July 9: Insecurity measures


this is a cbc podcast i'm trend of winter and i'm so i'm a little long welcome to chosen family every second week we talk about bart sexuality and identity with a special guests usually clear but not always i completely struggle coming out to my parents as a comedian being in the entertainment industry for middle eastern people is unhurt up affecting change requires people to shake it up listen to chosen family where ever you get your podcast what signer you by the way seminary of course i love it hello i'm robin bresnahan sitting in for carol off good evening i'm young the as it happens the podcast addition tonight in security measures politicians are promising action but one of the millions of customers who data was breached those assurances don't don't leave him reassured temper tantrum russian scientists announces his plan to edit human embryo dna to prevent definite but a canadian bio at the says that kind of genetic meddling should remain on heard of eviction notice italy italy closes what was once it's the biggest camp for migrants the marrow paletta motels that's his country should be doing more not less to help asylumseekers third party animal why the late tech billionaire ross perot ran for president on a platform platform of home bond wisdom and anti washington sentiment and millions of americans appreciated the approach of a man on the outside looking up make like a tree after you leave in the uk too many dead people mean too many cemeteries terry's so are guest has the solution plant the dearly departed alongside road and plant sapling on top of their remains in bird baby bird disco inferno cockatoo names nobel became an international star for his ability to shake a tail feather but new research shows he's actually self choreographed some extremely fancy footwork a lower as it happens but you addition radio that invites you to talent show pure language is declaring victory mystery language was one of the millions of customers who had their banking data stolen by disgruntled employee of the dishes are done financial group last month he launched a petition calling on auto out to take action to protect the victims and their social insurance numbers it rocked up tens of thousands of signatures in just a few you dave now mr language says he's heard enough from the federal government took closed a petition down we reach pr language in connect me mr long while you wrote a post on facebook today saying victory at last to what did you mean by that exactly well basically we were trying to get actions from the government to improve the social insurance number system that is used for identity because this one was week each an yesterday following the attention that we got from the petition that ring more than ninety three thousand signature we've got attention from mr sheer will call four they start in every meeting to discuss that so that's one achievements but you you you you definitely have the attention but do you have any kind of commitment because you're a petition calling for new social insurance numbers to be issued to the millions of victims the breach but the minister the federal minister said that not going to happen so how come you're abandoning that demand no i mean the the petition was requiring for an action that will address the threat that two point seven million people are facing due to the weakness of are social insurance numbers system for identity that could include replacing social insurance network it was not purely social insurance network replacement it was one of deep potential solution out of the ninety thousand people signed no one said that they just want to have new number what everybody said is that they want to be protected they don't want to feel abandoned and i'm sure that if the government comes which he solution that give them back their security that has been told them then they will not right ninety thousand petition they will be happy so you're basically saying that you want the government to be looking at those social insurance number system but like what happened to you and millions of others just by having a this information stolen that you are at risk of identity theft end for the rest of our life and there's no way they this could be corrected with actual system because the system is defective unsecure at the base so really giving you numbers replacement numbers doesn't change the fact that this new number is at the same risk then all these other ones so are are you thinking about something like a bio metric system or something that has more security exactly and this is what i said now people start talking about that end this exists in estonia this exists even in a country like india so that exist it just that there was no political i would just say interest or pressure to do so andy idea was really two things you'll put unity which is a sad opportunity that arise from what happened with this all day to raise these shoe and make the government's bake is responsibility because identity cannot v let to bag a financial institution identity is the responsibility of the government have you ever found out where your personal information i mean what what stolen from you name address birthdate social insurance number email address information about your transaction habits have you ever found out where that information went i would say it's barely impossible to find out because contraire leaflets say something by matrix he's nine digit numbers everything which is just information like that go across the word on the dark net at the speed of light and there's no way you can stop the distribution of it there's no way it's it's purely it's it's safe file that once you give it to one you can give it to one hundred can give it to a thousand you can give it the only thing i can tell you is that on my personal side i've been fraud three weeks ago on the rb envy i'm not sure if it was related they took to that and everything went