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Part 1: Alan Zweibel on SNL and Garry Shandling (ACS May 7)


Thanks for listening to the Adam Corolla. Show on podcast one. Well this is a funny show. You guys have tuned into today. Lots of laughs. And we'll talk to a legend Allen's bell about working with shandling and everybody else back in the day lots of great stories I guy one of the first guys at SNL in one thousand nine hundred eighty five. So he'll share all that we'll get into that I I'll tell you about the DC Universe D. C. University ultimate DC WATCH DC series and films. Read nearly twenty three hundred. Dc Comics and content with other DC fans knew DC universe rewards for grant program. I should say launches soon earn Tokens to receive exclusive DC SWAG and more original series Quin adult animated series season two streaming now and The newest series star girl premiers may eighteenth. So that's coming up action packed lineup with the many many originals patrol tightened swamp thing young justice outsiders and My son is watching the bejesus out of this. So get in on it unless you get the latest. Dc News by watching DC day or tuning into their. Podcasts is well it is. Dc Universe Right Dawson joined DC university and get a free seven-day trial plus fifty percents off your first three months visit DC UNIVERSE DOT com slash. Hello pod and enter Adam at checkout valid for monthly subscription. Only expires six. Thirty Twenty podcast. One presents this is a collect call from sing sing. My name is John Wayne Linen. I'm locked up for selling drugs and committing murder also beater fresh in the Marshall Project. So I'm a writer and I'm prisoner. Imagine to stay focused and talk about issues of substitute Keith. Flaming prisoners screaming blaring in the background. Get new episodes every Wednesday on spotify podcast one and apple podcasts from Adams House Genus House and House. This Adam Corolla show Adams guests today. The author of laugh lines my life. Hoping Funny People. Funnier Allen's wife Al with Gina Grad on his bald Bryan on soundtracks. Dave damage here for good sports now earlier today. He tried to spell REMM desert accidentally some new army of the debt. Adam Corolla on got to get it on their choice to begin a mandate get it on. Thanks for tuning in and thanks for telling a friend. We love that about you right. Gina Right and Ball Bra to Ju. We're GONNA find out today why I heard Dawson's intro and the medication he pronounced was easy but then I realized I don't know if it's on his end or on my end it was choppy over here too. I mean it good. It was a joke. Let's okay and why's Dawson Wise Dawson? As chappy is he is consistently set. Just Internet stuff says the Guy who disappeared for twenty minutes. It could very well be Internet stuff. All the other connections are well. Let's try that joke on Martinez and now earlier today. He tried to spell remm desert and accidentally summoned an army of the undetonated. Adam Corolla their erase virtual. We gotTA clean shot it. All Right Allan We talked to you before he's one of the first writers from for SNL work with Judd. Appa town Larry David and he's worked with everybody so we'll talk about that world I was I got two big boxes of book plates to sign and I kinda put him off which is me not following my own advice. I signed a stack of them and somehow decided. I'd done something a few days ago but the rally is is these book plates came out. And there's probably two boxes and if you've pile up on top of each other and set the table be about a foot high. I signed about the first three eighths of an inch. And somehow that was satisfying. Unfortunately I hadn't really made a dent in the first box. And then we. We're getting to the hard out where we need to ship them out so Last I it's actually pretty good metaphor for life. Lynette and the kids took a to Malibu and me an old guy got this boxes out and just started lining them up on this long table as you saw picture of and doing it in such a way whereas I was signing. I'm she was folding out and then as I went to the other side of the table and start going down the line. She'd be folding them up and putting them back in the box. And that's the that's the man. Oh Yeah to certain point we got and then what you end up doing. Well there's a few things. One is so much better when you're collaborating so much better when you have another set of hands and eyeballs on this thing it feels feel kind of rudderless when you're doing it alone. So as soon as I incorporated old guy I immediately felt better at a certain point sunny returned and got him in the act and then when the three of us were go and we were all. We're all cooking now. This morning I told sunny to start laying those things out and every time I come walking past that table I'm simply going assigned four lines of them and then you pack them back in the bag but I took a picture of Sunni lane. I'm out this morning but also it's really helpful to time things. I don't know if you guys are this way. But I turn on the House Speaker's and I was just listening to the hits from San Francisco on the Siriusxm or the Pandora station. Whatever it is and I had figured out that it took me approximately one song to get all the way down the line and signed to rose all the way down the line and once I got it my head that it was only one boss gag song. I then realized I could go to Had some reference. Yeah it's two and a half minutes. It was more like three three and a half but he either way we. I knew that it wasn't really more than one song. And so now you go all right. Well how bad it could be. How could it be one song on one side another song and the other side? And then you start hitting this flow and the I'm the flow changes the actual time. That's right low down dirty lowdown wind books. Yeah I think there was a brother. Movie called like dirty lowdown or something and it was dink. I think you can look up. But it was definitely one of those came up with the title before they came no dirty dirty rotten or no good shame or shame. Got Something. Shame lowdown something anyway under the shame could have been a sounds familiar. That sounds about right. Yeah so anyway. We got into this flow because I was like standing over this table and signing for an hour. It's GonNa