BGN Radio #18: Mid-Season Report Card


What if all you're breaking news alerts had a voice what would that sound like it would sound like today? Explain its daily news podcast from vox. I'm Sean Ramos grim every day my team, and I take one essential news story, politics, two movies sports science, and we break it down into twenty minute episodes. Perfect for your ride home subscribed today. Explain on apple podcasts or wherever you listen from Stitcher, and the vox media podcast network. Ladies and gentlemen. Can I please have your attention? I've just been handed an urgent at horrifying news story. All of you. Stop what you're doing. Listen. Hello, bleeding, green nation and welcome back to another edition of BGN radio. This episode number eighteen it may sound like a different voice. But this is John Stolnis from bleeding green nation dot com. You can follow me on Twitter at John Stolnis. You'll have to forgive me. I'm I'm battling something of a chest cold or something going on here. So I'm gonna Michael kissed the podcast a little bit here today gonna take down to the lower registers as Michael does. Maybe we need to use Michael St. music. Well, we'll leave that up to him. But we got a buy week special here for you myself and the brains behind the operation, the great b- LG Brandon league out in is joining me once again, be Eljay. Welcome to BGN radio episode eighteen how you doing man done. Thank you. First of all, I think we all need this by week because I've been sick. You clearly whatever you have going on Michael kissed has some kind of shoulder thing going on. We saw that. All man, the BGN crew is just like, you know, we're we're banged up to apparently. So. I think we need to use this by week to get better. That's what will do after this podcast will kind of have a nice weekend here to cut into relax hopefully in Watson football. And then I'll get or get already for the second half of the eagles season. I told him fight club was a bad idea may. He just does his own thing. Michael kiss likes to do his own thing. But no, we got a great. We got a great show lined up here for you. We're gonna get into where the injury stuff stands here with the eagles coming up in a little bit. We got the midseason report card. Now the eagles season is officially halfway done. We'll take a look at the schedules for the NFC east teams coming up here over the next all the teams except the giants. Because really, you know, who cares. And we'll give you our picks. We'll do a couple extra games this week because we don't have an eagles game to talk about. But obviously be LG. The main thing to talk about here to start off as you, and I have not had a chance to discuss the golden Tate trade, and I know Michael and band did a great job on the kissed and Solex show. Breaking it all down where Tate fits in on this year's team where he fits in as far as the future is concerned what it means for other wide receivers. But. And so they broke down some some really great Xs and os, make sure you check out those podcasts, but you know, for us. I think you know, we'll start off by asking the very simple question. A third rounder for golden Tate. Was it too much be Eljay? I don't think it's too much. The question right because there are. When you look at this move. I think it's easy to be like, okay? You gave up a third Rumbek, which is very valuable considering the eagles are going to be tight on cast face in the future for a player. Who I mean, he probably doesn't make the difference between the eagles winning the Super Bowl this year. I said probably I mean, there's a fancy does. But I just you know, you look where the team is at four and four I think they currently have a twenty one percent chance of making the playoffs per football, outsiders metrics. So it's not even awesome chance, you know, your foreign Ford Washington's five and two so they're in the division lead right now. So I mean the eagles, you know, they they have their work cut out for him in the second half of the schedules. Are that you can take the side of you know. It was too much to give up. But I think that's not my take on it. I think my take is when you are foreign for your at the by here, and you have this opportunity to make a run in front of you because you have five division games. You have games against the saints. And the Rams which are very big games. Obviously, I think and most importantly of all when you have a quarterback like Carson Wentz who is playing as well as he is. And look, you know, some some people are I feel like weirdly down on Carson Wentz. Like, that's crazy. That's a crazy. The fumbles. I get like that's that's a mild concern to me. It's not a major issue. I know he's had what like six loss in seven games here. I think that's a little bit. You know? I I don't think I look at that. And like all man that's going to sink the season. I think that's kinda something that's been in the shoe, but will work itself out. And like, I'll take those fumbles considering how good is passing numbers are. So the way Aaron Rodgers was a very big fumble earlier we are because both were play. Makers they they waited too long. They were trying to make plays in the pocket. Yeah. If you can be frustrated Harsono in Sunwing. But then like you also if that's the case you also have to look at those big plays. He makes when he's extending the play on holding onto the ball. And take those two. I mean, you know, used to take the good with the bad. So right. But the overall point they're just being I think he's playing at such a high level. And he's shown that that's not just a fluke. You know? This is something obviously did seventeen before he got hurt that you know, like he can get hot. And I think based around that this team can go on a run late in the season. I mean, we've seen plenty of things that should give you legitimate pause, especially, you know, the offense aligns banged up here, and you know, in Johnston tensely miss a month. You know, the secondary allows to any big plays like their issues here. I'm not I'm not trying to make you see there aren't. But I think the overall point is when you have a quarterback who can essentially be elite leading Carson Wentz can be. I think deals. Aren't allowed to delude themselves a little bit. Now. This ability different case, you know, if had Sam Bradford or someone or even the falls at this point in the season like starting for the rest of the year, then they're making this trade when it's like, okay. They clearly don't have a real chance to contend. So I think, you know, even that they they have a prayer at least of a chance to compete with Carson. And you have a you're getting a player who directly helps him which is how can that ever? Really be too much of a bad thing considering you know, he is the franchise. And what did we say we want? What has been one of? This team's biggest issues this year. We've been saying they don't make enough big place, and golden Tate isn't your traditional deep threat guy. That would have been great to get like if you know eagles could have gotten the Sean Jackson that would have been great. But clearly he wasn't available. So what what did the yet? Probably one of the next best things they could have in that regard. And a guy who makes big plays after the. Gets literally the best player in the NFL at that. Right production-wise. They think about that. They didn't get like a solid player. They got a guy who is elite in a certain category that was a big need. So when I look at it like that as long winded answer, I think it's a totally unacceptable trait. It's a little rich. I guess I would say for my taste. I if this is a two thousand nineteen fourth. I think it's kind of like a an amazing traded. Great trade. Perfect trade in the third round. It makes it sting a little bit of the fact that you could potentially get that common story pick back, you know, or not really back. But you know, you get something back on the it's not like pennies on the dollar. It's probably like two hoarders on the dollar. Maybe depending what kinda comp pick you get back in twenty twenty if he signs the team next year, and then just like in a very basic like fan level. It's just fun like it. It's the team's going to be more fun now. And I'm all for that. Like, here's the thing. Like, I know we're we're always gonna break down. On moves here from like, you know, quote, unquote, objective standpoint, you know, and. You know, we get into the analysis of it. But sometimes you just want to be a fan, and you wanna have fun and gonna take makes this team more fun. And we're all going to have to watch this team for eight more games. So anything that makes them more fun. Maybe yes, there's going to be a cost of the future. You know, take my time and enjoy it right now. You know, I gotta say it didn't occur to me until just now. But you know, I'm a baseball guy as well. As being an eagles guy. And I host the hidden season podcast for the good fight. And you know, we were talking a lot during the trade deadline in baseball. When the Phillies were buyers, and they were in first place when they were buying different players. And you know, some of these guys that they were buying. I didn't know if they were really gonna make the difference or anything, but it was fun. Just like you said, it was fun to be a buyer at the trade deadline, if you're eagles fan like you said, you you should be allowed to delude yourselves a little bit you are the defending world champions. And you still have a lot of talent on this roster. A third to me is a lot. I was really hoping that it would be nothing. More than a fourth because I'm not convinced that this team can match up with the Rams or the saints or even the even the Vikings at this point given the way the Vikings beat the eagles earlier this year, but they this team is going to get some guys back, which we're going to talk about here in just a few minutes