Willow (1988)


Willows in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight American fantasy film directed by Ron Howard with a story by George Lucas produced by George Lucas starring. Warwick Davis and Val Kilmer? I don't know what your relationship is this film. I was not allowed to watch this because he wasn't either. It was very Star Wars, adjacent. And I knew that when I was growing up in a really one to see it all my cousins, and France, receiving it. But unlike Star Wars, which I could somehow sneak by on a science fiction exception, just blatant, blatant, mysticism, and magic and all the things would frighten a person like my mother. So I wasn't allowed to see it. I don't have any deep affection risk material. I know that one of the first things I did. When I moved out was to rent, this movie and watch it and I remember being pretty disappointed thinking that this is not star. I thought this would be like Lord of the rings meet Star Wars, and it was, I think the key here is the said when you moved out, which says you were probably too. Yeah. But, but still the this was this was the, the walk adventures meets Lord of the rings at best and. And so. But I thought, like okay this'll be a fun when the in the super serious film, fast. I actually kinda thought it was a little bit of a bummer a little bit of a drag. Oh, yeah. I didn't have. Yeah. This I found it very hard to engage in this material and wasn't. It wasn't super bad. It was definitely wasn't super good. Does not a whole lot to like just savage, a criticized because the film firmly has its heart in the right place at all times. I just. Yeah. Wasn't for me. What you think Jim, I agree. It's not for me. This feels more like a kids movie than any of the ones you've mentioned before side for maybe you walk adventure. It's probably an apt comparison. But yeah, this, this movie has a lot of Lucassie in elements, all of his sort of big ideas that you think of from Star Wars, a lot of his character, tropes, those all spillover from Star Wars into this, and I heard an interview or maybe it was on the special features of the DVD Blu Ray version of this. Got you got the Blu Ray special feature. I did not. But I found them, okay? They're available out there, although I will say, the effects one, I couldn't find I found sort of the little feature at they did about the making of. But he said, basically, this idea had been kicking around in his head for about fifteen years before he finally got it made it goes all the way back to the even before returning the Jeddah, because, you know, obviously work Davis was working on return of the jet is as wicket, and I think they had discussed possibly doing this film together after return of the Jedi, and it took a while to get it done. But you can see, like okay that era of filmmaking. George Lucas, his life is sort of permeated by these types of ideas, and it even comes through and things like the soundtrack, things like certain elements of the direction, I can see where Lucas, and it's telling that he is onset a lot in that feature at even though Ron Howard is the director, Ron Howard claims the begin. Of that. Oh, you know. Keeps. I never got that impression watching the feature at and so there's a lot of Lucas in this film. Well, that's true of, like, you know, I think that it's as much Spielberg is a big part of Indiana Jones, like I think that same deal, Lucas on the set and kinda co directing that a lot, even though Lukas isn't a credit director for any of the other Star Wars like it's obvious. He's onset every day, so yeah, yeah. No. I, I definitely feel what you're putting down here, shall we go with a description this film, before we get into spoilers, just so people that might not be familiar with the film. So willow is named after the character main character played by Warwick Davis who is from a tribe of dwarves called the Nurlan and they get embroiled in a civil war from the human culture, which is I believe their name is Keeney dish. Kini Kini nineteen. And they're being ruled over by a literal wicked witch Queen. There is a prophecy, that involves her downfall at the hands of this infant, that's going to be born very Christ metaphor. Very, I guess, just a messianic metaphor because they get the Moses mess messiah myth and they're mostly the Queen aware this prophecy. So she's has all the pregnant women of the realm rounded up, so she can kill the baby instantly. But some of the midwives conspire to smuggle, the baby into some dirty laundry, floated downstream where it's discovered by willow, and then the rest of the movies adventure, he has getting this prophesied baby back to her people, safe and sound. So she can't oppose the, the wicked Queen. Yeah. Like I said, lots of lots of George Lucas going back to the model myth. Well, and like lifting parts from the bible most most immediately from like the exodus, because you see, like the this baby