feel like hell. That's that was my initial thought if I do this for one hour. It's hurting my back. And it's it's GonNa that's GonNa be the slowest our in the world but as Olga and I were finding our rhythm and as I could see the stack going down the box from inside the box in the stack going up from the completed ones outside the box. The time started to change now was sorta like who were hitting a groove. It became a little montage in a Chinese movie making over the Frat House. Yeah these centers gave the community center it it had. It starts these weird. It's interesting which is you can hit a flow and you guys can think of your own stories. But I've felt that when building before we have a few guys everyone's kind of working like your sheathing something with plywood and one guys bringing them from the truck and thrown on the saw buck and you're ripping them in another guys putting them in place. You can hit a little montage flow where it just doesn't feel like like the same. It feels different than if you go to the truck you lay out you ramp it you go. It's like there's a kind of a flow where we did about an hour. We ended up doing about an hour and forty five minutes. But it really didn't feel that way because at some point we hit a stride. I guess it's like running in the groove. Yes it it it it sorta more time is what I'm saying like I guess anyone who runs on a treadmill starts jogging on the treadmill. You're Kinda cold and the first four minutes seemed to take an hour and then at some point you get two minute fifteen or twenty and you get a little froth going and that next ten minutes feels shorter than the for four minutes. You know what I'm saying. Because there's some grooves lubrication going some repetition but I'm just saying When when you have to do one of these tasks safe you can get to that kind of montage. Groove groove and at some point sunny came in and then we all started grooving on it so A low down dirty shame. Nineteen Ninety Four Action Comedy Film Written Directed. By and starring Kin Ivory Wayans. Would you see it here on the Kapiti? Would you like to guess run? Tomatoes score is low down dirty. Shame I'm going to say that. The critics have it nineteen. I'm say fourteen low down dirty. Shame is Robin Ciro percents. Oh man owners see this now. I nearly impossible the audience. There you go all right so That that show complete that tonight and send those out so for the first I duNno two thousand people or the book or whatever the number is I was too intimidated to count you. She'll be getting some of those book plates that are signed inserted. I also was talking to. I'm sorry I have to say this. Will the main characters name played by Wayans? Andrei shame off through well according to compete. I can't say as we've seen the movie. Yeah so I was worth. The brothers can get away with that. White Guy. We gotta go with John. Shame right because our thing is is like we have to pick the most generic first name because the movie's called Hammer Justice. And if we named the Guy Manuel hammered justice. It's too much. We got John Hammer Justice. And we go okay. That's that's believable. Good will hunting right. Will hunting name. Yeah well yeah so. I was talking a friend of mine. Who was telling me I call them the other yesterday. And he's heading out to get a speakeasy haircut. No secret haircut with knock at the door. Yeah and although down haircut. Yeah Yeah it's going GONNA have his ears. I so I started thinking you're hearing more and more people of doing these bootleg haircuts women have been bringing the guy to the house guys have been sneaking out and meeting the guys at the Salon and Blah Blah Blah and. It's like hips. Our Lips are frosted tips. So I was like you know. How bad can it be? You know. There's one guy in you guys wearing a mask and he's cutting your hair like what I don't know what this I don't know who's assigned all the danger to specific activities. I'm not sure why this one's inherent be more dangerous than going to the trader Joe's right or having Ab- drop off the great. They lost everything. They packed everything. Like is it that much more dangerous dipped in Barba side right and so they do a thing where they go well. The food is essential in the haircut is in and you go okay. That's good. That's good for six weeks eventually. Some of this non non-essential stuff's going to start sloughing off a little bit and people people do what they always do. They use their own judgement. They're looking around. They're young they're healthy. I WANNA haircut. This guy seems young and healthy. Do so they're going to go out and do it so he went out and did it. And I was thinking about that and then I was thinking about having a cut my own hair and who I was going to bribe. Cut My hair and so on and so forth and then I saw this clip of The Mayor of Chicago Lori Lori lightfoot. I think's her name and I don't know much about her and she gave an and the reason I wanted to break down the game film is. I'm not one of these cry. Hypocrite guys per se. My feeling is you can say I'm a politician I. I'm in front of the camera. The I'm sorry. I represent the city. I need to be quiet and I I need. I need a haircut. And Yeah what's good for the goose isn't good for the Gander. Whatever yes I am saying. You don't do it I can because this is. I'm in front of the camera and I can kinda go. That's A. That's a reasonable answer. But she then kept going which was a weird direction. After after that. I'll play I think. What do we have Chris? We have I the clip about hurricane. And also here's the other caveat. You can't get too sanctimonious about shutting places down and you can't get a haircut. You have to be a little lighter on that and then get your haircut and explain your in front of the camera but the the first clip is her sort of telling everyone they're gonNA shut. She's GonNa shut them down. Well no so. The first clip we have is this is this was in March released A. Psa telling you to stay home and this is the clip Debbie Kenny. Your roots done is not essential. Your dog doesn't need to see its friends. You can work on your jump. Shot INCI okay. So after that went around she she went. She did a press conference last month and a reporter asked her about that. Psa because she just released them