136: Tuesday, August 20th, 2019


The morning blend heels. Welcome back to the morning toasty. There's a bright sunny and sweaty fucking day here in new jack city so much sweat today because i was very ambitious and saw an apartment like viewed in an apartment before the toasts like life before the toast is not really no. There's no such thing it was a crazy ambitious thing for me to do. It's like p t bt p._t. Totally afford toast postive b._t. A t. v. i guess that would be at but no nothing happened. You have to go to the doctor or something where he's some rewards and say welcome back to the morning toast. Thank you for joining us yesterday. The jolly hollywood show yesterday religious hoping to bleed into jay and i'm feeling good get those bleeding vibes into tuesday. We announced their snitch how you feel in on the ones into good feeling good. How are you really look sound like snitch cam. That's right. That's right like to hear the snitch cam since for always be s- mitch cam. Yes always be sushi ritchie. We are going to talk a little bit about bachelor in paradise but there's another episode tonight and then the snatcher will be hitting you on the podcast apps but we we didn't run into quite a little tundra snafu with natural art. Yes our podcast was taken down off of. I tunes because what we deserved it because we had copyrighted material israel in our artwork which has since been remediated so i'm hoping it can get back up on knighthoods by tomorrow but in case that it doesn't instill on spotify. I think you'll listen to it on audio. Dot com like if need be yes yeah. We'll give you the link tomorrow. Hopefully we're back up and running because snatcher was just like snatching up the chart near the satchel was snatched off the charts yeah oh and then she was snatched. I just not big with not that it's a good thing but like i do feel like somewhat seen by warner brothers that coming for our podcast just have to say like the holding company of the bachelor. Watch lawyer came for our small little podcasts. I agree. I agree so flattering. Thank you for the recognition like we're not worthy but we really appreciate the are worthy damn time yet when you're standing here so i'm just i'm just humble like i'm just a humble girl you. The way you say. Humble is very humbly. Hey it's humbling word not to bore everyone but i think i'd tendonitis. Tonight is my left big toe. Tell us more had tendonitis in my thumb like two years ago. Antidoto budget doctors to figure out why it was the worst painted ever experienced in my life. Now i'm having that my toe and it's not working for me. I gotta be on my speech and i'm a busy woman. I'm sorry i think i'm the face of tendinitis honestly like you know how halsey is the face of enemy. Mutura says yes and you'll need is the face of lyme disease. I'm the face of tendonitis. I understand and soon to be out meet scout. It's just my big toe. Whoa is not what god feels like yeah. I know someone who has got. I'm gonna ask gout is just so crazy. Watch episode royal pain. I'm really feeling like i've got now. You don't eat super-rich mukta opposite. It's the kings disease. You don't eat like a king honesty. Sorry person caviar and champagne yeah and like egg yolk doc. I don't fuck with that yeah. You know what i'm thinking. Yes really feeling gowdy. Gowdy vibes only only newmarch anyways. Hey everyone welcome to the show. Okay <hes>. What's it feel like not a lot happened yesterday so i don't have much to recap you guys on. Just being a mom of one such rewarding work says awarding work. We did a superfund china episode this. We really like patriot heavy week because one i put up my full. A wedding extended video trailer on the patriots which we spoke about on our paychecks so but it's just so brave of you like it's just i feel for weddings. I spread myself like i literally sir john much of the world for my wedding but didn't release my video just because like that is so intimate you know you did it super personal but like that was back when we didn't have a patriot and i just i love our patrons. He trends and like everyone really wanted. This video and i was happy to share it and i was really just so glad that because i had such a pit then yesterday we recorded recorded a superfund new creative episode where we combed through the newspaper and talked about all of the craziest weirdest funniest stories we read our horoscopes we really so you went through everything except the sports section to back cover to cover and i think it was filled with interesting facts weights. I really do then today. We have our asbury park behind the scenes episode join up. I've been working on the content. It's premium. It's it's a thirty minute logs. Yeah it super bowl gave actually been watching fellow bloggers to learn the art of the law like hoot lugar's. Do love lauren elizabeth only father but i've learned a lot. I used to watch a little bit. Jade slogs hoped comes back soon a life. Watch him hers. Yeah no 'cause all the b roll camera. I think so i might be able to be ready to take my blogging to the next level. You should really be like a blogger uber but i like to do it for the i like. I like this level of nobody of so many channels in which we post content like we cannot take on another. We'd need not be adding another and then also cloudy and i think this weekend we decided are filming our. I have a pit about it. I haven't paid about a two but drunk at ready with us. We're gonna model after the u._n. But just like probably a little bit lower budget. I don't know if we'll have like craft services. Yeah yeah <hes> getting drunk like unnecessarily. Do you know what i mean so right the saturday night before the concert like saturday afternoon and then we'll go to a concert on certain making. That's a good way to expand our energy. I think that's actually a great idea so it's going to be a fun month for the patriots head over to patriots dot com slash morning toast to get involved. Get the fuck involved involved just like another personal update that i really was excited. Share with everyone is that my husband shaved his entire face. Thank god so i._b._m. Shaded but i said let's have a little it'll fund watt sanding ovation. I said let's have a little fun whilst shaving so he shaved the sides of face goatee and moustache which he left on for far too long. I would've never suggested this little game if i knew he was going to take like two crazy lanes and just john forever and everyone says we look like john forever and ricky he liked like really had something to him. Doing that makes you look more like ricky lake. I know i'm just trying. I was at home working. I'm i don't get involved then tomorrow. Benishi the chin and just left the move sachet as a joke and then he was running around quoting lumiere ladies and gentlemen is greatest chambliss pleasure and he slept with it and he was trying to kiss before about them. I don't even even touch me and then this morning is gone and he looks so great. That's exciting well. He was here on this show with the beard so i feel like the toasters are really involved in the genesis. Well what would happen was that he was really