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I'm Jay forested. You're listening to five minute Dara five minute divers, a weekly podcast giving you a practical Buddhist wisdom for everyday life episode seventeen right speech. The Buddhist. Now. This is the noble truth of the Path that leads the cessation of suffering. It is simply this noble eightfold path. That is right view, right, intention, right, speech, right, action, right, livelihood, right effort, right, mindfulness and right meditation. So. We've gone through right view, right, intention and today. We want to deal with right speech. So, what is right speech? The Buddha said and what is right speech. Avoiding speech, that is false, divisive, harsh or nonsensical. This is called right speech. So here. He lists some things that really are not right speech. False speech that is you. Don't lie or deceive with your words. You don't exaggerate. He don't make things up. Divisive speech is speech that divides people that is turning people on each other. That's divisive speech. Har- speech is words used as weapons said to cause pain to put someone in their place. This is harsh speech. Nonsensical speech is probably not the best translation. I like Bhikkhu bodies translation. He says it is idle chatter. In other words, it's pointless Chitchat. Talk that lacks purpose or depth. This is one of the hard ones to avoid especially in a work situation. Where you're dealing with a lot of people, sometimes, it's real easy to get into this idle Chitchat. And but these are the things that are not right speech. And avoiding these things actually will leave you with right speech. So that's the negative part of right speech, but the Buddha also talked about the positive aspect of it. The Buddhist said Mendicant. Speech that has five factors is well-spoken, not poorly spoken. It's blameless and is not criticized by sensible people. What five it speech. That is timely, true, gentle, beneficial and loving. Speech with these five factors as well spoken, not poorly spoken. It's blameless and is not criticized by sensible people. So let's look at these five bro quickly timely. What does it mean to be to have speech that his timely? Translation says it spoken at the right time. Sometimes in inappropriate to say something and sometimes. It's appropriate, so it's spoken at the right time. True that it is spoken in truth. Gentle that is is sufficiently or politely spoken. If you look into the polly the actual word they're gentle means smooth a soft delicate. In other words. It's one of those things that is spoken with a softness a delicacy so as not to hurt the other person. Beneficial. Good right speeches beneficial the again. The the Pali dictionary defines it as endowed with Prophet, bringing advantage profitable speech. I mean if you saying something. Let it be for a good purpose. Let it before benefit for an advantage for yourself and for the other person. And lastly is loving. The Pali. Word here literally means Meta mind and the word. Meta means loving kindness. It needs to speak with a mind governed by loving kindness. In conclusion. Do you practice right speech. Your words are important, not only the others, but your own spiritual growth. That concludes by talk. Thank you for your attention. You've been listening to five minute Dharma. Five minute neighbors a weekly podcast giving you practical Buddhist wisdom for everyday life. You can subscribe to the podcast at five. MINUTE DHARMA DOT COM. Till next time may the Buddha's wisdom. Enlighten your path.

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