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Previously the Tony Kornheiser show. We played in I was This this was like mummy. Dearest level stuff on my part like put it out. How Gore like sighing when my kids would like to yeah, I'm I'm the worse I really mad, and then like a a-. My older son who's eleven didn't speak to me. for the last seven holes probe in there, yeah! This is General George Washington, and you're listening to the Tony Kornheiser Xiao all righty then. Michael Kornheiser is here socially distance at six feet across from me and my uncle Benny's table. We're in the dining room of our house on a day that in Washington DC is alleged to get up to ninety five or ninety six degrees, which we haven't seen in a long time. In fact, the last two days have been beautiful in terms of temperature and lack of humidity, but I guess we have gone from that to summer will do. We're going to have three guest today. Because a lot of stuff has happened, and it's just it's better to do it that way in next week. Michael and I will do an actual. And I will have saved up millions of things to talk about, but we want to bring on David Aldridge I. Because David is in the unique position of having grown up. Watching Wes unseld play, and when he grew up, and became a sportswriter at the Washington Post getting to cover a team in which West unsettled was either coach or general manager, and and a fixture in Washington for those of you outside of Washington. I cannot tell you. How giant of figure, literally and figuratively wes, unseld is in this particular area. He is the most accomplished most famous person having to do with basketball here. Spending a career here, you know it's he may not be. Down the road, he may not be as accomplished as Kevin Durant. And had len bias lived? You know he might not have been as accomplished as we don't know these things, but wes unseld won a championship in got to four finals, and the team never did either of those things without wes unseld and David. You grew up in DC you went to the Matha. You had I'm assuming you had to have watched those bullets, teams and rooted for Wes unseld. Oh sure. Absolutely, you know he he was, and this was before. Joe Gibbs got to Washington. So you know the only athletic? Success. Washington teams had with would have been Georgia. Alex teams, you know that got to one super bowl, but lost and made some play-offs in one. You know one a lot of games and certainly turned that franchise around, but. But nothing. Comparable to what West on sell Elvin Hayes and Bobby Dandridge in those great bullets teams did in the seventies. They may four finals in eight years. They finally won one in seventy eight. But certainly were one of the dominant teams in the NBA that for that decade during that decade I mean it was the the new you know. The Celtics kind of rebuilt themselves around Dave cowans and Jo Jo White and those those teams that were very very good. They won that they want to I. Remember correctly in the decade and the Knicks teams that at one in sixty nine. We're still very very good and had great battles with the bullets. Especially when the bullets were in Baltimore before they moved to Washington so throughout that decade, the bullets head competition, but they were one of the great teams in the League back then and West was the focal point as you said he was. It's not close. He was the most important player in the history of that. And certainly the most successful player in the history of that franchise as a player did not accomplish those things as a coach or a GM Some of what was probably his fault, but some of it was not so you know you didn't have that success, but but as a player was was the guy for that franchise. We should talk about them a little bit as As a player in and we'll buy made this point yesterday on PTI that if you look at his career scoring average, it's ten point eight and you think well. How good could he be well? You need to understand that. He patterned himself. He was a center in the mold of Bill Russell that defense and positioning were more important than scoring points. He had other people on that team. That could score points. There's a reason people are voted into the top fifty players of all time because they're. They're great and surpassing players and West unsettled was. You know he was a rock. I mean physically physically. The Guy was just a pizza square. He's just such a rock you and battling all the time against as you know, the laniers and the Kareem's and the Willis reads in a Dave couns all the time giving away height but not giving away girth I mean the tell people how he played God he was. Well he was as you mentioned you know. He probably you know. He was MVP of the League his rookie year, right and rookie of the year yeah. Did that was a guy. We like to call Wilt Chamberlain I know. those are the only two so he certainly could score as his. Physical body kind of broke down yet. Really bad knees the second half of his career he could not shoot and score to the level that he he did earlier in his career, but you're right. His game was not about scoring. Is Game was about? Defense rebounding setting those teeth, rattling picks for players that didn't see him, and even when they did see him come into, didn't matter because he was as you mentioned a wall, he was a square He was Westwood Fat. He wasn't fat. He was just a square. He was a big strong, incredibly strong Guy and part of what I wrote about Yesterday and today was how you know when he was growing up his father. was worked. He was an oiler. I guess if anybody remembers with oilers used to do, and worked in construction for International Harvester and he taught West and his brother how to build houses, and they built a lot of houses, and they laid a lot of brick and mortar, and they did a lot of work on their on their. How on their home terms of yard, work, farm work and throwing a lot of Hay bales around stuff like that and. It's how he got strong, and he was country strong, as we used to say and and was the strongest guy in the league. Probably, and that's what he did he laid. Would on you in back in those days you know the game was much more physical and that was his game. He used to always tell me that. He didn't win games in the fourth quarter. You want him in the first quarter. You know because he would