sitting down this read baskets, and it's found by some other people survive the total genocidal destruction. And I said, it's like this movie like there's a interview where George Lucas essentially said, a lot of my films, are about little guy going against the system. And why try to bury the lead. Just just get a little guy to be the actual hero. Gets the most literal interpretation of that. Yeah, yeah. And it's it's it works on a lot of the same level. Like the fellowship of the ring does because you've got this person who's very small stature, and he just kind of want a normal life, and he's thrust into the limelight. I guess it's slightly weakened by the fact that he has like magical powers Frodo truly was in every man like he didn't have anything special. That's one of the reasons you could trust him with the ring, right? But yeah, it it works fine. It's just really slow. The comedy is very broad and. There's a couple of days, I will say that, like the third act engage me in a way I wasn't prepared for because I thought like the trap, they laid for enemy forces was reasonably clever, you know, like I've they hid their forces and they lured them out, and then they surprise them and forced away through the gate. That was kinda cool. There are some really good effects in this movie there pioneered the will talk about a little later. But the thing that I really wanted to get to because when you when you see this movie and you know, that it's made in one thousand nine hundred eight which is not a very like politically correct time or go K. There are a lot of little people in this. How is that going to age, and I think at aged mostly pretty well. They felt like they were not for the most part, making fun of these people. They weren't the, the butt of jokes. I think at age pretty well. Yeah. Because I think that this was, I think, George Lucas made this from a pretty pure place, a heart. Yeah, he had worked with a lot of little people in. In productions where they've wearing latex masks and stuff. And you also you see them there cast, and like when you need a, like the captain of the fucking, lollipop brigade, and in munchkin land, or whatever. And he's like you know what? Let's just have these. This is just a this is a village full of people, and they're actually bute is small, but otherwise, they have asshole politicians have valiant warriors, and they have moms and dads and craftsman, and like it, it kind of gave them a identity of their own. They, they weren't, you know, they weren't really exceptional anyway, except for the stature, and that's not really remarked and the, the humans are dismissive of them. And uses I what I guess, is the racist term for the melons the peck. Yeah. That serves not as a commentary on these little people before as the characters who were calling them that, right? Like, you know, on the, you know, thoughtless nature of the people throwing that slur. Around. So you, you make a film that tries to be respectful of people and it turns up at holds up better than films where you're just using them as props or or object to tell your story. It's also clear that George Lucas is trying to definitely hammer a lot of Star Wars shapes into this. You know, willow himself is a farm boy, you know, he's, he's, he's plowed, his field, his full-scale pigs, which I thought was pretty cute. And, you know, he, he has his quest. It's been given to him by this village elder that very delay talks. And kind of whimsical nature minds, a lot of iota. He comes across like an anti hero. That's very much like Han solo. There's a guy in a skull mask, very much like Darth Vader. Creepy person flowing robes very much like the emperor, the problem is, is. There's I don't know like this Hans solo kind of sucks, because he doesn't have a fundamental seriousness about him. Like its way hustle is introduced as a bad ass and a pirate and a scoundrel and you kinda take him seriously because he murders dude within seconds of seeing him. Sure. Your two-thirds away through the movie before mad Margie does anything that's even slightly, her roic or cool. Yeah, let's talk about him for a while, because I, he makes this claim I am the greatest swordsman that ever lived. I, I'm looking at this movie waiting for him to show it, and I guess, by the end I was left a little underwhelmed. I feel like almost the movie lets him down a little bit. Let's the character town because every time they show him doing something I think should be cool. It's always followed by either joke or or worse yet. It's like staged so cheese. Easily that you can't believe he's a bad ass. You think the bad guys were just dumb asses? I know there was better ways to choreograph some of these yachts. I don't know whether maybe Val Kilmer didn't take it serious, because like he's famously kind of difficult on set. I don't know what he was. I didn't read any I didn't read any kind of lower about him, one