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Is baseball tonight. The podcast baseball tonight. Podcast for tuesday march twenty third two thousand twenty one producing from his home studio in the foothills of connecticut is tailored shrank. Buster only working for my own studio in new york as we get closer to start started the regular season just nine days away. Injuries or beginning to manifest permeates has been diagnosed with flexible refrigerator strain in his right arm. That's a key question now for the toronto blue jays. They're saying he's going to be a multiple weeks coming up. I'll be talking with sarah lang's about who might step into their bullpen in the closer role and they got some intriguing options. Arizona diamondbacks are waiting test results on jack gallons soar right farm. He told reporters that pops up when he got jammed during batting practice. Uh-huh no universal be h about ten days ago obviously a losses at gala for the diamondbacks. Texas rangers reliever jose. Claire is expected to miss extended. Time with an elbow issue. The kansas city royals sent four top prospects including bobby with junior to their minor league camp. So they're gonna have a guy who has not played rookie ball in spite of his tremendous promise at least start out in the minor leagues. Maybe we'll see him in the big leagues later in the year. The yankees announcer. Gary sanchez will catch garrett cole and opening day Chris patchy playmaking could win him to centerfield job to the atlanta braves. You made a great play yesterday. And here's what it sounded like. One two from right swung on and hit out towards center. Field sprinting in fishing paci. Play it on the hop. He'll throw to third base trying to go first. A third and unsuccessful. Is jake cave to a good throw at center field by christian padre to nail jake cave. That does score run and altogether. The twins pick up two runs on two hits but a really good defensive play by christian in the inning padre with an absolute cannon. I'm gonna be asking sarah about who have the best throwing arms in baseball in two thousand twenty one. Good stop nelson cruz. Pitch trip been high deep to left field goals deep. It goes air nelson cruz. Boardwalk field and long to run homer in the twins doubled elitist now of four. Nothing game in the third quarter probe is on the twins radio network and in spring training. It seems like every year we see number of triple place fortieth pitch ryshkov real. It'll be a double play trick claim. That's how you get out of an inning that might be the ultimate spring trying to get back ever. You're not kidding. Ball absolutely smoked with the bases loaded. Nobody out in the mets. Pull off a triple play now before we get to sarah lengths to andrew maraniss to talk about his new book about Former outfielder glenn. Burke entail mcgregor of the cubs. Marquee network is gonna join us as we start the nationally. Central preview don't miss the biggest baddest rematch at. Ufc to sixty. Go ahead tell you can jump in and do the names. You're better at it than i am. Steep a coach and francis in gansu and thankfully Bleacher twitter shane. Saunders sorted that out for us yeah. What changed said about the pronunciation. I'm glad he got him. Because i certainly don't know you have to sixty a march. Twenty seventh is exclusively available to espn plus subscribers for sixty nine ninety nine visit. Espn plus dot com slash. Ppv to order the baseball tonight. Podcast is sponsored by. Adt with everything. That's going on these days. Couldn't we all use a little piece of mind for. Adt your safety and security is always been a top priority. That's why they are the leader in home security. Adt provide twenty four seven rapid response monitoring from their nine owned and operated call centers. That's the largest security network in the us to keep you even safer. 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I'm doing great baseball. Is what ten days nine days away. I'm doing great. How are you doing okay. Nine days away. Although taylor is a little he's he's under some time constraints because he's we're in the middle of the incident playoffs. He's doing that podcast. He's doing this podcast every day so we will go through the list. You and i've been texting back and forth this morning. A topics first off. I still have not heard anything about a universal d. h. being implemented in two thousand and twenty one. I have not heard anything specific that they're actually talking about expanded playoffs. How about you. And i have not heard anything either. I mean i feel like the last update we saw the last sort of reports i saw. Were just that this is not being discussing whereas you said. But i feel like people really got all in on both of these concepts last year. So whether it's you know with the new cba or whatever it might be. I do feel like there's a lot of fan support for these concepts. Just you know reading the twitter tea leaves or whatever else. Yeah the last reports focus again. maybe my favorite senate's of two thousand and twenty one in reporting the talks are dead for now. I'm still trying to figure out what that means. Sarah