Rock Candy Ep. 114: R.E.M. - Alliteration, Acronyms, Eyebrows


Episode coming on up wait we do. Yeah how you bought beer and then we have to do it up. Oh Fan episode based on a beer that we got yes. Okay step so I was like wait to sorry. Drink a lot of beer. I actually don't know I have no idea. I know nothing about. Ram So this is going to be an education because most people don't know anything about rem because they are an exceedingly private banned. Yeah if you WANNA know about the creative process. Yeah that's fine. Tell you about Prime God. Good fucking luck to me. You know what for the past two weeks trying to fucking find things about the band? 'cause private lives. They're not for you. Oh it's too KLAFF's yes right to one client to client clap then two claps. I'm still learning that. Yeah also if you're really bored during this corona virus thing you can call an oates Colino because apparently everybody found out about that today. Pitch walking me like ten years ago. Yeah you can. I think it's seven one nine six two oats. That's the phone number. I've really impressed that you memorized but you can call it. Toll Free All day every day in all night and you can hear me or one of four eater. Man Eater privatize add a touch. I think in maybe family man or the other one. But you'll hear one four. Maybe when my dreams come true her kiss on my list. I don't know I think my list is on that list a so. So if you guys are role board during Corentin also Michael State. We were tricked into thinking. Michael staife rewrote the lyrics to out till it's the end of the world as we know what he did and he did not he just sang to bars of it and then was like here's a PSA on Washington. Wash your handling. No I know I know. Michael Stipe I know I need to wash my hands look. I don't need a warning from you of all people anybody who is low watching you right now doesn't need to be told. I'm sorry but the people who need to be told aren't listening to rem. It's true come for me. 'cause Gen xers are really made to ride out this corona virus here. My Eyes Rolling. Yeah come on Gen xers tell us how like this isn't a big deal. Tell us how you're already prepared to ride this one out by doing nothing like you do for everything all the time you can. Just sit around. Like millennials and boomers right all they do is get upset about millennials and boomers. They might right. I don't do anything. Let me turn off hair. Well we went real hard after Gen xers. I don't know why I was like. Wow this is the train. I'm jumping on that. We thought we had nothing to open up with exercise. Every gen-x are listening has learned. They were like. Are you GonNa Make Fun of me? Yeah you should know by now. We make fun of everybody including ourselves. Yeah I mean Yeah Gen xers we gotTa Punch on You. But like we'll get twenty more ourselves to worry. Yeah don't you worry very disproportionate in your favor. So well could arrive. Candy Weekly podcast bringing you stories entails and sweet treats from the world of music and self deprecation always every titan buckets. And where your hosts Maggie? I'm Ashley and we did it. We finally introduced ourselves within the five minutes. We said the name of the show we introduced ourselves. We fucking did it. Yeah there you go. We were losing it there for a little bit but we got our shit together. Don't fucking day it is anymore and I go into work and we record on the same day changed but I'm just but I don't know what day it is anymore. No idea none but yes so this week. We are discussing the college band of the Gen. Xers and honestly the millennials. I mean there are. There are still kicking when we were in high school and they had their their real hits when we were in elementary Middle School. I would say so. Therefore they were a big part of our growing up. Oh Yeah I mean I highly doubt you hear the are the name. Rem and don't think of at least like five songs. Yeah namely I'm sure so when you hear rem what's the first thing that comes to your mind. I know it's hard because I've been singing man on the moon all night because that's the beer we it's either man on the Moon Everybody Hurts Or actually The one I love comes to my mind a lot or shiny happy people say fucking heat. That's all I got news for you talk about it or a ton we'll dabble. I always go to losing my religion. Oh yeah there's that one too. Yeah Yeah no shiny happy. People definitely makes you WANNA punched in the face like it's it's one of those songs. Where if there is a movie about a serial killer that goes on a rampage? That would be the ironic song that's playing in the background. Honestly good pit and I'm sorry nobody's done that but don't take my idea because maybe one day I'll write a movie about a serial killer down there. There we go. We're finally for fighting. It's my claim to fame. Yeah you're GONNA write that movie serial killer and the famous scene. Shiny happy painful. I got all the time in the world and REM's like you can use it. Shit whenever rory. I'm I feel like they would give a shit. Maybe if it was everybody hurts they propose that would be funny. He might not give a shit. But that's like there's such a private band and I can't get a solid read on them. Yeah at all any of them. Sometimes I watch Michael Staife Oh God. He's probably insufferable. But sometimes I watch him and I'm like on assume maybe he's Kinda cool and Shell. Maybe it's hard to tell and I think they do that on purpose. I think they basically want no one to understand who they are as people. Yeah maybe it's fine. I mean he could be like the nicest person in the world or he could be like moby. I don't know you know what I wonder. If because he's bald and skinny and white he just happens to fall into mobile for US. Kinda yeah. I doubt his insufferable asthma. You look at Michael Stipe. In the first word that flashes up above his head is Vegan. Like he's nuts and I think has that look. He is not open about veganism is he could be. You know but you know at the fact that you don't know means that he still better than moby true there you go there you go also good job good job on them for keeping it. Private misses fucking long. I will get some of the things that weren't as private but yeah which I was like. Oh I didn't know that this is apparently a very big deal. I did not know so. That's funny yeah. So researching them was difficult in terms of getting like personal details So for the episode. I'm kind of covering more. I'm GonNa talk about the music a lot more than normally do the songs songs that we know. I'm going to talk about those a bit more than I normally do. 'cause normally like yeah you know the heads if you don't know that's. I don't know I don't know what today looks them up there. We have the Internet now. You should know yeah I always feel like I don't need to tell you 'cause if you're curious enough just guy spotify and youtube and there's so many avenues you can just go pop song up man alive. What time tie realize? That's what made me so picky about music now. Mike Allison I can listen to whatever I want now. Yeah but even then I can't figure out what I WANNA listen to. Yeah I've things like this like spotify an Amazon Music Shit have made me so spazzy. Yes when it comes to music. Can't sit down and listen to a whole album very rarely. Can I do that anymore? So if it's a brand new album I can do it because I want to listen to this album. Yeah yeah whatever else are spazzy about beer yet because we literally have four beers on our table right now really do but the one. We were drinking for tonight's episode. That inspired today. So is man on the Moon. From four miles brewing. It's on the Bank of the allegheny allegany allegheny from Olean New York or only an here. We're not sure which one it is. Yes we are from the state but we have no fucking clue how to pronounce this pretty western New York and deep western New York. Like what's that dark shadowy place that's western New York there? Yeah off sorry to our western New York listeners. But come on. Do you know where you live. I've spent plenty of time. I know what's up over there but despite this being an Ip it's actually could. It's quite like we're not even shitting you right now. It's really good. I will project the other one it's it's Ip for people who don't like IPA's extremely mild. And I like that. It's like wait if it's not really happy. It's less abuse I don't know I think it's like what is it like to I. It's