way or another. But, like there's a lot of just very lazy sword fighting going on. And you kind of needed him to do something really cool right away. And fact, the first time I watched this. I'm like I don't understand why willows trusting this guy at all. Let me out of here. I'll take care of the baby. Still feels ridiculous. Every time I see it does. And I'm trying to go back and sort of red Connor reason in my head because the town does tell them like get on the road gives us to the first aikido you see and be done with this quest that kind of thing. So I think they're justified and just handing him off, although you're right mad Margie comes across as such a fuck up and such a scoundrel such a men, beginning, there's no way you should trust us, baby and willow is so reluctant. I don't I don't know why rubbing the gunk off his teeth and putting on a good face for willow. Convinces him. The get any like old west motifs in here too, because I thought the whole angle of the land thievery felt like the intro to almost every wild west thing I've ever seen where cattle barracas like what, what is the heroes impetus to, to do something crazy like this? Well, he's gonna lose his livelihood like if he doesn't he's in a place. Where he's forced to undergo some kind of change because if he stays the way he is. He's gonna lose. His lively that he's gonna lose his job. He's gonna lose lose his land. You might lose his family. And I think importantly, too, they don't make this super clear in the film. But the Lucas in the or maybe it's Boric in the feature. Ed says. You kind of get the impression too, that he he's a failure at both. It's so. Yeah. And the shows. So kind of pro stage magic the fact that like the actual magic the magic petrifying acorns fail willow in his final confrontation. But good, old fashioned misdirection and slide. Hand in through like David, like the I don't know. I feel like five year old David Blaine seizes moving changes his life forever. Probably. This one. This is how you changed the world is that you can free people with, with fucking stage. Magic yeah. Close street. Magic the themes of this movie very much tied to that, right? It's, it's something along the lines of what the hi Alden tells him. Anyone in the village? You have the potential to be a great social. Now when you're out there this into your own heart. These will protect to. A coins their magic. They arguably in this film wanna create a scenario where magic is trusting in yourself. Ride believing your pure intuition is correct. And I think they, they sort of undercut that too, they undermine it by actually, making these acorns magical. I think it would be much more effective. And I was surprised when the one on the bridge, and it turned the thing to stone 'cause I was assuming all along. Okay. Well Denes this is to teach him a lesson. Yeah. When he finally gets to where he needs to use these acorns. He'll use them nothing will happen all he'll have as wits left, and they go that direction, but they also make the acorns magical. And I don't think it was as effective as it could have been. Yeah. I agree with that. If you're going to have the. You know, it's like nothing about a power. It's like his intrinsic belief in himself and confidence than you don't need the magic acorns piece of verdict. I was actually so one of the things I thought worked surprising, well as the baby is essential character. It's pretty rough. You know that like you just have a baby, and it's a macguffin living. Macguffin. I thought that they did a really good job with, like, just really patiently getting certain expressions from the baby where it gets a performance like it looks skeptical. And it looks like oh Brady has like these. Oh, brother, can't believe this thing's going, and it looks happy and sad. They got a lot of good performance out of the goddamn, baby, which is super key because if that didn't work then it's, it's really ridiculous. Yes. Specially when they're talking about how the baby chose willow and all this, you've got a good babies gotta have a good personality. And I think it did. I was surprised to find on my research that there was like tons of the obvious there was a primary baby. They got shot actually kinda thought like oh, wouldn't it be this is Bryce Dallas Howard, 'cause the ages kind of lined up and but it's actually just some maybe but you were saying that they went through a ton of babies in this role how many babies and went through, but they had like a full house kind of thing going on Michelle Tanner, where they're played by the single, babe. Was played by two twins. Right. And way, greenfield know long win over a longtime and I, I heard that the babies aged out of the role and they had the cast another set and then they still want done with some of the re shoots. And I think like one of the one that production hands kids. Oh boy. It's unlike baby double work, I wouldn't