okay as we get closer to start of the regular season. Lots of bad injury news coming down that gallon with the forum issue. Arizona diamondbacks kirby. Yates is an elbow issue. Justin wilson as you noted to me and you in your texas morning coming out of last night's game. Just pick one of those and sort of touch on what you feel like. The potential impact of that is i mean. I'm sort of split between the blue jays yankees here you know. Gallon is obviously a loss for everyone. Who's picking him as kind of a dark horse candidate but the diamondbacks aren't going to win the nfl. But i think that either of those bullpens could be real trouble in alias. I mean wilson was assigned. Name that i think a lot of people really liked the lefty in that bullpen. We know they've already had injury issues in that bullpen. Already this spring training. So you start to worry about depth than we've seen issues. The yankees have had with injuries especially over last few years. It's hard to say. One injury is at all related to another in twenty twenty. But it's certainly a trope that we've seen continue with them. But i think i'm most worried about the blue jays just because i think everyone wants to see them be kind of like a surprise team in that division and kirby was such a great signing for them. I was very concerned about his health when they signed him to be honest. I just remember watching him early in the season last year. Knowing something wasn't right and then he did end up. Having i believe it was surgery for bone spurs so when jordan. Romano is probably gonna be your closer until he gets back. You just have to worry about this whole glue. Days breakout really show. Last year was for real type of season. I agree with you. i also and i'm sure you agree with me. That one of the cool things about is is how quickly they can change in two thousand nine hundred nationals. First half of the year they had the worst bullpen in baseball. And then they wanna have dog piling after the world series over with daniel hudson one of their acquisitions being the middle of it and so i was looking at some of the blue jays candidates and texting back and forth with some blue jays officials. It's morning and a couple of interesting things you mentioned jordan romano. Classic example of these relievers. That kinda come out of nowhere like he bounced around. He's this is his age twenty eight season and he actually pitched pretty well last year and then this spring these numbers are are definitely interesting. And i know we don't take spring. Training numbers of face value five innings. Four hits one walk twirl strikeouts. He struck out twelve of the twenty batters. He faced this spring. You know someone. With a fastball. Slider mix generates a lot of ground. Balls he's an interesting guy and here's another one that. I tweeted out about this earlier. Sarah tyler chat would who of course we know is such difficult times it starting pitcher with rockies the cubs repeating as delivery all kinds of issues controlling the baseball. This might be the most interesting set of statistics for any player baseball for me. This spring tyler. Childhood spring training two thousand. Twenty one seven innings. One hit no runs five strikeouts and no walks no ox tyler. Chat would in seven innings. That jumped off the page for me. So i do wonder if they got a potential a couple solutions in there. Yeah i mean those guys all sound great and i saw that chat with twee right before we started recording here and i was really blown away. I mean. I've watched those games. But i wasn't doing the mental map to add it all up as he was pitching and i think for him walks have been such an issue. I mean so that's really fascinating to see. This is a guy who has pretty much in his career had about five walks per nine per nine stats are silly. But that's not a number you want it all and so i. I like that. I just worry about a contender. Having this many question marks or this many different options. You almost want to have one lockdown option. But we've absolutely seen bullpens transform especially lately and you never know. I think that the opening day bullpen is so different from the game one of the postseason bullpen for pretty much any team to make the playoffs especially over the last ten years right. Here's a really intriguing player to me. Someone who. I is going to be the mvp conversation in the american league at a nice moment in yesterday's game anderson in the air to left this. It's number one for tim anderson. Lancaster with the call in the white sox television network in your is someone who looks at numbers really closely how to manderson improved over the years. I love this. And i love that. You're referring to him as potential. Mvp candidate. Because i have been all in on tim anderson for so long. I feel like. I've told the story on the podcast before but in spring training with my mom and grandma the year that he ended up getting called up in june i just remember seeing him interacting with jimmy rollins and just even from the stand seeing that interaction because jimmy rollins was actually with the white sox. Spring training was their opening