like. There's there's no hops in it. I mean there are no Hobson it. Ups why the no hops. Now there's clearly not an Easter beer but I'm CH- get out no hops. A one hundred percent knew what you saying and I'm not here for users over fuck over it. In animal. Crossing edited called Bunny Day rotated around Easter dug up so many eggs Easter nicer again. And I just want a bag of all black jelly beans and I can't go out and get one. I'm very upset about insurers plenty laugh. I'm sure they're GONNA be around till Christmas so draw. Do like a target pickup. I'm sure I have no trouble if you do that. Yeah ensure will have no problem. Nobody gets entire bags of black jelly beans. I do yeah. That's it. They make them for you. Could I want them all good? You're getting the ball fine. Good put him in my basement. Fine then go then. I'm going to get us the black delicacies. What the fuck all right. So we have a beer. We have a band. Why don't we tell you the story? Hey let's get into the topic. We came here for sorry guys right many attribute rem as the band that created the blueprint for alternative rock and bringing it out into the mainstream at a time. When Rock was mostly power chords and lyrics about the excesses of life these guys came in with melodic guitars and a guy singing some of the most angst ridden lyrics disguised so many beautiful metaphors very sad. Yeah they that's not what the eighties were. I don't think except for post-punk I don't think Michael Stipe. Michael Stipe smiled at all during the entire decades of the eighties and nineties. No you're right you didn't. I don't even think he's he's smile during the Shiny Happy People which is ironic to say the least. No one knew exactly what to make of them. Still don't yeah but they also knew that. Hey we like this music especially the college crowd. Gen xers coming into their own. Don't like rem was singing about the things important to their lives. I mean because for what it's worth like xers weren't all here for that hair metal shit. Oh No not at all. I think a lot of them were here for like a more intellectual sound or the grunge shit or the grunge shit is what they were really here for. Yeah and let me tell you. This was that bridge into grunge for sure. It really seemed to be a perfect storm of elements falling into place for these guys who instead of crumbling during the transition from eighties to nineties again grunge. They hit their peak and didn't see any real stumbles for a few years and while they may no longer be together after an amicable split in two thousand eleven. I still think they're songs have relevance today and their story should be told So let's do it starts around the end of the seventies in Atlanta Georgia. Were for college. Kids all met up with each other based on their mutual love of music. It wasn't long before they start decided to start a band where they collaborated on songs together. I didn't know that they were from the south. They are but they aren't. We may as well start with the most widely known lead singer. Michael Stipe born January. Fourth nineteen sixty. He was the son of a military dad which resulted in him constantly. Moving around okay. I wouldn't really say he's from anywhere. He Graduated High School in Collinsville Illinois and decided to go to college at the University of Georgia and the city of Athens. Oh Okay Michael. Never saw himself as a singer despite what others would tell him even though he wasn't seeing music as a career at this point he was still really into our and he majored in photography and painting college worthwhile subject. That will totally get you a job. Let me tell you I That's where it is guys. We promise the arts. That's that's what you want to major in. Yeah you get what? You could probably just fucking do that without going to college in. Save yourself a whole lot of fucking money yes yourself anyway sorry them rant but it is funny because Michael was in a few bands back in like high school Guys Really K. Come sing and he's like I can't sing in just doing he's like all right. Which is so weird. Because I always heard that he was such a shy guy. Oh he is. Yeah yeah so I mean again. Why he so private yeah. Michael enjoyed visiting the local independent record store called Walk Street records. Look stree- looks good. I tried so hard to not do that and I really what I went to. I didn't do it. Yes the W you. X T R Y records extremely asking for people to fuck it up. Yeah you know what I didn't doing here asking for people to Elmer. Fudd the shit out of the family. Quiet I am going to walk sweet Wackos. That's fair. Michael was a weird kid and had an ECLECTIC taste in music every visit. He would grab records from the artsy or more obscure artists. Much to the store clerks chagrin. Why Peter Buck was the clerk? Oh and he would usually tuck those records deep into the shelves so anyone else to find. Yeah you wanted them. You label him interested and just like. Tuck them away and he's like nobody's GonNa want this velvet underground record. No which one is the elmer fudd in this situation. Probably Peter Buck Peter. Buck would be Michael. State is definitely the bugs bunny. 'cause he's Paul. Yeah that's how oiling. Everything spoiling everything walks backwards at first. Peter Found Michael's ability to sniff out the rare stuff annoying but eventually brought them together and they became friends Yeah Peter was born on December sixth nineteen fifty-six in Berkeley California. After graduating high school he went to emory university Georgia but dropped out before graduating. By the time he was working at walk story he was back at school. Also attending the University of Georgia. Michael brought up the idea of being a band Peter but initially he turned down because Peter believed guys and bands were assholes basically told them but hey we could just not be assholes. Yeah you can do that and from there. They began to create songs together. But I really liked the Peter's like now man guys are assholes if I bring you have to be xactly is like you know after. That's adorable as these two bonded over music. Their friend group expanded and eventually they met two guys who had been making attempts at a music career for a little bit at this point Bill Berry and Mike Mills the alliteration dream to say wow the alliteration on their name. Now it's so good they could call themselves like the the alliteration boy. Yeah that's that's what I would have done. But that's probably why I don't have a band but it should be the ill liberation boy that could be a white boy rap group. Sure the tells us should if there's a time line were that happy. Yeah there is bill or as I like to call them eyebrows whole eyebrows. Oh Yeah Yeah. Yeah what are some fucking caterpillars and like you know what you shouldn't give a fuck when everything's things about you and like everyone's you fun of him. I'm impressed. Oh No I feel like maybe like you could groom those down a little you can but also I'm impressed. He don't groom those things home. I got they are terrifying but this was also well before manager stood. You could do such things like groome your eyebrow not be assholes in a bad in like shower daily because I know these things still don't understand. Yeah they don't anyway. So bill was born July thirty first nineteen fifty eight in Duluth Minnesota. He also moved around a lot with his family mostly in the Midwest until they finally settled in Macon Georgia. When bill was in high school and there he attended Mount de Sales Academy where he also met and befriended Mike. Oh so they met in high school in those always into music dabbling in many things but mostly sticking to drums. Mike on the other hand was primarily a bassist. Mike was born in Orange County. California on December Seventeenth Nineteen fifty eight. His family moved to make on Georgia when he was a preteen. So none of these guys are from the South tha-that's just where they happen to meet. Yeah together bill and Mike. We're in a few bands together. One Band was known as shadow facts. So from this we can assume they are pretty big nerds. Oh God I hope so right. Okay definitely so nothing really stuck and they ended up figuring day jobs in college degrees. Were probably in order. And it wasn't long before these four met up and quickly bonded again. Over their love for music they began to not their love for Lord of the Rings. I mean come on. I don't where Peter and Michael Fall with Lord of the