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So he spent over a year in prison after being falsely accused of sexual abuse george cardinal pill shares of the second part of his story prison journal volume to reacts citizen. Vatican news francis announces major changes to canon law governing sex abuse by clerics the papal pasta robert royal and father gerald murray returned with in-depth announces and china arrests. A catholic bishop along with his priests. Why is the vatican so silent president of the population research institute. Stephen mosier is here with an update. Finally a tough new law protecting the unborn has been adopted in texas on. The border crisis continues to intensify. How should the feds respond a lieutenant governor of texas. Dan patrick tells the world over begins right now. Now raymond arroyo a warm welcome to all of you joining us in the united states and the world over. What a show. We have for you tonight. If you'd like to comment send me a tweet. Him at raymond royal lots to cover. Let's begin in twenty seventeen cardinal. George pill left. The vatican secretary for the economy to face charges of sexual molestation allegedly occurring in his melbourne cathedral in the one thousand nine hundred ninety s after a mistrial in two thousand eighteen a second trial unanimously convicted. He was sentenced to six years in prison. Cardinal pell was then incarcerated for four hundred and four days until australia's high court unanimously acquitted and released him in april of twenty twenty. He joins us now to share his latest work. Prison journal. volume to the state. Court rejects the appeal. We discussed breaking news from the vatican as well. Here's my exclusive interview with george cardinal pell from our bureau. Enroll your eminence. Thank you for being here in your new book prison journal volume to you're right about how someone had a dream and they contacted with and they predicted that you would be free. You write in your diary as someone who's innately skeptical but believe strongly in the reality of the supernatural. I would have been surprised if the situation panned out as predicted. I knew to from my reading of the slightest number of inexplicable events and coincidences whether they'd be paranormal or supernatural but that even in miraculous apparitions eeg. Fatima the specifics. The detailed predictions can be wrong. How did you feel the moment you learned. You had lost that appeal in august of twenty nineteen. What was the first thing that went through. Your mind added. I feel well enormously Disappointed I thought it was Logically inexplicable they wasn't inclined to doubt it or think it was surreal. It was intensely disappointing and It was one of a series of reverses. So i i must confess that stage i. I didn't estimate the judicial processes very highly at all How did prayer sustain you through this period your eminence. It had to be very difficult Considering i mean you knew you were innocent. And yet this steamroller kept kept moving forward. I received an enormous amount of prayer support. I had so many people praying for me that i wondered whether it was overkill. So i i remember praying to the good gods to. We'll look they might be too many people praying for me but you can read this redistribute these things. I was followed a commonsense daily Rule of life my prayers Exercise the sleep Watch the television read wrote so the grace builds on nature and with a bit of common sense living that Better helps you maintain your equilibrium. And i think undoubtedly All the prayers and the knowledge that i had so much support that was a stabilizing factor to one of the juliette. Ironies of your prosecution was the total media blackout imposed by the court. It forbade coverage of your case. Now they claimed they did so to prevent news of one trial affecting the jury pool or the outcome of the other trial. You were being tried in two localities. What does this say about the australian judicial system. Will i think it was a reasonable a reasonable decision. It didn't work to my advantage. Because once the facts of The accusations became public Public scepticism grew enormously. But i had the threat of a another trial and they didn't want to prejudice my chances. They're now those Those cases were a good number of them were thrown out by the magistrate. The others were thrown out by the by the judge as not worthy of Going forward but the the basic decision is explicable in terms of normal judicial practice. But it didn't work at it. my favorite. In december pope francis formerly stripped the vatican secretary of state of its financial assets and real estate holdings. Now this went into effect in february. Was this a good move toward financial reform in your estimation. Well it depends. Of course how it's mandy done to the new regime but the old regime was so fantastically incompetent at least that and i'm not sure whether they ever had official authority to manage such a amounts. I'm not sure under vatican ever had the the right do own property in their own name which helps explain them by the wind into these funny partnerships. So no no. I think it's definitely a step in the right direction about the holy father said that an investment board will be set up that is Manned by expert in investing These things can be done man. I think his name was fencing. Just died recently. He was in charge of the patrimony university. For twenty years. He averaged twelve and a half percent gain a year. The vatican has lost hundreds of millions over. The last twenty years hasn't gained. Yeah they need. They certainly need outside help. What is the vatican need to do. In your estimation to handle finances. I mean pope. Francis recently ordered a ten percent pay cut for cardinals and he's looking to cut elsewhere to peers. Well they're running a very significant It was established inbuilt deficit twenty or twenty five million when i left In seventeen it's ballooned out to fifty. It might be seventy seventy five this year When you're got an annual budget of three hundred three hundred and fifty million he you can't be losing fifty million a year. Something has got to give and on top of that There's the pressure on the pension fund. Which will become quite significant Suddenly in ten years time so these situation has to be rationalized in in some way while you