day. Shortstop that year you could just tell like makeup or whatever you want to say that this was going to be a really fun claire and a really good guy and i think that's what we've seen so far in terms of what he's done i mean he's so fascinating from the outside because everybody likes to point out that he has a really high bab and that means he's going to return to earth but the thing is he's been doing this for a few years now so part of it is simply that he's just shown that his swings in the contact that he makes is really good regardless of the fact that he has a high batting average on play. That's okay as long as you're actually backing it up and something that i look out for him especially in the last two years is just hitting the ball a lot harder and he's not necessarily some we associate with power. I saw that home. Run the white sox mince streaming all their games which has been great and he's definitely hit. More home runs over the last two years byun associated with crushing the ball and his hard hit rate isn't in that tees you know genre of fifty plus percent of the time but he's increased his heart hit rate significantly enough that all of his expected stats based on that quality of contact are really reflecting what he's been doing so he's been among the top ten percent or so of the league in expected batting average last two years and for all of the people who say hi babette he's going to return to earth. I present the expected batting effort. Which is saying no. He is actually doing this. Expected batting average was two eighty seven. Not three thirty but if that's in the top ten percent league that's all you need so i think he's really improved that contact just to compare in sixteen seventeen eighteen. His expected batting average was two twenty five to forty nine. Something like that so it does tell you that he is making significantly. Better contact now. We heard before the throw made by christian patch of the braves throwing a runner at third base yesterday and absolute seed. You know last week. I asked Brian snicker. I always love to do this. To dry gets a laugh out of it. I always asking for comps and i asked him for cop. Defensively for christian any talked about how you reminds him of Of andhra jones in how he moves and how smooth he is but when you watch him throw that's very different than he which is raving about how he just the ability to always put his feet and right place To get over the top of the ball and to set himself up perfectly to make throws so i think in an era in which generally speaking the outfielders don't throw as much as they typically or they did in the past who are the best outfielder arms in your eyes so i took a look at the best Max effort arm strength. The top ten percent of your throws. We're not counting when you're tossing it back into the infield or when you know you're not gonna have a clan of ball so these are only the best throws for guys and if you look over the last two years i took amendment of thirty of those mac separate throws we have victor row. Bliss kevin cure. Meyer kunia and starling martine up at the top and martinez. An interesting one. Because that's very much split along an injury and then coming back. But i think another guy who's really fun to watch slow as joey gallo and he actually led. The majors are outfielders in max. Upper arm strength in two thousand and twenty only doesn't have as many in two thousand nine hundred and actually beyond the list but the other guys ramon laureano of course and everybody loves those throws and they are really great but he just shows he doesn't do quite as many to actually be right at the top of that list melissa. I'm looking at right now. But i mean i love these outfield. There's another guy's byron buxton. I feel like if we could just get that healthy buxton season. He would probably be at the top of this list. Yeah i love cure meyer. Throw because you know. He's going to do that. Tommy hebrew launches himself into those throws and it feels like he winds up. You know tumbling about ten feet after he lets it go all right. We got about one minute left. I wanna ask you about the yankees decision. Yesterday to that. Gary sanchez is going to start an opening day. And look kyle coca. The other catchers had some injury issues this spring. And so maybe it's a practical choice. But i think it's a smart choice in terms of sort of resetting sanchez's spring. What do you think absolutely. I think this is kind of a year. I know you're still very young. But this kind of the year where. We're gonna find out if gary sanchez is the yankees catcher really for the foreseeable future. Not and i think you have to give him that chance to show that he is and i know he's not hitting wall spring training and you mentioned before spring training so back and forth. I feel like when they help us with someone like tyler chat would. They're very much worth noting. But gary sanchez could hit one sixty four this spring and crush all year. I'm not definitely concerned about that. But he did. I think catch the entire game last night which was interesting to say or at least he was in there into the seventh or