actually be surprised if this was some kind of weird Morphing effect that they were using on this baby to get those freshens because this is the movie that sort of pioneered, I'll limbs Morphing technologies so weird because it happens a full like four or five years before it debuted degrade effect, I guess, so it's like this is the first of this type of special effect than they did a little bit in the abyss. And then, of course, like it really started at stuff in and Terminator two it is because you see a bunch of whole like new Matt positing and greet in and, you know, green screen work, and stop motion, and then in the middle of this, you've got the, the Terminator two liquid metal effect. It's kind of. Like as jarring if you watch like Jason Argonauts, and you would see, like Terminator two walking around in midst of all the skeletons, it's like a special effect from another age. That's in this. It's, it's weird. Yeah, I thought, but, but good. Because I think this is, you know, a high watermark for practical effects and through that digital effect of the sorceress getting turned back and through self. And it was it was good. It was really good. Yeah. That's the thing that, you know, has always been enchanting about Lucas's films. I think is the way that he's able to blend. Technology and storytelling, and I sometimes it hits and sometimes it hits a little less. There's a lot of stuff in, like Phantom Menace, that you look at doesn't hold up quite as well as it could have if he maybe waited a few more years, but he's always been pushing the technology forward through and through Lucas arts. And I are Lucasfilm rather, and I have a lot of respect for that because a lot of the things that you see in films today were technologies or pioneered by him created wholesale by these guys. And it's say what you want about the storytelling in some of the latest movies, but they have forever consistently been pushing technology forward in filmmaking did some of because, like I dunno I used to I used to totally by everything, Lucas said, it's face value, and then like the prequels happened and some of his Grandy more grandiose heroes tail kind of youngin, Cam Bellion shit, maybe not as smart, as I think he was, but he talked about the special effects, and he mentioned, the interview he had the wait until nineteen and a nineteen eighty eight because special effects had the progress to certain point to tell a story that seems like bullshit to me. I think I think I think Star Wars had to progress to the point where he was done with that. Yeah. Yeah. You know, then this was kind of the next project, he was developing. He'd gotten, I think by this point wasn't the first to Indiana Jones that in the pipeline like because downs right? Yeah. The only special effects dance that seems like is that Morphing technology? And I just don't think the scene of him rapidly transforming this sorceress into seven, different animals. That surely can't be the thing that George Lucas, like we don't have this technology. So. In fact, it can't be because I like the visual effects guy in the interview I read said that they had they had, like three other plans before this guy wrote this Morphing software. So there's other ways to do this affect right involves more cuts and involves a lot of prosthetics. And you see sort of in the pig stuff, they did a lot of prosthetics for those pigs. In those transformations were not all Morphing tan. There's a lot of American werewolf in London. Type of just yeah here's a guy with a latex now and then we're gonna go wide angle, and oh, he's got hooves, and we're gonna go close up and ears now to hide those transformations with the cuts, which we're definitely like some of the coolest things I've seen is affecting, and I liked the symmetry of like. This pig trick that will tries to pull in his magic show at the beginning and not quite working and the baby at the end where he pulls the trick to fill the source long enough to for her to disappear smoke and the turning of the soldiers into pigs and the reversion about I, I like all that stuff. It feels like it connects a good way. But I don't think you needed that tech to tell that story now after I've seen this movie because I don't think I've seen this movie since Lord of the rings game out. I feel like that. Big that wizard fight between Saruman and Gandalf was completely bitten from the fight between squirrel eighty and evil because they're fighting in this, like poorly lit like studio of Blackstone, and they're coming other was staffs, and they're like that part where she's like bouncing old lady off the walls, and spin around, like that's totally Christopher Lee, and the fucking the other guy. I've, I've spaced on Ganz McCallum Ian McKellen. It's the holy going at the in tower four, thank isn't that isn't that the? So I thought it's like there's clearly this is weird. We influential and a lot of different