GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast Episode 258: Age is Just a Number


Golden state media concepts, fantasy football podcast is your one stop shop for fantasy football news and advice decided rooted draft first round, cowing Gaga, and how a lot of your team got you covered. Additionally, scientists deletes heat. Arlene I DP DP lead even daily Fantasy Football League Djilas. We break down all the questions of fantasy football. It's the golden state media concepts fantasy football podcast. And welcome into GMC. Fantasy football podcast brought to you by the GMC podcast network. I am your host ESP. Brandon Soda Petr. You're on a Saturday or whatever day that you might happen to pop on the podcast here? Just a little update for you guys because I know you're all dying to know I. AM still in the process of getting my craft beer growing in about a week. I'll finally be able to bottle. This got a nice chocolate milk stout going. This is my first attempt. It takes three weeks to age this bad boy, because you've got to add cocoa to it after a week, so of a nice patient, and hopefully the final product comes out well. Probably got about three weeks before. It's actually ready for consumption, so stay tuned for that guys. Maybe I'll give away. Some went out to a fan so we've got a packed show for you today. We'll let you know right off the bat. The formatting might be a little different than what you are used to. That is because this is the first week that I will be doing the wide receiver previews, and these are different from when we were taking a look running backs, because teams are generally going to utilize one two three, even four wide receivers as opposed to two running backs most, and there's a lot more information to unpack. Today's kind of a test run the see how many segments I'm going to break that up into, so here's how we're going to do things today. So, we're going to start off actually this first segment. We're going to get to your five burning fantasy questions. We normally do that after we take a look at the previews, but we're GONNA. Hit that right away today after that we're gonNA start diving into the different wide receiver rooms of the NFC and AFC north, and then we're going to show up with our top ten as we usually do gonNA. Give you our top ten fantasy players the age of thirty. With football wants players get to that magic number especially running backs, you start to worry about potential fantasy value of. They're going to be able to keep producing. They're gonNA fall off a cliff. Ten guys that you can feel very secure drafting despite their age. But before we get into all that we did have a couple of big contract signings over this last week since you've last, listen to me. I one doesn't have as much as a fan of a famous impact of, but that's going to be myles. Garrett, who is getting paid. I believe the most. Out of any non quarterback in the league, he signed for five years. One hundred twenty five million dollars, a well-deserved definitely believe myles. Garrett is one of the best pass rushers in the league, and he's still very young. He's going to continue to develop a continue to develop in come into his own now. That is going to be there in Cleveland long-term. He's got one less thing to worry about so I'm. I'm excited to see what he does going forward and then of course Derrick, Henry, this one has a little bit more of a fantasy impact signing to stay with Tennessee. Four years fifty million I think is really good for his fantasy values specifically from a dynasty standpoint, because he fits very well in that Mike variable offense there in Tennessee we saw him have by far his best year last year with ramble. There's a chance that that drops off I don't think it. Will I think he's still going to be productive overall in Tennessee the best place for him. These a workforce back I'm going to get the most out of him there, so you can definitely feel comfortable drafting him very high in your dynasty draft because you know exactly what system is going to be playing in for years to come now before we move off of this, too. Too I just have to make mention just looking at the the stark difference between these two contracts you had Derrick Henry who was the rushing leader last year and Myles Garrett who is a top pass rusher? But he's definitely not the best I'm looking argue that he's the best in the League whereas Derrick Henry. You can make a strong argument that he's the best runner of the football league. These contracts are not even remotely close. Derrick Henry getting quite literally. Half the amount of money that myles Garrett is he's getting twelve and a half million a year as opposed to Garrett, getting twenty five million man I know pass rush is a premium Garrett deserve that money, but running backs are going to continue to be criminally undervalued and underpaid man. NFL teams really do view these guys as disposable, and that doesn't only hurt the guys that are getting. You know interchange every year, but you're seeing that hurt the value of contracts as well. Derrick Henry is one of the best players in the NFL and he's not getting paid like it. I mean not that twelve and a half million dollars that anything the scoff at but. Oh Man, so it seems like that's the direction. The League is GonNa Continue to head in. We're going to continue to put money into quarterback into receivers into pass rushers, and not nearly as much the running back, so that's interesting in Kinda tidbit as we were looking at the the league going forward here, so it'll be interesting to see this next crop running back. Back so they're going to get paid. I think this is going to have a a definite domino effect as you guys Dalvand Cook Attempt to negotiate his contract GonNa have nick shows after that as well and then Zeke I think it'll be an interesting to look at when he's going for that second contracts I firmly believe he's running back. That can produce. Produce for a long time, but he might to take significant pay-cut even if he does continue to produce at the level that he is our a guy, so that was the only real bit of news that we've had recently. We're still waiting on Washington to announce what their name chain is going to be. Supposedly, there is a bombshell story about to drop just. Just about the entire situation in Washington and with Dan Snyder. I don't have any additional info on what's going on, but if anyone is going to, it would be our slew of excellent hosts over at the GMC football podcast, so definitely be listening to that throughout the week as we wait for details to kind of emerge about what exactly is happening in Washington. Aright so enough headlines, guys. Let's get right into it. The five burning fantasy question for today's episode number one. We're going to start off with a quarterback question and I think about this one for quite a while actually and it's. Why are experts so high on Daniel Jones and what I mean is Daniel. Jones is going somewhere as a mid tier quarterback between thirteen and seventeen. However you ask almost anybody you know top. Top bottom five quarterbacks in the NFL. Going into twenty twenty Daniel. Jones is going to be on a lot of those lists. He showed flashes of what he can do, but he came into the League incredibly raw, which is why people were questioning the fact that giants took up at six, so those things were definitely starting to crop up. So what makes his fantasy value so much better than his actual NFL stock. And at the end of the day, I don't really know I do not understand this now, but one thing I know is he did have some big games in two thousand nineteen? He had a couple of four touchdown performances because he can make things happen with his legs, and he's a decent passer got a nice arm. He can get things done. However, he was so inconsistent that he was never. Never a viable fantasy option last year, unless maybe you were playing best ball, or in some cases daily fantasy, but even with daily fantasy it was almost impossible to predict what teams he was going to be able to produce against, because it was so all over the board, so the big game potential I guess is what is drawing people in, but you can still get Ryan Tannehill in that spot. They're just more consistent options at quarterback. When we're talking about the rains that he is, he's going there. I would even rather take a chance on someone like Philip rivers going to a new team or even Dwayne haskins getting a second chance this year. I think Haskins has more NFL. Ready Abilities in Daniel Jones does was just very bad situation out there in Washington, which? which a Gruden so the experts again for some reason they loved the annual Jones I'm not sold on the kid. Maybe he can develop into something down the road but I just don't really see him as a viable fantasy option at twenty twenty now, not only talking about his ability, but the wide receiver and tight end room there in New York's a mess right now. They have a bunch of guys that either continue to get hurt or just haven't really been able to produce at the NFL level. We've already seen sterling. Shepard have a lot of injury issues. Golden tape I remember correctly is facing a a suspension at the beginning of the year and then Corey Coleman the failed browns wide receiver. That was a first round pick. WHO's even disrespected by Google to the point where they think his name is cullen. I. I keep looking into this. It's actually just a a TYPO. He hasn't changed his name. It's. Google doesn't even want to recognize who he actually again. The receiving rooms of Mess Evan Ingram's nice weapon, but he's also A. He's a very inefficient tight end. I don't like him a ton. From a fantasy perspective spoiler alert, so Dana Jones isn't working with a ton. You Got Saquon Barkley. Who is the the ultimate Chicote in the Backfield, but he can only. Only help you so much when it comes to the passing game so at the end of the day you know you can be high on Daniel Jones. The experts can be high on I'm not going to have any kind of shares of Daniel Jones that I just do not see the