Wed. 1/29 - Brie Bella and Nikki Bella are Both Pregnant and Have Nearly Identical Due Dates


Welcome to the CELEB- news ride home for Wednesday January twenty ninth twenty twenty. I'm your host Kate Raft. Happy Happy Wednesday. Everyone it's really windy in L. A.. Today maybe Miley hard. After smoking her celebratory divorce blunt congrats by the way on the legally finalized Divorce Smiley and Liam today's topic's twelve of Billy Joel's motorcycles cycles got vandalized in a home invasion this past weekend Zach Ephron is dating someone named Halston Sage Brie Bella Fella and Nikki Bella are both pregnant and have pretty much the same due date on a corner. Cova is having another baby within reggae Iglesias Healy Bieber opened up about having a crooked pinkie finger. And we can all think Courtney Cox Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's newfound friendship. Here's what you missed today in the world of Celebrity News. Billy Joel's has got robbed this past weekend. According to TMZ quote the cops say twelve motorcycles and a Home Office on the property had been vandalized and quote twelve motorcycles. I mean that's a lot of motorcycles vandalized that I'd be like a time consuming job. TMZ has yet to report. What kind of vandalizing happened to the motorcycles? And I'm just dying to you know what what happened. Like did someone come in and graffiti the motorcycles or did they smash them what the Hammer did. They like. Take a pocket doc in knife and carve out sing the song. You're the piano man on the side of like one of the motorcycle. I would love to know how exactly they got vandalized. Like what if they melted all the motorcycles into like one giant awesome looking sculpture or did someone just like peel over over. The motorcycles. Like vandalizing could mean so many different things. Did someone take a piss on. The motorcycles did someone on them so much that they can't work now. Oh my God John Sorry for saying that my brain is broken. Apparently Billy Joel is a huge motorcycle. Guy I I should have known that I didn't but now I do. I guess it attracts. I mean you know rich guy you need to have something to collect right. What else are you gonNA spend your money on? TMZ described his love for bikes sustain quote. He's a notorious gearhead and owns a local bike shop with even more vintage motorcycles. On hand. So it's no secret. He could around his native long island that he's got crazy love for his street. Machines and quote Okay Street machines a minister calling calling motorcycles street. MACHINE'S GONNA call every car or bus or motorcycle. A street machine from now on technically my legs are straight machines because like back I can walk on the street with them. The TMZ article also included like an embedded video of billy Joel when he went on Jay. Leno's Garage Raj that Web series that he does in the video. Jay Talks about how billy owns like over a hundred motorcycles and when I was watching the video is like wow like this is really soothing for some reason just like watching too old rich guys talk about different motorcycle brands. I don't know why I enjoyed it. I I feel like I could fall asleep to the sound of Billy Joel. Just saying do Godley. Anyway I hope he can replace the twelve motorcycles. That God vandalized. Something tells me Billy Joel can afford twelve motorcycles but if not hey started go fund me. I'll pay ZAC. Ephron has a new girlfriend with the name so outrageous that I had to read read it re different times to make sure I was reading the right thing. Okay Zach F. France. Alleged new girlfriend is this actress named Halston Sage H yes. That's her real name. And not the name of Manic Pixie Dream Girl who knits sweaters for trees and dreams of running an underground gambling ring and is the main character character in a guy named jared's pilot that he wrote for his college pilot writing class. nope she's named Halston sage and she's an actress Halston. Sage is from that. Show the ORRVILLE. Well she was also on the Nickelodeon show how to rock Halston. Sage are dating now. According to an insider who spoke with US weekly the insider said that they're quote in a serious relationship and in love. They spent the holidays together with part of that time in Santa Barbara and quote. Apparently the pair met when they were both in that movie neighbors in two thousand fourteen and allegedly. They hooked up at the time but then broke up after just a couple of months. Well now. They're back together and rarely they're in love. This news comes on the heels of Zach ending another relationship with Olympic swimmer from Denmark. Sarah Bro Ro. It's unclear when ZAC and Sarah broke up but the source who spoke to US weekly about him in Halston said that his last relationship with Sarah quote just just wasn't working out she came back to La and it never got going again and quote. I love the one two punch of announcing your break-up and new relationship in like one breath via source it's very efficient. Anyway congrats to Zach Ephron and Halston sage just out of curiosity I dated Ed Google to see of Halston sage was her real name and apparently it's pretty much yes or mostly her real name. She was born Halston. Jean sh- rage rage but started going by the name Halston sage when she modeled at the age of fourteen. I feel like if I was fourteen. I I would pick the name Halston sage age. Yeah actually I would pick it now at age twenty nine. I like that name. Should I change my name to Halston sage. There can be two of US right. I could be like the podcast Halston sage and she could be the actress Halston. Sage you know weird twist of events pro wrestling identical twins and stars of the show. Total Bellas Brie Bella and Nikki. Bella are both pregnant at the same time. And they revealed it in a joint announcement for people and the weirdest part of all of this. Is that their due dates. It's our only a week and a half apart. Sometimes the world is weird and this is one of those times like too famous. Identical twins got pregnant at the the exact same time. Like what are the odds. This