ways. In fact, I thought there was a lot of I thought there was a lot of like the armor from game from Lord of the rings in this movie. Like there's a this army that mad Margie fights his Eric guy. Looked a lot like the row here armor and the Lord of the rings return to the king. All that kind of stuff, I felt like there was a lot of Peter Jackson, this, this movie being influential his look and feel of some particular. I thought the design of Queen bath Morteau was rich early interesting late movie. She reveals. She's got this, like, mom, raw type design, like she's a mummy heath all there. And she turns her stern and old woman. I thought like oh man we're gonna go full on camera. That'd be fucking cool. I wasn't sure if that was just simply what she chose to war, or if serve some purpose, if she had had some hideous scarring, somehow, there's a lot of cool art design. Stuff like I really like mad margins sword. Gauntlet combo little weapon. He's using I like sources sword. I thought was pretty cool. It's like Sarah and on one side and very sharp on the other. Yeah, there's and I don't know. I, I wasn't too amored with the skull face. You know, he may type villain their general kale. Yeah. General kill wasn't doing it for me. I so I guess that's a reference to some infamously, tough critic that George Lucas had a bone to pick with. The two headed goofy dragon was called an e Bruce Iverson to represent Ebert and siskel. Okay. Because I can't imagine the George Lucas had much criticism like negative feedback at that point. So certainly it's not like a. Because I know Roger Ebert wasn't as in love with Star Wars in the beginning as he eventually grew to appreciate it. Okay. So I don't know. But I to me that's always weird. It's like why take shots at movie? Critics in your. I mean, these are pretty NFL guy. I didn't I would never have gotten these, if someone didn't explain it to me on the internet, but still, it's like interesting. So did you in your research, see, like some of the evidence to people at pointed to earlier drafts, where a lot of things I didn't like about the film, a lot of things about the film is like it seemed like they went for a lot of broad comedy and action set pieces win. I did not know enough about the character situation, honestly, other than willow, who I kinda liked because he's a very likable guy. Warwick Davis, very likeable, and he's appealing engaging. Actor like I didn't understand why cared about any of this plot. Like this woman is an evil Queen just because the movie tells me, so and she's got that wardrobe. I feel like and I guess, yeah. They made the point of the she hadn't slave all the pregnant women in this crazy thing. But like, you know, like a general kale, like he's supposed to be this big dangerous guy. But I don't really see him do anything villainous mad margins supposed to be this bad ass. But it's like nothing quite lands. And I read that in the original, there's a lot more fleshing out to especially mad Margat and the source akara cutters that is mad margin was supposed to be a night of the kingdom of gala Dohrn, which general kale mentions having destroyed to Queen bad Morton to beginning so you already see that there's bad blood between these two factions. The character Eric was painted out to be only real friend but his recklessness got him in trouble. And then he got in a love affair the woman that caused them to desert, the army, which is why there's as bad blood between obvious affection, but bad blood between them. All of that stuff is still in the film. Right. But it's not quite in the film. It's more like these are things that are. Mentioned gala, Doorn mentioned Eric's, Eric's part of that clan that kingdom. Whatever it was, I had to actually go to the willow Wicky ROY on phantom dot net or whatever the hell and look up, what gal Orne was because it's mentioned, but it's never explained and the real the real tragedy is like because I thought the whole romance, a source of just came out of fucking nowhere. But their scenes that were cut where this, this kingdom of tier s lean which is where this God, baby is from the source show was actually the daughter of the emperor of that kingdom, which is supposed to be like, you know, a tribe of, of good virtuous people. And that factor her father is not dead, but he's imprisoned in, like the ice by bad mortar. And he gets free later on, and he actually has, like, there's a cut scene where he makes a plea for his explains or what's happened, and from entombment advice. He makes a plea for her to turn good. And the save the mall. That makes a lot of her likes appears sudden change of heart like, oh, this cute boys, kind of in the me, but only because he's in a love. Potion, I guess so much of that. I had to build some head candidate around, like, oh, I could see, you know, this girl who's under the thumb of her evil. Queen Mother has not had much opportunity