is fifteen hundred words wrong ten thousand. And there's a decent amount of cost to get us to nine percent accurate, so if you WANNA, go from eighty five, which you can get a in which costs a little bit to ninety nine. It costs a lot, so there is there is a technology and cost impediment right now to making podcast fully accessible for the deaf. It's not as simple as going from text to audio. That's easy, but going from audio to text not so easy. We continue to evaluate. Solutions for transcripts here we have been for years. My biggest concern here is that a by Gimblett could force and lot of costs on Indie podcasters to get something that is considered an accurate transcript. The type needed for accessibility reasons. It's not like where you're. Go just putting it up there. For Seo it can be right if it's eighty five percent accurate right for this application you want it. Ninety nine percent in there are corporations that do that. That and they pay quite a bit of money to get those accurate transcripts. ebay is example and and others are people doing it, but there is definitely a significant cost involved to that. I've been looking around. You know not been using I generally used transcripts at that eighty five percent I do it, not necessarily for obviously accurate transcripts of the entirety of an entire episode, but as a reference. Reference for myself when I'm looking in there and trying to find quotes, or when when was it that we talked about this or getting more accurate time codes, or you know stuff like that? When it comes to post production, but I know definitely that this ignificant amount of time that it would take someone whether it's you know you get eighty five percent, and then have somebody do the rest. Rest of it for you and sit there and listen is is a significant amount of time at or resources right? You have to invest in it for somebody to do that for you and it it could be cost prohibited to a lot of independent podcasters foreshore, so we will keep an eye out on this. And she went out eighty five percent accurate about a standard Midwest California North American. Direct. We're not talking about someone speaking English with an Irish accent, which really throws at percentage down and forget when you get into other languages depending on the language other languages, the is get drop even more because they have less to work with now. It's a complicated issue right now and. Is Not there. When technology gets to the point, where everybody can have a ninety nine percent, accurate transcription, regardless of the language and the draw and the accent, and then yeah, everyone should make available. It's tough situation right now, so keep an keep an ear on the feed as we will be reporting a little bit on this as well but moving into now from from voice to text to music in podcasts. podcasts yeah, the are a must have new tools for checking for music and podcasts I remember I think we've mentioned it once here. On the episode there was going to be somebody who was releasing service. Where you're going to be able to check for music and podcasts at some point edge, it's it's been a while. I can't remember what episode, but Yeah We. We loosely covered it while tools or lose. Because starting in early, July it seems like. The DRA has sent in more DMZ takedown notices in the last fifteen days than they did in the last fifteen years combined. Wow, what if you have a music podcast? You better make sure all your music is pot safe again. The Ra sending out what's of takedown notices and when your podcast host gets it. They have to remove that episode right away then they can contact you and tell you why was taken down. That's how the laws are in. One of the podcasters that had an episode taken down, replied to me with this comment quote I've applied, slash bought and ask license, and I'm waiting for approval. My content after approval will be compliant. Will you need proof of compliance prior to my posting new content unquote, so I had replied back and said remember, there are no licenses that cover music and guesting, even if If you have asked happy might see sack licenses. You're not covered in podcasting. which is what I told. The person in the navy responded Arava. I appreciate the guidance on on the issue one final question, if having an ask of licenses, not covering individual for paying music on websites, which has kept cells and when I bought. Why would that even be an option? Just Cure? Thanks again for your help with this and I love. It has to do with the escape. You're selling your license, so they won't sue you. It doesn't mean the RIA won't. There is true streaming and progressive downloads again. I remember that first off and and one ask saying license for people on websites. You're usually talking about streaming media. Those are the people are really going. After the sound exchange, life license covers true streaming, and then you get the ascot on top of that so I asked. It does not cover progressive downloads, which legally are mechanical copies. The ask kept licenses covering you. If you are doing streaming, and you had scientists license as well and really all ask up at licenses, they will not come after you MPM same thing, see sack BMI! And if you happen to have a song that is covered by. All you have is ask. APP desktop licensed. Does nothing for you can get in trouble thinking that any of those licenses are going to cover you in summary, because podcasts are downloads that means legally they are mechanical copies. Science changed licensed does not cover you, and even if you got the licenses from Harry, Fox who covers mechanical