as well. I I will note the difference between third and fourth rounders. And in recent eagles draft is is pretty eye opening. I was I was looking this up because I thought initially it would be a fourth in looking at the past fourth round picks of onta- Maddocks from latte from this year. Looks to be a pretty good pick. But I- Josh sweat in the fourth round last year. Mac Collins and Donell pump Frey fourth round. They had no fourth round pick in two thousand sixteen or fifteen and two thousand fourteen they drafted Jaylen Watkins in the fourth round the in nineteen in two thousand thirteen drafted Matt Barkley in the fourth round Brandon boykin was in the fourth round in two thousand twelve he was a decent defensive player. But you know, not a star. Alex Henry and Casey Matthews in the fourth round in two thousand eleven. So again, these are not big name players. But when you look in the third round, you see you see some some better talent Curtis Marsh. Okay. No, not in two thousand eleven. But Kerry, I'm sorry. Nick foles, obviously in two thousand twelve we weird one. They're weird one the judge. Yeah. That one is kind of weird to judge me. Benny Benny Logan the next year in two thousand thirteen was a productive player for a few years. Joshua was trashed two thousand fourteen we'll just move on past that. But Jordan Hicks in two thousand fifteen is a star is a Malo again and up and down guy. But he's providing some good Artor Iranian started for you right now in the third round in two thousand sixteen Russell Douglas in two thousand seventeen can't get on the field. But has looked okay. When he's been out there this year, you know, I mean, so again, I think there's a little bit more value. When you're talking about that third round pick obviously years around higher. But even in recent eagles drafts you've got nothing from that fourth round pick, basically. Whereas the third round you've you've got a Super Bowl winning quarterback out of it and all pro caliber linebacker and some. Pretty good pieces. Yes. That's the the the I think the the difference right there. If it just been a fourth, I think who kind of would have been a no brainer. But it wasn't. And I think how rose when he said it very bluntly. It was like it just the price is what it was at a certain guy in like it's like either were getting this guy. And we're not or we're not. So hey, did Amari Cooper, screw up the Asia f? Yeah, you're right. I mean for for the whole league, I mean, maybe I'm not gonna say like the Cowboys were actually secret geniuses here. But it's like, maybe maybe that was the unintended consequence of trainings. Like that's dumb. You still hurt them more than us? But yeah, I get what you're saying. And give up something so much that like all we're just going to screw the whole trade market by giving up way too much mean that's still stupid because he gave up way too much. But it it. I think it definitely did. I mean, 'cause I think it just for trades. It didn't even happen. Like, you know, you look at like the Patrick Pete. Persson whole thing. Like how could the cardinals possibly trade Patrick Peterson for anything less than a first at that point? If Amari Cooper is getting lately like so it kinda did throw things at a whack, and it'd probably raised it. But I mean, even still you look at that. Even you bring up Amari Cooper. I mean. Would you rather give up a first for Amari Cooper, who you know, is obviously under contract for the rest of this year. Then he has that fifth year option next year, although it's at a high cap number. So you're you're n he's only twenty four. So, you know, he's young and he is upside in theory, but also he's just not as good of a player as golden tail for immediate value. I mean, and look at the fact that eagles only the a third, and, you know, they're going to get a compensator, Tori, pick back that you that's another again part of the equation there where the Cowboys aren't because Hooper's on his fifth year option here. So right, right. Right. So and they're probably gonna try to I would imagine to sign him long term. You know? So I think you put it in perspective. Then you also look again at the the Damaris Thomas trade, which is a like a fourth and swap seven. So I believe and again, if if I'm the I'd rather have golden Tate for third. Yeah. Then Damaris contracts or Demetrios Thomas's muffle contract and the ability. He. He rings, which I don't even know what really it is at this point. When especially when you're like all Sean don't need that. So I'm I'm excited legitimately excited to watch golden Tate. I have a alliance fan friend. So I kind of probably a little bit more tuned into the lions than your average eagles fan when say expert on him. But you know, I have a little bit more of an eye on them because of that. So and I know he's made some big plays. And I love I love that. You know, he against the Cowboys this year earlier this season he had a big huge game against them. And the way he's I think he'll fans are really gonna love him. Just the might you might even only be these eight games, but just like the swagger he plays with you know, you again you look at that Cowboys game. He's like taunting Cowboys players as of the end zone. It's great. I if he does that here, and let me tell you. He will awesome. I saw him. This really looking forward to that. I think you know, you don't want to base your the whole. Entire trade around it. But when you look at the bonus factors like he's gonna be. I think a great addition for this locker room, that's a nice little bonus too. So very very impressive. His first press conference and everything I'm just I'm really looking forward to watch him play of the locker room was really important last year too. So it's great to get a guy who can add to the locker room as opposed to, you know, they'd gone out and gotten shady McCoy or somebody like that or, you know, even who knows it might not have been as good a fit. So I'm excited about it. And I I kind of wonder what this means for the the the snap count moving forward. I mean, this is a team that played a lot of two tight end sets here through the first half of the season. Do you think we're gonna see more three wide receiver sets now moving forward? Or is it going to be some combination of empty backfield to tight end three wide receiver? I mean, obviously this gives Doug Peterson. And this would move would not have been made if Doug Peterson. I don't think had an idea how he was going to be able to use Tate and coordination with all of his other players. But what do you think this means for player usage for the? For the second half of the season. What we know Doug Peterson does love his eleven personnel. The heat of the best teams things last year in running out of three wide receiver sets, you know, spread it out and then run. So that's certainly something. They might be a little bit more. Now with that. I think overall I mean, obviously, all Sean is going to be impacted. The big thing is Nelson Lee. How has Nelson Ag lors role going? Yeah. Hanes not only in distance of the playing time but usage like are we going to see him more outside? Maybe we should because he hasn't really done much at the line of scrimmage this year. You know in the eagles are trying to get to the ball to him there and make guys miss. He just hasn't been that kind of guy hasn't had that great of year. Meanwhile, when we've seen him get deeper down the field on some of these opportunities. I mean, we saw against the Jaguars you in this this past week and those great to see can ask you a little bit more effective in that way. So that'll be interesting. I mean, I it certainly pushes. Jordan Mathews down the depth chart after him having the the best game of his season in one of the better games in his career. Honestly, so far, and then it's interesting too because I don't know for sure and we'll touch on this little bit more. If Mike Wallace comes back, but then you have to consider how that plays into things too. But for now, I mean as simple as you're you're getting an offensive weapon, and I'm very confident in Doug Peterson since ability to incorporate him here, and it should be fun because just to end very important to in talking about you know, what are some of the biggest concerns with this team still going into the second half. Again, like lane Johnson could be out for a month apparently with this. What was being called against an MC L tear sprain? Whatever it is some kind of new. So that'll be concerning. The eagles protection in theory will be much be you know, a concern. So to have a guy. Who you can get the ball to out quick. And then have him make plays as opposed to. Okay. Let's you know, drop Carson back and have them hold onto the ball. And and hope someone can get open deep in. Now, you can you can still go with this quick passing offense and still hope to generate some big plays out of it. So I do think we're gonna see you traded for golden Tate. So you'd better use them a lot. We're going to see a lot of eleven I think we're just going to see I think anything's gonna see a lot of targets to because he should again traded firm. Get some use out of. Yeah. And I think that obviously that means maybe a little bit less Dallas Goddard, but certainly got Tate you wanna use them anymore. Only having for eight games. Because like you said he is a free agent at the end of the year. They do have Nelson Aguilar on that fifth year contract. But they could as you've heard Ben and Mike talk about on their podcast as well. They they could let Nelson go and design trying keep golden Tate. But you know, obviously, you're going to have to see how this all plays out here over the over the next few. Weeks weather or not Tate is a fit. I mean, it's it sure seems like he's going to be a fit. And I you know, we knew that the team where we at least we suspected after the win against the Jaguars on