well i figured that quite quickly with my credit cards but i'm receive also in this mess infringe coming from maryland telling that my dad called was locked and i need to a to log i i mean i really see much more fishing is it means owning since the since ever there is a criminal investigation underway and the the federal land the provincial privacy commissioners are investigating who you hold responsible for what you in the millions of other victims have experience here you're talking about who's responsible well that that's the problem there is are they is responsible because they gave access to dean formation in the social insurance number we address the birth date all that three marketing consultant or something like that how come that person to do in marketing meditation needs to have your social insurance network and so they are responsible for their efficiencies to ensuring the security of the debt but there's another responsibility which is the government which has been that thing eight on six your identity manner being the foundation of identity often avian what what is your biggest fear of how you're information could be used while the financial information formation in some aspect but the social insurance number is the worst thing that could happen because this could be used to buy a house this could be used to get the passport this could be used for everything everything in this never never expire it could happen in thirty years in forty years and my kids as been also affected npr only twenty years old and if nothing changed they will have to leave with that for the rest of their life well mr long white with good have you talked to his i wish you all the best and who knows maybe this will result in a change well if it doesn't mean they will hear back from us okay bye bye they do by pierre language is one of the days are day financial group customers to data was stolen by a disgruntled employee he was also author of a petition demanding that the government take action to protect him in the millions of other victims we reach mr language in quebec city this afternoon the house of commons public safety committee announced that it will be holding an emergency meeting about the dish are dam breach on monday ball before the the tea party railing against the washington elite long before president donald trump drain the the swamp campaign there is ross perot the folksy oddball texas billionaire made history in nineteen ninety two by running for president as an independent antiestablishment candid at the end getting almost twenty percent of the vote ross perot died today following a leukemia diagnosis he was eighty nine during his run for president against incumbent george h w bush and bill clinton mr parole made a virtue of his outsiders data here's what he sounded like on the campaign trail but i got a free zone brian fam brain we're clear on his but the data of his mental health was not his only pitch to voters he promised to tackle the country de conomic load by raising taxes and cutting spending in the the deficit that he bought blocks of tv time and explained his plans using a pile of chart than the pointer he called a buddhist dick here's ross perot again jersey presidential debate in october nineteen ninety two responding to a question about his qualifications really got a boy i don't have any experience been running up four trillion dollar debt i don't have any experience in gridlock government where nobody takes responsibility anything and everybody blames everybody else i don't have any experience in creating the worst public school system maybe industrialized world and most violent crime ridden society industrialized world but i do have a lot of experience and getting things done so we're at a point in history we won't stop talking about it do it i've got a lot of experience in figuring out how to solve problems making the solutions work and then moving all the next i've got a lot of experience not taking ten years dissolve a ten minute problem so it's time for action i think i have experienced if if there's more time for gridlock and talking fingerpointing on the wrong line ross perot speaking during the nineteen ninety two presidential debate he came in third as an independent candidate mr pro died today five months after a cancer diagnosis you with eighty nine a russian molecular biologist that he planned to edit human embryos regardless of the objections of international scientific community dennis rubber calls says he had found five coupled with genetic definite who wanna conceived children who can here so he's taking on v embryo editing project the fight the widespread backlash last year against the chinese scientists to announce he edited the genes of twin girls frets well baylor as a bio as i said to serve zona world health organization committee that developing standards for editing the human genome she teaches the dollhouse university in halifax then that's where we reached her professor bayless what can you tell us about this russian biologist well i think he's a person with excessive hubris and confidence somebody we might call a braggart he's he's wanting to do science that everybody pretty much says is irresponsible because it's too risky and his response has been and i'm quoting him now i think i'm crazy enough to do it what exactly does he want to do what he wants to do is to take human embryos in the lab and genetically modified them before they're transferred to a woman so the the child would be born would carry this genetic modification now i'm telling the story in kind of vague abstract terms because i don't think anybody's quite sure what modification is going to make and the reason for saying that is in june he said he was going to make a modification to the cdc are five g in order to provide immunity to hiv infection a month later he said he's going to modify a different gene this is the c j d to gene in order to provide protection from deafness so i