pick a hair sash some pictures saying that she just gave Laurie light but a haircut and she was so nice and they took a picture together. Everyone freaked out. Reporters asked her about it. Do you have any concern about the mixed messaging with you telling people in one of your skits? You know you have to get a haircut but then you do is very concerned with except I'll I'll answer this again. I'm the public face of the city. I'm on national media and I'm out in the public eye and you know I'm a I'm I'm a person who I take my personal hygiene very seriously as I said. I felt like I needed to have a haircut. I'm not able to do that myself and so I got a haircut. Okay just say you're the face of the city and leave it at that. The poverty go. I take my hygiene seriously wise. You Trust you mongrels to wash hopes also if I lived in Chicago. She definitely have a candidate for someone who doesn't take their hygiene very kind of marching everyone else. Yeah then you then x here. There's an interesting thing going on which I've always talked about. Which is your defense is a description of what happened. You know you go. What happened you crash the car? Were you driving drunk? No I'd gotten drunk and then I've crashed her car. Here's what happened. I'd had some beer right just because you're saying it like you're she goes she goes. I take my hygiene seriously. Which is okay. You're that's not good. You're implying that others don't or you're saying we have different rules for people their hygiene. But then you go and I can't cut my hair myself so I had to. Have somebody do it because I wanted it to get? I wanted to get my haircut. Which is like Shit Sherlock? That's exactly what we're saying for. The question originates it. I'm all right I really am with people just gone. I'M GONNA fish. Do Press conferences every day. I understand and also you can say hey I understand. I told everyone to hang in and not do this. I get it this is. I made an exception because I'm in front of the camera every day. All right but you don't don't explain to us how haircuts so I thought that was. That was funny. Oh Oh a craft work band. Member died today. Yeah Shit I Dawson. You have You have a mash up there very sad flooring flora and I died so Over the world. There's lots of tributes Bbc will be playing hours of the greatest music ever. Germany would doing our own thing on you. Hey He crashed manager for craft. Were Dot is going to sound insulting but when you're playing a craft work tribute marathon. Now do we know what song ended in what Song began? Don Is it just a little space because I didn't songs don't sound different to me. Did very trained. Only most trained ears can really appreciate the magic of. That's why kids craftwork. They they've influenced so many bands. If Everyone Jon Bon Jovi now loved craftwork an influence. I'll be honest arena rock on the Breyer saw. Maybe a little well yeah. One tribute is a man ship. Yes we did. What we did here is Had Jim Corolla sit in? And I I think we I think we found our niche John this is just a eighteen minutes song. The Bulls rejected. I the disdain for my father were greater than the disdain for the flip a coin because I feel like my dad is contributing to this song. No this is the one case where he made it better actually adding to the song of the annot. It's making I'm not going to tell given. Yeah so what what happened to the craftwork guy? Was He choked out by his own black TURTLENECK or wedding. Howdy Pass. We know manager manager. Now no big mystery now. How WELL THE MINISTRY? Bud the mystery is maybe because he was denied. Do Listen to craft work. While in hospital with treatment has been proven scientists all over world that craft work is. Eli Know that we have a tribute. I was talking to. These guys are talking to us a few days ago about me. Going to a share concert at what was probably staple center could have been the form. I can't remember and I was just stood outside and we just set up in the parking lot and there's nothing better than a There's nothing than a simple premise but effective a premise and and I literally just stood in the parking lot at night and waited for folks to walk into the share concert and I wasn't interested in the fifty something old women I was interested in the forty year. Old Guys knows of the guys and not the not the queen's not not not the drag Queens. I just wondered I sort of a regular dude I could find and then walk up to them with my camera and the microphone and ask them. What's the name of the Bit Max? Baz It what the effort you doing in here I believe. Say what the hell are you doing here but everywhere it's just calling share concert or Adam interviews in front of a share concert so that was And I told you I did that. I had some recollection of that bit. But I don't remember much about it but I'll play a minute of it. See it sounds like where was it? Was it at are probably set. It up right yes. It's staples good outside of La's famous staple center. Where Cher is the marquee attraction tonight? What the Hell Are you doing here? Good question I'm going so I wrote her lungs. I see. That's a let me ask you a question. Hypothetically hypothetically it's going to be crowded night sometimes the ladies room can get know. The line gets pretty law. He ever just feel like sneaking away and going to the men's room just a quick question. Where do you do? Jessica's just whispered I know you don't want him to find what part of the house they don't have any form of entertainment Romania gender defect. Nah I notice. You're wearing at hooters. That's me into this thing. Okay yeah that's a little bit of sacrilege there when she say I mean it's like concentrate. He Yeah like wearing two live crew t-shirt to a Klan rally along long. You've been cultivating the gay. Pirate look a timeshare Vegas. Twenty years ago. She was fifty seven at the time to like share. Let me talk to your mom for a second also the land you realize turning him gay told you're going to a hockey game now. I didn't going to share. He loved sheer. You're using the elderly. Here he does not know where he is. He doesn't like share. It doesn't even know who share as Dave one-share sock. What do you do for a living a me hanging out from Asharq Super Easy? We've filmed it like an hour and a half like