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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne and Outer Worlds Impressions - Beyond Episode 601


Beyond and hello everyone everyone. My name is jonathan dervish. I'm your host for weekly playstation. Show beyond this is episode six hundred and one we finally crossed the six hundred mark and you know we had the full all standard cast of the show max brian lucy myself here last week for episode six hundred obviously huge milestone episode and i thought that would be great if i got rid of all of them so we didn't basically turned it into the voice chat this week but we're not talking about nintendo. We're talking about monster hunter and many of the things i'm joined this week by tom are marks tom. Tom risconsin marks. That's your worst guessing. I mean i like all the normal ones that i can think of don't work so i'm you have not <music> all of our names now that either on because my hope it's not normal. I wanted to have just a real out there middle name well prepared prepared reach disappointed eventually my most of my life. I'm also during this week before before the show yeah yeah. You're for your parents. Were big fans of the book characters based on me ho <hes> moving on from that because i really don't we don't have time for that. Unfortunately this week we do have turned casey defeat us who is also joining us hi casey. Thanks for having me on. Thank you for being on the tom. Thank you for being on as well <hes> we may later be joined by john ryan and if we're not you know who to blame john ryan of course though we do have a bit to talk about before we get into monster hunter so i thought we could start off with a little bit of news crunch. The theme song was playing and they're all standing awkwardly and now it's over. We can talk about the news this week. <hes> quite a few things to talk about not not necessarily playstation. I party related this week. <hes> it's a bit quiet as we're waiting for all the fault releases that said a lot of things going on the first thing i wanted to tell. It was the fact that this month on nigerian. I is berlin three that is coming up very soon. That game comes out september thirteenth. Oh my gosh so it's very soon get ready for all the wikki fun of that awesome game. You'll be busy. I would assume with monster hunter burning off topic but man. This is over over again just looking forward not like it's still a little bit summary but i feel like starting in three weeks. We're starting to just get like games next tweet me. It's just like we've got games. Com at book moral championships like we have in the monster hunter yeah so much a lot. It's yeah it feels like we're in the middle of october sure and it just turned to be august but watch the first fifteen minutes of borderlands three on e._s._p._n. Dot com right now exactly and if you're a fan like john carpenter you can also tweet it out john carpenter you know the filmmaker tweeted that out and he just wrote the first fourteen minutes aboard three agree it and then we tweeted at him like hey here's the video uh-huh i appreciate <hes> but yeah we have a lot more coming. I think even as this episode we'll be posting that day. Another borderlands three pieces going up so we have a lot a lot more to come on that very long way to go. I'm excited to finally get hands on that as someone who played through borderlands one and two all by themselves sequel. I never finished it. I don't i think that's the biggest sin did finish the best of them tales from the borderlands though you did you did you also in other borderlands news just to add to this news crunch crunch going off book a little bit. Apparently they've sold like five million copies in the borderlands series in the last three months. Let freezing yeah this exactly how the hands of jackson that was up for free i think so they would have to because that would account for so many people yeah and that i'm sure as part of it but that still means that five million more copies of some sort of borderlands thing is out there so people are hypes it was super will it was a playstation plus free game yeah and at the same time steam discounted to like a dollar it was something it also free deals see that came out that encourage people to get it as well too right yeah for two but basically glee like bridges the gap to three it was free and now you have to pay for it so it was kind of one of those like if you don't jump on this now but you want three. It seems silly to wait so yeah not a bad time to be overlands fan and hopefully three turns out to be awesome moving on from that though a little bit more of an involved story <hes> this past weekend was the major fighting game tournaments lots of fun on was had there but also a goof that didn't go so well case handle your a little bit interested in this one so you may be able to help me fill in some blanks but reading off of our news coverage of it. It seemed like metal gear solid snake was coming to tech and seven but that was not the case a teaser video basically yes so during the tech in seven grand finals they did not stream. This was just on the screen on the stage where they showed <hes> snake talking keen to. I can't remember if it was like c._e._o. Of tekken game after game director of tekken it's on the guy no but i'm in the classic middle. You're solid way where they have snake. Come up on one side and the other guy come and the techs comes up and he says i was like awesome tekken or some weird line or something and then that was it and that was the whole thing and the entire crowd goes crazy enter everyone everyone starts tweeting. Oh my god snakes coming attack in which isn't so far fetched because you know we have knocked his for final fantasy seven and we have seen from walking dead. I mean stranger things could happen and and snake has been in smash so that is not available on playstation. Please talk about that and then also back. That's what it does is. They do a lot of announcements. Twenty twenty was announced in a new gray blue. Fantasy game was announced. What was the name of the other game. That was announced tom. Oh i don't remember it anymore. I could pull it up but it would take two hours to read. That's fair but yeah a bunch of characters for other fighting well at stern. It's a pretty sandra thing now that yvo brings with it some news in addition to some really fun fights cut to nine thirty p._m. Pacific time i believe on august fourth two thousand nineteen at yvo rights just just to clear things up the snake cameo video that we showed during tech and finals was our idea of a little joke it was not intended to play a character reveal and was done on our own without consulting bandai namco sorry for any confusion and then to add to that david heater the voice actor of snake quote tweeted that and said yvo you also failed to consultancy or please do not use my voice to promote other games ever yup period allow. He signs his tweets d. h. Yeah very cute. It's like tom hanks. <music> signs them. Thanks yeah which i like that and then geraldo san of tech and of course he tweeted out and we had his tweets translated from the japan team they helped us out to translate them into english so obviously there may be some discrepancy in what the exact translation is but they helped us out usually and essentially he said here's an explanation for people in japan during your break at the finals a weird video that lasted a few seconds was shown not streamed which had gsa snake can me talking band dynamic co fiercely process protested towards yvo only to find out that this was created by yvo without permission other non supervised footage was shown as well <hes> he then continued even made an official policy and then tweeted an explanation still making a video like that without permission results in people getting angry because there wasn't inefficient announcement after that and now we feel sorry for me a and mr kojima although of course we haven't done anything wrong. I mean they didn't do any of this to clarify the point of david hater to apparently apparently what happened was this was a quote that a tekken player i think streamer had commissioned david hater to do this thing for were like his stream channel and so it was actually david hater doing actually talking about tech in in the voice but for something completely liles evil just took and that she's also like you're not only using his voice without permission making all this confusion but like someone paid for that that and you just took it okay it and it's like it was i think not a what's the word not not malicious no yes yes just thing it was just such an ill thought out joke like it was somebody who's just like. Oh it's going to be funny and like it would have been funny in another another context in another circumstance where the people wouldn't immediately take it seriously like if it was a really small local tournament with a bunch of people people with inside jokes who may be new stream or knew that that was a