Happily Never After


True. Crime brewery contains disturbing content related to real life crimes. Medical information is opinion based on facts of a crime and should not be interpreted as medical advice or treatment. Listener discretion is advised. Welcome to true crime burry. I'm Jill and I'm dick Julie Miller met Dennis Bullock through a newspaper ad and she fell hard for him. He seemed like the answer to Oliver problems s a successful executive approaching her thirtieth birthday. Julie was ready to get married. Dennis seemed like the all American guy. Good looking and described as soft hearted insensitive by his former girlfriend's just four months into their marriage. Emergency responders were called out to a fire at the bullocks home amid the charred debris. They found a body duct tape to a rocking chair the face was burned beyond recognition. This is a case that took place before match dot com or Tinder Julie was attractive successful in her career. But she was socially immature, and she was very lonely. She wanted someone to spend her life with and to perhaps start a family of her own. Denis Bullock seem to check all these boxes for her. But he had dark side that she didn't see if there were signs or clues to a darker side of Dennis Julie may have overlooked them because more than anything she wanted to be married. So we'll talk about this as well as the histories of Julie and Dennis in today's episode happily. Never after the murder of Julie Miller, Bullock. So I picked a beer just for you today. Thank you. What is it? It's called fuzzy brewed by side project brewing in Maplewood, Missouri. It's an American while so one of your lovely sours wonderful. This one is a kind of a cloudy, amber colour with a tiny Whitehead. Just disappears pretty rapidly pretty nicely. Carbonated beer like a lotta while deals. It's got a view the full peachy room and a tiny bit of that stuff. You don't like so much the funky stuff. But I think I like funky stuff is lungs. It's not real salty. Like, what are the salty ones? Poza goes. Yeah. Sometimes those are two salty. Yeah. Now, this this is just the little bit of funk too. Great at a beautiful taste nice tart, peach taste, very subtle. Very good. Great beer to drink. If you like sours, which you do idea. So I'm going to take this down to the quiet end and open it just for you. All right. That's something that you can share if you wish or Haag it all to yourself. Okay. Let's open it. Okay. Nice stayed the quiet end. I think soon will be able to do some outdoor drinking your the weather's warming of. Oh, you would know that by today? It is morning. Yes. And yeah, I think opened up the deck, and we can do some of the stuff outside. I like to do that. Then we can bring the dogs along as well. Sure. If they're not a pain in the ass while. Yeah. Sometimes they are. But if you buy French fries and take him for a walk. They're they're nice. And we don't have to share a byu now. No. So as a child. Julia was easy to love shoes. Eager to please parents. And she is in his this adorable. Little blind the pixie haircut and big blue eyes as an adult Julius say that her father only gave her attention when she is in trouble. That's an interesting comment, isn't it's very interesting. There's something going on there. Yes. Now, her father was much older than Julie's mother, and is almost sixty years old and Julie was born. So he gets home from work in evenings. He didn't have much energy to play with Julie. And her little brother Carter Miller junior who came later, although Julius mother would blame Carter senior for being coal two children. Julie grew up blaming herself. After all she tried to do everything perfectly to earn his love. She had a collection of dolls which you father had brought home from his business trips. And she kept them in tidy rose up on our shelves in. Hurt room. She cleaned the room without being asked. Now when she was a teenager, the family moved. She liked the new neighborhood. The Miller's house was a four bedroom. Two and a half bath, colonial on a wooded cul de sac now hadn't been easy moving from Brentwood, which is a middle class suburb of Saint Louis across the country to New Jersey, she had to change schools as a thirteen year old which many teams would fight and resent their parents for but Julius to take it all in stride. Julia was a people pleaser through in thrill till around detriment many times. I remember the time when we moved from South Carolina to main our youngest who has. Yeah. Fourteen thing she was a pain in the ass. It's very upsetting. When you're that age for most kids in most traumatic events you've ever had. Absolutely. So in the Miller's, I moved to New Jersey, Julie attended Perot. Okay. Schools. Our Lady of the valley and later depaul highschool. She wanted to transfer to a public school because she really hated how strict and regimented they were this was her only rebellious act in the late nineteen sixties and early seventies. And Julie fit in at the public high school immediately. Like, I said she was a real people pleaser in very easy to get along with the caption beneath her high school, senior yearbook picture read, a very simple book with very large print and very easy to read. So not exactly what a woman wants to hear her. Or has put them he kind of is who wrote whoever was in charge of the yearbook committee. Yeah, wells, we've learned lately these yearbooks are not while monitored back in the seventies eighties growing not. But Julie was above average looking really she was petite kind of curvy. She had beautiful skin peaches and cream complexion. Big blue is a little kind of Sandra. Dino's they described it as and she wore her blonde hair long and straight which was the fashion at the time. But unlike the hippies of her generation, she was meticulous about her appearance her clothing and even her belongings. She was never wild and she never experimented with drugs or alcohol or sex. She did have a steady boyfriend, but that relationship was more friendly than lustful. I'll she wanted really was the American dream of that era and nice husband children and home of her own. So she was a little bit old fashioned. Jill learn too. So. A young age and she decorated her bedroom all by herself making her own bedspread with matching curtains and pillows, she did have some sleepovers with her best friend, Laura where the girls would get into Julius twin beds, and they would talk in the dark about what they wanted for their futures who they were going to marry what they would name their children. How many children they would have also what careers they wanted. Julia was always vague about the specifics. But she wanted a nice home was the way she put it. Pretty generalized. Yes. So one of those nights about two in the morning. Julie's mother Mary. Jane woke the girls up by pretending to be a ghost with sheet over her head in the bedroom. Doorway and great way awake. The next morning Mary Jane, let the girls try jewelry. So she had a pretty impressive collection jewelry for middle-class mom, and it would all be Julie's Wedneday to some Mary. Jane seemed almost too close to Julie. Whenever Julie had any problem. She'd run to her mother her friends, let her mother overprotected her. There's also the thought though that Mary Jane was possibly reacting to something sinister in the family kind of overcompensating by people would say looking back some people twenty years later. Julia was admitted to a psychiatric ward where she told her caretakers something traumatic it happened to her as a child it changed her entire life. She said ruined it. In fact, a Mary Jane never mentioned any abuse to her women France, but she did complain that her husband and her daughter did not get along. So this is all kind of nebulous stuff it is. And it's the kind of thing that unfortunately would have been kept secret in a lot of homes. Well, if you're talking about sexual of us, that's a possibility certainly would have been well, she felt emotionally distant from her father for whatever the reason. So she and her brother became quite close. Carter Miller senior was in his fifties. When he married the thirty three year old, Mary Jane, and that was in nineteen fifty three he was an air force captain during World War Two and he'd come to Saint Louis as a fabric buyer, Mary Jane, quit her job as an office supervisor right before the wedding. And the reception was held in the house where Mary Jane had grown up. Then Julie was born in nineteen fifty four just seven months after her mother's wedding. Well, we'll will. So could have been a pregnancy induced marriage as we call it certainly could have been there's no mention of her being premature infant now that sounds reasonable. Well, then her brother Carter junior was born in nineteen fifty eight and the marriage seemed happy early on Carter senior loved Mary, Jane and was devoted to making her happy. She was younger and fun something very desirable to him as a childless widower, but he became a bit overshadowed by his wife's joyfulness Mary Jane complained to reclose est Fred that our sex life was really lacking her husband's lack of energy turned into a problem outside of the bedroom as well. He just became this old tired man at nut that old of age to get his father's attention Carter junior became the family clown and Julie became the little caretaker making everything. Nice for everyone. Julia ever discovered what she wanted to do with. Her life. But she did know that she wanted to get married while her friends went off to college Julie stayed with her mother and she commuted to the nearby Montclair state college, she made straight A's, but she soon dropped out of school and just took the first job she found and that was at prudential insurance. According to her brother Carter, Julie ruined her life because she was always taking care of everyone, but herself, and that's a theme in her life. Yes, she seems to forsake herself to work for others happiness, which is good and small amounts. She did it to her own detriment. But if that's the guiding force of your life. Well, I don't know. I mean, I think there is something really good about taking care of others. Like Mother, Teresa or something. Right. Your shoes. No Mother Theresa now. But she just kinda hurt herself by doing this by think she wasn't choosy enough about who she was helping for one thing because if you help the right people, it's a mutual thing. Sure. I think she was doing this to make yourself feel better. I think about her Sal vote herself Cher and not working hard enough on doing what makes her happy. Well out of it was circumstances in her life as well. And in nineteen seventy eight their mother, Mary Jane was dying from breast cancer at the same time. Their father Carter senior was disabled from strokes. So she probably felt she needed to just kick in there and be the caretaker harder was in college. And he would come home for the brakes. He came home for Christmas break when Julie was twenty four and she was juggling an office job in the early morning and having late evening visits to the hospital with their parents. So the two siblings took turns going in and out of two intensive care rooms, it's a lot of stress for two people in the early twenties. It's it's more. The thing you deal with when you're in your forties or fifties. But it happened young for them. And I I sense that Julia was the one that took charge with all his Encarta was kind of a assistant to her. She was the caretaker she was the woman all that. You're so the doctors told the kids that couldn't take care of both parents at home, they could take Mary Jane home, but