copies, and also see act BMI and ask APP. You're still not covered as you would then need to get direct license with the record label. Label and they all think MP. Three is a four letter word. It's very simple. All music must be one hundred percent podcast safe music on a podcast on the Lincoln shown to that Wikipedia the ARA is out right now, and they are just shooting shots over the bows as I see it, but soon I would expect some podcasters to get sued by the RIA. If you have music podcasts make sure a hundred percent of that music is pod safe, music. Their common I know. So I, look at all these. Take down so far as shots over bows. We'll see when this turns it to them. Going after individual podcasters I have a feeling, they're also testing the waters seeing how the system works meaning. I say to you know Lipson. Here's my take down notice. How well whatever entity responds how well the podcast responds, and then what ensues after that right in the process for this is yet a valid takedown notice. The host takes the file. Then the host contacts producer whose file they took down and forwards the email on the take down notice. Notice the producer then has the option to do nothing or to file a counter claim. counterclaim comes back. Then that is can be forwarded to the original person asked to have a taken down, and they have two weeks fourteen days to file suit in District Court to keep it from going back up if they don't file suit in two weeks than the fountain, go back up after we initially forward that on as well and take the file down four down to producer. We then contact, take who took down and told them hey, the files been taken out. So that that's the basic process of what I have to do. When takedown notice comes in, it's fun great, so all of you have questions. Maybe send them in. Maybe we'll be able to address them. Maybe you need to continue to listen to the fee to hear a little bit more about this, but this is not going to be going away. And unfortunately what we always get whenever we report on this is, but what about, but what about if one of an insert whatever time how many files you already have I mean? There's so many separate questions and my answer is always just don't just don't do it. Don't and people don't like to hear that they don't that, but but but listen. Listen don't stop it and if you think your responses, but I'm giving them promotion right is something that they about the IRA. No I don't care. They don't care. No whatsoever it's it's an it's. Yeah doesn't make your pointless valid, but it doesn't make it at all meaningful to them. Correct. You are giving them promotion, and you are doing something good. They don't care and I mean. Before we get to the next new story here, which is about spotify I want I think about this from this perspective here? A lot of speculation and a lot of discussion from from pundits has been around the fact that spotify decided to get into podcasting, so they wouldn't have to pay so much money for music. So if you think about it that way, a huge company completely shifted a little bit of their business model to add something that they didn't have to pay so much money for so it it matters here. This is it's it's not going away and it is prohibited for so many people, and now podcasting is absolutely a thing and. We can hide anymore. They're coming so moving right along into this. Little Bit of news that you found from spotify spotify launched top trending charts for podcasts sweet, if you don't see it in your spotify APP on your Iowa's device, update your spotify APP. We'll be there when you updated and go into the section where podcast and you'll see the the top charts, and you can go through and see top fifty charts and two hundred chart overall. Get feel some of the popular podcast. They look a lot like the top two hundred charts out of Apple. Similar shows no nothing really surprising if you were surprising but. Not, that much now I did like this little note in You want to read this quote from their article from started by. Yes, so quote to coincide with this new feature. PODCASTERS can also look forward to an updated experience and spotify for podcasters, creators will get a notification on their dashboard when they're podcast charting then they can turn their notifications into a visual card to share across social media platforms, alerting fans to their podcasts, rising status and quote. I just don't think my three starts for the last episode of today S on spotify is GonNa cut it. No No. But, if anyone does get this notification, please send a screen shot and or share it via email. I'd love to see what this visual card is and Senator Robert Lipson DOT COM, if anyone out there, get into any of these charts and sees pop up in their spotify dashboard. podcasters. I think podcasters DOT SPOTIFY DOT COM, or Your your dashboard, but yeah, there is zero chance, do the. is going to be charged anytime soon on spotify. Hey, listen i. wish that they did this. Where everybody because I'd be up for that, it'd be like look three blaze. Can we get five. All right so moving onto now our first voice mate on no, not our first, our second voicemail of this episode, a land is speaking to us today. Hello Rob Arlene from the. Your podcasts. I have a question for you. I would like to record an episode and only make it accessible through the player embedded in my website at this episode in particular I don't want it to be distributed to apple podcast Google podcast, or any of other channels I just wanted the people who want to listen it to have to go to my website and to click on the player, my website in order to be able