a walk out of this guy. Looks Good talked to him? I think it was one of those. It was one of those we used to do. I used to do love line every night as you guys know and we had to be there to be there. You know two minutes before ten but it'd be like the share concert starts at eight or eight thirty or whatever and people are GonNa be walking up at seven seven thirty. It's going to be dark at seven. I remember we'd have to get there and then at some point at like nine thirty five or something I'd have to go. I'm out a Guy. I gotTA run. I remember you know because it was an. It's interesting when you have a radio. Job jean-ann bald will attest to this. Which is this dose starts when the show starts. It doesn't really start when you get that for you. It'll start without you. Yeah I mean you will hear your partner or some engineer like the thing. That's crazy have a radio like what if regular jobs work that way like what if jobs at Pizza? Hut's carpet cleaning and you were late. You could turn on the radio and hear your boss going. I don't know where Brian is. Yeah a bunch of stack. It is literally a job. It's the only job where you can hear yourself being late being fired. Hear people narrate your light like well here drew or an or whoever just going. Yeah we don't know where my Dad Mark Thompson mark and Brian. Every old radio dog I know has a story of waking up turning on their own station where they're supposed to be in hearing dead air and when people say this free my I didn't study for a test. No no the worst thing you could do is wake up. Turn on your own station here. Dead Air and it's real right. Yeah and I don't know I mean see I would never hear dead air. I would just hear drew going. I don't know and is he gonNA parking lot and see if and then you get this weird one a Adam if you're listening you know we're those those. Those are the worst nights for the phone. Screener is because Drew Adam Knight would average seven and a half calls over the two hours a drew night would average seventy seven and a half calls over that man you know I would find when we would be shooting anything at night like I remember. A shooting God I think we shot a porn star fantasy camp. We had to be around a campfire at the end. You know at night or concert or something like that. I would add it literally like nine thirty seven I would. I'd be running for my for my car when we did drunken pilots or any of that stuff. I just be running for my car at a certain. At a certain point all right Let me it Stamps Bringing Allen and we'll talk all things comedy stamps dot com one. Avoid the crowds. Sure you do. Why not now especially void the Crown? Don't go the post office. Stamps DOT COM. Where he should go? We have used stamps. Dot Com for well over ten years. And then these guys have been a long time. I'm sponsor and everything we send out. We send out tons of stuff we send out DOT com. They're small business year. Sending invoices or online seller shipping products. There was working from your house. Now sign up for STAMPS DOT COM. You need Stamps You need you can print Us postage official yours poses any letter any package twenty four seven. Do it at home. They give you a scale way. Whatever the packages in the exact right amount is going to come out of your computer. Five cents off every first class stamp to forty percents off shipping rates now up to sixty two percent discount off yes services. These guys are the best. They're good company in a good sponsor. Stamps DOT COM. Enter Adam. Try the four week trial. Get the get the scale as well stamps. That comment around all right. Quick break back with Allen's bell right after this the Adam Corolla show salutes the winners of the covert nineteen pandemic ailing in this. That's right aliens a few weeks ago the US government released definitive evidence of unidentified flying objects and no one cared in all likelihood. It was an alien race doing a reconnaissance mission over Earth so when the inevitable independence day style attack comes to our homeland will be totally unprepared. Congratulations Aliens while we're all losers. You are the winner of covert nineteen and by the way our system will be so compromised by all the parral rubbing on our asses at all the ailing Fart. And we're all just going to inhale and die immediately. Allen's why bell here good good to talk to you again. My Friend. That was really funny. Thanks that's all Dawson and Lynch. And some me because I realize there would be winners and losers from this and you know any celebrity that gets a Dui. Now's the time you know what I mean. A and it's so true. They're literally verifying footage. That says this. This is unidentified. These could be aliens. Everyone's like yeah all right. Let's talk about hydroxy chloroquine and get some real answers here. Like that's where we're at Andy Borowitz you familiar with his column in the New Yorker. I just read before while waiting for us to start. He has something today saying that. The foul is officially breaking away from the Corona Task Force because he wants to record solo albums. And this is a small piece. But it's all parallel to the McCarthy your George Harrison thinking away from the Beatles Donald led him say what he wanted to say in all of that stuff. It's great I usually try not to read guys. Who have the name Borowitz Stan? In this case I'm GonNa make an exception. So let me Brag on you and as I'm looking at your sheet here Wrote FOR SNL. Originally seventy five eighty. So you're there. In the first season wrote sketches like Samurai the sketch with Belushi and Gilda radner staff with Roseanne Roseanne. Dan One couple of emmys for riding on SNL and the the golden years of SNL although I think snl is going strong. What's Your Day. I watch it every week usually on Sunday. I'm an older man now so I usually watch it on Sunday and Monday. I love it I made. I follow it all the time. I think Kate McKinnon is like a gift from God using did Wonderful Kate. Mckinnon is so strong. I mean in a weird way. She quietly may be one of the best ever. I mean in what she does. Playing men playing women playing kids like just just morphing into these characters. She's amazing Adam. I think that she could have been in any cast in any era. I honestly do. I think she's that good. Yes but what's