upside with him. This year are moving on from that are going to die of into wide receivers again again this episode, the first of the wide receiver preview series. So? Are there any teams where the current wide receiver to the guy that is the clear-cut wide receiver to could end up at producing? The wide receiver one and there are a few situations where this can happen and including one that actually did happen in twenty nineteen so I'll start off with Atlanta and I. Know it's crazy to say this is only dependent on an injury, however Julio Jones. As a starter has the potential to finish as the number one wide receiver in the League, if something were to happen to Jones I believe Ridley has. The ability to still finish as the number one receiver in the League. We only thing holding this kid back right now is the fact that Julio Jones is in front of him This guy has everything you need from a wide receivers perspective. He's fast. He's has an excellent route tree. He's able to make guys missing space. I'm a huge fan of Ridley and he already has. Has Good report with Matt Ryan Even with Leo in the lineup. We're talking about Ridley as a potential top fifteen fantasy wide receiver this year, so if something were to happen to Jones Ridley definitely has the ability to step in new shoes and just completely take off with that wide receiver one spot now another wide receiver room where this can happen, and this is the one. One that did happen in two thousand nineteen. That's the Cleveland browns with Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham Junior now. It's pretty clear that Odell Beckham is number one receiver on the team. They traded a first round pick to get him out there to Cleveland. He is their big-play Guy, and until maybe a year year and a half ago, he was a top five receiver in the. The League from a production standpoint and last year we saw him be hampered by injury. There was a new offensive system therefore him that he was adjusting to the quarterback play wasn't great, and that all lead to Jarvis Landry, actually being able to produce Odell Beckham junior now, even if Beth junior to take a step forward this year, which again I firmly believe that he will. Landry could still definitely ended up finishing with more fantasy points because he is relied on by Baker. Mayfield Baker Mayfield loves to target him. He has a safe possession option, and especially. When we're talking about a talking about PR, leagues I can see more consistent fantasy value from landry going from week to week. Even if he doesn't find the end zone during a game, he's going to be able to back up good yardage. Yardage and a good number of catches for you, so he's unless risky wide receiver than Odell Beckham Junior and I'm not saying it's likely that he's going to finish ahead of him, but the chance still exists especially. Since we saw this happen just last year, and then the number one the situation where I think it's the most likely that the wide receiver is going to take over. That's the seahawks. Guys Tyler Lockett. Number one, but he has decay metcalf right on his heels, decay, mccafe's and player that I am very high on. People started dropping his stock. A little bit didn't have the greatest combine performances, but we saw last year. This guy is just built different. He's going to beat you to the ball. Just by bullying you and then going up and getting these contested catches. He's a physical freak and the he starts to show that the more I think. Russell Wilson is going to start relying on him over it. Who is going to be your more? Traditional shifty kind of wide receiver both these guys are talented, but I think met cap is a couple steps away from really hitting his stride entering stardom, so I'm very high on metcalfe. Do not be surprised if he finishes as the wide receiver one out there in Seattle, even as far as their ACRI's go right now as of today at least they're only separated by A. A couple of spots with lock it just being a few steps ahead of metcalf, but metcalfe's going to be someone. I'm going to try to target quite a bit this year for that reason I think he will end the season as the seahawks number one guy so flipping that question a little bit. Let's take a look at who are the most secure wide receiver ones. So let me start with a guy that I haven't been high on, but he is the number one for his team. And that's Davante. Adams currently as Adema lazard and Devin funchess behind him I think those guys are going to buy more for that second and third wide receiver spot. devante Adams is by far the most talented wide receiver on that team in the. The reason I'm not high on him is just because of the volatility of the situation up in Green Bay, but he is number one guy. There's no doubt about it. Even if there was an injury, I think the passing game will take a pretty severe step back. I don't see anyone that's going to be able to fill that devante Adams role on that team. Next one De'andre, so this is interesting because he probably has the most receivers that he's competing against. Clicking Berry seems to want to run a an air raid style of offense. There's a ton of weapons there so most notably of Larry Fitzgerald is still around Christian. Kirkman and Andy Isabella, who they drafted I believe in twenty eighteen, so there's a lot of guys there, but none of them do things that the Andre Hopkins can do. He's the clear cut number one. He would be a number one receiver. That's a thirty out of the thirty two NFL teams I. Mean The guy is, he's built different. He can do everything you wanted a wide receiver and he can even produce probably better than anyone else in the league when he has a sub par quarterback, so the Andre, Hopkins definitely secure in that number one spot in Arizona and the number one guys. It's Michael Thomas I know. He hasn't manual sanders there now, but sanders is getting older year. I don't think we're GONNA see nearly the production out of him that a lot of people are thinking. Thomas is the number one guy drew. BREES is locked in on him. I think Jameis. Winston would be locked well if he were to step into that role and it's because Thomas. The Best Wide Receiver in the League. There's no, if ands or buts about it. If something were to happen to him, the offense is GonNa. Take a huge step back. Soga Michael Thomas clear-cut number one guy in. New Orleans. You can take that one of the bank. Right guys number four. Are there any sense Cisco wide receivers worth drafting. So as I looked into this, the number, one guy is sitting in the thirties as far as wide receivers go, that's deebo Samuel the also drafted Brandon Euch this year, and it's tough to really put a true value on either of these guys just because of the way that Kyle. Shanahan likes to run his offense. It's going to be run heavy. It's going to be a lot of short passing things. They have Jimmy Garoppolo there who I think limits them in the passing game to an extent. You're not GONNA be able. Able to push the ball down the field a ton, which I believe will hurt somebody like Brennan Euch while at Arizona. State was a true field stretcher. That's where he got his draft value. That's why he was taken US number one pick I don't know of Garoppolo has the ability to really get him the ball down the field so definitely with Ebo Samuel they do like using him on wide receiver screens. They like using him in a lot of short intermediate type stuff so i. do think there is some value there. But again with the unpredictability of how Shanahan wants to run things now he changes up his game plan from week to week I think eventually. You're looking at devaux Samuel as a a wide receiver, low end wide receiver to so there is some value there i. you very nervous about drafting. I. Maybe late in best ball if they can find ways to get him, targets down the field because he is going to be a boomer bus type receiver at least in his first year so Samuel I like a little bit, nobody else teams really worth drafting from a receiver perspective, and they've also got a George Kettle there. Who's going to be taking away? Receptions from the rest of these guys, though a limited number receptions as it is, so the that's, it's Deebo. Samuel and nobody else. All right fifth question, guys, you know. This one's always a little bit more off the wall. So. Today I am taking a look at who is the MVP of Fast Food Hamburgers? Are Right now before we get into the debate, I have lived now on the West. Coast in the East Coast I've had a chance to try in and out. What Burger all of the different. Chains that aren't necessarily everywhere in country so I have a a nice. Panel in front of me here. And it came I'm GONNA break it down into three categories, so we're talking about price if you talking about the best value. It's in and out. You can get an in and out Burger for anywhere between two and four bucks, and you get a quality burger. It's not wimpy. It's going to actually be able to fill you up and with the software. quit on it. It's absolutely delicious I'm a big Fan if we're talking about an individual sandwich. It's what a Burger whataburger. Standard, Burger is not that great. It's okay it's middling at best. But for a single menu item the Patty Melt that they have that they put this like creamy pepper sauce on is the best individual. Fast Food Burger that I've had. It's amazing. If you ever get yourself out to a what a burger bet is, a must try for shirt. However all things considered if I had to pick one burger to be the MVP. Right a standard cheeseburger. It's five guys. The five guys, you can get anywhere. which is a nice little added bonus. It is a little expensive, but I'm not taking that into account as much here, but man. It doesn't matter what you put on it the way that they just assemble the whole thing rapid together the cheese melts, and everything gets gooey and messy and wonderful. It is the king of Fast Food Burgers, and it took me awhile to come around on. I was very big on in and out the first time. I tried it, but the more got into it yet. It's great for the value, but it's a little bit inconsistent, and it's