Rings. I would hope they fall on the side of we can love it. Yeah because it's pretty much inside you're allowed to be Basically the began to work on some songs together. And it's just a creative outlet at first but it didn't take much prodding to see that they had something unique going on here like most people who start a band. There was no grand plan to this at all. They were just going to make music and see when the plead at small gatherings supporting other local bands. All the while was no set band name. The leader was names like twisted kites or my personal favorite cans of piss. Not a name for Mellow alternative fans of this cans of why cans? Why the fuck it how. How does how did this come this again? They are very difficult. Research story behind that that I desperately wanted you guys know the story behind this. Let us know well. Fortunately they didn't love anything. They came up with now. Good well cans EPIs- I mean I just don't know if I would have been into You know night swimming by cans or losing my religion biking or this one goes out to the one I love frequency. Cut US by kids. None of those really word doesn't have the same. It doesn't roll off your tongue as much really busy. That's certain Genesis Equa kids. Don't really have it. No so legend has it that during a rehearsal or hanging out. Michael grabbed a dictionary and selected words at random when he landed on rem for rapid eye movement. This really the perfect name. They say like some have argued that that might not be where the name came from. But if you watch interviews. That's what was as story is because I feel like I remember at some point in like the late nineties early. Two thousands everyone was like rem doesn't mean rapid eye movement. But I don't remember what the supporting evidence was. That's fair I don't know it well so there's another story that apparently Michael was really into this obscure Kentucky based photographer named Ralph. Eugene Meet Yard. That's not real real name. Your Yard Philly came off the Bo. What are you guys going through Ellis Island? They're trying in like the worst broken English to explain that they have cow that their cattle ranchers just end up coming up with me yard and they're like all right. You're the meat yards. Yeah so that's the thing. Yeah all the fucking Shit. Don't make any sense. This Day you can go to Ellis Island and go to the memorial. That has all the names of all the people that had passarella silence of the lambs and look up the meat yards all. They were a good strong family. A hardy folk hardy Russian folk. I imagined they were Russia's. Sure meet yard anyway. So Ralph here would sign. All of his works are em and so people. Think that. Because Michael Stipe was really into him at the time that he was in fluence to call his band Aria and rapid eye movement a little mix of both. The dictionary story sounds far more plausible. I Dunno meet yard but I like to meet your meat yard. They they have the meat yards yards me. Oh let's discuss tariffs inured semi look like rotting in the Sun. You don't sell enough. Don't put it out there. Who put it in the heard? Putin afraid we're meet belonged snow. And that's how the meat yards do it. That's what gives it that. Certain spicy taste tangy flavor. Your meat should be tagging well. All right I digress. It wasn't long after that the boys decide to drop out of school and immerse themselves in the growing Athens music scene. I realize now I think I said that are stories started in Atlanta Georgia. It definitely was Athens Georgia so going back to bring that to my bed. Typo that. That's my bad. I am sorry there you have it. It's Athens not HOTLANTA ATLANTA. Athens is more of a hipster joint. I feel like but I. I've never been correct me if I'm wrong anyway. While many people focus on places like New York City and L. A. is hot spots for music. Athens was home to a lot of alternative new wave groups not just rem but others like pylon widespread panic and the B fifty. Two's Oh there you go the Rock lobster came from Georgia Rock lobster rock lobster. Went DOWN TO GEORGIA I corps so lobster playing fiddle all my own cat it. I will throw nineteen eighty. The band's popularity shot right up with Iraq San that no one had really heard before or Peggie owes plead by Guitar. A Bass playing counter melodies and deep poetic lyrics. It was a sensible answer for those looking for something. Maybe a little bit new indifferent after the rage of Pont punk was dying out And it is a good counterbalance to post punk. I feel like yeah like this type of alternative coming in was definitely a little harder than a sad. It wasn't sad boy songs. The Way Post punk is. Don't get me wrong. Yeah fucking Love post-punk you'd still get your rocks off with the hard core lake baseliner whatever but you can have a little emotion with it. Exactly Nice lyrics it was. It was a little balls here. I guess post-punk in in the sound way. Yeah this This girly music's got some balls to. Yeah it's girly with ball. Yeah there you go Yup Yup. That's you're welcome. They're playing more and more local shows. Eventually they got a van and began touring southern United States. So you get advanced out of a time. Where else can you go anywhere? You gotta there. It was like the cells. Go anywhere that fucking van. Which probably is why they stayed to the south. Does it was probably a bad van. Was it was good enough fan. Good enough van good enough fan but times were still tight and they had a daily food budget of only two dollars number. That's like a bag of fritos and a diet coke. Yeah so in. Nineteen eighty-five not now. How will your bag of fritos to diet cokes in one thousand nine hundred five eighty nineteen eighty whole? Yeah you could get to diet cokes. Ask Yeah even like a diet coke regular coke. Just get real spicy with it anyway. Despite what some might of thought they were certainly paying their dues with the old tour routine and they were gathering fans all over and better gigs as well. By the time they opened for the police they knew it was time to get some songs recorded. Finally they opened for the police and they didn't even have a fucking album. Yeah this is nine hundred. Eighty s police. Yeah but I don't think they had hit their stride yet really. I don't know I'm really out of times with the I don't. I'm not a police expert manner my I don't I I WANNA say. The police started in the Zoom Nova. Definitely did but Seventy Five No. They don't stand so close to me or something. I know I very much remember. Don't stand so close to from when I was a kid. 'cause I really like that song can be like. Oh No that was like why parents let me listen to this from the GECKO. Rem had very democratic method when it came to creating songs everyone has a say and the opportunity to contribute and Michael usually didn't add lyrics until the music was pretty much already made. That would probably be how I did it to Ray. He just would let the instrumentation inspired lyrics. They got involved with producer. Mitch Easter and got his help to put together a demo tape which included their first single radio. Free Europe right away. The band was showing the world what they could expect from these guys. The four track demo tape was released in Nineteen eighty-one through Atlanta based indie label. Hip Tone. Initially there were only one thousand. Copies made six hundred of which were sent out just as promo copies soon after they discovered. That wasn't enough and they had to press another six thousand. Wow bitches wanted this jam. They had a solid manager in their good friend and record store. Manager Jefferson Holt. Did he manage? What is it looks extreme? Wesson sweet way might work walks records woj Holy Shit some even referred to him as the unofficial fifth member of the band because he just had that much involvement walks at walks we elected wacker so by evolvement. So much getting them wet scooby. Weapons can them West? We wickets out. Boy had an eye for taking the right path and heavily encouraged. Rem To make an EP after this initial success well if you can manage books because he can surely manager. Oh my God and you won't believe what happens so enter chronic town their debut. Ep Jefferson figured he would just release it on his small. Indie label called dashed hopes. But instead the guys had labels fighting tooth and nail to sign them. I kind of feel like dashed hopes is just the wrong name for a record label. I mean like if you want to sign a record label. I don't call it Dash. It's not a good idea. Not really there was a battle between indie label. Irs Records and RCA also don't name Your label irs record. I mean like no choice at this point and what was the other one. It's RCA OKAY. Yes well but. Irs Ron one out as they would let the band have total creative control over their material. That always wins out. Yeah well and especially right now that matter way more than money group. Yeah Yeah you want. Total control really matters. Having total control is really important. Yeah in these uncertain times and I'm sure some people like total control in the bedroom. I bet they if you really are looking to have total control in the bedroom maybe you should hop on over to Adam and Eve dot com. 