Sunday that Howie Roseman was going to make some kind of a move. It was just a matter of what he get himself a running back what he try and gets himself some help on the defensive line may be in the secondary or wide receiver. He went with wide receiver be Eljay. But no help was added at the running back position. So it looks like for the remainder of the year. We're going with Corey Clement who has underwhelmed here this year again playing with some injuries when Dell small would who is extremely limited in his effectiveness in his ability and Josh Adams. He's a guy who showed some ability last week against Jacksonville. But again is is unproven. So you know, it's it's a backfield that could have used some help. I guess the thinking here is we're just gonna pass all the time. And we're not really going to focus on the run game as much I I hope people. Remember how? How many big plays the running game ripped off last year? How many long runs Jay Ajayi had even even Lagarde blunt had some big running plays during the course of the season last year. Some of those big plays last year came from running backs running the ball out of the backfield clearly something's up there. And Corey is he's averaging one point zero yards per carry in his last twelve attempts as well rushing attempts in the last two games for for twelve yards. I mean, that's not very good. And it's not just the offensive line. Because when you look at the other players, like when they'll smaller isn't producing awesome. But he's at least three yards per carry. And he's had some important runs. Like he did to ice the game against the Jaguars on that second and nine way runs for ten yards. And that was just, you know, really good play by him to to fight do contact and get that first down and then again, Josh Adams undrafted rookie free agent. I mean, he's coming out and he's been the most efficient runner on this team has two games and as a small sample size any of that fumble. And he's kind of. Limited in his usage because it's not like you're going to put him out there and the defenses I go, man. Are they going to throw it a Josh Adams? I mean they did last week getting a six yard game. But you know, it's not going to be like the us is not like they're going to give Josh Adams like five targets in the passing game in a single game. So it's interesting because we had heard the eagles. You know, we're looking into running backs and not just Livia Mbale and the Shawn McCoy some names behind the scenes as well. So it's definitely a position they were looking into with Clement being disappointing. I mean, you have to all right. I mean, like, I don't I I hope he's hurt basically. Because if if this is who he is. And that's a big concern. And I'm holding a hope that you know, it's not the case. But it's just it's not really encouraging right now, I'm still not a big window Smallwood believer. I don't know how you can be these been fine. It's just like you're not gonna get anything special out of him just in my opinion. And again, he's only averaging like three yards per carry here in these. Two games. You're is just not and more than that. It's just again like the thing that gets me with him is you'll see these big holes open up for him at times. And he just turns twenty are gains until like five yard gains. It's just it's frustrating. You're not getting that big play with him. So why he's he's a fifth round pick for this guy. He's funny. He's not like I'm not saying he sucks, but like he's just he's fine. He is what he is. He is not a needle mover by any means and to count on him more than that the frustrates me. Like, he just he is what he is. Let's call it like it is and Josh Adams. I mean, I don't think you know. I think I kind of joke when I say he's running back one. But I mean, if he's going to produce like this get him some carries against the giants a couple of weeks ago. He didn't play at all. Let's not do that. If he's going to be productive get him in there. And let's see if he can continue to do that. I mean, the the biggest X factor. I guess years, obviously, you know, how does Darren sproles impacting. Is he going to get? I forgot all about exactly's and added. Since week one. I had kind of seen it floated out there. I don't remember who said this. But they were the kind of feel like they've been holding him out intentionally thinking like, hey, let's not rush him back. Let's legitimately get him back healthy. A let's not let's not force them to come back and work through this hamstring issue. And then he's you know, he's trying to play on a bad hamstring in these out for the year. Like, let's try to get it. Right. And hopefully, I guess he can potentially be ready after this by week. And that would be a big boost. I think to the backfield, I know John you, and I have talked about it. How people kinda like all the offense has better without him. I mean, not really not to me. I mean, I I don't see that's not the case. I'd rather him get some more touches than you know, give him to Corey Clement is not doing anything right now or or Wendell swallowed is still isn't super impressive. So if you get him back, you know, NF, he can I it doesn't even need to be like, you know, vintage Darren sproles he can just be like give you some some juicier in there. And we saw that against the falcons. In week one where one of the more I think underrated plays of the season lay in that game. When follows through the short of the sticks, and he made a couple of guys missed and got a key first down like that's all we need out of him. Yeah. Now absolately and hopefully this hamstring will get better. And now with the by week he's had two full, you know, another extra week to recover awfully this is just kind of what they were waiting for. But we'll wait and see how that all shakes out. Let's just talk about a couple of other teams here at the trade deadline. We saw the Redskins get an already good defense. They got another weapon. Ha ha Clinton Dix to play safety for them. Obviously the eagles were kind of sniffing around the secondary market. But the Redskins went out and ended up getting ha ha Clinton Dix was for a fourth or I think it was or. Yeah. Fourth-rounder for Clinton Dix. You know, it's kind of interesting. I have kind of the d the defense points wise has been doing a pretty good job this year. It's when they've been giving up points that has been the big. Problem for this team. And in sports, I know that you look at the you look at the final stats, and you say, well, the numbers are with the numbers are. But really how you go about accumulating stats are sometimes as important as the stats themselves. And so I was just thinking would you rather have strengthened your secondary, especially the safety position with a guy like ha ha Clinton Dix Frei fourth-rounder would that have been more beneficial to the team than improving with golden Tate at wide receiver for a third rounder? I'm not so sure I wouldn't have rather had Clinton Dix for a fourth rounder. But you know, it's probably six one half dozen in the other. It's definitely a trade that interests me if if the account given up before for ha ha now, Tom tough, let's be real are these I'll be real like I haven't seen how hot Clinton Dix play a ton this year. I can't do. But from what I can tell and they're kind of a disagreement here. I mean like. PF apparently has them as their second greatest safety. So that's good. I guess, but then you look at Packers beat writers. And they're like, no, he's actually been pretty bad this year, and you know, he's made some place. Yeah. But he's also blown assignments. And it's been really bad and some regard. So that's kind of interesting to see and we'll see how that goes. It's interesting because the eagles were interested in ha Clinton Dix back in two thousand fourteen the Marcus Smith draft he was one of those. I think it was six players that they wanted like it was how how Clinton Dix it was CJ Moseley. It was Kyle fuller. It was Oto Beckham junior. I forget a couple of the other names in there. But it was like a group of guys that they wanted at pick. I think what were they had like twenty one or twenty two that year, and then they were all gone. Ha specifically went picker to for the eagles got a chance to draft him. There like Brennan kooks was in there to the Packers had I think traded up for him. So use we're interested in back, then so I don't, you know, I don't know if that was chip because he was still around on that was Howie. So you would think you know, my point there is that you would think they might have made a move for him. If that was the case, and if they were still super high in them, and they knew they could get him for fourth. But I just think it really says I think it speaks for their confidence in Avantis Matic's. I think the coaching staff has clearly praised him time and time again, and it's not empty words. They they truly believe in him. And I think that's good and look Fonte Matic's made arguably, you know, one of the biggest plays of the season when he. Yeah. Tackled. Keelan coal did a great job of putting getting low getting putting his helmet on the ball enforcing that thing out. I mean that set up that was huge because that's the Dallas. Yeah. Another rookie from the two thousand eight Jeff last mcgavin each play. And that really like that the game was almost kind of like, you know, I wanna say it was one, but it was shifted right? There was huge. So I think they they really like him. And you know, they they have some issues and injuries in the secondary again as we'll get to here. But I'm not gonna like totally kick myself for that. But it is kind of it was a little frustrating to see that to be honest because it's like, okay, we get this. All right. We got going Tate. And then like, I'm in Washington got a little better too at the deadline, and they're obviously already had of the eagles in the standings. So that was a little bit annoying to see what kind of interesting how all four NFC east teams made a trade, you know, with the giants selling off ally, apple and Damon Harrison. And then you know, the Cowboys giving the first two still very dump amaze euchre and then heels making their move wash Washington making their move. So there's there's an NFC east arms race here. And obviously the giants a little bit different. Because they're in cellars moat yet. One team is Lou. Using arms. The other teams are trying to get some more weight on. Yeah, absolutely end. I want to talk about the Browns real quick at the a little bit later on in the podcast, but the Browns had an interesting week as well. But when we were just talking about the secondary little bit. Let's just talk about kind of where the eagles stand on the injury front because we're in the by week. We're not getting the practice. You know, who's who's been in practice who hasn't been in practice this week because the players have the week off. So we're not really getting regular updates on the status of certain players. But we did find out Jalen mills could be out for potentially. If you games with an injured ankle. And you know, it's I think assault tonight that he's walking around in a walking boot or something like that with a low. Yeah, I forget who tweeted that out of the series at the Sixers team. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Right. Exactly. Yeah. Somebody tweeted out that they saw him in a walking boot kind of limping around. So who knows I mean that just could be, you know, Twitter reporters, but at the very least it certainly doesn't sound like mills is, you know. You know, ready to jump back into the fray who knows what it'll be like in time for the Cowboys game in a couple of weeks. But it's looking like they could be without Jalen mills for a little while which again, you're dealing with the secondary here where you're already trying to figure out how to deal with a bunch of injuries. You've got Sidney Jones who has missed the last couple of games. Do you know where to where things stand here with the secondary with mills and Sidney Jones and the rest of the puzzle they're trying to put together? Yeah. I mean, Ian Rapoport had said that Jill mills is considered week to week from what he heard in any way to take that with a grain of salt because injury reporting has kind of been in this reporting in general, and I'm not trying to pick on Ian here. I'm just like calling for what it is like some of it's just been wrong. So we'll see I think, you know, for hearing that specific designation week-to-week, you know, is vague. But he probably heard that, you know, like, we know the eagles coaching staff, especially Doug used likes to use that term. So I'm assuming he had heard that. From you know, eagles internal sources. And if that's the case that miss that means jail mills it's going to miss at least one game. Because that's usually what that week to week designation means that usually means multiple games. So if that's the case that means, I assume result Douglas will be starting on the outside. But you have to consider what Sidney Jones is able to come back right after the by which I don't know for sure we don't have a good indication on that. Because he was also described as week to week back when he first got hurt after the giants game. So Sidney Jones might not be ready. But if he is it'll be interesting because maybe it's him on the outside in base defense. And then you're shifting him into nickel as the flat corner. And then you gotta have result come into play the outside in those situations. So I'll be I'll be really interested to see what that configuration looks up. Our looks like because if you don't get Sydney twins back, then all of a sudden, you have Dexter McDougall who look. Looks like a guy who has signed off the street playing nickel. Is your slack Horner? You have a rookie safety, you know, who an amount Matic's who's playing out of position on the back end. Then universal Douglas your backup Cornerbacks starting on the outside. All of a sudden, so. Not the best potential configuration you could have their. So hopefully, the big thing is there if Sydney can come back, though, it'd be the be pretty important for that that lineup there. It sounds like, you know, mills will be back at some point doesn't sound like it season ending clearly it's week wing. But we shall see here. The the you'll certainly have more configuration and lineup things to work through their absolutely. And one name one name that we heard kinda get floated around this week by Howard Eskin when the team traded for Tate, they waived defensive tackle Bruce sector, which you know, if you're looking at the roster and they release it defensive tackle. He mentioned the fact that maybe we could be nearing a return from TIMMY Jernigan at some point this year. What are you thinking about? I mean, it didn't it kind of felt like Jernigan what turnings was basically kind of persona non grata for this year. And you know that. But now I starting to be a little bit of a a groundswell that maybe we might see him again here in two thousand eighteen I mean, it's pretty interesting that Howard Eskin would say there's a good chance. Psych an. Yeah. That's pretty strong. Yes wrong. It's not like, oh, maybe he'll be back. He did say it was a quote unquote possibility. So he kinda feel he heads the little at the end there. But I mean, that'd be huge Tim journey him back on this team. That'd be a pretty big deal. So I I sure hope it's true. But it's hard for me to count on it just because everything we've heard behind the scenes hasn't been very optimistic. I mean, he's been at practice not practicing, but he's been out there. So, you know, maybe that's a good sign. I don't know. It's very hard to tell all this Tim during in situations kind of been really big mystery. I mean, honestly, we don't even know how yet got hurt. This whole thing has been like a big kinda. And I've always said like e kinda almost have to treat it like like money in your pocket. Like, you know, don't expect it to be there. If you get great awesome. What a good surprise. But I just don't think you you'll be able to count on it. The only thing I can go back to the only time line. We got was when he first gotten hurt and Schefter had said, I think four to six months, and that was back around may. So we're nowhere nuts about six months right in November. Now, maybe we are approaching that point that would be huge. The only thing a little skeptical of here is that when you're on NF, I wake he is. You're eligible to start practicing in week seven as soon as we seven that doesn't mean you have to start practicing then, but you get this twenty one day window where a player can start practicing. And then at any point within that window, you can activate them. Or if the window expires you shut him down for the season. So that window hasn't started. You know, clearly 'cause Jernigan hasn't returned to practice. So it'd be kinda weird to me. If all the sudden like. All right. He's back right before the Cowboys game. Like, I don't I don't I just be very surprised if that was the case, but maybe potentially he returns to practice leading the Cowboys game, which then means he would have a couple of weeks to kind of get back in gear up and get into shape at little bit here before maybe returning later November. I think that's like to me. That's that is the realistic best outcome. But like if you could get him back Bahij because right now this roster this defensive line the only defensive tackles on the roster right now are Fletcher Cox. Hello de NADA who came back which is good to see the Jaguars and then Trayvon Hester. And then I'm sure they'll try to bring Bruce Hector back to the practice squad. Miss of Winston Craig on the practice squad. So they've guys down the line there. But you know, you lost Derek net than the way I think one of the under reported or things we're not really talking about doubts a lot coming out of that game is the ios didn't really move. Josh wet up the pecking order, he's still only played force defensive snaps. So what that means excuse me. I'm losing my voice to oh. My dad they just played everyone else. More like Chris long, Michael Bennet, Brandon Graham, they also more workloads, and that's concerning because they're older players. And this the straits of this defensive line in part is supposed to be they can rotate these guys and have them be fresh that wasn't the case against the Jaguars. They kind of just gave every all the vets more playing time if you can get TIMMY Jernigan in here, all of a sudden that kind of takes the burden off of you know, guys like, Michael Bennett and Brenna Graham having to play in the interior. So it would be an and just the fact that Jernigan assuming even he's the same player after this injury, which we don't know for sure. But if he can come back, and he could be a guy who pushes the pocket from the interior. I mean, that's that's awesome to have that to have him to have Fletcher Cox in their McRae's in creating problems for the other offense like that like that would be huge. Again, I'm not like I wouldn't say count on it. But the fact that there is some kind of some kind of optimism or it's being talked about, you know, I think it is fair to get like a little bit hopeful about it. Yeah. The fact that it's not that it's a non zero chance I think definitely leads one to be a little bit optimistic about it. But again, certainly nothing you can count on. And last thing on the injury front. We're coming up on the time. When the eagles off to make a decision on their guys who are on injured reserve whether or not to they can activate any two of those players and right now, it's looking like the first two they'll have make have to make a decision on his tight end Richard Rogers in a wide receiver