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this episode. The KIRKMAN show is brought to you by our new friends at vivid seats vivid seats job on it forgot to do the re. Yesterday I apologize. You're joking looking but it might It might happen well. I think that's no it might. It might actually happen. I'm in talks with them right now. We turned we turn what could have been a bad situation into a good one. Well let me just start with this Good morning first of all. They're listening and if there is even which I find hard to believe if there was even a human being out there who pays attention to this stuff I understand that are real. World is not important. Everybody who doubted my greatness a little bit even a little bit. That's that's probably been thirty. Forty thousand shows in history. The Wilbur only one has sold out in three minutes. Only one is nothing of this sort of Buffalo. Wild wouldn't sold out that's true you're probably right. Enki by the way shows important you are to the show. Nobody even knew you were fighting talk and the fuck no matter who they were going to see me very. I know you think that you know as we saw her on on Saturday night that you could host the show right. Yes we might show up on Wilbur today if you like. How Fragile Steve? It is a testimony into the greatest fans in the world into the greatest podcast host of all time that this marriage happened. I cannot believe I understand. The scalpers took one hundred and fifty seats. Or whatever. Whatever the numbers And I want to say to the people complaining about that a understand and B. It's called supply demand. There's not go. Look at the Golden Girls Muppet muppet. Show whatever the fuck it is or Jim Norton and I guarantee you. There's no secondary market through the roof of those because people don't WanNa see them in this particular market as much as they you want to see me and I'm also going to say this before we get the other stuff and this is just going to be to our praise festive media and move to blow myself. They may do it. The second show will be on sale in. If you're listening right now in an hour we'll advertising up at twelve o'clock I have no idea if it will sell out or not. You know But we should probably talk through the how we're doing this real quick so the first show was originally scheduled started seven. My guest is from the start earlier. Now Steve Yes. We're an aim for six thirty and the meet-and-greet meet-and-greet rather than being after the for show is going to be before the first show okay. So if you've got the You're one tickets that say meet-and-greet on them you will need to arrive at five o'clock five o'clock yes for six fifteen show. Yes it's going to take you At least an hour fifteen if we're as efficient as possible it's GonNa take you an hour fifteen or more to get two hundred in grades. We have two hundred. Yeah it's a long day for one Mr Kirkman. I'm going to put my dancing shoes on so We'll hopefully not as much as last time. So I'm going to I'll have to meet everybody show starts. We hope that about six fifty six thirty six thirty six thirty okay You know to be done when it's done. Yeah in Nice long show WE'LL KICK EVERYBODY OUT CLEANING IT UP. Give me the chance to relax and then start the second one again. I'm I'M GONNA guess from the start the second show the boat nine forty five ten o'clock yes. That's my realistic makes sense. We're GONNA do the same thing again with the ingredients are going to meet and greet will be after. So there's a second show meet and greet will we'll be after yes and even I. I've seen some people saying that they want to buy tickets to both shows. You're still going to have to evacuate and then come back in and get your seat even if you have you know if you bought the the literally the same seat The meet-and-greet will be after because the city of Boston has an ordinance heart out. They can't do any night at midnight. And then there's a club. Apparently in proximity to the Wilbur theatre that is going to be bumping loud music but will be able to get the. We'll be able to get the meeting green so be out by a little after midnight. What you're saying once I'll start Yeah you're going to be meeting and greeting being from midnight till one fifteen so we're going from five to one fifty s okay. We can do it and I heard I saw some people say hey if I go the bowl shows we'll get some different stuff. Of course you get different stuff. The show is not going to be. There will be major parts of it. That will be the same. Because that's just what we've been planning out. I mean that far in Mike will be much more intoxicated. That's true that's true. The one o'clock hopefully gets tickets for both shows. My family couldn't no no they didn't get seats. Okay good so we'll get a chance today at noon. I know I told Yes so though. But there's a couple couple of things at this. Obviously nobody's shows people like like Mike was saying people. I've talked to get seats where we'd give them some of the big parts that we want but if you go to boll shows I promise as you guys know how we work here. We're going to be to a significantly drastically different shows key. Kirkman is physically capable of doing. The same thing is nice. Some parts will be the same move. I like you know some parts will be the same. I also say this challenge the jury to different stand ups. I can't no no. No no no no different sets right actually wrote some good stuff. Yesterday with Simplisafe Stanford Role Model Louis C. K.. Finding inspiration great payments. So Michael Give you two different sets I think we'll play a bunch of different songs at two shows. I'm sure they'll be different songs of saying this debate between now and then remember. It's four months away. We've already a five parody songs. Thanks for today. I'm sure we do. It doesn't surprise me. Sorry Mike Oh I got so when I when you know. I'll admit now do this all the time. I thought Gee you know what if we were pumping this up forever and you know. Three hundred. Eighty seats are sold or something. Now I knew that probably wasn't gonNA set it to you on the show do. Do we have a plan if we don't sell out right. I knew at the Miami wouldn't ass alive for me. Well you guys just don't at some point you have to believe unbelieving leaving out the Milwaukee when I was when I was scrambling around yesterday to get a second shogo and I was like I believe I'm never going to doubt again. I mean I'm not kidding when I tell you this if we keep doing this in two or three years. We're going to to play the Boston Garden. And I'm dead fucking serious. We're going to sell out the Boston Garden in twenty twenty three or twenty four. That's a fucking guarantee if we keep doing this guaranteed a lot of people said scrap the second show and try to get a fenway park. Place I don't think I'd play there but So I went on at like eleven to one eleven to in there. was that thing that said there's a long wait I'll maybe that's just the whole process And then when the way in refresh it in the fucking second thing was sold out. Yeah and my friends. Vivid helped but then help as much as so no so. I have a second but you I mean yeah scalping community but I thought like Holy Shit the scalpers by the tickets. That's not what happened. He bought a couple of hundred right. Yeah so we're working with the will to have an analysis of what was organic nick versus what was brokers they like to call them. Scalpers in the Biz. Why not because the hair's roker don't care what they just shut up Nice? Let's this game. Some credit great people stealing my people. You're defending yesterday. So I tell them in the fans you know if it turns out you want to go to the bowl shows early opportunity I get that ticket from the brokers from the first show sweat it out. Just wait till just wait till June because then the prices for that will drop significantly of day of. It'll drop la more think but we need a chance here and we're not promoting it as wild as we was as we were rather for the first show so we'll put out an hour beforehand. You know and say hey. Tickets are going on sale. In New and I don't think every scalper in the world they collaborate and by the way. So if you go to the Wilbur site like I was just going to different shows last night for example like the professional sessional wrestling announcer. Jim Ross Do. He's doing a show at the Wilbur and There are in in April. There are plenty of good seats available. Talk about a legroom. Nothing nothing against him. I don't like this idea that you know there's a reason why these tipped IPO scalpers bought these tickets. Yes there's a there's a need for it like there's something called the greatest love of all which is a tribute show to Whitney. Houston go which is all go ticketmaster site now and plenty of good ol' blue and the stage and the MEZZANINE and they're for all lots and lots and lots of seats left which scrapped. I mean you know wonderful Some people go to that Look at these cheese law. The seats law the seats lung disease. So you know for us. It's just you know we sold at the first one. I think we're going to sell at the second show I hope so. And then we saw two shows and that doesn't number of things for us I think think number one It shows obviously I said before and I'll keep saying how great our listeners are. The fans the fucking best. I saw fans listeners yesterday. Giving tickets to other listeners. Who needed them? They were trading At talking about how they're going to do this and she got so mad that this vivid company which will get to Steve's in a rush big rush to them which is fine that's good Made them change their policy policy effectively. We scared them by threatening. She's ill family members. It sounds like right. Yes yes so listen. These are passionate fans. Are the Wilbur. A site effectively crashed. which is what we do? We made the other sites crash in the past. This is what this is the crates and as I kept saying all along you know guess who starts paying attention. Hello New York City Hello headquarters you know like wait what it's going on here such a big deal that Dave portnoy acknowledged he did acknowledge it Publicly and privately uh-huh maybe now they'll think that you're not running all the twitter accounts about that but you know but maybe but You know all sudden jeans reaching out and rigs reaching out in caves. He's reaching on big cats reaching on Portnoy's tweeting and people are saying. Wait a minute these guys are not you know. In the Steve said the number that we clear from the motto Oscar Show I opening enough abide after seven thousand dollars for my expense. report was bigger than our prophet. That's okay but but it's a big picture. Where little shows like that lead to big shows like this? We have to have shows like that tab shows. That's why the next show to be. I think I'm getting closer. The announcer for the next show is going to be. We'll hold off hold off. We'll hold off. I think you'RE GONNA LIKE IT Steve O.. Yeah Oscar so trump country. ooh Yeah all right. That tickles me. and I think it's it's a good idea at the we'll hold off We'll wait till after the Wilbur but I think you know that stuff's necessary to to to get at the big showing and garden loyalty in the community which is a huge part of it to these people. Just want to hang out with each other all day and the Wilbur and I and I maybe I'm crazy but I think a lot of people are going twice there. You go there and it's just anecdotally but I've seen a lot of it. I mean everyone is going to. The first show has tickets to the show. They're going to try and get the second show so I think they have a good a time issue. I mean it's it's GonNa be. I never thought of it that I mean so I also thought I didn't want to separate Stephen I toby yesterday. I didn't want to separate out over weekends. I figured everyone was there with student one day. Of course just do it and let's and it's different than a standup show obviously And it's not GonNa be you know there's there's You know there's not this sort of programmed we say these lines here on these lines. They are really so it's going to be interesting. I'll see what I actually the second show in. Some ways might be better because it will be little looser fine line goofy here. Yeah yeah little you know less than say less sober but less intellectual more intellectual mom or Louis Loosey Goosey high on life. Yes Hi life so the sell out in three minutes and forty two seconds is the exact toll. Somebody tweeted me three minutes forty two seconds. It consists unbelievable. I mean the thing that we were you know we were sitting there. You Known Stephen and then Mike came in like may essentially we have been there the whole time. We're sitting there at red thirteen gene studios like you know. Listen this fucking thing I mean like I hope it works remember. Do you remember when we recorded the very first piece of audio out on the on the on the couch. Yeah after the Kurt atone phone call. I was like all right. We got to record something to put out on the field and you sat there and thought for twenty seconds and then you just went. Yeah we're sitting in the car at the Home Depot and Waltham Right. We're waiting for him to call us. I'm thinking what are we fucking doing here. This is not this is that we were running around a Bola Rama. Parking Lot Auburn. Yeah so you know to this in in the having the studio which is going to be Grayton having this fan base which is Nardini Tweeden. Text me yesterday. She's like I can just feel this. Momentum is just getting really huge now starting to feel this happened even have to last weekend and this coming up and all the shit. We're GONNA get to all the craziest when you get to his fucking this this. I'm I'm I am not bullshitting when I say. We are going to sell out the Boston Garden in three years. I'm dead serious dead serious. We're GONNA so without out. We'll have to do something like matter wasco right before though because of course we're always generating the foam. Oh I think that matter WASCO help juice sales for this because people were in great time strange almost like mine where the guest. But but I do think that you know when you give them. We talked about that. We'll do we'll do the tickets right after we get back from Outta Wasco because he could tell even on social media that we can and by the way to their credit because we always bitch and Moan Barstool Tweeden a bunch of video from the WASCO. They promoted it featherstone's video. I think they'd just weird like they were looking at it as it's these weird it's going to be ten people there whatever and they're like Oh shit that's a full got got a pack from Barstool texting me saying people that I don't usually communicate. Text me so I can't fucking believe that you sold that place out you saw mike follows. I don't think people realize is and they don't anemic looked at the map. I was like Holy Shit. It's really way up there north of Quebec talking there so so I'm excited and I do like the fact that that drives people crazy that I'm doing this too and I know those people are in. It's great habit over them and what I didn't mean him. He's he's all these silent on this because he's jealous the text you privately now. No No. Congratulations now he couldn't get twenty five people to go to a live show. I mean let's be honest he's GonNa going in. The Legacy Club is more though how he's they're wild wild rhesus getting text right now from Loni. Oh boy really really. This is about apologize. Could be bending the knee Silly little podcast and Let's see right now. He wants to mound whatever you sent me a long Texas fine looking for tickets. 