'cause you know what if you go to. Adam and Eve dot com in us our little code when you check out Candy pod and Dui P od. Not The pants not that you can get a whole lot of free shit. Yeah first of all. You'RE GONNA get pretty much anything for fifty percents off. 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Wow It's let's be honest and I mean can feel perky parents. They are very picky. And they're not pitchfork piglets. That's true but they're picky about the weirdest shit right enemy doesn't make sense to me very much. Yeah they're picky yes. There are a little picky when they went to work on their full. Lp IRS set them up with producer. Stephen Hague who was good but also very focused on technical perfection. Which really isn't Rem's really gets never anybody's Mo unless you're like a super pop star or like really into appealing to as many people as humanly possible. Nobody's really like I want to sound absolutely fucking pin drop perfect but also especially around this time in the eighty s with these bands. These groups cheers. I don't they wanted to be a little more raw. I don't need it to be polished. Yeah but Stephen was like no. We're going for perfection her K. He forced the band to do many retakes of the same song which bill specifically found really demoralizing on one track catapult. Stephen brought it to a studio in Boston to add keyboards without their permission. What's bright how can you do that? International Yeah users enough was enough for them and Rem Asir Label if they could work with their old producer. Mitch Easter instead. Irs agreed to give him a trial run once they completed the track pilgrimage the Senate over to the exacts who agreed to let them continue with Mitch and his producing partner. Don Dixon good because you were getting some good shit out of them finally yes. They weren't being and Don Dixon also has that alliteration. Yeah I mean like is required for this kind of job with rem. I mean let's face it. Rem's just filled with alliteration and acronyms and eyebrows and eyebrows. Alliteration acronym eyebrows. Yeah that's really what? Rem's about yes. I A E. They should called themselves. I E E I know and after the bad taste left from Stephen Mitch and John took a very hands off. Approach to producing. She's what they wanted. Exactly only asking for retakes when it was absolutely necessary and the ban refused to incorporate any rock cliches like guitar. Solos or the presence of synthesizers. They just donate a sound really. Don't yeah the final product released was their debut album murmurs fans and critics alike praised. It saying the band made good on the promise of more good music based on their EP As the next few years came and went. Rem was still seeing moderate success. They were getting positive critical reception but still not a ton of airplay and they reviewed. Moore's a college rock band but throughout this time they were developing a really solid cult. Fan Base one day. I hope to procure a cult. Fan Base also Now L. I don't trust that So this thrust into success was a little much for Michael who may have been the lead singer but was at his core a very shy person. Going up on stage in front of more and more people was a hard thing for him to come to terms with when they first started. He actually very long hair that he would keep in his face. I remember that yeah. He did it on purpose so that that way he wouldn't have to see the crowd and he felt like he was. That is very maynard. James Key goals of him but James. Mayonnaise key goals. Excuse me of him. Kazaa meter. James Keenan. Does that still to this day. Oh he really only does it when he's performing with tool when he's performing with. Pusa for he's like he's not really in front stage or anything he's kind of in the back singing and with A perfect circle. He's pretty much in front. He keeps a dark. He doesn't do any spotlight's on him or anything. No I'm just GonNa say though I feel like that's that's just a stylistic choice I think it no at first. It was at least at first. It was very much because he was like terrified. Oh Yeah At this point probably stylistic yeah probably so going up on stage for. Michael was just a hard thing for him to come to terms with the long hair and his face. He wasn't much of a mover when he was on stage and many thought he acted the complete antithesis of a Rockstar. He wasn't onstage. Licken me me. I can't picture him being that way. But honestly this might have been what his appeals to so many people that he wasn't onstage saying he was just. I just blake. Who is he still mysterious? Like who is. He's just like. Stop looking at me but you know what though. Makeup did begin to find a comfort in his weird ways on stage and he became less shy with every performance. He even decided dying. His hair may draw attention but he wanted to do it anyway. Then was because he saw bull mustard one night the way so back the story is that many questions so. I guess one night backstage before they went on stage. He saw this bullet mustard probably part of their food thing. Or whatever like why is it in a bowl and Al people are weird but he looked at it and he asks one of the. I couldn't remember if it was a ban mater or do you know just like a Rhody. And he's like doesn't it? Doesn't that kind of make you dip your head in it and the guys like no? Let's talk and had like mustard hair and you did it for a couple nights. He's like Nah fuck it. I'll just die my hair. Yeah just die your hair then. He stopped putting mustard. I don't think it's going to condition it very well. Know in one thousand nine five. They switched up the recording process for the third album fables of the reconstruction and got new producers and they recorded in England and this was a fancy sh meanwhile yeah I think they thought there being some fancy schmancy but this was a really rough time for the guys who found the weather in the food of where they were being where they were at the moment to be pretty lousy. I guess if you're going from Georgia to England yeah but also I would absolutely love to be there. I would thrive in that kind of environment. It's so weird to me because I feel like there are people who either like love going to Europe or they fucking hate going era. I love it especially for I mean yeah especially. You came Britain because the weather is kinda dreary. Yeah and I think people are ready to handle that. I'm totally here for that. Gothic romantic dreary day. Kind of old castle musty. Shit you know it's lovely but some people are just. Don't I just want to float through a fuck in hedge maze in a flowing black dress in just wow ngenda shaved lounge and Here's the daily rain at four PM. Yep yes but on top of all that. This was a concept album with a focus on the myths and folklore of the southern. Us of smoke. Yeah it's actually kind of interesting. A lot of the band's gloomy on we was transferred onto these songs. Leumi on we. I was my that was me. I came up with that kind of what it felt like. When you hear them talking about is like it just feels like an ennui that you guys have and you're just being really gloomy and sad. Michael Stipe is like the personification of gloomy on we oh my God really is oh man. The process of creating this album was tough and the band did have a brief brief moment of doubt if they even keep going after this well. England's hard guys England's so hard out here talking about I'm like Oh my God but like it's slow hard. The food's not really that good and it rains a lot. You should have known that before you went to England guy. Ram You should have known this was gonNA be some Bullshit Yashin known but go on. They did and despite getting bigger