for love. And like the, the first good looking man approaches her has wooed her because she's an experienced and I'm building this elaborate castle of back story in my head when it sounds like. Seven drafts of the script with which there were, and this was cut for jackassery involving brownies, essentially. Yeah. And there's some cool stuff. Like I as you mentioned, I quite like the brownies doing little Putian thing to willow some of that stuff was kind of fun. But holy cow. I hated all the brownish. Why are why are tiny beings always cast as such mischievous annoying character? It dumb asses candidate B Ken, we treat them with the seriousness that we're treating the NRA wins and putting on bad, French accents. Yeah. I looked at, you know, army of darkness and how annoying the small ashes were in that movie guys take. That's that at the most restrained. The little ashes are that's where their performances begin absolutely end with you the entire film. So yeah, there's no escaping the brownies. I think the brownies are the worst part of this movie easily. Did you know that they're they've never made a sequel to this? So Ron Howard as late as two thousand eighteen said that there is like a willow sequel in the work somewhere. Willow in the crystal skull, which I could see, like yeah. Sure, why not. Why not the willow awakens? He's thirty years older, and his kids are all grown up, and they've got light savers now too. I don't know. So did you know that even though there hasn't been a, a sequel movie yet, that there is a whole series of books and comic books that, like completely fill in the backstory of this? Like cannon novels and yeah. It's clear to me that Lucas was looking to recreate the success of Star Wars through willow. Right. Like I'm gonna do I'm gonna do it again. Right. And I it approached nothing near that it feels like an e walk adventures caravan, courage, kind of thing, it, does the whole production kind of feels that way. I wanna talk a little bit about more of those aspects. But it's funny because I'm not sure why didn't work because I thought that this movie was a giant financial flop. Turns out out truly was profitable. It did make money. It just wasn't as that wasn't as big of a hood of Star Wars. Yeah. I remember being like pretty popular my peer group. There is a well regarded like Ness game. There was a lot of merchandise that seem like people having fun with. I'm actually it seemed like a case. A Hollywood restraint that they didn't just force a sequel force. A franchise on us. Yeah. No surprise, when we think, James, James Horner soundtrack. I think it's remarkably John Williams ask at points and it fits the flavor. For the vibe, the George Lucas has all his films. Yeah, I kind of felt like man, this feels very derivative like where it's not just absolutely ripping off some of the Star Wars soundtrack. And I felt like they really did aggressively ripped off some of the lake romance type knives. There's also some of like kind of like the kind of battle transition music, but I guess he also ripped off some classical pieces, and then they kept on warring in. I also read piece of trivia that the score for this movie for whatever reason was one of those frequently licensed for trailer work. So like this, this willow score gets used for a lot of high fantasy and adventure type stuff in eighties nineties, and like so part of me is like, was this derivative because it is, or do, I think it's derivative because I've seen it in seventy five different fucking trailers throughout the eighties. This is probably cut into Robin Hood. Prince of thieves and is cut into. I don't know. I've already I've just exhausted. All of my eighties nineties, high adventure fantasy films. But I don't know it's tough. It's tough. I think it's a little bit of both. Yeah. Probably I will say, though, that I enjoyed the score. I thought it was very good. I wanted to ask you about sorta and Madigan at the end of this. I think because they may be deal about. Oh, we gotta get this, baby. Back to the king and Queen, she'll become the Princess, eventually the Queen down bad more to. I think the end of this movie it shown to be that margin and Madigan, and sorta are the king and Queen, they were kind of king, and Queen all along and they come together and raise this baby in tears lean. Yeah, it makes sense because like it seems like some draft. She was the daughter of the emperor. So. Right. Then as him as a like, so she would be the rightful heir, then he probably demonstrated his, his worth, or maybe turns that he's a prince of the land to, like, yeah. I have no problem making that were. Okay. That's where I ended up on it. So apparent because apparently there was like some kind of reunion with her father at the end where maybe he would give his blessing for this kind of arrangement that, that they cut that out to the fuse kind of long and bloated for as a small story, as, as