taking this beard like all the way and he went to a beard like silenced and they like trimmed it and shaved it and made it look just like so much like a beard that i hated it like i liked him. I didn't mind it when it was so unkept because like i didn't even realize it was a beer but when it was fully shaved trimmed with the sideburns. I'm like oh. This is a beard. It has to go window radio. I didn't like who he was becoming with the beard you know as you what a way to put it it changes it was changing him and not for the better. I like barefaced east ben michio. I like his personality in like joan bucket up and every time he was on stories the beard i was being crazy. I had to sit down with the beard was like invigorating him it it was it was just too much for me. There was firing about it was it was the no the kerosene yeah the whatever is this something the something anyways. Do you think it's time because i think it could be time. It's one everyone feels ready. I mean i feel i feel as ready as i can be given the morning that i've had understood well without further ado it is time for the past side stories that you need to know before you wake up and take a bite out of your morning toasts yeah so it's time for sure and i i don't wanna upset you because like i know you guys have had a super hard week and like you're just going through a lot at this time fine but please. I'm literally begging you from the bottom of my soul. Let me tell you that today's episode is brought to you by facebook. Watch the real world atlanta. Please tell us the morning. Toast is brought to you by m._t._v.'s the real world atlanta streaming now only facebook watch the original reality show was back in streaming now only with facebook watch m._t._v.'s the real world atlanta is next story true story of seven exchangers picked to live in a house and have their lives hookup screw ups apologies fights tears. Envoy says streamed exclusively on facebook watch. It's the return of the first unscripted reality show in tv history. The tackle gender race aids taboo life death addiction connection acceptance and reality and it's being reinvented m._t._v.'s real world atlanta is an all new reality experience with content dropping daily early in new episodes every thursday find out what happens when the next generation stops being polite starts getting really in facebook click on the facebook watch con in search of the real world on watch m._t._v.'s real world atlanta lanta streaming now on facebook watch so new episode every thursday catch up now i've been watching them because they did a partnership with the real world and it got through the first app super early on. It's actually it's fucking compelling shit. It is compelling. Ship is what happens when people stop being played and start cutting real for three months like i would die. That's crazy. It's torturous well. At least they're becoming famous. Amos right okay bursts story a little sadness for the ladies out there and gentlemen harry styles shirtless rolling stone cover since fans ends margaux and claudia autrey into a frenzy truly friends really frenzy harry styles has left fans drooling rolling stone magazine unveiled its upcoming cover featuring a shirtless styles sales and fans of the crooner and his old band. One direction went into a tizzy. That is the best way to describe it but i was at a party. I was freaking out the cover. Features is the twenty five year old flaunting his pearly white as he leans into the camera showing off his various tattoos fence couldn't seem to contain their incitement or hormone yeah so this is exciting exciting just because i feel like you don't pose on the cover of a magazine like when you have nothing going on. It makes me think that now the media train is starting to turn something will happen. I mean obviously my the jonah wants it to be a one direction reboot but me thinks it might be like an h._s._a. Tail spotted filming a music video okay. We'll say it's good but i i just i really like i feel like one direction has been super patient the fans as in really patiently. We haven't asked them all do their thing but anything about it. It's been like five years ago. They gave the jonas brothers ten because the jonas brothers broke up. They didn't go on hiatus like the one direction split up with the message being we will get back together eventually. These jonas jonas brothers was like we're done and they never left us hopeful as a one d san and i'm not even at the top of the list i i'm. I'm okay to give them some more more time. I'm firing. You have to think about the expiration date on the boy band. I don't know how jazz i'm going to be for forty year old one direction i am. I don't know i'm i'll be chests thirty one direction where it's like. They're still seeing the same songs but it will have more of a less of a pop vibe. It'll just be good music well. That's what i wanted to say was something we touched on last week my frustration with one direction and when watching their documentary and just like how they all went on after one direction it's like they regarded their music on one direction. Gretchen is like not being serious enough agreed. I think if they're smart and they seem to be now they know that there were actually some really good songs in there and they were releasing out they went album tour album toward like they were just releasing music for the sake of not being releasing new music which was silly like i could've used less music from them but just more filtered out music like they just had songs on albums. It's two complete albums when they were really good on. That album was surrounded by a bunch of water down right so i could. I just wanna impress when they do come back together like i don't want them to think that the music they were releasing as one direction was bad because he was really good. I think however they come back together. It's inherently going to be different. They're not the x factor kids those factoring general like you're signing contracts that like you have to be producing reducing. You probably don't even make that much money from it. I remember when fifth harmony was like getting pretty popular. They said they were still shopping at forever twenty one. They're not as rich as they say also making such little money because of those contracts and then they're all splitting it by five right so i think when wendy comes back it'll be in a different format like now they have agents and managers and like they know what they're doing and some of that will be like we're not putting out music to put out these right and when and if they get back together like they will be a cash machine because they were a cash machine for the labels like they were. I don't think they were even making that much money when they were at one direction but they were generating so much revenue for like for labels for venues when they are now like they're famous enough to make their own deals like they're going to be so fucking rich. Yeah i look forward to that for them. Also like their fans are getting older. Having jobs like i'm ready to spend like ice be in college. I didn't know i couldn't spend and