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Approach. Listener's support W N Y C studios. Number one anxiety attacks. I've got this happy about myself that I don't which is that seventy s today, I've got cancer. I say what's it feel like I've come. In any way. One time. I ask that. Deep in the car crash. I said what what does it feel like a very bad car crash and her reply was. One minute car was like best friend, and then the next minute like in the blink of an eye to become like, a cut of jacket weapon of torture, actually within such kind of Betty for torture device. I kind of feel the same way about anxiety attacks. It just makes you, you know, your state can alter very quickly, and I find that I find that quite frightening. Embassy to Twitter. I voted fears ago about social media shaming and as a result. People who enjoyed social media shaming decided to try and get me. So that was kind of concerted efforts to do that for a couple of months, and I just remember waking up at three in the morning and. You go into the bathroom and checking Twitter, and there were nine hundred notifications like just while I slept nine hundred people had an opinion on me. And I'm an inch so live. You know, I found it overwhelming. Number three germs which is quite a new one for me. Number four, not being able to reach my summit three AM. I started downloading all of these apps that tell you like about crimes happening in New York City because if I can reach like if I phoned him if he wasn't in it to in the morning, and I found him and he didn't pick up the phone. How would then immediately goes all of those apps to see whether somebody matching his description had been in an accident said I wasn't. Mel wasn't good. I'll help but then I found out like every out became aware of Africa cracking appaling in New York City. You know, what I discovered happens a lot more new city than imagine scaffolding for people. Number five not being out to provide for my family. Number six, my dogs running away. After talks flop in flopping Jesse. I can't Jesse off the because I she just runs away. And I just freak. She's not like one of those super dog. She September on the street. That woke logs are their own without a leash. I mean, I guess this just a total trust between human dog. But I could never do that. I can never do that. And then I'm stuck in within the holy shit thing, which I don't like either because master surf and share. Comes to with that. I would even be on a level playing field with Josie. Number seven. Guessing things ethically wrong. Number eight conflict. Number nine conflicts voidance. In most situations are not actually even I don't like conflict not conflict verse. But in certain situations, I am conflict of void. And then what happens is I- ruminate, then come up with things that you should've said sometimes know you'll let little tiny little yellow frustration. And then you think I'm one of those middle aged Jews the Upper West side, New York that thing. Number ten. Parties and saying the wrong thing in social situations. Studio within visible. Battiston? Boy, she was she was huge in there in the eighties is practically Madonna's level fame. Anyway, she told me a story, and the story was that she was a massive fan of Elvis Costello's. And she was like an office costano after party, and she talked him and just a massive fan. And did you enjoy the show? And she heard herself say it went on a bit. And she went home and didn't leave a house fears. She tied. I mean, we're laughing because it's so shocking. Honestly, I identified with that. Twenty years ago. I would that story and I thought well that's like another planet. No longer feels like another planet. My name is Jon Ronson face attend things sky may. The ten things Jim includes Amy Pearl Daniel met, Sarah samba, Emily Boutin, polish human Joanna solitaire off a Melissa Chiu said music and sound design by Isaac Jones. You know, what scares me? Flat tires. What are you? Scared of tell us at ten. Thanks, podcasts dot org.

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