their father needed to be put into a nursing home. Both parents have been in and out of the hospital since the previous Christmas so been a tough year. Yes. Well, it really been five years since Julie had a normal life since she was nineteen years old and the family had moved back to Saint Louis. She was very lonely her high school friends were away at college or they'd moved out to the east coast, and she really had no time for socializing. Anyway, her mother had a mastectomy, which I am. Agean back then was one of those horrible radical Masek Dems right in seventy eight. Absolutely. So that would have been a traumatic surgery. It's horrible surgery. Yes. So Julie spend her nights and weekends helping her parents she had her own apartment until her father began having the strokes. So then she felt like she had to move back home to care for them. And also to contribute financially to their care a lot of responsibility. Who's new the parents are going to be able to work now? Right. Nope. We'll as young adult. She really didn't have her own life. She became the head of this household with two terminally ill parents and teenage brother. So there was no dating no trying out different careers or taking classes in no planning for the life that she wanted. There was nothing for Julia except work sewing and caring for her parents. That's all she did her life after four years of suffering repeated strokes and heart. Attacks Carter senior died from pneumonia in nineteen seventy nine Mary Jane lived reform more years, but she went through chemotherapy and radiation. So it was very difficult time for Julian her mother in nineteen eighty Julie was twenty six and she went out of town for an AT and T management seminar. She had moved from she had moved to AT and T from her job at prudential and she was excited because she was being promoted to management, but then Julia was taken from class one morning for an urgent call learning that her mother's breast cancer had metastasized and the prognosis was really bad. Mary Jane worried that our daughter didn't enjoy life enough that her last words to Julie's brother Carter were make you sister laugh more just two weeks after Julie's twenty th birthday. Her mother died. Gylys friends came to the funeral and they were worried about her. But she was surprisingly calm. She was dry eyed. Well dressed and she told her Nora. Mommy would have wanted me. The look this way. She would've expected me to handle this. So she didn't break down and cry in front of anyone and she said to a friend that day, I need to be careful because I wouldn't want someone to marry me for my money because she has inherited a fair amount of money for someone so young. That's a strange statement to make it really is the wake for your mother's death. It had to be something. Her mother told her for her to say, I really think why she would say that someone planted the idea in her head, I think possibly that's true. She hit so much dependency on her mother. Yes. I think our mom probably warned her her final words to Julie were take care. Be careful don't marry someone who's after your money. Yeah. Closer words to her son was make sure you make your sister laugh. More says she was worried about her daughter. It would seem and a really think that she may have seen in Julie this kind of low self esteem may be naive way. Boehner ability. Yes. So that was her way to try and protectors to tell her, you know, be careful so Julie did pay more attention to her career after her mom died, especially the way she looked at work. She wore these nice designer business suits with close toe pumps and she worked hard and started to earn a really good salary. She'd also inherited money, of course, and she didn't herited this expensive jewelry collection that her mom had. So Julie was living alone in the house. She inherited, and she may have felt really abandoned and lonely. She worked by herself all day in cubicle and her only companions when she got home in the evenings where her cat and her little LASSO Apso dog. So to keep yourself busy. Julie went back to sewing and Handicraft something she was good at and had done for years, and she cross-stitch to present for her brother's wedding. Because Carter was getting married, and I'm sure this didn't make her feel great either that are younger brother was getting married, and she's probably starting to feel like I don't know for lack of a better word of spinster. It is only like nineteen eighty people still felt that way quite a bit. And she was old fashioned. Shoes. Again, she's twenty nine years old, right? When her mom died, and yeah, I that's that's getting kind of long in the tooth to to get married in those days. I don't see it that way at all now. But she might have felt that way. Sure, I think so because she really wanted more than anything to get married to her prince charming. But like we said she was kind of socially immature. She didn't have much experience with that. So she would immediately fall in love with every guy she dated and that would end up scaring them away. Who have no kidding? Because you know, there was still some free love in the air and people were just because they had sex with her. They didn't necessarily think they were in love forever. But that's the way she sought were we make love we're gonna get married. That's the way she site. Yeah. Pretty black and white and a lot of her social life included co-workers and some of them were married part of that may have come from her lack of social skills. But. Most of the single men she dated. We're not the greatest her friend Nora said that Julia was a lure to creeps. She just wasn't discriminating enough. But she wanted a professional nice looking guy with a good job. And she became really fixated over any guy in a suit who gave her attention. She would go ahead and buy them gifts. Now, one example, I read about was after two weeks of dating a co worker it was his birthday in Julian out and spent three hundred dollars on him. So he was probably thinking. Wow. Who's pro thicken? I'm in love. I don't know. I think a kind of scared him off was Roenick in the sense that Julie was using her money to impress men when she had said she didn't want anyone to date her for her money. So you little bit of a contradiction there, but she used what you got, you know, you're so she decided to renovate the house she inherited she didn't hide her attraction for some of the men who worked on the house. For her one of these was the landscape she ended up inviting him for candlelight dinner to thank him for his work. The next morning. She told a friend has she made love with landscaper though. Yeah. He does his work rewards with dinner takes into bed. And this was one of those times when she saw differently than he did. She was just so hungry for a faction that she was heartbroken when he didn't call her back, and he said that he was recovering from a divorce and busy running his business. But Julie showed up on announced at his office. And she called him there repeatedly, it cut to the point where his employees would tell Julie he was out or busy, and this is a pattern that would repeat itself. Unfortunately, Julie's life in this is really a sad story because she's a good person. And I just hate to see women who don't give themselves enough credit and let men mistreat them. It's just so sad. Yeah. 'cause you can already kinda see where things are heading here vulnerable is in a good path that she's taking now she's a target for assholes. So she began seeing an employee assistance program counselor at her company, and this person sensually to a psychiatrist the psychiatrist determined that Julie suffered from the delusion that meeting Mr. rate would solve all her problems. And it's true because she had come up with a plan that she told some women at work about she said all she had to do to be happy is to meet, Mr. right? So that's when she went ahead and ran an ad in the local paper and the ad read. Are you a really nice guy? If yes, this nice girl wants you to read on. I'm single white female thirty years old by foot to one hundred twenty five pounds whose appearance is pleasing to the eyes. My nine to five life is professional other time is combination creative. And a suburban homebody, I realized life without a boyfriend isn't all that much fun. You are the type of man who's emotionally mature likes himself, but not egotistical and once girlfriend, hopefully, you're twenty nine to thirty six years old five foot nine or taller weight proportionate with looks that are easy on the eyes and no children from a previous marriage, send brief letter and phone number. Let's meet for coffee and something really nice could happen for both of us. What do you think of the ad desparation? I don't know. I think for the time those kind of ads people ran and she's kind of picky about what she wants us. Not saying, I'll take anybody. He can't have children. He's gotta be a certain height and way picky. Maybe she's not picky about the right things. But she does have criteria in there. Or by that she and sugar flew wasn't picky about the things that I would consider to be important, right? But I mean, how do you ask for the important things in an ad? That's hard to allies. Just you're your gutter go out with Molo bit and too comfortable in any stir hitting them with the importance of right? See can really only ask for the superficial for the most part until you get to know someone a little you're so jewelry assured her lady friends at work that this was safe. She would only meet these men for lunch, and she would also call their employees to verify that they were who they said they were. So that's mart smarter than a lot of friends. I've had yes. You sister comes to. Mind, which never mind so Julia's pretty happy 'cause she got multiple responses to her head. The best one in her mind came in August, nineteen eighty five. This is from a guy with an MBA and career as senior management consultant at price. Waterhouse any had a house in suburbs is a member of the young Republicans and the friends of the art museum, and he belong to the classical guitar society. He was thirty two years old in the midst of a divorce and had no children. Now, his photocopied pictures showed a really strikingly handsome guy. I cannot find any pictures of him. But everyone said in anything I read about this that he was very good looking really good with our going to have to take people's word for it. I will. This guy's name was Dennis Neil, Bullock. Yes. Julia smart. She looked up his phone number on her telephone companies database, and she tracked down if he had paid his telephone bills on time so many passed that test she called someone she knew at Price Waterhouse and confirm that he was a senior consultant there since checking out so far this was confirmed. So she called Denison left him a message, and it took her a few times before she could do it. She was very nervous. The next day. He returned her call and. They made a date for lunch downtown near their offices. Julie was up early the morning of their first meeting and trying on different outfits. She surprised her car pool group that morning by discussing her upcoming lunch day. And this was the first time that she'd ever mentioned her dating life to any of them. And then she passed around his photo kind of proudly and most of them are like, oh, yeah. As good looking. But one older woman in the group said, oh, Julie. He has really mean evil is. So that's interesting. That woman saw something in him that was there. But by lunchtime, Julie was really nervous. And Dennis was even more handsome in person. He was