voice <hes> that clip that existed knowing where it was coming from like that would have been funny but this was really big audience that maybe maybe you know like i didn't know that that was paid for voice clip yeah where twit streamer it's just all man just a massive mess up the the situation all around yeah around weaken that obviously is used to being so supportive and upbeat and it's really exciting to celebrate this fighting community and then it kind of has to be mired in the thought of they also did that not the aspect of it which is a bummer but of course there was a lot of other wonderful stuff that happened at eve. Oh we have <hes> list of all the winners and all the exciting stuff. Tom were you watching it a bit as well. I watched the grand finals of a little bit of smash grows a little bit of russia around frontal the fighters and then the grand finals more combat eleven okay and then i also watched a very on mitchell saltzman competing moral combat. Yes yes shoutout to mitchell who i was not in the office but seeing the whole office come together to support him was wonderful yeah and then a mecca also played a little bit mecca got outta group sure he got got a little further. I think going to be on n._b._c. this week to talk about his fight. Stick and his experience and you go oh that's awesome. Plugging your show on this show. How dare dare you casey. It's almost like i wanted you on the show <hes> moving on from that though wanted to also mentioned the fact that i don't know if any of us here are big fans. I know that he has a huge audience on nigerian w._w._e. To twenty the cover stars collector's edition and game modes were announced but actually as a recording this is a interesting update to this year <hes> but anyway to k twenty twenty will feature both roman reigns and lynch as the cover stars <hes> the case to case showcase mode will return now subtitled the women's evolution and will follow all the career of the four horsewoman. My career mode will now allow players compete as both male and female superstars and mixed tag matches have been introduced w._w._e. Towers hours motives also returning and as a new story driven tower featuring roman reigns career an interesting thing though that popped up right before recording a to k confirmed that the longtime time developer of w._w._e. To k- i don't know how to pronounce them exactly at ucs or u._k.'s <hes> y you k. e. Apostrophe s. is no longer the developer of w._w._e. You too parted ways with them and will now be working. I believe also with excuse me. I'm reading the statement as saying that loud i it will now be developed by visual concepts saps so the official statement <hes> we receive from duquette two k. is w._w._e. U._k. twenty we'll be developed by visual concept who have worked with you on the development of the series since w._w._e. To tocchet fourteen as we've continued to invest in the w._w._e. To k- franchise it's a lotta ws we've seen the visual concept team display incredible passion talent and commitment to the future the series we thank you for their partnership and are excited to see what the visual concept team brings the franchise moving forward. This makes a lot of sense because a while back we reported on this idea view now. Uk's announced that they were working on their own wrestling game. That would be a direct competitor to two k. while they still seem to be working on w._w. Two became this clears that up obviously but a bit of a strange situation to see that happen kind of publicly like that but if you're wondering if there are any differences i guess we'll see in w._w._e. Took a twenty that may be part of the reason moving on from that. Obviously i want to mention you probably already know if you play the game for ten has launched <hes> we of course cover that in a huge way on our witty's team and i just wanted to cut that out since of course we have on the team and the wonderful team of both in house and freelance wicky contributors who helped keep that in many other ways alive and one of our biggest wiki pages actually as the w._w._e. Roster pages for the oh so i'm not looking forward to going back into the macro is to make that before jumping to another couple of other things including some playstation related stuff did wanna mention no man's sky beyond a who were in the middle of a very litigious lawsuit with not. Please don't sue <hes> that is coming in august fourteenth and that adds p._s. V._r. support they've been talking about. This feature for a little bit are unmarked. Medina a while back got hands on with no man's sky in v._r. So you can check out this impressions from a couple of months ago but that is coming as a free update to to the game so if you already own no man's sky you can play the full game into the are in this update as well as some other big. Things are adding yeah it makes me. I played no-man's guy right when it first came out for a little bit completely stopped have not played since any of these big updates that have made it a demonstrably demonstrably different game and now they're adding in kind of want to see how that plays. It's it sounds good game for v._r. Just because it is like i didn't like it at all. When it came out similarly haven't gone back to it. I just thought that the loop was so simple and obviously what they've been doing over. The last couple of years is adding more and more and more but also i feel like that type of game would be more interesting and v._r. Just because we are is a nice way to relax sometimes and just like be in a different world and that is the thing that that game does very well is put you in different worlds literally so yeah. I think that'd be cool to try out. I'd have been back into. I think especially for the playstation audience is probably gonna bring a lot of people who have you've been on the fence about going back to it. If you have a very good reason to go back yeah so yeah. I'm excited jump back in a couple of weeks. I know max scoville definitely wants to check that out as well so we'll probably talking about that a lot as that actually releases moving on from that though i want to talk a bit about china joy twenty nineteen specifically one in game and i'm going to pull up our coverage on it but huge thank you to we didn't cover trend enjoy ourselves home pulling a bit from square today huge thank you to you guys for all that you did covering this show show but treasury twenty very much focused on sony are covered right now sony and the chinese market so some of these games may not be relevant to the things you will be playing down the line but i think it's really interesting to talk about and one of the ones. I get really quick question sure. I'd never heard of china joy before this year. I hadn't either it. The thing that has existed but i did not know that it's like e-3 kind of chinese gaming marquee three essentially. I think basically like it's ah the chinese market for games has developed so significantly over the last couple years. I think it is their sort of attempt for that sort of thing <hes>. I don't know the stored history of it and i don't wanna pontificate right now on the spot but it's definitely something that i think caught me by surprise when after we record last week she'll be like. Did you guys talk about <hes> trying to join. I was like i don't know what that is. I should probably take a look but one of the things that we covered on nigerian relevant to it and i know casey to talk about this. A little bit <hes> was essentially that chinese zelda the fans were protesting an alleged legend of zelda breath a wild rip off looking game against an impact and this is a piece for you yes yeah this is a game engine engine impact which is developed from the chinese development house jojo and it has upset certain chinese fans who state that is allegedly copying being bludgeoned zelda breath wild this was originally reported by kentucky but as written by our own adam bankers against an impact showcase at the trend of joy gaming expo by sony and many in attendance attendance can help a point out the similarities in gameplay mechanics art style and music and apparently it caused people to be so angry. Someone allegedly broke their p._s. Four in protest but anyway casey. I thought we could talk a little bit about <hes> because obviously this game seems to play to your interests quite a bit. It's zelda but make it anime and dragons and dragons. I don't know i think this looks very obviously draws his breakthrough breast while like there's no ooh fighting and there's no going against if you look at the screen shot comparisons if you look at the video the gameplay video and the music and everything that this article pointed out i mean it's it's true but i think it looks different enough to make it a different game and there's also started. If you look up impact. The main website actually has an ongoing visual novel. It's kind of that has it has a completely different story and completely different characters and the game played especially kind of