start people in the first quarter, and by the time the fourth quarter rolled around, they were too tired of to keep up with them. and so that was his game and it was a game. In which as you mentioned he let other guys who could score score and he did the dirty work to help him win. He had a relationship the owner of the Washington NBA. Franchise now is not the owner. then. The owner then was a Poland. And the relationship that Poland had. With West unsettled is an I I David I. Don't think I'm stretching it to say that a viewed him as a son. And would never let him leave. Ever I mean. Those were not days of free agency, but if they were in west, so I wanNA leave able to say no, no, no, that's that's not going to happen. You don't see those sorts of relationships between team owners and players. Know anymore because you know, the bullets were one of apes primary businesses. It's not like it is now where you know these these hedge fund. Guys who were billionaires. You know this is just a line item in their company. You know not. They don't have that. That kind of mom and pop relationship. With, not just west, you know dozens of other employees I used to always marvel that I could come back ten years later and see most of the same people who were there ten years ago. dylan their jobs are slightly different jobs. Eight did not like to fire. People kept people around a long time, and in all honesty, probably longer than he should have for. You know considering that the team wasn't very successful for a long stretch of time Again, after West is playing, as they really kinda struggled to to be a consistent winning team but that's how it was, and you know even through. Long through at a different iterations to having that same I should say a similar relationship with a guy like Koran Butler for the end of life. Corron gets very emotional when he talks about how A. You know gave him a contract that changed his family's life. You know what I mean. And he had that kind of relationship with people, and it's just how he was as a person, and we all know Abe wasn't perfect. They did a lot of bad wrong things, too, but he but in the main, he had that kind of relationship, and it was crystallized by his relationship with West unseld to be sure. So, so it is undeniably true that since West has stopped playing, the wizards have never or the or the bullets, ballitser wizards have never gotten to the final. Their success rate is marginal They you know every once in a while. They've done a little bit, but they never had anywhere near the consistency that they had with West unsettled, and he was part of management as coach and GM. I said yesterday on PTI that it made me feel sad because I really admired him as a man and made me feel sad that they didn't have any success when he was either coach Gm. Do you have thoughts on that as to how that happened? Yeah I mean again. It was a combination of things and I was there. You know certainly will. He was a coach him. Directly, and indirectly, when he was GM, and and I like I said I think part of it. You know West that you. You have to take responsibility. The head coach of the GM you have to be responsible for the product on the floor I thought those teams played extremely hard. And they get a lot of the right things that you that you have to do to win games, and that's why they were in a lot of games, but the problem was. They just didn't have enough fallant Certainly in the eighties going into ninety S. you know they did not compete. Compare to the the Celtics teams or the Pistons. Teams of the bowl teams you know any of the really dominant teams in the East you know they. Their best players were guys like Jeff Malone Darrell Walker. And Jeff! Malone was an all star player, but he wasn't. He wasn't an elite player. You know what I mean so. And the guys that they hoped would become elite players. You know guys like John. Williams. Who got hurt and then gained a hundred pounds, and you'll get himself out of the League essentially You know they couldn't recover from those kinds of mistakes and they never were quite bad enough to. Have the most ping pong balls and have the chance to get you know a Alonzo mourning or a shack or players like that could turn things around for them, you know they always seem to wind up taking six or seven or eight in the in the first round would would they could get you know com- googly out. It was a good player, but it wasn't a great player by any stretch of the imagination. You know what I mean so those were the kind of guys that they were getting would never. pull the trigger on the kind of know real big deal that could get them a dominant young player That's that's on West. And that's what management and he became management, so it was on him, and they had the injuries of, but the bottom line is just worn talented enough to beat the the beat, the best teams in the East and and and you know become a playoff contending team I mean my best team. In five years was forty and forty two. That was watermark. Yeah, they had that the government. Government they had one brief moment where they actually were swept by the Chicago Bulls and Michael Jordan in the playoffs, but they played very well, and they had Yogi murison very difficult to deal with the other team standpoint. They had Chris Webber they had you on Howard. They had rod strickland I'm probably leaving somebody out, but there was reason for optimism, and it was completely tube D- Juwan Howard decided he wanted to go to Miami. Deep meaning. They forced them into stay. They gave a Mulligan on that and Weber. I'm no fan I. This is you know I'm just not a fan and it didn't. It didn't work out. You know what didn't and that was the one shining moment. Wouldn't you say well Sir you know that team was very certainly had a lot of potential. looked like it was going to be. You know a very very good team for a Lotta years and again. That's where everybody's gotTa. Take some of the blame on that. You know we're. We're webber and Howard immature back. Then sure they were they made mistakes off the court that did not help them but he was also reactionary. Yes, instead of holding onto to very. Players he's rated Chris Webber in ridiculously bad trade traded young for old and big for small twice. Yeah, and it was just stupid, and instead of you know you know. Whatever you