'cause I don't know if we're GONNA be able to make that what happened on now. Probably not refreshing the website at like seven thirty. Am Mr Oh I believe it. Yeah and the. I believe. I'm so proud that this this has become for this little pocket not little usually growing pocket. Which shows like that meant to me it when I before I was in the business I you know or concerts? You know I was like that for Bruce And Lino you you go you go you go you go in the ten. AM usually the tickets. Go on sale. Right for Bruce on ticketmaster refresh and it'd be sold out your back. What what the Fuck Tuck just happen? And of course he'd be bitching about the scalpers. Be bitching about this. And that and then all of a sudden leader that dates young social media second sales a second shota gone then yeah the chance so you know it's it's it's it's exciting and I don't think today will be his wildest yesterday because I think but maybe we'll be. I think it might be just sell out the show you sold at the show. And there's hundreds hundred thousands of people who are saying I couldn't get tickets. I couldn't get it. We should do. The garden. Puckett announced third guy. Wait a second. It's like fifteen thousand. Well fucking Bang and I WANNA be down bar SOBIA. Happy Guess texts me like eleven. Oh eight and it was like that thinks out already. I was like Oh yeah while ago. Five minutes ago crazy and people were. I couldn't believe it because I when I saw those. This doesn't make any sense but you know this is a study. A case study you'll never be written about because nobody wants to write about me never of like a having a relationship with a great audience in getting a fan base versus even like the place where I used to work where they don't oh how to do that they think. Hey let's do a live show at a restaurant and we'll do our live radio show and people come and watch it and eat food and that's it you have no connection with them and we're GonNa do the same thing we do every day and we're just GonNa Kinda do it and you can show up and we'll give you a fucking towel in a bumper sticker but you during a break for thirty seconds and we have nothing interesting to say anyway. We're not people we've made no connection with you. You only listen to us because we happen to be in a place people going find us they seek us out there. It's just they turn on the car you the way you said that I'll correct you because I worked a million of those events. They don't talk to people during the breaks. They look down their papers or they eat or whatever but they're not talking led by me by the way I do my show. Well I didn't do many remote because we were on the morning and people didn't go to a morning six. Am but it's also. We never did anything I would say. Okay why don't we do something like this. I remember saying to these guys. One that we do a Kirk and Callahan show on the weekend but to a show and just have listeners. Common doesn't have to be for broadcast cast and we'll just stick around we'll bring the Zomig Fund and bring mud on interact with the audience and they were like. Oh why why would you WANNA get well. Because it's a builds pills fucking can loyalty because they think well. No one comes to the mud at night that we book no reilly auto parts. So why would they come to your show on the weekend. You know what I mean. They have no concept of shows being different. They think well we booked a night. Show it some gas station. So why would they come to. Yeah I mean it's it's fine. Yeah I mean but I'm glad I'm glad they're failing I hope they all lose their jobs. I wonderful to me that will happen. And we're GONNA have a big celebration for that as well that's inevitable and it's their own fault because he didn't know how to change and I do and how to bring an audience and I see people even like blue those just text me now saying Oh so the podcast which is fine little joke like we have so many more listeners than they do right now and we just bang this place out. Do you think you know. Imagine if Owo math some shit afternoon show all due respect to those guys look. There's getting clobbered in the ratings You know to have each of them have SAM. Can these dick down their throats said. Hey we're going to do a show in Madel WASCO main. We're into our usual on F. We talk about Tom. Brady and Mike Lombardi on come on come on come and show up. There would be literally nothing person there. No one which offer that no one because they are not compelling human beings. Nobody cares about them. They'll float away. They'll go away. They'll put in three new people. If I left tomorrow fucking people would commit suicide. They would kill themselves and they should. What the fuck else? They're going to listen to honestly. I mean it'd be fucked Jerry Tom. Shattuck Howie Carr Talk About Elizabeth Warren Holy. Fuck that's the Kinda Shit Radio that led Jerry's fucking ass off the street in the first place other respect. I love the guy but I'm just saying you know I mean this is it. I'm lucky it's a right time in the history of broadcasting broadcasting because there's literally nothing else to this that's even close the show is crack. I'm your dealer and I'm GonNa Bend you you over and fuck you every single day. That's it pay pay up. Pay Up bitches pay up. It's payback. Time I'm coming each and everyone you not just my listeners. Who I love on the turn on me eventually? That's fine good fine fuck off by tickets. Buy Merchandise though by merchants by tics fuck on buybacks investing by merchants But to the people who doubted me each and every one of you fuck off go fuck yourselves. Holy Shit I mean what a day. We're going to sell the Wilbur again. Two fucking sellouts sounds in you know fucking he is down at fucking spring training and fucking Shirley's writing some calm and no one's reading and Bob Murchison is sitting there staring out the window hoping his fucking wife lets them write letters again. I mean right now today. I'm going to enjoy it because I know it's going to turn to shit again. Merchants Stars Thinking submersibles go after the Wilbur. At some point you know merchants in the come back come back again and the global comeback again. Something will happen again but today right now today for this show until turns in this show even like things are finally right. I think I finally getting the praise adulation I observe at long last. Finally we'll change tomorrow change. I understand that but right now as I said Bob merchants hopefully going after somebody else like Jerry sits very things thirty six minutes in a mocking to say whether it was. I'm just GonNa that's all I'm GonNa say I'll just say this Caitlyn Jenner. That's how that's how I don't even say Caitlyn Jenner. That's going to go five. Listen go find it. That's all you know slipping on the edge over there. I text the bobby back. Am I happy about that. We're doing our best. We're doing our best together to bring this this terrible crime. You really did texted didn't you. I didn't know what the fuck maybe it will. Time stamp with the link. First of all that means it'll be thirty six minutes in the Jerry's podcast against a flaw in that. Yes already little flaw there. I'm just kidding. It's scummy not scum some of called me that I am not. It's absurd scum. That's Jerry last night for like he didn't even acknowledge cheese. Man is big heaping keeping pile of Shit. Jealousy is nasty perfume. I thought 'cause even mention the Wilbur thing to me not one time. Not One time surprise. Counting tweeted about him. He wanted to go all right or something or a ticket that said you know you WanNa Talk Foam we call it a geary just like hey hey guys close to that tweet yesterday schedule. A great job wounds doing great with them and it's great you know I'm glad each other once in a while. I'm that I'm going to be like we go what you want. So what are you talking about you. You're gone you made your choice. You turn your back another guy that we win over today that loser. He turned his back us. Good goodbye fuck off. See you later drop dead. We're about to lend a sponsorship for the Wilbur. Show that's going to be worth more than all the revenue of the Jerry capitalist nuts let us know let us not be unclassy about that okay at the de Jerry's doing the best he can think about is limited talent wise He has fucking Dave calling. This is producer right. And he's literally doing his podcast. podcast you know three thousand feet underground so I mean. Let's let's not does not a day for us to be Jerry Jerry ally folks. Jerry will be an enemy soon enough. Komo have been taking a veiled shot at meter pentecostal. Be counting breaking into the Tito's with colony. I don't know something in. The weather was approach brothers-in-arms but yeah he's got he's got Howie Carr on. Yeah breaking down the New Hampshire primary in studio. I'm very are we alone. Yeah you're not going to get to drive time. No No. Maybe I don't know yeah. See writing any books on the selection or no. I don't think so. I think he's probably writing about about The Kennedys he wrote a book lately here. So can you babble onto. That was love as you're producing from the time the right would you. You read any books which appoint just trying to get the time okay. Is he written any book. Since you off the show. The publisher no I think he was focused on the dirty rats. podcast no I understand attend spokesman for that I apologize. That's not the question I asked as he is any books. Mun from how we've been published since you left the program. I think he's working on Kennedy Babylon Three Book Right. Yeah I mean we know that I was. I was processed in our vow writing process. He writes a ton he writes. More than I mean. Kennedy Babylon one two started out as one book. He had so much rain. How podcast I get a break these into to my podcast S. twice? I think the talk about. Isn't that yes. You did a second time. You were there weren't you. Yes you did it right now studio with him yes. He didn't really want to get into the trump criticism. No well. He said he did say that. He doesn't like some of the tweets but he was not G. Glad I wasn't there for that trump talking about Mike Bloomberg being a short Gulf Ball. I'm just like what are we fucking doing here. Quarter we did he say about Elizabeth. Warren like have a drink with your husband is great care. It's Great I love watching Elizabeth Warren Buchan with A. We'll get back to my celebration in a moment but real quick on last night. What a fucking disaster for his Wise Elizabeth Warren even still running keep in mind also for disaster for the Boston Globe because they've been trying to pick up her everything years? I mean I mean just even the last few weeks talking about. Did you see the video that she tweeted out about the three dollars. There's no sorry the Boston the Boston Globe tweeted out a video of her. Like you know shaking hands and everything Boston Globe has almost eight hundred thousand followers in the video had like five hundred views. They like they're like nobody pays attention. No this is the one of the tweet this morning where she said she's going to keep fighting. The young college girl told her she had six dollars in your checking. I said I'm a broke college student with a lot of student loan debt and she said I checked. I have six installers in the bank so I just gave three dollars to keep you in this fight. We've got to stay in this. It's the biggest fucking live but also I've got to take the if you believe that it's true. I've gotta take half the money of my poorest most indebted order. Fuck warned human. You know take that money back which is a cheesy. But nobody believes her buying her a meal or some taking the money from her. She needs a three bucks. She New Hampshire. If you know you you probably know this if you're listening to feed owns a neighboring state of Massachusetts Ton If you live around here here you get the advertising for these campaigns all the time on TV the New Hampshire primary queen was worn. She got nine percent last night. Nine percent any doubled more than double to what's going on with that because I don't know any good debate Friday night and honestly charge honestly. She's a more appealing candidate warrant. Jesus using more appealing can. I know that I'm I'm feeling all right today. Can I point out. I would've jumped all over him for saying the sort of devotees was hanging over. Sort of Damocles Canadian do whatever it is any other day. You lucky I saw my opportunity. She's a she's a much better candidate. She's a total what she's she's a bad boss. You've heard the stories who isn't she's a throw in. STAPLERS and binders diners. Should like physically abusive to her. I'm inching closer to endorsing her. Look yes I'm by the fact that our heroic shakes machine does speeches his but she physically shakes. She's she's she's passionate person she's also a robot. Have you seen the the montage of telling the joke about giving her opening speech in the snow. They have Steve. I have taken these. I have but she's going to win the nomination. Really yes I think sanders still got it. How he's looking socialist? He's not going to win. He's not GonNa have you. Have you taking the temperature of the Democrat Party. I mean the view it has. It has gotten more extreme over the last eight years. They say Bernie is more reflective of of where the Democrat Party stands right now I hope the Republicans perspective I hope so because trump trump trump's gonNa beat all of them. Yeah but Bernie had more people under the age of thirty. Vote for him in New Hampshire Hampshire than all the other candidates combined Bernie Bernie get four years ago New Hampshire they gonNA sixty percent he. He got more of the older demographic but they're also fewer candidates five percent last night he got sixty percent four years ago with Hillary Clinton in the race Yeah I mean Clinton was in the race but they you didn't have as divided all these crappy trappings and now but this is not a great night for Bernie barely beating Mayor Pete not a great night not good. I think you'll probably cleanup in Nevada. I think I think Biden what what is can still do okay in South Carolina guest but once he gonNA drawn boat. I saw. Somebody doesn't do well. South Carolina withdraw. This was his most in thirty two years as a presidential candidate. This this is his best performance last night. Oh really percents. I'm not counting Iowa. Because of cluster. Fuck for years from now when he runs again I mean like one is he gonNa realize that or where the people around him that he's not going to be the nominee. He's not he's going to have