they were actually still pretty nice guys. The Mansa toured with them. The had nothing but nice things to say the guys who are coming out burbs her the bands who were coming out to open for or asked to fill out a survey that included like things. Nice and like you know just little details but tell us about your stay on tour but they would Rem would end up providing like shoes and clothes to these guys because they wanted them to be equipped and ready for the things that like. They didn't realize they needed to have on term. So they're like big brother and big brother ringing but not like big brother building. O- older brother ring it like. Hey Big Brother Arberg brother. Yeah we're GONNA take care of you. Yeah here's my wings. Get under it. Yeah they totally took these guys under their wing. It was really nice. That's sweet yeah. They're good guys. The guys still weren't managing real mainstream success. Still not cracking into any top forty charts and this was beginning to frustrate. Irs records. I mean even as well as rem but the band like they weren't GonNa what this stop them. They decided if they were to gain notoriety. It was going to be on their terms. Okay quite frankly this mode of thinking worked in. Rem's fever the garnered the respect of critics and their peers. And sometimes you just gotTa wait for good things and that waiting can pay off In nineteen eighty eight. They released the fifth album document which was their first album to not only have a hit single but also to go platinum. Oh I know what this single is does. This one goes out to the one I love. It is e the One I love has seen many confusing it for love song because of its chorus it is not a love song is not a love song. Have you listened through the versus? Nothing could be further from the truth. The song starts with a simple prop to occupy my time. It's clearly the song about using people over and over again to fill a whole. Yeah Phil but like literally. Yeah I mean yes and emotional whole but also like that whole the song peaked at number nine in the charts in his a well-known rem standard. I always like a song. They just has like yelling for a chorus a good impression. Yes yeah actually do. I never really paid attention to lyrics researching the episode house like. Oh this is a really dark fucked up saw. It is definitely just a person's like I'm never going to be in love with someone. I'm just GONNA keep bouncing from person to person. Yeah it's just kind of a fucked up thing maybe therapist. I don't know we get it looked at. I don't know the other song you probably recognize from this album is. It's the end of the world as we know it. I feel fine yeah. Lyrics reflect almost stream of consciousness floating from Michael Stipe Sprain. There are many references to gentlemen with the initials. Lb Lenny Bruce Leonard Bernstein Leonard Bernstein. Yeah that's the only part that any of us can ever get. Yeah Michael said. He had a dream where he was at a party and he was surrounded by famous people with those initials so the song developed from that. Yeah so this Ogden. Do quite as well as the one. I love but still managed to fall into most people's songs by Rem that. I know it's timeless. It is timeless and yet despite how well they are doing in the. Us At this point are was still not seeing international numbers like they really were expecting to and that was due in large part to Rs. Not distributing the album's globally. Why not well? Their distributor wasn't like irs just an Indie label to distribute through another label right. And they weren't doing their due diligence to get it around. It was like a chain of Bullshit but also the IRS is a US agency. So we'RE NOT GONNA THEY'RE NOT GONNA go out of the United States so I mean. What are you guys expect? It's called the Internal Revenue Service for a reason and other great need for your record and I. It's terrible after the release of this latest album. They let their contract expire and then they went on to sign with Warner Brothers again. Money took a back seat to the ability to have creative freedom. No good they. They have their scruples. In order. Over we spooky Spooky Kinda scribbles and auto. They know they did it again. Ripples in order only sheds looks records walks we wackos all we cow. Oh my wow hard really. Elmer flooding this episode. Fun this episode right out for Elmer funding through this episode role. Hard real hard. Fortunately this was the right move because they saw even more commercial success with with their next album green and even more hit singles to come out and get this album to also hit platinum status at this point the boys in Rem had gotten pretty open about approaching political topics using their platforms. As a way to speak out against unjust. Things are happening in our world. Many lyrics have attacked years living under Reagan McCarthyism and just like a whole slew of bullshit out with orange. Crushes no not a reference to the thirst quenching soft drink? Let's be honest. It doesn't researcher quenches Earth's anyway doesn't thirst my quench either your question quench your thirst but actually it's about the Vietnam War and the use of Agent Orange. Right Michael was a military Brat. He lived on bases in lives. Through the time of that war he heard many horror stories from the men that came back. He wrote the song for the soldiers who came back to a country that was unjustly blaming them for the war was his dad in Vietnam. Yes he was A. I believe at like a helicopter pilot. Shit mistaken so. I mean Michael has first hand accounts from people out what was going down. I wouldn't want to be a helicopter pilot talking on more. I'm fairly certain that's what he did. If I am wrong. Feel free to correct me there. Honestly any part you had to play you go in Vietnam and all just really wasn't especially a part in a helicopter see did a lot of their bombings allow their shootings lie. Orange spread and spreading agent orange in helicopters. So it's gotta be a Shitty job. Yeah what did even better was their single stand. Another socially conscious tune for the masses in it. There's an underlying message about being aware of the area that you live in taking care of it watching for your neighbors even something simple like cleaning up litter or taking the time to notice things you might not have without looking at it. You know going through this episode and re you reminded me of all of their singles. Right reminds me of how much get their song stuck in my head for no good reason. They're just in their place where you live now. Yeah Yep this just POPs into my head if I'm just standing around. I got this theme song to his show on Fox was get a life or something called the very short lived. I I've read that I've read that like thirty times. You know if I'm just standing around and I think wall I'm standing around if I think I'm just standing around that immediately. Stand in the place where you like. Fuck sucking my head. Yup Yup come the hell but it's not bad like I'm okay with it. Oh Yeah No. They're great songs. But Yeah I totally get stuck in my head to the tune. Itself was almost a bit of a Piss. Take on the sixties. Pop groups like the banana splits in the Monkey. It kind of sounds like that. This is just a simple riff that takes the last couple rounds of the chorus and makes them one whole step higher than the last which apparently is called a truck drivers gearchange. Why didn't I know that I have never heard of that before? The Internet says it's a thing that wall of the Internet says. It is true but nothing would prepare the ban for the success that they would see on their next album out of time. Oh boy released in nineteen ninety in like do you guys would like. I Dunno about these songs. Let me tell you WanNa fuck another you song by this point. Rem wasn't just experimenting with politically charged lyrics but also new instruments strings and Mandolin Saxophone. Loops echoes just. They were like. Let's see if the road at the wall and see what sticks. If there was a button they were gonNA push it exactly. All of this culminates in the band's best known single losing my religion a song that has nothing to do with questions theology. But it's actually song about unrequited love. Boy were they asked about religion after this though. Oh yeah because it's like the early nineties. I'm sorry are you talking about this? Oh Clutch my pearls. In the south to say or quote losing your religion means. You're