don't know what he's really going to do he seems to be kind of shopping around a lot of ideas is he is he aided without any particular university or get it almost sounds like he's credible scientist he's a credible scientist at the university he says he's going to get be appropriate approvals before he moves forward but at the same time he seems to have this kind of cavalier approach that no matter what he's confident he can go forward and he could do this science and everybody's gonna be happy at the end what are you most concerned about when it comes to his plan to edit human embryos well i have a number of concerns several of them i think are shared third globally and these concerns about the science that really you're talking about modifying a human being at embryonic stage in a context where we don't know that the science is safe we don't know that it's effective the two classic examples people give a potential problems or something we call off target affects and that means a scientist goes in to try to make a change to the gene an inadvertently makes a different change and so then you could have a very serious problem are outcome another kind of problem is what you would call in on target effect where you actually got to modifying the right gene but it had other unintended consequences one might be 'em initiating cancer so i think what all the scientific community sang pretty much in one voices it's premature you don't know what you're doing can you help us understand why these couples would need gene editing to prevent their children from inheriting the definite well i think one of the interesting things in in that statement is the word need 'cause i don't actually think they need anything what they might want and the only reason i wanna be specific about that from the very beginning is i think we have a moral obligation as a society to respond to you if you need shelter if you need food if you need healthcare we should respond but if these are things that are in the category of once i don't have the same kind of moral obligation to respond you're want now be on that particular kind of deafness that he's targeting is this situation whereby if both parties in the couple has this mutation then all of their children will have the same mutation now what he's proposing to do to make modifications such the child would not be death what's interesting and controversial about this is that many people in the deaf community think that this is a misguided did perspective and that's because they don't see deafness as a disability they just see that as diversity as a different way of being in the world and they have a rich language and they have a rich community enrich way of living in that somehow how this is kind of calling into question any only wake i have a flourishing life is to be a part of the hearing majority if you knew that you were going to have a child who is going to be deaf and there might be a procedure seizure that could limit that or could change that wouldn't you be potentially excited about that no i'd be potentially worried that i could be introducing many things that are worse but bottom line is we don't know what a child willer will not bring into the world and of course we have a number of examples of children who appear to have limitations who make amazing contribution to have wonderful live and some of them are not all going to be stephen hawking but they just may make a massive difference within one family unit in terms of their understanding about what's important in life we certainly have that evidence from a number of families who have children with down syndrome who say that they have thoroughly enjoyed it wouldn't make any difference the situation they find themselves and and these are people who have chosen to have children with down syndrome even after they've had genetic testing that provides them with choices if you were saying the international scientific community has a major problem with this russian biologists plan to authority to actually stop stop him at this point in time it would only be the russian government and that's because we don't actually have any kind of you know international ethics court if you will in those cases we have to rely on the different jurisdictions diction to implement their own rules and regulations what is the russian government said about this at this point there hasn't been a response and so were not even a hundred percent sure what would be ethical end or legal hurdles he would have to overcome there are a number of international initiatives underway trying to address both ethics and the governance of this science in what i think is really at some level offensive have a single scientists say i don't care about what work is being done internationally i'm just gonna do what i think i can do professor it was good to talk to you today thank you thank you bye bye bye france well baylor says a professor of philosophy and bioethics but don't how university she wasn't halifax and we've got more on this story on our web page at cbc dot ca slash h without knowing it they were breathing in a potentially talk that gap now dozens of people staying at a super eight motel in what a peg have been taken to a hospital fifteen are in critical condition the average level of carbon monoxide in a home is point five to five parts per million above two hundred parts per million people start feeling sick and headache at the super eight emergency crews detected levels of carbon monoxide up to three hundred eighty five parts per million justin shackle at the motel the owner he spoke to reporters porter's earlier today this would never happen here before we we first were aware of the gas leak a maybe ten thirtyish hotel manager gave us a call and said that we have a gas leak that point you don't quite know how bigger small small the gas leak is claiming dot com i'm going through your head out of pain mariners tell joe this is the worst imaginable feeling