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Ep. 413 - Trent365! - CES and the Future of Mental Wellness


Today. Episode four hundred and thirteen of trend three sixty five we take a look at what the consumer electronic show can teach us about the future of mental wellness. Way back in the very first week of the show. I spoke about how spot trends are often. Unfortunately, little more than fads that are just gonna sort of Peter away over very short period of time. And that for me for a trend to be considered a real trend. I need to start seeing the industries and other sectors of society outside of spa and wellness in particular. And that's what's happening with mental wellness. You would have heard me speak over the last year or two about how mental wellness is starting to come into the conversation in the world of startups in the world of corporate culture in the world, the world of technology to the case in point the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this year, which is considered by many people to really be kind of the preeminent Macher of what's coming into the future. Technology least in terms of the consumer technology. According to take crunch you couldn't walk five feet without getting another pitch from a mental wellbeing product or service or brand or company everything from sleep. Imitation to concentration and everything in between, pardon me. And so it's a clear indication that again, another data point that mental wellness is is coming. It's real. It's a serious trained interesting enough that tech crunch also point out, though that that it isn't area that whilst there's a lot of data and a lot of science behind it as we know as evidenced by them into wellness, white paper, and all these other other things that are out there. It is still rive for I think the snake oil salesman. That's what they're saying. I agree. So we are going to have to be careful about how we monitor and regulate this industry around mental wellbeing. But undeniable that it is a real trend that is impacting multiple sectors of society that to my mind. It's a true wellness trend already. That's today. Thanks for tuning and I will be back again tomorrow. So. Yeah.

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