Matt Collins on a little bit after that Mike Wallace. So basically two of those three guys the eagles could pull off because any player on. I are starting in week nine wouldn't be able to play again in the regular season with the addition of golden Tate, one would think that one of those wide receivers either Holland's. Or Mike Wallace might be in some trouble. Although I could also envision a scenario B L G wear if you're gonna play a lot more three wides. Maybe you don't need three tight ends. And so do you end up looking at which guy will work better for you on special teams and making your selection that way yet it's an interesting decision. So before we get even into like who they're gonna activate. As far as eligibility goes, MAC Collins, and Richard Rogers are going to be there. Eligible to come off. Like right now, like they've missed the eight games that have been required for them to come off the I R list. So if the eagles wanted to they could activate them leading up to this Cowboys game here a little bit of an interesting thing that I guess I forgot about was that these players can actually return to practice six weeks after so after six games. So we haven't seen that quite yet. But at the same time, if they do that you like if once they returned to practice that mean, do designated them to return, you can't an practices then like, they're not like, that's what you're making the decision of the point. So I think the eagles are kind of like holding off on here because I don't think they want to commit to early right? 'cause like what if God forbid, you know, a tight end suffers an injury. Then all of a sudden you're going to need to activate Richard Rodgers. But right may be you know, if it's everything's looking fine. They're and they're not looking as good. Receiver than you, activate McCollum. So I think they're kind of like holding on pretty much into the last possible moment they can to activate that. And I think that's a good. Yeah. That's fine. But so it's those two guys who are eligible to be activated this week. And we did hear Doug Peterson mentioned. I think he mentioned Richard Rodgers. I actually when he was asked about these players ready to return, and then he mentioned MAC, and then he he said Mike Wallace is a little bit further off. I don't know if that meant in terms of his actual injury recovery. Or also just the fact that he got hurt after those guys, but it was only like a week after he only got hurt in the week two game. Right. I think he's eligible to come back after week ten in the case. So that's still he's still a little bit away here, but he's should be eligible to practice now. Because he's missed six games. So we'll see he intentionally he could be back if he's healthy enough, which I don't know. But he could be in theory, if they want to designate him, and they've kind of talked about that coaching staff has been. And we've seen that reports to the team is kind of optimistic about Mike Wallace and even with getting Tate. I don't think that necessarily rules him out because like you still need that vertical guy and take you know, that guy and Mike Wallace's. So I think you can still kinda we'll see on that one. We don't know for sure. But the fact that it sounds like they're gonna get two of those three guys back for sure is still a good sign because even if it's not Wallace. And it's MAC Holland's. I mean, MAC has some deep playability and like you said he helps out in special teams. I mean, I know that's not like the most exciting thing. But it's true. So support it's a nice little bonus. So we'll see here. I still don't know for sure I don't really have a great sense right now. But I think those those three guys are clearly the options, I think after the bye here should have a better idea of where those things STAN I well, let's let's kind of move on. Now, we're midseason. Let's one of the fun things to always give a mid season report card, and we'll kind of will knock these out quickly here. B L. Jake's want to get to the NFC east schedules. Looking ahead kind. See maybe you as the easiest who has the rough schedule moving forward in the NFC east, and we'll give you some pics. I have a five games that I pulled out. So we'll we'll do that. But let's just let's just knock out some grades here for for the eagles here through the first half of the season. And I when we gotta talk about his Carson Wentz, you know. His accuracy is the best. It's ever been. He's on pace for thirty touchdowns at five interceptions this year. He missed the first couple of games of the season because of the injury, but has come back looking like the type of quarterback, we were hoping we would see, you know, you're kinda hoping last year wasn't a fluke to me. I I don't think I don't see any other great for Carson Wentz. That makes sense anything else other than I would say give him a b plus at this point. The only reason why he's not an eight territories. Because of the fumbles what do you think I would give him an a just because I get the fumbles and you look at those and that's frustrating. But you just look at it supporting cast, and the fact that he's also coming off in a C L injury. And for him to look as good as he does. Despite all that to me that. Oh, yeah. That's what bumps it up because I don't think that gets talked about enough. Like he like, we're we're comparing all these guys like Patrick Mahomes in Jared Goff and all these young quarterbacks. Like those guys are in great situations. They have a ton of offense gosh. And for Carson to be in the mix with those guys despite you know, some of the adversity he's had to deal with. And again, those guys aren't coming off ACL injuries either. So to me, it's an a out and say eight minus for Carson. But I was like, you know, what? No. Because Carson Wentz is the second quarterback in NFL history with at least thirty pass attempts and a passer rating of at least one hundred fifteen for consecutive games, and the other one is Peyton Manning in two thousand twelve so you look a lot of these numbers in the context that he's in. I think he's been very impressive. And I'm gonna give Carson in a all, right? Let's look at the running backs, obviously, we're not going to great each running back. Let's talk about the running back unit as a whole obviously injuries have decimated this unit. Jay Ajayi who was lost early in the season. And when he was healthy he was. Running. Well. But now you've likely said got the the triumphant of Josh Adams, Wendell Smallwood, and and Corey Clement who have really had a hard time getting the running game going. You know, this is not as talented a group as we had last year. But they haven't killed the team. But they also haven't really done a whole lot to help. I'm going to give the running backs to C. Plus. Yeah, I'm I think I'm gonna go to straight. I'm go see minus just because know court Clement has not been, you know, very good at all. While swallowed his these fine. He's he's definitely excelled relative expectations. But I mean there were so low on the we. Yeah. Right. Wouldn't even think he was going to make the team for sure I mean, he was battling for the fourth running back spot. So it's just not saying, much and dot Adams has shown some promise here. But it's too. It's really too small sample size for me to give a high grades based off of that. And then Darren sproles injury there and again that day John injury kind of just being disappointing on surly their faults. But overall just haven't been super. Impressed. So I'll say C minus. I'll let you start off on the wide receivers. All righty. So what do we have here? We have a wide receiver core. That was looking terrible at the beginning of the year here when you're playing Kamar can like almost the whole game injuries were tough there. But look all Shawn's come back. He's looked even better than last year, which has been great to see. Unfortunately, nothing Adler has not look very good. You can kind of question usage. Versus is him to me. That's more. What it is with him. Just to kind of interrupt you for a second. You know? I I see you know, they have been trying to use him to help out the running game or at least to provide deception for the running game with all of the jet sweeps that they're running with him. I mean, it I know it doesn't I know they're not actually running him every other play on a jet sweep. But it almost feels that way the amount that they're doing it. So I think that's part of it is he's just he's not going down. He's he's playing horizontal. Yeah. You know? And I don't think that's him at it's too much horizontal. You can't get into a flow that way, I think a little bit him. Just because when you look at how bad the numbers are gonna have to give some of it to the player. Oh, absolutely. And I I don't think he's been as loose of. Maybe I don't know. But I think that's true. But yeah, I think I think he can go on both sides. So you look at them. Jordan Mathews has come in here and been pretty good for what you probably like realistically would've expected. I don't you know, I still don't think he's this great player. But I think he relative expectation. He's performed pretty fine. Pretty well. Certainly better than like, you know, if you had kept Kamari can around. So that's good Shelton. Gibson has been a huge disappointment. The fact that this team needs big plays. And he can't even get on the field is like I mean, I don't even it's a point where you can't even fully blame the coaching staff because you have to feel like he is just not doing something. That's giving them the confidence to put him out there. So that's very disappointing. So overall, I look at this group, I probably say. Maybe C plus just because I really like what all Sean has done. And I feel good about that. But you know, if I'm adding the golden Tate trade, and I it's not it's not what we're doing here. 