it looks different enough off is just what i'm going to say and the computer models are obviously currently different because they're all a bunch of annemie girls but i'm interested in story. I want to played played. It looks like the boss fights might be a little bit more engaging and more of them. I think it looks cool. I want to play it. Can i take the counterpoint really wow back that entirely and i think you're right that there are lots of differences. The thing that irks me and i think is super like jarring in in a case like this is stuff like the u. I is like menus. The weapon menus news are like not just taking inspiration from but just copying no. You're right at least on the surface and i think you're totally. I think it's one hundred percent fair for you <hes> to to point out and good that you're pointing out that like hey just beyond the surface level things there are gonna be differences but it's hard to deny that they didn't just look at zelda and say we're gonna make that but add these other. Things are do these things differently. Which is i understand why people are mad because there's a lot of love for that game amen. It's also present a lot for being very like different and then to take a game that is known for being different and then just remake it with it is like so shameless. I guess it is it is one hundred percent shameless and you do have a very good point. I think i am letting my bias cloud my judgment a bit because i am i want more breath of the wild and the wild with slightly different mechanics and more anime sounds really cool to me by also really it's not fair to the makers of the while because like you said it is like they're taking a little bit too much from it. It's it is it it has gone past the point of inspiration and there are other games that are big air quotes inspired by breath wild that are coming and very clearly that game was influential so on a lot of things and it's cool to see that sort of evolve this one just like i think cross the line with a lot of people and i think it is the visual similarities where it it just is in some ways so similar where like you even have these bought like these monsters that are like the guardians beard technically arms and laser beams and you're like like wow that's really really the same but also there's no breath wild on playstation four and it's kind of like we're gonna get a game like this on p._s. Four that's kinda cool. I oh yeah i mean i'm conflicted thing. It's conflicting <hes> interestingly think nintendo will take action against them. I guess that's the big question. I don't think so nintendo can be litigious but things like this are really really. It's hard to to make that case that like you have to. You have to have really good proof that someone stole from you because you can't just like copy you're right you. I can't just copyright the look of a menu and be like yeah. This is this is ours. No one can design a menu. That looks like this. Year's is a little bit similar similar. That's ours like we're gonna see you so. I think they definitely could make a case because that's the whole point of the legal system is it doesn't matter what you is is. There isn't legal. It's what can you make a case for right in a court of law unfortunately <hes> and i think they could try to make a case. I don't know if it would stand up to be honest. Also who knows how international law would right. I am not enough of a fake lawyer to be able to tell you. Maybe maybe it'll stay because of that which would be yeah and if it does that then it's probably just going to be protected by that because there's chinese knockoff games all the time assets that actually rip assets assets rather than remake going around is just getting off topic but there's one going around those would have pokemon animations from poker tournament and put them in their turn in base game interestingly though obviously this is with a game that has backing from playstation that kind of brings the notoriety to sign industry analysts speaking new kentucky hukou jus. I never know how to say it e. x. Daniel ahmad said he noted that it was the most popular game at sony china joy booth with very long lines and so even despite the uproar it was a game that was pretty popular yeah there. I'm breath of the wild rules yeah. That's that's a fair argument. <hes> i'm a couple of things from china drove. I want to talk about the spirit of it in general <hes> since we don't know too many specifics about these games one really big one. That's sony's making push for from china. Joy was monkey king hero as back which is an original game developed by hex drive with input from playstation. It's based on our two thousand fifteen animated movie which was a huge huge huge hit over there <hes> and so they showed off a new trailer for the sort of a fantasy action game with some really really large scale battles in there looks pretty cool yeah. I like the look of it as well. I pull it up for you but the computer is finicky sometimes another game that was highlighted. They're more animals f i s. T. or is there you go thank you. It's not that i'm she knew trailing. I appreciate that headline pushkar that showed it off a neutrally there as well other games that were highlighted were in nightmare <hes> as well as romantic three kingdoms fourteen journeys. No no not journeys is not part of that. That's the word they're using the headline. You tricked me with your catchy headlines away. Oh romance of the three kingdoms teen so obviously there is some crossover with games that are popular over here in the west as well but and that is supposed to be sailing overseas as per square put <hes> early twenty twenty playstation four title is due out at the end of this year in japan for those who are asking you know didn't see much coverage on as we mentioned on the show it kind of caught a lot of surprise. I think it's something definitely that we will look got more seriously in the future but moving on from that in terms of games that we know we're coming up soon in the u._s. That we'll be talking about. I wanted to not talk about monster hunter guys. That's fine. I'm kidding casey. Of course we're gonna talk about monster. I believe there are a lot of games coming out this whole. We've been talking about a bit of them. Recently of course exclusives like concrete genie which i just got to play in-depth strand which we all really really want to play and hopefully we'll learn more about soon but monster monster hunter world ice born. Where does the colin foam title now technically both okay. It's after world now. If you're talking about the base game it's monster hunter colon colin world yeah. If you're talking about the expansion it's monster hunter world colon ice born because nothing makes sense names don't matter so so i support is coming out september sixth pretty soon. It is a major major expansion for monster hunter world so you do need the base game correct play okay not only do you need the base game you need. He'd have beaten the story of the base game to even access the new content other. There's some stuff that carries over but like that you'll have immediately but not a lot so if you like like me played the first five hours or bounce because you were busy with other things i should go back. You can't just jump right now but i do have an article on how to prepare for ice for finally you can read to learn all about all the things you need to do yes and so i basically wanted to talk about one how to prepare but also your impressions of ice formed because you both were able to preview into the game. How which did you both play about five hours. Lou was like the first six missions okay and you both were playing in the same like hunting hunting party. Essentially who were replaying with actually didn't never get there. I didn't know i thought they were great. They were very great. I i assume zoomed we'd be introduced but none of us were introduced anyone else in the room and i was like i thought for a moment i should go over there and introduced myself casey really monster hunter. It's gonna it'd be great to play with you but i don't want to be weird so then i didn't. I'm sorry plant during watching they're like finally my time to be mentioned and then you just totally you. You totally scrubbed over the question. Were you talking over like headsets to one another room. We had some technical difficulties with headsets okay because i i was gonna say if you're doing that like crappy press conference like delta niner. They're over there. Can you land like i figured you could just call them different names each time but no i was basically yelling moose ally doc so tell me about the moose's moving the meese meese. Tell me about the moose. Bondo bondo is the main the main man moose yeah bomber was like the we've seen a lot of member owned preview covered already. He's the guy with the big antler and tail tale yeah and we already got to fight him at e three as well so he wasn't super new. You can look up plenty of information on