like wilson there's some something like this happens you don't know the extent so we were again were just super happy the first responders are so helpful and they've been able to get here so quick and help us out here no no we we we had a fire inspection that justin shackle speaking about a carbon monoxide leak today at his super eight motel west don portage avenue when a pack that that dozens of people the hospital he well he had banks and he doesn't have the dander problem of not knowing what to do with his hand while he's dancing because he doesn't have any noball as a male cockatoo who became internet famous more than a decade ago for dancing to a backstreet boys song in an online video not long after that that he went from youtuber been patient a scientific marvel studied for his ability to bust a move and yesterday a group of researchers published a new paper saying noble appears to have taught himself no fewer than fourteen original original move on patel is professor in the department of psychology at tufts university and one of the co authors of the study we reached him in his office in boston professor patel how did you first discover snowballed special talent i saw him that seemed to music on video in two thousand eight and i've been studying human move to music hadn't seen any other cases of animals actually spontaneously moving to the beat of music something we see in every single human culture not even non human primates are close genetic relatives or dogs or cats are familiar animal companions and yet here it seemed like there was a species that could do this question was is this real of this is just a video on the internet so we didn't know if somebody was dancing off camera or if you could just been overlaid on top of the video so we wanna know is true that's an animal of sides of human could sense of beating complex music and move its body in time with a beat and so i contacted the owner i rena scholtz who owns the bird shelter where he lives i'm gonna be doing experiment because this is actually very interesting and thankfully she said yes so we did our first experiment unfounded he could do it and publish that first paper showing up extra there's another species that could do this so snowball with basically keeping in time to the music adjusting when the music sped up and slow down but then you had more questions after that so what what did you see kept to investigate after that after that first study his owner irene us noticed the teams making some new movements music when she passed with him and so we decided to try and study that properly because that was the second interesting parallel to humans when we dance we don't just bobber heads removing all kinds of complex ways and if this is true of him to this would suggest what he's doing is actually even richer than we had originally thought almost kind of cognitive act where he's choosing between complex auctions what he moves to music when you say he started doing new move can you describe those movies yeah so we're not paper we had a table cable a where we named these different moves and so we have things like the head banger he he throws his head back and forth up and down very vigorously we have the vote which was named after madonna where he moves the head from side to side of back and forth cross one of his feet that's been lifted me there and so it's it's quite astonishing but he has fourteen different moves none of which were ever trained he was never trained make specific movements to music and never given any kind of food reward for his behavior all emerge through social interaction with humans what music were you playing for first his first snowball when all this was happening so we feldon a dancing to songs a kind of hit through the nineteen eighties cindy lauper girls just wanna have fun at queens another one bites the best how unusual is this within the animal kingdom well he's not unique in the world there are other videos on the internet and we provide some links are papers other videos have parents moving to music but the first movement it's very unusual 'em outside of paris or humans in fact let's particularly striking to us is if we don't see this in other primates and so it's to us it's remarkable that this this convergence of this response to music occurs in us and in this very distantly related animal and i think it has something to teach us about the evolution of dancing in the course of human evolution the suggests the impulse to dance music is not just an arbitrary invention of human culture like you coffee cups or bicycles or you need the money other wonderful things we've invented a but it's in posted arises want certain cognitive enderle capacities come together in animals brain and pirates have that convergence and we have it but very few other animals probably this is not the end of the road when it comes to you research on snowball i understand that the billy idol is going to help you out talk to you next year next when you tell us about this yeah so were fascinated by the social aspect of snowballs balls movements music he 'em he doesn't do it for food reward or a he seems to do it for social bonding with his his his human owner and if you think about it social part of the huge piece of humans is well when we dance i mean people are all happy listen to music on their own devices these days but when it comes to dancing people don't typically put on music at home and dance by themselves they go out and seek partners in social situations and so this the social side is that important for him as well so we we've done it experiment where we have him hearing music either with nobody in the room just the camera or with somebody they're giving him attention encouragement for with somebody actually dancing with him and we wanna see if that context affects how much you dancers and how he dances and the soundtrack for that is billy idol dancing with myself one of the songs we used to we thought