were in prison the german bishops launched their sonata. Away what did you think when you heard that. They were preparing to discuss for two years. Four main issues. The way powers exercised in the church sexual morality the priesthood and the role of women. I think the german churches At a crossroads they have to choose to be seven and defenders and teaches of the apostolic tradition. So they stand onto the would've got under revelation under the teaching of jesus the apostles all they choose another path and say that we are the masters of that tradition and we can change the teaching. Now identity whether abortion euthanasia or on the books by not about Certainly they wanted to change the teaching on Some do on sexual morality by blessing. Ama- sexual unions They object to the tough teachings of jesus on adultery against marriage. They seem to have a different list of qualities that are necessary for the fruit rule. Reception of the sacraments. Different from that of some bull and some of them would Want to have an older of women priests now and we kinda a german set of the ten commandments. And we can't have a A set of women priests in germany and nowhere. Nowhere else so these things have to be have to be resolved. And i think the situation should be explained as as basically as i have explained it so that people just know what is happening. I recently asked cardinal mueller. Who is on the program. His thoughts on what's happening in the german church and you know they're defying the vatican in so many areas. Here's what he had to say. The catholic judge of christians or christians have to follow the word of god and this is a form of harassment. Not only of schism of harrity. Your reaction cardinal pell. A record number of catholics have abandoned the church In recent years two hundred and seventy two thousand plus people leaving in two thousand nineteen Your thoughts on whether the vatican should intervene at this point will the role of the papacy is to maintain church unity. And it's to maintain church unity around the teachings of of jesus and whether we'll whether they will cross the rubicon as they say i'm not sure they will. I think people going to system they would lose the the right to chech- texas I know how it will be resolved. I hope the worst will be avoided about the role of the the papacy. And it's a concern for all the bishops because makinson festival with iran church but with the universal church the role of the papacy is to maintain unity. I wanna get your reaction to the reports that We're reading in italian periodicals that the pope may undo some more important than benedict the sixteenth moto proprio allowing wide use of the old roman rite of the mass. The extraordinary right at the discretion of the priests would it be a good idea to curtail the celebration of that. The old right the extraordinary right or mighty create more division. I think it would be most unfortunate. That would be Counterproductive it's been An area of unexpected drugs growth many people very attached to that beautiful form of worship. I don't anticipate that they will be restrictions off. Okay well we here. We'll we'll keep an eye on that since your return to rome your eminence. You've witnessed this vatican financial scandal that you long suspected in may uk judge set bail of one point six million for gianluigi towards the italian businessman who helped broker that vatican purchase of london investment property and earlier this year british judge blasted vatican prosecutors for making appalling misrepresentations to the court about their investigation into the holy see's investment deal. Do you think we know the whole truth of this scandal at this point. No i don't think. I said he doesn't. I don't think. I don't know how many people do. But i did say to one significant vatican official. For god's sake get good lawyers who can present the case Adequately and well you know we. We want the truth. Nothing more than the truth. Everybody's got a right to due process whether it's taught see your cardinal bevilacqua to the man down the call the woman down the corner where lawful society in ju- processes essential. Before i let you go. I do want to wish you a happy birthday. You turn eighty on june eighth now by turning eighty you lose your right to vote in future conclaves. Any feelings on this forced roman curial tradition. And now i think a sensible Tradition i with the advance of medicine. You might make a case for it to be extended a little bit but it's alleged that when the poeple the ext introduced to limit it was prompted by the fact that one of the presumably older cardinals voted fo- cardinal merry del valle. Who had been dead for thirty years so I and also i think the responsibility but church leaders ship remains with the people who are the leaders not with the people who were the leaders. So i'm basically in favor of the of the regulation. I always have been and now that i'm about to ninety remind of that same mind. Well i hope they still consult with their their cardinals. Who can't vote because you are inside this is so important and has been certainly during last two conclaves Before we end the pope is announced a rolling senate. If you will that will take place over several years. Where they'll be a local senate continental senate and then the bishops will come to rome and it really is senate on synods. Does this go a bit too. Far with senate i mean. Is there a limit to how how long and far you should keep consulting. Now we're consulting about the consultation. Well we'll just see where this goes. I mean where we hope if we're wearing a covert world of course it's not at all practical but in a post covid world Travel will be limited. Money will be limited and so I think that this is i'm not even sure that there is a topic that is Getting to be discussed in the senate. So i think that that will be Rolled out very slowly. But we'll just see what comes. It's very early days on that okay. We'll watch together your eminence. Thank you for being with us. Prison journal volume two by george. Cardinal pell published by the press is available now at bookstores everywhere and online at wt an rc. Dot com cardinal. Thank you for being here. Thank you very much. Thank you prison journal. Volume to the state. Court rejects the appeal by george cardinal pell published by ignatius