think of David. faulk I've always said they've talked knows what the number is and when he tells you. This is what it's GonNa cost you. You should pay them and not drag it out and he could they could assign. Juwan Howard for four years and twenty four million dollars, and they didn't do that and they let him become a free agent, and he went out and got one hundred five million dollars for Miami so instead of doing what you should have done, which is Faye the money. You didn't do that. You lost you want Howard to. On aid and that's on. You know John Nash GM at the time. not done so those teams it was again combination of immature players and bad management decisions that team up. So you have having grown up here I've been here a long time now over forty years, but you grew up here your whole life. I'm going to assume that. Well I'll wes unseld of the higher stature than say Gibbs and Jergen sin and Riggins, because those guys one super bowls, or or You know. What is the order in your mind in Washington? Sports Pantheon well the only reason. I don't have west on Mount Rushmore in terms of DC sports. Is because you know. The the first big chunk of his career was in Baltimore. In Baltimore from his rookie season through nineteen, seventy, two seventy, three you know, and that's when he was MVP and was rookie of the year, and he was at his hike, physically and on those great teams with. And you know Gus Johnson and Jack Marin and all those teams that seem to got to the finals and seventy one so there's a big chunk of his career where he wasn't here. That's the only reason I don't have that. Rushmore so for that reason. I would say gibbs because gibbs did his work here in DC, and he did it did all of his work in DC. Including the you know three Super Bowl titles in ten years with three different quarterbacks, and all that we all know but certainly as a player you know, West is is. Again the most consequential player in history of that franchise you could certainly put him there with Ovechkin certainly has to be there I would make the case that Walter. Johnson has to be there because his numbers are cartoon usually dominant. Player I would put Josh Gibson there from the homestead grays, and no other people with might have other players. You might make a case for Darryl Green for example, and he can make a case for someone like that certainly but yeah, I mean West is there. He's right there in terms of the biggest. Players, and and as a person I would say Tony. Just you know certainly one of the great people that this that this city has ever had as a representative and as an athlete, and as a person in terms of his honesty and integrity, and all of those things that we say are important. Totally true, thank you, David Talk to you soon, my pleasure Tony Thank. You David Aldridge, boys and girls. You can read his work in the athletic. We'll take a break Torie. Clarke will be with US right nine Tori Clarke next. Yes. That's right Tori. Are you listening? Did I wake you. Know. Return I'm Tony Kornheiser. Listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. 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Get twenty percents off Gramley premium when you sign up at Grammar. Dot Com Slash Tony Twenty percent off. Grammar premium at Grandma's dot. com slash Tony G. R. A. M. M. A. R. L. Y. dot com, slash Tony. This is that Tony Kornheiser show? This is a song. Called, melancholy man, it's from a group called clothing optional. The clothing optional group came to our attention. Via Joe Bartlett of Seattle Washington. whose colleagues son, Dale. is a member of the band of clothing optional and is happy. To be on the PODCAST, although it doesn't sound like he knows. US Nigel it doesn't sound that way. Not overly familiar now right? It's a surf rock band from Everett Washington ever. I believe the Washington Post used to own the Everett Herald which was the newspaper in that town. It's gotTA. Disposition, favorite optionality and clothing, and the Enduring Sater's for all that is buoyant. It's a little bit over my head, but I do when I walk in the neighborhood I. Do see a A decal on a car that says surf naked so I guess clothing optional has something to do with that. They play in Torie Clarke and as we always ask Tori wear argue. In the beautiful Commonwealth of Virginia. Okay! And how? How's everything out there in your in in Rieger land as we like to call it? Rieger Land Yeah when you Rieger God bless. Quickly reached the place. That Patrick from the little in of Washington took a few years to reach which is about a third of the people in Rapahannock County Lover. About a third of them hater and and yeah. Yeah but yeah, so out there and our little quarantine family is doing well. It's Kinda be. It's become the new normal everything that's happened the last few days obviously is. Think holy crap. What's going on? But in terms of working and getting along and Bryan I joined the time with our kids. It's going pretty well, so you wouldn't. You wouldn't think that you'd WANNA pandemic to force you into this circumstance, but now that you're forced into it. It's good. For US good all right? Something's not so much, but for very good. So I wanted to talk to you about something that I have been doing it's this is so self-indulgent I think people will be happy about that. You pay until fortunate. No I'm not doing anything like that. Oh God! No, no, no, no, no, I'm not learning how to play the guitar either no I'm not. No I'm drinking. I'm drinking a lot because I don't go anywhere. Which is fine? Do you know the name of a chef Roberto donut that yes. Yes. So he is a big time chef. At one point. He was a James Beard Award winner in the Middle Atlantic region. This is an if you're involved in cooking. This is an enormous honour. Right I mean we all agree about that? So he had a bunch of restaurants. Some did well was called. Galileo did very very well for a while. Anyway, my friend Daryll, Clark came to me. a couple of weeks ago. And we were just talking about food, and he said by the way Would you be interested at all in in signing up for food from Roberto Donor? I said, what do you mean and he said he cooks listen to this tour. He cooks five meals a week. There are no substitutions. He cooks what he cooks. Each meal is a self contained meal. These are usually meals for four, and