Hour 1: Mason's Apology


Problems choosing your ESPN fantasy football lineup. IBM Watson can help fantasy. Research can be overwhelming. That's why. IBM Watson analyzes millions of expert fantasy football sources to give you smart useful insights on every player visit. IBM DOT com slash fantasy football to find out more. These the Dan Le Batard show with took that spot. So we'll get to the important story of the day. How quin Snyder applies Is Lip Balm in a moment because it's very aggressive. I'm not making any accusations here at all. But I've seen lip balm applied applied that way in Miami and it's only from the cocaine again. I am not saying that. That's what's so here. I'm just saying lip balm applied lip balm is to be applied gently lip balm is to be applied with touch but Quin Snyder didn't have time for any of that. He just slathered some vacillate on his face and kept moving. So we'll get to Quin Snyder in a second but before we do do that. If you're listening to the show last week we had a great deal of fun at all the hyperventilation surrounding myles Garrett and then the noise came came down and everyone relax a little bit and the news stream arrived with news stories and yesterday myles Garrett calmly going into a plead. His case in saying look precedent is not what you guys have done to me here. precedent on this kind of crime usually gets three games. But and if you've watch the steelers play this year you know what I'm about to say is true Mason. Rudolph is a little slow so it took him six damn days to prepare air this meandering statement of falling on the cross like just he was also bashed in the head with a helmet so yes any also at attorneys seeking a lawsuit suit once they told them there was no possible angle here then he came up with whatever he came up with and lastly he didn't come up with this. Okay yes but let's before we go down this path. Okay because we're always laughing at the hypersensitive around here we're always laughing at overreactions mason. Rudolph is in a job Bob. He does not belong in okay. He's in over his head. He is the face of a team because rothlisberger bloated faces out and he's not very good. Whatever the steelers will do this year will be done in spite of him and so he gets into the fight and then after the game? You don't want to wait and see a little bit you you gotta wait it out. You think he's going to be great. Is that moments. I mean entering that Thursday night game people were talking about how he was actually playing. Well look at that touchdown interception ratio now granted. I watch Mason Rudolph. I was never impressed but the numbers were there and they were a winning team entering Thursday night football. They're winning team because Minka Fitzpatrick has won them. A couple of games is with turnovers that he's taken for touchdowns but regardless. Okay maybe you like Mason Rudolph more than I like Mason. Rudolph Prospects Dan. He has twelve touchdowns thousand eight interceptions four of which came in that Thursday night. And he's in the top thirty two and QBR. That's every damned guy in the league. Top thirty two though every damn guy in the league that starts quarterback guys you guys Rand Cam Newton out of the League for Kyle and then last Sunday like oops never never mind sorry about out for the year. Yeah Angie do Prior to the last game it's been fine so regardless of what you think of. Mason Rudolph prospects. He is learning to put on this whole face of a franchise thing but the time he he gave you honesty. And you rarely get it from the quarterbacks because they're concealed and they don't show you their emotion in the press conferences. He gave you honesty after to that game when he was calling myles Garrett a coward and calling him Bush League and giving you the hissing sound because of how frustrated he was terrible at the end of that game was third and twenty nine he was getting hit again and he was just frustrated by everything that happened in that game. And he did some of the stuff that that created myles Garrett behaving like a buffoon but here is Mason Rudolph and explain this to me six damn danger later he decides okay. I'm going to do the prepared statement. Type hypothetic Thursday night to say the least. It was an unfortunate situation for everyone involved. I consider it a privilege on a right to be part of the NFL. To be part of a first class organization representing the Rooney Family Pittsburgh steelers and and I felt sure that expectation last Thursday night on the final play the game with the game in hand. The way it was that had been we already lost two of our players tarring penalties as I released the ball I I took a shot did not agree with the way then took me to the ground and my natural reaction was just is to get him off from on top of me and again I should have done a better job handling that situation towards myles Garrett great respect for his abilities a player and I know this you know of miles to go back you would handle the situation differently. US for my involvement last week there is no acceptable. Excuse the bottom line is better job keeping my composure. In that situation and fall short of what I believe it means to be a Pittsburgh steeler a member of the NFL definitely didn't say anything. That's like I said I I gotTa do better job and keep my composure in those. Oh situations