press is available now in bookstores everywhere and online at wtn. Rc dot com. The papal posse is up next. But first pope. Francis is urging the faithful around the world to pray during the month of june for young men and women preparing for marriage. Francis released a video june first announcing his prayer intentions for the month titled the beauty of matrimony. Let us pray for young people. He says who are preparing for marriage with the support of christian community maybe grow in love with generosity faithfulness and patience and on this journey of life the bride and groom are not alone. Cheeses accompanies here with in-depth analysis of all of this and much more is the papal policy editor in chief of the catholic thing dot. Org and saint john. Henry newman visiting chair at thomas. More college robert. Royal and from manhattan canon lawyer and priest of the archdiocese of new york. Father gerald murray jones. Thank you for being here. We wanted to have you back because there was so much we couldn't get to last week. I wanna start with some breaking news earlier this week. Pope francis announced the most sweeping changes to canon law in nearly forty years. The revision of book six which covers penal sanctions in the church imposes much stricter rules and penalties dealing with sexual abuse. They also address clerics who commit fraud or attempt illicit activities like attempting to ordain women priests father. How significant are these changes themselves. It's significant raymond of because it's bringing into the actual code legislation which the pope's had enacted This pope and his predecessors over the course of the last forty years particularly for instance regarding ordination of women And then different kinda different laws regarding sexual abuse committed by clerics. What's important i think. In the general view and perspective is the reaffirmation that as part of the mission of the church she must use coercive penal means in order to protect the common good in the church and in order to promote the reform And the repentance of those who offend against the law and one of the big problems that we've had in the church since the council is the rejection of any use of penalties or what would be called coercive means in order to try to protect the interests of the flock and to get recalcitrant people to obey law and to live according to the principles of catholic morality so it's a good improvement I've started to read it and study it. It's a lot of technical things that need to be explored but the general impression. I say this is a good move. And i think it will highlight to the world that the catholic church is not simply out there saying. Don't do wrong things. No the catholic church is saying if you do something wrong. You're going to be punished. Bob your thoughts on the timing of this. Apparently this revision has been on the work or in the works rather for fourteen years. Why would it take so long. To tighten up and strengthen these penalties particularly for clerical sexual abusers. It may be that. There's been so much pressure. Put on rome because of the difficulties we've had with clerical abuse and other problems in the church that they felt that they had to act. I agree with father entirely as a leg man. I'm not a canon lawyer. And obviously like father murray are gonna have to go over this with a fine tooth comb but it's to me very interesting that they even explicitly in the presentation of this revision talked about how there was a mistaken mentality back in the eighties. The punishment or using legal means with somehow not part of the gospel that we ran contrary to the spirit of the gospel. You know being soft on crime sort of means that you get more crime being soft on on abuses like this means in the church. You're gonna get more abuse. So i'm glad to see that there has been that recognition explicitly presented as the the reform. Is there at the level of principle. This is a good step forward. I just hope that the mechanisms are there to actually put teeth into this because the legal system without those institutions is toothless. I love remarkable j. k. Chesterton about this sort of thing. He says you know a good legal system is when we can identify that a says be must go to prison and see says when be can get out. We need that kind of specificity. And that's going to have to be implemented at in institutions at all sorts of other levels. And we should say for the audience's sake this doesn't in any way undercut the role of secular authorities concerning the crimes of clerical sexual abuse etc. Those still have to be reported. This is the church's canonical penalty. Not substitute of the secular penalty or just wanted to make that clear. Some i think are confusing. The two there are a couple of other canons. I want your reactions to one reads canon thirteen sixty seven. It says parents in those taking the place of parents who hand over their children to be baptized or brought up in a non catholic. Religion are to be punished with a censure or other just penalty and then a canon thirteen seventy nine reads a person who deliberately administers the sacraments to those who are prohibited from receiving it is to be punished with suspension to which other penalties mentioned in canon thirteen thirty six etc. Maybe added father. Given the controversy about distributing communion to pro-abortion politicians. Recently do these revised cannons weaponize. The sacraments your thoughts. Yeah i hate that expression weaponized that was used about taking chemical processes and putting them into bombs and then shooting at your enemy. No to uphold the canonical order is not to weaponize anything. It's to bring the gospel to bear upon human sinfulness and the desire for an orderly and peaceful society on the question of baptism. The church teaches that Being baptized a catholic. A gift from god. And that those catholics who become parents have to give that give to their children. They have to have them baptized in the church. That's an an obligation is not a suggestion so to have them. Baptized in another church is a dereliction. And it's not what is intended by god north regards the administration of sacraments this specifically has to do with people who have been publicly identified as excommunicated or under a similar penalty. So if you have for instance a