interesting about? Her is among big. I'm a big fan from from the beginning to now and I think they've always been strong female cast members but is this the first time the strongest cast member has been a female like with no debate. You is the star of the show. She's the Dana Carvey. She's the welfare. She's the Eddie Murphy. Now she's in the star of the show. Yeah you know something. That's a great way to put it. Because she's the one you look for your holy smoke that she'll be in his sketch and as far as I'm concerned she's never and enough of them only because I like Cinco so much well. Sesame strong is out unbelievable as well. I great So there is not a shortage of insanely talented women on that show and the show is great. And it's also one of these things where it's like. There's certain things in life it's like you realize Ford has been a company for well over a hundred years the Yankees have been around for one hundred years or whatever it is like. I like to live in a country where there's a yankees afford and an SNL. No it's it's a desire to have long running institutions that you can count on them. Being there I agree with you. You're there at the beginning right first season. I was from day. One yes What was God? What was your some of your early impressions on what what you're walking into. I had never seen anything like it because prior to getting there when I was twenty one. Twenty two and twenty three. I was writing jokes for Comedians. Who worked up in the catskill mountains so this was I was writing jokes guys but cummerbunds and now I get a job on this show and I walk in and I see Belushi and Gilda and Danny and Lorraine and all with second city in grounding kind of backgrounds. I'd never seen anything like it. I was totally unfamiliar with it and it blew me away. I had not. I was not exposed at much prior to that so to see people create things in improvisation and build on each other. And there's a scene that didn't exist a minute ago. I thought it was amazing to me. So like if we're talking about being a musician you're used to Pat Boone. Jim Morrison Right. Like you didn't know like you come from a place where it's like. Hey you know put on a suit and put some palm eight in your hair and go out on stage you don't you. Don't go out there. Unshaven IN T SHIRTS. I mean is it sorta like that. It was okay. I'm Perry Como Sidestep from Pat Boone and all of a sudden of with Jefferson airplane work I e people before that I mean you know there was some alternative guys in some counterculture guys but you didn't see TV shows with dudes that were of long hair and cleanly shaven wearing a tee shirt and that kind of stuff. There's a lot of variety shows and stuff if you if you came over here which I would love for you to do. I have a book. That's about an inch and a half thick a binder of all of the rejection letters that I got from shows that I was writing to with sketches when I was in college yet and I have to tell you that these those shows and the cream of the crop that was Carol Burnett. That was the one that won all the Emmys all the time it was sonny and Cher. Bill Cosby. Show Flip Wilson. Everybody is eventually had their own variety show but they came out in Bob macky gowns and Tuxedos and he'll we'd come along and Belushi is vomiting okay so it was sensibility. Difference Right. I mean at the same time share would come out a mackey. Gown and sunny would be wearing a Tuxedo. And everyone donny. Marie be wearing gowns and suits and everyone would be well coughed and difference between up with People Concert Woodstock and we'll stop with the references to concerts and music. But so now we get it now. It's easy at the time you had to be looking around going. Is this GONNA work? Are they going to let us do? This was an interesting thing which is in the book. Tell this story. Which is the God's honest truth on writing for all these catskill comedians and I'm working in a Delicatessen to supplement the great living. I was making 'cause they paid me seven dollars a joke. That was the going rate at the time. And I had my meeting with Lauren. He gives me a job on his brand new show. That was going to premiere in the fall. So this is This spring of seventy five. Oddly enough the same exact week that Lawrence it. Okay like it'd come right for this new show. I was offered offered a job writing the questions and bluff answers for Paul Lynde on the Hollywood squares now in one thousand nine hundred seventy five you look at it and you go. Well wait a second. Hollywood squares is west coast. It's prime time. The whole business is out there. All Stars Have Las Vegas acts and their own variety shows. This is an entree into the business. Where is this Saturday night? Live thing eleven thirty two one on Saturday nights who watches television only angry people who are not getting laid out watching television. Okay it's late night. Which is a lower pay scale? It's east coast lower pay scale. Who Homeless John Belushi? Who were these people and I debated for maybe a second okay and I opted for for snl but that was what the time was like. When you talk about the Pat Boone St- and the Jim Nabors of the world versus this. Yeah that was a market distinction. Why did you make that decision? I mean it's it all sounds great now hindsight being twenty twenty and all but two have you describe it. Why would you go unless you had a feeling that you're going to be a part of? I had a feeling that this was different. This was knew That this was something Brave hadn't been done before I just it was the off Broadway version of what was being done on television and I thought that being twenty four twenty five at the time this was going to speak to our generation you know as opposed to the catskill guys who are like our parents generation went. No I want to speak to people who I can relate to. You know. There was woodstock there was Nixon resigned. There was Watergate you know. And no this would appeal. Lauren had always felt from day. One that our group. The baby boomers are not being spoken to comedic. And let's do it right. I question I've always wondered destined when you start talking about you. Know the difference in the show Biz aspect but the the just the dress and everything I'm gonNA think of it. Was there ever any discussion one