eighth. When most of the other starters were out so i think that the catching seems to be kind of linked to how he's performing at the plate. So i just hope that he can get both sides of that together. Because everyone wants to see gary sanchez hitting home runs. And and i do think that especially with Cause injury and who their other option would potentially be you. Have you have gary sanchez. you should be starting him until he really absolutely shows you that. He's not worth starting at which. I don't think he has done yet. Yeah it's a completely different question whether or not he starts. The first game of the season versus starting in game. Seven of the world series. The yankees will love that chance to to make that choice. All right sarah. Thanks for doing this. Great to talk with you. Thanks so much for having me. Buster meredith is the author of the new book singled out the true story of glenn burke about the former outfielder played four seasons for the dodgers in oakland athletics. The first openly gay player in major league baseball history andrew. Thanks for joining me Always love talking with you from the days when you work with the tampa bay rays. Today's did that great book and perry wallis The first African american player to play in the southeastern conference congrats on the book. Thank you so much buster. It's great to be with you. All right tell me what drew you to this idea. Well you mentioned by previous books. So i'm interested in writing books that are nonfiction sports books that have a larger social message to them. You know so. My first book was on the first black basketball player in the sec. Second book was on the first. Us olympic basketball team that played at the nazi olympics. And thirty six and with this book. On glenn burke i thought i had a chance to write about my favorite sport Baseball tell that story within the context of the gay rights movement of the nineteen seventies and the backlash to that movement. A story of a player that is significant in baseball history. We really most baseball fans know very little about now. I'm older than you are. I actually grew up a huge dodger. Fan remember glenn burke being on that team but i'm curious about sort of when you became aware of this for the first time where the story sure i remember glen. Burks nineteen seventy eight chops baseball card. He's swinging his baton. Those classic Tops pictures in his road. Gray uniform for the dodgers but i had no idea of any significance of him and when i was eight years old in nineteen seventy eight. That was a couple years ago after. I finished games of deception. That book about the nazi olympic basketball tournament That i was looking for a new story. I was talking to my agent. Alex shane about different sports stories. That had a larger social message to them. You mess is the name lindberg. And i hadn't realized that time that glenn is also credited with inventing the high five you know. So is it that point that i saw that sort of trivia fund piece of trivia along with the social significance of glen. The fact that we really haven't had Out gay baseball players or basketball or football for that matter too many of them. And so i thought this would be really fascinating story to tell within that context like i mentioned of what was happening in the country in the nineteen seventies. And you got a chance to talk to a lot of his former teammates who just everything you write in the book. They just adored him. Yeah it's really unbelievable to me that this fourth outfielder rookie was the most popular player in that dodger clubhouse with guys like dusty baker dave logan steve garvey steve. Egger ron say. Reggie smith i mean all these years later you can just recite the litany of of solid hall of fame type veteran players on that team. And it was glenn who was the life of the clubhouse. They said he would ring his boombox in playing his music singing dancing. Joking making fun of tommy lasorda kind of lightening the mood in the clubhouse which is important on a team with so many expectations on them as those late seventies dodgers team had when he was traded to the oakland. A.'s there were reporters in the clubhouse. Who saw guys like don sutton. Steve garvey crying at their lockers. You know that this rookie formed outfielder had been traded. That shows you. What a charismatic. A person glenn was what a presence he had on that dodger team and they're clearly wasn't awareness among players Light dusty baker davey lopes that he was gay yes. There was a going back to his minor league days In aa some of his teammates were starting to pick up on this. He never had a press conference as he was a active player to come out to the world but his teammates were picking up on it. You know you an excuse himself from social settings They would try to set him up with women and he would say well. I met them. Now it's time to go you know and leave after five minutes or there would be women over to hotel room after the game and he would say that he had to go shopping or call his mom and it would be eleven thirty at night and they're like where you're gonna go shopping at eleven. Thirty you