woman who attempts to become a priest and gets ordained by somebody right. You should never be allowed to then be received. Communion in a catholic mass. You should never be allowed to con- celebrate so to speak at a catholic. Mass question is about canon nine fifteen and politicians Who come obstinate public. manifest sinners. That's a little more complicated because the verification or the or a to identify somebody as much does require some official act on the part of the minister. Who is going to distribute communion where that's endowed. Then you have to act You know with more reflection. That's why it's important for instance regarding our president That the bishops. Make a statement here that it's incompatible to be catholic leader and to promote or finance abortion so If that were to be done quite clearly. I think that this kind would then apply bob father reference that can and and i don't exactly know how it's been updated because i didn't compare it to the former but the the canonical penalty against ordaining women to the priesthood. It says that the individual attempting to do that the bishop presumably would incur upon himself an instant a penalty. Does this end the debate over ordination of women or is there still wiggle room. Since pope francis convenient that study group on women deacons that disconnect bothers me a little bit because i. I'm assuming that this revision book. Six of canon law could not have taken place without the pope's approval. I don't know if he read through it. I don't know if his he's deep enough in canon law to appreciate all the ramifications of what we're in there and obviously these are going to be debated and we're going to be hearing a lot about this and incoming coming times but it's not only about that. It seems to me that if you're going to say that that by doing something like procuring an abortion you automatically excommunicated and then cannot stay. Put yourself forward. Right for communion. There are other consequences like this for example just last month or early. Nay the pope organized a has has has tried to organize mechanisms for the excommunication of mafia members. Now a lot of us would think that mafiosi are murderers They're they're criminals and they should be severely rep reprimanded by the church for that activity while the pope is also said that procuring. An abortion is like hiring a hitman like hiring a mafioso so is his thought process going to be carried through in all those steps so that we can actually say that legally speaking in incontinence with this new thing that has been put forward that the consequences are going to be that detailed and this could run right up to the president of the united states. I think that this is going to be a big debate. It doesn't anything. It starts things. But i think it starts in a better place last week. We discussed reports that indicate. Pope francis may restore heavy restrictions on the traditional latin mass. The extraordinary form of the mass. This week it's being reported by diane montagna enroll that to krill. Cardinals are backing the pope. In this secretary of state cardinal trapattoni lean and prefect of the congregation for bishops cardinal. Marc will let both allegedly confirming that. There is a document currently under review. Father assuming this is legal economically. The pope has the ultimate authority here. Why reverse a mode appropriate popular that where priests were given the option to celebrate the old form the mass or the new there is a lot of pressure on the pope. for Getting rid of and pacific from certain quarters in the episcopate and certain theological circles. They view the restoration of the latin mass as being a tremendous mistake I don't agree with that at all. and then we know that the pope himself as he's expressed on different occasions thinks young people who are attached to traditional ways in the church are somehow reflective of emotional disorders and don't need to be encouraged in that attach and tradition. I also disagree with that now. From the point of view of the good order in life of the church Pope benedict may quite clear that the celebration of the latin of the latin mass is just one form of the roman right so it's not really like conceding somebody privileged to do something that otherwise is not shouldn't be done. No it's actually just giving a mechanism for the orderly and free celebration of what's recognized as being valuable and why wouldn't it be. This is the mass that was celebrated. Essentially you know from the ninth century and even earlier in the latin church and it certainly was the mass that accompanied the explosion of missionary fervor the expansion of the church and the new world and in asia and africa so The lack of sympathy for the dentin mass really bothers me because it displays a lack of pastoral charity for people who don't particularly agree with The perspective that some of these bishops forward. I don't think it's not an astrologer to one of worship. God with mystery and reverence and historical tradition but canonical pope. Do this just wave away. S appropriate his immediate predecessor. Yes the pope has supreme authority in the church and he can Forbid this he doesn't need to know other authority has to confirm his decisions The wisdom of the decision is subject to debate but the fact that he can make the decision legally. That's not subject to debate. Bob essentially this would take us back to the days when permission of local bishop was required for any priest to celebrate this old right. What effect is driving. The old right underground again have on the faithful who benefited from more difficult particularly the young people. I see them here in new orleans. Young families by the hundreds coming in packing in to that latin mass to me. This seems to be an overreaction. On the part of certain people in rome clearly let the latin mass is not going to entirely replace masses in the vernacular these have existed now for quite a while one of the things. I'm very worried about is. I don't think we knew this last week. But the jurisdiction over the latin mass in ecclesia day which was a section of the congregation for the doctrine of the faith. It's now being moved from there to the congregation for divine worship as we know the various people who have replace cardinal. Sarah and others are fairly