nearly six feet tall. Very muscular any had the sun, bleached blond hair. He was impressed with Julie too, though. But for different reasons because he could tell she was a professional with some money, and she was on the same executive level as his strange. Wife, she even worked for the same company. And I think a lot of his motivation was to kinda show her show that estranged wife that he could do better than when he got invited to her house. He was very impressed wasn't a mansion. But it was certainly more upscale than we're Dennis came from. So he began dating her. He started to notice her extensive jewelry collection that she had inherited from her mother and collection was appraised at a value higher than his parents house. So she had some good pieces. Jerry, good pieces of jewellery. Then said, the lesser Julie's mother and the loss of his sister, both to cancer drew them together. Julie soon began to feel like she couldn't do enough for him. But the tour opposites Dennis was oblivious to the pain he might inflict on others while Julie was so attuned to everyone else's feelings that she was unaware of her own feelings. Yeah. Was almost that extreme to that point where she just didn't even really know what made her happy because she was so focused on making everyone else happy. I know that laudable, but it doesn't do much for you yourself know, doesn't your well being now you need a balance. Right. Just like anything you need a balance you go do the when we take a short break here. We'll get our sponsors spoken for and then return lorraina, it what comes to your mind when I say that name. Well, I could tell you a few things, but never mind Amazon prime video executive producer, Jordan Peele. Bring you the new docu series lorraina a Sundance official selection that shares Lorena Bobbitt side of the story. 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That's B R E W E R Y two seven nine seven nine seven nine. Message and data rates may apply. So three weeks after that fateful. August lunch date. Julie was talking about little else. Besides her future with Dennis now. Dennis on the other hand wasn't that much into thinking about her his diary, guys? Keep diaries he kept extensive diaries. But he was extremely narcissistic parallelly his diary was filled with descriptions of trippy made with his girlfriend. No mentioned Julie Miller now early on in his relationship with Julie Dennis head Lynch with his best friend, and he said that he met a woman through her newspaper ad who seemed nice, but he refused to tell him the woman's name. And that would be the first and the last time that Dennis mentioned his future wife to this guy who he called his best friend while Julie devoted herself to him. Dennis was actually, dating and sleeping with several other women, and Julie would do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. She was a copy of his first wife. But one who he could control by the time. He was divorced in December. Dennis that Julie was his long searched for ideal. She would help him. She would support him with everything he wanted in life, and she was worth more than three hundred thousand dollars. He was not that into Julie herself. But he knew that her money could do a lot for him. You're in for jewelry. She felt that she had finally found her prince charming, but it turns out that mister right or prince charming as it were was not the solution to Oliver problems as she had hoped. Julie became more and more depressed, and she began to focus more and more on the death of her mother. He had a lunch with some female co workers in late September nineteen eighty five. Julie was oddly quiet in once they had their food. She made an announcement. She said I'm admitting myself to a psych ward, I'm just so miserable. So it turned out that Julie couldn't always hide her illness and a jewelers she and her mother had gone to for years. She was trying on several pairs of earrings, and she turned around and said, mommy, what do you think I should get? But this was after her mother had been dead for two years. So the salesperson was looking at her like something's not right here who should talking to. Yeah. Drew's brother Carter was shocked when Julie told him she was going into a psych ward. Carta kept asking her why she was doing that. And Julie finally answered because Dennis thinks, it's a good idea. A ha so there's the truth. So do you think it was him pushing her to do that absolutely idea? We're hearing about how she is becoming more and more depressed. And I was thinking it was kind of laudable that she recognize this stuff in wanted to help herself in was going into a psycho Spital. But if it turns out that it was only because her future husband thought, it was a good idea. I'm less impressed. I don't think it's as simple as either. Or I think there's a combination of things going on here that we can't fully understand. We're not their true. And she did have a lot of issues from her childhood, obviously. But I think the Dennis did think it was a good idea that he can have her hanging on a chain. But kind of out of the way so he could do as he liked. We'll certainly and put her on a shelf there in the psych ward. If they're getting kind of Syria. In their relationship. And he's still a player. It'd be good to have out of his hair for a while. Aunt would not that. She was demanding in any way. No. With her hospitalize, you could screw around to his heart's content. Absolutely. And he would use this against her in the future as well. It makes her vulnerable to say she was in a psych ward for a time. Right. Yes. It does. You know? I guess this guy's a real sweetheart. Anyway. Yeah. So it was Dennis who took her to the psychiatric ward on September twenty third. This is according to records at Saint John's mercy medical center in Julie ended up staying there for seven and a half weeks. The hospital has a really good reputation. But Julie hated it there, and as she walked the halls of the hospital she began carrying teddy bear with her instead of talking directly to the staff or other patients, Julie would communicate through this teddy bear after week of treatment with some mild tranquilizers. She was put on Thorazine, which is pretty strong, right? What kind of drug is that one of the older anti psychotics? It's pretty powerful outta side effects too. Oh, yeah. Not something that's really used much anymore. Good. But she was diagnosed as suffering from affective disorder and depression suffering with guilt, anxiety, and loneliness and poor self esteem. And that all stands like, Julie from what we've read your son, look, go. She really went downhill in the hospital. It does she sounded like shoes in better shape, when she first checked herself in absolutely I think so and I'm not sure why if they were overmedicating her if Dennis was involved in all in the treatment. She got I'm not sure, but she did also have these obsessive compulsive personality attributes in borderline personality disorder features, according to her doctors, but she may have been misdiagnosed her behaviors were pretty typical of bipolar depression. And these patients can swing between depression and mania so they can go from the deepest despondency to being very optimistic. So severely depressed. People who are passive independent can really seem like borderline personalities desperate for attachment. Like, Julie was they can change their personality just to please others, and I can absolutely see her doing that. Dominant person can easily control these people. So Julius friends believed that her weakened condition was making it easier for Dennis to dominate her. He had wanted a woman he could control an exploit so in this very sick way. Julian Dennis were made for each other at least until she became well. And he didn't like that. Hopefully should become swell. She's not at that point yet. No Br I think it's when she began to become well and be more confident that he really lashing out at her saying, she she definitely did she acted become with medication and therapy, a little more so realize ation came in and she got a better handle herself. And he did not like that. Well, no 'cause threatened him. Yes. So Julius doctor believes that she tolerated Dennis abuse because she may have been conditioned to do. So from an early age and we've seen that. And so. So this goes back to her father her father and her whole relationship with both parents. Yes. So Julia tributed her problems with self esteem to her job, but her doctor didn't he felt she was too repressed to realize how unhealthy her family had been the doctor called relationship with her father disturbed, and he also said that Julie healthy seated unresolved feelings about her mother, particularly over the last years of marriage as life. Sir. A lot of issues going on there. Sure that he was able to exploiting the Dennis was able to explain. That's right. Julie had three major problems from childhood. She was too close to remember too distant from her father, and she lacked her own identity, the more her father ignored her the more. She felt worthless. And the more she went to her mother for comfort. And also there may have been an uglier side to Carter Miller seniors emotional abandonment of his daughter, Julius doctor did believe that her father may have sexually abused. Her. Mary Jane's overprotection may not have been inappropriate in those circumstances. But more of a reaction to abuse in the home. So it was uncertain whether Julie had been molested as a child or whether it was her father that did it. But her doctor absolutely believed that someone in the family had done something awful to damage. Julie psyche. That's a reasonable conclusion. Although we'll never know what the whole stories now, we won't because her brother Carter just really either he was too young or he's in denial. But he was never able to really say what had happened either. Mo he wasn't Jewison to be much improved as she near the end of her hospital. Stay, but as the doctors had warned she crashed about ten days later in early October. She was incoherent talking and symbols and riddles. She talked a lot about her teddy bear and became psychotic and return to the hospital. So she is discharged Andy compensated got readmitted. Yes, I think that three Pete it more than once not sure how many times so it wasn't just admission discharge we admission this Gooding or became more of an ongoing. I don't know how ongoing it happened at least two times. But maybe three or four because I know that she was institutionalized for at least three months total. I'm not sure how it was broken up though. Okay. So here she is a successful professional inner thirties. Clutching her teddy beer as she went to therapy and meals, and she would cry into the stuffed animal she spent hours on the phone alternately crying and laughing she called Dennis at Price Waterhouse leaving messages for him and sang. She was in Saint John's, but the receptions recognized her voice, so we figured out pretty quickly. She wasn't in the Bahamas or some nice island. Now, she was hospitalized. Again is still frequently saw her he would take her out on passes from the hospital and to cheer her up. He sent her signed cards, which Julie proudly showed to the other patients and the staff by late October, Julie was manic and psychotic suffering from delusions of being a prophet of God her doctors wrote she has bizarre preoccupations with religious sexual lesbian in grandiose thoughts. Incoherent psychotic statements about herself and the world and her family. So she's really gone downhill at that point or can't believe it's almost like