losing your patience in getting frustrated. Oh Yup this song is about being in love with someone and not knowing how they feel about you throughout. The song is trying to express his love for this person but is not sure how to read their responses and it slowly driving him mad. Oh Yeah and never league even thought about it. But it's yeah like that's me in the corner that's means the spotlight like. Oh No. I've said too much it's like. Oh Yeah Yeah. He's just like it's like that time when you're like you're into somebody and you're like thinks they're into me and like you take those little love kernels that they might be giving union but you're not sure but you can also like twist them around and and try to find the message secret message. There mayor very well may not be. Yeah the haunting Mandolin throughout the song as a result of Peter. Buying a Mandolin and trying to teach himself to play just like all right. This sounds cool so record myself all I do it. Yeah and it worked out. Great Mike Speiss Line is inspired by the work of fleetwood. Mac's John mcvie Which you can only fire because as I have been listening to the song automatic I WANNA learn the base to the seven trying to teach myself and it's John mcvie in this song actually a lot of Mike Mills songs. It's like they are. They look like they're easy. Oh but they're in there because it's because it makes sense it makes so much sense but technically that's where the complication comes in. Yeah like you look at them and you listen to it in your this makes sense. I get it but like the technical aspect is very. That's where that's where the real genius for these guys comes in. Also that's where the fuck ups happen high drama. Can I take these notes out and just play like the same like order? Note every I'm going to do this. This fine. All came together to make this their highest charting hit reaching number four on billboard another hit single office album and in fact the last one to reach the top ten for them is Shiny Happy People. God Fluff Song for kids that they just wrote on a whim. If Features Kate Pearson from the B Fifty. Two's on backup vocals. My Love right however yeah I wanna if this song had a face punch it well honestly. Rem Kinda hates the song too good they should just gonNa said something along the lines of if there were to be a song shot into space to represent rem. We really hope. This wouldn't no not this one please. No and not them know and even even on space ghost they admitted. Michael there is a classic Space Ghost episode where he has Michael Stipe pod and he's like Khan sing that Song Shiny Shiny people hate that space ghost. Yeah me too. I feel you space even space. Go say me accept me. Of course you'd like I bet Brackley BRAC probably fucking loves it but What's his fucking as or AC Zodiac fucking hates. Us Out of time was massive. Hit for the band it hit number one in the billboard charts and won three grammys. It is also known as one of the most politically significant albums of all time and this was because they had a petition included in the CD. Packaging buyers were encouraged to fill out and mail in two commits Congress to vote for the motor voter. Act of one thousand. Nine hundred nineteen ninety-three the motor-voter acts. It was called something else. But motor-voter accented way core consumers answered the Columbine One thousand nine hundred five Bill Clinton passed the bill and basically the motor voter act was people could register for the like to vote. I had the DMV. Oh that's when they decided like when you like when. Teenagers apply for their For their licenses they can apply to vote like if they're eighteen or older. Okay so that's when it started being included because that because I never understood why you could register to vote while you're at the DMV like what and that's when they did it because they figured that would be a very convenient time. Rem was very much into the rock. The vote movement was actually something. Mtv tried really hard. And I have to commend. Mtv for their nineties like real movement that they have happened with rock. The vote. Because nobody was fucking voting. Yeah and Michael. Stipe would do a lot of. Psa's like this one. He did some for just like the pollution of the earth and like hey can you fucking not. Even Dave mysterious pain went out and talk to people for rock the vote. Yeah he did a lot of ship for MTV for Roxborough and he did it for the Democratic side which is hilarious because he's not a Democrat anymore. I don't know what is he's some. He's Joe Exotic. You voted for own views on things. I'm going to vote for him. Care fucking best skin. That bitch killed her husband and we her next record. Oh my God but if they did write a song I would be. If megabits entire album about tiger king I would buy it like yeah easily. I'm here for. They're the only ones only megadeath can do an album on Joe Exotic and do it justice and do so right so at this point. Rem was over the touring life. They decided instead of burning themselves out with more time on the road. Getting back into the studio was a better idea and so it was only a year later. They released their eighth studio album automatic for the people. Wow that was their eighth album. Right crazy yeah. Initially the band set out to make a harder rock album than the last but all of that kind of fell through with songs such as Dr Knight Swimming and everybody hurts. Who Does night? Swimming is probably my favorite. Rem Song though it's just so pretty. It's a really good about singing. It's swimming naked at night. And you're like I hope nobody catches me swimming naked. The only time they're actually literal about like a pretty song. Yeah it is actually real quick. That song was apparently about a night. Watchman who like they had hired to Watch their studios or something and he would call. Michael Stipe in the middle of the night with a conspiracy theories and Michael Stipe. WanNa write a song about tennis reader. Did they hire Dennis Rader? Probably did I think it was done as far as everybody hurts. That was written by Michael Direct message to teenagers. That yeah life socks but you have to hold on and unlike. Rem's other songs. They felt being direct would work best for the subject. Yeah Care Right. But the really sad flip side to the song. Is that a year after its release. Michael see the death of his really good friend. Kurt Cobaine from suicide. Yep He was working with Kurt on a project or they were actually in talks. I think about doing something together. Yeah outside of Nirvana outside of rem and there was just becoming really good for our. Yeah they were. Just hang out and talk museum bullshit and politics and Shit. Yep Oh yeah. No Courtney love talks all about it. In behind the music for rem only. I'm sure she fucking does fuck off Courtney. I think that was during one of her rare. Sober like eras. 'cause she didn't seem like a hot mess but you know what they're trying to get attention. But you know what Courtney is one of those people were. It doesn't matter if she's higher not she could be completely sober. She's still going to tell lies. Oh Yeah and say anything. She can to get attention. Because that's she fucking want it's like she's a sociopath or something it's like she's Yeah. I mean diagnosed or not she is. She's a fucking sociopath a more upbeat track from the album is man on the moon. Oh yeah which we drink. It also has a tight occurred to. You'll notice. There's a ridiculous amount of the song that's because Michael teased his friend about using so many as in his songs so he wanted to outdo him the entire course of lithium is Seattle's yeah actually though man on the moon might still have more yeahs. Maybe yeah that's what I wanted. The song is a bit of an Ode to Andy Kaufman but also to conspiracy theories in general out there. Things in life can't really be explained but initially the song had no lyrics and Michael didn't think there should have been any but his bandmates had begged him for so long to write some than at the last minute finally inspiration struck him. Yeah he's thought it'd be a better instrumental. And it was the title of the Andy Kaufman. Movie which Courtney Love was in Dun Dun Dun conspiracy theories yeah yeah automatic for the people didn't hit the exact same spot as his predecessor but it was still held in high regard and really is some of Rem's best work and fun fact. The string arrangements were aided by