hostile to this mess. This seems to me to be a very strong signal that that some people just china's a threat and me that threat is the way they conceive of it is entirely overblown. The vatican has announced that the synod of bishops on cinna. Daddy i'm not making that up is until twenty twenty three and there will be a two year consultive prep preparatory phase involving catholic dioceses worldwide. They'll be a diaz in phase in october of two thousand twenty one where each bishop is asked to consult the local church then an ordinary general assembly of the senate of bishops convenes at the vatican in october of two thousand hundred twenty three father. Jerry this sounds a lot like a synod within ascended to discuss synods. What do you make of this. And how did the layperson nod. They decipher this thing. Well a senate of bishops is precisely a meeting of bishops and I don't see the necessity for two year process On the other hand where what they're doing in germany which is that the lay people in union with the bishops are coming up with a revolutionary program and promoting all kinds of things that are both heretical and immoral We don't want that to happen in the wider church Send -ality as a way of consulting laity You know the bishops of the one of the teaching authority in the church and it's wise to consult lay people but i don't think it's wise to create a two year mechanism were pressure. Groups are going to arise. They're going to issue. All kinds of statements are going to demand that the bishops. Listen to them. I mean think about the female ordination crowd the people who will not accept the church's teaching that women are incapable being ordained priest. They're gonna use two years of beating the drums and saying the poll wants you to consult us. Well this is what we're telling you know I hope that this process gets managed In a better way than i foresee having given the german experience consideration pressure groups who want to revolutionize church are going to use this as a means to cause trouble that needs to be stopped. Bob when i read this. I kept thinking here. We are discussing a process to discuss the process of governing the church but at the same time the holy see is sending directives that they don't want bishops in the united states to discuss reception of communion among themselves. Is there a disconnect. That's the great irony. Actually i think when our bishops are proposing is what would be in the best sense that there's a local group of bishops who were trying to deal with the problem and they're fully within their rights and they're they're not touching the matter of doctrine they're touching questions of how to implement that and how to make it more effective in a certain national context. Father is exactly right. The opposite is what we see in germany where they're off to the races as if senate -ality means democracy. You can just redefined want. They actually said that they're gonna be conflicting and different visions of what catholicism now to me. The the process is very clunky to they. Talk about doing this at the dialysis level at the conference level and then at the continental level. We know there is a continental sort of bishop's conference in latin america in north america or canada and the united states and mexico. Mexico's technically part of north america. Or are we going to join together. I don't know that this has been thought through very well. It sounds like one of those things that you do when you wanna give the impression of consulting widely democratically but man. It's it leaves a lot of chances to be abused. Well the pope often said. Sometimes you have to make a mask this could be it jets. We leave it there. Commentary by robert. Royal and father gerald murray can always be found at the catholic thing dot org. Thank you both. Authorities and china have arrested vatican-appointed catholic bishop his seven priests and ten seminarians and china's announced a new three child policy lifting caps on its own long-held to child policy. Why why now here to discuss this and much. More is president of the population research institute author of bully of asia. Stephen mosier. I want to begin with the arrest of bishop jiang who was appointed by the vatican and secretly ordained in one thousand nine hundred and ninety one. The chinese authorities say the bishops priests and seminarians or allegedly violating the country's new regulations on religious affairs. Now jiang who heads the diocese of about one hundred thousand. Catholics was not approved by the state. Run church even after that sino-vatican deal was signed. Why would that and not have insisted that jiang be recognized when they signed the deal with china. Suit well here. Here's the thing we we now know that. I don't think the vatican insisted on on any specific conditions When the agreement was signed Two and a half years ago and china did china insisted on all of the bishops who had been excommunicated in years past be reinstated. they were But the vatican for some reason did not insist that the dozens of underground bishops Who are in the in. The shadows literally working in in factories working out of homes trying to carry on distributing the sacraments that they'd be recognized by the communist party so there was no There was no tit for tat here and sense. She agreement signed as far as i can see. The persecution has only gotten more intense. I mean they sent a hundred policemen to arrest the bishop and What seven priests and ten seminarians They're now going door to door in the area of that diocese and they're looking for more seminarians and actually. They're looking for more catholics. If if they go into your house in this diocese these chinese communist please and they say you have a crucifix or a bible. They will confiscate the bible. They would destroy the crucifix and they will find you for what for being for being a catholic now given given the bishop jiang has been imprisoned on other occasions. What do you expect will happen to. He his priests and seminarians. Now that china's begun to enforce these new rules. Well i think that the seminarians what happens to them. They've been sent home until they must never ever again think about shutting to become a catholic priest in fact they're being told that it would be better if they gave up their catholic faith