'cause we're doing report card of projecting the future. I mean, I'm willing to bump that up till like a B position getting Tate. I think that makes this difference. But for what we've seen now, I'm just gonna say C, plus. Yeah, I think that I think the future is definitely brighter for the rest of the season with the wide receiver core. But alshon Jeffery gets an a plus, obviously. So that will bring up the overall grade, but I'm gonna go with the C for the wide receivers for a lot of the reasons that you just mentioned right Biaggi offensive line offense of line. You know, been a tough year in terms of Jason Peters constantly in. Now. The lineup lane Johnson now is being up. You had a left guard who got Ben st- couple games into the season with wiz new ski out of the lineup and now back in but at times with Isaac Somali having to shift out to tackle Jason. Chelsea has been awesome. Arguably still the best center in the game. Despite the fact, he's clearly dealing with some kind of groin issue. Brandon Brooks has been solid as ever. Peter's isn't what it used to be. But I still think he is clearly a at least scenarios starter. I would say even though summit not feel that way lanes been relatively disappointing. Not a total disaster. I think you know, the strips asked to make it look a little worse than it's been. He was still playing in a very high level overall. And the fact that you know, he had that high high ankle sprain on the short week against the giants knee, and he tough that out. And he did it again on the panther's game. I gotta give him some credit for that. So overall, I guess I'm going to say b minus for that unit because it hasn't been great. But I don't think it's been downright terrible. And I think honestly after watching rewatching the Jags game a little bit. I I was talking to this about to kiss on the post game shows like it wasn't me too often to line feel like they were getting some good movement in that game. And they were against a tough Jaguars front in playing with guys out of position and the line shifting all around. So overall, not great, and maybe it's a little high. But also be minus. Yeah, I'll go a little lower. But I'll say C, plus I'm kind of in the same area as you are. I think we expect a little more from Jason Peters. Although maybe our expectations were a little bit too high for a guy who is getting much older, and obviously dealing with the injuries that an older player would have to deal with a man that guy's a warrior just gotten it out every week and same with lane Johnson who again dealing with a lot of injuries. But he. Hasn't performed quite as well. Lot of that is probably due to the injuries. And Jason Kelsey PF has him as the number one center in football so far this year. So yeah, I think they've done a good job in in the run game at times, but not all the time. It's just been inconsistent. So that's why I'm going plus with the offensive line and just has not been the unit that it was last year. Even though you return, basically the entire offensive line. I'll let's flip the script. Let's go over on the defensive side. And obviously one of the strengths of this team be l g the defensive line. What's what is what is your grade for this unit? It's tough Brandon Graham has been coming back working off that injury. He still is ranks high in the league in terms of pressures. But you're you know, we're not seeing that necessarily manifest in the form of sacks, which is always important Fletcher. Cox's been a beast in animal probably one of the best seasons. Arguably he's ever had. He's been awesome. That's great. You getting nothing else of the fence. Tackle position, which is a huge, you know, Mark against them in that regard. It's been a tough defensive line situation. You know, obviously, you're you've been missing Derek Barnett is out for the season. Now that kind of affects the rotation again brand Brennan Graham was late dirt, you know, to come back into the offseason here as he had that ankle surgery. Chris long of been relatively quiet. I think like not he has been not like he's terrible. Now, he sucks, but just like, you're not. But again, it's it's tough though because he has to play more now. So it's kind of just a tough situation. I think Michael Bennett has been really good. So I can't give this unit less than a C. Just because I think he's been so good and Fletcher Cox's been so good. But I guess I'm kind of just going, man. I guess I'm just going like be straight up be here. I don't think they've been the total difference makers that they need to be in. It's been tough for them. It's tough degrade them. Because I think quarterbacks are just getting the ball out so quick against them. And I think that kinda should be. A, you know, a notch in their favor there clearly effecting the other offenses by that token, so they should get some credit for that. But I guess we just haven't seen the dominating pressure. Like the dominating defensive line that we were used to seeing last year. And again, the fact that you're just getting literally nothing at defensive tackle had a Fletcher Cox's kind of disappointing. So maybe I'm being tough grader here. But I guess I'll just say be not I'm gonna go even tougher. I'm gonna say be mine is because I do think that we have seen especially in the fourth quarter in games. We've seen the pass rush disappear at times and at the worst time when you need pressure on the quarterback the most we've seen teams have way too much time to throw in the pocket. You know, we saw it in again ten against Tennessee. We saw it against Carolina is just at the defensive line has not been getting there as as consistently as they should late which is again part of the reason is getting the ball out quickly. As you mentioned the eagles playing softer coverage, and you know, making it easier. For quarterbacks to get the ball out. But also when you're using a rotation like the eagles have likey granite, the defensive tackle position does not have a whole lot there. So you're not rotating a lot of guys in their Fletcher. Cox's just having to play all the time. But in the fourth quarter. That's when your defensive line should be eating a lot more than it has been so going to just dig him just a little bit less. I'll start off with the linebackers here. And you know, I think we've seen from Jordan Hicks over the last three weeks. I think he's been much more active, but I will say to that I know teams play more nickel now than they ever have before the but the eagles just the linebacking core is invisible. A lot of weeks be Eljay. We talk a lot about the defensive line. And we talk a lot about the secondary. But we never say anything about the linebackers because because they do play in a lot of nickel. And I realized that, but I just you know, aside from the occasional Jordan Hicks play. There's just not a lot happening from the linebacker core. And we saw what a guy like Leuke can do how much he can disrupt the game in the eagles. Obviously don't have anything like Leuke Klay. That's just not. That's just not a position may never. Yeah. Right. Exactly. But the eagles have also never been a team. That's put a lot of emphasis on the linebacker position. They focus on the defensive line. And you know, on a set one on a secondary that you basically hope the defensive line is not having to force your secondary into doing a whole lot. So I'm gonna give the line backing blind back in chorus e plus here, just because I think they've been largely invisible here in two thousand eighteen what about you? I don't think that's necessarily the worst thing because it's not like, you know there. Oh, man. They just they can't cover anyone and we're seeing them yet burned over and over, and they would be much further from invisible in that sense. But I get what you're saying. I don't think they've been anything like super exciting to write home about Hicks that really big play in week six to you know, to force the interception early in the giants game truly set the tone for that one. So that you that was a big play. He was also pretty good week one too. I remember, you know, obviously sacking at Ryan. So he's had some moments. He had a couple of Saxon this past. Game. He also gave up that big play later in the game on it was like pick play kind of tough spot there. But I can't say they've been terrible. But I also can't say them in great. So I was thinking like B B minus C, plus like, I'm in that range with you. Okay. Secondary real quick legis. What do you say about the secondary? I mean as man that listen, this is a Di unit right now. I mean, just they don't have. They don't have the talent. I mean, that's clear. They don't have talent back there. I I don't know that the scheme has helped them out at a lot especially late in games, but I have zero confidence in the secondary. And a lot of it is injury related, but you know, they're not making they're not getting turnovers either be algae and some of that's luck. But some of it is they're just not making plays on the ball. They're not they're not getting their hands on the ball. They're not getting interceptions in the defensive line has been doing a good enough job. Or at least in the first three quarters of games to tell allow the secondary to kind of make some plays. But it's been an unimpressive unit. I gotta give the secondary de the I think I'll go deep plus just because you know, Dale knows how to get a against the coats like the secondary has had moments. I think round Darby overall on the whole is actually having a no k here. I think he's had some he has had some good moments as well Malcolm Jenkins was huge in that titans game. He was I mean if they won that game. I think that game would be like, wow, look how dominant like Malcolm Jenkins was it's kind of the same. They wasted his performance there because he was so clutch. And he was a big reason they were even in that game late. So there's been