and unfortunate situation for both teams so it's official. All the fun has been taken out of that story. Great Acoustics Fantastic tastic. You can hear the paper blowing a see that he was reading from. I'm not sure it was in that clip. But he also mentioned when he was speaking to the media that it was a game in which they were too late hits and then he was pressed on that wait. Are you trying to explain your actions by saying it had something to do with the hits had no. This was an isolated incident and had nothing to do at that prepared statement. Made sure to mention. Hey there was a dude bleeding from the ear. He went into straight janitorial boring quarterback mode. He he invoked invoke the name of the. Rooney's he he invoked one of the greatest cards that you have to pull one in the middle of NFL crisis. It is a privilege to play in this sling. It is an honor and a privilege to get my head concussed by a rage filled. Man's helmet because I get to play in this league for the mighty Pittsburgh Football steeler if if anyone knows privilege attempted that's not what it means to be. A Pittsburgh steeler really. Are you not familiar with this brand of football the team of James Harrison. This is not what it means to be a Pittsburgh steeler it's kind of weird though listening to espn daily and they did a whole episode all Myles Garrett the timing on that worked out pretty well for Myles Garrett because I in imports it seems like as always exonerating myles Garrett and saying yeah I know he's sorry and he's really not pouring gasoline on what could be what Myles Garrett is ultimately already did that back when he was being honest before the football. Rooney's got a hold of him and scrubbed him down and told him get back out there and we'll get some other clown to play cornerback floors and go five and five. He only gave you the honesty and then they beat it out of him. The moment Bush League and everything else and now six days later with six days to think about I should do better. You're so right about the privilege part of it that is it's second ace. It's the go-to that's the Rudy. That said I would go in front of goodell anytime I got into any kind of trouble and and we just open before hello with. It's a privilege to play in the NFL. A not a right not a right. It's it's a privilege captured except that one line he d back the NFL. It'd be starting said everything else. Just that one line gaining of everything else. It's a privilege to kneel in front of this flag in the NFL your turn to guts sorry. ESPN radio always present. I mean I was. I was swigging water. And I'm texted. Jj Watt Espn Radio is presented by progressive insurance quote by save on Home Insurance with progressive homequote explorer. If you're texting. JJ WATT JJ has a number set up where you can text him directly now. I did so I sent them a text and I have to go through. Oh wait hold on Jayjay with the text message back exciting. Just put your coat on television to get through the whole they do it under so he has a new line. Set up right you text them directly he and he takes you back now. 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ESPN five Donlevatar. D- Did you ever have a crush on a cartoon character. Can I go. This is a Muslim but I did Jessica Rabbit who framed Roger Rabbit. Yes yes it was married to. Roger added even though he was a bunny and she was a humanoid but they were both cartoons to God's Ida crush on betty rubble. Wow what's stands out apprised nomination through God's dirty dirty or nine year old. DCC Donlevatar show with STUGATZ ON ESPN radio. Download the vivid seats applicants a Promo Code. ESPN TWENTY-FIVE CHECK OUT to get ten percent off your next door. Don't buy just any sleep. Get a vivid seat so we were talking about Quin Snyder and his lip balm application. -cation Chris Cody has been watching it all morning. He's obsessed with this. Some people are writing in. Hey you get the ball on your lips. That's how it works works. There's no right way to do this. There's no wrong way to do this as long as you successfully get balm on your lips. Quin Snyder had to go back to coaching so he did it very quickly. Weekly how would you describe what he did. And why are you so obsessed with it. I just can't stop watching it. It's been on a loop it's very aggressive. It's very efficient. A kind of does a lipstick thing at the end where he like. Yeah make sure he gets it all around. It's basically just one swoop circle motion with the finger onto the lips. It's very aggressive. Though I get what you're saying the first segment. I'm not prepared to go down that path but get where you got that from. He eats it he does. It looks especially crazy because his forehead super shiny any has to just two bangs out. Ed are coming down the center of his forehead to make it look especially American psycho. So quin Snyder has only one end in his first name. The only thing that billy has said to me this morning is that the assists of the general manager of the Dallas Mavericks is Don Nelson and the son of Don Nelson and that he spells his name. Don with two ends. That is the only bit of information that producer extraordinaire. Billy Billy. Gill has given me today. I also told you you may want to put that in safety deposit box not GonNa need that today but one day you might safe-deposit bar so What what what is otter