altogether and and became obedient men's of the chinese communist party as far as the priest and the bishop are concerned. The bishop is probably facing a long prison term. The price will maybe. They will be given an opportunity to join the patriotic church. Or maybe not maybe they will simply be laya sized and sent into the countryside You can't obviously the communist party can't lay assize anyone and the priests continues after this warning to practice his priestly ministry They will also be facing a long prison term. But i'm afraid the hammer is really going to come down on poor bishops. Jiang should be. You should be in all of our prayers. I want to play something for you. This was at a press conference last week wrapping up. The fifth anniversary of law does see cardinal. Peter turkson who's the prefect of the dike kastari for the promotion of integral human development. Had this to say when asked by a reporter about dialogue with states who oppose the church on essential elements of the faith like china. The reporter asked can dialogue occur if one side is unwilling to listen and act and when when does dialogue and and one can action and pro-action be expected. Listen from the part of the vatican since relationship with china has got its on task character on religious tone we appreciate and diversely to the scientific evidence and scientific seminars organized event by diversity. We're can invite scientists from china to participate when evade anything that doesn't have a clearly overtly religious character then the scientific evidence whatever then we're able to dialogue and to communicate on that level steve. At what point do the religious freedom violations by china need to be addressed by the va advocate before other topics like biodiversity and climate change and discuss. How long can they be silent on this. Well i you know. I mean as a catholic convert. I don't think we can be silent at all about preaching christ and christ crucified Saint paul said that should be what we talk about in season out of season but make no mistake about the chinese communist party doesn't want a dialogue About anything in doesn't want a dialogue about taiwan at wants to recapture it by force if necessary doesn't want dialogue about the south china sea about the survival of the week or muslims about the survival of tibetan culture. It doesn't want a dialogue about the future of the church. It wants to crush the church in china in wants to become the all dominant force the chinese communist party that has not just in china But in the world at wants to be a religion unto itself that essentially is what it is on. I don't know what the point is of having a chinese communist. Scientists come to the vatican and talk about diversity and and completely ignore the elephant in the room. Really that cross in the room the crucifix in the room. That is the suffering church in china. Religious diversity would be a better topic if you're gonna talk at all on monday. The chinese government announced that married. Chinese couples may have up to three children now. This is a major shift from the existing limit of two children. After i guess. Recent data showed a dramatic decline in birth rates in china. They ended this one child policy a few years ago. Does this really change anything. Steve i mean. The government still is controlling the number of children. People have yeah and the policy really goes back to nineteen fifty four when chairman mouse said you know as a communist country we should control Reproduction just as we control production in other words the number of babies born whether or not any chinese citizen has a baby. is up to the party ultimately decide. So there's no privacy in china when it comes to reproduction bearing in does mark the three child policy. Surprise me a little bit because it came so quickly after the two child policy but if you look the numbers in china over the last year the number babies born dropped from fourteen point six five million down to twelve million so they lost almost twenty percent In terms of this latest birth cohort. That's a huge job. And the reason is forty years of anti-child anti a people propaganda Young people in china don't want to get married and if they get married they don't want to have more than one child Wayball which is the chinese equivalent. Twitter has just lit up after this new policy announcement with people saying things like i wouldn't have a third child of government paid me a half million dollars to do so Well the government isn't going to wind up paying everybody in china have man dollars to have children but they may very well start telling them for the good of the country for the good of the party For the good of the economy you have to have a second child or third child. I don't think we're going to be in the voluntary state. Very long raymond. I think we're going to go from voluntary to involuntary very quickly after all. This is a communist party that for decades forced millions and millions of women to get forced abortion some in the third trimester pregnancy some in the very pangs of childbirth were being forcibly aborted it would not hesitate to force women to have children so we may be seeing in years to come down the road. We babysitting forest pregnancy. The party party officials in china already talking about banning condoms spending contraceptives and banning abortion. Believe it or not not because they think it's immoral but because they need more workers and soldiers. Yeah no. there's always an ulterior motive here but it is interesting. how quickly they're shifting. I wanna move quickly onto taiwan. You mentioned it a moment ago. Fast and furious actor. John cena apologize to china for calling taiwan a country in an interview. He did with the taiwanese broadcaster earlier this month. Saying got serious pushback from the chinese china's now of course the world's biggest movie market and cena who apparently has been speaking mandarin and learning it for ten years. Said this enjoying. Y'all i gun twin john john gould. Jim warren. we'll hon. Humble chen the groveling there is embarrassing. State what are we seeing here. What are we witnessing in the macro. I think that if he's been studying chinese for ten years and that's that's all you can say he better he. Better find another hobby Because the chinese broken and