know team would get back from road trips at the airport. Most the players would have someone. Come pick them up at one end of the airport. When would disappear down to the other end and so there were little clues that they were starting to pick up on and the important thing. Is it the players you know they still love glenn you know when he was traded like i mentioned. They're the ones crying he's been traded. It was management tommy lasorda and l. campan's specifically with the dodgers. That didn't want this player around and you write about a meeting. That out campaign is had with them and for lack of a better way to describe it. it was like he tried to bribe glenn burke into getting married to a woman for the sake of image. That's right so this is after the seventy seven season where glenn has started two games in the nfc s against the phillies. You started game. One of the world series at yankee stadium else. You can see that. He's a highly regarded player after the season. Campan's comes up to the bay area where glenn lives. Len thinks it's the to be a meeting about what his role is going to be on the team next year. Actually cana says you know we'd like you to get married. Glenn says to a woman in win campinas says yes he says no. I'm not gonna do that. They offer him seventy five thousand dollars for quote unquote nice honeymoon. Which was the coolant of the average major league salary. Bow point and you know so you can see the extent of the dodgers are going to try to cover up the fact that glenn is gay. He won't go on with this plan. Noses stays with. The dodgers are numbered in its early in the seventy eight season. He's traded to the open eighth and part of the complicating fact. You mentioned the you know the issues that he had tommy lasorda. The son of time lasorda. Tommy lasorda junior. Everybody numa spunky he was gay and england. Burke became friends. Do you have any sense. Is there any way to have any sense about how that may have affected Glenn burks time with the dodgers. Yeah i think it It did affect certainly lasorda. Junior in glen were tight friends. You mentioned they had concocted this plan that one night they were gonna show up at Seniors house as if they were on a date with lasorda. Junior dressed as a woman. Ponytails right and so Glenn knew that that would drive me crazy. So they're purposely sort of antagonizing him in certain ways. And glenn felt that when thomas lasorda seniors learned extent of their friendship that he soured on him. These started the play last. You know and he felt that this offseason meeting with campus was completely related to his friendship with tommy junior now when he was traded to oakland Four billionaire north. It really feels like things began to spa form like he was literally getting shoved out of baseball. It really felt that when he was hoping that this would be a rebirth for him. Moving home to his. You know he grew up in oakland and berkeley He's traded to the as in those players hadn't come up through the minor leagues with. Glenn didn't know him quite as well. They heard heard some rumors about him and he didn't really have the same level of support in the clubhouse that he did amongst the dodger players mike norris way interviewed for. The book was supportive of glen. But it was just few. And far between on that team. Billy martin's hired in nineteen eighty and glenn again. Things of this is a good thing. We've both gone to berkeley high school. Not at the same time but they were both berkeley guys. He thought this would be a good thing. But even before the regular season starts nineteen eighty Billy martin has said that he's not gonna let glenn contaminate. His team is the way he put it. You know introduce glenn. Two other players in call them the f. Word you know. And so glenn is sent down to aaa before the season starts. He knows that he has no shot of ever. Getting called up to as long as billy martin's the manager and so glenn chooses to leave. Baseball is a member of a triple a. Team in ogden pretty early one thousand nine hundred season now. He doesn't play in the major leagues after he leaves the oakland athletics and he came out You mentioned it wasn't like there was a press conference but the first time he came out Publicly was based on an article that was coming out and inside sports. He didn't in an interview with bryant gumbel On national television is hope was at that time that maybe this would lead to some chain not only society but maybe for him. That's right so this is one thousand nine hundred eighty two two years after his last game. This is when he does sort of formally come out to the world. There is a big feature article in inside sports that was written by a former lover of his and then he's alive today show interview with gumbel. He's hoping that this interview will actually create an opportunity for him again in major league baseball. If people know the reason why he was forced out of the game you know two years earlier in his mind. It wasn't because he wasn't good enough was because he was being discriminated against for who he was and if he comes out and baseball executives learn you know the real