to listen. Dummy if thus possible, and if it is possible, how can I do that? Thank you so much pogo by high l. on the thanks for the high quality voicemail message audio content. Wise, that is. Per Your question. Yes, you can do this one publishing an episode. Go to the TAB scheduling. Then, go to the sub TAB advanced there. You can select all destinations except for the player, and then click publish while on in this green. Episode will then only be published to your web player destination and you want to do that if you have the web player setup where it's going to be playing the most recent episode now there's a second way you can do this You can upload the file via the option ED file for download. Only then click publish, then go to your content, and then click on the option to get links, and then in the pop-up scroll down and get. Get the embed code for the player for that episode. That's if you just want to play for a single episode, so if you want it where it's going to update automatically on your website, only to the player that even better do the first way you publish it like an episode and de-select every other destination, or if you're looking to add it into a single post and do the second way where you uploaded for filed for download, only the second. Second way is safer way to make sure you don't accidentally publish it to other destinations. Thanks for listening to the feed, and again for the question now moving onto another question that came in to our social media quote. Hello, there I enjoy listening to your podcast. It's a good introduction into the world of podcasting I'm wondering. Is it true that cast box displays the total number of subscribers and downloads for each podcast on all platforms, except perhaps soundcloud and. And maybe spotify I. Don't quite understand the mystery about stats I guess most podcasters have a smaller audience that they would like. But if it's all in the open on CASS box, then there's no mystery right. Thanks in advance and please let me know if you're going to respond on your podcast or in this messenger, and this is from Dina and we let her know a couple of weeks ago or a week ago whenever it was capital capital. Nephew exclamation marks gas box does not display the total number of subscribers and downloads for all podcasts on all platforms. They might give that Info for any podcast. They personally host and is the primary. The are the host. Or for any consumption of other podcasts via their APP, but they have zero visibility for any podcast, not hosted on them per subscribers and downloads from any other client be at Avoca, spotify, overcast stitcher, or so on so short answer is they do not report this info because they do not have this info, nobody has this info for all podcast on all forms, not now not likely ever. There was an effort by Triton to get this data in some markets, but they a the way the they wanted access. The data was a privacy and technical nightmare. In my opinion, they wanted Ross, or to overlooks heck no. Longer, the short is that not all people are even most people want their data out in the wild of their control, and almost all of these initiatives are one hundred percent focused on the advertisers with zero consideration for the podcast or or their listeners. Yeah, I, just don't ever and I should never say never, but I don't ever see there being a universal place for all stats for all podcast, because a lot of people just don't want that information out there. I mean if they did have that information out there logan. Paul couldn't run around and lie about his stats like he does just say Oh. My Gosh, OH, my Gosh! On another note. Here's another email hi rob. Rob, platform or service? Would you recommend for tracking apple PODCAST CHART POSITIONS? I've used all of them, but they all seem to give different data and dates. Accuracy is definitely a concern regards, and I would not recommend any for tracking chart placement. It is really meaningless outside of the main top two hundred list. People really do not look at category top two hundred list, and no one looks at subcategory lists because outside of items. You can't find subcategory lists anymore. And if users can't find them, then it's all just an ego thing for you, right? And remember the lists are based only on the number of new subscribers in last seven days, so they're kinda fleeting. The key metric to look at issue ron stats per episode. Look download practice episode at the Thirty Day mark from one episode to another. Are you numbers going up? Are they going down this day? In the same stop worrying about what others are doing or how your trending versus others and just measure against yourself when I was very much into working out. Yes, I know it's hard to believe looking at me, but yes. I had an book and it tracked my progress. My Progress I looked at how many reps and what wait I was listening lifting at that point versus past weeks I wasn't looking at what Arnold or Sylvester Dwayne was doing. I just wanted to make sure week of a week. I was lifting a little bit more either more reps or more weight or both, and that is how you should look at your show. How many downloads are you getting? Episode is going up, or is it going down or staying flat? I don't think I have any more agreements to give you, and it really is for most of us in in as. As an ego thing and most people don't even know how to respond to this meaning. I see this and she podcast a lot when people will post a screen shot from one of these services that says Oh look I'm number whatever in whatever category and everybody goes Yay for you Yay for you. You know