money on the merits right. That's juggles shirt but like i want one right. That's like with the jonas brothers. I feel like they actually might be more successful now moneywise than they were before because the kids that they bursting into back then had to rely on their parents get them tickets their parents get them richer parents to show up to cd signings whereas the jonas brothers fans now are really young but like their o._g. Fan base us like we. We have disposable income to buy tickets yes but i think there's probably some marketers out there. Who could tell you exactly who's richer kids with their parents. Money or people like young professionals that are making money yeah. They can spend their money but it's not like herod left. Young professionals have more freedom with their money but they have probably less disposable income than apparent spending money on their kid. Yeah that's interesting and like parents will spend that money on their kids. Yeah make them happen. It's just more fun to be a fan of someone like when you have your own bank account yeah when you can buy your concert tickets you decide where you're gonna sit right and like when we working. I feel like kids these days. Just go to concerts like all the time when we were kids at concerts. Were the biggest deal and it's crazy because now we actually i think in the next week i'm going to like four or five concerts. We we go to so many concerts because they make us so happy but growing up it was a huge deal to get your parents not only to buy your ticket but they have to go to. They have to sit there this crap so i'm gonna ask my mom. I'm to come to something that i'm going to be like embarrassed also that i like to drive you there too and like it's your living when when we were in with living in the suburbs nasa call seems like an hour yeah it's it was a huge undertaking. I feel like it's not anymore. I don't know why maybe because so many more people are going on to wear like uber yeah. There's so many ways like for it to be different now now but like i always feel like really upset a lot of my stanhood like childhood like i never went to read taylor swift concert when i was fully into a developed san but i just wasn't financially financially independent or like really independent in any other way it was your cross to bear you're making up for now though new i and but it just sin culture which really revolves around kids. It's so limiting. You know you never think about that yeah. I think that the labels do think about it. They're like okay parents. They probably have market research at our like parents will spend this much on their child and it will drive thirty minutes yeah and then they figure it out from there. We should work for a label or some shit i know i think we're cracking the codes. What do you think ounce niche as the status breath. I just hope that zane is in part of the reunion. I hope so too i mean i don't think he will be but i am not upset about it. What concert counters britney spears britney spears. You remember that uh-huh circus yeah we britney spears at circus concert madison square garden. She lives saying her way through. It was embassy yeah. I remember that it was very strange. What was your first concert the john maher shockingly at jones beach which is such a fucking by twelve weekdays. My first concert was john mayer consummate britney spears cleanser sir yes but that wouldn't have been you're i i. We were yeah. I'm gonna mind. Memory is awful. I think it was kind of montana best both worlds and that's i think it was glee no no that was we were in high school. Yeah we best of both worlds. We know we saw her crazy one. She went to his insane. No no no we saw at nassau coliseum the one where like it was twelve. She did not hannah she was not hannah. She was campaigned so lucky to have seen that honestly the hardest part about having dimensions. I spent all these money on tickets and i don't remember him yeah. That's why he's not trying to sound can't be tamed yeah remember. She was on the motorcycle in the in the sky yet. Remember like we left at the encore and she played. Something actually waited because we love that song. Maybe best both worlds. I don't know i doubt it outright. Whatever i can't remember the first concert i've ever read that so sad so sad you tell people that was john mayer because i think it was you and the lydia first concert but i don't think that it was we saw glee growing up in high school so late yeah that was late. You would have been a concert talk before we moved to the city but you would have been in seventh grade. What did you like to hang out with. What about your friends. Think of your year middle school friends anymore before they dumped. You guys you in concert with them. Though okay i feel like you did my first concert wasn't as well is that we're no because my your first one has been stitches. Does your four years older than her three years older but i don't really remember going to a concert like without my family. You know what i mean. Remember anything yeah. I'm really not a good story. That's so sad. They said okay next story. It's splits ville for katie. Holmes and jamie foxx who've split after six years of dating most shocking part about this is that they were together for six years right and that they really hit it very well for four years because i feel like i've known about them for for about two yeah. They've taken their relationship a bit more public in recent months but they've ended their six year. Romance confirms quote jamie katie split music entertainment source tells people the couple parted ways in may the couple's been linked since two thousand thirteen though they've never officially confirmed they're alter private relationship rep for both actors had no immediate comment news of their sleigh comes three days after fox was spotted holding hands singer sell aviv on friday night as the two left buzi see bellows nightclub in l. a. okay so i guess. It looks like he's cheating on her. Meanwhile they broke up in may so now's the time to let you know they're so secretive lega dude and it did when they when every news outlet reported that the the exact same time that they had broken up this is so unlike them to release a statement like after just having broken up but it actually makes sense that they broke up in may and now he's moving onto the had to have broken up you know yeah they really were so successful <hes> being so private and it makes people can do that if they really want to so they just don't want to pretend like they do want it right. I also saw story today. Hey that i didn't choose that was like a paychecks exclusive or someone. Miley cyrus and caitlyn were literally having sex in public west hollywood club essentially like all right. They're not trying to be probably no but when celebrities like deuce things like that and then like demanded like tweet. Let's say if you want your privacy like talk to katie holmes yeah no. I'm a celebrity and i don't want my privacy and i have not like i'm just putting it out there so when do become huge well i think she seems it's like she's a good place. She's like makes me. She