way or the other about Dan Ackroyd? Doing Jimmy Carter with a mustache like you. Think about the production that goes into the show now and then like I have a moustache. I'm Carter the mustache. That's just how I am like. Was there ever any discussion about that? If there was a discussion I was okay. I mean he also did Tom Snyder with with a I can't remember when he did Julia Child cutting herself from here data. I don't know mustache no mustache there. I can tell you that no mustache okay. Drew the line there but it was was a discussion now. It just did it then. People accept it it was Kinda laughed about the impersonation. The laugh at Tom Snyder. And all of that OK well think about what Baldwin has to do to to play trump dots. What I'm saying and then I also think Chevy Chase would play. Gerald Ford and Chevy Chase would play Gerald Ford and he wouldn't do anything on a suit and tie he had his hair. Just haven't chase. Kevi saying that he was Gerald Ford Chevy and falling down. What are we talking about here? No attempt whatsoever. I know So we've come a long way you also worked and Co created and produced It's Garry shandling show isn't it? It's Doug Gary Shanley show now. There was no put that in. It's Garry shandling show. It's part of the themes on it's Garry shandling. Show that's right so elevate of that song today. Tell us that story whistling we had we both had the same managers. Bernie Bro Scene. And he had with Brad Grey and they were partners and it was actually the day that we said that the title should be. It's Garry shandling. Show that was gary idea and we went to the elevator to go out. It's about eleven in the morning and Gary. We're GONNA need a theme song. What what what what do you think? And he says well. Why don't we do a theme song about the theme song because if you remember that show it was? It was all about a situation comedy but we played with the form. Okay we spoofed know just whatever Saturday night live did to variety Gary and I had that in mind with the sieve come so he said let's a theme song about the theme song. I will like what and he said well. This is the thing to Gary show the theme to Gary. Show Gary called me up and has to fight can write a theme song and then I said I'm almost halfway finished. Do you like it so far. How do you like to to Gary Show? Then he said this is the to Gary show the opening theme to Gary Show. This is the music that you hear as you watch the credits and then I said I'm almost to the part where I start to whistle. Then we'll watch it's Garry shandling show a whistling and he said this was the deep garry shandling show. We are now in the lobby of whatever building. We was hoping we had a theme song. We said well you know it's been a full day. We went home. I've always been maybe Chris and find that because it made me laugh. I was watching the judd appetite. How the Heck Yeah? Yeah and I. There's nothing better than a than a good By Auto I mean then a good doc especially on someone like channeling so so interesting and complex and kind of bizarre worry see how he came up his early years and his brother and growing up where he grew up in and everything very interesting case but So and I think that DOC is definitely out there that jut appetite. Think of the name of the DOC. Zen Diaries Gary hearing fats. That is that is correct and we were all in it. I remember when Judson me the rough cut and I watched it and I called him and I said you know I like to. I don't know if you remember there was. Hbo Done a documentary about George Harrison. Living in the material world yes and point one was about the Beatles in older footage that we had always seen and all of that and part two was about he as a solo performer and his spirituality and it was it was not dissimilar with Gary was his standup years. Arsons substitute hose through. It's Garry shandling. Show and part two was Larry Sanders and then Gary with Buddhist monks and cross legged and wearing robes and boxing but which he was like a religion to religion to him. The box was like you know baffling wake and I found it really interesting. It is a documentary to watch on. Hbo BY THE WAY STREAMING. Watch it very good. George Harrison is is great. I love George Harrison. And it's another great dock and I love listening to his music So this shandling well. Maybe we'll play that intro. Because it's GonNa Make GonNa make me laugh. What kind of guy was he a guy that nobody really knew? Or how do we describe him like? I don't know Chevy Chase Chevy Chase. Everyone always says that guy is a dish Shandling always feels like unknowable. And maybe Baluchis Belushi like how do we? How would you kind of describe that? And I'll give you guys a base you we we all know people that aren't really that no of all They don't really want you to know them. There's something about them right. Oftentimes Jim Carey. I don't know I don't know Jim Carrey. I don't ever with Judd. Appetizers very noble not tout. Dr Drew's Jess Dr Drew. Mark Barroga's is three mark arrogance. Wish going to cut into this. Yes don't say what I know these guys. If you you know who mark arrogance is just by seeing him on TV too loudly and what was shandling like you know. It's funny because there are those people whether in my career whether was killed a billy crystal you know Larry David The People. I've collaborated with which is in the all in the book. Gary was the one person who is the most complex You thought you may know him but he didn't really he He was meditating long before anybody else was crystals. And let's go to that restaurant because it's got good energy and he spoke a different language back then and he had so many demons. Let me let's start off with the fact that he was Jew from Tucson. Okay right so start. There and his brother died and then his dad died later on and there was so many demons that he had that when we did. It's Garry shandling show. We did seventy two episodes and to this very day people who had worked with them since who had worked with them. Let's say on Larry. Sanders asked me how I survived seventy two episodes because he was difficult and what it was was I. I know you know this when he collaborate with somebody. There's an alchemy. You know that you both respect each other's sensibility. But it's different enough where