each comes with a soup with a soup, and the soup is for five or six I mean there's a lot of soup. I have been doing this for a couple of weeks. Now intend to do it for a little while longer at least and giving Michael Some of the soups and some of the dishes right? Yes, and you've enjoyed these things soups fantastic. Yeah, and so I'm going over there on once a week and I'm picking up this food. And I'm you know it's a delight for me and I find out that this is now how Roberto Dona. is making a living. And so. Daryll Clark said you know he needs to have people do this. He needs to have people. Sign up so what I'm saying on the air with Tori. Not and I'm not looking for. You couldn't do it obviously, because you're out in in Virginia. But if there are people who, seriously from this area from the Washington DC area story could do it in drive in for the. Wanted to get involved with this. If you wanted to get involved with this, you should email us I mean seriously and Nigel will look at your emails and I mean, but it's you know I feel like. I've I feel. So. Happy to do this. You know I mean you. You have to cook the meals. You have to warm them. You have to follow instruct. Follow Instructions which you get, put the food's great, and it's what what I'm getting at. Is it stuff and this is sort of what I'm getting to where you are now? It's stuff that I would not normally eat I don't like eggplants. I hate eggplant. I Hate Pumpkin. He made a pumpkin soup. That was great. He made an eggplant soup. Though you know what I'm saying, I'm doing things that I never would do under these conditions and I'm enjoying it. I think that's very true for a lot of people and we started in every conversation saying. Look this pandemic is not good obviously, and there are a lot of people. Suffering tremendously, however were doing things that we wouldn't have done otherwise what aspect of it so gives you the joy is it the food itself is that you're getting it from the famous chef? What is it that you enjoy about it? I enjoy all of it. I I think what I enjoy most is. It's really good. Okay. It's really good and again it's I never would have. Tasted this I look you know me pretty well. I had seen Wa and Kale last night I. would normally but I looked down on everybody. Who would eat that? What you would consider pretentious chef nosing no more rustic family style. Yes, and actually what I think so I think you really liked. Is You like the bounty of a new like handing it out? You like sharing it, so you make sure you check with Liz? What do you like on this menu? I think that's what's great and you look at you. Look at this model because he also has a restaurant. That's closer to me down by called. And and you just wonder. What are some of these neighborhood restaurants? GonNa look like in this model could be something that we see more of where you start. That is have these subscription lists you see this with with farms who are making deliveries to say, you can buy into this because there is. A substantial cost, but it's keeping you out of the store and it's and it's putting food on. This is sort of the same. You know as giant peapod. Some. It is food. You don't have to go, get it. It's not the same as giant peapod because this is really really great, and it's a little bit different, but. I'm mean you know what I mean Tory. It's really cool. To Michael's point, these restaurants are going to have to come up with new models, because if when they get to open up again there at twenty five percent or even fifty percents of their previous capacity restaurants operate I last time I read something. They operated on a three to four percent profit margin before this, so they're not gonNA survive just on the people coming into the restaurants, or they're going to have to create more opportunities like this, but the reason i. ask you what you enjoyed is about a week ago. Fan Daughter and I were driving back from the going out provisioning hunting and gathering food for the family. And near Spiritual Ville, there's a little place called Hopkins Ordinary, which is a BNB kind of place, and they had opened up their back area than Nice Garden area. There's five or six picnic tables. They have a little brewery there as well and you could go, and it was very carefully quarantine Santosh. You could sit at your table and have a beer and we drove by, and we saw a few people there. We got very excited at seeing other people, and we agreed that we were going to go in there and get a beer, not telling anybody else in the family that we stop. And we sat there under a tree and had a beer, and I just had so much fun just looking around and seeing other people, and they were fifteen feet away, and you kinda wave and lift your glass, and we got so much joy out of just seeing other people, because it's pretty much the seven or eight of us for now. I i. mean my sense is. What did I really like to do in my life? One of the things I really liked to do was go out to eat at a restaurant. That's going to be the last thing I do I'm sorry. I don't WanNa be I don't want to sit down and be served with someone by someone wearing a mask and gloves I'd rather I'm now. You know I'm not cooking this food myself. Caroline I are heating this food ourselves with with very specific instructions and I. Feel like I did about blue apron that I really sort of enjoy it I mean I have a part in it, and then I get to have it and I. Don't I don't want to go to a restaurant and a lot of people what I WANNA do is be able to go back to the Jim at Columbia and work with Helen. That's coming around either. I don't know that is. Don't you? Could Cause I know you're such a big Zumur you could restaurants are doing zoom dinner party, so you say five or six of your friends all decide Thursday night. We're going to have zoom dinner. Party and the restaurant sends Nick prepackaged pre-prepared food to each of the homes, and then you prepare it. Together via zoom does nothing could be more attractive than watching people show food interfaces. On Zoom. Zoom is creepy. I'm sorry it's creepy from me I don't i. don't like, but but what you're getting to is is. Restaurants are going to have to change. They're going to have to mutate into something different. They are a lot of things are. It's almost more. It's getting more into not more, but as much about entertainment