that was just too perfect not to use quebec studies professor mattel it was good to talk to you thank you very much thank you all right bye bye bye bye but tell us the professor in the department of psychology at tufts university and one of the co author of a new study on snowball the dancing cockatoo and we've got video of snowball doing his thing on other pages cbc dot ca slash h it was one italy the biggest center for migrants housing thousands and of asylum seekers but today italy's interior minister matteo salvini was on hand as the male migrants punter closed its doors most of its inhabitants of being moved weeks and months prior the closure is the latest move by mr salvini who leads the populist right wing league party to the migration to italy it comes hours after an italian cut the boat arrived in sicily carrying dozens of rescued migrants french i've got an auto as a politician with mr salvini league party she spoke to the bbc about the closure of the migrants hunter and the center has been closed because it was a very bad place to say the center was around the by my job people and there were a sex trade that inside the santa's even the weeds on the rage and a driver the trashy than the wall and we want to attract at forty two when he died of a quiet but it will be delta directionally in a and b africom a side because the people who have the rights to hide i must be transferred to you wrote in a secure way and not letting them be traffic by traffickers and local rondo is the mayor of palermo insistently which is where we reached him mr orlando we just heard franchesca do not so explain why the nailed migrant center needed to closed in your view was the right decision to closed at center to closure centers around the season of because this center and they're also hoping they are really pleased with his questionable topping that consensus close because they know people living there were these people coming to relive lloyd entities were not any opportunity wherever russia's been me to you're working to sign nor do they were formed in the hands of organized crime you had said the the boat says migrants will keep coming but we're well these people go now people well no no nothing dino's because of the people will arrive adjusted in each other they tied justice gave the guy just don't go away deforming hand organized crime i mean i think in this moment to be gummer users stopping american tradition conditional well the government is saying that the center had to be closed down because of the prostitution the drugs the fact that it was infiltrated by organized crime it is more fair to burst these people around europe then to keep them into a camp basically i go to the heat that sent because a lot of people living there one beings we won't let people being being seven what rise give you cpt being able to recall taurus lake north koreans on her right when you see these people needed to be treated like a human beings what do you think the government should be doing differently government says just to first of all phone just let the covenant of of the sheep to be able to reach safe harbor and not try to send this people who has been arrested in the police did it is not safe up the cycle is due to meet the males to african diminishes the bowtie making these people to just having and i think people should be who signed the concept of working then traditions but i mean this legislation mutually in europe as a sponsor burger industry groups were so you're saying that these people need to be able to get off the ships that the the the ship captain should not be arrested that they i have to be allowed to land in port in italy nb given residence permit however the government and end with a supportive talion people have really painted this as these people coming in replacing being a talion people with other workers what do you think first of all let's decide what justice starting point my starting point is demanding the are you must be myself have you mirage myself they've already migrants i like my brothers much this mother right by my uncle i think that we need to respect human icy potter's i'm fighting against the harsh way red orange and i'm proud of the way todos trump's which is about all that much i wasn't elected she political but do you agree with the government when they say the the migrants come in italy that they just cannot simply simply handle the number the sheer number and the resources that it would take that it is fair to the first these migrant throughout other countries in europe i call disagreed with a dominant because they play another game they played with other owners didn't will spread to dimensional conventional doesn't respect human rights of people for me migrants are a human beings in italy can handle all these migrants that are coming in i think he told me as a stall welcome everybody laughing at it bolted to be the superdome maybe no official auditors a multi just invisible just like low how in italy handle everybody as you say do you have the resources to do that good us we're speaking about that though if you wanna right i think that is another question first of all people coming just in the you need tele people come in europe but they walk their produce of course income they pay taxes and when you apply we need the people we need people because we are reducing the number of people leaving in europe we will reach and what we've got showers but but your position is it so at all with the government position rightly or wrongly but mr salvini in his party have really been able to galvanize so much support for the anti see immigration dan i mean do you fear blowback from italian i have no fear because fear producer violences i don't won't wherever to contaminated the ages but fear because fear okay mr orlando will have to leave it there thank you very much for your time thanks or somebody leah look orlando is an independent politician in the mayor that's hilarious we