just not the best burger in the world. You still have to try when you're out on the west coast. You still have to try what a burger, but for my money five guys has. Has Invited. Has has excellent fries to they always hook you up on that end. You get a small in fill half a frigging bag for you, so that's it as five guys MVP burgers now again this week. No Fan contribution. These are just questions that I came up with that. I thought you. Guys are going to want the answers to, but if you want your question heard on the podcast, there is a couple of ways that you can get that done. Done you can tweet the show at GMC underscore F football, or you can go to my twitter personally at law machine seventeen. That's La Machine one seven. Drop your fantasy questions there. I'll be sure to reply you and I'll be sure to get your question on the show. I'll even mentioned you by name if you want guys always looking for contributions, not only for fancy questions, but for some of these off the wall ones. If you listened last episode, we had A. A great chance mission for a question about a star wars fantasy lineup that I sat here and debate with myself six minutes. It was great. It was awesome radio. So if you want your voice to be heard again, let us know at GMC underscore, F-, football, or at law machine one seven. When we come back, we start to dive into the wide receiver groups with the AFC, an NFC north. You're listening to the GMC fantasy football podcast. We'll be right back. Are you looking for the very best NFL and college football podcast, then check out the GSM see football podcast. Get the latest football news both on and off the field from the NFL draft treats to the rumor mill to the NFL combines. They got you covered. That's GMC PODCAST DOT COM slash football dash podcast. GET UPDATES on college. Rivalries kindy insights, and much much more. It's football. Talk the way you want it. This show in sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter physically, yes, MC podcast dot com for more INFO. And Welcome back to the TSMC fantasy football podcast I. Am Your Host Esp Brandon? Soder Penner. Very excited now as we get to start diving into the wide receiver groupings in the NFL as you've been listening the first four episodes. That did this podcast. We took a deep dive into the various running back. Situations throughout the NFL generally do chew divisions per episode, so either the AFC NFC north south, east West, etc, etc, and then last week I gave you my definitive top thirty, running back rankings. A very similar format here with the wide receivers. Today's episode is GonNa. Be a little bit experimental. As I started dive into wide receivers. I noticed. Obviously. Teams are going to utilize more receivers than they are running back. So there is a lot of information to dive into I have the NFC and AFC North series ready for you guys, so it might be one segment might be two segments just kind of depends how on how long it takes to get to everything, but regardless I will get you all of the information today like I, said for the NFC and AFC north wide receivers, and then of course when we are done with all of the teams is, we'll take again four episodes as I tackle two divisions per episode. Episode I will give you. My top thirty wide receivers when everything is all, said and done after that we move into quarterbacks and tight ends together. Just because it's not a lot of content, do either of those positions particularly individually so we'll combine those we'll do our definitive rankings of both of those positions, and then we will finally move into a mock draft I am going to do a mock draft live while I am recording the show and we're going to go through going to explain my personal draft strategy going to debate between players that are still available specific grounds now beginning idea of what players may be available for you. Depending on what round you're looking at. ADP doesn't mean everything. It depends on the people you're drafting with or even the computer simulation that you're drafting against sometimes you're going to see guys, go away. You expect or way lower just because once you get into those seven eight rounds, you see people go with guys that they like and they don't necessarily draft on ADP and that's where it's going to affect those numbers as well. A players average position may shoot way up because a few people decided to take him. where the average person is really taking him several rounds later so anyway, that's GonNa. Be Really Fun Exercise I. Absolutely look forward to doing that with you guys and it's going to be a ton of fun. All right, so let's go ahead and dive into the wide receivers. Let's start with the NFC. And I'M GONNA start with the Minnesota Vikings, so Adam falen their number one guy there right now. Currently sitting about wide receiver, thirteen is ADP a sitting in the early thirty S. I feel like Adam Finland's under drafted every year, except in two thousand nine hundred people finally caught on to the fantasy stuff that Adam failure was in one thousand, nine, hundred, of course he, he burned everybody. He was hurt for a lot of last year. He still he just didn't have that same consistent. Adam Dale and production that we'd all come to know in love now. There's no reason for that to repeat this year. A few things Adam Sandler was dealing with injuries in two thousand nineteen. That's something that hasn't necessarily been an issue throughout his career. He is getting a little older, but it doesn't really strike me as something that's going to. Constantly hamper him. Stefan digs is gone now from Minnesota, so that alone is going to provide falen with more targets, even with digs there Falin did regularly come out as the target leader for that team, just because of the nature of the receiver he was, he was more the the intermediate slot route kind of receiver as where digs was the outside field stretcher. So when you have a quarterback, kirk cousins. He's going to want to favor somebody like Finland more because he's not necessarily known to just chuck it down the field. Constantly both players had a role so again with digs out of there, and replacing him with a rookie Justin Jefferson I. I think Adam Falen is once again going to be the real focal point of this offense. Even know Minnesota's going to be a run first team. We've seen that. Their top two receivers have had consistent value ever since kirk cousins arrived so Adam Falen is going bounce back this year. Pretty strong I wouldn't be surprised if he finishes in the top ten wide receivers. He's never been a guy that has the potential to finish the number one receiving option in the NFL. Just because he's not a big play receivers, he is arguably the best possession receiver in the League and he has real legitimate fantasy value because of that. Now another thing that's going to help Adam feeling, is he? When he was healthy, he was seeing some work on the outside last year. Think the coaching staff realized that that wasn't his strong suit, so it seems like they're gonNA, shift him back into the slot and Justin Jefferson who I believe one of the NFL ready wide receivers. Coming out of the draft is going to start right away. He's going to be on the outside slot or not the outside slide. He's GonNa Start at the X.. Receiver position and. Again failing is GONNA. Go back to his more comfortable natural slot rel, and that's going to help failing dramatically. I really do believe that he has a chance to lead the NFL in targets this year moving back into that slot spot again. He's going to get a lot of these shorter routes. He's going to be amazing and. Not Quite as great and Standard Liege. Because again he's not going to be the home run. Hitting type of receiver of Adam is definitely going to regain a lot of value here in two thousand twenty, even though two thousand nine hundred was a little bit. So, now, let's talk about the guy that's going to be across from him like I mentioned on the outside. It's just Jefferson. He's currently sitting. The low fifties for wide receiver rankings ADP has all the way up about one thirty one forty. He's a solid NFL. Ready Receiver guys even right out of college. He was drafted where he was because he doesn't have. The same ceiling is a lot of the guys that came out like I. think Henry Rugs Jerry duty a CD lamb. However, he's his floor is fantastic, and he's already pretty close to that. He's GonNa come in and be solid possession guy now where I think people get mixed up a little bit is everyone assumes okay. He's stepping into where Stefan digs played, so he's going to take over on digs. Role. I don't see that. Unlike, digs, Jefferson has limited big playability. He's fast, but he's not elite vast again. He's A. He's a possession guy. He doesn't have that big playability. I don't know where everyone is getting this idea from. It's not just fantasy owners. It's experts i. see that all think that he's got the potential. This step into the digs role, but again I. I just really don't see that. It's not that he's not going to be a good wide receiver, but these are just two completely different guys just because he'll be at the same position does not mean he's going to take over that productivity right away. Now what Jefferson has going for him like I said he's solid. He's NFL ready. He's well-polished. Number the obvious number two receiver I. Don't really see anyone that's going to challenge for the second receiver spot in Minnesota this year. He might lose targets to Dalvin Cook. That's the only thing I'd be kind of worried about cook was the second leading receiver on the Vikings lashed year. He was targeted quite a bit. Again they utilize their running game a lot and they're running backs. Just don't be surprised. If Alvin Cook utilized heavily in the run and pass game this year, despite everything that I've said that he's not a big play guy that he may lose some receptions to delve and cook even the tight ends. I still think he's better than wide receiver fifty one. He's a legitimate number two receiver for this team and he's I think he's