she went in relatively, okay? And just progressively got worse. Well, I don't know. Maybe she was just repair repressing so much that when she finally had to. Deal with it. It really hit her. I'm not sure things didn't seem to be going particularly well for her. No. It's an extremely sad story didn't seem like her therapy was showing any response to it. I don't know. I mean, sometimes don't things get worse before they get better. Sometimes you have to really delve into your problems before you can get past connote at least a couple of months of treatment hospitalizations. But I mean, if she'd been through similar trauma, it could take time she was kept on the antidepressant to- Fornell, but was still permitted her passes. So by Halloween nineteen eighty five she'd been institutionalized for five weeks, and she wasn't allowed to go off the floor without supervision. She was dressed in scrubs. And she was often tied down to her bed. She would refuse her medicine, and as the nurse gave her drugs sometimes she would scream you're doing dad's dirty work. So she severely mentally ill. At this point. Shoes. And some of it could be related to the medication. I mean, she was begun on held all which is a very serious antipsychotic with a lot of side effects, which you continue to get passes from the hospital, and she left the hospital November I which according to another psychiatrist was bizarre medical treatment and terrible medicine. And I would concur. Just doesn't sound like it's anything other than a recipe for disaster. Well, hell else not something you should be on as an outpatient as far as I know. I know now they don't like to really use it hardly at all. I don't think it's really ever used. Maybe I shouldn't say that while we don't know. But I think it's very saved for extreme cases. Yes. So after fifty two days of hospitalization she sent home November fourteenth. She was on the Helda and had a list of appointments with her psychiatrist. And it seemed to be thinking to be. Improving few weeks after she was released. She was less depressed and was excited about the upcoming holiday season the nineteen eighty five holiday season. She no longer have to face the holidays along she had found somebody who cared for her rent took care of her. So she is planning to introduce her boyfriend Dennis at a family holiday dinner at her aunt and uncle 's which she did now Carter her brother thought Dennis was distant and aloof and just showed no interest in Julie's family, but Carter's wife because Carter had been married by this time. She was just thrilled. She thought Dennis was real catch. He was clean well-dressed in well-spoken. Just like Julie. So the sister-in-law thought this was great doesn't really know. I'm sure. Yeah. I'll she sees this good lookin' professional guy. Yup. Dennis state over at Julie's house when he wasn't out of town. Then Julie became afraid of. Living alone. She could hear someone walking in the backyard in the night. She said she heard crunching on the snow that winter and she told friends about the noises she heard and then the friends began to wonder whether Dennis was gas lighting, Julie 'cause she was medically sedated Juliet shoe store owner drugs mug, metress the hell, though, she had some sleeping medications and stuff. So yeah. We'll Julie told Dennis that she would feel safer if she got a big dog to live with her in addition to her LASSO Apso who she called buttons. But Dennis vetoed, the whole idea, and he actually convinced Julie into giving buttons to her brother. So until the day that Julie died, she was begging Dennis to let her have a dog as if it was his decision, and he told her that she couldn't have a dog. So she went along with what he said, right? She's gonna do everything she can to go along with what he wants. Well, then Dennis began pushing Julie to get married. He had been divorced from his first wife on December. Twentieth. And he told Julie that he didn't approve of sleeping over at her house without them being married. So this was new to hurry didn't have a problem with that before. But then he told her if she didn't marry him he was going to leave her. So it was an ultimatum. Then unveiling tines day, nineteen eighty six. Julia was promoted and she got a raise. And when she told Dennis that night. He responded by proposing to her or one faribault from this was despite all her, mental instability. Our guess she was still able to perform well at work. Yes. Seems like she usually did didn't really fall into her professional life too, much amazing. I as kind of compartmentalizing things, isn't it? Yeah. Yep. But she was able to function in function quite well because I think of promotion and a raise is pretty good. Yes. She was very organized in hardworking. So when Dennis propose Julie didn't answer him right away. But she did confide to a friend that she felt he didn't love her and was only using her for her money. She would kept that thought she was kind of waking up here to some of her delusions. Dennis one Julie to transfer her. Inheritance money into a joint account? Out with him ho- man, and he promised to contribute to the joint account. But it never did. So Julie had a large Bank account. She had a house, and she has stocks and bonds now, there's no mention ever made by Dennis put Julie's name on his stocks and bonds or on his real estate. So a one-sided big red flag there on Friday, February twenty first Julie told the people in her carpool that she was marrying Dennis the very next day one of the men s Julie if they were invited to her wedding. But she answered that Dennis wanted it to be private some of the women asked her what she was doing about a wedding dress. But she said she was just going to be wearing one of her work suits in also came out that there would be no flowers. She said that Dennis didn't wanna spend the money on any of that stuff. So she announced the wedding plans that data were brother Carter in his wife. Judy Carter was quite shocked because Julie had always dreamed of the big wedding. You know, being a bride in the big church wedding, the fancy white dress. That was her lifelong dream should never been married now let's do arrive. This was her chance. She was giving it up so Carter and Judy were witnesses at the wedding, and they gave Denison Julie a gift certificate for bridal pictures as well as a bottle of champagne, Julie told them that she and Denis would save the champagne for a special occasion. But as it would turn out Dennis would later say that they drink champagne on the night Julie died so for the wedding Carter Judy met, Juliet a small wedding chapel. And it was in the morning and Dennis was running late while they were waiting in the chapel Dennis and his ex wife Karen were well papering their house, which they were going to put up for sale so Dennis stopped half. If way between doing this task saying that he had to leave not saying why in Karen wondered why he was so dressed up on a Saturday morning because he had mentioned it all Julie or the wedding any of it. So as Dennis pulled up at the chapel, Julie was telling Carter and Judy. Why Dennis didn't wanna double ring ceremony? So he didn't wanna wear a wedding band in his excuse was if he wore a wedding band. It might catch on something and hurt his hand. So this is GIS were very to your you. Don't wanna hurt your finger in here. And this guy works in an office. So it's not like, he's working on machinery or anything or bullshit. It was totally bullshit. So he walks into the chapel very casually in all he says is let's get this thing going and Russia's Julie through the ceremony. True romance. Then Carter and his wife took the mound for wedding lunch. Nearby restaurant, they ordered food Dennis left to make her phone call then when he return. And he said that Julie we gotta get going then he left again and make another phone call and Julie ended up telling her brother there just wasn't any time that did have wedding pictures. So Dennis return hurried everyone out the door was no honeymoon. 'cause Dennis said he couldn't spare time away from work, which was another lie. Big lie. We'll see so two days after this really barebones wedding Dennis picked up Juliet or office and took her to lunch. They picked up some sandwiches. Then they went to Julie's Bank and a notary public to change her financial documents the both their names now. Dennis never added. Her name to anything of his he also refused to give. Julia key to his house in university city saying ex wife was too jealous. But his ex wife said she didn't even know he'd remarried now he hadn't told anyone so he was super frugal with the money. He would put listen refrigerator. Remind. Ding, Julie to name him the beneficiary on her life insurance policies and to go out and buy things for him. And these are things he could have picked up by himself in paid for by himself. But he had heard do it using her credit cards. He dressed himself in the finest men's clothing, but he never wore these clothes to go out with her. He didn't take her to any of his work functions. He never notified anyone at Price Waterhouse that he had even remarried. So he didn't add her to the insurance didn't bring her to functions nothing. So while Julia never had a honeymoon. Dennis did go on one with another woman. He went skiing in Jackson Hole. And he and this woman named Nina head continued dating, and they went on the trip along with a group of her friends who were wealthy people and Dennis told one of the men on the trip that he was recently, divorced. So now he was playing the field. No, mention of Juliet, obviously, we know way than what the wedding ring, you think. So although he might have been married to Julie Dennis continue to date Nina that entire spring now when she did find out that Dennis was married. Dennis told her that he had no choice. He said Julius threatened suicide and he couldn't bear to see her suffer. He said to Nina that he didn't love Julie. And it didn't even live with her. He just married her because he felt so sorry for her. She could have seen through that. I think she could've. But she seemed like kind of a jerk to then there was another woman who also had no idea that she was seeing a married man in Dennis Christie Myers fluid into Saint Louis from Washington DC the weekend after Dennis's less state with Nina Christie was going to spend Easter with Dennis in his house in university city and Dennis perform sexual bondage on Christie normally he would tie Christie's arms to the bedpost, and then have oral sex, and intercourse, but that night Dennis wanted something. Different. He hog tied Christie, and he tried to blindfold her but Christie refused. He kept trying to the point of she was getting a little bit afraid the third rejection, though, he really went into a rage. He went into another room and spent the night alone angry with her and sulking. But fortunately, the ties were loose enough for Christie to get free. And the next day. He drove her to his parents home, and he said to his parents, this is the girl I'm going to marry an August in. Meanwhile, Julie his actual wife spent Easter alone in her house. Remember, his his parents is whole family had no idea that he remarried nobody did they knew nothing about Julie. So the next week Dennis took Julie to a notary public, and they signed papers to give him power of attorney over her or for her now Dennis had control of all of Julie's real estate bonds stocks Bank accounts, and even her mother's jewelry. Julie tried to protest but felt overwhelmed by Dennis's arguments. And she didn't want to a barrister by making a scene April seven weeks after