Zeppelin. Bassist John Paul Jones. Oh that's pretty cool right. One of the few good members really Jimmy Page. It's real dodgy right yeah Jimmy Page's dodgy. I haven't heard anything really about Robert Plant. But that doesn't mean anything that's true so. I don't know we'll find out someday. I'm sure we'll find out something. Despite the fact that touring wasn't currently on the table they were still putting out music. Like Madman Putt. This didn't stop the rumor mill by any means by the early nineties. Speculation was that Michael was gay. Oh how dare imaginary pearls and not just was he gay but that he had contracted HIV and was dying. And that's why they weren't torn on my God shut up in his early nineties. This was like the spicy hot topic at the time spacey AIDS Spicy. No no no. He knew he had to come out and say something to feed the media beast so he claimed as far as he knew he didn't have HIV. He was just always skinny and they just wanted to work on new music. In lieu of turing. I don't understand how the media got a hold of this kind of rumor. Well you get one person who hadn't experienced and then they talk and then they talk and then their friends talk and then it slowly works. Its way up because like tap lights loving him and people are garbage. Garbage mostly garbage. Yeah Okay but here's the thing for the record. Michael is not gay. He identifies as queer. Oh he has been with many men but he actually also had a relationship with women including Natalie. Martinelli merchant back in the second a softball relationship does not. She's another lady that lives in my hometown. Area oh she seems Nice Yeah. She seems let. I have not heard anything bad about her. So right good good good. He's had relationships with both but doesn't even really believe he's by. He prefers queer because it refers to a total gray area and he stays pretty private about it so as far as anyone's concerned and queer do want go. Fuck yourself good for him. Yeah honestly and like who gives a shit who is phoning yeah? He did admit later on in life to being afraid for a time that he did have HIV. But this was back when you couldn't really test easily for it. Yeah and like he he did. He was a big advocate to for HIV testing and Norton. Like making it more acceptable to talk about. And that's when I think that's when some of the river started to because he was wearing a hat said like end HIV and AIDS or something and there was a key must be gay and heavy clearly. All the pieces fit together. Isn't it kind of funny now? How you can just go to a doctor and say I want to be tested for AIDS. And they're like oh no big deal no big when you're a woman and you go to get your like annual and they're like hey. We're you just want us to like just kind of check you for everything you have to go to planned parenthood for pretty much anything. They're like may you want us to test you for this? You can say all right and they'll be like okay cool. It's great no problems. What a time to be alive. So after all that it made sense that they would decidedly tore again after the release of their nineteen ninety. Four album monster. This was a bit of a return to rock for them and I would say it. Kinda completes this Trifecta of their peak success You know you have out of time automatic for the People Monster. Yes three or lake. That's what everybody knows. Rem for what year was that ninety? Four okay. This album sees their last top ten hits. What's the frequency Kenneth and Bang and blame? The album reached number one in the charts and the accompanying tour was. Alight with hype. Unfortunately a lot of things went wrong. I remember what's the frequency Kenneth because the video had a lot of bright colors. Oh and I'm pretty sure that it came out around the same time as I'm only happy when it rains by garbage. Oh maybe I think I always associate the two I'm only happy when it rains. Might have been a little bit earlier but I always associate the two because they had various similar like bright colors and their videos and that was very typical of like nineties music videos. Yeah right now these alternative. Yeah Oh yeah and also really fucking wanted. Shirley Manson's boots eventually. I would have throughout my lifetime about twenty pairs of them. So you did it. I did it twenty nine over. Oh my God go find like eleven year old Ashley Girl. We did it. We fucking pretty sure the first ones I got. Were from daleas out of the mail order catalogue because that was owned well before. They had a brick and mortar stores off which were never as good as their catalog. Catalog was amazing. Have Morally was so good so many clothes I got from that shit the fuck was they talking. Okay right. The tour started in January nineteen ninety-five and it won't be long after that. Rem deals with the first of many hiccups. This one being the scariest who on March first in the middle of show. Bill begins to suffer a blind painful headache. Oh soon after he collapses in his rush to hospital they discover. He was suffering an aneurysm and they had to operate immediately. It took about a month for him to recover but instead of continuing on with a session drummer. The guys just waited for him to recover before they went on to the next leg. Well that's nice. Yeah they were like. We're not gonNA fucking leave you here in a hospital. In Sweden and just chilling touring. That's garbage. I mean granted if I'm left in a hospital somewhere I would want it to be in Sweden. Oh they definitely made some digs. We're like we we're in Sweden. We're at least the best healthcare the best doctors in the bestest damning shade literally the nicest people yeah seriously. Several months later Mike was experiencing intense abdominal pain and discovered an intestinal scar that needed to be removed and so they took a little time for that as well as yeah only a month later. Michael ended up having emergency surgery to repair a hernia. Good Lord it's just kept coming. Good Lord guys yeah. They were really unhealthy that year. It sleep we're doing great all the while on top of all of this. They were working on songs for their next record and a year after all these injuries were finally over their release their next album new adventures in hi fi it did well reaching number one platinum status all that jazz but this album didn't see any hot singles the way the previous previous ones did what is cool. Though is Patti Smith came onto guest on the track. Ibo the letter Shit Yeah. She was actually a big influence for them so they were pre pump to have her. I'd be too. Yeah I mean most people would. Let's be honest but after the release this record one of the members would make a decision that would change. Rem for good. Bill decided that he was leaving the band. After the aneurysm in nearly two decades working on music he felt it was time for him to put the drumsticks away for something new. He'd always wanted to live a simple life specifically he wanted half a farm. He spent months debating if this was the right choice when you finally decided on it and told the band. He went to them with one stipulation. He told them he would not quit. If it meant the band with split up he wanted them to stay together and make music even though he wasn't there anymore is fucking people. He may have eyebrows. But but while but the Har- on this is bigger than his eyebrows that hey guys I want. I really want this form. But if it's going to be used to it. Yeah I mean if you guys aren't going to keep doing music I'll just keep playing. It's fine to put a really wound for it's horrid shooting and the guys like which is like but we really don't want you leave but also like we don't want to force you to stay here if you don't want to hear so it took some long talks but Michael. Peter and Mike agreed to go on as a trio with bills blessing. Not all right. He'll just months to lead simple. He just wants to recent cows honestly he just wants to have meat yard to change his last name to meet yard. You should have except like anyone bill berry with a beautiful ration- but I like bill meet Yard Yard. Excuse me it's William Meet Yard to you. It's William Meet Yard to you. However not so heartwarming. There was another og departure They also depart ways that their manager Jefferson. The Guy who did not manage the record store. Oh he didn't manage records tools. Oh well they had to get rid of them. Though after sexual harassment charges came up against him. And don't tolerate that