to drop out if he if he doesn't win South Carolina. He's gone this is Warren's GonNa drop out all of a sudden you've got Pete Bernie in amy the three candidates and president of the United for President of the I guess Bloomberg though eight people. I am diverse candidates by way that Bloomberg's audio had no real Juice yesterday. No it didn't really. They actually attacked the guy who brought it because he's a Bernie supporter. So we'll see what happens. I'm picking I'm going. Aim you're saying Bernie Bernie versus trump is pretty good too. kooks trump is pretty good too trump versus a woman again is always entertaining but Bernie has the energy in the activists I do. They fall in line behind closure to they fall in line behind by. I don't what kind of relationship Bernie has with her. I guess I mean well I mean he he stumped pretty hard for Hillary Clinton and the boroughs pretty bruised in fall to stay fell fucked over though they felt they were fucked over. Well they're not gonNA feel any less fucked over if he's if he's the clear winner in New Hampshire all the delegates dia was a cluster. Fuck I mean. They continue to try to piece off to a good start but he needs support at a Democrat. Nominee needs the sport of African Americans and just does not has an APP. I think it's because he's gay. Actually I knew that. Yeah people think it's a big factor. We dance around it but in California. When gay marriage failed the first time it would have succeeded if only white people were voting? Just the demographic graphic breakout just for a long time ago tradition for family reasons cultural. Maybe it's a southern sounds awesome or religious for for what in the white people who feel the same way down south feel the same way. I think he's just happens to be a larger population down there. Yeah but I just for whatever reason their added together religious gay marriage as I understand that their attitude toward gay marriage and favorable. But what do they care if some guy likes to to suck. Somebody's Dick Versace. EAT somebody out that. He can't run the president of the United States. Like what is that. Well they look at it as a moral issue. It's not it's not but they vote Donald Trump. Yeah it's weird paradox because the bias is no Bible say about you know doing all the trump has done i. I'm not saying they voted for in droves Bill Clinton. Yeah so I mean what the fuck. Religion is such bullshit to religious guests at idiot. Pope Francis yesterday today. I want Mary Reese Great Way to go. That's really the way way it'd be forward thinking shit head will help the situation and the fucking what a dummy honestly what they fucking dummy. I don't want him at the show and he's not on there that he was more progressive. Wasn't he reminded more progressive as far as. Yeah that's encyclicals on climate change. AH HE'S A. He's the with the when the rubber meets the road. He's like he's like the rest of your not a good. Poke not a great pope Bad Pope Ed Pope Smith's country cheese by the read the official cheeses of podcast. Jesus located out Winston the Massachusetts Award winning cheese As a great deal for Valentine's Day alongside other Gift Fox's it will make your evening special weather spending the day alone listening to this podcast or spending an evening with the special loved ones. Smith's country cheese has you covered cheese chocolate wine etc.. And for those of you by the way and this is particularly notable now good day for Smith want to attend the show at the Wilbur when you order a gift box you gift box. Jesus using the Code Kirk K. R. Are K.. You'll receive ten percents off your order but you will also for each gift box or you order. You'll be entered to a blind draw to tickets to the Wilbur. Show your ten gift boxes will name name will be entered ten times. We're GONNA draw that here is that We could I was GONNA have Smith's draws so there's no conflict of interest. I don't know why wonder if the conflict of interest but it was a host of the podcast. I think is a much better for the show and listeners. Dramatic thing for some of that. Smith's just randomly one day in the middle of they. Just pull it out supposed to be doing it on the podcast. It's a really good instincts. Thank the listeners. Really like not hearing that are seeing it all. We'll be Chris never have okay. We think we'll do it the other way. Good idea I think. What were you thinking companies interest? I was just thinking it'd be easier if they randomly picked one but will test I. I re tweeted the Kirkman polls account with some of the fans hate for some reason the Kirkman polls. I don't know why you know. Why probably the late? They seem to like me. That's probably what it was. Maybe I don't know ooh maybe it's sometimes he does. He doesn't stick to polls anyway. They had the policy which many brother dealer couldn't vote on it all the way way. Kickin Ryan's ask Ryan was funniest. Usually Adams funnier the couple times. We've talked yeah again is a bigger listener to the show. Okay Day everyday listener so maybe does it make you feel about Ryan. It's fine. I Ryan listens a lot. I just think they'll beat the Wilbur too so ANYWAY SMITH'S COUNTRY CHEESE DOT COM SMITH'S COUNTRY CHEESE DOT DOT COM and click on the TAB visit to order a gift boxes order online using code K. IRA for ten percent off all gift boxes. Do it right now. Get Ready to get into the Wilbur gift box using the Code Kirk. You'll save ten percent of your Oreo also be able to a blind draw for. That's two tickets for the Wilbur. Show by the way they're fucking going on the market someone for four hundred bucks on craigslist for five hundred bucks five hundred dollars to go to the show so we've actually country cheese DOT com. God's an angry Fan Somehow tricked the craigslist scalper into calling him and leaving him a voice mail do have yes. We we have sound of A scalper hi I was calling with Info on current many hands. Show tickets I'll try you again. Probably an hour south and credible sound all the races onto identify. Who that person is? Arrest them direct quote from this gentleman the booth time to do some sleuthing. I it does Piss me off I will does Piss me off but at the same time. It's America baby. It's free market free. I don't like it I like it. I hate it. I hate those fucking people. That they're holding up minivans hostage do not. I'm telling you do not do not do not spend that kind of money on those tickets I am. I understand you want to go to the show There's a second show today Do not spend four hundred dollars on a ticket. I would you know it means a lot to me that you would even think of doing that. You're fucking crazy crazy. If you do that don't do it now. That being said if you don't go to the show on Cassia Truman the fan. I'm just GONNA say that's it well and also say this which which I did not say the other day. I'm going to say this right now. I'm proclaiming this right now. Everyone who is at the matter WASCO show is made wow made vow except for Mike made they are made made made made. Wow that traveled going through that blizzard. I drove through it made except for Ward Hook totally absolutely maimed may justin not made. That's fair that's true good point yeah. Well intern well. Yes he's made. Because because it because that pisses you off he's amazing Yes I think they deserve. They deserve a different status. I don't know maybe not maybe not may deserve some sort of different proclamation. have to figure that out. Because that's always going to be now you know they're gonNa like sort of like I I think when they go to the Wilbur couple years now when they go to the garden and a couple of years after that when they were Gillette a couple years after that when there were ever they're always going to table. It was almost like you know when somebody said like you know. Oh I saw springsteen at seventy three in front of one hundred twenty people like yeah you know this is cool. This is fun but I was. I was there at the beginning. I was there with the START I was I. Was You know what I was man. They're going to be the benefit of their main mosque in the trunk. Was He in ten years. When we're doing five thousand in motto Oscar Kirkman Thunderdome correct? Rovan arena then yes I oh I think you said this yesterday but it's so as to ask and all these other little little smaller shows are they gonna be bigger and bigger every nine hundred fifty people so the show that we're going to do in the fall all. I think we'll be smaller because it's going to be a lot of travel right. It's a forty hour flight looking at it from Boston. Though true no people all over the country I understand that but I I WANNA mix smaller shows with bigger shows. I think the smaller shows will be just as fun. The Wilbur is GonNa be crazy and I think what people since the Wilbur and they run into people there and talk to people near like. Oh I did this the Wilbur. Oh I did this amount of WASCO. They're going to think I can't miss this show this next show and there's GonNa be a couple of hundred people then you know next early next year we'll do another big show and then we're just gonNA keep sort of every three or four months mixing big show small show big so we do two of each year. I don't think that's unreasonable too. For the fan base. I don't think so at all. No well the big shows. Also be around the meaning. The Wilbur a wilbur size show but in Ohio. I don't know if we're there yet. Yeah we'RE GONNA get there we're we are GONNA get there and we're GonNa you know we're going to be surprised at some point if we just fucked and take the show on the road for a week and do shows every night and different places around. The country wouldn't surprise goose offs. Yeah we absolutely we watch the traveling band of gypsys trailing behind us like a caravan. How many cars? How about the people out there who I got a lot of these? Yesterday they were going to show twice. You can't make it the idea of putting on some sort of pay per view. We can look into that talk with people about that. I don't know I don't know what their policies the goal would be good for that. But I know you said you WANNA give incentive. I do go I do. I'm not that's MIT. Although being there is I mean when you show a concert on. HBO The only dog being there so we wasco broadcast the other night on some. It wouldn't be the same as being in there even listening to us in the same as being in of course but though the Wilbur is going to be unique and then the next one's going to a unique so yeah so so we'll see how that goes all right. We have five parody songs that we said. Yeah we got a couple leaving any any one that jumps out is the best now. Well we got our guy those going to be performing at the live show. He always he always does a great big first night for him to be weird interacting with these people. How am I gonNA? I'M GONNA be on my fellow. WE'RE GONNA EAT my dinner. Maybe on my feet for in between shows back Green Room I think we'll have you ever had soil lint soil the That's like a chocolate milkshake. Gives you it gets all the protein all the vitamins. You need to have a pump you full of food concise pizza fucking soiling the pizza to the stars of soil and was going to be my round soil interview on. We'll get your pizza. Are you nervous about the Wilbur. Oh Yeah of course I am. I mean I was I- Saturday August Sunday morning. I had a moment of relaxation after matter. WASCO was done and I was like holy. Fuck we have to plan the Wilbur show wasn't Wilbur. Show is in some ways going to be harder but somebody's he's there'll be more help though too. I think it'll be less logistically challenging. I would say I would say that part's going to be easier. Yeah Yeah we'RE GONNA get cracking recognize all right so we have our guy at first. Let me hear this awesome Madagascar last Saturday night bikes to kick stands intriguing. All the Mike saying things that don't make sense stand on my just wants to get drawn owned by Jews who get draw Kirk off the way it is not a good thing for everyone keeps buying him treats. His speech is third but nobody will notice. The Kurtz GonNa Murder Him when the show is done. Oh my just wants to get drunk to get Do CIA AH fans to buy him more ROM. Oh my just wants to get drum missile by guys draw lots to get Fisher word. Be One that he should host in this point. He's taking to punch was to draw in two zero two tossed by Luma. Mommy just texted me. Congratulate me for selling out the Wilbur so forgiving criticism Adam earlier. It's all you have to do. That's it I'm very easy to please. Sam Text to me like Kosovo season ticket packages going. Here it's almost more phony in a way though no up to go yesterday like oh you're silly little. We always jab each other loose fine. He sees the D.. Like Love Red Sox Guy. He's loves the readily little PODCAST. And he knows he no. He's angry of course he knows that I'll tell you why he's angry three is. He texted me the other night. He misses me. He knows that the station without me sucks and it's just boring. He's bored looks who always fight back with me. I'll give him that you at least some fucking fighting him like the rest of these cows Dale that pussy or that Greg ill drunk tweeting everyone last night. Just a loser you know. We'll start looking at the him only that allow but saying now you said you said yesterday like they've been given a pass basically E- You said on twitter like other stations been given pass at them enough. I don't I don't but so do you think because we haven't talked about them in a while. I made that poker upgrade. Kill but start digging it It's worth it. Who knows what you were talking about the ratings and how they like not celebrating the ratings anymore right? I think a lot of that is because you haven't talked about them and so on and I don't think so they. I think the Patriots season's over. I think people just checked got pushed away people. Listen to show aren't going to listen to Great Hill today if I have a meter right. Yeah it doesn't. That's not that I think so. Many people listened like when we were prank calling them and you have to have a meter. Yeah right maybe maybe maybe some did. Here's the thing. Do you think it would be possible for someone in the Kirkman world to have a meter and not tell us about that can revoke I mean Greg. SPRITE bought a few wins price me but I mean you know you're a great deal hate them like I don't even know him he's fuck show sucks remember so say the show socks got pretend doesn't suck that's all we do. He shows suck stale show sucks. I only sports talk radio anymore. Just fucking I never really liked it anyway is in adult. Just fucking bores Horsley now more than ever Plano the Paradiso. Me Even more bill should sue me. Christ sakes like the song. Hey I was fat in blind thought that you you made me cry and needed to shoot autumn. Okay tell the million fans it was nice to meet. Yeah see we joked about me. Ma went to Miami. Dade it busted Marlboros and we made prank goes then. I went and got drunk in Meadow Oscar and turned messed so Kirke bent me over. Made me wish that I it was so hard now I feel like shit. WHO LIKE THAT TATTOO on