reason why he was out of the game that maybe someone will be open minded enough to give him another chance. It doesn't happen. There's hardly any reaction to the article or the interview at all now. I think this would be a major story. You know of course on on every tv network and on social media but then there is very little ripple effect from the interview in large part. His story was overshadowed by other news. That was coming out of san francisco in the castro district. Glenn lived at that time that was arrival of hiv. And aids was the big story. And glenn in fact had number of this softball team in san francisco that were beginning to become sick to die of this disease and glenn himself in in nineteen ninety five after long periods of homelessness. Where this guy who'd start a game on the seventy seven world series finds himself with no money left living homeless on the streets of san francisco in dying abate. So many ways you know. His story is is inspirational and groundbreaking but in other ways it's equally tragic and i had an opportunity because they worked with dusty baker. Pin for a brief time they've gotten to know dusty through the years he's such a great person and it always struck me how absolutely brokenhearted dusty was about Glenn burks life are in how unnecessary and and how tragic it was absolutely anyone. Everyone had told me what a great person dusty was. I had never met before. I interviewed him for this book. I spent three hours with him. In asheville north carolina. He was there to scout a game minor league game for the giants at the point that i was working on this book. And you could. You could just sense that affects that he had forgotten. He said that when dusty himself was a young player. Coming up with the braves that hank aaron really took him under his wing. Industy enjoy that aspect of being a veteran player himself when he was with the dodgers. Glenn was one of the guys that he really looked out for that he felt like they were kindred spirits. In some ways you know both from california both loved basketball loved music and so they had a lot in common And he was heartbroken. Glenn was traded from the dodgers. He mentioned that there was a game. Where when dusty was managing the giants that someone in the crowd before the game was yelling at him. Hey dusty hey. Dusty sounded like an eighty year old man dusty turns around finally when the guy said. Hey john beat which was what other big leaguers call dusty and you realized it might be a friend of his. He turns around. And glenn burke who's in his early forties who sounds and looks at that point like he's in his eighties he had seen what you know The the disease had done to glenn at point Dusty to this day speak so highly. Been of course. They made history together. As inventing the high five it was dusty homerun in october seventy-seven that gave the dodgers four players with thirty homers. The i team in. Mlb history to do that in. Gutenberg congratulated him with the first five in history. I remember that. I grew up a huge dodgers fan huge fan of dusty glenn burke and all those guys and it was i tell you what it was i opening reading. Your book is fantastic. Getting singled out the true story of glenn burke andrew. Thanks for joining us. Thank you so much. Buster great to see you mcgregor's the host and field reporter for the cubs new network the marquee network news. We start our previews for the national league. Central taylor thanks for joining us. Thanks so much for having me. I'm excited to be on all right. So you're in the same place. Now that i got to be a few times during my career covering baseball where i covered a team the padres and then i jumped to cover. The orioles jumped the orioles. Cover the mets. And the mets the yankees. And it's a little scary but at the same time. It's a lot of fun you spend a lotta years covering the rockies and now you're with With the cubs what types of stories. He sort of new ground. You're looking at that. You're excited to learn about one of the main reasons i took. This job is just a long standing history. The massive fan base that they have and so it's just been fun learning about what happened two hundred years ago in this organization. And how they have a history that that that that's long because with the rockies. I lived the entirety of their existence. So i literally saw everything unfold. That's ever happened in that organization and so with the cubs hearing old stories or talking to fans at an hearing how great grandfather was a cubs fan and how it's just a phantom that's passed on from generation to generation and so i think the big picture for me that's been really special and then this year i'm really excited about the al central. I mean there's no clear favourite to win in so for is who's covering team that makes it really exciting. Because hopefully we get into september and there's a pennant shades of maybe four teams in this in this division. So i'm i'm looking into that. A lot who in your mind is pivotal for the cubs as you talk about. How close the national league central is and players. That could be difference making for sure. The rotation i think