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The. Welcome to the technique ride home for Tuesday, April ninth twenty nineteen I'm Brian McCullough. Today. The headlines from the Google cloud next conference China seeks to ban crypto miners. Why ads on streaming services is the new hotness. And also, why roadblocks is the new hotness? Here's what you missed today in the world of tech. Google's cloud next conference started today. So here's a quick rundown of some of the headlines. Google cloud says it has partnered with seven open source projects, including elastic wrestler ABS and mongo DB to offer fully managed serves on GCP. In the coming months quoting venture beat that means a single user interface, including the ability to provision and manage the service from the Google cloud console unified billing one invoice from Google cloud. That includes the partners services and Google cloud support manage and log support tickets a single window who will also work with its partners to build integrations with native GCP services like stack driver, and I am validating for security and optimizing performance, and quote and Anthony Google's cloud services platform for managing hybrid clouds that spanned on Prem. Data centers and Google cloud. Officially came out of beta. And the big news was that it will run on AWS and assure quoting tech crunch with anthrax Google will offer a single managed service that will let you manage into play workloads across clouds all without having to worry about the different environments and API's that's a big deal. And when that clearly delineates Google's approach from its competitors. This is Google after all managing your applications for you on AWS, Azure. You can use one consistent approach. One open source based approach across all environments, Google's senior VP for its technical infrastructure. Urs Hoelzel said, quote, I can't really stress how big a change that is in the industry because this is really the stack for the next twenty years. Meaning that it's not really about the three different clouds that are all randomly different and small ways. This is the way that makes these three cloud and actually on premise environments to look the same and. Quote, and Google cloud run for open and portable service computing, which will let devs run stateless HTTP driven containers in fully managed service environments quoting now from venture beat cloud run, quote takes care of all infrastructure management, including provisioning configuring scaling and managing servers cloud. Ran autoclave scales up or down within seconds even down to zero. So you pay only for the resources you actually use what we're doing with cloud. Run is introducing a brand new product that takes Docker, containers and instantly gives you a URL or in tight director of service at Google, cloud explained. This is completely unique in the industry were taking care of everything from the top end of SSL provisioning routing all the way down to actually running the container for you, you pay only by the hundred milliseconds of what you use. And it's end to end managed end quote. There might be some more things announced this afternoon. But that is the gist of what came across my transom at least in time to talk about today. China is home to the majority of the world's cryptocurrency mining firms and also the biggest minors, but maybe not for long China's economic planning body has suddenly proposed new rules that would ban all cryptocurrency mining in China the rules are under public consultation until may seventh quoting from the South China Morning post, the national development and reform commission. The end the R C on Monday unveiled amendments to its guidance for adjustments to the nation's industrial structure, including categories that are encouraged restricted and eliminated. Crypto currency mining was included among the sectors to be eliminated. Immediately industries in the eliminated category include those seen as wasting energy or polluting the environment. According to rules enacted by China's cabinet in two thousand five investment and loans in those industries are banned. And during the elimination period authorities are allowed to raise electrobi- prices for relevant businesses to force them to close the manufacturing sale and use of products in the eliminated categories is also prohibited. China is home to some of the world's largest cryptocurrency mining firms data centers hosting the mining rigs, thanks to cheap electricity in the country's coal-rich Jin Jiang and Inner Mongolia regions in recent months. Chinese miners are known to have deployed machines in the southern Yunan, and sh is Juan provinces to take advantage of the even cheaper hydropower available there during the rainy season and quote. So this looks like a sky is falling moment for Chinese bitcoin mining companies like bit main at the very least since it doesn't look like the quote public consultation period means public debate. It looks like these companies might have to relocate out of China or just shut down completely. But is this a sky is falling? Moment for bitcoin. Many Greenspan a senior market analyst at e Toro a social trading network tweets. Maybe not, quote, if this band does end up happening, it is more likely to push BTC prices up than down the loss of cheap Chinese electricity would raise the mining cost which is net positive on price. It would also serve to kill the fear uncertainty and doubt that bitcoin mining is centralized and quote. Twitter has lowered the number of accounts user can follow each day from one thousand down to four hundred to cut down on spam and bought activity now to be clear. This doesn't limit the number of accounts. You can follow full stop. This just means that you can't go hog and in one fell swoop or one day follow nine hundred people. This move looks to be aimed at among other things. Those by followers companies those build followers fast companies and