him but we did get to fight three brand new monsters. There's which are sub-species if some people might not say brand new but i think they're new so whatever for those who may not know what is the subspecies controversy are like <hes> <hes> a sub species is kind of like to monster hunter like pok mon is to pokemon where it is the same perfect for the playstation. It's the same type of monster but they evolve differently to adapt to a different location so they have different colors and different elements that they wheeled and are stronger and weaker in different ways <hes> so for example like azure roth loose and pink rothen are both sub-species but the new sub species that we saw a a little bit more exemple. I don't even know what to say. They are more difference than the pink rafi and asha rattlers so we got to fight viper toguchi kentucky which is a toga she that wields poison and paralysis instead of thunder nightshade palu that adds the sleep element whereas previous petaluma aluminum only had some pressure affect and then coral pook bouquet which does not have poison and uses water instead from both ends which is the quest west name pretty sure but boy. I'm telling teller tell us your nickname for coral kooky bouquet higher turku k. because it is bright orange red and it shoots water out of its tail got a fire trucks. Yeah it does and it's a fire. It's literally firemen all around instead now putting out fires water but it's also a monster that you need to hunt. Yes okay so bad fire fire so not only do these monsters appear in different locations than their other like their parents species but they look different and have different attack patterns so while they're like you can try trying predict what they're going to do but sometimes they might catch you off guard with attacks that have different range than her original ones coral pook pook as water tax deal more damage than and bukavu bouquets poison attacks and they have different range also inflict water blade whereas toby doctor you can poison paralyze you at the same time which is not fun the worst ins and then the nightshade palou actually leaves clouds of sleep on the floor that you will as well yeah. That's that's interesting. That was an interesting to play around. 'cause i feel like those clouds lasted a lot longer than most of like. There's not a lot of like okay. Oh we effects that stick around and yeah there's not old and so the the nightshade paula really interesting when a fight because you'd be if you were fighting it in like a cramped the area there would just be whole sections that you just couldn't go through. I think i think that is an effect that we can expect from master inc monsters nuture that they will be leaving around <hes> things that we have to avoid yeah and there's there's some of that already with like the poison plants that would draw poison pools and that sort of thing but they felt like they went away quicker than the palou whose cloud look actually the conversation honorable everybody hello. I'm so sorry to be so ooh. Hopefully your mic is on. I'm going to check real quick talking into it. Hey it's me i'm super late because i was seen game that i can't talk about right now. Lunch end lunch me lunch. What's meal between breakfast and dinner o- oftentimes coming with some kind of aperitif or digits in maybe korea hannibal place that has on their sign all through with a toothpicks pretty classy joint mama's no the great polka stop slash greenhouse for hundred percents here for the pok mon very rarely there anyway joining us right in in the middle of monster hunter talk. Oh cool great. I'll leave no he. Will you help. I helped helped you mean. I joined your party like twice. Yes and then immediately failed to do anything of value and then i stopped playing. I'll happily carry that's fine. That's very true equaling of carrying. I totally didn't carry tom because he's great and we recently got him <hes> so he originally played on p._c. And replayed on p._s. Forcing play ice when it comes out yeah. I taught type of this on the two weeks weeks ago and i played too much yeah. That was when you were just starting your journey two weeks ago. We had you on talk about the fact that you were just starting it. And how many hours have you. I don't wanna talk about it. How many he accomplished all of his goals by put seventy. Four hours in three weeks sounds roughly about correct. Yeah i <hes> yeah. I'm on my account on p._s. Four even though played less hours my count on his four is actually farther than my account on pbs was like higher level all that stuff because i kind of knew what i was doing more so i just really buckled down and ran through it and then we had k._c. Game yeah casey was carrying me through some of the like <hes> but yeah it was it was really fun to play that that preview of ice born to especially because it was hilarious growth compared to last time mclane eighty-three where i was like litter that was present ever played it with a controller and then by the time we did this preview event. I had something like twenty or thirty hours already in on p._s. Four and i was ready. Go is really fun. We got to play the clutch close ally and that is a really cool new. I wanna call a tool tool but it lets you grapple onto monsters and i'm sure you've seen if you've been keeping up with the coverage of monster hunter apple into monsters. Okay okay so look you can do this with your weapon out right so you have your open on your willing and you're like i feel like grappling the monster and then you basically hook shot onto its face and then you can either attack with your weapon which wounds it which lets you deal more damage to that part and it makes it drop slinger ammo ammo when you're on top of the monster you can unleash all of your singer ammo into its face which makes it run ford so your goal is to use a different button to change directions. What's facing a wall or another monster stir or whatever and then you make it run into it and then it falls over coors. L. is and it's really all the different weapons have kind of like different stylized attacks ax with it and it just makes it look really cool and interesting changes things up in a very meaningful way. It's fine with new weapon attacks. Yeah and it's also not what what i thought it was going to be my thought it was going to be i like the an insect wave is my weapon of choice because i love mounting the monster i love getting on top of jumping around above it and and you love bugs and olive bugs. It's true <hes> you got cue all moth guy suda callaway. I really liked that a uh and i expected the clutch clots basically be a way to add a little bit more mobility into every weapons because any weapon. Every weapon has a clutch clough all at the same time and i know in. I didn't play much generations. Ultimate basically just played the demo that they had a while ago but i know that they had a thing where you could like anybody can get a jump in that right. It's like a style. I can't remember the name of it. We are generations ultimate yeah just remembering that no there's an aerial style yes that so basically they had a way for any weapon to have a little bit more mobile vertical mobility and i assumed the clutch was going to be a similar thing but it's kind of not the vat because you've run out of stamina when you clutch close to a monster really really fast it's yeah and so it's sort of like a like a hit and run utility to a where you're going to grab onto it do one thing to it whether it's like weaken apart senate new wall redirect it like something like that and then you get off and it's not just a tool for any class or any weapon to mount the monster which is not disappointing by any means because it's just a different thing than i was expecting and it's i did say that any weapon can grapple on but it's actually different for some weapons like for example with the lance you can only grapple on if you successfully counter <hes> with the clutch clock counter and man that was really hard to do both of you. You both succeeded from what i've heard at the preview event. I did want to ask time of year. Saying thing that aspect that you were just talking about is not disappointing to you but was anything from the preview event disappointing or worrying or you hope to see more of in the full game to get a better understanding of how is born may be either changing or keeping the same so you talked about this actually at lunch yesterday this idea so very interesting stat i think and i said this yesterday muslim world is thirteen million copies the highest selling monster hunter game before that sold about four and a half million which means that there are earn roughly nine million players playing monster her world that have probably never played a monster hunter game previously. I'm one of those people i mean i'd play little bits and pieces. Meanwhile case a year the exact opposite you've played basically every monster hunter game in existence accurate except for there's one japanese