last year when you saw the cubs windy al central. They did it because of their starting rotation and there's pieces that laptop and pieces that come and and guys who are kind of question marks. I mean jake. Arrieta hasn't come off the best campaign in dili. So what is he going to do with the cubs. This trevor williams Could he get back to form And so and then. Of course you know kyle hendricks. I've not worried about him. I think he'll go out and perform you want those guys to all come together and and so for me. The piece that matter de boast are are the rotation for sure how hobby urbaez this spring. What have you seen what he'd be heard. Yeah so obviously. It's a contract year and there's been a lot of talk with him. Anthony rizzo chris brian. It's all about the walk year. You know what is this. Look like he gets questions. I'm sure probably daily about what his future looks like with the cubs but what i've seen out of hand in the other two guys as well as their really Focusing on baseball and trying to make the most of this season in hardly the big story with him last year was the lack of ending video in the lack of fans and david ross came out and said he thinks that no fans impacted hobby by as the most so i think for him. He's excited to get back out there with band tab that engaged video to be able to make adjustments. You talked a lot about how that impacts your timing. You're trying to align your timing with the pitcher is and we don't have that in game video. It's it's everything that you've learned to do in the major leagues is stripped away from you in. So he's excited to have that back this year. Yeah and he always struck me as being a hobby has always struck me as being adrenaline player and iraqi player. You know nolan are not always the same way for me. When i would watch him play. It always felt like he was performing and and feeding off the adrenaline the crowd. I would expect that hobby might benefit from having fans in the stands that'll be interesting for kris bryant What are some things you hearing specifically about him this spring. The talk recently has been a little bit on the injuries last year. He was playing through some injuries. That were much more severe than any of us knew so for him. Getting back to being one hundred percent healthy. Which really when you look at the tenure of his career. When he's healthy he's the kris bryant that all of us know the rookie of the year. The mvp but what's caused some of the injuries that he's had to overcome in his career so far this spring. What we've seen from him He's seeing the ball while he's taken a lot of walks haven't gotten to power quite yet. I hit his first homer two days ago so he he's coming into into that aspect of his game but he seemed to be in a good spot and coaches are really encouraged by what they've seen out of him so far in your eyes which team in the national league central the team to beat for the cubs. This is i. I've talked with people about this for me. It's the brewers i think. The brewers with their with their pitching overall. I think they're the most proven again. Most prove it. Because i think last year with the cubs pitching. Everybody was kind of discrediting the bullpen late into september. It ended up being one of their strengths. So i think on paper right. Now i'm going with the brewers again. They're pitching they have the best hitter in christian yelich if he can get back to the christian knowledge that we had seen in previous years. They had the signing of jackie bradley. Jr. which is going to be a class for their lineup. So we'll see that's my pick. It'd be cute. I really think you could make a case. Buster is you know for the rides. The cardinals or the i think really the the the pirates are the only team that are kind of the odd man out in this division because between those three plus the cubs. I think it really could be could be anybody's division this year. Yeah and i'm gonna want to pick in the cardinals. I think especially just watching jack clarity and the cardinals exhibition game yesterday. He looks like he's ready to take the next step forward And knowing also the resources they're pouring into this year picking up on it feels like there should be an of the cardinals. They'll find a way to win the division. You know the way that it sets up and before you go. I want to talk about someone. You're going to be dealing with on a regular basis. That i've dealt with a lot at espn and google shaam be okay so i wanna i wanna give you some tips to help you drive him crazy things bother him. Okay that's number one. He's not a morning person. I can't tell you how many times we were going to sunday. Baseballer traveling someplace. And he's doing radio and he would see me at laguardia and he would just veer in the other direction. Because i am very much a morning person so he hated that. So if you seem in an airport just bum rush him. Okay and come up and be all happy and be all fired up in the morning. Yeah and i think that's gonna be interesting because in chicago. We play so many day games. So he's going to have to get to the ballpark earlier than usually what especially for sunday