just spammers in general quoting tech crunch. Several companies had been offering tools that allowed their customers to automatically follow a large number of users with little effort this works as a growth tactic because some people will follow back out of courtesy without realizing they followed a, but the companies also offered tools to mass on follow the Twitter accounts of those who didn't return the favor by following the back. Other automated tools were often provided as well. Like once for creating those annoying auto DM's, for example, and quote, but a lot of people are asking why stop at four hundred. I mean, that's still seems like a large enough number that any legitimate user would never need to follow four hundred people in a given day, though, I do suppose businesses might need to follow their customers a lot throughout a day to respond to customer service issues via diem and indeed y'all Roth head of site integrity at Twitter tweeted, quote, so why four hundred per day and not one hundred or fifty eight or seventeen in short. We found that four hundred is a reasonable limit that allows people to follow the accounts they're interested in each day while stopping most spam, we found that nearly half of all accounts who made more than four hundred dollars per day were churning that amounted to more than twenty million dollars each day and a high rate of blocks and spam reports a clear signal that inorganic follows are super annoying and quote. So I guess this is just targeting the ability to spam at scale, but we'll still allow low level or work intensive spamming. All right. Let's take a look at another sort of company that tiny tends to like to buy. So if what I'm about to describe sounds like you need to talk to tiny. So let's say you've raised some money for your business. And you've built a good business with that money, a good business with serious revenue, and maybe some profits. But you know, at this point that you're never going to achieve venture scale ever since we entered this world where a billion users is all anyone wants to look at some darn good businesses haven't gotten the attention they deserve. But you're doing great, you're serving your product market fit. Like, you're supposed to it's just look those guys who invested in you, hoping 10x e just you're not going to be able to deliver it, and that's fine. That's what your business is. There's no shame in a profitable business ever. But your investors need a soft landing. You know that and you want to sell the someone who appreciates your efforts. That's exactly where tiny comes in tiny knows that. There are. Are thousands of phenomenal entrepreneurs out there who want to sell their business, but don't wanna deal with the brain damage that entails. They don't wanna freak out their staff. They don't want their business to be put at risk by short term oriented buyers who will try to pump up they don't want to answer to micromanage boards. So if this is you go talk to tiny tiny dot website, that's tiny dot website. And you can tell them Brian sent you. If you want, but whatever you do go talk to tiny. Quip was designed to make brushing your teeth more simple, affordable and even enjoyable. I've been using quip now for several months, and I kid you not I actually love it quip is an electric toothbrush that has sensitive sonic vibrations. 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And if you go to get quip dot com slash ride right now, you'll get your first refill pack for free with equip electric toothbrush. That's your first refill pack for free at G E T Q IP dot com slash ride. As we have been covering. These streaming video worse we've largely been looking at the direct to consumer plays the over the top or OT plays. You pay me a subscription. I give you access to content, but that's only part of the television and video landscape. Right. Seventy billion dollars a year still goes to TV advertising to add supported plays. It's not like companies are just going to abandon a market that large and OT viewing only accounts for twenty nine percent of current TV viewing and only three percent of TV ad budgets. So there's room for growth here. And that's why there is actually a parallel competition to capture ad supported over the top or OTT. Video streaming quoting digital OTT based advertising hit two point seven billion dollars in revenue in two thousand eighteen which represents a year over year growth of fifty four percent, according to estimates from Magna global. That's actually higher than Magnus original estimates which projected OTT ad revenues to hit two point two billion in twenty eighteen Magnus revised. Forecasts include growth of thirty nine percent. In two thousand nineteen to three point eight billion and thirty one percent twenty twenty to reach five billion the two current market leaders in OT advertising, Hulu and Roku have already built sizeable. Add businesses who reached one point five billion in revenue in two thousand eighteen growth of forty five percent year over year, Roku, meanwhile, generated roughly four hundred sixteen million from quote platform revenue which mostly comes from advertising, and quote new entrance on the scene include YouTube, which has recently been crowing to advertisers about how more than two hundred million hours of YouTube content is watched every single day on big regular old TV sets. So obviously, the pitches bring some of your big old regular TV ad budget over here, and I think we've spoken before about Amazon. And the potential it has to do a pretty powerful ad supported streaming offering that could build off of what it knows about your buying habits. And then quoting digital various TV programmers are also investing in ad-supported OT CBS has a network of streaming apps which include three video streaming services for news, sports and entertainment news as well. As an ad supported tear for its CBS all access subscription service. These services