the product wouldn't the been. That had not done it together. You know I didn't have the ability to do what we did together if I were alone and vice versa. And that's the way it was with Gary. I think that it was a little bit of a resentment that he may have had towards anybody that he needed. And a judd brought that out once and I thought about it. Since and when we finished our show we have to seventy two episodes. We weren't talking heat. He resented the fact that I was married had three kids. And maybe on a Sunday I wanted to go to Disneyland as opposed to breaking story. You know what I'm saying the Gary's life was the show and what the fascinating part to me when I think about it more and more on. It's Garry shandling show. He played a comedian and a single guy named Gary shandling. Thank a matter is in Larry Sanders. Even though he played a character with a different name that was more Gary that the complexity of the Ego the make maniacal nature of going home watching yourself on TV. And maybe he didn't want to really touch it and gave himself another name okay to give the impression that he was acting all right but I think he drew from that. Well we now show. When he called himself Garry shandling. He was skimming along the surface because it was mostly jokes right now. It's a very interesting in and obviously unique perspective. That really no one else could offer up but it isn't. It is interesting that when he called himself himself was in full ellen mode when the cameras were rolling and then when he called himself a different name. That was more the Ellen. We don't see with the cameras rolling in hiding under the safety of a new name. That's interesting I think you're absolutely right. Well you're right Gary Go Rhino Ellen and we have pat food all in the same conversation so far. I think we got a lot of rain. We have the Chris. You have the Intro for the Gary. Sorry for Garry shandling. Show the words for you. Ready set go agri recall Brian. Music you you have one. That doesn't have the cards in the audience. Participation everything is that is there one? That's just a cleaner that has got right thing was from the compilation. Judd might have done or not though we did seventy two shows. There's tons of just straight. We're nothing is on an EASEL. That's what they're like all live so I'll by clean version with lyrics here if you want. That's what I'm looking for. The garish recall may have been asked if I would ride his teams on almost halfway finished audience. How do you like the Garry? Show the garrison the music. Watch the darn thing. We'll watch Garry shandling. Show say this and Alan you chime in but I've always said when you have a good idea you can't write it down fast enough. You can't write down the beats fast enough when people say to me. I had this idea for movie or had this idea for a sketch or had this idea for or something but I can't find it like I can't get it I'd go. It's not a good idea that when you when you when you're in the elevator and soon as you do that break down. The fourth wall with the theme because every theme was Gilligan's island or Alice or the Brady Bunch and they just lay it all them but soon as you come with that interesting twist where the theme is about the theme. You can't write fast absolutely. You're Ademi a thousand percent right. You can't catch up with yourself. Your hope you had hands on your will catch up. Took where you know you're going and you're right. The opposite is true. If you're struggling with something for a real long time it's probably best that you put it aside and move on with your life and maybe you'll have an epiphany somewhere along the line but to sit there for months trying to find to chase something so wasted time and it's not there. Well people do that to go. Have a great idea for song or sketch. More a something. And if you can't find it then it's not a good idea because good ideas sort of propel you the right. They present themselves to. You also did so gary. I've been thinking about this a lot lately. Maybe it's because I'm cooped up with my kids but I've really been really drilling down on difficult people versus easy people in Gary Sound Super Difficult. Now maybe Chevy Chase is just an asshole but not difficult and Judd. Appetizers Nice and easy. Who NAMED FOR EASY TO WORK WITH THEIR EXISTENCE? Eric they're people that are just. GonNa ask wipes but you can still work with them a little bit then the people that are just. They're difficult like every every every encounter with them is. It's almost like you're wrestling with them. Almost every every encounter was was gary difficult that way Gary was very difficult. How to huge heart and you knew that he didn't mean any evil or anything and God was he funny. But you know you sitting in a room with the guy. And he's wearing dark sunglasses in a restaurant or in your home. You can't see his eyes and he would go someplace you right there with them and then he would leave you and you don't know where he is he's sitting in front of you still and then he would circle back with the better job than what you had or a better idea than something to build on. But he was focused was a big problem and he. He was tortured we. I don't know if you went into his memorial We flew out there for a me to speak at it and every one of US got up. It was me Kevin Neal Sarah Silverman Bill Maher Jeffey Hamblur. Whoever got up and spoke the same. We all did the same thing. We quoted Gary Jokes right and then we talk about the complexity of this guy's personality. You had to work at it. It was really really hard when I said when we start doing our show. We weren't talking and we went back in New Jersey where we lived over the summer. After we stopped. We shut down the show. Gary was appearing in Atlantic City. My wife Robin tracked him down on bringing Allen down. They're putting the two of you in a room and you're not coming out until your friends again. You've been through too much. And that's what happened. But even then even then I had to chase him and I had to accept that okay. He's going to return one out of every three phone calls whole respond to one out of every seven emails and everybody had the same sort of relationship with him. Yeah it was personal lies in different ways. But I'm not gonna I defy you