Steve? Shut the light show so my dignity. KIRKSTALL kirkstall his roommate of Dul. One ever go into those very good awesome very good. Because I just couldn't stay silver this guy. It sounds perfect. McLean go get five. Four though Wilbur Steve. You fought for my job for that. I thank you if you asked me to. Thank you not gay pay. I took some shots in and did keg stand got fucked up thought man fans all day Kirk told me no so I opened the bottle dumped it down my throat now. I'm by cry and crawl all the way back to e e uh-huh no messed so Kirke bent meal very made me wish wish that I was sober now. I feel like as she had. Who like that Tattoo? On Steve's shoulder made a mess of the Rhode show so my indignity kirkstall like his roommate do go into the whole meal pretty good funny funny one very songs. That sort of interspersed with Mike sound or no No disappointing I expect. One of those I what I will say about the The parody songs tonight never fucking ends. I don't think anything I said rhymes with anything they can. Do it almost like sort of like during the musical right. We feel day later. I feel better. I book therapy session. So yeah now that's not presence day EH. Just weird moment for yes so I called so what happened. was I called multiple therapists knowing got back. I didn't realize it was a real normal thing. I guess they don't get back to you a lot and then also by girlfriend had a conversation with me the other day about how she doesn't have president's Day off so I was just like maybe it's present. Oh I think is do we. BORSTAL celebrate presence. Say sure somebody say that. I don't know also pulled their calendar. I just wanted to see I. Just don't forget so. When's your appointment Monday today? At four fifteen I believe on President's Day. Yes okay yeah most people I think most people work. Yeah I guess it seems like it's Monday at four fifteen this it's GonNa be the way a little president's Day wasn't president's Day wasn't on their twenty nineteen calendar I know somebody say that it was on the Ranelagh Gaz or somebody remember a tweet saying Wheaton's have presents. They have this year on the over. Its could be I like that is. Trump is on the bachelor news. Did you see the tweets about how Trent rent is supposedly the person who takes their bags on actual show. Yes the Billy Owens survivor extinguished torch when you were kicked out. That's how the bachelor. Yeah the carry your luggage away and I guess that's funny. That's I think I don't know that's funny. So He's been the bachelor guy for years. He has at Barstool. Yeah yeah he was like the first one to cover it. I think I have never seen it. I don't I don't mean to be part of the team. I've never participated in the program. We've always got our I. Everyone has their strikes. That's true we do best. We can't hear which they WANNA do first here. We kind of enjoy back to reality. The Red Sox stuff thank you got some stuff to clean up from that. I guess I mean you know sort of but not really like the trade that might surprise they. They traded form they brought him in. And you know the story is really been furthered. And the only thing is You know Hind blooms. Yeah so they did their due diligence on Vertigo. Yes you WANNA play. That sound says who's the. US sounds terrible. Who's the Pussy Pussy? US that question to me now. This question the most character island though is is in basically bloom. I'll see as they said. They did their due diligence. They looked into it. They lied fuck allied. I mean they they definitely did not so one of the things Lumo Loney said when he was taking a shot at you is that maybe the Red Sox went out and ask Nick Francona About the situation Kirk doesn't know they're things that can be very safe and saying Two things one If you gave looney a fifty trillion dollar first-place bonus in this contract you can feel confident for him to come to cashing it in two is. The Red Sox definitely did not check with Nick. Crank going there is no because you don't want to check when you you know what the answer is. Yes so it's better just to say the old plausible deniability we didn't ask we don't care and they for some reason like they actually just don't care that this happened. No no no no they just they just don't actually care this guy tape. This thing called the DC sue followed up nick. Francona told us no wonder if there's one chance that happens also like is this guy worth looking the other way only Alex Verduga now according to high blew me is I guess it's guys like this guy's like the gym. The trade always the big big star big power. He can play any position in the outfield. So yeah almost like I'm talking to you know Tom. Verduci hear some believable. Having here Steve from the baseball minds you play baseball. High School No you did not pause because I played I did would play some baseball and you can end it with you. Play baseball in high school. It's the farthest north in Maine. You play baseball but we do. We do we figure girl where you played tennis. Amount of Waka I I didn't find the location. I didn't go back. Let me how I mean. We're the hell. Bent is Madam have its own individual. High School Yeah. Yeah the high school is somewhere up there. Yeah there's a high school right next to where I was staying. Oh About Hill I saw. I did see the sign for that. I asked the Front desk woman at the hotel and she. He informed me that there is in fact a tennis court. It's covered in snow. Of course outdoor only your indoor. You played tennis season though. What do you mean well movement spring? Yeah would have been in the spring but it was inside so we just said no pictures of like a REC center. That's true indoor court and Edmonston but I don't imagine you'd be crossing the board. I don't think we crossed the border. I think it would have been at a REC center or something because it was. It was a playoff game is the only reason we were traveling that far so there are a ton of matches. Then you drive Five hours we left at eight o'clock in the morning because remember we missed. I saw dexter on the way up. The exit was right there. So I mean that was before that was is is dexter after Bangor Dexter north of Bangor. Because there's that whole stretch through of ninety five through main that's more East West than north. Yes right yeah so I I remember seeing action and I thought that was so fucking far up like it's amazing to me that you got out of there the most people just stay there not a lot of my friends. Although the to dexter extra boys have recently moved back and bought houses there. Because I mean you can. You can buy houses and Dexter for like ten grand if there's nothing they've chose to live. Yeah yeah there's nothing there. Well Casey's and electricity attrition so realize okay changed. Everything Casey was doing that runs on Casey. Casey I'm just saying he's self employed so it makes it easier to to be in that area like if you're trying to connect electrodes either. Yes okay. I'm just saying as opposed to a cubicle job. You know but I mean technically we could we could. We could move up production. Do the show from there. Yeah we've movable job yeah that's not a livable places it Yeah get groceries. They have their own shop and save just like parodies. Ladies except for its buds Buds Bud shop and save. I didn't really I mean people live there. Okay Yeah so I. I don't know Tom Shattuck story did a good job. Just kinda covered up cover we did. I mean there's not there's no I I feel like the store is done. made the trade and they're bringing them in and the only thing my the whole thing was and I said this Lewis. I don't give a fuck really threats pregnant or not. It's just the idea that the globe would never write it in. The other night was a patriots. first-round pick the they would spend this'll be ringing by now. Spend a month writing about it and the globe is not written word one about this Alex pier last week sale. We're looking into it. No they're not they're not they're they're just not even it's not even this idea that John Henry our Zuhdi wag their finger. They just they just know they're not gonNA do that ensure Shirley's too busy Z.. Writing about one company that has a white C.. You know it's the worst as well. It's also this guy. I mean maybe you could say he was a kid who made a horrible mistake and he's grown from it. Never Your F- but you don't get they don't give you know people on the Patriots that freedom or not Republicans that freedom and Bob Kraft doesn't get the benefit of the doubt again. But even you know like I said I trump patriots pick or third round the Patriots pick. Does this when he's seventeen. Eighteen in college. Huge Story Globe writes every single day renee grant and also the Patriots You know kind of succumb into the pressure and feel like they have to go out and do something release a statement says fire and they grew up the trade. Yeah I mean suppose. What the globe doing that Renee Graham about you wrote? I have to give go credibly right. Good column sure a good calm morning about SUK-OK SOUP DOT COM. I grabbed the tweet. The other night actually agree with her. Or you know it's amazing. How small that that story's it's weird to me but this weekend shorter story saying that the Kademi should not reward Brad Pitt with an Academy Award for best. Supporting actor occur because his character killed a woman. Once upon a time in Hollywood I mean we are we are now. We are now through data point where we are now shaming fictitious characters in films but not only that the net now every movie has to be. There's no violence. There's no of course negative message. There's no like what's she saying. She saying you can't Michael. What do you mean a ah now? We're now we're going after taxes. Not Real what's the bright kitchen with. If you did a great job in the movie like what it doesn't even make you know I got the ending of what's about time. Hollywood alf to admit like in this culture was weird the way they beat the show. Those women lit them on. Fire that to me. Is Honesty more interesting call. Them not only been agree with if you do a good job. In the movie should win an Oscar. But like now giving out Oscars Takeaway Oscars of Texas and fictitious films. The county more about how overrule rated that movie was. Yeah me me lace. I kind of enjoyed it but I don't ever loved it so much but if somebody did a great job playing bin Laden they shouldn't be nominated for an Oscar. Fuck bad bad guy. But you know it doesn't you know now I would say the Tarantino glorifies bad human beings. There's no doubt about that like you're not supposed to not like them. Then yet and the noxious. Yeah but that's making them a compelling person even though they're despicable true I agree but it's also not real like the guy play cliff booth in the movie. He's not a real person and then you get undo what. What are Tony? Soprano and Walter White and these corleones or any of them like it doesn't I you know it's bizarre. Being this weird that the fights they fighter just so strange. It's just fucking exhausting. Doesn't make any sense there that there's also that that is true every night. Local police departments across America receive hundreds of calls from burglar alarms a vast majority of the time. They have no idea whether the alarm is real is their crime going on or not. All the alarm company could tell them as the motion sensor went off. Simplisafe home security is way way different. Different breaking simplisafe uses real video evidence to give police an eyewitness account of the crime. Please up to three hundred and fifty percent faster than for a normal burglar alarm year comprehensive answer protection for your entire home outdoor cameras and doorbells alert you to approach anyone Do anyone approaching home. It should say entry motion and Glass Break Sensors Guard in inside twenty four seven monitoring live security professionals can set the system itself. You what knoll Tuesday. No tools needed or simply safe can do at four. You instantly fifty cents a day with no contract. I I love. The fact is no contracts. No bullshit simplisafe dot com slash Kirk simplisafe dot com slash K. Ira Get free shipping and a sixty day risk free trial. You've got nothing to lose. What are you smiling about? Just some people were tweeting to vivid seats yesterday. Saint Hope you have simply safe. I hope they do. It makes things safer for them which has been Nice. It's the morning told. The people at vivid seats didn't feel safe. Yes or no. What can help them for that situation? simplisafe simply say look. What are we doing here? That's not have to worry about. It's like I'll say this you try and gouge them in the fans. Fine they're gonNA they're gonNA try and find your house. We agree with that. We understand that can slash your tires. We get that if you have simply safe manner then you can arrest Matt the province. Yeah you know God knows him the pair of Nielsen on this pockets at that point of view jail for fifty years you can arrest You know whoever else Latino Kirk Guys who again and I don't mean to single out that's not for profits. I yes well. That's not a real Latinos. I said to him I think he's from like for Sudbury or something and I'm Cassini Cuba. He's not absolutely said Cuba Kentucky maybe simplisafe dot com slash Kirk simplisafe dot com slash K.. I R. K.. Vivid seats whomever You WanNa stay alive or you WANNA die. Pretty simple as Dana Larussa the credit card to to the to the To the guys nephew live or die and the guy says Di. The News has wrongly hawks among those point is if you wanna live long way of saying get simply safe and watch credit. Youtube is actually really good. Movie simplisafe dot com slash Kirk simplisafe dot com slash K.. I R. K.. So explain the vivid seats situation. I think we've done that yet. Have we yes. So vivid seats bought zero tickets yesterday. We do not buy tickets. They they're just they're marching to them. You're saying this is going to be some jarring news but the scalping situation is mini fan on men fan violence well. I'm not surprised. Well I gotta say this offense. I think those people listen to the show but they're also knew the tickets tickets. Were going there. There are people who understood that the value of the ticket on the free market was going to be a lot higher than what we were offering them. They're not people that would have been in does so based stomach. My conversation with vivid seats and with the Wilbur was that it was probably local area brokers or scalpers share who bought the tickets in advance and ticketmaster. It master does have some defenses against automated buying so the bought activity would have been a busy spending long problem for ticketmaster though. Yes it has been fighting. This is like an arms race between ticketmaster automated buyers right as soon as they come up with like a capture system to prevent automated buying the automated buyers find a way to get around it anyways those people bought tickets and then immediately brought me into the scalp. She brought them to vivid sis. The scalpers bought the tickets on ticketmaster and put them put them up for sale located