going to develop. Throughout the year there's not going to be a giant learning curve Jefferson I really do think he has the ability to produce right away. I think he's going to be able to earn kirk cousins. Trust and you're going to see him. Utilize in the offense quite a bit so definitely to very draftable guys and Falen and Justin Jefferson in Minnesota. Couple players of note that are on their team I. don't even know how to pronounce Olabisi. Johnson I hope I'm not butchering that and then Taj Sharp, wide receivers, three and four. They really don't have any true value here. They might have. Minnesota threw the ball more, but it is a relatively balanced offense that will lean slightly towards running the ball more so I really don't see either of those guys having a ton of value. In the in the Vikings offense so there you have guys Adam failing adjusts in Jefferson both solid options for you to take a look at from Minnesota moving on now to Chicago. Starting off with Alan Robinson I've heard a lot of experts also very high on Robinson just because he has a great opportunity to receive a ton of. Volume last year received a ton of volume I. WanNa say that was targeted about one hundred and seventy times. The only issue is you can target a receiver as much as you want, but if they're not. Quality targets. They don't mean anything and I've got a hard time believing that. Robinson's going to get a ton of quality targets from either Mitch Trubisky. Or Nichols. He. He got all these targets which are busy last year. And produced pretty well. However trubisky needs a miracle. Even keep the job to begin with the fact. Bringing in Nick Foles to compete for that quarterback position is a very scary prospect for him, and then if Nick foles does end up stepping into that role one. I'm not super confident in Nick Foles as a quarterback. We haven't really seen him. HAVE SUCCESS ANYWHERE OTHER THAN PHILADELPHIA? I'm not sure how he keeps. Getting paid and getting some of these starting jobs. But on top of that with Nick foles even if he does play relatively well. The one thing we know about Nick foles. I brought it up. Almost every episode is that he doesn't like to use his outside receivers. We see consistently any team that he's on including the eagles when he was there and led that. Super Bowl run a few years ago. He loves the uses slot receivers. He loves to use his running backs. So! Has Potential to lose a lot of that volume to Tariq Cohen right off the rip and again. This is assuming that either of these quarterbacks can produce it all which I'm not convinced in whatsoever. It's unfortunate. Because Alan Robinson is one of the only true offensive weapons that the bears have this year, but I cannot trust the quarterback play in because of that I am fading Robinson quite a bit. He his eighty. He's sitting around thirty. He's going somewhere between wide receiver. Ten and fifteen I'm fading him back all the way into the twenties, which is unfortunate because he's a clear number, one guy, but the quarterback situation in Chicago dismal I think no matter who starts. There's the potential that either starter. There is going to have the worst passing numbers in the NFL in two thousand twenty. and. It doesn't matter how good of a receiver you are, even unless your name is Andrea Hopkins. You can't produce with quarterback. Play like that so I'm fading Robinson very hard now before i. move on Anthony Miller the one thing I will say about the bears as they are going to benefit from playing some week divisional defenses. Incredibly high on Green, Bay the Lions. They brought in some Nice cornerbacks this year, but again they're going to be a little bit of a rebuilding defense, and then the vikings defense. They seem to be rebuilding piece by piece, and definitely not the dominant. Group that they were three or four years ago at this point, so they will get a little bit of a bump from that. However with some of the great offenses. They're going to be going into the division. They're going to have to throw the ball a lot. And when you make the bears one dimensional I think it's just going to compound their issues and it's. It's going to be a mess there this year. Now we do also have Anthony Miller as the wide receiver to. He is a solid number two receiver. At wide receiver forty seven right now as ADP is in the. Mid To late one thirties. He's the clear number two option on that team. No Buddy. Behind him that can compete for that job. I'll get into that in a second. He does have some. Lingering shoulder injury issues. He also might lose some targets to the tight ends. They did bring Jimmy Graham for a reason again I think he's pretty much washed up at this point, but if you're going to pay him at least give Michelle with a team. You GotTa think some new targets are GONNA go to Graham. And then they drafted coal. Commit this year as well with their first pick. So overall. It feels like Miller is on track to lose a relatively significant amount of targets this year, and when you couple that with the same problems that Robinson is going to have. It's the quarterback play again. He's still going to be an outside receiver Miller doesn't really play a ton out of the slot so I don't see nick foles necessarily making him a favourite target over. Robinson! He's another guy that I'm fading because the situation in Chicago is really all over the place right now. The only other receivers they're of no. You've got Ted. ginn junior, who is still in the League is yes I know it's amazing. However, he's pretty old at this point at best maybe he gets some looks as a as a returner of some sort, but I really don't see him having a ton of impact on the offense at this point in his career, and then Riley Ridley of course brother of Calvin Ridley. He's just unproven at this point he hasn't really seen. The field doesn't seem quite. Quite be developing the way they had hoped. So neither of those players are any fantasy value at all. I would avoid drafting both of them and like I, said I'm fading Alan. Robinson and Anthony Miller both pretty hard, because again, man, the bears have the potential to finish finishes the worst passing team in the league, because I can't trust trubisky or nick foles. And before I, move off of the bears I. Don't know where this optimism is coming from with Nick foles I have yet to see him succeed anywhere other than those couple of times in Philadelphia where he was built into a system that he was comfortable with where they ran the rpo quite a bit, and he could command the offense the way he wanted to he. He led Philadelphia to a super bowl. That team was stacked behind him as well. They had excellent defense. They had great offensive weapons there with him guys. That was a fluke nick. Foles is not a starting caliber quarterback. He has not been able to do it with any other team in the NFL, so there's no reason for me to believe that he's going to be. Going to be able to do with Chicago of all teams. All right moving along now to actually one of my favorite running back groupings that I've dove into so far. That's the Detroit lions to start off. They've got Kenny Golladay. Who a lot of people have gotten really excited about since last year. He sitting at wide receiver, seven in the majority of rankings, ADP, sitting in the low twenty s I. Love Kenny Golladay guys, maybe not as much as a lot of experts do this year, but this guy. Guy Was helping me win daily fantasy all the way back in twenty eighteen. He was a guy that was regularly undervalued, because you had him and Marvin Jones there, but golly was getting a lot of the goal line work and it was paying off for me week after week. He was a guy that could get me. You know a touchdown and a good chunk yardage. Good for twelve thirteen fourteen fantasy points a week. It was awesome and. Last year. He just took that to a completely different level, even without Matt Stafford, he was able to produce quite a bit I. WanNa see. He finished this. The wide receiver six and it seems like people are really expecting that to happen again this year now. I don't think. He's quite valued correctly as much as I do like him for starters. He is due for little bit. A touchdown regression. Fourteen touchdowns for him is a lot. The one thing we know about Matt Stafford since magnetron retired is that he loves to spread the ball around so i. don't see gala as somebody in this offense that is going to be just constantly leaned on as the wide receiver. One Stafford has learned that he doesn't need to force the ball to one receiver and he's not going. Going to do that, he's going to spread the ball around so I see. Marvin Jones Junior. Ask someone that's going to still be able to heavily produce this year. If you even look in past years with Matt Stafford, these guys always followed very closely and targets even though gala has been valued almost thirty spots and ADP higher this year. It's an even wider gap, so I think they're gonNA follow a lot closer in targets than you realize so just because of that. I can't put, Kennedy. And like that absolute top tier receivers, but still an excellent. Tear guy now moving on into Marvin Jones. This guy is an excellent value for you. He at wide receiver, thirty four ADP in the low nineties. I think he's going to be one of the better number. Two options in the league like I said Stafford really broke out as a quarterback after Calvin Johnson retired. Because when you have Calvin Johnson there, who? Who at the time was considered to be the best wide receiver in the League in one of the best of all time, you're going to want to get him the ball on. You're a young Matt Stafford coming out of Georgia, still trying to develop into an NFL quarterback. Of course. You're going to lean on a guy like that, so he was feeding. Johnson the ball a lot, and it was leading to a little bit of a lower completion percentage. Stafford wasn't super effective early on in his career. Now Megatonne retires early because that's what elite lions players do and you saw Stafford really open up. He started using the entire field and when he got weapons. Like