makes me really sad when you think about her life and how she got here from like she really was flung on the scene dawson's creek doc. Everyone wanted a piece of her. She could have been like her. Life would have been so different if she didn't start dating tom cruise she also likes now. She's a list and i think she's forever a list whereas when she started dating tom cruise she was she was like manchu robber like she was a you know just another teen actress i <hes> i think that i think she's still probably would have ended up a-list but she would have had to work her way. They're like through roles because she was really. I don't think so i don ever ended up at the met gala uh-huh the met gala. You know think about her contemporaries. Busy phillips was on dawson's creek theory. I think i made that up but no it's the same generated team generation james vanderbeek busy. They're not at the met gala. I was watching tv. I'm john batchelor williams. She's well she on dawson's creek. Yeah i was watching the bachelorette and i was watching live with commercials. I saw two back-to-back commercials with busy phillips in it old navy and old way and then only one pitcher knows where a second is very weird. I was president at at that intentionally. Generally you know like choose rubbing cream and they literally only got department who is rubbing like right in around in by herschel. That's weird. It was like a weird thing that they should have edited ed but it's like that show as much as it wasn't. A success really catapulted her to another level. I don't think before her tv show which he ever been back to back. National campaign commercials yeah so i think overall overall. It's a success because it's launching and by the way like having a t._v. Show even been canceled like as someone who busy phillips was never meant to be daytime. She was an actress consoling. Julie earned herself she just being funny and having a good instagram and even though it got cancelled like that is a success i feel she's talking on her instagram like the big failure of her career like no. That's it's a big success. You had one hundred t._v. Shows like kim kardashian on your show like six agreed to show like got cancelled embarrassed. It'd be a fucking t._v. We we had like one year of five nights a week. I would just watch him on repipe for the rest of my life and it'd be so tired. Five minutes week is like super hard. It's a lot of work like real t._v. Like the production takes all day. I'd be tired. I'll take take some time off. It'd be like so grateful. I'm seeing all these articles. That's basically wants to know more about wire t._v. Show was cancelled well. I think there's only one reason t._v. Shows get canceled. That's because like lack of ratings on <hes> just like be grateful. That sounds amazing. Yeah you did it. It's it's better to have something in losted than to never have had it at all complete some people who have never had it at all busy eighty regretful okay. Next story is actually really shocking to me seems to surprise but billy eyelashes bad guy hits number one on the billboard hot one hundred dethroning lil non-sexist old town heard actor a record nineteen weeks on top. That's crazy and it's also crazy that the sun dethroned is a song that like someone who's very immersed in pop how culture i don't think i've ever heard in full info maybe not but you know this out and say ju ju ju ju. It sounds like an arcane. Bad guy see looked three people young people who are like pop culture fanatics. We do it as a fulltime job and we don't even know this song in fault. That's like the power of the teenyboppers. I don't know the leary's justin justin bieber like congratulated her instagram story and like it really not to make everything about tellers but it reminded me of something tell us with one set because he said congratulations so happy to have been a part of your historic. He's been a part of history like really including himself. What did he do oh. He remixed it like he did. She's just got famous as being like a justin bieber. He came out the song she she released a song with him. On a verse. Yes not gonna like billy ray tweeting at i mean it just was a little like that will be men who try and take for your for your fame and your accomplishments and that's just what it sounded like. That's also like mason ramsey tweeting lil not who was like i'm the lasted lasted still cute. Just don't like justin bieber justin bieber actually really like him in hilly. I like him and haley but i don't like him. Just like makes me feel weird and i feel like everything he posts on instagram. He doesn't know he's posting. Do you know what i mean. Yeah i agree like he sat on his phone and things like he's accident. He's definitely weird. I really like him in haley like super growing on me too and she's like the most beautiful woman in the world and it's really sad that it took her like having to marry like the most famous person in the world for people to realize i was an issue is really. It's really frustrating because i still still don't think people realize that like she's technically model. Cheats still gets no work because she's so short. Feel like height doesn't matter anymore unless you're walking in a fashion sued way yeah and she said she's never doing it again. She literally made it her story because she was like. I don't know how to walk. I also don't think i've ever heard her speak. I have in her seventy. Three questions ends and she was like so soft spoken and just like literally. If i touched her she would break. That's crazy was just so fragile as i felt about sophia ritchie until the video i i know i know me neither but once i heard her talk i'm like oh you can take a punch in the face wouldn't be broken. She's built tough board. I think she is built tough like four guideway abi for scott and everything and she she literally this nineteen year old when she met him like change him yeah. I walked thirty. Something men stuck in his ways. Their relationship relationship is like ninety nine percent. I love but like the one percent where it's like. She literally looks like his child is like so fracking creepy but i really like them. I watched watchful and i thought it was interesting. There's a lot of characters beside scott many and the girl that like not willa the girl brunette girl lives in his house. Awesome like works for him like is really annoying. I don't know her name. I don't know which is just like all up in his business like really just trying to say stuff. That would be funny on t._v. She was really annoying me. I think they'll they'll figure out who's well like. I don't like us released. Fighting was hilarious. I didn't see that episode but i don't like his partner. His immediate partner who liked does the deals with because he talks too much each flip it like not like flip partner yeah. Nobody's super interesting in scotland really definitely knows what he's talking about and what's so crazy you made. This call is like this show. Should've i've been flip it like courtney to you when he needed a decorator. Courtney is a decorated. She's actually an incredible decorator. She was architectural