to find one person to say oh. This was the easiest time I've ever had with another human being. That's not gonNA happen. Jeffrey tambor and you think about Jeffrey tambor rip torn and Garry shandling. How does that work? I mean truly I I the the mind reels from thinking how that how you get a show done you know something. I don't know 'cause I had the only contribution I gave Larry Sanders was I was a casting for an ill-fated show that I had called Good Sports with Farah Fawcett Ryan O'Neal God. We did this show in one thousand nine hundred ninety two years later. It's twenty eight years later and I'm just back on solid food. Okay was worse and we live calm right. It was a sitcom it was about a two anchor people in an ESPN kind of right. Newsroom thing and it was. It was a nightmare. Were RE reading people for another part and I- Jeffrey came in and he read he wasn't he wasn't right for the part that he read for but I told them to sit there and I went into the other room and I called shandling and I said listen to you still looking for somebody to play his sidekick hank and he said Yeah I said I got a guy who you want. You Might WanNa take a look at and this is a really nice story. I sent Tamboura over to him and not only did he get the job and gave him a boy. It helped his career didn't did every year subsequent to that. The first day of shooting a gift basket would come to the house with wine and cheese and fruit and nuts and the card. That said. Thank you from Jeffrey. It's because he was. It was a very nice gesture on his part. But what you're talking about the complexity of those three people. I never met rip torn. I can only imagine only imagine. Sometimes if I'm up late show watch on one of the channels here in New York. They'll have of old hitchcock's on it where somebody just goes a little bit crazy. And it's usually ripped born about him as he got older he didn't get more sane pilot he completely lost it but still love defending your life boy. One of my favorite movies of all time is did. Tambour at me too out of transparent or something. Is this some story that I'm making up or do you guys have any? Was there. Something there was something. Look it up and then I remember there was like a Qa with the cast of arrested development and they said there were some there was some rough going but look it up. I Us trying to think of Oh so I now realize that. If you want to find out what anyone's up do like if you go what happened to that guy or what happened to that writer like what happened in that produce or whatever if you like him you can say ice working on. Bob's Burgers and no one will ever know you. Don't you don't like you can go? I think he got me to and someone's going to go between working on Bob's Burgers are being metoo. We can explain the absence of any producer writer. Celebrity of the last thirty years. Look what happened to that? Guy? I'll give you the very top sort of intro to an interview. He did with Hollywood reporter. It says in his first interview since facing accusations of inappropriate behavior on set the veteran actor now back on screen and arrested development opens up about what he did quote. I was mean I was difficult. And what he didn't what he claims he didn't do. In one of the most complex cases of the METOO era so he he definitely has feelings about it. the details. I can scan most complex of the era and the metoo McConnell. That's interesting and speaking of difficult he says and I quote I was mean I was difficult. I've realize the least complex. I feel like Bill Clinton would be the least complex and maybe trump as well of the me too like. Hey Chick. We're in Florida. Pay o'clock that chick intern gloomy at just about the least complex. It gets very little digging. You have to do. It's pretty much served up. She's a straightforward exchange in the metoo world the one with Tambour complex him being and transparent makes it very confusing invisibly titillated. So we'll we'll see you can read more of that. I am Kinda kind of curious about that. Also you always know somebody did something. When they claim a lesser charge. Like they go. I may have been an astle. Everyone I work with but I did not fill in the blank. And it's kind of always reminds me of the criminal who goes. I couldn't killed that guy. I was robbing a liquor store. Crosstown AVOCA go almost to something. Just not nothing. Nothing they WANNA hear. So what is that story gene? Are you reading? I'm scanning? This is his interview. So it's a it's a little meandering but I'm going as fast as I can There's mentioned but pat's there's mention of sexual comments but I'm trying to find a good. Yeah it says To The post which never mentioned Tambour by name referred to an employer Who gave her. Pats made quote. Why aren't taking care of him sexually comments and subjected her to listening to his porno. I was depressed. This is the woman that was sort of outing him. I was depressed and thought about suicide when he left that job. The MO The post rapidly circulated among the transgender community and beyond And then it says Barnes a formal former disgruntled assistant. I'm appalled and distressed at this baseless allegation. So this is this is kind of A. He said she said article. I'm looking for something clear. But there's a reason why we don't have the story at the top of our head right. Never seems to be made very clear will also sound like the guy who ran unfinished Arizona from raising Arizona. Unfinished how fines go but when he said I love that thing with FBI guy goes any. Disgruntled Louise Goes Fuck. Yeah they're all frontal. They're not running a daisy farm. Like of course. Your ex assistant is disgruntled. Every assistant is disgruntled. Their in then they leave and they're disgruntled. How assistance work often because if they were disgruntled they still be your assistant. All right should we. Alan and I should give the name of the book laugh. Lines my lie. If helping funny people be funnier available now on Amazon. And while you're getting Allen's book you can pre-order my book. I'm your emotional support animal which you'll be ready to go. I think the sixteenth of June. Why don't we take a quick break and Alan hang out? We'll do the news together right after this.

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