that kind of stuff and it's like that's really what it is. It's. It's a celebration of anything. I'm not even sure what to say about that. Because number one eighty two in government NGO state subcategory. Yeah, and no, but then it also then it tells you the country, so then you have to go I'm number one eighty-seven. Actually I I just happened to see that we were I think the feed was like one hundred and ninety six in Australia. I mean 'cause we get these emails I. Just happened to open it up and I was like Oh all right. I mean what am I I? Mean I don't know what it means I don't one hundred percent agreed chart with yourself the same little thing happening with myself when it comes to walking as well and I like to compete with myself I. Like to see how I get better when it comes to how many steps day I take and and then it's a reflection of the things that I'm doing and how I can make it better, so I can continue doing these things and part of it is comparing yourself to Jillian, michaels or anybody else who's or like anybody who had no, because there is yeah, there's there's there's over a million podcast out there. And, there's so many subtle tease that differentiate all of us. There's it just seems so bizarre to me. Ray, even if like yeah, anyway. If I'm more to compare myself as an almost fifty year old woman to J. Lo, I'd kind of be figuring out that she's got a little bit extra resources to look the way she does at fifty. I don't really have all the people that helped me look really good. So I can't. I can't have that as a comparison I can only have me to look at so moving on now to do a little bit of a shoutout. Just because we got this via our feed contact form on Lipson Dot com because we do have. Landing Page rob over at Lipson dot com slash I think the dash feed I think that that's what it is, and so we just had I'm just giving a shout out to Monica Regar- wears. She is in pre launch phase you just. Eight week accelerated podcast course, and she is focusing on walk in careers. Slash Biz, and that is women of Color in careers in business, so congrats money, God, thank you so much for reaching out and she I do know was participant in one of our weapon, the Webinar that we did a couple of weeks ago. And moving from congratulations to another email. We have to get this one in I. Know this. Little bit of a DM. From Mr the Super Blogger, this person wrote quote. Hi, how can I get noticed? As it's a tricky one, I find when I promote myself. People dislike hearing when I say as it comes across bigheaded plus make people jealous interesting in his artwork, it says quote the master of not giving a bomb on, and for someone who, in their artwork says they are the master of not giving an F. Bomb. It's almost kinda. SORTA like he gives one here. I, I would just say to him if he does not want people to be jealous and think of him as big headed. He could always just include show stats that squash jealousy. His podcast title is how to be a success unquote. There is a lot of irony in him. Reaching out to a service, he does not actually even host on to ask the question. Of you know how to be a success, so step one Komo with US step to. You know give a bomb and create some great content and step three learn humility, or at least look at your stats on a regular basis. Well I mean yeah I was surprised. I didn't quite know what to do that message. When it came in, and I also didn't know if if like there was a part of I'm like what does this person just want engagement here, right? I, assuming he this person definitely want engagement to rent some kind of tactic. It's like look. It comes across as being bid head plus I make people jealous. Alright nude. Sure good job, pointing all those three things, this person can move forward, and and then again on social. We've been having lots of social media content on our on our show today. This is a quick shout to a show that game to us the X. Y. Show. I love your tweet. Saying you were moving over to Lipson well played well played. Indeed, welcome to the family has a nice little image in their very nice saying. Hello with a big like arms wide open, so it was awesome. So. All right, so we have another voicemail this one coming from our google. Voice. Yeah so let's go ahead and hear that. People love defeat. Thank you for the time and effort that you could into that. heard you guys occasionally mentioned time as eastern standard, time, or Pacific Standard, time and many podcasters make this mistake. It's only standard time of November. Through more remember not on daylight savings time, and then march to November when we are on daylight saving time it's. Eastern daylight time or Pacific daylight time. So thought it might be a good Some good. Information to pass along on the podcast as I hear, many podcasters for whatever reason use standard time year round. Thanks again. Love the podcast like. All right. You know I'm dyslexic. I'll I'll pull I. Never can remember the. Is it standard time daylight time, so yeah, okay I understand. Winner is standard. It's miserable so it standard. That's the stand. Your standard life is cold and miserable, and in daylight savings is when you're going to go out and play golf, and you want more time, so we're save more time in the day to go play off by the way. Golf is a whole reason why we have daylight savings time. That was original reason for it. Is it is my son didn't wanNA porter's podcast. Those episodes you went over why there is daylight savings time and it was about golf. So, so yes, so just remember standard time is when it's cold and miserable. That's winter and daylight savings is