moments. I don't wanna say like it's just been like a disaster. And they've never looked good at all. And the fact that you're getting like competent play at Montana ISIS impressive, and Ronnie McLeod, and we got hurt what leak three. So it didn't play very much. But he was hoping you'd having a really good season. I thought using the cloud with such a killer. I mean that just really submarine everything. So I can't say like Kinko f for de minus. I'll go deep plus all right. That's fair. And let's real quick. Let's do Doug. And and Schwarzer we'll start off with Schwartz. What what is your grade for the eagles defensive coordinator hot? It's tough because it's such a nuance conversation to talk about this eagles defense because I mean, you know, pro football focus comes out, and it's like, oh, they're they're the fourth best defense. And it's like at doesn't. Feel right because you look at how they've given up some big leads here in these games. And you know, you can't be like, oh, yeah. This is definitely the fourth. This defense is great. They're awesome. But when you look at the context of the league, I mean, they're they're not a terrible defense in that sense. And even I think Devi away they're like sixteenth. So there, you know, middle of the pack. They're not not flat out bad defense. But I also don't think they're I don't think they're a top five unit. I don't think they're that. Good. I don't think they're an elite defense by any means. So it's tough. I just feel like overall the discussion on him gets a little too. It gets a little too harsh. I guess seeing is sometimes people all firearm. Now, like, I people realize that again like that defense for this clearly not easy to play in the NFL, especially like how the game has gone. And when you look at Jim Schwartz's past thing five seasons strictly as defensive coordinator not talking about as head coach to strictly as defensive coordinator says top seven unit all those five years. So like, how can you just be like, oh, this guy sucks? I know you get frustrated at the lack of blitzing or whatever. But like the results are there to to a large part. So I can't say he's been horrible at the same time. I don't think like how many games have we seen here were were Jim Schwartz is just totally out scheming the other offense. You know, like oh man now towards just has he's in their heads. You know, like, he he we haven't seen that. So I can't say he's been this master coach. I guess I feel like for him a C pluses fair. Yeah. I think that's fair to I I would say C, plus as Well, I I don't, you know, one of my criticisms of Jim Johnson back in the day was that they couldn't get pressure on a quarterback other than to you know, they blitzed too much. And so when teams would would be able to pick up their blitzes like going guy like they facing Peyton Manning when he'd see every blitz coming a mile away, the eagles defense would get torture. You've got the exact opposite. You've got a guy who won't plants only once they get pressure with the front four and a lot of times that burns him to Andries in the secondary of really hurt this team really hurt this defense, and it's affected. How Jim Johnson can scheme. I will say though that I don't know. I agree with you. I don't think he's been overly inventive in trying to figure out ways to be teams other than with the scheme. He's used his, oh, I think I'll go with you go with the c plus and real quick Doug Peterson head coach of your Philadelphia. Eagles four and four to the first half of the season. What's your grade for Doug? He's had a very interesting first half. I to be minus. I think it's offense hasn't been awesome. But is that really because of Doug? I don't think. So I don't think it's been just play calling year. I think it's I think playcalling especially in the Jaguars was actually looking better. And when you consider that the eagles got at least a thing that was three it was at least three chunks of thirty plus guard gains against the Jaguars defense that was allowing the fewest in the league. So very encouraging to see they're heading into the by. And the fact that you know, early in the season the eagles are working again without their top two running backs and Darren sproles JJ missing Mike Wallace, and all Sean, Jeffrey, and even mcallen's is out. So there without three of their top four wide. Receivers is obviously been some offensive line issues in here. You look at all those things you have a quarterback coming off in the ACL injury. There's there's certainly been moments where you've questioned would Doug is thinking the Tennessee came six out still where he is not he runs the ball late in the first half instead of taking the end zone. There's don't get me wrong. There's definitely been moments where. Doug hasn't been great here. But I think overall I still feel good about Doug. And I'm going to give him a b minus because I think it's kind of been a tough situation here. I still have a fairly good amount of confidence in him. Yeah. I'll go a little bit higher. I'll say a B for Doug. I I am. It is interesting. I think he hasn't been as aggressive as he was last year at certain times. But you know, again like you said personnel injuries. Play a big part of it. And I also think this offense has been forced to score on long fields all season long. The defense has not put them in positions to score easy. Quick touchdowns on short fields for much of the season two which happened a lot last year. And that's why the offense was able to do what it did. I I don't I don't know that they're scheming Nelson aga- lar- exactly the the best way. And obviously there is no way they were going to be able to maintain the third down conversion rate in the the red zone conversion rate they had last year. But it also has slipped a little bit more than I think I thought it would. So, but I think over. Doug has done a good job. And he I think he's you know, you look at some of that you look at Carson's numbers and alshon snappers in Zakar its's numbers. And you know, this is this is a unit that Ken scores points. And I think Doug has done an okay job there. As gave him a be as well. All right. Real quick. Let me just run down the NFC east schedules. Looking ahead here in the second half. The eagles will start off with the three and four Cowboys. Then they get the saints at six and one. Boy, that's that will be a tough one giants at one in seven after that. Then the Redskins at five and to the Cowboys at three and four the Rams, of course, undefeated right now at eight no they get a revitalised Texans team at five and three and then the Redskins at five and to be L G that's one two three four five of their final eight games against teams with a winning record. However, you compare that to Washington just one of their final eight games as against the team with a winning record. And that is the Texan who who they play in a couple of weeks. They have they get the Jaguars and the titans. Still end the buccaneers still in their schedule. And hey, listen, the eagles lost to the bucks in the titans. So we can't complain about schedules here. The the eagles blew their chances against those teams. And maybe Washington will do the same. And then finally looking at the Cowboys. They have the eagles. Falcons redskins. Saints eagles colts bucks and giants. So just two teams left on their schedule with a winning record the Redskins and the saints. Although hopefully by that time the eagles will of course, have a winning record as well. But definitely looking at that schedule. Washington seems to have the easiest road ahead. Although, you know, I'm not convinced Washington's gonna go, you know, what I am not convinced are gonna go six to five and three in the final eight. You know, I watched this team play almost every week beyond jacomb offense. Doesn't score the eagles offense. Not scoring. Washington's offense doesn't score here. They're not a juggernaut by any means amount. Alex Smith, again, he's he's he will raise their floor like we said going into this year. But he's he's also limits their ceiling like he's not he's not going to just turn into. MVP player down the stretch, right at least based on his career this far. It's not going to happen. And look this is not an easy straps at all for the here down here. But I mean five to say how many games they win out of these final eight year. I think I think they can win. I think they can win at least four the point here. Eight eight, but you know, they get Washington twice. So if you beat them twice that huge. Yeah. You might win. It hit the nine and seven might be enough. If you do that you have the head to head tiebreaker at that point. And that's that's big. So I I mean is very simple to say. But that's what it comes down to here. Like, you might even be able to lose these saints in Rams games. And that'll be fine. Like just take care of business in the division. And you know that Texans team comes in the town. I don't think they're what four or five game winning streak right now. Five game winning just like it's that's such a weird. They're not that good, man. They're they're they're playing better. But like that perplexes me there. This is not an I think they play a bad team this week. They could easily advanced six wins. So anyway in that game will be in Philly. So. A lot of worry there. Yeah. I think they can I think they can win five here. Maybe I think they I think this eagles team has the potential to sweep the division link. I know that's not Jimmy. But I think I just don't think anyone the east is that unbeatable. I the Washington game will be hardest to do that in clearly, but I think it's on the table. I don't think it's out of the question. Now, it's definitely on the table at this is not a strong division by any means. But and just another thing quickly. The good thing about where the eagles are. If you want to spend it this way is that if they