this wonderful wedding ceremony. Julie horrified. Her carpoolers as she climbed into the van with her head down. And normally she were her hair brushback, but this day should combed it over her face. And then she usually only wore lip gloss and mascara today. She had on thick pancake makeup and it didn't conceal what looked like four or five cigarette burns on her face and they're also thinning patch. Of hair around our faces. Oh, someone had pulled out chunks of hair. These are signs of abuse. Clearly is don't sound good. Do they? But by late April Julie did seem to beginning stronger. She was more lively and seemed to be enjoying her new job. She seemed to be emerging from Dennis's control a little bit. And she said over lunch one day that she was thinking about getting a divorce. There was another change to instead of her usual, suits. She started wearing flowing pretty dresses. She looked great and everyone complimented her seemed like her self esteem was improving Dennis finally moved in with on their two month anniversary, which was April twenty second nineteen eighty six and Julia was happy thinking, maybe things are going to be okay. There was also more. Good news. Interco inc. Had offered Dennis job with less travel. So there was only one more business trip that he had to take he believing for that business trip on Monday Maitha for a week in Saint Pau that we? Again Denison system on something different in bed. He wanted anal sex. Julie told him to stop she was crying in pain. But he refused and continued he was clearly enjoying her suffering when he finished Julie went into the kitchen where she smoked a cigarette at the table crying. And she waited for Dennis to come in and apologized to her when he came to the doorway, though, he screamed at her you're just going to learn how to like that you better get used to it. And then he criticized her for smoking. So Julia was devastated they spent Sunday night may fourth together. Dennis watched a TV movie about Ted Bundy on the phone Julie told the friend in Florida, I'm afraid of my husband. I'd like to throw him out. But if I push for divorce, he could have me institutionalized. He has power of attorney. So she's fucked here, it's a bad situation. He can have all her stuff and put her away. If you could I mean, it would be a battle because our. Despite her history shoes at that time in command of her psyche. I guess, but she wasn't much of a fighter wrote. But I don't think it was as easy as she supposed that he would just say, okay, institutionalize her. She's nuts. So maybe she didn't realize how much power she did have. But she certainly felt trapped. No conc- that on that Monday may fifth Julius concerned about a deposit. Dennis was supposed to have made the previous Thursday into a joint account that they had set up at the Bank. Julie said to her friend Terry this is the last chance for him to come through with his promise to deposit money into a joint account. So maybe she was starting to stand up to him. She seemed like she was back to her old self according to Terry. She was angry and ready to fight for her. Right -s, totally fed up with Dennis. She had dumped some of his shirts and sweaters into a large black garbage bag that evening, and she invited her friend teary-eyed. Over. But Terry was busy. So Julie went home alone. And her brother Carter was getting out of the shower Tuesday morning may six Julie's neighbor called and told him that there is a fire at his sister's house Judy drove Carter to the house where a police officer told him that his sister had died in the fire when they watch the news on TV that evening partner learned his sister had died naked and taped to her bedroom rocking chair. I ended up kicking in the TV set 'cause he knew Dennis was responsible for this. So the condition Julie's body when it was founding garage was shocking in lease understatement. Absolutely smoke still curling from the charred stubs of her feet, and they were sticking high into the air car was parked on each side of an overturned rocking chair and strapped into the chair. Was her nude blackened corpse with her face, burnt beyond recognition. Her lower-facing body, wrapped in tape need even rows of tape bound her arms to the chair more tape. Criss crossed your chest, leaving her breasts exposed more was wound around her mouth and jaw the Royal even in precise. The only untidy strips with the parts hanging from the legs of the chair large sections of blue tape will roundabout each wrist elbow. Clearly, this is a homicide. Thanks. So no signs of forced entry no break ins into the garage where the house certainly the spouse was going to be a primary suspect, but Dennis was outta town on business. Well, officers went into the house to check the closets. Insurers other officers were sent to interview anyone whose name appeared Julie's address book, which they found in her purse arson specialists work to determine how the fire was started. And what exceleron was. Used because it was clearly arson everyone at the crime scene that morning assume that Julia died in the fire. She was so smothered tape lab assistants head to cut her from the rocking chair where she had died. The fire had literally cooked much of Julie the feet and ankles had burned right down to her bone. The heat hit caused facial capillaries to break creating kind of a raw red mask from her nose to her is. No fortunately for the investigator her internal organs were on damaged. So there was no evidence of soot in the throat of the lungs which proved that Julie was dead before she'd been put into the fire. There was forty seven feet of tape. Wow. No around her arms twenty nine feet of white one and a half inch adhesive tape and the right arm along with three feet of vinyl. Coated blue tape the left arm was bound with fourteen feet of white Tae and three and a half feet of blue tape. More than thirty feet of tape were wrapped around her face in hair as well. And there was no way to tell if the charts stubs of her feet and legs had also been taped. It was just too far gone as the medical examiner pried open. The jaws of her body to chunks of white material popped out of her mouth. They were plumped up and swollen with saliva and these turned out to be two pieces of white Terry cloth. They would have had to been forced in under pressure to have them come out like that. So these were gags that had pushed her tongue so far back that she couldn't breathe in the official cause of Julius death was fixation the medical examiner estimated that she could have breathe for a while to pending upon the. Mission of the gags and the position of her head. But if the gags were placed in the front of her mouth enter tongue were shoved back immediately. Julie could've actually lived for eight horrific minutes before she suffered permanent, brain damage and died. So that would make her death murder. She had only minutes to be rescued by whoever had tied her up. There was this excessive amount of tape to at least seventy six feet of tape. It was on believable that any woman would allow someone to tie them up with so much tape. There were few known cases of erotic deaths with a partner because the partner is usually the failsafe Julie was the first case of a woman dying during partner bondage in America. Whoever was with Julie had fatally betrayed her. This was sado-masochistic bondage. There was no way to tell. If she had fought the person who was gagging. Binding her the burning of her body eliminated, any bruises or abrasions that might have been there. Also, the fire raced her assailants. Fingerprints on our skin and on the tape. So the state fire marshal who investigated arson cases win over the fire scene. There was a rag stuffed into the tailpipe of Julius car. And that was secured with tape. There were also two gas cans along the wall of the garage, the fire marshal also found a metal pot lid with burned matter in wondered with that was doing in the garage. So Dennis remember, he's been outta town who was in Saint PLO that's his alibi. Who was brought back to town by a colleague. He seemed pretty shocked by his wife's death. He was very well dressed very well put together he never asked any questions about his wife's death. He only asked about her property and early suspect in Julie's death was Dennis Dennis's. First wife, Karen, she was an executive at Seth western Bill where Juliet also worked per possible. Motive was jealousy of an ex wife, but as. We said she didn't even know his married now she didn't and she had an alibi. So within a few days detectives eliminated her as a suspect the on Thursday may eight then was called at his parents house to return for another interview. But his parents didn't know where he was and no one was able to reach him. He did not attend Julie's wake on Friday or her funeral on Saturday. Loving husband that he is. That's amazing. Yep. He didn't even show up and Carter was left to handle all the arrangements and even had to pay to have the house boarded up. Well, the major case squad s Julie's former housekeeper to go through the house with police to see if there was anything missing. I mean, maybe it was a robbery, but nothing had been stolen. The interesting thing was that some things had been added the housekeeper pointed out three sex manuals joy of sex, more joy of sex and making love better were they. There. And she knew those weren't Julie's some of the books. Explain how to perform sexual bondage safely there were also two vibrators in the bedroom. That were brand new the cleaning woman went through the basement hanging on the clothesline. There was a white slip. And she said, well that couldn't be Julie's. Julia was a size six and this slip was a size eleven twelve. So at somebody else's. We don't know who's her Nordia the day of the funeral four days after Julie's body was discovered. Detectives found a gray metal file box among Julius things inside or three photos of nude women. One was Dennis's first wife the other two were of another woman who looked like a teenager in one of the pictures ankles were bound together. So they tried to find that person, and they searched for Dennis on Saturday may tenth. They went through his desk at Price Waterhouse, and they called his colleagues. No one had any clue where he was. They knew from his colleague Jim Mackey, the Dennis flew back to Saint Paul with him on the morning. Julie was murdered. So how could he have killed her his coworkers said that they saw him there? The night before. So when they were looking into dentist appointment book and reading his diary police learned the Dennis was social climber and a womanizer he had dozens of women that he was sexually active with Julia was not mentioned anywhere except in a list of her assets. And it also listed her account numbers. Now, he's he's got power returning. He's gut total control over this stuff. Yes. So after sister had been murdered Carter received a notice from the photographer that the wedding pictures were ready when Carter picked him up his stunned and said Dennis hadn't even gone to the photographer with his wife. The photos were Julie alone. It's just heartbreaking to me whenever I think has said he is see you're going in having the pictures taken by herself when her all dream was to get married and have a wedding and have someone lover. It's just heartbreaking Buddha's now on may eleventh five days after the murder. The appoints bulletin on Dennis paid off two days. Earlier a bricklayer had seen in abandoned car parked with its flashes on the bricklayer in his two assistants went over to check the car. The couldn't get inside. It turned off the lights