digest so i don't know if she's like actually sleep. Just dot stupid that she didn't do it just that they dubber yeah yeah and i don't know which one i remember those episodes like a budget seasons ago where they were driving around downtown four years ago. He was already starting to develop but he was a team like you do designs and then she was okay and then she was like actually like i'm going to do owed so dumb vincit as poos greatly great like i actually i like willa ford and i definitely want to be bad if you agree. Style is just not my style. You know child agreed a little too leafy. Yes it's a little too minimal great next step some good news florida georgia line's tyler hubbard and wife haley. Welcome baby boy very cute hubbard party of four f._b._i. S._g._l.'s tyler hubbard welcome. The second child baby boy named luca read with his wife haley on monday. In nashville people confirmed. He was absolutely amazing. Throughout the whole labor she was so patient positive and strong wrong. She honestly made it look easy. Proud dad tyler gushed baby was born at three forty a._m. Waiting at eight pounds eleven ounces and measured at twenty point five inches on. I just like you live for like the wives of country music men because they really create an industry for themselves where they're all like lifestyle pinterest lagers orangey flow and they take pictures and fields and they make money while their husbands are on the road like i just like i wanna be one i and if i can't be one i wanna realize of national where you get these good premium people uh-huh okay. Let's discuss the real housewives of nashville the chew f. g. l. girls brittany and a hilly as wives. Could i don't live for their inscribe. Mcconnell proud liberal dean britney all the hockey. She's like she's like the agencies like the new gen yes. She would be like the youngest one that they would all be. You're so immature now. Lauren bush week disgraced fucking joe paolino if they would do it. Some of the women don't need it. You know what i mean. You know i think some of them amer like probably to private to do but i think i think britney kelly would love it brian kelly's by from florida georgia. She has a business that she would love to promote. Lauren be would like it. I think ncoa would do it so maybe it's not real house then. Maybe it's just like what do we need to be on bravo because anytime soon in a reality show that doesn't work like wags it has to go on your bravo but such a derogatory term no a different name yet. It has to be the concept she with like pitched the show. I actually feeling really passionate. I i. I have to believe that someone saw it and it didn't happen for a reason like i think the reason would be like that. Tricia earwood isn't down. You know yeah but i. I don't think she's right for the show no she. I think brittany aldean would be down and she would probably the biggest name and she would be. I feel like the center of the group where it's like. She's really connected to like the old school like luke bryan's wife because jason aldean's like cemented in his career but she's also like new wave. She's an instagram yeah and i mean if our lincoln cars right. It could have been hurt. She could've seen herself on on wag part. To who do we talk to you about getting the ground literally loved to be a producer and i don't wanna be on it because i don't fit the mold but like i have a lot of good ideas and we come down come into town. They see toast live. Yeah i actually i. I'm really onto something yeah absolutely clear idea and you're not gonna do we know in t._v. We know some depot. We'll talk to our team yeah and just as business card printed up the tray attorney at law and executive producer of the real housewives nashville yes or the real. What if the not housewives because maybe they're not housewives. Maybe they don't want to be a real hot size. Franchise like ladies have national. 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I don't like opportunities right now. I don't want your money. Take some good enough. The supreme wants you to be able to own the now in any situation. Which is why our listeners will get. Five hundred high quality custom business cards starting at nine dollars and ninety nine cents us toast vistaprint dot com. That's kotido a._s._t. Not at vistaprint dot com tosa v. I s. t. A. print dot com. I honestly think that some of you could benefit from a business card revamped. That's all i'm saying. Some of you. Don't have a business card and definitely we also got some other good suggestions on y. Okay thomas rhett wife yes of course she's so premium neom to jessie james decker who's no stranger to reality t._v. I don't think i don't think it's now okay nicole. Yes ever she would never ever but like that t._v. Show is everything everything everything. Oh my god. We got to make it happen. I would bear two million dollars season. It's good enough for duties richards. It's it's got an effort nicole kidman this. I'm getting excited. Wait speaking countries zik country wives people are suggesting for name love it speaking of country music art our fifth and final stories. The local country news a little contrary rooms. She's back carrie. Underwood does the awards with dolly parton and reba mcentire higher the c._n._a. Awards are splitting things up this year on monday. The country music association carrie underwood would once again return to host but instead of decade-long maintain brad paisley. She'll be the home host joined by guest host country icons reba mcentire and dolly parton in a new women driven initiative and maybe they'll poached the host of the morning toes tight thinking that the words are coming up and for the third consecutive year or second third third for the third consecutive year in a row. We have to be there so we will. I will get on the paperwork up media credentials because it's too important. It's really the best day of the year. It's the best and it's going to be like the craziest week for me. Because i have a wedding in morocco bacau that we can and then assume our wednesday okay she'll be like flies to nashville and then i'm on tour that weekend like i had to happen but are there flights morocco to nashville probably be casablanca to j._f._k. Jet show got us well. That's terrible yeah but even last year when we went to the as it was the busiest week and then we had the divine very real wrench in my life like we went from a lineage bachelorette to nashville it was pouring rain. Remember the words to walk through music row my god yes with our shoes off obesity. We city we yes and then we went divinely to pittsburgh from pittsburgh to new york new york. I went to dallas from dallas. I went to utah talk for thanksgiving. It was a crazy week november's always crazy time and whether i have to walk across there i'm going to the words. Of course we will be there. We will definitely what are are we going to wear. I don't know now that we thought about it. We usually like i'm always forgetting the month before like putting in credentials and trying to find like media people to produce a show but now that we're like fully on top of it three months