night baseball because these probably still sleeping by the time. He's going to have to be the ballpark. I first day game so all definitely be shared a pop in there. I'm kind of learning to be a morning person. maybe i'll just be a little bit more upbeat in the morning. Just to see how he he also if you want. He doesn't believe in line of protection so he doesn't think You know anthony rizzo batting behind hobby or by as helps by at all. He doesn't really believe in that He hates rbi statistic. If you site that you're going to see him. I roll okay. And he thinks the cycle single double triple homer is completely irrelevant like he hates that he now he thinks it's a complete joke. He thinks it's just a coincidence and he doesn't like talking about it so when i watch you and boo work. I'm hoping you drop some of that and just annoying. Yes the only problem i have with. Rbi people say like they argue between rb or rbi. It and so for me. I say is because you're not saying runs. Batted in runs batted in its plural. So so that's my my kind of issue with that but i'm gonna drive a lot of. Rbi lot of morning talk with him. This cycle all bring that one up a lot. Maybe a lot of the we have flashbacks that we bring into our broadcast. I'm just going to have to tell our producer all of this cycles ever organization. We're going to bring those into the broadcast that that's good to know that's a plot. Twist here in this interview. Because i'm a big. Rbi person when i worked at the new york times. Their style was rbi because the s is contained within the are of rbi runs batted in that it in but it but it still plural. Rb is what the s is within our. That's what i believe. But there's gonna be so you when you're talking if it's full. Rbi you'll say rbi had three rbi because the ss containing the. That's the new york. Times style that i worked with but i can tell you what i did Mike and mike with mike greenberg a lot. We would argue about this. He completely agree with you. So okay relation. Exactly all right. Thanks for doing this base. Unless you're having you it was going to seal bleacher tweets already buster bleacher tweets for tuesday. And i i have to bring up the other. Podcasts are produced courtside with greenberg and docket sh. We are recording to podcast this week. One recapping the first round first round second round of the ncaa tournament and then we will be looking at the elite eight and sweet sixteen so check that out. Please wherever you listen to podcasts. Onto the tweets. Charlie be at a fish and his chips rates. And hey buster. No doubt as handyman. You especially enjoyed the weekends. Stellar performance from jack leitner kumar rocker. But if as assumed they are the first and second round picks in the two thousand and twenty one draft. This will be a first time in history. The top two picks gone from the same college. That was a. I didn't really read it as such. He brings bowing coal bean first and third from ucla. A comparable situation yet Charlie off top of my head. I can't remember another situation like this. It's pretty remarkable now. We did have kylie kanye on the podcast recently and doesn't sound like based on what. He's hearing at this moment later. Rocker will go one overall Maybe two and three. So we'll see how that goes the draft boards absolutely could change by the time we get to this elections still very exciting. Yep next we have. Trevor dunning at t l dunning he rates in if serve time was not an issue and younger players played in the in baseball earlier. Wouldn't they be taking roster spots from older players making the free agent market even worse for older players. Well they were taking roster. Spots in the older players wouldn't be accruing the service to reach free agency. I just want the best players. Like i don't know whether they're they're older. They're young. i just want the best players on each team. Each team looking at their People in organizations saying here are twenty-six best guys and day. Pk steinberg. He writes in of teams retooling to put it mildly back to the american league playoffs. I texas baltimore. kansas city. no question about it. Kansas city baltimore's eons. Sorry to tell you breaking. He owns away from being irrelevant. Texas is got a lot to do. Kansas city's actually think closer to the point that if somehow in the last hours they agreed to expanded playoffs for this year. If they did it for two thousand twenty two. The royals at this point would be on the french. Like i like what the royals are doing. Already that doesn't for bleacher tweets hashtag tweets on twitter. And please follow rate review. This podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. Thanks everyone that's it for today. My thanks to sarah. Andrew to taylor and taylor emigrate everybody. Thanks for listening. Stay safe and remember hating inequality based on skin color. It's something we need to fight against every single bed. Thanks for listening to the baseball tonight. Podcast if you play fantasy baseball check out the fantasy. Focus podcast wherever you listen to podcasts. The baseball tonight podcast.

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