and say the battery the car was last with the keys in ignition. They saw two envelopes on the dashboard and a license. Check show that the car blood Dennis's mother. To Saint Louis county. Police technicians worked to open the two emblems on the dashboard without destroying any fingerprints inside they found a will and testament address to a socially prominent attorney, a three page note to Dennis's family, a one page list of Dennis's household goods with a photocopy an engagement book and his resume Dennis also left in his mother's car. A suicide note dated for me eight Dennis accused two detectives of emotional of emotional police brutality. That's a new one which had pushed him over the edge. The note was a profile of self pity blame and projection Dennis blamed other people for his own actions. Any implied that Julie had killed herself. He was explicit about how sexually deranged Julie was any wind over and over that she had ruined his life on believable. Sick Denison non. Thomas letter to his parents address, and this is turned over by the post office to thirties who had a federal search warrant to open it inside. There is a detailed letter about his finances, which Dennis wanted his mother to manage. But one time you mentioned Julie by name since he killed her Dennis ordered his parents to transfer her extensive jewelry collection, which he'd put in a safe deposit box into their safe deposit box classy guy, so that's really all he cared about. He stood in here at more than three hundred thousand from Julie's estate, which in nineteen eighty six would have bought him a fully paid house in the best suburb his primary beneficiary. He would gain eighteen thousand from his wife. Savings plan at Southwestern Bell forty thousand dollars from her life insurance. They're fifteen hundred dollars an employee stock ownership over three thousand dollars an unpaid wages over thirty nine thousand. Thousand in sickness and death benefits and a total of more than one hundred thousand dollars from her company alone. So Dennis called his girlfriend Christie's parents home in Wisconsin on may thirteenth. Her sister Cissy answered and he said, he was John Masterson of the Price Waterhouse of Price Waterhouse and had dated Christie under the name, John Mason, while he was in Washington, and he told her he was trying to find Christie, but Sissy was afraid for assistance safety, and she called the Saint Louis police that night the Saint Louis police contacted the FBI the next day Dennis called Christie in her Washington DC office. He thought that the police couldn't tap government phones. But he was wrong about that the F B I had a tracer on Christie's office phone. So the last time Dennis called her was July third while Christie was at work. And this was a long conversation and Christie asked him where he was. But again Denny. Refused to tell her. Then suddenly Dennis said, it's all up. They got me because he was arrested in a phone booth as he was talking to Christie a house painter named Gary Matzen Bacher came forward after seeing Dennis's picture in the news. He said he had picked up a hitchhiker looking like Dennis on may six at the intersection of Holloway in Manchester roads, which was about a mile and a half from Julie's house. He ended up being a very important witness for the prosecution, so far he was the only person who could prove to a jury. The Dennis Bullock had been in that area at the time. His wife was murdered. He was the only one who could disprove Ennis's alibi that he had spent the night of may fifth in Saint Paul. On may thirteenth. Police officer went to a ticket agent. Put three photos of Dennis on the counter, and it has the agent if you've ever seen him the agent said he had he had seen him on may six a man who is nervous disheveled with wet matted hair and sweating had showed up at six thirty in the morning that day and the agent sold him a one way ticket to Saint Paul. This is paid for in cash. The man said he was David Johnson. Mr. Johnson had no luggage. The agent also picked out Dennis during the police lineup. Some vested Gators were able to map out Dennis's activity on may fifth and sixth from payphone records and from the witness testimony. So may fifth six fourteen pm Dennis called, Julie. From the holiday in town square and talked to her for seven minutes at seven twenty pm. He signed out of farm credit building nearby and at seven thirty. He was last seen by Jim Mackey and another co worker walking near the hotel it eight fifty pm he was on Republic air flight eight departing Saint Paul at ten eleven pm. He arrived in Saint Louis. Then on may six at four AM and neighbor, two blocks away heard an argument and heard a woman screaming on white tree lane it five ten AM Baldwin dispatcher received the fire call from a neighbor and at five fifteen am theory Matson Bacher picked up Dennis hitchhiking at six thirty AM. Dennis butter ticket from northwest orient flight for twenty one from Lampert to Saint Paul and at six forty five AM Jim Mackey received a long distance call from Lampert and Dennis asked him to cover for him at seven AM his flight departed, and then at eight twenty five AM it arrived in Saint Paul it. Eight thirty AM Mackey tried to contact Dennis in his room at the Holiday Inn for half an hour and got no answer at nine. Fifteen yemen. The manager opened the door of his room and Mekki found Dennis in the shower and Dennis came out of the shower. I'll casual. And said, hey, did I tell you. I was married. Kind of late trying to cover up there too little too. So here's arrested and charged with murder in the death of his wife. Julie. Then we go to trial. The main problem with the trial was trying to find friends in the Societa Dennis who would testify a lot of people were frayed of him. They thought he'd come after them. Dennis ex wife, Karen is so a freight of him that she totally voided the detectives for a while they finally caught up with her. But that last weekend that he spent with Julie Dennis photographed her silver, China her furniture and her paintings the day before the fire the same day, he arrived in Saint Paul for the business trip. Dennis dropped off some film in a place that he thought no Saint Louis cop would ever find it to the prosecutors? This evidence showed that Dennis committed cold blooded premeditated, murder arson. His motive was her money and they decided to seek the death penalty against him. Dennis's? Defense was Julia was not a helpless victim in sexual bondage. But she was the initiator and the instructor. According to Dennis Julia was not only sexually promiscuous. She also sexually abnormal. So jury could reasonably decide that she was a willing participant in the bondage that led to her accident death. I don't know how reasonable it is. I don't think it's reasonable at all. But something worked well papers. Founded Julie's house showed motive for murder clearly money in Julie's handwriting. There was a list of some of her valuables boxes of gold and silver coins stock certificates and a listing of her jewelry, which was appraised at forty four thousand dollars. Now, remember back in this time, you could buy a house for that. I mean, that's probably equal to three hundred thousand today's money just guessing it's worth a lot more. Anyway, it is so the prosecution emphasized how Dennis was cheating, lying, social climbing. Sadist who is only after Julie's money he secretly married her when she was mentally on. Stable after two months when it couldn't control her or her finances anymore. He tied her up and watched her slowly suffocate in a complete contradiction. Dennis Bullock's defense attorney described Julie as sexually aggressive woman who lured Dennis into bizarre, sexual rituals to satisfy her desires as a result. She died accidentally. He also argued as successful investor and PriceWaterHouse consultant, then as didn't need Julie's money. Dennis chewy had burned to death in the garage fire. Then he ran away blaming himself. I don't know how they presented it. But this story just doesn't hold water to me at all. It's just I'm reading the stuff on this in just blown away. Yeah. How how people could think that way? It's crazy. It's such an injustice. The first witnesses were the police firefighters and fire marshalls that were on the scene on may sixth. They explained how arson had burned most of Julie Bullock's car and the garage in less than an hour. The fire had been started in the back seat of her Buick a rag had been wrapped around and stuffed into the exhaust pipe and covered. With blue tape. The same tape that was on her body and also the gas cap had been removed. So this was totally set up his arson her diaries and audio. She made begging Dennis to treat her better were not allowed to be used in court. Also, Julius friends couldn't testify about things. She had told them either because it was considered hearsay now, many places that law has changed. And thankfully, a lot of that can be is today. But none of that was allowed to be used. And I just feel like Julie was just Redick demised in this and Dennis found Jesus while he was in jail and became the model prisoner in co. Court. He were a different tailored suit each day dry cleaned in broaden by his mother, his parents were blue-collar hard-working ordinary people, and they emptied their retirement accounts to hire Dennis's defense attorney, but Julius reputation was destroyed by the defence a friend of Julius testified that Julie had told her she had had sex with her brother Carter in. I don't know. This woman said that it was admissible because what Julie said was self incriminating. But it's really unclear why her friend would say this because for one thing that would have nothing to do with the case. And it just makes Julie look bad. And if the look into it, it turned out, the Julie really might have just said that she slept with her brother on the night her mother died meaning that they slept in the same house or maybe the same room or maybe even the same bed. But she never said anything about actually having sex with him. So this was just really turned around to make Juliana brother, look horrible. Because remember their whole thing here. Is to make Julie look deranged and sexually deranged. Especially also, remember Juliet said a lotta strange things when she was mentally unstable and on medication. Her brother Carter denied that. There is any incest in the family, but he got torn apart on the stand. Also because it was revealed during his cross examination that it had an affair outside of his marriage and this included bondage. So the implication was both Carter end, Julie, we're both sexual deviance. Then one of the state's key witnesses was Dr George Gantner who is the medical examiner. Dr Gantner, explain how Julia died of his physio from the gags and why it was homicide. He determined. She died before the fire is started liquor and drugs were not involved in the murder. Julius blood alcohol Isiro, she didn't die from the chair tipping over. There were no bruises on the back of her head. She had died from the gags. The Terry cloth. Gags had been jammed in that forced her tongue back blocking airway bits of material had been family tween her teeth indicating chewy had struggled against the bonds. Now after she is deprived of oxygen for several minutes. Julia who'd have become so brain damage, she couldn't have been saved. Anyway, an uncertified activity therapist who had worked in the psychiatric ward. When Julie was there testified against Julie. He said that. Julia developed a crush on him during her hospitalization and it s Tim on a date for after she was discharged