in advance we should get like outfits made like really country like casey. Mass graves like yeehaw by not stupid. We don't want to offend no but i want like sparkley boots. You should wear your retro. Teach us with cowboy boots done god that would actually over the cowboy boots cool i now. Do you think they make those yeah. I'm gonna go for project runway. Who was here <hes> leyla or she made us outfits and she would alice. I think that's actually a good idea. Yeah okay done zone sweet well. That's exciting. I mean satra brad paisley but this seems like kind of was like ooh. What did brad paisley. Do you like. It was some sort of bad blood but then i realized country music has been like really getting hounded by especially the women country for not like being equal pay. The men just like dominate everything so i don't think brad pitt c._j. Anything wrong. I just think it's good luck gentlemen. How stern yeah no. I think they're switching things up and we were just saying like two weeks. When will they switch it up. If i like how we were speculating because i guess this is just how we're program to be so ages that they were going to go with someone younger yeah but they went with two people who are older. I love it relives. Just ribas hosted something once before before she was great at it a._c._m.'s yes. I get confused a._c._m. Waters yeah. It's just another opportunity for us to enjoy ourselves. Can you believe that i'm going to a wedding outing in morocco. No i can't. I'm like i've never been i've like underst- like nervous like i'm not really like a traveler. You know none of us really are this is like in my opinion like it is yeah i just i would ever have another opportunity to go to marrakesh and i just feel like i'm going to be sexy and city you will be will be miranda and i will be proud of it. That'll be you. That'll be super cool hear all about it on the awards red carpet. I know like two days later. That's gonna be such a crazy week. I'm very excited. Maybe get some cool garbs in morocco that you could wear this. Honestly this alphabet moroccan is it. Is it on no. It's a print. I guess if you were in the kaftan felix glasses is within. You think i would be like a little bit more moroccan. I don't know if you'd be more moroccan but you definitely be doing better for your is definitely be more. Styling weiland also be living it up in the city. You may not realize it but the average american blasts there is with bright green for eleven hours a day. I always check my screen time. Let's check right now on screen. 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That's felix gray glasses dot com slash toast again gray with an a felix gray g. r. y. Glasses dot com com slash toast sign on protect your feel see amazing okay patron hard as we'll recap tomorrow tomorrow on the snatcher but just my overall thought it was a tough episode. It took us forty five minutes to get the roosevelt and honestly like that fight was really stupid it and honestly like justice for christian. He literally didn't do anything wrong yet but no he needed violently. Jordan was stupid but then christian put. Hey escalated it so they are both in the wrong. They were both in the wrong but from the beginning christian didn't do anything wrong. He came to partisan saw someone you liked. All these guys like hating him because clay electrical nicole went along with it like he didn't do anything i i agree and jordan gordon coming over and instigating with the what was it was stupid and immature and instigating christian devastated more violent by putting hands on both jordan literally picked him up and body slammed him and that was a whole other level. They both needed to go without but if they had to pick one person to go home. It should have been jordan. Oh i think they would have sent home. Christian because jordan did was like technically like when he threw the teddy bear in the ocean like that didn't be escalating become a fight. It was just a petty thing to do and he was doing that again. In this show runs on petty shit so like he wasn't doing anything off book i. I was really surprised that they were just like very teacher. You both go home. You know yeah we'll after last last season. I honestly i'm so glad that they both went home. They were both probably going going home anyway. Yeah so i wasn't upset about it and then christina just being such a loser like giving a rose like and she thinks she's like this. Evil gene is like i want want him to watch. Hannah and dylan follow love stupid like she was. Where's that she's not just like stupid stupid to be sued tavora. She thinks she's a genius right. She was really frustrating me to watch and honestly like i was watching the episode like i hate nicole. Then tweeted something nicole. Oh and she tweeted back unless you could have been me and then she wasn't. I respect for her for being able to laugh at herself like every time of tweet like has gone viral about her like and it is a little funny about her. She could be a weenie it was amazing to me but she's taking rolling with the punches and accepting the twitter followers gracefully and i really respect that i have to put it out there like i respect the hell out of nicole lopez. Yeah that's yeah. That's a cool thing to do yeah no. It's very brave i can't. I can't say that i would do the same <hes> what else happened. Demi and derek are falling apart falling apart. It's like sad to watch. Oh eleven eleven make away. Oh also what's happening is the greatest relationship of all time maybe the romeo and juliet of our generation jump jones and teixeira. I completely agree three and you know who john paul. Jones reminds me out to griss yes from the society psyche psyche appears like jok and but then he's like so learned in touch with his emotions motion and he's just so much more than he seems to be and he's like amazing no and like that scene. I'm so glad that they've played that entire scene like it was a very long conversation of before they jumped in the pool they were sitting on and it was like a weird conversation but it was like so playful and so cute and like it was an affiliate people don't get that much airtime usually but they showed the whole conversation front to end where the jump in the pool and it was the best conversation i i was like a giddy twelve year old watching it. No i love them and i've been saying 'i sanitation derek but now i stand teixeira and john paul jones especially because i just love when guys like the like someone and they're obsessed with them and they're not gonna stray in there and they're so grateful for these women giving them the time of day they should be. That's why like every person who's being like dilemmas clinging winging like urine asshole because girls love to be like a nice guy like oh these kinds of jewish bags and he was a very clear agenda. I only once hannah and hannah annalong forever and ever until the day he dies and everyone painting crazy clanger like no. That's what girls want so. Stop asking if you don't actually want it. I agree that it's cute but it's not as cute when it's like i mean i really liked them so i don't even want to say anything