Gallaudet Jones together he is always utilized both of them, so I really think he's going to continue to lean on both Kenny Golladay. And Marvin Jones junior this year it's going to be an open field Kenny golladay still going to be the number one and I like him, but Jones junior sitting at wide receiver thirty four, he may finish somewhere in the mid twenties with how stab going to utilize both of them I think he set up for a great year. They have a solid running game. Game now there is well which I think is going to help the offense as a whole of so I'm very high on Marvin Jones junior and guys. There's even a third option for you with the Lions. If you're looking for a deeper wide receiver that's going to get you consistent value. Those are two things that are rare to go together, but it's Danny Amendola. Guy He's currently sitting at wide receiver. Eighty two is ADP is almost in the three hundreds. But what you guys don't realize is that he got ninety seven targets in twenty nineteen. Now normally when you're picking a player this late in the draft, you're looking for crazy upsides, someone. That's a lottery ticket type of player, but if you don't want to go with that strategy Danny Amendola specifically NPR leagues is GonNa. Have value for you as a flex as someone that you get in one of the last three rounds of your draft. He's a sure fire kind of late rounder. He has a low ceiling, but he has a very high floor, so he's a rare specimen. Stocks Danny Amendola this year for sure. Because again he's going to go basically undrafted in a lot of leagues and he's got consistent fantasy value. Just sitting there for you like I said especially in PR. He's not going to be a crazy field stretcher, but he's going to be able to haul in plenty of targets for you. All right now in the last team in the NFC north. You guys know my opinion on these guys this year. It's the green. Bay Packers, their number, one guy devante atoms is going on average at wide receiver to behind only Michael, Thomas ADP sitting somewhere between ten and fifteen. Like I said I've made my thoughts clear on Davante Adams love him as a player. He is an excellent wide receiver. He's a top five talent but I am fading him. Just due to the risk of this entire offensive system blowing up this year. It has to happen at some point Aaron. Rodgers has just been grinded on in grinded on by this organization and they refuse to get him any help. The whole situation up there in Green. Bay is volatile, and if things are to start falling apart, Devante, Adams is going to receive the brunt of the negative impact because he is Aaron Rodgers number, one guy, now I'm not saying he's not a top ten wide receiver from a fantasy perspective, but number two is just way too rich for me in taking the risk that that team is going to be able to stay together top of that. There are a couple of things you have to consider. Matt Leflore has shown that he prefers a little. Little bit more of a run heavy scheme. I don't know if he's doing that because it's his philosophy or if it's because Aaron. Rodgers is losing a little bit of that. You know just gunslinger type of ability whatever it is, it's taking away from the wide receivers a little bit, so I'm fading him hard or I need to hear legitimate argument from anybody as to why he deserves that wide receiver to spot I have not heard it yet. So when you have the opportunity Michael Thomas won't be there if you're looking at atoms, but. If you see guys like Julio Chris. Godwin Andre Hopkins on the Board. These are all guys. I am significantly more comfortable taking than Davante Adams this year. Again Adams will finish in the top ten, but he's not going to put up elite numbers I think he's going to produce with numbers more similar to Golladay if not lower. I'm not big on him at all. The rest of the wide receiver is also not super clear. We've got Adam. LAZARD and Devin funchess Liz artists sitting at wide receiver sixty three. His ADP is in the one eighty S. he has value because I mean. Rodgers is as quarterback. Roger does still have strong ability. We're not denying that at all, but again the show that they valued using the running back in even the tight ends more as number two receiving options last year. He. Even, though he was number two, he got less targets than Jimmy Graham old, geriatric Jimmy Graham and Aaron Jones while he was there in twenty nineteen. So Graham has gone. However you still have Aaron Jones. Who's going to be effective as a runner and as a receiver? And then Devin funchess is also going to be a threat. There's not a clear cut number two so much this year. So speaking of funches. He's wide receiver. His ADP IS CLOSER TO FIFTY S. He's a decent flyer pick because he does have a legitimate shot at that wide receiver to spot now. He was hurt last year, so we really didn't see him, but don't forget as recent as two thousand seventeen finish as the wide receiver twenty one so being more of a veteran guy I think he has a chance to develop something with Rogers I. Don't see him in lazard being too far apart at this point in their careers. Careers from a talent perspective, so these guys can either split carries, or you could definitely see funchess. Move Up and just take that number two spot for himself, only other player of know some people were drafting last year's Marquez, the scant Ling he's received plenty of opportunities and just really hasn't been able to capitalize on any of them yet, so I don't see any value in being able to draft him in two thousand and twenty. I think he's going to be off the team sooner than he's going to be able to resecure a starting spot again. He just has not shown an ability to grab that spotlight when it's been given to them been very disappointing to this point, so that is the NFC north. Guys, wow, this is definitely going to have to be a two segment deal. Thank you for sticking with me on that. We're GONNA. GonNa take a quick break when we come back and continue the wide receiver breakdown with the F., C. North also make sure you stick around for the end of the show as I give you. My top ten fantasy prospects the age of thirty. Yes, guys! There are some great names on this list. Age is just a number, so you're listening to the GSM. SMC Fantasy Football podcast. We'll be right back. Check out the show that's built on the way from the UFC two extreme cage fighting, but they got the fights covered. Check out the GSM. See M A podcast. Get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we talked to. In about some of the biggest names in the past president future. When it's the fight game, there's just one show checkout GSM see podcasts dot Com backslash Mame dadge podcast. Don't forget to leg amount facebook and follow them on twitter. Busy GSM. See PODCASTS DOT com for more INFO. And Welcome back to the GSM see fantasy football podcast i. am your host BSP. Brandon Soda Penner as you heard last segment we started our wide receiver room previews with the NFC north, and what we're GonNa do this segment now we're gonNA flip over to the AFC north. Wide Receiver Rooms says how we're going to do it moving forward instead of having this one segment like we were doing with the running backs. We're going to split these up in a to. There's a lot of wide receivers that deserve going over. Over for this fantasy season, so I just WanNa, make sure that I give the proper amount of time to be able to cover them properly, so let's go ahead and dive into a guys. The AFC North will start with Cincinnati. Cincinnati is a group that I didn't realize before I started doing this. but I'm really excited about this group I think there are four potential fantasy options here in the Cincinnati's wide receiver room, so we'll start with the biggest one that's Aj Green, and here's the other crazy thing. All of their AJ Green is the highest rank right now, and he's sitting at wide receiver twenty eight, so I think Aj Green and three other guys behind him could produce for your fantasy team this season, so we'll start with green. He's definitely a risk coming off of injury. He didn't play at all. In two thousand, nine, hundred and Mrs Significant amount of time in twenty eighteen as well. However he's coming back. He's had a full year to heal and Joe Borough is the best quarterback. He's had in a long time. Even in his first year Andy Dalton did have that small stretch where he was playing an MVP caliber level, but Generally, speaking, he was an average NFL quarterback at best borough was not afraid to take chances, and it's GonNa. Come in right away and be able to push the ball down the field, which is something that Andy? Dalton never excelled in at the NFL level. Now Even with Dolton as his quarterback in two thousand eighteen, when he initially got hurt, he was pacing thousand yards through his first nine games top of that he's had at least a thousand yards and six touchdowns in every single year that he has been healthy and played all sixteen games, also of note, he missed some time in eighteen, and he missed all of nineteen outside of that he missed a few games in two thousand sixteen. This guys thirty one. He's been in the League for a while so relatively speaking, he has been healthy and when he's healthy, he produces so he doesn't show me any actual decline yet. The only real worry about green is if these injuries continue and I think. If anything he'll be hit early and you can kind of move on from right away, but if he gets a couple games under his belt I fully believe that Jay Green can play all sixteen again and as we've seen if he does, he's going to produce for you and his quarterback has only gotten better I cannot emphasize that enough. Andy Dalton wasn't bad, but Joe Borough is still a definite upgrade for him. So I think wide receiver twenty eight is criminally low for AJ, green, right. Now I'm bumping him up a full eight spots I can have him as my wide receiver twenty fairly comfortably right now as he is the wide receiver. One on what should be A. A much improved offense in twenty twenty now another thing that may be going against Aj green a little