make the playoffs they will have deserved it. And that's kind of cool. Yeah. It's not like they they can't back in the not gonna back into the playoffs. Like, if they do they make this thing they if because they're going to be playing well, and they will be a hot team. So that's something to look forward to going into the playoffs. It's not going to be like the playoffs all around. And like like it's even last year when they had a better record. It was like, oh man foles is not looking good. I don't know how I feel about this where. Wras like, you know, you go into this year if they're gonna make the playoffs summed it. Well, the goes through the so hot in the second half, and they're going into the postseason, and they're the team that no one wants to play. So you can kind of like that. Yep. You don't have to be the one seed necessarily getting that first round, by sure is nice. But you know, we've seen lots of teams win three playoff games to get to the Super Bowl. Real quick. Let's run down some NFL picks here to wrap things up. We'll start off with the two NFC east games because he had the giants on the by this week. Although, you know, really who cares about the giants point. But you've got Atlanta at Washington Washington is a one and a half point favorite against the falcons who do you like in that one, man? Be sucker and take it Lanta because I think the cold or the falcons are more desperate, you know, to stay alive in the in the NFC south. They're very tough with the saints in the in the Panthers ahead of them. But I just think they're going to be the more desperate team. They're coming off their bye. If I'm not mistaken. Maybe I am. I'm not sure this stuff up but feel like they played last week. But I'll I'll double check. Yes. So I just I think they they have what it takes on the road. I think they've been a little bit unlucky to start the season here. They did know. So they play they last played on Monday night football against the giants. So they didn't have their by. So that that's another thing working in the favor. They should be well rested here, and I just think we know Washington's one three in a row, I think they're kind of do for loss. Sierra leone. I don't think they're as good as that five and two record makes them seem to be. So I will take the points here. I will take the points as well. I agree with you for almost exact same reasons. I don't think Washington is as good as their record. I think they've been kind of doing it through mirrors a little bit here. So I definitely agree with you. I think the falcons coming off the bye goes into Washington. It's about Washington's overdue for a crippling home law. So I feel like this is going to be that loss. Dallas also plays at home. And this week. They host the titans Dallas is a five point favorite to maybe L J. You know, why is it that Tennessee played eagle so Tomba just lay down against everybody else. But Dallas has a five point favorite. Do we think that Dallas is backed? We think that Dallas might actually be decent now. Because I gotta tell you. I feel like Dallas can cover this. I would have to probably take the Cowboys in this one. I to me it's not even about that. I think the titans are just they're pretty garbage, man. And they got shut out only lost to this team throwing lost to this team. How any like they can't even score any points in a game. And you expect them to come in. And and you know, keep it within five years. So I mean, they do have a little bit of fight in them. But man spunky. Yeah. I just I don't see it. I think I think the Cowboys they're gonna win. Unfortunately, set up eagles and Cowboys both being four and four heading into that week. Ten eagles Cowboys skin. Oh, that's gonna be such a big matchup. Let's run down three three other games. Real quick. There's really good games on the schedule here on Sunday at the Steelers at the ravens ravens favored by three points. The ravens pretty good football team this year here. So far Bill G? Joe flacco seems to want to keep his job. And you know, you've got the Steelers who I think now resigned to moving on without Levy on bell for the entire season. Maybe that's the way it was anyway. But you know, I these Steelers ravens games are always really rough match ups. And I think this is game Steelers Ben Rothlisberger? They just don't play as well on the road. Tough to go into Baltimore and beat the ravens in this matchup. I I like the ravens too with the points. What do you think I will ring the bell? Because I feel like the ravens aren't going to sweep the Steelers bought. Comores been struggling a little bit lately. Joe flacco has kind of lost a little bit of his luster recently. Okay. Steelers kind of have their Mojo back to. So I'm gonna take the Steelers with the points. And that'd be great here. If the the ravens lose again because the ravens would be four and five at that point be tougher for them to make the playoffs. That's important with eagles owning their second round pick. We want the ravens to pretty much as they can here because and especially stay away from the playoffs because that helps that second round pick be better. And it's even more important now, I would say with the golden Tate trade and having that third round pick. So I'm hoping right here. I'm hoping the ravens loose. All right. Go steelers. You've got the Rams at the saints. What a game this is going to be later in the day. Rams are one point favorites at New Orleans. I feel like the Rams are due for a loss. Here this team. I don't they're not. I don't think they're going undefeated. This feels like a great spot for the Rams to lose their first game of the season. Biaggi? I'm gonna take the saints. I agree with you. The Rams are undefeated. But. They're not invulnerable like they've come close than some of these past for a month. Now, they played some them close games. They actually got very lucky that Herron Rogers didn't get the ball. Lastly, varied disaster. I mean, come on. What are you doing time? Montgomery take a knee have of the distracted him at a spite. It was like I now writer f that. I feel like Rogers was definitely the driving force behind that trade twos. At this. He's gone. You you mess with me you're out of here. So I like the saints home to and it's basically a pick on. But you know, they're getting a point. I mean. Yeah, I'll take visit tie. Who knows? Yeah. I think the saints are honestly, just you know, they could be the better team here. Yeah. So okay. Last one Packers at patriots patriots favored by six playing up in Foxborough. I really feel Jay like the Packers lost their chance to really make some noise last week. And I don't know that they'll have a whole lot left. I mean that was a tough game to lose that game against the Rams against an NFC opponent. Now, you gotta go into New England take on the AFC champions. I mean Rodgers versus Brady I think it's going to be a good game. But this feels like a game where the patriots pull away at pull away in the end. So I'll take the patriots and six points. Yeah. Man. It's a big line. It is you know, Rogers Rogers getting six points. It's. Tempting. Yeah. I mean Rodgers getting nine points last week was like crazy to me. This is right. This is that was an easy as walks to take the Packers. He's at least a heave it a one possession game. Like come on. Right. So I will take the patriots here. I agree. I just I don't think like I think it's gonna be tough like back to back weeks to to go into LA and to have that game. And then to to to dingo on the road again across the other side of the country up in Foxborough where you know, it's tough to play into let stadium typically for those row teams in those time spots against Hamburg, you know, Tom Brady extra juice or this game as Aaron riders. But like come on like Heenan Brady has to like cement his legacy as the best year Rogers come into town. He's going to be extra amped for this one. And I do think the patriots win. It's don't know outside a Rogers clearly the Packers just aren't very good. So that'll show itself. Here are it will be L G. We don't have an eagles game to look forward to on Sunday. Right. I think this is a game a week where we can all just relax a little bit. And just kind of watch the rest of the league and take it easy and get our Monday night football week from Sunday when the eagles. Get back into action to Dallas Cowboys, hopefully, well rested and recovered from some injuries any final thoughts before we wrap up episode eighteen here, buddy. Just reverberate review. And subscribe as always on I tend to really push up to five hundred thirty ratings we up to two hundred eight reviews, so that's awesome considering this feed discuss hearted back in August. So really appreciate it. Please continue to do. So we love the feedback. Again, always give us. I wanna see something new gives ideas. We'll steal only won't give you any credit. It'll be great, please don't make voice here on the podcast John's voice. If you want to tell us things hate, and we shouldn't do, you know any feedback? You want to give us businesses five stars. Just you can give a negative like us at criticism or whatever constructive in the comments, but give five starts so just have. Absolutely. And I will certainly be looking forward to a week where we can just kind of relax and recharge the batteries get ready for the second half of the eagles season here, which hopefully will result. In a playoff run. But that'll do it. For this episode of BGN radio episode number eighteen for Brandon league out. I'm John Stolnis everybody. Thanks for listening. We'll talk to you all next time right here on C N radio. Make sense. Hello. I'm Spencer hall from SP nation. And I wanna tell you about my new show. It seemed smart it's smart as a show about people doing things that for some reason or another same smart at the time. 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