seats and the worm turned against vivid David seats with a minute fans. Yes and And I love them because they're passionate It got a little heated. They want to go to the show. I I got to say I'M GONNA stand by the fans. I thought they were above board. I have no issue with what they did. Not so the temperature got a little hot for the people who have been seats. They reached out to me said that the CEO of the company it was a little bit concerned for the safety of his employees his name. I don't see his name is pussy are pushing away because I mean that's more or less what I told them. What what are we doing? I'm I'm so sick of that. Where the fans are that on the Memphis? Nicest people of all time of all time. That's the people in Moscow and they. They skip on bills once in a while. No big deal. There's no reason he called the next day they all bunch of drug addict drug addicted. Morons some are. Some aren't wouldn't the reason that we're all in this together but you know you saw with Travis T.. tweet out the other day EH. Kept the house clean. Classy thanked him very. I've never had an issue like that with a minute ever. They're not fucking harm. You'll vivid seats whether they like it or not are in kind of a shady business. Yeah they they are facilitating. I'm an hoping to get tough steal a bunch of fucking babies good so the guys from vivid reached out to me. We had a phone conversation. They said they worried. They WANNA make it right. So what they're gonNa do is all the tickets that were purchased through vivid seats which was just a handful of of pro. Bought the tickets because it was a little unclear in the heat of the moment. What was going on suckers? All the proceeds of all of those tickets will be donated to the the charity of your choosing okay and they also have offered up some bruins tickets or potentially pats tickets whatever you would like and then we you you can take those or you can. We can do some kind of a listener promotion contest. I don't know what great or we could turn around and sell them on vivid seats and keep the money. I do think the charity will be Kirkman Pizza. Funds uh-huh growing over three hundred thousand dollars right now so and I did. We didn't talk about this on the phone but he afterwards all the tickets that were Friday Alan Vivid seats disappeared right so I think that they the fans brought this company down in Western four hours. So good you know like I say I said yes. I don't like companies like that and I'm glad them in the fans had fuck you in the morning there. I'm not going to go ahead and it's just it's just a free mark shortest shortest but but it's also a free. It's a right to to fight against that. Try and correct it. Yeah and I don't like it. We should say this is bullshit and and Dan you know this is a special event and they really WanNa go in there pissed off a guy will get I guess spacey. Tickets would sell immediately. Didn't make any sense. And then you'd go to Stubhub or you go to wherever you the holy fuck. They're already how did they get ten thousand of these how that happened. Yeah it pisses you off. Yeah no I understand why. They're pissed off but I think we have the correct response in a free market is to the dump another Over thousand tickets into the market. Correct exactly the brokers who made those decisions we totally fucked with their economic calculus. So they're gonNA ended up sitting on about money. I mean they're not going to happen is going to go down. You're not going to get a four hundred percent mark show. I don't think so. If you sweating. Can you wait it out. You can get tickets for that first show from these scalpers. Whatever in the few months are going to be giving him out essentially a little above face math pay a little more be also have today at noon a real chance a much better chance? I think Dan yesterday to get some nice tickets in the VIP event in the VIP thing is was. I mean the angry yes was I mean they could to shake your hand picture. Okay conversation or no quick conversation. It's going to be very efficient meeting. Be Let's not be. I liked talking to these people all right the ramp. I'm doing the notes. The good cop bad cop. There's going to be a bad cop there who's going to be scooting. Everybody gets fifteen minutes with me. Is that fair. Steve Kirk and that's not fair. That's it's twenty years. That's three hundred minutes. That's six hours. That's all I forgot was two hundred people. Yeah so it's a minute each sure. Yeah Right. It's not going to be a minute. Each of three hours and twenty minutes. It's not going to be made in each. It's going to be about twenty five seconds each hour and a half. Yeah it's GonNa be quick that's doing four hundred of those yes someone just yell hello from some people. Do you think some people do to. VIP mean greets. Oh definitely yeah potential. Really exciting it's exciting. I will be bringing the pure out for you. And the best part is some of them. You will have many Kevin from Brazil. I was amazed how many people I didn't know the other night. I was pleased about that. Yeah faces an individual. It's you can see growing because you know I think in terms of just sort of little you know from this show. We broaden the base obviously but even little things like the hot dog contest to the courthouse. Yet who the vigil to Madel Wasco to the will eastern gets bigger and bigger and more. You see different people all the time you see the same people and you also start to notice certain people's absences. That's true and we're not asking everyone was like wait. Where's where's Timothy Canton right here in DC or whomever? I assume everyone's going to be at this. I assume I I saw a lot of hard core fans who were shutout yesterday. Couldn't original says that sucks so we do have some tickets in reserve and I know I'm going to regret saying that. What what the fuck are you talking about we? Would you say that. Because I'm wondering if it's just GONNA lead to go ahead go ahead and you so dump go ahead. I'm wondering if we want to have like five tickets available for purchase the day of so people start camping out. You know what these people through. I'm just wondering do you. Do you do do you think. Do you think people would camp camp out in front of the Wilbur for chance to buy tickets. Well I mean the poll shows sell out some of these shoutout not just tickets if they camped out you get a meet and greet and you get to go backstage age. Yeah I would say that. Yeah yeah maybe we'll talk. We'll talk about it. I mean you know Django unchained five. Eighty two five Mike and Mike in the fans live from in front of the Wilbur as a kid as true Mike in the military in between the two shows Saturday All right so yeah. We'll keep an eye on that. I guess so that so. It seems like we've solved things with vivid vivid. Things are great. But that being said you guys have to understand we're going to announce in you're listening now. Tickets are on sale right at this point if you've been listening to start You understand the scalpers. I can get some tickets. I mean that's just that's just reality is situation. You can get pissed off you're going to. We'll get a smaller slice today. I think I think it'll be a big market for the show but it won't be as I don't maybe I'm wrong. We use every time. I don't think it's going to be as crazy. We'll see copper copper random inefficient who got tickets yesterday and see and see if they wanNA go both up. I'm curious about that. Maybe maybe get somebody who'd doesn't really go at all. I don't know who knows I don't know you might be Taking their attention a lot of people that don't bother me in the mall. It's a good point twelve now. Just call me and say you get tickets the future. You say it'd be Great Tacoma. Temperature would have been good tree with this Stanton fifty nine yesterday right doc. Hello WHO's this Matt. What do you tickets tickets to the Wilbur show yesterday or no no did you WANNA go or no do you even try? I could buy goodbye. Go drop dead fucking him. FAMILY DOES FUCK OFF Steve. Get some tickets to the show. Jesus Christ with Asshole Lose Shit. Yeah WanNa go okay. Did you try and get tickets now. Call Right now We could do that seventh person. We call true Numbers of people you know have tickets or no no. I broke out by that. No the twitter name. WHO's this Jason? This is all again. Yes there you go. Did you get tickets Wilbur. Yesterday did you try and get a robot. Did you try and get them or no. Yes they tried to get to tell you something right now. You have one two tickets the Wilbur show. I've just gotten this kid. I'm not work. No one knows talking about about you have not you know tickets. Are you GONNA try today at noon. What what yeah? Yeah that's right. I thought I want ticket not mature. Yeah Charles Yeah two tickets at a DOOBIE brothers. What's that Did you get your driving. I can confirm that you drove me. I'm the guy drove drove by the way. Oh your wife the House with the Pamela Smart and Chris Correct yes the high school teacher. Who's let's just say Jerry is gonNA write about one day? We'll leave okay so you you try to get tickets yesterday. You didn't have any luck I did so I was able to Alexi but as soon as I went to the next step. They're already gone right and they. Hey where then it was balcony and I'm like whatever do it and They were GonNa could giving you the heads up right now because when you listen listen to this later states can be. After twelve o'clock you have already known if you've got tickets or not. This is like one of these weird twilight zone episodes at the one where the guy turned to a goat grew in or the guy with the cow. With attorney turn it. There was no milk in the world and at the end holding the one. Where is that the one where might get drunk? Yes it's like that one might get shrunk correct. Is this one this rear one three breasts. It's like a weird twice. Okay thank you. Thank you pretty much just to give so you ask good fan perspective first of all. What's your name again? I'm sorry Jason Jason So yes I'm driving. I'm driving on ninety five to the show on Saturday. fucking white. Knuckling this thing and I see a cargo by thirty five miles an hour car flying by and I just see a bunch of arms waving all over the place. It's Jason this wife. They're taking pictures of me. I'm like what the fuck is going on. Where you guys looking in every car window to see if it was currie right? That's another thing I never asked you guys me. I thought it was going to be a minute. Fan Best Jesus Plate and drove by. And I'm like no shit that's podcast. Jesus either say these Jesus Embassy these people right now in passing lanes to four day. You're flying flying. I'm surprised they didn't run you off the road. That's how Kirkman hands going to die some fan trying to get both both of sexual assault and murder me but I mean you must have going. It was icy. So you're driving like a maniac. Yeah we're going like seventy five and stupid anyway. So gimme a in-person Stephen. I spent some time Amazon. Yesterday's show he dubbed a little bit. I might being drunk the show and if you notice while you were there but being at the show itself first of all the performance of yours truly dancing shaking taking his ass. I mean unbelievable. Amazing I have some amazing video trying to get to see spending a couple already. Okay few mouride all right. Excellent need to trim down and spend over. 'cause they're like five minute clips good Route crowd dancing. Did anything ruin your experience experience as somebody who drove that farmers or something really left a sour taste in the mouth. You know I was hoping you guys be able to do a little bit more of the show got in that Mike was just wait you map. Yeah right right but I kind of took away from the experience. So you're saying you drove. Where are you guys from Where down near Augusta like I have an half hours in the snow when you stay at the hotel for night and richer lives in did all the stuff and you're saying that Mike ruined it just a little bit your experience as a as a consumer of Kirkman the hand of Kirkman a hand product? My name it's our experience a little bit correct a little bit tickets no matter what now the perfect go ahead Paul. Yeah I mean it was just it was just a tad bit ruined and I guess if I was at that minivan show the night before and being drunk for that might have been entertaining less charming on it. Go there to see a show. Thank you I'm actually I am. I am kind of glad that happened. Because you had to improvise. Shake your everyone Talladega. Go right right like if I was drunk. Shirley improvised that will Mike. What would you like to say to Jason? No I Apologize Sir as well all the fans that were there very sorry fire Mike yesterday or no Come on ask the floors his. This is Mike. This is a guy who's paying as far as as far living you know I don't know I guess he's the best guy. Are you at right now. Jesus don't put it like that. You know you had anyone better. There are no we're looking. We're looking at right all right Jason. Well Good luck with the tickets today. Komo go ahead. No please continue more. Jason should be a guest on Mike and I was a great even even before Might get drunk. He's still kind of heat up at the table and not really mingling. You're as mad dog. Excellent point by you excellent. Jason wouldn't let you go. We'll talk to you later. Okay see later but during the during the I'm going I am literally like a wedding going from table to table at this thing. Steve You saw it. Yes I look over. I keep saying these people look at this fucking drift. Mike is staring at his phone doing nothing. You're right that is very nervous with that because I can't sleep right about. What do you mean the batum right? About how the whole thing. I'm saying this is a new point. So if you get what you got to say is I understand. It's hard for you because social anxiety and also seeing walking around my point is have somebody walk around with you okay. I know it's not fun but just inner. Whoever people want to talk to justin the way anyway people? I think people like that. I don't know I mean I feel like we're there. I'm literally going Steve from table table. Yeah yeah I I will kyle. Just yesterday I couple Vermont while we were eating a couple of what you eat. I mean I was going table. A table to interact with these are lunatics. I I will take a little bit of the Blaine doing other stuff. No because when Mike got in I immediately was like all right. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA Walk Doc you to your chair. You're very troubling at that point. We probably get down eating. She get started. What's the big rush? There's there's no there's no time clock. Clearly there wasn't a time to start out but I did. I did the first thing I said to. Mike was like hey let me lead you to your chair. I was just trying to get all the pieces in place and he did say well. No I KINDA WANNA WANNA stand in Mingo a little bit. But then eventually I think Steve Providence got him into his chair. Yeah so yeah. Stephen Province was a real factor that night. But that's okay we love. I'm not his fault. Jesus speaks for a lot of people. Don't want to get back into it again in depth. But I'm happy to have the conversation all right but he was not. Maybe he's a baby is a musical way to articulate Jason I hope so the day I may. I had a periscope on shocked the beer's win awards out during the Kirk drinking so have A. They embarrassed me. I even got up to drinking. Kurt's Kurt's drink is pretty reasonable. Dope goose are ruled by. Show the drinks stoppable Berlin cal. Yes the street as in me. Good Evening Erin. I guess there's a Lo- Murphy was was like getting up and staggering. They go pee. This is not not good. I think I said locked the door. Post send them back to the hotel. I I assume this is not your intention by the calls. I feel worse now than I did at the start of the show. Good intention I do you know okay. You want me to feel. It's always always the suspension might have been easier to know. I'm so pissed off. Forty life goes on. You know playing on the song like I said I don't understand. Fees may feel worse. That's how you should feel when I hear to replace one. No this is just one of the twenty two you had to play. Jason was good. How hard not to let you uh-huh make little black boy? That's important to me in math speech feeding off. If you lock her took do sober Kuzak getting drunk show behavior with Joe Drone no yup to eighteen brew that gave me off the scrap he. I'm fairly competent Oh we set the fats again and take the punching bag on the drug. Filling up show behavior was junk. Don't drome Brazilian wasted bed man composes. I'll tell you that is is one divisive character. Matt there who actually likes liked him and there are people who hate him very nice guy. Oh I mean on air the character is or whatever him on these. He's recovered east. I would say is part of the family though now st right yeah. He's made guy well. He's something anyway and then you just made all the people from different designation for it matter. WASCO macy's made I don't know that the Great Parts Today Medo Oscar. Anyway here we go. Oh he's making me feel worse than you deserve it. So you think you thought you was jeff drug okay. MIC STREAM bad may might by the Kirk James Strides. It's not as is love and get the same way he sir in New York the Yes I listened. I tried to leave someone with his cherry nut. Cuts you fucking idiot fucking right fire again. This song pissed off. You'RE JAW law. His grass saw some away de blue. Uh Kirk gave two strikes now the only fifty more to go the the the the curious thing about that song which is very unusual is it was on the edge of and working like a minute but actually got wrong in bad. Yeah the slow and melancholy. Ones are tough. Yeah when he started giving to the with the you asshole part in that and then the sound ended very if I had to rank them I probably do. The Steve's Steve Liar Guide time thanks again. I'll remind you I don't enjoy very clear. I black Ska last Saturday night. Bikes thanks to kick skins and drinking all the coors lie. Mike saying things that don't make sense to anyone just wants to get get drunk just a keg stand. The Davis live show. Well that I thought would make a funny video independent. I also did catch. That was genuinely stupid. Yeah Yeah what I for content that the only reason I did is I could confident. People would like to do that for the documentary. It's you know Zillion Beers barstool kind of thing on our listeners. Snuck GonNa make good content now no now actually bill will singer guy that's off The guy there's no professionalism it's unbelievable wasn't he mixes the vocals right with the audio. Some some good music Larry Voice for the parody song you need to be able to hear the lyrics that Kevin. Yeah yeah anyway so get some other ones. That aren't like specifically drinking theme but they are Madda WASCO themed. Oh my Sarah. Why we're here a multi by the way? I want a lot more mike songs this week. Please thank you God. I hate the song of it really does the buck at the grocery store parodies has like twelve dollars was ready for war. Hangs of Bonaparte's did offer that has got got got got got got got chastise housing wax. That Alaska is where they are headed and them and time that wide together on is drunk. Bed Fan catching trout. Napa know feeling. WHO's that anybody or no no? I don't think incentive. They've put that voice. Don't do me a sound outside of this stuff. Or what else I've got a little bit of this great new food podcast. I'm your full. Might be up your alley huge. Foodie how did you great the food at the dinner. The other night Excellent a plus so that that that that fried chicken and some of the Best I've ever had. I didn't have the Fried Chicken I the busy. I went for a scoop of the big slice of ham the baked Ziti. I have to say probably eighty percent cheese and it was delicious and I was good too. I had a nice base role delicious. Whoopie Pie? which very one of those? We'll be Peiser. Great Mike. I did not eat there. You didn't know might have been part of the problem strategy. Why didn't you eat there because it's buffet? If I go up up I don't know what I'm looking at really wasn't one hundred and sixty people in the room. Who can help you get an kind of like if you know something that you drink? But you'll just drink it right right. Gotcha okay good. Smart Martin Luther Booze Foods can estimate. It was a moment where you took a shot. You're like what was that. It was hard liquor Oh replay that later. So it'd be a beer food guy. I am Yes. So this is a new food podcast. Yeah new food podcast Do you think that way. Pretend like I don't know what this is. I heard this. I heard somebody do this. Was it some cut. Somebody sent semi where they were doing. Something in the other guy the coast. It's like what are you talking about. And they clearly knew when I was a quite people do this so I have been asking for the sound My good fortune not not a fortune. Five hundred company. I looked very large company called entercom fortune. Five hundred. There's a there's A. There's there's a host in the Boston market. WHO Does a morning show names Greg Hill? And now he's teaming up with a woman named COURTNEY FALLON TO DO A. I think they broadcast. This is well. They do Saturday mornings. I heard all about. I didn't hear it yet. So they're doing a food show. Did you listen to the whole thing. So I listened to chunks of it they. They did their first one with Matt Matt Light. Who's actually a really good guy like matt a lot? He's fucking bore. No Republicans leave. You can be a nice perk Steve. How do you know him? I met him. At a trump funds. Big Satellite Equals fucking more ing. Go ahead for extra sauce with Greg Hill. And Courtney Fallon now. Here's Greg Stop. Stop Stop Stop It. Isn't they never learned. Learn to do anything different. Listened to that fucking shit opening. What is that? What is that music extra sauce? There are extra Greg Hill. If if you're a musician or a a sound engineer there are a couple of ways you make money. You'd produce a bunch of those and some producers scrolls through a whole bank a whole library that they always sounds like that and just listens since to the sound rock and roll that Gary Glitter things. That sounds like very much was it. Sounds supposed to show like energy energy momentum. Santa what it is. It's almost like a sporting event. Getting amped up creative opening. Have some fun. I I duNno for extra sauce us with Greg Hill. And now here's Greg in Courtney so welcome to the first extra sauce. I'm Greg Hill. And Courtney Fallon Alan is here and this is the start of I think we it's like the networks with TV. I think we have a ten show is at a ten show. Is that what you're saying. You set my podcast. Ten show shoot show rise exercise. I found we can. We can introduce this. Is Greg Hill. And what's what's going on. What is what is going on the NFL network yeah? You're you're a journalist. I'm not a journalist. I host the hack morning. Thank show on this station. Insider he learned right. Tommy current or patriots insiders on talking about each challenge gun. This show what coordination I WanNa do is introduce you to great places to eat great things drink. Great sounds interesting to Komo on top of the food or yeah. Here's some of this. Valentine's Day is next week And so I'm guessing that you are expecting that whoever it is Whoever you're you're currently dating is going to take you out for a a nice meal out at a restaurant? That's that's the expectation expectation and I. I'm just generalizing outside of myself and my personal life who sat that Simeon. Who wants to hear about my personal? Yeah then why is this show. What the fuck are they doing? You should never do you a podcast. If you say who wants to hear about my life what's up. It's on the air right. Yeah I would think so. Jesus what are they talking about. I think they're they're getting to a good places in Boston to take a Valentine's Day so this is a this is how it works and they're getting paid by these restaurants to do this for free advertise. I would imagine. There's some element of that. It has to be right so as to do this. Extra Sauce podcast at his old station. They ain't me listen to it. I've never heard of it. I don't even know that this was what was called exercise. I don't know if Ooh Yuck he owns restaurants. have an interest in saying adult. Think he can do that though. I only well yeah. I mean he'd have to disclose it might do that. Not the ones that haven't closed down but yeah we'll hear say Mrs Hill. This is you're GONNA make you're GONNA make two or three reservations. Ezra vacations just okay. Because I just kinda bring this up a random Valentine's Day restaurant etiquette going out and stealing feeling an eight or eight thirty reservation at three of the top restaurants in town. And you can so that you can cancel the last two last. Minute is the worst. Valentine's Day Kit. Why do people do that because they go and they say happy Valentines Day baby attack which restaurant you want to go like review? Do you understand if anyone on that show on this show does this. You should just be booted. Did to blow online. What are they doing? What do people? Actually they do that. First of all I don't know if they do let's say they do who cares A.. B. What are they fucking talking about. What are they talking about? What art what is going on this station stations while the fucking buy it now? What are they doing? Well you see people are calling. You don't understand. People are calling multiple restaurants and making people who are Domin. They're both domin and she's dumb. I don't care you know there are men or women down the Soviet dumb person and she goes off and lookout guys like give me some room rant time and it's the most boring the fucking rant of all time just just like still hockey's is such a fucking drip both of you just like what are you. Why are you doing that show? I guess if you're a radio executive you look at it and you say You know the food network is a very popular killer television program. There may be the food areas and underserved entertainment category. So let's do a food show. Greg Hill owns a restaurant and he can talk. Let's pair them up with a spunky female ninety percent of the age of eighty with. Listen to must eat. It makes sense. I'm just saying that's probably what they were thinking. I guess. Why does I understand? Why Courtney Fallon would do it? Because she's not a no name. Or why would Greg Hill do this. I have no idea I think or yeah. Yeah I bet he probably got like a you know a lump sum to ten episodes. Oh my God. He's is what I guess that's why he's there. I mean I just mentioned. They pitched me that to me and be like with WHO this person this awful personality all my gun but not even if they pitched it to you like if you wanted to do it. Why would I wanNA do this because Saturday mornings and they don't care I assume that's why I think it's on the weekends? I'm sure it's on the week I think so. Yeah but that's all unle- driving around you're listening to. Is there anything else. I have to imagine that they pre-tape it to yes for over shore. Thank and where is she. She might think she's I think she's speaking into the wrong. Side of microphones horrific Isn't that colony. So they they get really really wacky and they actually eat food during the show obviously listened to me call the compliance people. Now like I understand entercom crazy but we we do work for a major company Penn.. They're not going to play the sound. Is they'll fucking way on the podcast. Should we try some. Yeah I mean I'm writing. I audio gets better while they're on hold on hold on hold on. She's Robert. Hope you're ready food food podcasts. Ready Meek you open your mouth. The people excited I'm ready. I'm ready I'm ready to do this. I'm fucking ready. Let's fuck and motherfucker. What are they eating Steve? I I actually don't know I didn't. I didn't wasn't able to listen that far. I got the sense. You just go ahead. Should we try. Some food is me. I'm writing I. I didn't eat breakfast today. So do so. Here's shirt voice but matt light is thereby now. Oh Jesus should we try some. I mean I'm writing. I liked them. Shows them all. But we're GONNA try sandwiches so I this is is. Which one do I all right the garage? The KOOKY male Kimchi definitely not definitely South Karachi. The sound is pretty broad in this food like someone from some restaurant. They're great friends. It's impressive you got your mouth around that. It seems like there's so much chicken little legs in the chicken like but that it's really really really good that mail. It has a deep deep flavor corny piece. That's really P with the cheese. Is that your first time trying to mentha cheese okay. When do you think it's good by what is your? Here's the other thing. Is there a circumstance in hell. I beg your part in H E Double Hawk. Thank you were. They would say not not not really feeling. This isn't very good. There's no chance they're so compromised. We're GONNA bring people every single time. They're going to say every single time like these dumb food shows. Oh this foods unbelievable. Food's great bullshit like everyone saw tip. Those hamburgers sucks but right. It's a fucking infomercial. Embarrassment Stations Holy. Fuck Mercer should be calling these fucking the people this is awful but also to say like hey like the audios bad. We don't have anything to say about Roy. Just do a review outlets eat now. How is it yeah? It's really good house of Meadow. Netto guys go ahead before no metrics. He's Oh no I didn't want how is it. It's really good has your food. It's really good over the idiot. Who brought him to food this loser yeah you it? Is it good. Yeah you get your suck it down your mind. Meet Down Your Throat Greg. You know what I'm saying. Is that good your mouth around that. It's funny the guy running. The food is the most compelling person on the show that personnel in the show is the food obviously has the best personnel in the fucking rumors. That poor chicken. So good swallow by Greg Greg Hill. She's these things piss me off good really solid very smoking. Yeah beer cheese front of Labor. I