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It. Welcome to ten. We're up people in Venezuela is the first story were explaining this Wednesday. I'm coral Zeus at the C N N center on April thirtieth conflicting reports were coming out about what was happening in the South American protests in the Venezuelan capital of Caracas one Grado the opposition leader who in January declared himself, the new president of Venezuela said quote, operation freedom has begun. We're going to stand here together asking and demanding the military to join CNN reporters called this escalation of does efforts to remove them as Wayland President Nicolas Maduro from power what we don't know is whether this amounts to an attempted military coup when the armed forces take action to change nations. Government way does Basseterre in Washington says it's not a military coup. He called the constitutional process led by the Venezuelan people and said, there'd be more events in the hours and days to come Venezuelan. Government official also said. It wasn't a military coup. But he told the Reuters news agency that it was another chapter in an attempted civilian coup led by Venezuela's opposition party and supported by the US. So the question here is have members of Venezuela's military, which have largely supported president Madero now joined forces with the opposition protesters who want Maduro at of power at the time. We produced this show. We didn't have a clear answer on that. We'll keep you updated on what happens in the troubled, South American nation next story earlier this month island nation of the Philippines, protested China because hundreds of Chinese boats were sailing near island administered by the Philippines. But this particular place is also in the Spratlys chain a disputed area that includes man-made islands that China has built up in recent years, despite the dispute the president of the Philippines has strengthened his country's relationship with China, and that country's investments in the Philippines have caused concerns for some people there and. Broad? It was US military power in the heart of the Philippines. For decades. Cork airbase was the largest American base outside the US veterans, Anthony grim and John Gilbert. Remember it? Well, it was a low. It really was the town is still called Clark still has VFW post. But the base is a memory the Americans left in nineteen ninety one. We'll have to be at Phnom. We no longer needed those bases. They were not a critical asset. So the old base set idle for years, but not anymore. So this is going to be a major hub the country, but vitae region it'll cover more area than Manhattan skyscrapers, new airport, residential, billions of dollars of investment, and who's helping build it. You are seeing more of a Chinese influence. Sure. A lot of a lot of projects. Chinese money has poured into the Philippines. Recent joining other firms already here this company owned by China's government is building road half mile away. The steel going up isn't from Pittsburgh, the fact that I'm surrounded by Chinese steel, and that China is one of the his country investors in this new city is remarkable given the state of relations between the Philippines and China just a few years ago Sino Filipino relations hit rock bottom in mid twenty sixteen after Manila Beijing to international court over artificial islands. China has built and militarize not far from the Filipino coast about that time, though came a new president brought Rigo duty. My buddy from. United states. You said that in Beijing and soon cozied up to China China has since pledged tens of billions of dollars to projects in the Philippines who supporters call healthy necessary loans. The sheer scale that China brings is something that not a lot of countries can bring to any economy, but some see that spending as dangerous should anything. Go wrong with repayments Manila could be beholden to Beijing. It's the symbol of the judicial off the Philippines towards China. China has doled out hundreds of billions in similar loans to developing countries across Asia and Africa and the US has warned of debt trap diplomacy. Beijing recently took a ninety nine year lease on a key port in Sri Lanka after the government there defaulted on Chinese loans used to build it. The administration argues, the Philippines is different and faces. No such threat, plus the US. Still has a defense tree with Manila. But in this zero sum game for influence when America gives room China will try to fill that void Matt rivers. CNN Clark the Philippines. Ten second trivia, which of these African nations borders, both Lake Victoria and the Indian Ocean, Somalia Uganda or Kenya. Only one of these countries that borders both of these bodies of water is Kenya. According to the world Factbook the backbone of Kenya's economy is agriculture accounts for about a third of the nation's gross domestic product, but tourism also factors in and win a married. Couple from the US state of Nevada recently traveled to Kenya. They wanted something a little bit off the beaten path of safaris in big game hunting. I'm Tracy cheat them and are more McIntyre. We are from Las Vegas, and we came to Kenya. To celebrate. My fiftieth birthday this guy said I could go anywhere in the world. And I picked Kenya. Within the Oland Tila conservancy, which is about forty thousand acres of community land and three times the size of Manhattan. Thank you. I like the look. Most of our guests fulfull intelligent people and thoughtful intelligent people just loved to solve problems. So we show them problems and their response to that is how can I help we built schools, we employed teachers we both a hospital. Nice to meet you. I wanted to make a donation to the kids for school supplies. I didn't want to come to Kenya. For safai. I wanted to come to Kenya. For the people. I wanted to learn about the culture because that's not what people do and I love going opposite direction. They're probably with we have these these students are they traveling to get there some media coup as far as. Does. So that's what you all are working for. Now, you want some place where they don't have to walk so far to go to school. I remember when I went to Tanzania, I was constantly asked. Where was I from? And I would say I'm sorry. What what part of Africa are you from? And that's how this all got started. Because I couldn't answer that question. And so I did one of those DNA tests, you know, so I figure out which countries that I was from because apparently I had to be from somewhere. When we got the results, I was from everywhere. So it's important for me to come back. Because now when I asked the question where you from I can say I'm from here here. Hugh, Hugh, Hugh, Hugh here and here with great pride. The only two different families in the village. And normally they can leave as one family one village. Friends together, we tried to encourage guests to have fun while then good at the same time. They end up enjoying the place on wanting to be part of that project and be part of the community that they have come to this. Well, this is unlikely to hios walnut hills high school seventeen students recently got a perfect score on the ACT college admissions test, and the school says Twenty-three more seniors were only one point away from a perfect score. So what will according to the administrators of the test out of the roughly two million students who take it every year only one tenth of one percent of them. Get a perfect score. So to have seventeen perfect scores at one high school is nothing short of ACT Riddick then became number one with the number two pennsyl-. They said a new standardized the teachers had a multiple choice of students to congratulate just don't tell the competing exam. They had a scholastic aptitude for it that might test some nerves I'm picking see and a for coral zoos on CNN.

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