barely barely understandable but he did grovel he did say. I'm really really really sorry The fact is it didn't do him any good because they basically shut down his movie in china anyway. The box office receipts plummeted because in china. If you if you cross a line as far as the chinese communist party is concerned they will retaliate. and so he growled for nothing he out for nothing. He should've kept his integrity intact and and just moved on. To make another movie. Brent christianson the director of the american institute in taiwan the defacto. Us embassy told an online news conference last week. Quote our obligation to support. Taiwan in maintaining a sufficient self defense capability against coercion remains a foundational element of the taiwan relations. Act Steve will the. Us continued to support taiwan under the biden administration. Yeah i really hope so. I lived in taiwan for several years. I speak taiwanese mandarin and cantonese. So i have many friends on taiwan You have on thai one. Twenty three million a free chinese taiwan did everything that we asked them to the nineteen fifty s and sixty day modernized. They democratized They've been a full fledged democracy for the last quarter century. They've had You know a half. A dozen elections had a peaceful transfer of power from one political party to another Which is the ultimate test of a democracy right peacefully transferring power after an open and free election They're a model democracy for china and that's why they have to survive. They show the chinese people on the mainland. That there's hope that there's hope for freedom that there's hope for human rights because in in taiwan those things respected in china. of course there are not so we have an obligation. I think to contribute to taiwan's defence Not just for taiwan for the people there but for the people of china and really for for peace in the world saving mosier. We believe that they are in steve's book bully of asia is street it's available in bookstores everywhere and online. Thank you. thank you recently. Texas governor greg. Abbott signed a bill prohibiting doctors from performing abortions after fetal heartbeat is detected and as the immigration crisis along the border continues to worsen. what should the biden administration be doing in response to discuss all of this and more. I recently talked with lieutenant governor of texas. Dan patrick take a look dan. Thanks for being here. I want to begin with this heart beating bill. It was signed into law by governor abbott during a press briefing white house press secretary. Jen psaki reacted this way. This is the most restrictive measure yet in the nation and the most restrictive a recent assault on women's fundamental rights under roe v. Wade certainly the president Supports and believes we should notify roe. V wade and that is His view regardless of these backward-looking steps that are being taken a states. It's by states in the country. Your reaction dan. Is this a backward-looking step. I'm always amazed at the left. Who likes to parade their view. It's okay to kill babies the you know. If you wanna be for choice to make your argument i still don't agree would never accept it. But they make their argument as if some how those of us who believe in life or doing something bad backward steps saving babies and innocent babies life you know than we are the most life state in the country. I've been a leader on that issue as the senate before becoming lieutenant governor. I've asked the sonogram. Bill requires a a sonogram. Anyone getting an abortion and we've saved about twenty thousand babies a year for the last ten years. That's a lot of lives we've saved and what end so been on this issue a long time. What makes this bill unique different from anywhere else. In the country there have been a lot of heartbeat. Bills hassle always gets records. Don't get into accidents. This is not a criminal bill. This is a civil case. So anyone in texan any kim soo a doctor performing an abortion. Anyone in the state of texas and to protect that heartbeat of lead baby is the six week so what we want to do with the civil side quite frankly on this bill and we believe it is unique we believe it will survive all court challenges and we believe it will save even more babies and put more abortion doctors out of business. I have no apologies to anyone. Not ashamed to say i want roe v wade return i want abortions to end end of story. We need to protect innocent life as you know. The supreme court agreed to hear that mississippi case which touches on abortion could dramatically narrow abortion rights by allowing states to make it illegal to get an abortion after fifteen weeks of pregnancy now earlier this week or last week rather democratic senator richard blumenthal had this to say he says it will inevitably fuel and drive an effort to expand the supreme court if this activist majority betrays fundamental constitutional principles. Chipping away at roe. V wade will precipitate a seismic movement to reform the court. He suggested dan that that could include expanding the supreme court or making changes to its jurisdiction. Your thoughts on the democrats vision here and what they're proposing if the outcomes don't come from high court in the way they'd like well of course that's look we have to face this others an anti god a group in this country and i'm not suggesting all democrats ran chai god. Many party are pushing back on on life and we know the bible says more than the image of god and they want to take over this country they want to remove. They've removed got schools out public square which we continue to fight back taxes by the way. But they want god on the seidler. Once you get gone on the sideline than than who were you born in the image of and so that's the long term socialist leftist progressive communist view of democrat. Already let me tell you something. Very interesting remains a week ago or so. We executed a person who had who had killed his aunt with a baseball bat. Her so harden that rope for thirty dollars and i had call. It's the time into my office that they wanted to spare the life of that person and i thought these are the same people who don't want to spare the life of baby in the womb. That man was found guilty by a jury of his peers. No question the question that he was a person who did it