hate food foodies very crispy like these little peppers that are yeah that's the Chow Chow. Yeah so with all the sandwich. Hawaiian hate this guy. Yeah honey. That's the couch. Oh okay enough. Let the expert handle it all these people. That's that's the Chow Chow. No He's got a little phrase forever. Now you got that wrong side. There's actually not in mental cheese. No sorry not Smith. She's anyways fuck wants EXAC- the they acting like it's problems. Vomit be gracious puked all over the place. I said No. It's really good. It's underneath the puck right now. It's actually really good. The guy that's actually called vomit it's not puke and we actually serve those appetizer. Don't you should. It's really good. Yeah it's really put the fuck. What person would listen to this? This good compelling radio so I want to go in in fucking just do something and they leave God's unbelievable and I have answered a question. Roughly Zero Zero Reminder sent me a lot of people. Good we're going to the attention. This checking obviously is Scott. It's crunch could crunchy texture. And then I usually usually add something creamy and then something perfect because what the Hell said something about the cream melts in your mouth and thank me on my face. Jesus Christ something with some acidity so on your mouth. I really really like. The peppers have recorded. We got you like it. You don't worry you're keeping the job the executor do you like the food. We understand the ingredients. We understand we need to fight is more is what it was I was this water is credit was pulled. Spring waters unbelievable poon springs sorry right body armor what. What's let me take a sip of water west? Incredible get you like it. Wet jumping around jumping around in my mouth. It's home I let me try again I I. It's got some sort of flavor to never had before the men rally second part of. Why is that from a Laker from a river with those teddy so good? It's so different than ever happy for you get sopping. Don't you want your tasting. There is the verse. osmosis I reverse. That's right yeah I thought it was good taste. It was typically traditional Osmosis but this has thirty seconds reverse reverse has to be reversed take normal osmosis and and just flip it. It feels just like it just feels more like I feel the electrolyte just flowing through my body is am I missing something here. No no it's got the Magnesium minute so your body absorbs the water fast second I think by the stapler. Let me see really good. I've I didn't realize this guy's GonNa make savers like this wise so edible flavor never had before to staples staples all the time you could clamp down on me impose. Why is it tastes? Good this is a little Chinese hands that manufactured it. That's a really. It's a really good local experience. I'm really enjoying this this tasty. Thanks have read my life. It's really really good. Do you like in your mouth. I do I do Kevin. The Guy's name is let me more more the show Yeah Yeah I. I'm thinking we need to get a minute on the show amid a municipal owned a restaurant on this show it served them some absolute shit horrendous. It just dropped reference. I'll play down. We can do that. I think we could figure that out. Let's do that because they wouldn't even they don't be listening to how somebody somebody will will flag this. I'm sure all their producers. Listen that's true. Poor souls you sit there running the board for that fucking and listen to this show. God forbid sausages around on the Menu I can only imagine forget it. Let me guess you Brian these yourself. How the peppers cha-cha we make it in house? This Guy Got Cha. It's stop peppers okay to its charge us. No actually we all make ourselves no. It's it's I love a question like that. Gee this is really organic organic. Do you make them yourselves. Or do you send it out and have somebody else do it now. We do it ourselves like it store. All our food is actually microwaved. No we get at star market market. That's where we can actually see a little bit of. We haven't we didn't really freezer properly on the microwave yet. But you have to bite some of the real frozen parts off but yeah it sits we do the best we can do you Brian. These yourself grinding in house. So it's a grind sweethearts they could vegetable Chutney. Essentially it has some some sugar. And what does this guy. We make it with Champagne vinegar a little champagne vinegar a little surprising that is bad. Have the the horrible people Popeye's driven the price of chicken. And the and the Great Greg. Those stories in the news man. He knows he's an industry insider knows it does it. Prep Burger told me. Today that the Popeye's chicken was popular. It's been on buzzfeed. This might be punishment I think. Maybe Steve I think more or Friday. We're GONNA bring in somebody who is going to make the most disgusting meal of all time. Mike has to eat it and say how much like moment you can't break character. Okay to make some Allen to smell bad now. The selection the selection of fan here is critical. Because how how does how fucking gross they're at. This is gross. It can get you remember. I don't think you guys realize there's no I wouldn't care for this can get I remember. I told you about the Vietnamese market. I went to with the uterus. Okay I'm thinking pig uterus in silkworm larvae might be on their own there as well. Some of their love love. I will have to say this time of. I'm slurring. My words won't be my you may die. That's true that's true. You're somebody's my. This is my favorite show. What's your go to meal? Prep again. This is like all right. So we're we're going to cook something so my amazing wife is not the same as me and meaning. She is a vegetarian through and through want squirrel so on the share the squirrel with my wife kind of site for me right like I get to have all of it and For me it's going to be a really good pasta and a really good potato eight okay. That's what Mrs Light really enjoys. Yeah scallop potato done right and and really blend in. The cheese is perfectly clearly Give that Nice crist young America. She's got so good at Ayush. Mel saw listened when it comes to that and Youtube or or googling is my my biggest stuff I just find the hold on. Hold on hold on to know what this could be rough. Maybe it's romantic. Actually you should just onto glorify I t's doing might actually to this guy be a whole food thing right for you to Gore I. Two categories are thick in mom. Some world let me see here categories you categories seeing food will be its own category Only specific food or food definitely will be but I don't know about specific foods. I've got a hundred and five thousand videos in the food food big big Asked stunner tasted the second one. It's been messy different than I do. Oh the Banana Mitsu. It looks like shoving a banana and a his big cock up. Her asshole has been viewed. You'd eighty one thousand surprisingly low for two. Looks like a blonde is played with a large banana bananas kitchen today. Sound like that Steve. I've got to bananas and Whip Cream and Astle put up one year says porn star pork stuffed with Kach. I see that one. Yes eating my come off a banana. Okay Jesus Christ. Oh my go- I see Fruit loops in an asshole. I do see that too. I don't WanNa watch that fucking grows some kind of instrument there Keeping the asshole gaping. The bananas certainly seems to be the Big Star here pies. I think might be after the American pie craze. I know this this is a banana pie. Oh this is a banana category. Like I look I respect. You WanNA get your rocks off as long as it's legal. Knock yourselves out. Oh it looks like there's some guy pissing into a bowl of cereal. The eight thousand views. Here's this guy's coming on Kgo Association even come on food eating waffles with come after deep throat. I I wonder I wonder why would want I would say somebody invented somebody invented. The title of this video is foot and Pie. That's gross. I hate the superwoman Sucking on a foot in getting ready to eat some posit cucumber expected the sea cucumber show fifty eight percent thumbs up. I mean I mean I see like female pushing a banana. ADVER ASSHOLE is not does not turn me on. Here's one here's one with a woman who is pushing green grapes out of asshole into a bearded man's mouth. I mean that fifty eight percent that one's GonNa fifty percent thumbs up. Fifty percent of people saw that betrays. If you're watching that ah what you just automatically assume I like the fact that there's some people didn't like it didn't work for me. Did Not get it done. I'd love to hear the critique the critique the re watchable podcast broadcasting eating piss soaked food finally some some cucumbers are now. I think we've got Mike's World here. I think we have Friday. No come yeah I think like a a good solid you know Minna fame and wants to do something like this. You know piss no bunch of fruit loops and shove Mike Ashley Okay. Then maybe maybe I don't want to eat. The title of this. One is Anal Omelette. I sorta got nothing whole corn on the cop sitting there but there it is there it is. Here's a good compiling compiling come of food compilation compilation shore. Just saying it's with the American. Would say oh boy. Seeing a picture of a horse a woman you know what that illegal to me for the Poor Horse Horses Bananas not going to have much impact. This this is fucked up like this is so fucked up. People are so fucked up. This is everyone ever wonder what that special hamburger sauce was. Well maybe this is it. This really isn't my VIP won the postseason. This really great come food video person. ejaculates in the hamburger eats it. What is the sexual arousal? I don't know like watching essentially watching some might as well be Menes that'll get it. Natella Him Job God the other thing is just really messy right. Yeah it just seems like that was one of the video when you're done and you've got we you know it's good. We can send this one we did it. This is a good one but then when they see fifty percent dislikes like fuck you better better next time. It's six so I think we need to do something like that to Mike. Something Really Huck masturbate in his breakfast spending somebody. Whether you know Mike is more up to having something in your asshole than you eat it or Jackie actually. I don't know what to figure something appropriate appropriate punishment for this. We'll shouldn't be what I want. It should be true whenever you boys fans may come. Who knows? I don't know looking looking at. By the way I got a parody song might be appropriate right injured. Good fucked up. That's fucked up in the judge. But Jeez Mahindra sounds seems almost dino coming on a hamburger when I can read my mind like a bite of this it tastes good. They pretend greg pretenders good time in kirks lies of which he is a shame is when he hit the dad and is why coffee laughed anniversary to John in a minute. The Yacht. The bathroom walkies too long. So Paul Down Those Hang Dong and enjoy in John. He swallowed some shots proof but it's not his. Aw He says they were A. He's got sweat on he's Jay asked it's GonNa rat through is based on him on. I'm only when you can lease about me. We surface to In your mind also understand a we need take me off that you can treat 'em your own fall. The bathroom walkies. It's too long so pool down those grabbed on. Call it on. When you play this fall we need UH surface to he? We all know you don't get funny until you had a few. We all need. I need to be done. You gave that speech Wjr without any drinks booted beneath a new song down your drinks till y'all see indeed When it was still some Johny it it the native appease the beyond p? That's it's a good one. I mean I think I like my own stories about that inside. Anything can lead to a song was really about my struggles. I'll go humanize the best that could thanks dismiss country cheese and to simplisafe. I'll be back tomorrow. Steve what else again Yeah I got some stuff. That's going to drive you pretty Pretty pretty crazy in the theme of your your old workplace. What we more of this No no different show up probably a work show. That's right it is Tuesday Tuesday. Don't do Karaoke to do this. It's only been on tour that I can think of on this to once with with our Buddy Steve Yossi ossie threat once when Lucy burge stepped in as well I forgot about wiggins rich keefe stem that counts. Okay which which is what they're doing so if you don't keep the midday show in Boston they're getting a little wild there's this segment or they don't talk sports in their hair down yes let let her rip. Let's just let it read. Nobody has funding Dale. Thomas not just them sing the song. Bob coupland believable. Thank you thank God for wants to like it is the least creative in simple and Guys scenario why don't that you're getting that the guys probably not that good at singing. He's he's not understand he's really uncomfortable doing it in the end they do it and it's you know what it's time of day where people were just having a good laugh like we've talked enough sports. Let's let's let our hair color. Play flocking their cars. There's no question it's amazing a little. I used to work there and I get nobody ever unless they're talking about me which is even rare. I never never get anybody tweeting but anything. I've talked about this before Boston's in radio ever any radio not for this. I would not have known Tuesday Karaoke exists quote. tweeted dodge looking for dump tweet. I saw that one. They were like you know some Mba tweet and then you know and the guys do Karaoke thirty. They'll sell out the wilbur. There'll be a thousand people saying Karaoke. Do Karaoke noon today. We'll have been looking for a way to make things up guys booked Brian Windhorst for tomorrow. Wash right yes. Yes Jesus I mean God just credit you know we don't learn and you don't change you die you adapter die and they're going to die hopefully actually die and then they professionally. I can't wait til they all die. I cannot wait to go there. Funerals cannot wait. Put this way. I'll be handled the hamburgers. Everybody thank the Nice Juicy Saucy the Hammer. What's that sauce on? That's exactly what I can't believe that whole thing in your mouth. It's a lot of meat in your mouth there. We understand fucking hamburger. God that's frustrating. Did you see trump tweeting out. The Larry David Clip. I don't think the audio works but I thought it was pretty funny. I'm wondering if if if he knows that it was satire. No trumpet satire. I thought because Larry David's a big liberal so I thought about using it against him. Maybe that's more credit off trump said. Yeah maybe you might be right. Though he might have a satire is not a great mix but it was funny. Makes me laugh because it drives people insane like the reactions to. You're like Oh my God. He doesn't realize it's satire bub-bubba. We'll check out on the curb the season. I'm really not last. Episode was not good. I'm just not I think we've kind of reached our limit doesn't Mother Oscars note as I y blew through. I blew through it. It's fucking goes on forever. There's like ninety musical numbers. Steve Martin Chris Rock