it around. This time Julie had become psychotic and depressed, and he said that she was dressing inappropriately. He said her outfits were often revealing. But then he admitted on cross examination that Julie was very ill. At that time. Her record showed that she was suffering from delusions. But once this was out it made her look bad. I mean, you can't take that stuff back. Dennis did take the stand in his own defense. And he was very smooth and seem to have an answered everything he said that the night of Julius death was their third time practicing sexual bondage. He said he thought Julius tastes for bondage and taping was odd, but he was just being dutiful and following her fantasies. According to Dennis Julie told him to tear, a Terry cloth wash cloth into gags, and he said that she inserted them into her cheeks one on each side, he said that she began wrapping her job with adhesive tape, and he watched Julie wrap her own mouth and chin then he taped her arms and legs for her. He said he used the large length of tape because that's what Julie had wanted before. He claimed that he was in the bathroom getting sick to his stomach win Julie died, and he didn't hear any struggle. But when he returned to her side, the chair was tipped over. And she wasn't breathing. So then he admitted he panicked and started the fire. But he's denying that he killed her on purpose. Which is the big thing. Right. Right. Yep. So the jury was instructed to find dentist guilty or not guilty of murder in the first degree, which would be premeditated murder murder in the second degree or involuntary manslaughter, which was be described as recklessly and consciously ignoring substantial risk a gross deviation from a normal person in similar circumstances would do took the jury six hours to reach a verdict, and they found him guilty of involuntary manslaughter. Which to me is unbelievable. I don't know what trial these jurors were attending. Yeah. Yeah. I know but two days after the verdict. Dennis was released on fifty thousand dollars on until his sentencing, which would happen that July then fifteen days after that Fertig Dennis was charged with tampering with evidence for burning Julie's diary and some other stuff in armed criminal. Action for using the tape to suffocate her a week later the St Louis county grand jury indicted him on those charges the grand jury indicted Dennis for second degree arson and the burning of the garage. Prosecutors expected the three charges to be tried together. In a second trial of Dennis and his bond was raised to five hundred thousand dollars, which is defense attorney had reduced three hundred thousand but his parents still couldn't come up with that much money. So he did remain in jail that time and he was sentenced on July tenth nineteen eighty seven to seven years in prison and a five thousand dollar fine. This is for the involuntary manslaughter charge. A year after his first conviction for her death. He showed no emotion when he was found guilty of tampering with evidence and second degree arson charges, and he was sentenced to eleven years, but in February of nineteen ninety a panel of judges reverse Dennis's arson tampering convictions in order to new trial for him he'd served four years by that time, but he was let out on bond while he awaited that trial. Unbelievable. So in this trial and listen ninety minutes. The jury found him guilty and recommended the maximum sentences of seven years for the arson charge five years food tampering of evidence charge so total twelve years in prison. So this meant that he would have to go back and spend another four to five years at least in prison before becoming eligible for parole again in nineteen ninety five. Yeah. But here's the crazy part. The judge allowed him to remain out on hundred and fifty thousand dollar bond, pending his appeal. What the hell if I was in Julie's family. I would be so upset there was no evidence ever that. Julia ever participated in bondage before she was with Dennis. He absolutely physically abused her. There were witnesses to that at least to the damage that she had. But none of that was allowed to be brought up in any of the three trials. Not only had he beaten his first wife in girlfriends, but Julie's friends from work suspected that he pulled out her hair and put out cigarettes on her face back in April of eighty six. Most Mesic murderers do have a history of violence, especially toward their wives. And he did. So her brother Carter inherited Julius state and Dennis was found ineligible for the fire insurance claim which he still tried to get then as do get released from prison. In nineteen ninety three. Yeah. In nineteen ninety five and ex-girlfriend complained that he is harassing her. When she came home and found him in a replacement the charges were dropped after she moved away. And she said she was afraid of him. Now after that he was on house arrest until his nineteen ninety six released from parole. It just seems like such a very unjust verdict. And what's truly maddening is how Julie the victim was revictimizes in the courtroom. That is so upsetting. This was just such a sad case. Yeah. The more I got into it. I just felt more and more depressed while it's really sad. What happened to her? And that he got away with this, really. Is mean, I'm glad he got some prison time. But it just wasn't nearly enough. No, I'm wondering than did behind the scenes. Did he have a really good lawyer was the prosecution really napped or is the jury made up of a bunch of stupid people. I don't maybe a combination. I mean, I did read that Dennis himself was very charming and his attorney was quite charming as well that might have been part of it. But the way that they were allowed to just tear down. Julie I'm hoping that some of our more current laws wouldn't allow that to be repeated. But I just like to say thank you to Ellen Harris. She's the author of dying to get married. The courtship in murder of Julie Miller. Bullock, there really isn't any media vailable on this case not a lot of documents either because it's older. So most of our information on this case comes from her book. It's a case I'd never heard of before. And yet is sad. But it's also a fascinating look at what the Justice system can do to a victim. Any other comments on the case at oil and say, well, I just like to give my sympathy to her brother Carter and having to deal with all this and losing his whole family like that. But the music for true crime brewery is written and produced by tristen Capelle if. He went more T CB. You can go to our website, which is Tigra dot com to join team tigr ever, and you can get access to members only episodes that we record once a month along with getting access to these episodes. We also send out gifts to people who sign up, and you can also go to patriotic. If you'd rather and become a patron will you'll get the same benefits in the same access this month, we covered the murders of Sheila labar are real sociopath from our nearby old stomping grounds in New Hampshire. So that one's available in the members only feed now along with twenty five or thirty other episodes in the other episodes include a story of the killer. Mom, Diane downs. The fascinating case of the disappearance of Robert Fisher who took off and has never been seen again after killing his entire family and burning down their house. There is some crazy episodes in that feed for some other ways few to show your support. For true crime Burri her to follow us on Twitter at Tigra pots on Instagram. Tiger podcasts also on Facebook. You can also join our true crime brewery fan discussions group on Facebook. We've lots of conversations on there about past cases and current crime cop IX, it's just really interesting if you're into crime, if you enjoy the show also we would love it. If you take a minute to give us a review on I tunes or wherever you listen. We're going to move forward with our feedback segment now, but remember you can send us feedback in case suggestions in an Email to true crime brewery at Tigra dot com, or you can even tell us in your own voice by leaving a voicemail on our leva voicemail link, which is on the front page of our website, Tigra dot com. One more note, we have extended our get a free t shirt offer for voice mail senders that get played on the air. Is that true voice mail senders is that proper English shirt? Okay. So if you have interesting comments or something to say just leave us voicemail, if it gets played on one of our shows, we're gonna send you some gifts, including t shirt. All right, dick. What have we got for voicemails today? So we have three boys meals. First one is from these iw. I in jail unle date from Queensland. Yeah. I didn't even recently found you and absolutely love listening and owners feel like our watched into nearly everything. But a lotta you'll podcasts. Get extra information and background upon just lessening. He just do such great research a gonna crisis in forty Ola documentaries. I've watched listen to nothing has haunted named more in story. Mary bloom innocent sort cheese ago deal at righteous me. I theorized in my head about it. And he'll such a such a sense of sadness, the Justice don't this little girl. Narrate Boyle was little ours. She's about five years old when she went missing from the grandparents remote property, so this was an island. Choose not gained tween and to this day and Bonnie have. Cnet been found. It was was she banished, but she didn't banish. It seems family not exactly what happened to. But no one is talking. I can't twin sister tonight is trying to get Justice done and an halo pines buried in portrait race. This is a police cover story at which nice. You saw angry? But it's a good story. Anno Matthew blood boil but the killer still alive and living area. And he's now pretty old site. The twin wants destroyed to come out from the killer convicted. So that was the whole reason for the documentaries or audits Olympic you guys talk on one a he'll feary on. Why why the cover up why politicians in prison in both? But also think it'll Sean a lot on the case perhaps pressure on to do something. So love you lovely lovely out lobby, bud. Dope thin by. Thank you Lisi. We love you too. That is a great case suggestion that sounds like there'd be a lot of family dynamics to look into which we love those the twin sister has been quite strident in trying to find her killer. The it's turned the rest of the family against her. So it's it's interesting. And it's also the case has been labelled as Ireland's Madeleine McCann interesting the difficulty potentially is that it's a forty year old case so Titian might be hard to find all try to find more than I found so far. Okay. But I think that's a fascinating case. Excellent. Now, Kate is next and she also has a case suggestion. All right. Hi, Jilin, dick, if Kate your Christmas singer from a couple years back, I hope you've settled into your new quiet end in New Mexico. I continue enjoying your podcast. Cast into company of relief aside from his sleuthing and come rotary. I'm also impressed that you guys vegan way to go. I'd like to suggest a case from my region, Rochester, New York it concerns the murder of Craig Rideout husband and father whose body was found near rue rose. Roadside a rural roadside in Yates county on July twenty first twenty sixteen is estranged wife, Laura and their oldest son Colin were convicted of second degree murder in July twenty seventeen and another son Alex was convicted of two counts of tampering with evidence for his role in the botched effort to cover up the crime Laura's boyfriend, Paul to Chee was found