and providing people with these opportunities, then being a restaurant as we've always thought of them as restaurant because they can't come back and think they've survived the way they did before the pandemic. Can I ask you a political question based on everything you did for your life's work for a while working in the Republican Party of course, are the locust coming next to our political world? Yes. It feels like we're fraying it it. It feels bad. Maybe that's just a function of my age. What happened to people who stood up on principle in the Republican Party? What happened to them John McCain was probably the last, and he's dead. Last time I checked run No, they've been gone for a long time. They've been gone for a long time there. You know fifteen twenty years ago. I sound like an old person and I say this, but I think a lot of people. Up there. Today would agree fifteen twenty years ago. You'd say okay. Who are the profiles in courage and people with five six seven eight nine ten names right? You cannot do that now. You can't do it now. You just can't. and especially with everything going on in the last week. After, George Floyd I. This is different. I realized. We've seen the movie before. David Aldridge and Mark Stern and I talked about the the night. We've seen this movie before talking specifically about police killing a black man, and we've seen the protests and seen the outrageous. Excuse me. We've seen that we have to change. And it's reached a level and adept a diversity I. Use that word specifically of outrage that we haven't seen before. And so sad as it is, there is a part of me. 'cause I'm always the eternal optimist. There's a part of me that says maybe this time will be different, and maybe this time people really will take action and the action to your original question. That I. Think can be most practical and most meaningful. Most helpful in the next few months is getting off. You're happy. You know what's in voting this fall. That can make a difference that can make a real difference. And, so I hope something positive comes of this, but I really really. I fear what might happen after the elections this fall if a certain person is reelected I think we're then I. think it's a serious world of hurt. Because not only will you not have profiles of courage wanting to seek public office? You're not gonNA anybody. Who wants to seek office? Other than people have nothing better to do, so I worry I'm a I'm hopeful, but I worry. That's fair to be hopeful and worry at the same time. That's where every day we do. PT Wilbon an IRA in that position. You hope things start back up. But you just worry about. What's really going to happen I? Thank you so much for being on. It's always a treat for me. Voices Michael Your phone call. Return my text. Love, you guys by Tori Clarke Boys and girls. We will come back with Tim Kirk Kurkin who will explain what's happening in baseball at mutates every single day as another new plan is leaked I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. Do you guys know a thing about June gloom. Well, if you don't, you're gonNA feel this afternoon. When the heat and humidity finally did you see? Is this said simply because it rhymes, that's ridiculous. What could possibly be gloomy about Junie? Let's walkers birthday month. There's nothing gloomy about that. The Sun is out birds chirping. You'll probably get tan walk into your mailbox. Where if you're lucky, you'll find incredibly soft undies from me. Me UNDIES. How do we get there? Just wait and here's where they want me to motivate your audience with a bold statement. 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By Sean Paul in Omaha Used to work with a band called Eric from outer space. And is now working with the band. A new band called the Sung's S.. U. N. K. KS, not the skunks, but the Sung's and that song is entitled Dear. Judy are we playing the song and I just don't hear it. There is okay. So always nice to hear the music. It's always nice didn't hear that no I was talking over it. I guess and was muted in my ear. Tonight is I've got that. We're tinnitus whatever but it comes and goes as we know. And I'm not worried about it. Just Watch your sodium. Yeah, so if if you want to send us your original music, how do you do it? Michael Music by emailing it to Jingles at Tony showed dot com, and a reminder at the end of the podcast, or you can just stop with us right now and go straight to the end, and you can hear the songs in their entirety Tim. Kirk joins US now. It's a pleasure for me to have tim and to ask him a I should I should say Tracy Roberts. And I, R- dear. Friends and Tim and Tracy Roberts. Our dear friends I'm trying to coordinate a dinner situation where we can use this great food from Roberto Dona, so we have to do that but that's my plug to bring tim over for dinner every single day. A new baseball plan is leaked to somebody and so when you talk about it the first day you rest assured that the second day there's a new plan. Today is a Wednesday. We talked about a plan yesterday. Is that plan still out there or is there already a new plan? Well Tony I don't often do this, but I need to talk about West on sell if I Have Not Diane David Honor We. Aldridge, is, do you yesterday? You guys were great? Okay, but that was my wheelhouse growing up, I went to a basketball camp. Came to the camp. He threw a ball off. The backboard caught it in midair, and before he hit the ground, he threw a two handed. Pass over his head. That hit the backboard on the other end of the court he's. out the greatest outlet passer ever one of the most underrated players ever and Kevin Locker who was a guard on that team was once asked when he stops running on the fast break. Knowing West can't get it to him. And he said when I reach the other end line. Because any other moment, the ball might appear like a howitzer. That's how great that outlet pass was and to be. Be as dominant as he was at six seven, and a half the greatest basketball player ever to play in Washington DC I just had to say that I'm sorry I rarely do these things. No, you know. There was a statistic that we were told yesterday and I don't know that. We got it into the show that he has more rebounds than anyone in basketball history under six eight. Yes, he was, and he played at a time. You pointed this out