that Quin Snyder? Put It on the poll. That quin Snyder spells his name with one end or the Don Nelson took that and and spells his done with two. Well it's Donnie Nelson. I mean well. This is what billy told me. Billy is telling me that. He Spells IT D. O. N. N. not You know and I know it's Danica. Yeah I E it's Donnie Nelson but is given birth name Don Two N.'s. Charles Nelson born September tenth nineteen sixty two in Iowa. City Iowa is an American basketball executive. It was. You don't need all that information to dawn. They got Luca. Luca somebody to be excited about you have not seen a young player player. This young be doing the things that he's he's doing yesterday. Did you see what he did yesterday. First of all they beat Golden State won forty two to ninety four. That thing fell apart fast for golden state. That's how golden the state used to be people and he went in twenty six minutes to God's thirty five ten and eleven fastest triple double ever as he's twenty years old now he's played professionally since he was thirteen. So he's really a veteran but is an MBA rookie. Twenty years old Dan. This guy is so exciting to watch. I think over the last ten games. He's averaging a thirty point triple double and it's the first time in a long time where I've gone out of my way to watch a player play in regular season basketball games. Forgive me I misspoke This was the fastest triple double with a thirty spot in it. Not just a triple double. But the fact that he's scored thirty five five. Ten and eleven in twenty-six all he needs is a better number and he's going to be the biggest star in the sport. You can't be seventy seven. He needs something different but it on the poll whole game. Oh can you be the biggest star in the NBA. If your numbers seventy seven and this box scores Crazy I'm not looking at Lucas box. where I'm looking at? WHO started for Golden in St Paul K Bouwman Burks G. Robinson W Cauley Stein I think one of them's Willie splash brothers? As bad as they got quick next year. You gotTA figure they're going to be good quick to with all those guys coming back from injury and what would appear to be the top pick in the NBA. Hey draft to the mavs have the worst city uniforms. Oh Dude it's so bad. It looks like the titles from the fresh exactly is like fresh prince graffiti and I think I read that the reason they did that is because the Dallas art scene is really underrated like is that that's like shining example of like this is what people are sleeping on. The warriors are worse than the next nets godforsaken look at it. They just lost one forty two to ninety four. It's not just that they're losing. It's the way they're losing. Everyone is caving their head in. Ah I WANNA ask you guys from among the Quin Snyder. Looks like game that we play which would be the number one seed from among and these. Okay Quin Snyder. Looks like the evil real estate developer trying to tear down a children's community center in a movie from Nineteen Ninety four when Snyder looks like tax evasion insider looks like he came straight from his other job. Quin Snyder looks like both the guy selling the white powdery very substance and the guy buying the white. Powdery Substance Quin. Snyder looks like a civil war. General who is photographed with a pair of leather gloves folded over his cross legged. Ah Quin Snyder. Looks like the protagonist of Scifi film about a mad scientist who thinks he's creating a new life form to help advance the human race only to later to realize horrible things happen when you attempt to play God or Quin Snyder. Looks like your neighbor. whose work life balances so shot that he hastily mows the Alon each week in a three piece suit and waves to you living the dream Mark as he heads into his garage that one? That's the one that's the best one for make AAC. Quin Snyder. Looks like he had everything. Under control to Jen's ago you also look like he accidentally killed one of the partners partner at his law firm by accident by partying too hard and refusing to admit that he's actually dead so he just props up his body weights his arm. And the looks. Like we'RE GONNA burn. A prescription is required online physician consultation and only available if the physician determined prescriptions appropriate. See website for full details and safety information. One of the scariest things that can happen to a guy is that first morning morning you wake up you look in the mirror and you start to realize you're going thin up. 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ESPN Donlevatar is the number of people who would risk certain death to go to Mars staggering. Because I don't believe it is still gots Gotz although now thinking about it wait can I get famous. Is there an appearance fee. What is Mars's pay is an appearance fee? I could colonize an entire land of content the storm around and teach all the people of my primitive ways. I start sports radio and more of an as you into a microphone. Their listeners are going to be a struggle at the beginning. Maybe we don't know really right. Maybe we'll have the number one show on Mars. DCC Donlevatar show with the two guys on ESPN radio. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance guests. On the Dan lebatardshow appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance. Line protect your engine. This winter use pennzoil synthetics Motorola made from natural gas now crude oil. Here's your sports. INTERRUPDATE MEMPHIS tigers freshman. James Wiseman has been has been suspended twelve gains by the NCW stemming from Weisman's mother accepting eleven thousand five hundred dollars from Penny Hardaway in the summer of two thousand seventeen gene and why has been playing in three games this season while he was ineligible. Got It's gotTa slowed up the nine hundred and four Toronto until Maple leafs had fired head. Coach Mike Babcock the leaves. Have one regulation win in nearly a month that have lost five in a row and finally according to scientists is men who grow beards easily and earlier in life have been found more likely to go bald uh-huh a new episode of Payton's places dropped this Saturday on. ESPN employ an episode Nineteen Peyton visits with Anthony. Gonzales Joe Nemeth and Ben Stein to learn it took President John F. Kennedy signature movie about an eight year old orphan and president. Richard Nixon's political muscle to bring. NFL Games to your living room. Payton's places a new episode this Saturday and you can check out all the previous episodes exclusively on on. ESPN plus get into them for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on ESPN radio all throughout the day so Jacoby Ellsbury after after a really giant failed stint with the Yankees where he got a ton of money and his ps for the six years there was barely over seven hundred. They wave him now and he is guaranteed to get twenty six point one million dollars to just go away and and that twenty six point one million dollars in baseball represents more than the mavericks will pay Luca under his present three year contract. I mean the Yankees are paying Jacoby Ellsbury more money by four million dollars to go away. Then the mavs are paying Luca to totally transform their franchise ranchos. That's how I wanNA talk about here. I want to talk about. Why Billion Roy we're talking about Disneyworld why Roy. Who has a child feels like? He knows rose how to do disneyworld. But Billy who does not have a child thinks that Roy is doing disneyworld all wrong. Oh I'm taking clearer to Disneyworld for the first time ever I'm very excited about it. And it was clear apparently because he picked up her Minnie. Mouse doll we left the house today. is well apparently I know how to do too. So billy huge rookie. Make sure to put them in the carvers. Yes yes billing billy. Well here's the thing. Roy is way behind on this trip to Disney world. Ooh Way behind on this trip to Disney World Stu gods you like Disney also. Yeah you know how this is done Royce taking off tomorrow not to put his business out there and he will be headed out to Disneyworld tomorrow Saturday and Sunday I believe. Now here's the thing he's he's got zero. Think twice before giving us the thing get Outta here just because we were born five minutes away away from good boards. I mean might as well just sit there until the music dome in an hour when you get to update us on the mass singer. We have delayed penalties. Feel feel like the opposing team was in control possession on the puck asked to give them the penalty. Yes clear it so you think you should go back back to the microphone and finishes point. He's going to say here's the thing ten more time without telling you what the thing is. What this whole Disney thing was about? I kind of know where he was going. Here's the the thing. Any of his fast passes yet. This is something you can do thirty days in advance. It's a little less for employees. You can set this thing up. Roy's missed out on all the good fast S.. Passes I all you got a available now as Dumbo. I mean not that you don't want to go on double doubles the longer you wait the less that's available to you. Do these things things like three weeks at. You really do right they give me a buffet one week night through off you read that they're gonna well. Maybe it's just the APP because how old is Leir player. Now he's turned into next week. Thursday thanksgiving the perfect age is a is that the right age. What is the perfect age? I was just GONNA ask. What is the perfect age because you she's not GonNa remember any of this but this is not what this is four? Okay E. take him for the pictures for the memories so you so they know when they get older that you love them all right you show them pictures this is you with Mickey all you gotTa do proves it proves that I loved you a long time ago as opposed to now when you're just a source of Roy you gotta go to a character breakfast. I'm telling you with a bad way to do it. The Best I recommend the May miss may one and I'll figure it out then character breakfast. They looked like Mickey Mouse. They really grabbed all the Maple Syrup and also the breakfast pizza. Oh I wasn't aware of breakfast pizza honestly honestly. I went to a character with vacant by the Bacon Cheese. It's fantastic. Ah You never know. Every kid is different. What the right age is because I thought two or three he was the right age? I took my kids up there and do that character breakfast and to the park they were scared of the characters terrified. That's why we're at about. I waited about. That's why you do you get that picture of her looking all doorbell crying. It's perfect and telling you. And what would the way my kid did it. She loves them from afar. She was