not guilty of murder in tampering charges. In addition to articles dateline embassy embassy segment from September twenty seventeen called devil's best tug about the case. It interviews. Prosecutors defense attorneys investigators and family members explores how marital discord set the. Right out family on a pass toward murder. In addition to date line. There's an article in the democrat and chronicle online that's called Craig right out murder. What NBC dateline didn't tell you about the case since the murder took place in the heart of the finger lakes. I'm sure dick will be able to find a delicious beer to companies murder and mayhem love the podcast. Thank you so much guys. Thinks cake. I'd actually I hate to admit it. I'd forgotten about the great song that was a couple of Christmases ago. Right. Was awesome. You're the finger lakes region. That's where there's a farm sanctuary animal farm, which is a great place to visit. If you're vegan. It's a great place to visit spend time with the animals. Learn about the lifestyle less, it's beautiful place. They have a lot of wineries and breweries. I think it's the only place I know that has a soft serve vegan ice cream stand. So just a little side note on that. But this case does sound excellent. And interesting case who is Hyun as his wife had been married over twenty years, and she starts having an affair with the guy's best friend leaves him for this this best friend, and then this divorce got really bitter. There were four or five kids involved and the older ones were out. Of the house the younger ones went with him. Instead of the the mother, and it was a really bitter fight. And as Kate said he was killed. He had had acid poured onto his face to disfigure him the wife, the lover in two of the kids were indicted for murder and his Kate said the wife and one of the kids were convicted of that then lesser charges against the lower in the other two kids who the other kid. So interesting thing, I think the be a fun fun fun. I think it'd be a good case. Then hate to say interesting because we say that so much we need to come up with some more vocabulary. We do go to my source. Okay. All right. But yet good suggestion. Yes. Thanks, kate. And one more voicemail that is also a very interesting one. And I just love Betsy speech. So let's hear her. Okay. Hello. Dick can Jill. I enjoy your podcast very much. But I would love to hear you do a martyrs that happen in the land of Scotland will never have any. It's the murder of sham Sutin who mooned at semi each Ambu d twenty five years ago. It's fatty convicted uninteresting, and rather sad piece us thank you very much for to crime three. It keeps me going again onto staff to noon on I enjoyed very much. Thank you very much Bye-bye. I could just listen to that Scottish brogue all day. I just love the way. She sounds and I love the way she says true crime brewery or my goodness. I love it. Okay. This is an interesting case. This is as Betsy said case on the Orkney islands, which are a small group of islands off the coast of Scotland most of them are uninhabited couple of mar so Mahmoud was working at Indian restaurant them who Matas restaurant in Kirkwall on the Orkney islands door opened a man dressed in black with a Balaklava came in walked across the room up to Mahmoud pulled out a gun and shot him point blank execution execution style. So no evidence could be found and the murder case went cold. And for fourteen years, the people of Orkney lived in the shadow of an unsolved murder. Yeah. Mystery gunman can still be around. And this is a place where. The Steph just does not happen who doesn't happen. So it turns out that the police chief son was eventually arrested and convicted, and I'll just leave it at that. Because I think it's something I'd wanna do. Okay. Awesome. Let's get to our emails because this is a long episode. I got three emails. Okay. I'll do the first one. This is a case suggestion from Patricia. I love you guys. And I'm pretty faithful have you done. This guy herald hen Thorne, I read the book, but until I watched American Munster on ide-, that's one of my favorite shows. We watch that lots of home movies and seeing her is heartbreaking to me, it seems he has usurped her motherhood. She appeared on happy even in wedding photos might take. She was aging wanted to be a mom and took a risk against what might have been a gut sense of darkness many layers here. I hope you consider this fascinating case. Deep bow in gratitude for Bruschi reviews too. So she gave you some beer reviews. No, oh, she loves the review to a four hour. She wrote the number four. But now she must be young. And we can't follow that. Right choosy as in the young people's reations. But great, okay. So herald hen thorn was convicted of murder for pushing his wife off a cliff in two thousand twelve this is a second wife. Oh, I think I remember this. We've seen the case or read something or this. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think this is one that I've thought about would be a good one to do before. So definitely put that on our list for the summer. Okay. All right now, they're Email emails from clear, she has a case suggestion with a beer suggestion. So it's a little lengthy Hauge through it. I'm ama- Scribner that like everyone else was heard you podcast loves it. Pietra nurse in Portland, Oregon. So this fact has at times made it difficult to listen to your show since many crimes or about murdered young children, which I considered to be absolutely precious in deserving the utmost respect, love and nurturing. Of course, I've been going through a stressful time of work at the moment. So tonight, I decided to drink a beer, a weeknight even mile. I'm beloved sours something is introduced to by Jill that fills me with pride. See? Yeah. It is great stuff, isn't it? It is talked to clear, I guess so she tried cranberry wit brute at the grew from tation project brewery and bend Oregon. She says I realized this is not a sour. But it tastes just like one. Yeah. And I think it's a wit beer, we'd beer, but it's got enough pucker power to it that it's a sour another beer. I love his alcohol Brown Suga by Lago needs. Brewery in Petaluma, California. It is heavy rich and sweet with notes of caramel more like a desert than a beverage give it a try. Well, actually, I've drunk Ladda lug needs in. This is one of my favorites love Brown sugar. And it's just as clear describes. So in terms of crimes, I don't believe. I've heard this case suggestion any show so far. So I wanna throw it out there. Andrew David Begbie was a promising young physician who was murdered by his mentally unstable ex girlfriend. Who's also physician surely, Jane Turner. She also murdered their one year old son babies Acharya by drugging him in the jumping into the ocean with them apparently never had the chance to Shirley was pregnant with his son. The sounds interesting might I believe that the women did this ad appear. Spy to hurt Andrew and his family. Andrew's family that deep is possible way. Netflix says a heartbreaking but well-done documentary on this. Story called dear Zachary, and there's a book authored by the victim's father, call the dance with the devil. A memoir of murdering loss by David Begbie. I think dear Zachary has been recommended to me. But I haven't watched it or we should look I think this would be a good one to cover me up. All right. Okay. And then clear. Thanks us and listens to us when she's commuting to work at the gym says some great stuff to us. So thank you. Claire so much we appreciate it. We'll look into this case clear. Okay. And then you're going to do the last one of his Melissa comment on shameless. Okay. Shameless is the last episode. We did in it was about Mick Philpott and Melissa wrote. Just listening to the latest episode of your show and head depaz to send a quick note about Joe's comparison to the F L D S churches practices had been fascinated by the F L D S for decades. And since we do have some communities here in Arizona at been able to keep up with some of the reporting related to. State assistance state assistance becomes a necessity for these large families simply because there aren't enough adult. Incomes to be able to support all of the children, two income. Families are the norm. Were there are two parents in the household, but with a one too, many male to female ratio, and with many wives remaining in the home. The number of incomes are proportionately lower. While this kind of fraud isn't part of the F L D S doctrine, historically, under Warren, Jeffs incarcerated profit for the F L D S and that too. I was trying to talk about and I couldn't think of his name in passably under his predecessor, his father Ruslan outside culture is seen as intrinsically evil, and therefore does not need to be respected as a result. Taking full advantage of loopholes in the system leveraging authority in civil jurisdiction is seen as moral as well as advantages. Interesting I wouldn't have known that she go. Goes on. There have been serious abuses of public funding, particularly in hildale, Utah Colorado city Zona which straddles the AirAsia Utah border. The city is notoriously insular with public services and city offices largely under F LDS control the school district. They're purchased aircraft using school district funds. The only school district in the state to own one which ended up flagging the district for serious investigation and then takeover by the state on multiple grounds of funding fraud. It is equally important to note that the mainstream LDS church does have a strong cultural commitment to internal self sufficiency. So most families work hard to make the most of what they have to plan ahead for emergencies and to support one another in times of struggle and to live within their means, even while some have large families. This doesn't mean that mainstream church members, reject state assistance, but. The incidents of gross abuses are less common than in the F L D S and probably no more common than in other religious communities that espouse large families. Interesting. A lot of that. I would not have predicted. I'm surprised a little bit. I don't think. So. No. But what you expect it really is. And I think the the statement that any other religious communities that espouse large families probably has its share of people that try to get all the can out of the system. Well, and I really have a hard time being bothered by it because I feel like children should have everything they need. So even if you don't agree with their idea of having the big family or how they live their lives if they're raising children in as long as the money's going to make the children's lives better. I can't really say have a problem with it. Whoa. Sure. But that's a whole other thing. Then who knows the the primary object of these families is to increase the welfare the kid. I know, but I like to give people the. Fitted the doubt at least until I'm proven wrong way to charitable think. Anyway, people have told me that before. But I'm okay with that. Okay. With those are great comments, Melissa. Yes. Thank you very much. And once again, thank you to everyone for your voicemails, e enter emails, we really appreciate your comments and your suggestions. And I'd say at least eighty percent of our cases, come from suggestions at this point or absoulutely. Yeah. Gordon of suggestions to keep us going for the next five years wonderful. Okay. All right. Well, thank you. Everyone listening, and we will see you next time at the quiet end for them. Here we come. All right. Bye. Bye.

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