cannot be radical enough that was the message naturalist david attenborough delivered the british lawmakers earlier today mr ryan burrow with speaking to a uk parliament committee about how to addressed the climate emergency here's how much right and broke responded when asked about his government target to reach zero carbon emissions by twenty fifty that's just not the way focusing the problem becomes becomes cannot beat a radical enough in in with with those issues of racism the question is what is practically possible how committed you take electra with this in in dealing with these things because it costs money in the stick tubs i mean dealing with this book which means you're gonna change launched a meeting with the public good the cost internationally it's gonna cost money and so the question is how possibly rico is how false henry does the most encouraging thing is i see of course is the electors tomorrow or whether you're making themselves their voices but it now and i'm fat a is a it's also great comfort in ways but also of of of of justification unreality the these people young people now recognizing that will just wants to fusion i might impact you know the next decade i'm a head and and all of us here a case because we both we face the problems coming but in the public is another twenty thirty years of any major problems of the santa claus great social unrest on unpaid changes in the way we won't it won't be eaten dozens of so that's gonna miss attenborough went a step further when asked about the shift in public perception towards climate change suggesting in the near future polluting the planet may become more early reviled as slavery was a time in in the nineteenth century when it was perfectly acceptable for civilized human beings things just sink the jet was morally acceptable to actually own another human beings this life and somehow or another in the space of i suppose there's about twenty thirteen years this body miss is a lot of of the of the nineteenth century able becoming intolerable suppose suppose now there's a huge change in public perception and if you like in public perception of morality is m and i suspect we are right now in the beginning of a big change young people in particular of all the all the stimulus that's bringing about in which we help people out seventy beginning on members of the public understanding to chuck plastic in the ocean is an insult to to have the nerve to say this is out of operation and then will give you money and a few spots on your land incentivize and the father used is in some ways the young people see the muscles right that was so david attenborough speaking to british lawmakers earlier today about the need for swift and radical action on climate change too many dead people not enough treat what is the uk do doctor john ashton and has an idea he's a public health expert who thinks it's time to let go of the victorian concept of graveyard dead he won't have people remained buried a long road embankment and psychopath with a tree tomorrow the spot we reached john ashton in liverpool england doctor asking give us a sense of the scale of the problem here how crowded are cemeteries in the uk indeed towns and cities they some trees are running out of space the victorian oriental places and you have some of those in canada they built municipal cemetry in the middle of the nineteenth century because of the rocket grosses tiles on public health reasons because of their closest hygenic burial is so now most of in the uk suspected many of the countries in europe in the developed world all to to be full in the next five six years so we go problem now under your plan i mean would people be cremated or would you still see them bird cat scan along the road didn't brownfields i mean you know i i've been deliberating about some years but it was prompted by this news coming from washington state but they're gonna start composting goldies they found the technique composting says he dies so think of then you could be used as a coach for planting trees and plants they i don't think that's ever gonna be molded in each activity agreement burial generally involves outdoors burial in landscape and planting a tree in commemoration there's a drift away from caskets you know caskets themselves or biologically a problem all the stuff that goes along with all the just an environmental told a nuisance or contaminants unnamed bombing process itself is toxic salon a you know says i think the people turning away from the price now funerals well but people have a traditional burial in a judge sean because space is becoming so restricted price of funerals going through the roof so families are really wanting to find ways of having simple a funeral simplest terminated on my arguments is this if we do this outside of open space so lungs that may not be suitable for everything else can be brought back into greenspace this will reduce the cost loses well but as you know i mean i i understand then you're point of view that these cemetery they're becoming very full but they are beautiful if you think of highgate cemetery in in london 'em or cancel green i mean they they are just beautiful cemeteries where you can go have a peaceful moment i suppose you can't really do that along a motorway trying to commemorate now i think i think it depends on how you approach is the to london cemetry as you mentioned all through the seven so cool magnificent seven in london they came about as a result of the trees movements in the mid nineteenth century and yes they're a great assets they're continuing crumbles about maintenance of course some trees most the full among she had several generations since anybody in the company's being very becomes an issue simplify if you cope with little bit supplement so the county places but it's like a hawk line of trees which was what people go out on a walking so you know not too far from the tone but maybe at a poll of area which is not conducive