it is. And I man, I really wish they cut a whole bunch of stuff. Like I thought, honestly everything about the brownies was just stupid. It's side quest to go to a wizard. Woman that tells her to go to just another wizard woman. Oh, that's the thing this this high. All one in the town is made out to be a charlatan. He he at every turn gets everything wrong. Right. The bones. Tell me nothing. He throws the bird in the air and follow the bird, the bird goes back to the bird, follow the river. Bird, follow the river, he showed to be sharp and he sins willow on a quest. That is a centrally like dump this baby on the first aikido see and be done with income back. And it turns out that, that is completely the wrong way to go. He actually needs to get a quest from shirt. Share Linda Lindy. I think is your name the crazy ferry fairy lady. Right. And apparently, actually, he gets the quest from the baby herself because a Laura, chooses him, I see the me this, this all these to be convinced like, the, the village elder, the Heil, Allah, Alden, or whatever the hell is name was. He should tell you go fetched. This woman who's been turned into some kind of tree squirrel. Here's a magic wand, you need on your quest. He go. And go to the crossroads because you need to get this person back, that I know it seems like there's a way to collapse this and not have mad margen strapped up in some fucking give it just have him because having be like the defeated army that, like, hey, we just tried to go against a Queen, it's useless. But hey there's this new hope of this baby to fulfill the prophecy, like you're got a ninety minute movie. That's a hell of a lot better doesn't have any fucking brownies, then you can then choose if you want the punch it up and give the adult something you have a prologue where you explain who source is, and who fucking mad market is so that we actually care about these characters for anything other than just like props. But it's isn't as no man's land, where it's too long a bloated for kids to really enjoy. And it's too shallow and uncomplicated for adults to get into. I think you're right. And it's just it's, it's again it's not a bad movie, but it certainly not a great movie. And I think it's my where is this as far as you're in the super serious film fest? We've seen six films. At least favorite. This is in terms of enjoyment. The watch and like, you know, thinking about it after the fact, it's definitely below Raina fire. I enjoyed rain of fire a lot more thought it took it so it's. Oh, absolutely below Conan. Armie darkness, yet below army of darkness, because it had less less brownies in army of darkness. Dragonheart. I had more fun of dragging below Excalibur. Yeah. Excalibur generally, I think in for its time, and they Ed, it's too, but it's, it's a or it needed either a big edit and DJ and concert one. The fucking stories or needed to be blown out into like to movies. Yeah, I agree. I will say, I think if we did Dragonheart again, without Dennis Quaid, I think this movie would be worse than Dragonheart. But. Yeah. Just like Dennis Quaid doesn't nothing for me. Like, I feel a negative void space in my heart. When you say the words Dennis Quaid. So. Yeah. I mean, work Davis is extremely likable. I think Val Kilmer is extremely likeable in this as you know, basically on solo it. Yeah. Dennis Quaid does nothing for me. So this better than Dragonheart worms Davis is like seventeen years old, and he's playing like thirty five and not doing job of it. No, I was shocked to see how young he wasn't this movie which puts him at, like twelve or thirteen in Star Wars, turn the Jeddah, and the kids got playing Warwick's kids, are like some of the fucking cutest, some of the, like these devil dogs are just dogs wearing costumes, and it's so funny, because like this little girl Assab ING piteously, which makes it action. But every once in a while, I'll get a glimpse of the dog's paws, and I just think like there's like a very happy dog. That's like having the time of his life. Be like a good boy pretending to be a very bad boy, and having a time of its life. Like, I, I don't know something tickled about me about that. The dogs were cool. I know that in some scenes, like in the close ups animatronic. Oh, really, they can snarl and they can. Yeah. Like raised their to the show the teeth and raise their eyebrows, and all kinds of stuff. Yeah. But, but this movie pulls no punches in the beginning, I will say, because by the time the intro credits are over. They've, they've already talked about, like, basically genocide an entire generation of babies a mother has been murdered and an old woman has been mauled to death by rat, just frightened the background like it's the holy shit. It's vicious absolutely vicious mauling, and I thought the rest of the movie was going to take a similar tone. But it does.

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