is breeze second pregnancy. She had a daughter with her husband. Fellow wrestler Daniel Bryan a couple years ago he I just realized Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan both have last names but our first names interesting cassiem smart anyway. Nikki is engaged to her dancing with the stars pro. Artem Shit Vincent and this is her first pregnancy. She told people that she and Artem mm-hmm weren't trying to get pregnant. It just happened. She was previously engaged to wrestler and actor John Cena but they broke things off in July of twenty when he eighteen. The pregnant twins are apparently experiencing identical symptoms. And they're helping each other out and breeze giving Nikki tips on how to be pregnant. And it's just it's so fascinating. The whole people dot com reveal involves a big photo shoot and they sat down into the whole video from comment. Hey congrats play you clip from the sit down interview they did. He knows someone told us today. So like wow you. Guys are only weaken. have parts like you guys are. Having twins wins. Just the twins decide to grow in different rooms and I was like wow was uh Do you ever spend like four hours in a row. Just scrolling aimlessly under phone until you're is about to pop out of your head. Well that happens to me all the time and usually by our three of stocking an instagram influence. Or that I hate. 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They gave birth to twins two years ago and have been together for eighteen years which I didn't realize like in reggae Eh. eglesias and on a Cornucopia have been together for eighteen years who that's a long time especially for celebrities. Liberties Ola magazine got the exclusive on this one. After they obtained recent Paparazzi photos of a clearly pregnant ANA on a yacht within reggae. Ola Magazine wrote quote Larry Hatorah via no I confer model land not tsia Larry Vista manner. They say or lifespan. Publico photos as clue visas their content. They ex any stem interest. This route oven. They wouldn't say you any update less Muhima blend pleurisy. Solis and quote wrote sorry to flex ways. Panish that in English means quote. They are still to officially confirm the news Olot. Spain have published exclusive pictures of the pop star and his partners spending a day on their yacht. The images speak for themselves and quote in the picture on according to Cova looks pregnant. Hey Hey congrats to honor Cordova and in reggae Iglesias and Hey congrats to Ola magazine for nabbing that Papa Razzi Pig Felici that it is you can tell. It's kind of slow celebrity news day when Healy Bieber's as crooked Pinky is one of the top stories. But Hey that's just the the world we're living in and today we have to talk about Hailey Bieber's crooked pinky because guess what she's finally breaking her silence about in an instagram story. Haley cleared up the speculation. About why her. pinky looks crooked by revealing quote. I have this thing called. XTRA DOT Tilly and it causes my pinky fingers to look the way they do. She added quote. It's genetic I've had it. My whole live end quote. She then included a screen. Shot about the genetic anomaly that described the condition as quote. CLEFT hand is a rare congenital present at birth hand in all molly. This condition has been known by several other names such as extra Split hand and lobster claw hand today most prefer to use the term cleft hand and quote. So there you have it. Haley Bieber also known as Haley Baldwin by the way has electro DAK tilly. She concluded included her post by saying quote so in conclusion please stop roasting me about my pinky fingers. And if your loving all the Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt content as of late you can think Courtney Cox for reuniting the uniting the X.'s. And ushering their new era of friendship. According to the sun a source said quote last week Courtney was liking loads of comments on on social media. Related to Brad and Jen still being in love. And Courtney would love nothing more than to see her best friend reunite with the man. She's never stopped loving after after all it was in many ways. Because of Courtney that they reunited she is the reason they started speaking again after their split and quote the sun is reporting reporting. That Courtney Cox is the one who gave Brad Pitt. Jen's new phone number and encouraged the actor to texture and reconcile. I've gotta give a a big shoutout to comments by CELEBS for doing a lot of groundwork here in their initial discovery. That Courtney Cox had liked a photo that he news posted of Brad and Jen at the Sagamore on instagram. Courtney also liked a tweet that said quote they still love each other. No doubt and quote. I weirdly believe this like am I falling for fake tabloid garbage or or. Is this true. Like I kind of genuinely believe that Courtney Cox is pushing for Brad and Jen to get back together like romantically. I mean come on. She's only human like she's a human being a if you have a pulse you want Brad and Jen to get back together. That's the definition condition of being a human being. That is alive. Am I wrong am I wrong. Prove me wrong name. One human being who doesn't want Brad and Jen to get back together I bet even Angelina Jolie wants it okay. Maybe I'm wrong. Actually I have no idea what Anjiang. That's it for today's episode of celebrities ride home. Thank you so much for listening. I've been in Kate Raft. You can follow me at Kate raft everywhere. Hey follow the show. We're at CELEB- ride home on instagram and twitter. I'm going to post awesome pictures on the shows instagram. Today I'm doing full-size pictures in the INSTAGRAM's stories and I'm GonNa do kind of a collage for Ya in the grid. Thanks to ride home media and my co producer and engineer Jack. Allison leave us a review on apple podcasts. If you like like the show I mean don't leave batter views. That's weapons. She knew I mean why. Why okay that's all? I'll see you tomorrow for an all new brand new celeb- news right uh-huh.

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