just looking around just they look there's goofy there's and they come over to the table terrified. Also Roy at Cape May at the Disney Beach Club resort goofy a fan of the show. I got a note from him. I put it on the poll Chris while Billy is out here at Lebatardshow. The two year old at the character breakfast at Disney. Happy or Org terrify figured it out because kids are so used to seeing the cartoons mickey mouse as like some seven foot tall creature. That's correct ars right. I think adults would be scared of that Mouse Disney character that made you cry parents related. I actually have vivid memories of the first Disney character. That made me cry. It was Gideon From Pinocchio. Do it and I was twenty seven. Yeah Uh what are we gonNA do about Billy's inefficiencies. I don't we do you guys think I was too hard on him too hard on trigger. You're there in Jeddah he does ramble but he was sitting. Sweet spot there. Yeah sometimes we get such great payoff. It has its rewards now. It's not like the most efficient thing I understand understand but you gotta let them fail at least a couple of times before you give them the hook. Let's his enthusiasm match with Roy's indifference. It's a great. It's a great combination. I could do without indifference. So that is so you guys are saying that Roy's greatest issue here is that he hasn't done any of the appropriate planning so he's going to end up and a lot of lines with a two year old. which sounds like a real nightmare just doesn't seem to be game planning to go to Disney? You got a game plan. I feel like Roy doesn't even know what park is going to. First I yet. I'm in the first couple of times I went. I hired a guy who took me around and got me on all the rides very very quickly. That'd be nice was I mean. He knew every place to go when to go where to go out to get to it. Everything and I never waited online Disney inferno. Yes Roy. What Park Are you going to i? I broke my point here. Magic Kingdom Blah. All right. He's got a plan that's good I knew Do you realize how obnoxious that sounds. When you say it's got yeah are you don't realize how noxious it sounds? I do realize it and I said it anyway. Yeah so you got a guy who helped you around disneyworld world. It's a regular thing. I'm telling you it wasn't that expensive. And he was very very helpful and then he gives you a map a roadmap afterwards a you never have. It's not early great business plan. That's not a right. It's not it's regular regular spend a whole lot of. I don't want to know you guys. Daniela that VIP life to write right. Yeah I do I. Just don't throw it in everybody's face I. It was a great investment because he gave me the roadmap and then every time I went back I knew exactly what to do at the Hiram Roma get so I mean not a great business plan but I took advantage of it. Well your concept of things. Inexpensive is completely different from me and I don't have the disposable income to be hiring Disney photo but you can plan and get fast passes beforehand. So you're going you're leaving now. You're leaving this weekend. I am leaving after the show and so you have nothing nothing in the way of prep beyond. I'm going to the magic kingdom. Your your plan is to get to the castle and then and then wing it from their plans to show up as usual so roy you gotTa have more enthusiasm about this or are you going to skip at any point. You GotTa skip at some point in Disney. You can't skipping. Skip like you know like when you do you have to do. Can you give me right when you walk just so I'm majors you so happy together as a family. It's on my face right now on. I'm completely enthused at the fact. Don't go into all areas. Nothing better than just strolling down main street that first time getting in their Roy so clean. It's so clean. I don't understand understand how they keep that place that cleans probably gonna well actually mutant cats his. Oh yeah you haven't heard about this. Oh you've never seen outside of Mickey Mouse. You've never seen any sort of rodent right you know. Why mutant cats when all the people leave the park? That's when they unleash. The mutant cats. It is absolutely right. They have a special breed of serial killing cat. That goes out there and make sure your park experience. Experience is wrote in free outside. Of course Mickey. WHO's the king an after hours after hours? They unleashed a bunch of cats. Two hundred cats the exact exact two hundred cats and they just let them run all over all over the park on a killing spree so somebody has to get up early in the morning at Disney and just sort of pick pick up a bunch of dead rats Google Disney cats. That's stretching for some ads. Let's advance auto part when the sun goes down your headlights. Illuminate the path in front of you. You know you need to get the fast passes before you go Roy. Have you gotten a fast passes yet. No I haven't talked rookie. I'll be back soon. Don't worry nuts seven-minute major you left. You left and left for seven minutes from me and no one knows the rest of the lyrics it's like Jello chance for John Things to God man tells no no they don't that subserve inflatable noodle man is constant. Enjoy eating entices people to look me look at me Eh. stylised and brainless a literal head. Curiously however the inflatable noodle man when hearing the Geiko not only saves people money also has