bit, not as much as it'll affect the other players on this list, but there are a lot of players for targets to get spread out to this year. Like I said there's four guys I think that could potentially produce for you from a fantasy perspective, but Aj Green is still going to be your clear-cut number one guy so the number two receiver then in Cincinnati. He's only going a few spots behind Jay Green right now. Is Tyler Boyd? He's sitting about the wide receiver. Thirty two and this guy was putting up wider wider for two numbers last year even with. Andy Dalton and Ryan Finley for that matter. He was still producing with very poor quarterback play now again he was putting up fantasy wide receiver to numbers as the One guy there in Cincinnati last year. He's going to have more competition targets specifically with AJ Green coming back, however I think the improvement of the offense overall is going to more than counterbalanced that I think Tyler Boyd has the potential to out. Produce what he was able to do last year, even as the number one. That's how much I believe in Joe. Borough coming into this offense, not to mention that offensive lines should also be improved as. Coming back healthy. They've made some strides to actually short up that offensive line finally out there in Cincinnati, so I do like Tyler Boyd. He's the most ready to be the number two option this year I think he's very clear cut. Right behind green. The way I look at Tyler Boyd if I had to compare him to somebody else in the league I think he's a discount Jarvis Landry type. He's not going to be a sexy pick this year. especially with AJ green coming back off of injury, but he's going to be someone that will produce for you weakened and week out. He's not gonNA. Get you highlight plays. He's not going to be a crazy home run hitter, but he's going to be a consistent option offense. That's going to look to throw the ball a lot in Joe Boroughs first year. So moving on from him to more options here in Cincinnati than I still like so they drafted t higgins this year, but the first pick in the second round so right off the rip. You've got to think that's a heavy amount of draft capital to invest in somebody. You, so I'm assuming he's going to get some sort of playing time now he does need a little time to develop, and there's going to be a lot of competition for targets for him. Especially against some of the veterans in this offense, however I believe fully that they drafted t higgins to be the eventual replacement for AJ Green I am fully convinced Aj, and we'll have a great year this year, but it does seem like the bengals are not incredibly interested in paying him a big. Big contract next go around especially when you see how young the rest of this bengals team is on both sides of the ball. It makes sense drafting teams that high that he is eventually going to be their number one guy. He's not going to get number one target this year I. Don't think he'll get number two targets this year. Considering how Tyler Boyd played in twenty, nineteen, however, he is a definite threat to get some real playing time and I wouldn't be surprised if they. Look at him towards the goal line. He may come out with a couple of key scores for you this year, so at wide receiver seventy seven eighty ADP all the way up in the to hundreds. He might be someone that you can snag. Very late in your draft, and get some really good production out of especially later on in the year as he starts to develop and get acclimated to the NFL, and then the fourth guy guys I know you're probably tired of being burned on him at this point, but it's John, Ross John Ross has struggled to produce over and over again but. Honestly I don't know how much of that is really on him. John Ross has incredible speed. We saw him break the combine record a few years ago. That has not gone away. I can't even count the number of times I've gone back and watched John Ross get blatantly wide open. Just burn the second corner. Andy just didn't have the arm to get it to him now Joe. Borough doesn't have the greatest arm in the world, but again he is a much better downfield passer that Andy. Dalton has ever been so more than anybody here. I think John Ross. Ross is going to benefit from borough now. Being there at signal caller, I can't read other quarterback. He's played with which is just been Dalton and Finley, they have not had the arm strength to get him the ball. They drafted a field stretcher and he's just been completely ineffective, because they can't stretch the field with the guys they have throwing so I'm looking for John Ross. Also have a very good year I do think is value may sit more in fantasy and best ball as he will be very boom or bust type of guy. He's either going have. Two touchdowns, one hundred twenty yards, or he'll have twenty five yards and no scores. It's really going to be one of the other with him. So that's it for Cincinnati again. Four guys there. That could definitely have some real fantasy value for you. Moving on to Cleveland, this is one of the running or the wide receiver rooms rather that I mentioned last episode. I was very interested in taking a deeper dive into so the number. One guy there consensus is Odell Beckham Junior. He is currently listed as wide receiver ten. Is ADP hovering around the fifties? I do think he has excellent. Excellent bounceback potential despite playing every game last year Odell Beckham Junior failed to produce, actually finish behind well behind Jarvis Landry as far as production's production goes. You only had four touchdowns on the year. We did come out that he was playing through an injury the entire year. I fully believe that he has he did get that addressed. As soon as the season was over, he got a surgery and he's had this entire off season just to focus on rehabbing and to heal now I. mentioned four touchdowns for Odell. Beckham that is incredibly low, even in the season's. He struggled he. least was able to muster six scores, so I think he's definitely do for some positive touchdown regression. Four touchdowns was by far his lowest total outside of two thousand seventeen. Where even that year that was the year he was hurt for the majority of the Games he still was able to pick up three touchdowns in four games. So this guy is normally a touchdown scoring machine and last year. He just he struggled a little bit. acclamated to the new offense, and I think that you know the injury really did slow him down as well and a lot of people don't realize is despite the fact that he really struggled. He still had a thousand yards, guys. He managed to muster a thousand yards season aside Jarvis Landry who also was able to get a thousand yards, a little over one thousand yards, and he had bad quarterback play as much as again I'm a browns fan. Guys as much as I like Baker Mayfield. He played like garbage last year and And he was still able to be effective enough as a passer to get both of these guys a thousand yards, so even if Beckham does not get one hundred percent back to his New York giants self, he's definitely going to be significantly better than he wasn't twenty nineteen. I am very confident and being able to bet on that so I think wide receiver ten is a bout where he should be I think the experts are pretty spot on with his ranking. Because again you do have to consider his risk coming back. But again he's not going to be worse than it was last year. That was definitely a fluke for him so moving now to the second wide receiver in that Brown's offense, who once again underrated? He's another guy like I. was saying Falen that he is underrated every single year when it comes to fantasy drafts. That's Jarvis Landry. This guy had a thousand yards last year he has. has a thousand yards nearly every year that he plays, and he is skilled, currently listed as the wide receiver twenty nine. Now there is nothing that has happened over this off season. That leads me to believe that Jarvis. Landry is GonNa take a huge step back as far as production goes he he's finished as at least the wide receiver seventeen every single year and we're talking. Twelve wide receiver spots lower than that right now Cleveland is not added any real offensive weapons. This off season Kareem Hunt came back late last year, and he's GonNa get some targets, but that didn't really seem to take away from either of the receivers. Odell Beckham is going to be better this year, but again we saw even with a struggling Baker Mayfield. He was able to get both of these guys thousand yards so even Odell. Beckham produces more I. Don't think. Think that takes away from Jarvis because there's plenty to go around here. Neither of these guys are going to have a ton of competition for touches outside of their position. I. Mean You've Got Austin Hooper there now at tight end? Who is going to be a nice little weapon for Baker Mayfield, but I don't think he's going to draw that much away. I mean we saw even with David, who when the offense. He got a decent amount of touches, but It wasn't enough to detract from this. It's an impressive wide receiver, one and two here, so like I said even if Odell Beckham. Improves dramatically. There is still an excellent role for Jarvis Landry here in the offense I think he's a low wider low to mid wide receiver to and you're getting him as the thirtieth wide receiver in the draft. That's absolutely nuts I've got him about five spots higher than that. In my initial rankings here, so Jarvis Landry definitely undervalued guy I'm going to have a lot of shares of him this. This year if I can get him, he's just not a sexy pick. People don't like taking Jarvis Landry, because he's not flashy and Odell Beckham is the definition of flashy so I like, both those guys a lot. As far as the rest of the offense goes from a receiver standpoint. You've got Rashard Higgins who he does have a little bit of chemistry with Baker Mayfield? There just doesn't seem like. Like there's going to be much of a role. Cut Out for him this year I think he only caught four balls or something in twenty nineteen, so it seems like he's more of a depth piece