when you want to save some time, so you can get another round of golfing. And I have to say I'm GonNa Forget it I mean there's so many times. I just us on many times the. Mt That's what I say, okay. This is another little email here. Hi, Elsie, something, a little light, hearted from over at the podcast host dot. com thought you might enjoy it, and this is podcast listener Bingo thank you so much. Matthew for saying that, so I I wanted to show this What do you think about this Rob i? Guess we could have one for our show. Our show I think I don't know. Someone would hit Bingo yet. Maybe it was really cool about the listener. Bingo that they have is. Is that you see you have a little. They made a little Bingo card that you I guess you have to print or have it on your IPAD, or whatever and whenever you're listening you just you know whenever you hear one of the things you market in there, and you see what they and then these are some of the things that are on the Bingo card. Can you introduce yourself, please ratings and reviews helpless to be found apologies for the sound and quality of this one. The episode is a late late this week I'm curious I let it that now. That's a great question. Oh my gosh. These are so good anyway. You people can go over there and go check it out and. There's a bonus also that advertisements for a mattress food hamper food. Hamper Food Hamper Oh my Gosh I, thought that was like clothes. Hamper and food disc, so I thought it was like a clothes hamper. I'm like I haven't heard any clothes. Hamper cads on shows yet. Or socks. Okay and I have heard of show. Do a mattress food and socks on well. You would have had an extra bonus extrovert. Bonus, but then you know what sucks, though what if you win? Who Do you tell? Yourself. Being. Your kids, if you like. Screaming really loud and then wonder why everyone else running. What's going on is okay. Okay! Here's another email. IRA in a recent episode, you said. The median number of downloads is about one hundred twenty per episode within thirty days of release you then said. The average number is around thirteen hundred when adjusted by removing the largest shows. Do we understand this correctly? It seems like the average should go down. When the largest shows are removed and that the median should be much higher in general. Would you mind clarifying regards slept through stats. Quite their name, but I changed it just. So. Yeah Hi s SC. The adjusted mean was around thirteen hundred, when removing the top half percent, and all episodes with three or or less downloads don't mistake mean average mean is an average mean, means average with median which means in the middle for example, if you have one hundred shows and eighty of those shows, get five downloads each, and then the last twenty five hundred thousand downloads, the median will be five no need to calculate that. Eighty shows. Sort numbers in chronological order, and the I eighty five well, guess what in the fifty mark it's going to be five, so the media is five. But the average the mean will be well I. Mean a heck of a lot more. Than Five, actually to be one hundred, thousand and four be precise. And if you in this case, you took out the top one percent. While it would be lower, the average than the average will be a little bit lower. It would still be much much higher than the median five. So when we talk about median and mean they're completely different things. Median is the middle mean is the average and now on that stat lesson we moved to our life saver promo that came in at the last moment. In fact, it's a surprise for all of. Here, we go. Hey, everybody. This is Tara. Lynn Keel host of the beyond six seconds podcast. This podcast goes beyond the six second first impression to share the extraordinary stories of everyday people are making the world a better place every week I interview people who are starting their own businesses, volunteering in their communities or working with exciting new technologies to advance our world. If you're looking for honest real stories about how people just like you and me overcome challenges to achieve great things in their lives, then you'll love this podcast. You can find it at www dot beyond six seconds dot com, and on your favorite podcast player. Thank you so much for that generic donation. So now we move onto stats, and this is the time for advance stats and I up his country breakdown, and this is for June for downloads, geographically from all sources and what we saw. The United States was sixty point three percent. Versus May. When is fifty eight point eight so a tick a little bit more there? I'm coming at a covert before we head back in. And then the UK is at five point seven Canada. If I point to Australia, three point seven percent, all those numbers identical to the previous months Germany two point eight percent down a little Sweden two point five down a bunch. France one point, nine percent Japan one point, three Brazil, my point three Mexico at one point three. and that's everybody over one percent, and then rounding out the top twenty are Ireland Spain Netherlands Norway Denmark. South Korea India new. Zealand Russia and Colombia. We'll see we'll see where India goes in the future with the Gano launching see can get up right now at a half a percent. We'll see where it is in in a few months. Check your stats and see how you measure up to these numbers for June. These stats are on an all stats you know have been affected by Ovid things swinging different ways. And, and now I'm going to look at the user agents, overall and mobile downloads moved up to an all time high of eighty nine