an award and winning hand. That makes it easy to manage policy. He knows you should switch because yes to geico is a no brainer. Just ask an implantable noodle man cassidy Eh Donlevatar. We play the game. The wife Wakes to God's see swatch better than you this is Liberta our show with the stugotz on. ESPN radio guests. On the Dan lebatardshow appear via the Shell Pennzoil performance line and into the ESPN daily. podcast bring are you at deep dive into a single-story for one of ESPN's hundreds of reporters presented by Dell small-business download subscribe and Review Espn daily available. Wherever wherever you enjoy your podcast Ben? Simmons hit his first three pointer last night. Congratulations to him. Duncan Robinson had how many of them I eight eight nine in total nine eight in the first half in the first half the NCAA is making James. Weisman agreed to pay back back. Eleven thousand five hundred dollars to charity to play again. And you've heard me say before since everyone's argument on why athletes shouldn't be paid aid is Education is valuable and education is valuable. You've heard me say before that. They should pay the coaches in education. I think think wiseman should give some of his classes to charity. Give some of his classes to Disenfranchised or impoverished through pay them back in eleven two hundred eleven thousand five hundred dollars in classes. Now that's not the way that works. They want the cash for like half a class. I what I don't know what I don't know what the schooling at Memphis ends up costing. I just I love what Penny Hardaway is doing in Memphis where he is He he cares about the city. He cares about the program. He's in sports. Is there someone from that region more famous Mr Moore doored then Penny Hardaway in sports and so he goes back. He doesn't need that job he goes back. He doesn't have the training for for that job. Right he didn't people are laughing at the idea of Dion Sanders being. FSU coach but Penny Hardaway. Didn't really Penny Hardaway isn't going to do what Tim Duncan is doing and just sit on a bench there and pay his dues. As an assistant coach though superstars rarely able rarely willing to do that. Although somehow that fits with Tim Duncan's personality that he's the one who's willing to do that. Patrick Ewing was willing to do a Penny Hardaway hartaway just cut. The line goes straight to the front and a lot of guys WanNa play for him but I think one of the funny things about that is. I'm not sure how many of them actually remember Penny Hardaway's career like Penny Hardaway's got a name and Memphis but I don't think any of those young kids actually remember what Penny Hardaway was play. I've heard him talk about this players that he recruits only know him as a guy with a signature shoe. They know penny from the pennies shoe. They don't know him as the ballet they are. They even know the commercial for this year yet. The commercials way older than these kids. They know the shoe but they don't know that there was a little penny any. They don't know that they've found the history afterwards. And it's pretty Rad that Memphis. They wear pennies. May they wear a signature shoe line. He makes beaucoup dollars just based off of the shoe that they constantly release. I just love that. You've got a guy here who doesn't have much use for the system overseeing a program that doesn't have much use for the system and has never had much use for for the system. I mean college is what he is today at least in part because of what he did at Memphis he refined all those shamateurism tricks he did. He did poorly He did poorly. Ask you mass where Marcus Camby ended up in all sorts of trouble at UMASS. Ooh and then he did it more well at Memphis and then he perfected it upon arriving at Kentucky the idea of of sort of climbing poles. And we don't really care about education and one in done. I actually have to correct you. He didn't accomplish anything at those schools because he had vacate eight everything that's true so they forfeited the the final four. Actually never happened was magical you had never heard of Umass as it relates to college basketball and then this this guy shows up at all of a sudden they have Camby and their final four. I'm old enough to remember their final four and I haven't heard from UMASS minutemen. That's right it has it has been a minute right. They didn't exactly parlay that into greater success. But at least in part because those victories never happened. Remember the vacating. Vacating of victories has to be one of the dumbest. All thirty eight victories from two thousand seventeen thousand eight in Memphis never happened failure if you look at his resume terrible I was. I was really hoping that they would push the gas With lawyers and injunctions and everything else and dare the NCAA to actually have to do something there with its mall caught a mall cop status where they they are the overseers but they're overseeing and they're making rulings and they're only rulings that count if people abide by them but Dan like the head coach before he was a head coach. I understand he pays it this kid money. That's I mean I know you have to have the illusion of amateurism but come on. That's why he that's the way just said okay. Forget it firm. I wish he'd giving them more money.

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