and they're trying to save his life. he's a criminal. The baby in the woods innocent is innocent. I don't understand how left says spare those from execution who have killed others found guilty by a jury but it's okay detect live from those who have not done anything because i get that question a lot regular Patrick you're you're for the death penalty and you're pro-life yes innocence hilt and they said well he's given his life crisis a great. I started one of the largest seminaries. I think actually world's we have a two hundred people in prison seminary getting four year degrees to become pastors in the seminary serving twenty years to light but being forgiven by christ for your sins doesn't mean that changes the laws of a what different states have for crimes were committed dan. I want to move onto the topic of immigration before we run at a time. Fox obtained video of at least forty men crossing into the us along the border in la hoya texas. They're chased by border patrol agents and then in the del rio sector agents arrested ten convicted sex offenders trying to enter the country. What do you make of the biden. Administration's response to this crisis. And what kind of burden is this placing on the state of texas. Well tremendous burden. I just talked to the mayor of ugalde texas which is a small town not too large town. They're being overrun the ask for help. We're sending them the calvary to help them everywhere. You look raymond. This is the worst over. Been ever we're totally being indicted overrun for people from all over the world whether whether it's whether it's central america with not as many mexicans it's more central america other countries and i look at i look at it this way right. Not only are we. Trump had the water under control. We actually had the water under control. And i believe by. Mrs is the short and long term plans they wanna get million apprehend a million people. Maybe this year across the border and another three million that we don't catch. That's three million people do that. The next three years is nine ten million people anyone over eighteen registered and they want those votes in twenty twenty four to keep your left power what this is about. And what is inhumane about this. Not only is it. Harmful the texas in the country. Obviously but these people I'm gonna take your picture. Raymond what when it just broke my heart. Your one of women state troopers china's tiny baby. Yesterday it just broke my heart and see this. This one women and children come here. They often get put the sex trafficking. Men get here. Young men If they will they will their indentured servants when the cartel sent him here. They don't have all the money to them so they say when you go work in the united states we want twenty thirty percent of your pay and that thirty percent of their pay goes back gets money. Logger goes back to the cartels biden. Administration is creating a whole new class of slavery. We're trying to look back. And and and rate race the racial divide in this country over that issue which was terrible One hundred seventy years ago hundred and fifty years ago today these people. They are people into slavery as they're having a either way is back if they don't send the money back the drug cartels tom. They will hurt their families or kill their families and the biden administration's watching the women young women go into cantinas. Go to prostitution side off all of those things doing nothing about it and young men and older men being indentured service. This is a crime against humanity for those who are coming here. We need legal immigration reform. People need to come here with dignity not live in the shadows. We love our imigrants. Not this way. This is the worst thrown thrown children in the river over the wall and kamala harris. Who was supposed to be in charge. Raymond you know. She hasn't done a press conference in two months or whatever it is. She's never said a word. You never been to the mortar miedema sleeping on the job. Everyone says this an accident replant. It's a design plan if they don't know what's happening than their snaps ought to be fired There had a border security ought to be fired scary on day. No what's happening. They not returning humans tragedy. Yeah the the human and financial cost of this is just unbelievable. I was stunned to learn that texas alone is expected to exceed a billion dollars just to try to secure the border that frankly fed should be helping you with dan. I know you're running out of time. We'll leave it there but let's catch up in the days ahead. I thank you for being here. Thank you thank you finally tonight. Some sad news sister margarita. Markian a religious teacher filippini sister and tireless defender of the wartime legacy of pope pius. The twelfth passed away on may nineteenth at the age of ninety nine. the feisty. italian was a new jersey native. She entered the convent in nineteen thirty five received the habit in thirty eight and made first profession in one thousand nine hundred forty one. She served as a religious for eighty two years but she didn't take up the cause of pious the twelfth until she was nearly eighty years old convinced the wartime pope's righteousness she eventually published six books and countless articles about pieaces efforts to save european jews. From hitler's evil here. She is from one of her many appearances on this show. Why do you think there's such animus toward pious twelve ran an attack upon him. This attack on pious felt is really a direct attack on the catholic church. It's a campaign against catholicism. Pious wealth is just the victim in these circumstances. But what are contemporaries are trying to do contrary to what the contemporaries applies to twelve. Said what they are trying to do is to change the magisterial of the catholic church because the church is against abortion because churches against drugs because the churches against pornography they have implicated that they needed victim and the victim may sister margherita marchi own rest in peace. What a fighter she was. That's all the time we have for now. Be sure to catch us next week. Until then we'll be scouting the world over for all that he's seen and unseen on behalf of the staff and crew. Wtn news thank you. For watching 'em raymond arroyo.

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