negative but like when it's g and she's i clearly like the number one girl role in this group. It's not so like romantic when someone's like obsessed with her and going to do everything to paper romantic but i don't think it's weird people are making. It seem like he's a freak yeah. It's now free. I'm glad they finally found their ground by the by some of the women in paradise that you could see the way they talk and their testimonials are so fucking gels at hanan like i would be too because if you just came there and all these guys literally five guys are obsessed with hannah for you. It's really annoying but the way that like sydney. Some of the women talk about hannah. They fucking hate her. Yeah it's my trees it so fucking fucking annoying. No it isn't and that's what i felt aneka. She's like there's two guys here and four girls and they've all had sex with each other and like i don't feel included and like what am i doing here and michio people were saying it was selfish as you for not to give a rose to like wheels or someone must book that go home bitch and we need to cycle these people out there. Those guys aren't getting arose have now been there for two weeks and they've made they knew connections. There's been a lot of premium girls coming through and you know what i don't see it happening for you like if you couldn't make a good like the first people that are the best people. It's not going to get much better from here except gentile. I've is coming next week and i fucking stan sheriff. She was coming. I wasn't sure if she was coming but if i thought she was coming they would address the fact that her and blake went on a date and think they're going to they we have to. I didn't see it in the trash. There was only so much they could give us anything. They also don't wanna show us some broke. The news like months ago when like so many rumors about blake where swirling he was spotted somewhere in the national and she lives there that means that he once again uses frequent flyers lawyer isn't someone from the franchise and make connections before and he went on the table. I've never really got written up and everywhere but the <unk> fucking founded and that picture resurfaced last night in the toasters facebook group because it's so crazy they'd better address it. I have to their addressing everything you know. He's he's not getting away with nothing and so i think the gen sav on top of the caitlyn up at all now he would be up to seven girls that he's been mingling with that might finish him well. What was so interesting is. I was actually surprised at hanna chose dylan because you know i'm no body language expert but i was watching down syndrome percents cheese stayed and then the mariachi date and hannah was so much more carefree uncomfortable like more touchy more forward with blake and every time dealing pulled away and gave the cheek like i really thought for sure. She was gonna choose blake. I didn't think she was going to choose blake like because she's concerned with her image but i agree that it just from what we saw and i know we don't see everything but from what we saw it looks like she was just more interested in had more chemistry tree with blake and even at the date after she made the decision that date with all the aztec dancers. She's still didn't seem like she did with blake. Dillon has her head but like her heart and she went with her head. Which is what we're all like supposed to do and she's doing what she's supposed to do. And maybe it will turn into real true true love. I really like dylan and i appreciate him being a good guy going after the most sought after girl power and having a real chance at it you know yeah unlike having for it but he's the underdog but i don't think that they're really a match made in heaven. I don't yeah i agree because i feel like she has a wandering eye because this is the prime of like you know. It wasn't just an instant connection for site. She's she's closing every other door. I think here is are still like wait. Who's coming jugie kristin cavallari for gals nashville. I was thinking that but but she has her own show. Why would she do that because maybe this show would actually be good very have larry's now getting a third season which means that doesn't mean it's good. It means there's rate. It needs to be chosen. League get cancelled for one unreason so true you set yourself. I did say i when you quote me back a okay. Let's see there are three snatcher. We'll watch the show tonight yes and below deck. Oh oh below deck just such a good show. I never forget. I never remember what day it's on but it's like i'm always watching t._v. And then it's like the new episode she's so excited to see it. It's just such a consistent like funny. Happy sad like it's just a good show. It's an all around show. Oh my gosh you guys have to watch the patriot episode of as park. I don't wanna say what we talk about that. It's pretty interesting <unk> thing what related to oh did you. Did you talk about it. Yeah we did because we were in the car. Oh my god wait. It's subscribe to the paper and watches the just for that moment because i don't know if we're going to do it we'll talk. We'll talk about it after the video. My stomach is ronald. I wonder if you could hear the episode was kind of boring. Everytime i fast forward through commercials i was like oh my god. It's only been like this this short. Nobody this charter crew was the charter group on the boat was funny. They were funny and i think they had a good time but i didn't tip the throwing up. That was crazy crazy. Oh my god that was the craziest thing i ever saw like how they show us so much. I don't know and he almost threw up on asia asia. Then he ended up throwing up on one of the camera guys because there's another because it was below deck yeah so sad so terrible but they they shouldn't have been showing us the first on the rail for so long. Come on come on. I'm really struggling between i actually really like and respect and watch him watch a rerun but he basically was like such an asshole. Last season and andy was like what happened like much better this season. He was like seeing myself on t._v. Me like being such a prick was like so humbling and really grew up so much and it just really like like him and respect him. I think he really likes his job and he really wants to grow the captain like just being so unnecessarily hard on jack doc disagree really i think he's trying to handle chocolate cake gloves and i think jack's fucking terrible. He's so annoying. He doesn't do his shop. What are you doing here. He's like dead weight on this boat and like like what's worse is that everyone loves him until you always like not even being as needed if everyone hated jack would could be even meaner tame but it's like this person who sucks at their job and it only affects me but everyone else likes them so i'm going to him like i'm on the outside the garage the only one not in a relationship he takes his job really seriously and jack is like just a <hes> like he seems like a cool dude but like he's not a worker bee yeah but it's just like he spent like being so nitpicky like