to any other used which could be remediation punted would love to contribute to the solutions because kentucky students were all facing even if somebody is all for environmentalism and they love this idea of having a tree planted when they're lump on dies how do you think you change the culture around being buried at a traditional grace but you know i encountered it but in the united kingdom green burial site sauce springing up around the country but there's no systematic network they tend to be crime it's enterprises i wasn't a mugging ready is that we need government initiatives to require a local authorities the public buddies to include graham burial areas within the structure piles all local authorities have to do with the zoning arrangements and they should also be required now the designated nation areas the punting is a muslim burial sites you know that would be the way to go forward and what would you tell me i have found are playing tomorrow the spot now the headphones on you know these after we nowadays you you just need a digital you know the numbers it tells you where your relatives all you folks on find the train and you go sit on the tree on how your picnic with the way the way the french shovel wisdom with the cemetry so it's almost like having a gps coordinates to go and find you're you're a lot of light on what will the historians say to this idea well i think the you know this is very much in keeping with winds of what's happening to these trends to screening will settle children there are in your family but the younger generation israeli up through all of this the you know the the group behind the millennials when it comes to be a child a there'll be saying why didn't the generations before we get into the sooner and quicker on a bigger scale where will you be buried a well my wife and i have permission from the environmental health departments locally goal for people to be buried on the field we own a house in the village in south lake district top of the hill a which we on a small hail with a view of the village so when we go will have a good time well drains on the you know it's it's it's a it's a good spot i'm not i was i will do probably andrew closest this is just the planning commission through so the to fill the members of the family will likely be planted in the same place i've already punted about eight hundred trees and the in this area actually so it's it's already well underway so in a way you're doing your part for the planet even after you're gone well that's the thing you see this could be your last gift so those were coming off students the policies to tonight a tree planted andras and a little above legacy doctor ashton with good to talk to you thank you bill by doctor john ashton as a public health experts we reached him in liverpool and we have more on this green burial idea on our website cbc dot ca slash hey i h nah nah i'm not i'm not a wow here's something you won't be hearing unfinished public radio anymore well it's a it's a mix equal quentin you own an immigration rocky only scored again day innovated when he talked with a four story occupying again daisy model stapled on they meet the bottle medicals mexico and he's known important it makes equal owes them i've seen as she lost me there's school got three inexhaustible rash better makes you one in which are being in this account that was part of the final broadcast of new anti latini every friday for the past three decades just after the six o'clock news the five minute latin used bulletin air for all of finland to hear it started out as a joke in the late nineteen eighties the finish tv and radio host you're speaking to a wind society he decided to give his speech in latin despite the fact that he didn't speak it it wasn't great but it got him wondering about an entire new cast in latin from their ninety latini was born it went on to have eight huge fan base barbie on finland one of the show longtime producers multicolored theo told the guardian lots of people have studied a little latin in school but others just like languages and are interested it's fun and rewarding wait to see what you could understand to recognize donald trump or theresa may in laden with the original producers retiring this year finland public broadcaster decided to act the show the final episode aired june fourteenth and in the in the in the in the engine the engine last week a drunk guy in utah called and newburgh to take an injured baby lesser goldfinch door wildlife rehab center in february in new mexico and over driver was questioned by local police after dropping a guy off at the gas station which that guy robbed makes you wonder if there's anything super can't do the tide turned a profit which is nowhere near doing well to clarify the ride sharing company does not offer other and goober wildlife or an uber crime service but the service doug offer are getting increasingly complicated you've got were black professional driver temperature control and guaranteed block vehicle for maximum pretentiousness below that wilbur comfort roomier vehicle then there's brecht the default service and the cheapest of all over pool where you share a car with some stranger who man that's on listening to kenny g and be holding a shoe box full of something putrid and now in all cases for a little more you can have a quiet ride meaning you're driver won't talk oh plus as of today in manhattan there were copter which will deliver you jfk airport so were maybe hemorrhaging money at least a billion dollars in the first quarter but it won't stop expanding so keep an eye on you're at four i dunno gruber riding mower rubber shetland pony over piggyback all possible ways you can get to your destination or be driven to distraction distraction and you've been listening to be as it happens podcast are show can be heard monday through friday on cbc radio one sirius xm following the world

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