went up together essentially the host Shaba. Oh come on a log did you see it or no. I saw the clip Steve. Martin seems found. The old like slower. Chris Rock was blowing past him now. Everyone said everyone's funny. Of course they're going to say that but and I think this is funny. Steve Martin a handsome guy but breath he compares himself to Brad Pitt. It's funny am I looking in a mirror right. I heard that that was the job the Chris Rock was ready to go. Who's taking down hall was good? He was funny and see March was very funny guy. I mean it's tremendous career but like he. It just seemed for the first time ever. I've seen a couple of years. It seemed finally like a step slower really past like Chris Rock. Even that gets Chris. Rock was Kinda guile. It's I just want you kind of get my jokes here. I mean it was. It was fine. The whole show is unbelievably fucking slow. He did fourteen musical numbers for boom fucking musical numbers. Here's the weird thing too. I think my generate I know of Steve Martin being funny because I'm into comedy everything but I think most people my age like think of Steven mearns at Corny next Sammy movies yeah exactly What dozen kids? Whatever the shooter by dozens yeah and he was unbelievably funny guy? Actually what a great book about stand up comedy and if you'd rather on the beginning of his stand up career it's really fucking great book and he's hugely influential hugely angel for generation guys my age he was the first guy I think before dice even to sell it. All comedian south completely. He was he was doing crazy. I remember my parents had this album when I was a little kid I ever listened to those kind of sad to see that but other than that I you you know parasites fine. No big deal. I would vote for nineteen seventeen and there wasn't a huge leap political night. Not really didn't seem to be really sound footing. They're not really keen. Phoenix was Kinda time I mean. He's just he's just fucking. This is the basic stuff like you know climate change. There wasn't a whole lot of that. Not Really Brad. Pitt said something Bolton at the beginning a little joke nobody cares what he says one thing and I'm like you know any Academy Awards care about them which I admit I do. They always give the Oscars to the guys. The women too late like Joaquin Phoenix one. One for a bunch of other movies Brad Pitt could have one further movies. Happy Martin Scorsese one for the wrong movie that can happens. Elderly happens all the time to Capri early in the wrong movie like they just. This is eventually wherever's next wasn't won an Oscar it's GonNa win for moving great. This is what they do and so i. My immediate thought was because I haven't seen the movie we parasite my thought that was. That's Hollywood kind of blow themselves like pat themselves on the bed element of that but it is a good movie good movie. It's a good movie. I like nineteen seventy. That's I mean. I had no problem with a winning best picture. They're open to spend a lot worse movies at one best picture. But there's definitely some of that. Let's give this to a foreign land. Don't we look smart. Yeah no not only that like yeah look how. Oh you know we are worldly yeah as opposed to just voting for the best movie but whatever an awesome nobody watches it again right railings. Down fifteen percent makes sense the long. That's three and a half hours. 'cause I didn't I saw everything you just mentioned but I did not watch right. I saw everything on twitter. Three and a half fucking hours. It's incredible to me. I trying to anything else before we wrap it up and then get tomorrow interesting. Because they have the fucking second show fallout. We'll see any more controversy. Hopefully we we do well at this point when people are listening to this hearing this we could have just sold out for a second time. Can you. Second is really a water. It must have P. H. A.. Plus right has to yeah second one second Sounds like you're gulping down. Stable really tastes good flavor. Like I've never taken that Scandinavian or on the way that was may gives is great local flavor. To Kirk desk is going to be very excited at the truth really Kurt. I met her desk again the other night jerks desk came Tomato Osc L. Oscar very nice guy and I said to him I said. What do you think of this desk here? While we were there were we had these like. It's fucking piece of Shit. One of the long Ed Lake theorizing. I'm not happy about this desk. Kirk Kirk said if you want you can sit on me for the entire show. He has a lot of desk. I was like I gotTa Kirch. Yeah but I do like when they're like you know it's always like you know. Hey I'm whoever you know. I'm a bread line Callahan. Guy Bent over in simulated sexual during rape you pantomine to rape. Yes the highlight of his life and seemed very happy about it. I imagine I mean make sure we you joked about I sa I writes with some of the manifesto ladies but I think that's true. I think he could probably swing it with breadline callister. Yeah I think I wonder if a couple get married at the live show. How about live show about this? It's Christian and Tara Yeah How about first? Show of the the two will they they get in there and let them in all right. I get married second show live for sex couple. Nice bed everything. CASSIM fair. Do we put up a curtain. Now what are we doing here. I'm just being clear. Talk throw food into the mix here they can do whatever they want the fruit loops or whatever. They WANNA do Hamburgers Burgers. Start out there for them. Maybe they can help this Steve. Now I mean this is like a carnal like a Sort of depraved angle. I mean I want to see the first minute fan baby. Conceive live from the entire audience. Seems reasonable okay. Yeah I think we can do it. I mean they seem to be huge fans so it'll be nice thing like I. I obviously have to see if she's ovulating properly and how to give full sperm count if they're able to do it and see if that's the perfect moment get a doctor in here to examine the both and then boom right there right. Maybe right as the show ends Bam and then nine months later we do the show obscure show at the birth live birth birth. The hospital is that we wouldn't want to do that. A hospital. Why not have cafeterias their past? He won't be great cats. They can induce anywhere. That's a good point home birth. We'll get it. We'll little plastic pool. Sino will find a midwife somewhere in like the dakotas there's GonNa be a midwife listening to could deliver the baby. You're GONNA kill me. I want to have this baby. I mean the Fan baby conceived at the Wilbur show. Does that count as performance art. Are there any sort of A. That's just fine leaf. Everyone's consensual it's fucking Bruce Palmer that stuff they've puppet show seems like I want. I want this. This is what I want. I want him in Steve Tweet so right now please Kirkman. I want a minivan baby conceived at the Wilbur show. That's a that's a must and they have. Ah this is going to be tough to know. It's not there's no sex before. No sectors varies improve right. But that's what I'm saying it's GonNa be it's GonNa be tough to guarantee that they can see you know well not if multiple people do it with some okay line of pressure on them and that's wonderful. If nine months from now we have a bunch of Fan. The baby's that'd be terrific. Great a new generation. You said to that Steve. Yes good excellent mind at the Home Depot that day yes prank phone call. It's not making saving the world. I mean yeah. It's anyway all right so there there we go get our sea legs under US again. Better Mike I mean yes. I still got some work to do. Still you know yes I do. Yes sure. Do know that Jesse's Malaya's indited by Steve. Either News Guy here. I know that it's not really. I just love the still alive with a beaulieu bad story. I actually. That was one of the few times I was not on the air at that point right now is one of the few times rob is like I was I would have killed to have a microphone because it it was just so the bullshit from the start but a certain Pekar Basel had to stay away from it. But it's the P.. Carl Boston Globe story the stories. I kind of miss not being thing on there for the most or smolen Cavanaugh. Obviously yeah small more because it was such obvious bullshit. The story the minute I read it I was like this is just not talk to random. Guys who are mega hat like no recognizes like fifth actor from empire dumped it. Didn't he have like the thing around his neck. When yeah you walk into a hotel? It's nice negative Chicago Matt Oskarshamn and that happened in like he didn't order food or something he went to subway. It's just the Veggie wrap so dumb and these people were led by. You know the the normal the normal crowd trying to ruin these people's lives I like it's like the Covington Catholic away I was like this isn't this didn't happen a fucking way this happened. There's no way this happened. How much money they got in that sooner an undisclosed settlement? I know they were suing for like two hundred nine out. They got all assured stories. Like you know the peacock one I bring up again. We have done much lately. I will get to it at some point bullets at Rolling Stone Story. You know the hoax radiate rape. Yeah I mean it's resulted in a settlement as well today and it's so insulting honesty too. I think zip these poor actual rape victims. Oh fucking insulting to them and obviously the VA guys but like yeah. I mean the real stories harder for some people to believe because what what about this where it hurts the case you read that story it's not sourced at there's actually no sourcing on none. It's it's unbelievable which when he talking the UVA one Uva while she did have the the Soon pseudo yes but I mean just the one person right and there's no clearly bullshit and I think that society has and decide what the proper punishment should be for a fake rape claim. Because you know you could you bet potential absolutely ruined someone's life and if it turns out that you were lying about it you get a couple of months in jail may be suspended sentence. I mean there are no. I don't think that their affirmative sentences for people who make allegations with the jail for ten years. Yeah I'll be fine with that. Tried to ruin people's lives and reputations and in and smear them and cost the government money and time and could have been doing something else also lying to police officers sir. How much how many how? Many crimes were committed because cops couldn't be doing their jobs because instead they were trying to track down hate crime. Perpetrators didn't exist. Maybe none. It's also in a weird way. Maybe done in a it could be a thousand. Oh was I like ruining the reputation of half the country because it just saying oh these white so safe to those agah guys weren't mega hats. They're racists it's so dumb I I my guess is he will not go to jail. No I think he'll get suspended. Sentence them at home for a little while. Meantime serves circuits. Yeah Shit and then and then you know two or three years from now. We'll have a profile in rolling Stone magazine about how he's turning his life around. Sorry no bullshit. I suppose kind of cheese country treat cheese rather thank you Simplisafe thank you The caller is I remember their names. Jason Jason we like Jason thank him Parody songs keeping them in so tomorrow. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA give me an update on the ticket stuff. I'm sure it'll be crazy. We'll hear from. I suspect I wanNA hear from many fans Husband wife boyfriend and girlfriends or even random minivan men and women out there who want the volunteer to conceive the first minute fan baby. We can do little matchmaking. But could you that much maker matchmaker. Make me a match such as at Songo real the building in switch I don't know Point is were there is going to be a fan baby conceived at Wilbur Dun Dun Dun Dun and that baby think of the of the pressure on that baby while yeah this podcast. Jesus baby are you going to dictate positions and stuff. No no no I mean. I think it's more traditional. Probably the best way for it. Should we get an expert on tells. Yeah which physician is most likely to result in conception try expert Steve To yes. We're going to do that. Yes we are because this fan baby will have honestly. It's like this version of like you know Prince Charles Kingsley. This baby will have the pressure pressure. Good and bad maybe eventually be like Harry Prince Harry their inserted turned away from. But this is GonNa this is going to happen. I'm excited about this again. It's not from titillation. Should factors just from a keeping the thing going with my kids into this whole thing. I want to do them. And I'll wrap up with this So thirteen in years ago. Thirteen years ago February twelfth two thousand seven I was in Sioux City Iowa with my wife Christine and my mom Play Patricia Mahan in a waiting room waiting for a very nice young lady from a wonderful family To give give birth to a baby girl an unnamed baby girl at the time we connected with this woman who is. We still talked today cable speaker today. A suspect Very very nice very nice. A young girl And we were scared. We'd had some not some great circumstance adoption before we've been there for a couple of days. Yes we. We just got matched up a few weeks before that were worried. Worry worri-worried word pacing all day. My Mom God lover kept saying we want my mom. There were personally want the most with us. There's my mom she kept saying it's GonNa be alright it's going to be h is GONNA be yours. It's GONNA work out. We were scared. An an at one fifty seven Iowa time a nurse came out and enhance over this little baby girl and held her and kissed her and it is remains as much as I love. Harry the greatest moment of my life the most significant moment in my life where everything everything changed when I held this little girl my arms. That's Kate Minihan who today was thirteen years old The greatest girl in the entire the world the most precious perfect girl got ever created. Catherine Mormon hand turns thirteen today. I love her so much I am. I hate the transition from a minivan baby birth to talking about Kate. But it wasn't the best best I could do to. In February Twelfth Ave did not want to forget that happened in them. So glad my mom there too February twelfth two thousand seven. Thirteen years old. I am podcast. Cheese has a teenage daughter which is terrifying to me. But she's the best so Love her and I'm excited for her today on her birthday. So Get bigger so We'll see how the ticket stuff goes tomorrow. I think it'll be okay. I guess. Do you think she'll be sold out and we started the show tomorrow. Yes yeah I'm I'm done underestimating you do. I'm going to say no I don't think my not all I'm gonNA say no now because well at this point we'll know the listeners will know from right around. I think I think we're GonNa know what about a half an hour after we'll know by eleven thirty nine tomorrow this was pretty reprehensible danceable i. I don't know how it can be anybody's idea of humor.

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