jack was cleaning the rails and he came out and was shot the fire because he was like not clearly the whole rail but like parts of it where there were spots. I don't know it just seemed like it was really looking for a reason to yell at him. You can say go out there and give it to him he. I guess i didn't kevin danny. Kevin is not like the most fierce leader like she's very much a doormat. No i think it's a bigger like the obviously the rails wasn't the first the third thing and so when you're in front of the captain and you're still fake cleaning with the fuck are you doing. What are you doing when you're not in front of the can also. I really like have taken. You're gonna turn a negative turn on anesthesia yes. She never should have accepted the chef job. She obviously couldn't handle it like it was cooling when they were in a pig but when they docked had new charter guess he should have gotten a new chef captains any that was the biggest mistake. Anesthesia can't let hair the hair not okay and she doesn't take responsibility for you. This is the craziest thing she ever said. I'm not responsible for what happens when the dish lease galley and goes up to the table if it gets cold in that journey then that's not my fault because it was hot when it left my kitchen. It's it's a ten second walk. There's no way it goes from hot to cold yet and then like her plating making everyone run like and not telling anyone who the well done stakes were yet. This like there are tons of ships in the med that had chefs that get hot food out like you just didn't learn how to make food hot and you're not like you had to just be like. I don't know what i don't know. It's on me not because they're walking to philly yeah and hannah's definitely getting a little. It's weird for like someone who is two levels below you now to be your equal and has definitely looking for things wrong on like she literally said to the guy who who had the well done steak who wasn't done well done but she went up to him was like do you want this cooked more. He didn't ask well. She probably saw that it wasn't clicked and he wasn't showing for sure for sure. She's doing her job also like they're correct in saying like the food makes the tip thousand bazan. If you have bad food but good service like it's not going to be a great experience. If you have great food and mediocre service you'll get a better tip endlich. It's about the food until she's like being critical of anesthesia's because that's affecting acting her wallet jaggi when they were like the hairs because it wasn't mine like how do you know that would also. That's not the way to respond right on so sorry. She immediately went on the defense. This job is not for hunting right and i'm really looking forward to her being debunked back down to third stu but kevin sandy was once again in a pickle because now she has choose third stews and she has to let someone congo and i didn't think that it should be june. I couldn't agree more and i know june's not like the best thirty but first of all she's like the nicest person to ever go on reality t._v. I think she's the newest to the boat like a it's time not everyone is gonna learn everything that second yeah anytime hannah's hold her something like she fixes and she does it. She's always talking doing laundry which seems to be like the worst job there to launch but she's always actively working yes. She doesn't complain like i and why does she get punished because of anesthesia's like flip-flopping. I couldn't agree more. I think anesthesia's should've went home. I don't know what the right thing to do was but i mean collins going to come in and save the day like i ship calling in june and i hope that gives them a big fat kid when he gives her his job. Allen is like such a nice guy. I'm watch which wasn't last night but they replayed it. He was saying how likes he gets so many moms in his d._m._z. Date his daughters and then he was like what's tape and he goes. I just let people like me back. How fucking satisfy that's horrible thing i've ever heard it's the most was pathetic thing. I've ever heard no but i kind of feel him. I feel like growing up. I used to be that way because i was like if you like naming have good taste. You know you must be funny. Yes mark yeah. You must be ingenious to know that i'm so why wouldn't i go out with genius yeah. That's a great goal so okay anyways june june hannah. I'm in this her. I know what it's like. She really gave the season bravo's now. Shop by bravo selling merge with june june hannah she created june japan has literally taken over twitter like she created this viral moment like she got fire. Yeah i think she'll keeper job. I also loved how she handled when she got fired because she didn't just like take it and be a doormat ormat but she also wasn't disrespectful. She was just like that's not nice. It's it's also. It's really not fair. You have fired when you do something wrong and the girls like saying the dream team together so me and i just it was so not right reminds me of season one below jack riquet chastain and that girl cat were so fucking fucking me to this girl amy who was just like this other girl who she wasn't cool and like stated really get along the other. Two girls were much closer. They were so fucking like the fact that this girl ended up coming back on another. Susana below deck was shocking like they were talking about her right in front for face like it was so mean until evil at that's it reminds me of lab talking about trevor. Stopping anesthesia in the face is just like he's he's got to go and at what point is what you do off the boat affect your job. It really like shut ins yeah but it really hold on it really was confusing because remember when chef miller saying all those crazy things he was like so like the moral compass in the car like really like i was like yes you go trevor. I loved him and like how you can be two different people this crazy crazy. That's reality though in a sentence yeah but also like alcoholism yeah yeah. It was honestly like a really i mean it was an unfortunate thing that happened but the way that this show handle it. It was really good. Mini lesson like this is like what this is problematic but it doesn't always look problematic on its face okay so we're back tomorrow and then also we'll be dropping this week's episode of the snatcher tomorrow afternoon so make sure to find us on spotify until we're back up and running on. I tunes share to get sach. Just make sure they get snatched. Listening to the morning chose the millennium show. We go live monday through friday ten thirty a._m. Eastern time on youtube feel free to subscribe good city with thumbs up. We're also available as a podcast doc. Anywhere podcast can be found so that spotify stitcher public radio literate anywhere you can find so leave a five-star subscription. They're actually using this inscription so head over there. We use some subscriptions corruptions reviews. Let's just let's get positive you know yeah. That's all. I'm saying it's positive. Do you let so much have a great day. We'll see tomorrow by.

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