japanese exclusive and you call yourself a fan so the action thing to me. Is we a bunch of subspecies and they were really fun and they were really different like it was really very cool to see kind of how many different moves they had. The different elements made you think about fighting them in different ways in different locales. All those things add up to the point where it's not like disappointing monsters fights but the prevalence of subspecies was a little bit like oh like okay like we're gonna going to get like a lot of these monsters and that maybe not most probably not most that's too far but a lot of these monsters are going to be just subspecies. You're just going to be different versions of monsters we already fought in world rather than completely brand new stuff or in the case of a macho like the sabertooth berry off a returning from an old game that is completely new to me as much on our world player and i was hoping for a lot more of that new stuff and i'm hoping that when we know the full monster list it does go more towards that new stuff than subspecies. The beginning of the campaign relies a lot on subspecies and i was like again. How a a ton of fun with it love. Those fights thought they were very different but as a brand new player i'm not as used to knowing i should expect subspecies and so they feel like oh. It's just like a different version of palette swap or something. It's way more than a palette swap feeling where it's like. Oh it's just another your toes or whatever it's like life. I've already fought a bouquet pook and yeah this deal's water instead of poison and no end of the day and like i'm not disappointed by that but i just hope that it does not rely on that entirely and i don't think it will from what we've seen what we know about it so far. It's just one of those things is where i think and maybe casey. I don't wanna put words in your mouth. I think long term longtime monster on her fans are going to be more okay with that stuff than new monster under fans are and i agree it was something i didn't even think of because it was something that i expected what happened with with jank like you get access to sub-species and the thing with a lot of previous c._b._s. Monster hunter games like with monfort you and monsignor three ultimate will for you anyway. <hes> you already had the g. Rank was already baked into the game like we didn't get it until after whereas this is the first i guess besides try and three ultimate. I'm sorry there's a lot of different monster and there are a lot of caveats gets to all of it sub-species or something to look forward to because you only got them in g. rank which is now master inc so so something that we expected because a subspecies are a lot stronger and a lot different and they come with totally different armor sets and totally different weapons which baked in together makes it a really awesome interesting scene experience because i like i. I love palou. I think i i saw palou. I thought it was awesome and now i'm getting a totally nother version of monster already loved bat also gives me a different armor to play with and that's part of this is we didn't see the armor and we didn't see the weapons at these things turn into as we weren't allowed to look at so. There's it could be that my fears about that. Stuff will be assuaged if we go and see the nightshade luma armor and it's like way different and super cooling unique and suddenly i'm like okay. Hey this is worth fighting. All those extra not re skinned but re skinned elements yeah yeah and casey for you as someone who probably knows monster ulster hunters well as any monster hundred developers us what from their preview event like made a lasting impression on you beyond what you've talked about already. I either good or bad. I don't know if i'm a lot of talk about it turn. I don't know i don't know either. I'm kind confused. What about celena. Let's talk about that. Yeah okay so do i need to cut that out. Okay for now. You need to cut that out there. Are there are guys but so are you saying something really new one side of dealing dealing with embargoes so there are so many so this was also putting article that we will be updating before the game comes out with even more information and small details tells quality of life improvements that make very big impact for a game like this that is so big with so many different things to do. One of the big things that we saw in somalia knows the new gathering during hub and the new gathering hub not only has foot bath that lets you pet your pillow and play with your pillow but it has every single thing you need d- do inbetween quests in the gathering up so if you want to be playing with your friends at hanging out with your friends or maybe doing the tariff siege which you can only do in the gathering hub you you can just stay there and get all of your site quest things done like you can go to the <hes> the botanical research center and do your farming's you can collect all of your herbs and all of your items. You need to make bogan ammo. You can go to your box and change your bow gun. <hes> equip mods you can go to the armory you you can do the argosy you can do your taylor safari literally everything that you need is there and then they also added the ability to use your radio menu in the gathering hub and you can have a totally hulu separate radio menus. You can have just social quick menu so all of those things just huge quality of life improvements and there are so many of of those and as a bogo support in a sword and shield support that run pretty often you can change your radio menu so instead of having to craft one at a time and we have to press a stick for every single item you want craft. You can change it to craft all so if you have twenty slots for fire emily you just press the button. Once in the middle craft all twenty in one go okay so there are a lot of small quality of life improvements that make a very big impact that i'm very excited about and they also introduced <hes> foresaw foresaw jewels which isn't like shouldn't shouldn't be totally surprising but <hes> you can slap to two different abilities into one jewel slot on armor now now and you can also unlock plus rink mantles which have slots and there's just so much stuff like is super granular and whatever to somebody who's not sort of really into the game. I'm not gonna lie. My glaisdale. You appreciate that is like important for people who do it stuff. It's a lot of stuff that if you have played the game a lot and you've gotten really deep into tempered monsters arc temperature stuff and like you really know it well then a lot of these little tiny things are going to make you go like oh my god. I'm so glad that's finally change. I'm so glad you can finally change your pal equipment for many box and celena right eight because there's a pallid go sitting next to all of them like that stuff is so whatever granular but we will play the game lot no like man in star in the original town. I had to walk all the way into my room. That was a loading screen than you. Walk to your and your slower in your room so you go to the palo. Go slower and then you change your equipment and you've got to go back out and like that's just gone. It eliminates the loading screens so you need to do all of these things. That's awesome and also the difficulty jump. I really appreciate it. It's like it feels like it did going for blow ring to high arinc so if you had. I think that that's like an okay kind of comparison like if you had the best lowering armor you possibly could have made and then went into high rank. You're probably okay pay for the first couple of missions but then it's gonna starting difficult whereas if you go coasted on the most on like the worst lowering arbor you get and you start high rank you're gonna get destroyed and and i kind of felt that just looking at how it felt like viper toguchi card me and and another person in that group at the same time and carded is just vernacular for it killed me but let it slide. I assumed something carded because is when you get knocked out by a monster the cats the felines will come in and throw you onto a cart and then we'll you back to camp dump you off. 