point, four percent of ball downloads in June going direct to mobile devices versus eighty eight point, two percent in May computer downloads were at an all time. Low ten point. Four percent seems things Kinda slingshotted back. You know swung. The pendulum swung hard. And home voice attendance plus a top boxes were at zero point two three percent in June, which is a little lower than maize, zero point two five percent. Yeah, people just. Setup boxes in and twice as smart speakers just aren't getting there yet. The IRS to android ratio in June was five point one five point two to one sorry five point two to one, which is exactly the same as it was in May some no difference there. And mobile aggregate, or APPS, and not from spotify stitcher or from apple move down a little in June to eleven point three percent of all downloads verses, twelve percent in May net and the big dog in aggregate APPs is still apple with apple podcast APP and I tunes, coming in sixty eight point, two percent of all downloads, for June which is up a bit from April Sixty six point five. So yeah, the death of apples. PODCASTS has been greatly overstated. Number two in June was spotify with eight point three percent, which is another monthly drop for spotify down from eight point seven percent in May. Number three was overcast at two point three percent than stitcher at two point one cast box at one point five podcast attic that one point, three Google podcasts also at one point, three percent and finally podcasts at one percent, and that was everyone. One percent those under one percent and in order for. The. PODCAST, APP Player, FM FM podcast Republic Downcast Pandora tune in a cast deesor, ten breaker EXO player RSS Radio Castro pod kicker, Himalayas I. Radio Public and one hundred, sixty, million I mean luminary. And then many more are that come in at less than point zero two percent and don't really weren't mentioned. He I have before we move on. I just had a thought. It might be a crate. So you know in looking at some of these the consumption of some of of of the podcast aggregated APPs here. Would it have? Could I correlate the fact that maybe some of these smaller ones, especially, the ones that are little more stylized and things like that like breaker or Castro or even eye-catcher for that matter or radio public. Could, it be that may be the people that are using. These platforms are generally consuming podcasts that may not be the largest podcast out there meaning that a lot of these people who are consuming in these sort of more boutique. APPS are more hardcore Indie podcasts consumers, therefore, the download numbers going to those APPs might be smaller. But you have to think to the they are. They are hardcore fans. If they're moving away from the platform APP, he would think they would consume a little bit more podcast per person, but right and I. Mean you know one? Like A. Yes. I, mean I. It's hard to say. You know it's really hard to compete really hard to compete with native apple podcast APP is always going. Be Number One I don't see anybody dethroning apple. I mean I do eventually see apple percentage coming down. I always thought spotify was going to go up higher, but it's been dropping, and we still don't have a native Google. APP Yet. We still don't have a native APP on Android and until we have a native APP on Android. android things are still a little wonky on still still some opportunities on the android side we'll see where things go, and the pike is still growing. I mean we. We mentioned the the ratio five point two to one IOS android. There's a lot of room for growth in podcast a lot of room. Anyone thinks we're anywhere close to saturated or Max consumption. We're not. We're not there. Consumption podcast consumption easily can double easily can double. On on downloads overall so. We're where we will be two years from now where we are now I. Think are going to be two completely different places, consumption, wise number, wise for the space all right anyway here. y'All got some bonus stats here. Stats these are happening. These are awesome. We had internally. We pulled some numbers when we looked at podcast where. The producers have what they selected for the Primary Language Code and I'm just looking at non English because English was was, the was the number one, but I take all the English ones out, and you look at all non-english be American English or wherever so this is everything that's non-english and when you look at the non-english. What we found was twenty one percent, German. Twenty point nine percent were Spanish, very close Swedish came in third at eighteen point, four percent Danish at six point, six Dutch at five point, four percent Portuguese, five point one French at four point two percent. Of The podcast Norwegian at two point five, rushing at two point three Polish at one point eight percent Arabic. One point seven, Italian at one point three and check came in at one percent rounding out. Those were one percent or more thirteen fourteen shows. Language. Excuse me and. Then there were a bunch more. That were overall, we had eighty three different. Upper level language codes. Wow Yeah, so so the eighty to eighty two were not non-english. But thirteen percent of them were. Thirteen of that eighty two were one percent or more of that breakout. There was a bunch though that were about twenty five percent of the language of we just one or two shows at all period one or two shows that language, and and we even have one show that is in. An I'm not going to pronounce this right Abkhazian Aby K. H. as Ein. It is one of the official languages of Abacus. And