and then Donovan People's Jones who they drafted this year in the sixth round I like, but he's a developmental player. He was an athlete at Michigan that played wide receiver, so he definitely has some. Some development to go through before he really takes on a starting wide receiver spot are continuing on guys the Pittsburgh steelers. You've heard me talk about their number. One guy quite a bit because he is a player that I am fading while every other expert really seems to be moving up their boards, and that's Juju Smith Schuster. I still don't see what everyone else does with Juju. I guess. He's sitting at wide receiver. Fourteen I keep hearing guys saying they're moving up into the top ten, even their top five in some instances, so a few issues with this he had a poor twenty nineteen, and yes, a lot of that was probably due to the quarterback play Big Ben got hurt in week. One and you were relying on Devlin Hodges and Mason Rudolph to get him the ball so big Ben's coming back this year. We don't know what Big Ben. We're going to get and we don't know how long we're going to have him. Even if big Ben comes back and somehow plays sixteen games, not confident at all. We don't know if he's going to be anything like he was before the injury what we had seen out of him for the last three or four seasons is it takes him more and more games to really get comfortable and start playing well and getting back to that elite level so? So there's a big chance that he's not going to get back to that level and I think there's a bigger chance that he's not going to play. The majority of the season Big Ben is getting old and the way that he plays quarterback. He's absorbed a lot of hits. He's not mobile. He's never been mobile, and because of that he's always had a great pocket presence, but he gets hit a lot and the fact that he went down so quickly. Last year makes me nervous. There's just a lot hinging on big ben coming back and being the quarterback that he was in order for Ju Ju to be successful I. Just don't see it. That's a lot of variables to have to bet on hope. They fall in a place on top of that again. Not necessarily his fault, but he hasn't been able to prove that he can be a solid wide receiver one yet. This guy finished last year I. Think is the wide receiver sixty. Right even. Wide Receiver Great Wide Receiver. The bad quarterback can produce better than that where we saw Juju have as most successes when Antonio Brown was on the other side of the field, and the attention was being taken away from him. I'm not saying I. Don't think you can be number one, but we haven't seen it, so that's just now a third variable that I have to bet on if I want Juju Smith Schuster on my fantasy football roster. There's just way too many risks involved. Involved with taking him again. He's currently at fourteen from everything I've been hearing. He's going to be going much higher than that. In a lot of drafts, so I am fading him quite a bit. If you can get him in late round shirt, take the risks. Guys because everything does fall into place has amazing upside. However, he's being taken way too high right now and I will take that to my grave. I am not taking Juju Smith Schuster anywhere near wide receiver fourteen. Now the other player that we talk about Pittsburgh is Deontay. Johnson. He's currently going as the wide receiver. Forty to ADP is up in the one twenty S. he is clear wide receiver to in this offense and actually. With the two backup quarterbacks their last year. He was actually targeted more than Juju Smith Schuster. Now Juju, did miss a couple of games, but it was a pretty significant gap between the two. A lot of people are picking Johnson as a popular breakout. Because of how he was able to produce last year, he did finish as a solid bottom tier, wide receiver, too wide receiver, three type of player, but for a lot of the same reasons that I can't bet on. Juju Smith Schuster I'm not going to be betting on Deontay Johnson either. I just lack competence in Pittsburgh's offense as a whole I'm not really comfortable picking anybody out of this wide receiver room right now. Only other players of note there. We've got chased Klay Pool. They selected this year in the second round of the NFL draft, and then James Washington in there as well. I think these guys are going to end up splitting time. There are rumors that they drafted claimable this similar to the to Cincinnati situation. They drafted Klay Pool to potentially replace Judy. Smith Schuster because just like me. Pittsburgh steelers aren't completely sold on Juju quite yet. They don't. Want to pay him that second contracts. This is going to be a big year for him to to try to prove something, and if he doesn't show that, he can be a wide receiver one, you might be looking at Chase Klay. Who in two thousand twenty one as the potential starter starting number one receiver for this Pittsburgh? steelers offense again like I said very similar to that Cincinnati city, but this year Klay pull in Washington I. Don't really see a lot of upside to drafting them whatsoever, so I would just pass on those guys in general and. Not Least Amazingly the team in the NFC North really out of any AFC north rather have any of these teams that we've covered. That has the best offense and had the best team in twenty nineteen has the worst receiving targets guys that you really aren't going to want to put a lot of stock in in two thousand twenty and so yes Baltimore Ravens Markey's. Brown is the number one guy he's currently sitting at wide receiver thirty one. He did have a disappointing rookie year from a fantasies perspective. The Ravens just don't pass the ball a lot when he does throw Lamar. Lamar, Jackson is effective, but we saw the ravens be able to be incredibly productive just by running the ball, both with their quarterback, and with their running back slash year they have three capable runners of the football now going into twenty twenty with Lamar Jackson with J. Dobbins, and with Mark Ingram so all three of those guys carrying the ball I don't see Brown getting a ton of looks at last year in half of his starts. This really blew me away for as much as hype around Marquees Brown. He had less than twenty seven yards, twenty seven yards or less. In half of his starts in twenty, nine, thousand, nine hundred. Twenty seven yards. So I look at him at best, he's a very solid boom or bust player. I see value with him. Best Ball! I don't see a lot of value from anywhere else. He's not going to be a great PR target I don't really like him in standard either. Overall he's just going to be very inconsistent fantasy player. He's going to be frustrating weekend and week out, and he's going to be touchdown dependent. He's GonNa. Lose targets as well to mark Andrews there I just I. Don't really like the situation with Brown. He may develop nicely into a wide receiver, but he's just a cog in an offense. That's not going to utilize him enough for him to be a solid. Solid consistent fantasy wide receiver thirty one is probably about right I might fade them a little bit more, but he is one of the worst wide receiver ones in the League, which again is weird to think about because Baltimore had such a high powered offense last season, but they did it on the back of Lamar Jackson and they're running backs and Mark Andrews, not nearly as much as the receiving core. Speaking of which! The rest of the receivers on the team. Guys I'm not even going to lie to you. I had to to look them up. Smiles Boykin and then Devon do rene who's a rookie this year? These are the second third guys on second third wide receivers on a team that doesn't utilize their wide receivers so I. Think it goes without saying. There's really no value in them at all here so Baltimore and Pittsburgh two rooms that I would definitely avoid whereas Cincinnati and Cleveland is significantly higher on. You can find great value through out. Both of those rosters so that'll. That'll do it for the first round of our wide receiver room previews next week. We're going to take a look at the wide receivers of the NFC and AFC East really looking forward to that, and of course, guys stick around for the last segment I. Give you the top ten fantasy prospects over the age of thirty again. Guys. Age is just a number. You can still find value in some of the old guys. I'm going to tell you who you need to target there. You are listening to the GMC fantasy football podcast will be back in a moment. Out this show build around the women of MMA from the UFC extreme caged fighting. We got to fights cover. The golden state media concepts women's MMA podcast, the latest news of upcoming fights discussions of previous mattresses. As we talked to about the biggest names in women's mixed martial arts past present and future. When it's the women's fight game, you know where to listen to the golden state media concepts women's MMA podcast. And welcome into the final segment of the. Fantasy football podcast I am your host BSP Brandon Soder Penner, Hope. You've enjoyed everything so far as we were able to tackle five, burn questions right at the start of the show, and then took two segments here to dive into the wide receiver groupings of the AFC and NFC north. This we're going. Do a going forward. Guys. I'M GONNA. Hit you with the top five burning questions right off the rip in. In future episodes here and we're going to take the two middle segments dive into the perspective. Wide Receiver groupings that we're looking at that day next week. We're going to take a look at the NFC and AFC east so get very excited about that going forward. It's nice to be able to get into a different up positional group as much like running backs and as important as they are you only? Dive into that so much all right? You've made it almost all the way through the show, and that means it is time for our top ten four today's episode and today we are looking at the top ten fantasy players over the age of thirty again. Guys that, even though they are starting to get past the quote, unquote prime are still real solid fantasy players for you guys you do