beautifully yesterday, guarding huge man, and because she was so unbelievably strong and had the biggest, but you've ever seen at knew how to use that big button. Those giant legs of that incredible strength I, just hope everyone understands who we lost this week. Because he was that great, so let me let's go back. How old were you at this camp? While I was. About twelve years old and I'm just gonNA. Guess that at this camp. You were not then six feet tall, right? Yes well at that time I was about four feet tall, but the point is as a teenager. That's was my wheelhouse for really watching basketball when the bullets were really good, and he was in the middle of it, and he came to the camp and showed everyone how to make an outlet pass a billion other things, and it was just breathtaking to watch, so you must have at that point in time, and we all have a memory like this. Wesley, on sell must have been the largest uman being you had ever been in contact with. Of course and again seven and a half, and whatever two hundred closer to three hundred was just so big, and so wide, and understood what leverage was all about which is so important to rebounding especially in the NBA, and he understood all of that he set the meanest hardest screens of all time. He was such a great defensive player to be able to guard Kareem Wilt Chamberlain and these guys who were five six inches taller than him, and he was able to do it because of his knowledge and understanding of what leverage meant in the lane. He's a great great great great player that thank you for that reminiscence can I get back to sorry the baseball. No, the baseball plan. Is it still are we still what seemed to me was we were at the stage of finding a number of games that the rest of it they it seemed like they could make a little progress on the rest of it or my wrong, yeah. No you're right and this one this latest idea from the owners. Hasn't been soundly rejected yet. which is a good sign, 'cause? It's only been a couple of days, but it hasn't been rejected yet. And this is what I think and I'm guessing Tony after people. I'm talking to that. We're going to play a sixty game season. Which I said a couple of weeks ago, when a when a source told me look the owners, WanNa play sixty games. That's the best they're going. Going to be able to get. They're going to get an extended postseason. That's where they make all their money and with only sixty games. They don't have to pay the players as much. This is how it's going to work. That was two weeks ago. I was told that and it looks like that's where we're headed at this point now. Of course, the Union has to agree with this and everything has to. Go along smoothly from here which never happens, but this has given me at least a little bit of hope that we might have season truncated and all it's interesting that that the owners went back to the deal they signed in March, which was a prorated salary for every game that is played which the Union really wanted, but on the other end. What they're saying is yeah, but we're not gonNA. Play that many games, so you're not going to get that much money. You'RE GONNA get half, but. But you're not going to get that. Much I figured it would be bargained up to about well I if you play. If you play in your League League still exists. You have fourteen other teams in your league. If you play them all five times, that's seventy games right that seventy right there, and if you'd say, give one more game to each team in your division that seventy four. I thought it would. It would fall out around seventy to seventy five, but you're. You're right there at sixty. Yeah and again Tony he could be seventy five. It could be fifty five. It could be sixty. It's just not going to be one hundred hundred fourteen. At this point I don't think it's going to be eighty two either, but I know the owners and Major League Baseball essentially saying look, we agree to something in March that we're GONNA pay you for every game that we play and it's going to be pro rated, and we're not gonna cut you anymore than that unless they're no fans in the stands now baseball is saying we are going to pay you for every game that you pull and there will be no second pay. Cut here, but we. We will control the number of games that we will play, and that's where the middle ground is going to have to be found so the other day when Gary Bettman announced that they were going straight to the playoffs and are twenty two teams in this that and the other thing Gary Bettman made a point I didn't even know Donald. Fear was still alive and doing this, but he made a point of thanking the NHL Players Association and the NHL Players and it seemed to me actually sincere. I don't see that in in baseball it. Doesn't you know what I mean? There seems to be actual hardcore animosity there. And there there has been forever. Tony I mean I've told you covered the eighty one strike Marvin. Miller screamed at me a couple times during that because I didn't know what I was doing. Greedy, screen screen of wants the the ranked court was unbelievably high back then, and it wasn't a whole lot better ninety four when we lost the world series. It's better today. Believe me, but it's still not good, and it's never going to be good. Under the current situation, and that's part of the problem is these two sides need to be incomplete collaboration to save the season? They need to be best friends to save this and they're not. They're not even close, but it's not as bad as it was in nineteen eighty one, so you know everybody talks to everybody. I talked to. You talked to Richard Justice. Somebody else talked to Bob. Nightingale. Somebody talks to Jeff Passan something talks Kenny Rosenthal and everybody says the same thing that you know it's not a good working situation, and has got to be a lot of compromise and I go well. Are you optimistic or pessimistic, and they always say we're optimistic. You you right, you're optimistic. Youth think there's going to be a season. I do Tony with. Great. And again this is all dependent after they get the finances straight. If they get the finance straight that the country and local municipalities and the federal government and everyone else is going to allow this to happen if there's any sort of outbreak again, and there's not going to be a season, but I am mildly optimistic