there's two hundred thousand people that speak this language natively in the world less than less less than two thousand people speak this language and we have a podcast. That is in that language, so yeah great. Like. Yes, yes, I thought that was unique one. That's awesome. That is really cool and then see again when you start to look down numbers for that as well. I mean if you start to think about the potential listener base for that. Like, it's DASS drastically different. Than any other vodka I'm GonNa, guess that person is listener base includes family members. Okay. Just going out on a while. Probably! There's a good percentage of two hundred thousand are his family members or her family members. So. Yeah I'd like to hear DC what it says like I'd love to go with the content about but alas. I probably won't be able to know what it says, but anybody who speaks this language and can. Understand it maybe you can find the show and tell us what it's about. Yeah, but on that note. Where have we been Rob Oh? Gosh, I have been. There I will tell you where I've been. So we had our our own Webinar of who are the Latinos in podcasting? This was one of the. Second one that we've had like this. We had a headliner Webinar. Then we had this one where we had guests come into the scene. We had Martina Castro from Dundee media and Julie Onto Williams with Latigo Williams and company who were also co? Partners in the Edison Research Study and we had a really wonderful conversation going on, we ended up with almost two hundred sign ups, and we had a little bit over fifty percent show up live to have a discussion there about essentially Latinos in podcasting, and what that means to the larger industry. It was really great. It was a wonderful time. It's still if you would like to click through the Lincoln. The show notes you can. Still you can sign up in if you have a crowd cast, account is the easiest thing ever you just go in there and watch it. We're not like grabbing your emails. It's just really for the crowd cast, and you can go in there and watch the Konduz discussion, so. Thank you so much for everybody who showed up? It was amazing to have so many people there. And then I will have already been also at the. We are diverse summit. Also have link in the show notes. In case, anybody needs access to this in post. I'm not sure what the protocol is going to be from the we are diverse team. But. I did a couple of sessions. One of them in Spanish and one of them in English that is they were called frameworks for success, and I focused on three three points. I believe one of them is system system as Asian simplicity and growth, and how those things can help. Establish yourself as a successful podcast or if you will, how about you rob? Have you been anywhere other than Nashville? Yeah, nope. And going back, I'll be there, so that's where I'm going and haven't been yeah. I was looking through them and I was just kind of nothing. No, no, the interviews I had done previously went live the last two weeks. Where we're going new. You're going to be a mentor somewhere. Yeah, I'm. It'd be a mentor for the sound up boot camp for spotify spotify cohort for the US I believe. I believe it's only that one not the U.. U. K. One on August seventh, and obviously this is like a private thing, so you won't be able to see this I'm just saying that's where I'm being. I'm going to be so. Thanks modified team and sound up team for having me on to to do some mentoring in there, and then we are moving Dupont fest global summit, which is August tenth to fifteenth I think we all have things happening right rob. We just don't have specifics, but. Hopefully next episode. We'll have some more details I know. Speaking I got confirmed and I will have more details on that, and when on the next episode, our shirt, I do know that is of now I believe I'm part of two separate pant, not panels one panel specifically that Ha-. I know for sure for the Latino podcasters. I think we're GONNA. Have almost the same conversation we just had on the on our web in here I'm also going to be having another conversation with Danny painter friend Danny Pena from Gamertag radio where we're going to do a little. Play by play of what it takes for us. Independent podcasters with a bias to being Latino. And when it took for us to make it in the business, having been around for so long, so that's another thing that I'm doing and then there's one last thing that I'm not sure if it's going to be happening as of yet, but we will update everybody there I think rob Greenlee might be doing something I will let you guys now. We'll let everybody know what's going on with. The Lincoln show notes there, and also we just as we were recording this, but by the time you hear it on Tuesday podcasts, movement is officially canceled. Event the. For this year, Yes for this year for twenty twenty, but there is no overt event, which will we? We will also be a part of not sure in what in terms of content and our what we're going to be doing as of yet, but it is a ten day event from October nineteenth through the twenty nineth. That's a long time. I just don't see how any live events can happen until after this vaccine widely distributed. It's unfortunate. I, you know, and people are planning, and we have to plan, but best case scenario. We're not GONNA have in the US A wide vaccine best-case scenario until beginning of next year, and then it's GonNa take time to distribute that to everybody and I think unfortunately live events are best case scenario. We're looking at the at the beginning of football season twenty, twenty. One September and you know