'cause you know so that you don't get the the do that so yeah that to us even though we had a mastering set and ends of the mastering set which is like one hundred more defense than my best arc temperate set like you can see that it's going to be pretty difficult. Obviously as we commissioning both of you have a lot of experience with the baseball one hundred and for people who maybe didn't understand every word of all the details. I want to get into it. You did mention. We have sort of a lack ask how to get ready for. I sports how to prepare for ice born. It's an article and video that i made and i also and on twitter at chinese casey and i like helping open people with monster hunter so i'll probably reply to you. If you have any questions yes imagine there will be some questions popping up but i'm excited to see everything you guys produce out of that preview and then everything else to come in the game finally releases which is september sixth so so soon. I know very quick again. There's a little further away though john ryan. You've got to klay. Did i did get to play please we have tom marks on our presence. Don't get the name wrong. What game did you get to play to play the outer worlds. Not the wilde's now. You got one of them wrong. Still just outer wilde's not the outer. Oh for god's sakes all right. No it's fine. That's fair. You're not outer wild. Serta's thank you for correcting me much really appreciate it. I did to to go the fro- myself back in time simpler year two thousand ten you know so. I say that jokingly but like this really does. It's sort of a few played. Those you know the those obsidian first person especially following vegas was the one that everyone's kind of turning to because it's it's it's right. That's <noise>. Excuse me like that's a that's a abs- comparison for sure. <hes> this feels like a classic. You know first person run around make a bunch of different choices with all your different characters r._p._g. And it's like the world they've built a super neat like they do sort of take that <hes> that retro-futurism to a different place than follow does and they kind of modernize it a little bit with like i feel all the games these days that are making you big. Important choices are all about how capitalism awesome is bad and wrong in that but but this is the game very much about like corporations and it's that notion of capitalism gone ryan <hes> eh also like on a on a literally multi global scale yeah <hes> and it's not the key difference to the future retro-futurism which i i like that term is that it's not apocalyptic right. No no it's not so there are areas that are like rundown and broken but it's more like a frontier of space as a place to the ruins of a society like the planet that we went to was the same one that the democrat three if you saw that or if you watched our coverage from three of this planet recall monarch and the ideas basically <hes> in the the outer worlds these sort of rim planets <hes> they're like two of them that were tear formed <hes> one actually once as a healthy honor something but the other one is monarch and monarch the tear forming gut botched they goofed did the idea was that they would basically like either launch a probe or like detonate something. I forget exactly what it is. That would thank you. I'm sorry in your skin close right. No sorry for those listening audio the framing i did before the show was without j._r. Came yeah it was only for three people but that's okay <hes> <hes> so like all of the <hes> wildlife that was supposed to get killed off got made bigger and angrier and so instead of like a bunch of insects running around the desert like you would have in new vegas <hes> you've got what they call the hell is it manta mantis. You're basically just like pray medicines but they're the size of a horse or a truck there delightfully horrifying and i think that was the thing that i i am most excited to sort of explore outside of the kind of traditional r._p._g. Mechanics because i mean this the other worlds has if you're a fan kind of like surf classic r._p._g.'s in the sense of like every choice that i make about my character and everything that i do in this world has a cause has an effect in playing with those dynamics antics like this is still very much that game but i'm also super curious get out and about in all the different worlds. I'm not sure exactly how many there are images kind of explore because it's not not these aren't as i said before. This is going to be a shorter game then. I think some people might have been expecting when they first announced. It's not going to be this huge hundred two hundred hour long r._p._g. With a billion side quest and all these weird little things like there's going to be side stuff to do and things to explore but all of the world that you go to themselves are sort of just like a a larger over world but they're really colorfully designed like the creature designs are really cool like you bet those stores <hes> there's this one creature that kind of looked like aac if you mixed like a horny toad or like one of those like desert lizards with a porcupine and it was rollo's real bad ad was it larger the size of a truck the smallest animal that is a big dog. Not actually dog is okay. I was gonna say no. I would hope that there is one that you can pet but i can't say for sure find out when the game comes out in terms of what you got to play was your komo sorta focused around experiencing how the choices play out differently was more just about exploring the environment owes a little bit of both i mean that's sort of the nature of the game you know where it's like. The whole thing thing is exploring and figuring out how you want to tackle a specific situation <hes>. I think the what i really walked away from with it. Though is is that sense of how how ow ow two worlds reacts to you doing that so like not only is <hes> so for example in the demo that we <hes> get to see a few months ago and in this this particular demo that we played <hes> one of the missions that you can take on and there's a bunch of side questions go help my friend or whatever but one of the ones that we had was the leader of this town called fallbrook which is sort of like the the main settlement on monarch the woman who runs the town there wanted us to kill off this local business baron who runs a this. It's called bursts worst. Yeah it's really horrifyingly discussing but apparently it tastes great. It's from these creatures called sixty pigs. Doesn't it sounds nasty because it is is just imagine a big pig but instead of it being like slaughtered for bacon and meet it just grows tumors that then kind of slough off of it and and our meat flavored to real happy world. I mean nasty like more humane. It is a lot more on all <hes> <hes> yeah except for that stuff exactly it's just tumor meat so the idea is that you were supposed to go to is east -tarian so i understand we're coming for. I was sitting next to you in the three demo. All that stuff came up. You're you're the only person who laughed which i appreciate it. I thought it was funny but you're the the only one who like audibly with like kick into it. I really really love when people like lean into that sort of like not necessarily abstract but just like the weird side of things where it's like all right. Let's look at the future. If you're really gonna try to squeeze every last drop of profit out of something. How can you do it with the tools that we've sort sort of established in this world is this oh tumors there. It is for their food their survivable their nontoxic and they're delicious. What more do you need and they they can make a variety of food. You can get bacon borst worse sports wieners boris dogs. I and were stakes anyways you or stews burgers burgers. Sorry sorry i'm fine overall. Let's get back on the overall point was to this woman asked you to either sabotage his cannery or just straight up killing him but curing the pigs that wasn't no oh absolutely not no i don't i don't i still am not sure whether or not the sixty pigs are naturally occurring tumor tumorous phenomenon or if they're engineered i assume they're engineered but also i just fought a giant praying mantis and weird hedgehog lizard so i'm not super sure was real fair so anyways you get there and like you can either. You know sabotage some factory equipment. You can kill all the workers <hes> you can just kill the guy or you can talk to him and be like hey this lady. He told me to murder you wo- you can offer me if i don't do that and it's very much playing into that sort of the traditional idea of running around and r._p._g. But also the rest of them was kind of exploring the world. We did get to play the first chunk of the game but i can't talk a whole lot about about that sure in rattler relatively broad strokes but the point that i was initially making all that long time ago before all those pig take talks. Is that the way that they are always reacts to you. I think is sort of how they've kind of evolved that formula that they're known so well for so so not only. Do you have abilities that you choose new start out with so like if you want to be dumb that was an option in new vegas and you know the first couple of fall-outs votes which the team here worked on as well you know you it's not as dumb as like fallout one and two where you literally just can't speak english but you you do have the option to like the stuff that you talked to people with will be pretty stupid. Sorry it's did you. Did you make the whole episode until just us now yeah but you lose weight when he started going on about the the pigs eggs. You're like i'm real sorry. I'm real sorry you can't is not going to be that. You can't speak english like meco so in me. Take key pass but it's you'll definitely say some stupid things which i really