now that we're going to play because rob. Manfred was there when there was the world series was cancelled in Nineteen ninety-four. He's one of the few guys totally involved in this who understands the damage and the danger of having a work stoppage, and a season wiped out. Most of our players have no. No connection to this? They haven't been a part. Thank goodness of a work stoppage. They don't know what a strike is about. They have nothing to lean on when it comes to that. Whereas in ninety four, a Lotta guys remembered eighty one how bad that was, and in two thousand into they remember nine, hundred, ninety four. How bad that was I think rob Manfred saying we're not GonNa let this happen. The country needs us. We're GONNA find a way to do this and I'm mildly optimistic that we are going to find a way. I'll get you out of here on this, and let's just say it's sixty. And let's just say as we probably believe in our hearts, not just a second wave of the virus, but what is going on now in terms of protests, people will get it. Carry it back to where they're from. And I think we're GonNa see you'd spikes. In the next two to three weeks from the opening up of of businesses, and from the gathering together of so many people. Let's say they try to start. What if they have to shut it down? One of the players say you know what it's too risky, and because it would be it. We really risky. I think if they shut it down. Let's say we're just guessing Tony. Let's say they start August first. And then there breakouts, outbreaks, and on August the eighteenth they say are. We gotta shut down for two more weeks. Then you shut down the season. And you just say sorry. This didn't work. Adam. Wainwright is really smart Guy Pitcher for the cardinals said if we have to shut it down, we need to shut down the season. That's why it's absolutely critical that we know where we are where we get started, so we don't have to shut it down because baseball is not a sport that you can just shut down and start back up two weeks later. It doesn't work that way so you, so you mentioned August. Is that what you're thinking as a start date August? Yeah. I think they're gonNA. Start out again, Tony I'm guessing if you're going to six games, you start on August. I play thirty games in August. Thirty and September extended play offs in October and done October thirty first. That's what I think is going to happen because they don't WanNa play past October, because they're fearful that the spike is going to return in November and December and they don't want to be playing when it gets potentially extra dangerous. Thank you, Tim, thank you, thank you. Thank you and we're going to have dinner we're going to have. Okay. Tony Thank you. Tim Coaching Boys and girls. We'll take a break. When we come back. We'll have email and a new jingle. That looks great to me. I'm Tony Kornheiser. You're listening to the Tony Kornheiser show. You and he was a cab. Tenders Literacy at five got this street each. Echo nor chase to Westmont remember. Back in ninety, two nine three. Seven gene to three seventy. Left. Doyle's and you try to. God knows why I'm still listen. I'll lead Winnie you. Look involve nominee sports show but this. Can't and So. And You. Just little. Share data. This is brilliant at Steve Lift in Springfield Virginia. WHO said I've been wondering for twenty five years, which dirt road would get me from one seventy one to camp, huma information for lives is talking about me and find Sandra me, and everybody else in. It's the Bruce Springsteen song human touch. It's absolutely brilliant, absolutely brilliant so thrilled about that. That will do it for us today before we get to the mail bag that somebody say name the rascals. Okay I'll name the rascals. Eddie Gotti Felix. Cavalieri Dinelli Gene Cornish. Thank you. You're welcome. Thank store guests today. The athletics David Aldridge ESPN's Tim Kirk Torie Clarke thanks as well to our sponsors. Grammar, Leonides and remember you can listen to us on Apple PODCASTS spotify. Google play radio DOT COM. If you get the show, I tunes, please leave us a review. What I like most about the song was the reference to the hundred year old egg or twenty year old. Old Egg 'cause they would take these eggs hard, boiled eggs and stick them in in from Malda Hide, and they turned red on the outside, and you would pick them out and eat them and I've done that a few times in my life and it's frightening. Here's a great email from dusk. Janssen, the senior winery ambassador Matama embassador at Willamette valley vineyards. It was a wonderful surprise hearing from you if you received the care package I sent I. Hope You. An said it arrived. T one May twenty-first. which is her birthday? I hope you've been enjoying the selection I put together. You know how to reach me when you need replenishment. If any of your fellow listeners are interested in experiencing, will lammert valley vineyards wines. I will honor a twenty percent discount for them using the Promo Code Hashtag W V v Willamette valley will lamb valley vineyards madame when ordering online or call me the winery directly. I'd be happy to make a personalized recommendation. Isn't that great? Great from Madam Ambassador Dusk Jensen. That's for everybody. That's a free gift was not free, but it's a great discount caller up. Caller up just talk. From Jeff Jeffrey toll brief note to just say thanks for providing a familiar and welcome presence in my life for many years I'm a fellow survivor of seven decades and Long Island native from East islip on the south. Shore where I grew up delivering the daily paper to the palatial hideaways, various mafia bigwigs when I find this memories is going with my family to the competitions were various town fire departments perform feats of daring due to the of onlookers to this day, I still here in my mind. The announcer crying on the line Lyndon Hurst than watching the team. Try to beat their fellow firemen's Times. Hearing you're. You're familiar accent and phrases brings me great comfort during my seemingly endless incarceration. I don't have an addict like you so I'll probably end up dying in my man cade. Thank God for comfortable oversized recliners from Greg. Matusik Dr Ron Thank. You I cannot say it any simpler. Thank you for continuing the show from your uncle's table. During these tough