what the other. The the heart I I think that there's a there's an element of excitement and yet at the same time oh my gosh. Like as a business, right what you want when you are doing, these events is to get people to come. That's how you make money. Generally speaking so regardless if whether you're either charging for tickets or doing sponsorship or both part of the way that you sell is by numbers, numbers are the thing that drives the income, the buoyancy of the business all of that, but at this time the more equals not so good, so I wonder if there's going to be a point where there's going to be a cap. I don't know I'm just talking out loud distinct. The future, and not only in terms of money, wise for business, doing conferences, but also for being responsible, because you're event could be the ten thousand people that bring the chaos to the rest of the planet. Can go all the way back to legionnaires disease. You know events. Gatherings have been known to be viral spreading factories, and and fortunately I think people are starting to realize you have to wear a mask but it's taken a long time I should have been day want people should realized it was common sense, and finally it seems like certain leadership is finally getting around to the idea that only do mask might actually work. It really is something where you leave your house. You put the mask on, and you get home. You take it off and he I think Douay. Pants. You'RE GONNA. Go outside the House without your pants on. You can take them off when you're in your house. I had someone. In the other thing too wearing it on your chin. That's about as effective as wearing a condom on your scrotum. It's on not affect not not doing what you think. Yea. That's not gonNA work. Yeah, so we're all having to get a little creative when it comes to things and so lastly one of the last places. At least we're going to be in terms of she podcasts is that we have a? We used to have a well. We do have patriotic on that. That's called the super. Squad, but we've taken it to the super squad extra, so we have another little place that anybody can go to really to find all of our QNA's rob. We've been doing QNA's now since January twenty, nine, thousand nine. Nine hundred weekly, and we've addressed almost every question. You could possibly have a podcast her of for every week since twenty, seven, twenty, nine, thousand nine, and we have all of those QNA's transcribed. They're in the process of being transcribed so that you can search for it and be able to refer back to the questions that we've answered a bazillion different times in every single way many times. And it will be in there. We're going to have meet ups in there and Owen. We have so if you want to sign up for that, you can go to. She podcast dot com slash wait list, and we also have a fancy shop rob that you can. Maybe I don't know I mean your wife. Like our t-shirts, they are very very cute. Going to, she podcast dot com I mean she podcast dot shop? She podcast shop. Okay, yes, there are some really cute things in there that are very did I. Say cute. Did you Sheila she likes cute? She likes t shirts. And colorful there and there's like all kinds of yeah. It's awesome, so check it out. That's how we are pivoting. It's important pivoting all right I think we're all finished with the show today and folks. If you have a promo, you really want to send promos and we have opportunity now, so get your promos into Elsie. That's right. Usually we are backed up and then people get like your Promo is going to be on episode one hundred and ninety, but no, that is not been. Kicked in and. Is cleared out all her backlog. I know yes, I have it's kind of crazy. Yes, I tried my very best, but it keeps coming back, but alas here. We're going to have to the I would love it. If you please please please send in your promos and I will get you in the queue. This is a wonderful time for you to also promote things that are coming up for the fall right if you're having a new thing coming up for the fall, if you have some new stuff happening in for winter time back to school ish. Maybe some of that content, please send us your promos I will get you in the queue as soon as possible and just know that it three promos per show in it also I bi monthly show, so we get it to you twice a month, so it's essentially six six was a month. So whoever gets in is first. Come first serve and I don't make any exceptions I I. Don't mess around with that. You send it to me. It gets in the queue the end. Unless you say you know offensive things in that, or there's profanity, or you're using music that you don't have the right to then you know. Don't send it a promo with. We will rock you. Don't. Then it's no, yes, but alas finished with this show. If you have any questions, any feedback or even sending your promos, please email the feed at Lipson dot com. You can also call us for one to five, seven, three, nine, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, four, or download our our APPS for both android and Ios, and you get all of the ways to contact us from within there, which we would love so and of course always send us any kind of feedback that you have. We use it as you heard it on the show, and we look forward to hearing from you. Very soon and back from us in a couple of weeks, even find Ghana APP by the way. Oh Yeah GonNa don't forget. Fill out you'RE GONNA destination. Fill out your Amazon music. Slash audible destination that your homework then and do your homework. Turn it in, and we will give you a shout out. Until the next one Chai.

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