appreciate but the other side of it is where there are these things called flaws where you can see a generosity put together whole feature on it <hes> if you want to check that out i highly suggest you do <hes> basically like let's say you take a lot of falling damage or you get <hes> somebody blunt damage to your head. <hes> maybe you'll get offered for this thing called a flaw. Which is you get an extra perk point. That will give you a bonus to an ability but you also have to take a permanent diaw character naming indian. Di basically yeah so. It's like if you get hit over the head of bunch. Maybe you'll get a perk but also you might become dumb like you can't necessarily you can't talk attack good after taking to many hits to the head <hes> or if you get killed by a bunch of robots they'll offer you the flaw robo phobia where it's like you might take some combat that disadvantages against robots or what's the other one. There's one that makes you panicky if you keep getting if you're trying to sneak and you keep getting seen by guards if you're really going to be if you getting seen by guards you'd like you basically become paranoid jittery person so like while you're talking to regular people like not even in sneaky sneaky scenarios. You're just like hey so anyways. I was i was out at the did you hear that and so you'll have different effects. Put on you not only in combat not only for like health and management stuff but also in your social interaction which i think is super super interesting yeah sorry i was gonna say also just heard about about the hard mode supernova nude it is like has completely changed the game entirely like there's there's already a bunch of factors jurors that can like kind of create a lot of replay ability for yvonne just like the easy normal and hard difficulty mode but supernova adds a bunch of stuff like a survival mechanics so like you have to eat you have to sleep but you can only sleep like in a rented room or in your spaceship or whatever your companion so you because there's this whole companion system. We're like you recruit people and you do missions for them. They become more loyalty in you can increase your loyalty in that mix their abilities better they can just permanently die now so instead of like them waking back up at your spaceship or in the hospital whatever like they're just gone forever so if you have if you're like me like you have to ride or die companions i'm i played through mass effect and it was just garrison just ashley that was it but maybe not anymore yeah like you can get through the entire game up until the very final confrontation and then one all of them dies and it's like well yeah what now i really love that idea of them trying to keep whatever loves about this john russell much but seem to have all that even and what might feel like small as but it feels like definitely something. We're not going to know about the full impact of that stuff until we play through the full game. I mean there are things that i like that you notice a- at least i noticed while i was playing i'm kind of surprised they didn't alter so like new vegas for example had <hes> armor and you only had head armor or hats and and full body suits and it would change the complete texture your body but it would be treated as like chest armor and that was it but a bunch of mods that a lot of people really love gave you separate separate armor slot so you would get you could have n._c. Are ranger chest and coat but you could also have armored legs and armored elbow pads and stuff. This keeps just the due to item inventory. I understand it's a it's a much easier and in a game with so much choice and because there's a lot of injury management to do because again like like me and you render an r._p._g. It's just like all the things i'm just gonna. I'm gonna take everything that you have on you but you still it was surprising to me to see sort of old old holdovers like that very small changes that could have been made that haven't been and again. That's not a bad thing. I think in the long run it will be beneficial to players especially really wants who wanted to play multiple times but it was just kind of weird to see like there are some things you would have expected to sort of evolve the habit but also like that makes it somehow feel even even more like an obsidian game interesting yeah i appreciate that they're trying to stay to the roots of what people love to talk to a couple of the team and like they were very much about that the idea of it's it's a game very much baked out of our d._n._a. Like ask studio. Yeah you mentioning just now of like as someone who plays an r._p._g. Just takes everything. I'm trying to imagine someone who doesn't play those r._p._g.'s like that. I'd literally how think of a person how freeing i guess that is go through and you don't have to worry about anything. I mean you probably missing half the game but just run through but conversely. Maybe you're not missing. Having maybe your experience a lot more of it because you're not worrying about whether or not i have to save the thousand health potions in my bag and how the first thing that i have two great every time i if i need all thousand exactly need them all but that's the that's the pain about it. Is that look how it didn't swear it there. I appreciate look look. That's the bad thing about it is that you'll get to the end of the game. You like you'll hit final boss and you know it's the final boss and you're like oh. I have four hundred health. Potions is but later who knows what comes next but very excited to hear. They enjoyed your time with it. Oh absolutely a blast. I'm super looking forward to that can do it comes out october twenty fifth so hopefully we'll see more of that game soon at october's right around the corner basically at this point <hes> but basically next week yeah pretty much at this point <hes> as a wrapping up one one. I know that we are over time of a lot of recordings of understand. If anyone needs to go i do have a meeting. I'll stick around for him. I appreciate it <hes> wanna wrap up with with two quick things one being of course memory card salutes play that right now. The sound played halfway toward the end so i'm gonna play at one more time for the folks at home because boy do i feel bad about not playing time in the headphones and the headphones you here but it's there no. I heard that was like well your laptops. That's the only audio that gets picked up for anyway moving on memory of course segment we do here every week on beyond where we read your funny sad happy whatever stories from playstation and general gaming lives that you have all written in to the show you can do that beyond idea dot com with the subject line memory card and will read them every week on the show <hes> reading once bit longer this week so just this one for the week but this comes from ben ben wrote in and said salutations mr jonathan roberson beyond crew haibin <hes>. I'm a longtime listener but this is my first time attempting to write in. I just want to say that. I love america segment. You've started as an english professor. It's great to see the power of storytelling being celebrated. You're doing a wonderful job. Show hit saying nice things about myself. On air like this and i eagerly await delightful. He continues on for one hundred work now. I i also to shut up ryan who's not here but anyway specifically because i really appreciate his humble giving insight joyful demeanor and humor. He's just always laughing making others laugh. Enter britain's my day but the whole crew is also great. It also real talk. That's just brian anybody who thinks that that's an act. It's not just a tough guy. I wrote this on because it is a bit of a crossover with n._b._c. I see <hes> ben wrote. The story may be disqualified because it includes the nintendo switch. I'm not disqualifying it. Though maybe n._b._c. should do marry her but i just had to share it anyway because i haven't heard too many memory cards about uncles and nephews yet set aside from being a lifelong game also very proud uncle of two incredible kits naturally soon as my nephew kyan could sort of hold the controller. I've seen sharing sharing the wonder and delight a video game with him when he was just two years old. Our favorite game to play was a somewhat forgettable gem on the p._s. Four octo dad he would often refer to it as octopus just add which is great my favorite would be when i'd ask him what he wants to play he would simply make squishing noises to simulate octopus tentacle really as if the games james intentionally goofy controls weren't difficult enough we would play each they <hes> we would each play with a hand on the controller is were still a little too small to really grasp the dual shock four completely in his favourite level was when offered at had to go to the grocery store extort excuse me and we played levels so many times. He actually started to know where the various items were. I still don't think i've heard him laugh quite