Good. Morning I'm Karen Boorda. It's Monday September fourteenth and hear your headlines from. CBS. Eleven news more North Texas school districts are welcoming students back to the classroom this morning and grand prairie ISD pre K. through second grade and special needs. Students can return to classrooms today as part of the district's phased reopening plan the third through twelfth grades will return in person next. Monday. Mosquito mid Lowthian and northwest ISD's will allow all students to return to campus if they choose and it Richardson ISD. Seventh and eighth grade students can also return to school today the Dallas cowboys fell to the La Rams and last night season opener it was a close game With neither team leading by more than six points at any time. But in the end, the Cowboy's took a twenty, two seventeen loss on the road. Next week is the team's first home game that stadium against the Atlanta Falcons kickoff is at noon and the Dallas Stars are hoping to punch their ticket to the Stanley. Cup, finals tonight, the team defeated the Vegas Golden Knights Saturday night to take the series two, three, two, one, the path, the puck drops at seven o'clock and bad news for fans who were hoping for last minute tickets to the watch party. The AA tickets are sold out now here's meteorologist Aaron with a quick check of your weather. Comfortable this morning for North Texas with temperatures in the sixties and low seventies. Gradually warming up this morning should be around eighty degrees by lunchtime today, and we're topping out in the mid and upper eighties. This afternoon partly cloudy to partly sunny skies expected. This is the case for Tuesday as well by Wednesday. We've got twenty percent chance for isolated showers and storms as moisture from Sally impacts US especially Thursday into Friday. And that's the latest from CBS eleven the ones for Texas.

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