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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman. President trump has announced the federal government will extend its social distancing guidelines through April thirtieth to slow the spread of the corona virus. Npr's Alison Aubrey reports. The administration says that stay at home recommendations are working but it's too early to lift them. As the number of covert nineteen cases continues to grow the administration says depths may peak in a few weeks given the spread of the virus. The President says the recommendations to stay home. We'll be extended. Through the end of April. The restrictions will remain in place. Nationwide this means. Schools and businesses will remain closed and gatherings limited trump predicted. The country will be well on our way to recovery by June first top advisor Anthony Fouled. She says the social distancing measures are working but it would be premature to relax them. Allison Aubrey NPR. News researchers at Johns Hopkins University report more than one hundred forty three thousand diagnosed cases in the US. They say more than twenty five hundred people have died of Cova. Nineteen thousands of workers for shopping and Grocery Delivery Company. Instant cart are planning to go on. Strike today for member station can't Qe de Sam Harnett reports. They're protesting working. Conditions and pay during the pandemic is thicker shoppers or gig workers. They aren't guaranteed minimum. Wage have no paid time off and the company does not pay into unemployment insurance for them. Vanessa Bain has been an insecure chopper in the San Francisco Bay area for four years right now. There is a heightened sense of awareness. Thankfully that our labor is essential. But it's still not paying it's essential and it's still not protecting us like it's essential. Easter Guard has added bonuses and sick pay but only for those who contract Corona Virus. Bain and other insecure shoppers. Say they want hazard pay per order as well as basic protections like hand sanitizer wipes for NPR news. I'm Sam Harnett. Despite Louisiana's statewide. Stay at home orders. Hundreds of members of a Louisiana Church gathered for Sunday service from member station W. R. K. F. in Baton Rouge. Paul Braun has more. While other places of worship have shifted to livestream. In their services an estimated five hundred people packed into the life Tabernacle Church in the city of central just outside of baton. Rouge governor John. Bel Edwards hasn't singled out that congregation but said people define the state home order or selfish. He's left the enforcement of his statewide order up to local agencies neither the Central Police Department nor the parish. Sheriff have publicly commented on the gathering Paul Brown reporting the American Red Cross is reminding people blood donations are desperately needed. The pandemic has created new challenges. That's because community. Blood drives typically held for donations have been canceled across the country however the American Red Cross as people can still make appointments and go and donate blood in communities that are under shelter in place orders. They're asking that people call their local chapters to make an appointment this is npr the USS Comfort Hospital navy ship is scheduled to arrive in New York City today. The ship was undergoing repairs but has been pressed into service to help relieve hospitals in New York that are crowded with corona virus patients a sister ship the US. Ns Mercy is on a similar mission. They had arrived in Los Angeles last Friday. The family of singer Songwriter. John Prime says he is hospitalized and critically ill with symptoms of Ovid. Nineteen Jason Moon Wilkins of member station W. P. L. N. says prime has been placed on a ventilator John Pine is seventy three but before the corona virus crisis you've been extremely active touring collaborating and releasing new songs as a follow up to his. Grammy nominated twenty eighteen album. The Tree forgiveness prying battled cancer twice first round ravaging his voice forcing him to change the way he sings earlier this month. His wife Yona Contract Kovic Nineteen and was living in quarantine at the time. She expressed hope the disease wouldn't pass onto her husband for NPR news. I'm Jason Moon Wilkins. Last month prime received a lifetime achievement award at the grammys north. Korean state media are saying that it's weapons test on Sunday has been a success. South Korea reported that the North Fire to suspected ballistic missiles into the sea. Yesterday these are part of a string of launches and live fire tests that have been conducted by North Korea in recent weeks. I'm Korva Coleman. Npr News in Washington.

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