as hard as an actor. Dad get sucked into the freezer he would actually laugh until he got the hiccups every time but like also same though it's it's great i love that game festival at a little over three years and several gaming members later from disney infinity to dragon quest builders and the family all chipped into biking and his very own nintendo switch christmas since they had already beaten breath of the wild i lent it succe- year old nephew over the falling he had put in at least eighty hours into the game between other titles regularly barring his mom cell phone to call me with a quick question about a divine beast or asking asking if i could help him beat a section in the next time i saw him one evening a little over a year ago after excuse me a little after kieran playing zelda. I drove over to my sister's house. My nephew came running to meet me at the door with a switch and his hands on the screen. The credits for breath of the wild were rolling in an excited smile stretched across his face. My seven year old nephew largely on his own had beaten breath of the wild game rankle pride swelled chest as i thought back to his first experience octo dad and the playstation four he definitely come a long way congratulated him in joint in his victory. Then i a huge mistake i asked him what he was going to play now. Hearings excited smile melted into a look of existential crisis began to utterly the overwhelmed by the fact that the game he had been playing for over a year was over. I was eventually able to console him and he's now making his way through the d._l._c. Eagerly awaiting link's awakening. We're definitely both antenna fans but i can't wait into the day when he's a little older and we can play p._s. Five online together maybe by that time there'll be an active at two things again for the incredible content. I totally understand if this is to nintendo for beyond. It's not <hes> maybe i'll ride in at some point with my own kmarts memories. Please do another best uncle ben. Thank you ben any story warming. I love that i feel bad taft to you had to break the news to him about things ending relatable feeling feeling definitely beaten games and then had like a mourning period. That's actively me right now. I had that with percent five. Oh yeah i finally i finally just finished assassin's creed odyssey and just like i don't know what to do next a lotta deals. I get that seven year old feeling you get it yeah anyway. Ben ben thank you so much writing in again. You can read into beyond dot com with your memory. Stories is able to memory card and will read them on the show in the coming weeks because one a rush for talk a little bit wanna wrap up with trophy test which we don't have a theme song for saddam gimme. A trophy touched the trophy. We have time. It's short the meller in the six hundred. I want to bring back trophy test. We haven't done for a while here. <hes> trophy test has essentially become. I give the panel beside me be description of a trophy from a game this week. It's kingdom hearts three. Because of course i will then give them to titles for these trophies. One israel one is fake. I need the penalty. Tell me the the real title so i'm going to read you the two titles. You need to tell me the real one. We'll tell you if the points and throughout the earl see who's the best at knowing these crazy. We're dumb trophies that i come up with so again. Please tell me the real trophy. We're going to go through these from keynote three. I've done keenum march three on the show before i made sure. None of these were replicating what i already did so sorry if i missed one but anyway first trophy the description of this is to adventure through olympus and complete the story of that level is the title of this is trophy clash of the gods or put the glad in gladiator which of those is the real trophy title. We're gonna start with j._r. With glenn letting gladiator obviously you're saying thrown puts gladdened gladiator her do lease thank you. I appreciate that we're beyond casey in the real title. I should know this because i played this game for the wikki. That's partially chosen. I did the trophy paid for this trophy pages i to a man actually the gods are put the gladden gladiator the cladding gladiator clash of the gods. The correct answer is clash of the gods. Yes sorry j._r.'s fall. He got me all hyped up but you should be square. What the hell i mean it makes sense. Yeah the song from the movie that it's part of who had no that real well. Tell me jonathan dornbush. Hey anyway moving on a meta gaming this yeah tom's learned my ways poker you where the person across from you next trophy adventure through toy box and complete the story of novel is the true title of this trophy. Not friends are your key or inseparable friends. Which is the actual title of that trophy inseparable friends or friends or your key. Am i going. I again tom. Other friends of your ki. Cape casey are you. Are you duping me again. Uh-huh i mean i'm trying to trick all the most militias segment you've ever done. It's my hope rookie okay. I'm gonna go with inseparable friends and time you said fringy just double. Check him j._r. You gotta correct and moving on third trophy complete. The synthesis section of the gummy phone is that synthesised or master synthesizer casey master synthesizer j._r. What was the other one again synthesised or master synthesizer assist no masterson decider. I'm going down to your you're all going. It's synthesised word. Also what what level was that for completing. The gum and i don't know what those are. It's like a cell phone but you can take selfie swith and it's made from gummy blocks eden no useless. Why would you make it out of that. If you can't eat it moving in dumb the next trophy the score currently rests at j._r. has one. Tom has one casey zero but they're still true to reflect the description for this trophy. If you complete the game record section of the gummy phone is that one for the books or high score one for the books are high score at east of the high high score. H h i j j got h h that's the end of an episode j._r. One for the books or high scorer. I literally nothing about the mechanic that it's referring into so i'm going to say complete game record section. Oh you're saying one for the books you're saying high score one for the books the correct answer sarcasi- arcadi. It's one for the books neck and neck buddy. Sorry moving on the thing. Is i take a total tally how this works much like like playstation trophies themselves. There's an income for heads will number system going on behind the back. I award a gold silver and bronze each week trophy okay okay and by the end of the year i'll do some math finagling and he'll do the russell lines yeah final trophy raise sorta level level ninety nine is the trophy name leveled out or key blade master race seora to level ninety nine leveled out out or keyboard master tom. We're going to start with you. Keep master casey played master and j._r. I think it's gonna be out and say leveled out. That's the. I like to call that in mexico yes because we can't we can't have tied. One of us has to lose. Hopefully it will be you but if it's me we've both played well. The correct answers leveled out look at nerds as the other one headmaster and was wrong tom. This one might have master m._b. Right but you just doubled. It's all very cute lake. I'm really bad at this guy. I never looked at my trophies. The key is if it sounds good good. Pun chances are. I came up with it but some games are good at that. That's true there are some but i feel like they're few and far between from the research i shouldn't have expected as much kingdom hearts how dare out doing anyway. Thank you all so much playing jared congratulations but it's okay because no one's a loser and trophies test. You still got a bronze trophy congressional regulation. Thanks guy gold silver bronze. Thank you all so much. I hope you enjoyed playing along home and i hope you enjoyed listening to beyond episode six hundred and one the beginning of a new hundred podcasts a new era with none of the other cast. They'll probably be back next week. I think you all so much for joining for watching for listening when you can't find us here beyond is live every wednesday at three p._m. Pacific biondo dot com and podcast services around the world unless i have to edit handed out some curses okay. We'll take a hit us. Curse this time it is the law did well. I'm really proud of did a good job. No happy to jared when you're not here cursing up a storm. Where can people find you storm on twitter at u._s. of j._r. Enough casey where can people find you talk about hunting slain and capturing monsters at shining city on twitter and tell them where can people find you at marks on twitter at jammed dornbush again beyond live every wednesday three p._m. Thank you all so much for watching listening planning long. Listen along torsion hennigan's and as always beyond yawn yeah.

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