combined generate hundreds of millions in annual at revenue for CBS, according to a previous digital story. Viacom, meanwhile, spent three hundred and forty million dollars earlier this year to by Pluto TV, a free video streaming service that offers more than one hundred linear program to channels. Viacom has been pitching Pluto TV to cable and satellite distributors as an add-on for broadband only subscribers a key part of icons distribution strategy. According to Viacom CEO, Bob back in an interview with CNBC after the Pluto, TV acquisition other key. Ad-supported? Video streaming services include Zumo and two TV as well. As branded services from TV manufacturers such as Samsung and busy. Oh, and this doesn't even include the virtual live TV services from Hulu YouTube direct TV and sling TV four years ago, the TV industry had the option of going slow. They don't have that option. Now said Scott, Rosenberg senior vice president and general manager of Roku platform business, quote, they have to follow consumers and those consumers are showing up on OT and quote. Fortnight might get all the headlines, but there's another game that has quietly become quite a hit with the kids. And I might not have to tell you that. If you have kids of certain age roablocks says it now has ninety million monthly active users up from seventy million just last fall, the company behind roadblocks was recently valued at two point five billion dollars. I told you about roadblocks wants when it raised a one hundred and fifty million dollars series f around in essence roablocks is a game and a game platform quoting tech crunch. The games themselves are built by third party creators, while roadblocks gets a share of the revenue the games generate from the sale of virtual goods in two thousand seventeen roablocks paid out thirty million dollars to its creator community. And later said that number would more than double in twenty eighteen it says that players and creators now spend more than a billion hours per month on its platform, and quote, I think when we talk. About roadblocks before I called it a little bit Minecraft a little bit open world game a little bit gaming platform and a little bit fortnight. And indeed the company behind RA black says that like fortnight robots is indeed seeing the same phenomenon where it's become a place for kids to go and hang out with their friends. Even if they're not actively playing any game. So a little bit social network as well. And finally today. Speaking of games back in October, the Google doodle team launched the first ever multi-player, interactive Google doodle as a game it was called great ghoul dual and it was a great success at the height of the game's popularity around Halloween. More than five hundred thousand players were playing in every five minute window. Great ghoul dual was designed to do what Google doodle does delight people a little bit. And also show off some of Google cloud capabilities that clearly Google has followed up on with their streaming gaming initiative. But people continue to be delighted by great ghoul dual at least a little bit. In fact, a lot of people are still playing the game today in April how and why well apparently a commemorative Google doodle page is still alive. So you can still play the game. They're still an active sub read at devoted to the game. There's a discord server as slates Mersa Martinelli a devotee of the game explains. Quote, the two minute time limit is ideal. If you're just looking for a quick break, even if the games competitive nature makes it so tempting to keep hitting the button to play again. And again, and again, the great ghoul dual also lets you host private matches, which I tested out with a few of slates finest gamers turns out it's equally entertaining. When you're playing one on one though, it may destroy friendships and professional relationships when you defeat a worthy foe by just three flames. Maybe you missed the opportunity to play the game first time around or maybe you play the game at Halloween, and then forgot about it. Either way as we enter the season of florals and Easter bunnies. It's time to dust the cobwebs off the great goal dual or rather to dust them back on and. Okay. So when I originally announced the weekend bonus episodes, I said, we could experiment with things like even a listener call in episode. So let's give that a try. I want you to send me any questions comments corrections topics for discussion excetera, this is your chance to sound off on any of the topics. We've covered make your own arguments about things share your own hot takes challenge, any of my assumptions or just ask for my opinion about anything something we've covered or maybe not covered. My preference would be to get audio of all of your questions like an old school radio Colin show. So I can edit in and make an episode out of it. I'd love to give you my Skype number for those purposes and have you leave voicemails. But I just learned that Skype does not allow you to save or export voicemail audio which is dumb. So instead what I'm going to suggest is use the voice memo app on your phone record a question call in or whatever and Email it to me at Brian at tech meme dot com. Try to keep your question to less than a minute. Maybe thirty seconds is preferred and let's use the convention made popular by the flop house podcast identify yourself as first name last name withheld. So I'd be Brian last name withheld. My wife would be Lisa last name withheld. And again, I'd prefer audio. So that I can edit your questions in, but I will take Email questions as well that I can just read we'll see whatever's easier or what people prefer, and as I say. This is an experiment. Maybe it won't end up being interesting. But maybe it will. So send me what you got at Brian B R I A N at tech named dot com. And we'll see if we can put together an episode for this weekend.

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