Shit. Yeah 'cause rem are upstanding fucking citizens like a gal like this piece of Shit. I don't know if I could have fun and hang out with them but they are genuinely could human beings. We could have a good time. However I don't think they would drink. I would just say I only wondering if they hated me. Yeah because you can't I feel like they would all be very difficult to read. Yes state. I'll be very nice. Yes but you have no idea what they're thinking. Oh that's saying. Yeah that'd be difficult right. I don't know if we can party with rem where we have a lovely conversation. Oh Yeah we can be like superfund neighbors almost other stories when they tell them like other some beer involved so maybe they're just the beer band bud. Light beer band. Alliteration continuing without bill was not easy like I mentioned before their creation process is very democratic. And everyone gets a say so for one contributor to go missing that turned everything on its head a little by nineteen ninety-eight. The guys were ready and back in the studio this time working session drummers in bill stead overall the creation of their next record up was difficult and almost made the rest of the band split up they just they were still grieving their their drummer's absence and didn't know how to deal with it. The final product was a little less rock and actually a little more electronic influenced and I mean it made sense because it was the late nineties in rock was dead. Yeah Electric Everything. If performed fine but overall the days of orients seeing the success of a single like the ones that came before we're done yeah. Critics enjoyed it and it did peak at high points on the Charts. But he just didn't have the staying power that the other ones did the rem trio was still putting out new material for the masses at the turn of the century and two thousand six on the very first try. They were eligible. They were inducted into the rock and Roll Hall. Fame came back to perform some of the songs. Well that's nice very nice and I'll be honest. The two thousands didn't see much excitement for the band. No I don't recall hearing anything from them you didn't. I mean they were still releasing music but things had hit a point where it just wasn't what people were listening to really. They went back to being a cult. Hit but yeah on September Twenty First. Two thousand eleven are young announced. They were quote calling it. A day is a band calling in today and I think saying break up would not be totally accurate. It's more of a retirement. There were still working in music in some capacity but as the outfit Rem they were done. Yeah yeah together for three decades but the real height of their career was about ten years throughout eight ninety eight And honestly that's more than a lot of musicians get. They stuffed a lot of singles into that small amount of time. Seriously you can't deny the impact that rem has had not just on rock music but on all of music these guys have inspired an array of groups from radiohead to sonic youth to cold play and manage to keep Art Rock Alive in the nineties when grunge read Supreme Yes. They had their biggest hits during grunge. Yeah they did and I would not at all campuses grunge. I feel like if we didn't have rem we wouldn't have bands like weezer or anything like them. You wouldn't have anything like the strokes. I feel I now. They really run the gamut of rock or anything. That's like hipster music or Indie rock or ANYTHING OFFICE SADDLE CREEK. You Have Indie Rock Saddle Creek. Bright Eyes Rilo Kiley. They wouldn't exist without rem so seriously. I completely agree with that. You know their music happened in tandem with the GRUNGE MOVEMENT. Not In spite of it you know it stood on its own and their friendship with bands like nirvana proof. That I mean like an Eddie. Vetter inducted into the hall of fame because he loved and respected them so much and they were all together on the same time they weren't like. Oh Fuck these all rock guys which honestly grunge kind of Said Fuck you to a lot of other types of music but rem never fell into that. Fuck you category. They always appreciated what they were doing. Yeah and use them as an influence to the they were once declared America's best rock and roll band did still has some truth to it. Though songs have stood the test of time and will continue to inspire many musicians to come mean how many musicians now coming out. I'm sure of heard losing my religion. We're like Holy Shit. I WANNA be a musician. Or how many musicians that are around now or were around in the nineties and two thousands. That didn't even know that they were being influenced by REM. Yeah I bet. There's a whole lot of them that didn't even realize. Rem had such a huge impact on their music. Sure yeah they. They are incredibly influential band. And I really respect and appreciate like they're not my favorite band but go going through their discography. I discovered some stuff that I was like. Oh this is actually really good. I think they're the dark horse rock. Yeah like I just think that. They are a huge influence. I don't think anybody realizes how much of an influence that they are because they were just under the radar this whole time. Yeah and yeah. They had a lot of big hits but they weren't. I don't know how did they weren't allowed about it. They weren't running around timberlake. We're the best rock band because like that excess in the eighties and nineties very rampant in all band. They weren't a hairband about it right. You know they were in your face and constantly trying to get your attention. They're like here's our stuff. If you like it you know we really hope you do. Okay bye and I know like bands like Pearl. Jam Nirvana weren't like that either. But the media just for some reason just latched on the grunge prop that Shit. Right up so yeah. Rem was a total darkhorse especially in the nineties. Yeah and they were always there and I think that they were very much. The solid foundation of Nineties alternative that the late ninety s saw. Oh Yeah so like better than Ezra and Weezer and all of those hake and all of those bands would never have existed without the foundation that they lay down in the late eighties and early nineties and especially all the experimentation that rem would do just from the Gecko for a band that was like We're not going to do it every also doing yet. Like we can have keyboards and synthesizers and shit. So we're going to do that but what's interesting too is they weren't on. It wasn't an uncomfortable. Sound like you know some of the bands that come through and say we're going to have a different sound people like Whoa Whoa. It's jarring yes. Sometimes and with rem it was no it just made sense slipped in there perfectly. They had very logical progression. Yeah to their music. Yeah I I never realized how much I really appreciated the band until now and their sons a row fucking good some good shit people that I mean. I don't know if I'm going to go out and listen to a full. Ram Album ones. That I haven't listened to before but their singles are definitely ones that I would go to over and over again because they're going and playlist. Yeah absolutely Oria. Yeah no definitely like I found a bunch of songs. There's I liked starts throwing them on like my legs list there. Yeah that's good. Yeah that's the story of R E M That's nice yeah like this is just a nice little comfy little story. Yeah two weeks in a row we just got no heroin and Nice Happy Shiny. Happy People Holding Hands. Yeah Yeah I could see. Rem Holding hall notes. His hands on. Yeah there you go adorable. This is my fan girl dream. Now there you go But yeah next week is not going to be at least. There's not going to be here when so we're going on two weeks without heroics heroin incident. Maybe three will next week. We'll be heroin. No heroin no heroin next week. However it's a fucking story that I have a fucking story after that so yeah anyway. Thanks for listening. You didn't listen to the whole thing. 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Free Candy POD PUT. Candy in Your Pond with candy in your pod. Okay let's go to Houston fiction right so anyway you guys next week party on a party on Maggie party on crazy kids out. There Sang. That Song Sang that Shiny Shiny people song. No I'll get you started johnny. Shine EP ball Shiny Agassi. All me to my goal me too.

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