times, the podcasts puts a smile on my face. From Lisa Cone Damani in Bethesda I've been a loyal listener for years since back in the ninety S. when you're on local radio, my dad never had son, so my sister and I were raised as you. Sports fans with season tickets. All the local teams I tended the bullets championship in the seventies celebrate the Redskins in high school, and then attended northwestern university where I was a cheerleader and witness the infamous Owen. Eleven season of one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty nine. I lived in France and Switzerland for years. Years before the podcast and I was thrilled when I moved back to rediscover you, as you can imagine I especially enjoy northwestern coverage now that they're sports have caught up with their academics. I have an engineering degree from northwestern I worked in consulting for many years after staying home with my four kids for ten years I launch a successful travel business until the arrival of Covid I'm writing you today because after spending three months being strand, bringing strands, stranded travelers, home and canceling a full year's worth of vacation. I got my first new request for travel. Knowing that domestic drive distance travel will come back I, I've been spending a lotta time learning about where you can get to easily from the Washington DC Area I was surprised when one of my clients from California reached out for a chip to where else but the Willamette valley before last week I would have been calling it Willamette, and that will admit dammit, and I would've had no knowledge of the stunning Pinot noirs. They produce thanks to this show. I sold it like a rock star a good. Is that Kenny land in Jackson Tennessee? I heard you talking about Dave Spectra Dave. Specter's from bells up winery send. Send you some wine? See the same guy with a wild hair who is known for the wall of wine back in the sixties. That's funny. That's a Phil Spector reference. That's funny Robert Sullivan and falls, Church Virginia. There's an easy way to tell whether you have would be carpenter bees if you find empty miniature beer cans and pizza boxes strewn around the area. Then you have carpenter bees. However, if that were the case, there's no doubt you have included that in your complaints. Since you did not, we must assume you actually have. Would bees from Tim Logan in Saint Petersburg I. Don't usually listen to songs at the end of the podcast. However I was. was doing yard work and they played to my work. Jessica. Mitchell is really good better than the word you used yesterday when this was a few days ago I purchased are songs on Itunes and I'm not a country fan. Thank you for introducing something new from Xavier. Lacarriere I'm confident. You've seldom received an email from a French person. Living in Paris I'm a longtime fan of and of your podcast as a teacher of English as a second language in college, listening to a doctor of letters talking about sports. It's a precious source of knowledge for me. I have often had to double check words from what's the word over the years my all time favorite being. Being avuncular SORTA like your uncle. My love for American culture began when my parents booted me on a plane in nineteen, eighty, nine to fly to Maine to go to summer camp, though I couldn't speak a word of English since then I spent eleven glorious summers, both as a camper and council for three decades and watched every Super Bowl NBA finals in world series quite an achievement when you think of the time difference, you and I also share a weakness for wind, retreating into good battle here in Paris seems very unlikely. Given your legendary fewer flying. Let me know if you ever find the strength or the right amount of pills to make it across. The Atlantic. Please give my best to Michael. Wilbon. WHO affectionately call the Chicago, King of name, dropping and Nikko Wafers are back. Right Nigel that's right. We seven fire of Ponte. Vedra, beach in Florida says that the nickel wafers are back and she. She enclosed US pictures of that. Do I have time to just do one more of course do we have the music playing? Because I can no longer hear it because I'm talking about these, it gets stopped. We've got this. Is Richard Lease her lesson? I write to ask your help. In the Department of helping little's cater works one word cater with a K. and works with an e belongs to Melissa and Ray Monday of Augusta Georgia. You may have seen Melissa featured on ESPN DOT COM and a recent piece by Tonja Malinowski about sports, dependent businesses negatively affected by the pandemic there. She shares that cancellation of Masters Week means the loss of twenty five percent of our annual business. If any liberals in the Augusta area are needing are in need of a catering service in the. The future. Please check out Keta works Melissa's the older sister of my best friend. She used to Babysit for me and my siblings almost forty years ago in Frankfurt Germany. We're all military brats. She's a great person I know that she enraged. Do a tremendous job. The email address for Kedah works is Keta works and Ktar. WER KS com, a wishing you and the crew. Good Health, so that's I mean that's nice that that sort of closes the box on this because I started with Tori about Roberto Dona. What you find and I'm sure this is true for everybody. The more you stay home, not that you don't like your family because she ended up liking your family, love your family. It's more important if you like your family, but what becomes important if you're not going out a lot food in your own home. Food in your own home becomes very important. I've I've done a lot of grilling I'm good at that but I'm no chef and so to get other food and just enjoy. It is really good I know that sounds sort of one percenter, and I apologize for that, but I'm sitting in this house. A lot and I do have to eat, and rather than just have a ham and cheese sandwich. Something a little bit nicer than that has been great so i. hope all of you. That's my wish today that all of you find good food over the weekend. Right if you're out on your bike tonight, everybody as always do wear white, but we don't have the puts for to do it. Non. Odd. saw. This small kiss. Needs. Kim. So. Don. The. Off. Is. And soon again.

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