not. Not have to worry about dropping off the radar in two thousand twenty number ten guys. It's Matt Ryan. He is thirty five years old. He is usually undervalued as a quarterback. He did have one year where he was the MVP where he took Atlanta to a super bowl, but he always puts up pretty incredible passing numbers. He's generally lost in the shuffle with the bigger name. Guys like Aaron Rodgers. Tom Brady Patrick Mahomes, but he is always going to be able to produce for you. He's also the head of a very efficient offensive system in Atlanta where they're going to love to throw the ball around any s two of the best wide receivers in the League at his disposal with Julio Jones and Calvin Ridley so Matt Ryan will have plenty of value for you this year despite being. Being thirty five years old, and as you can expect, there are going to be a decent amount of quarterbacks on this list. quarterbacks more so than running backs. especially even wide receivers are going to tend to be able to produce longer. They don't have the same kind of physical toll taken on their bodies, so they're going to have longer NFL careers and in turn are going to be. Be Able to produce for much longer periods of time, but there are still running backs on this list as you were actually going to see coming up next with Mark Ingram, so mark Ingram is thirty years old, and I have said that as a knock on him because it is, he is starting to get up there in age, which will hurt running back, but at least at the beginning. Beginning of the season. He is going to have that number one running back spot lockdown for Baltimore, and even if he does lose that to J. Dobbins as the year goes on, he still has value in that. The Ravens are gonNA. Run the ball more than almost anybody. That's what they do. Their receivers really have no fantasy value so mark Ingram even if he gets bumped down to. To running back to is still going to get you good fantasy numbers weaken, and we got especially at the start of the season. He can be a real stud for you. They're gonNA feature him quite a bit so again, despite being thirty years old like Mark Ingram a lot. He's number nine on this list number eight. You heard me devote an entire segment to him a few weeks ago. Ago Cam Newton Cam Newton. Now going to New England I. Think he's GonNa utilize. They're better than he ever was in Carolina. People forget about him because he only played two games in two thousand nineteen and those two games did not look very good at all, but you've got to remember. He was hurt for both of those. He seems like he's recovered from his injuries and I think. Think. He's going to be geared up ready to go there in New England. He might have lost a step because he is very physical kind of quarterback. He's taken more hits than most especially at the age of thirty one. However, he's still going to be able to run. You don't just lose your speed overnight and like I. Said Bill Belichick is going to be able to utilize him. Him in the best way possible at this point, his career and Cam Newton has potential fantasy league winning ability, so I have him here at number eight number seven. The oldest player on this list by far is Tom Brady in Tampa Bay forty two years old, we saw him as a pretty much an undrafted fantasy quarterback at least last year I wanna say finish at eighteen or nineteen. So. quarterback leaves. You could use them, but now you're putting him in a system down there in Tampa, Bay, where he has all kinds of weaponry. You're giving him. Chris. Godwin Mike Evans Gronk OJ Howard. He is. He's just got incredible arsenal in front of him, and even though Tom Brady has definitely taken a step back ability wise I think he's got too many weapons down there in Tampa Bay to fail and again this wide receivers are incredible I know James. Winston threw the ball a lot. Which is what may be inflated the numbers a little bit, but Winston was also not a very accurate quarterback, and these guys are still regularly coming down with balls so again passing them Tom Brady now the assassin. The sniper I think Brady is going to have significant uptick in fantasy value as opposed last year so I love Tom Brady even though he is forty. Forty two years old, absolutely incredible on number six on my list is t. y., Hilton, now people are a little bit down on ty. He is thirty years old this year and he's had some injuries US last few seasons. It's hard for him to stay on the field for sixteen games, but I do think as opposed to Jacoby perset he he's got an upgraded quarterback Philip rivers. He's going like to push the ball down the field a little bit which is going to help Michael Pittman, junior who they drafted this year but I think it's also going to help t y Tu t y has crazy speed and he has a true ability to. To stretch the field, and when you had somebody in their last year like Jacoby, per said he lacked the ability to be able to push the ball away. He Liked T. Hilton was a lot more effective with Andrew. Luck because luck had that kind of armed could get him good down. The field targets I think rivers, while definitely not being Andrew Lock is going to be a clear upgrade and t y Hilton has some real -bility to kind of bounce back here in twenty twenty number, five and other wide receiver that has dealt with injuries lately, and that is Aj Green. Who is thirty one years old? You heard me talk about it. It a little bit earlier I think he's got an excellent chance to finish as a wide receiver one this year he's got an upgraded quarterback with Joe Borough, the offensive line is better and just because he missed twenty nineteen with an injury I don't think that necessarily means is going to be injury prone. He's going to see the field plenty and I think he's got real a real chance to put up excellent numbers down there in Cincinnati even with all of the other great wide receivers that are going to be around him. So I love Aj Green here. Especially for his relative fantasy value the number five there for me for sure. Number four is Russell Wilson. Is One of the I'd say probably the third best quarterback from fantasy perspective this year, the other two guys both being very young in Lamar, Jackson, and Patrick Mahomes, but Russell Wilson at thirty one years old is going to have that third quarterback spot lockdown. We've seen it more and more as the defense starts to get worse there in Seattle and they start to have to rebuild that a little bit. Seattle's been forced to throw. Throw the ball. More and more and Russell Wilson has shown that even with limited offensive weapons with a poor offensive line. He still has the ability to move. He has the ability to get things done with his legs, and he still has the ability to swing the ball down the field and get guys open. He makes the players around him better, and that gives him tremendous value as a quarterback, and as a fantasy prospects i. I Love Russell, Wilson here at number four number three Kinda cheated on this one, but not really it's Adam Falen. He's twenty nine right now, but he will be thirty a couple of weeks before the season starts now. The guy you heard me talk about a lot earlier. He has a shot to be able to lead the NFL in targets this year the moving him back to his natural slot position. He has great report with. With Kirk cousins and he doesn't have to find digs taking touches away from him. He has just in Jefferson there now. It's still a clear drop off. At least in the first year. compared to Stefan digs that he's not the same type of player that was either, so I can see Adam. falen getting a lot of volume in this offense and we know what he can do when he has the ball in his hands. So, Adam. falen excellent fantasy option this year against thirty years old number two is Travis Kelsey at thirty years old. He shows no signs of stopping. You have tyreek Hill there as the speed option in Kansas, city but travis. Kelsey is going to be the regular safety valve in Kansas City. You saw him do it with Alex, Smith. You're seeing it again now. With Patrick Mahomes. Kelsey might be the best receiving actually know what no. He is the best receiving tight end in the league and each year. He's been consistent. He's shown no. No real drop in a fantasy value, and has a clear shot finishing as the number one fancy tight end the season, even again at thirty years old and everything is just compounded by the fact that he is part of that high flying chiefs offense that is going to sling the ball around a lot. So even his ability does start to decline at some point. He is going to be able to produce of sheer volume and opportunity so again. I Love Travis Kelsey. They're at thirty and guys. Number one should be no surprise. It's Julio Jones at worst. He is the second best wide receiver in the League even still. No one has been more consistent from fantasy value over the last five years than he has regularly finished in the top five, I think he might have had one season where he finishes the seven fantasy wide receiver when he was dealing with some injury issues, but man Julio is always on the field, and he is always a threat. He's a little frustrating, sometimes because you don't get a lot of like two three touchdown games out of him. Him But you know one touchdown here. One touch down here. One time out here. Everything adds up and Julio is one of the most consistent fantasy targets in the league, even at thirty one years old, so clear-cut number one guys. It is Julio Jones. A guy that is going to go in the first round aplenty. A fantasy drafts this year. So there you have it guys. My top ten fantasy players over thirty. Julio Jones taking that Crown? I WanNa thank you guys again for listening. It's been a lot of fun doing the show today again finally diving into the wide receivers next week, and it gets you into the wide receivers of the AFC an NFC east again. Do not forget to follow the show you find on twitter at G. S. MC. Underscore F- football, and they give me a follow as well at L. Machine one seven, I promise I'll give you guys the story behind that name here. 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