62: Faith Popcorn, futurist, talks about the next decade


Welcome back to the podcasts future. I'm just big. Shall we have the founders of ever widening circles? This is technophobia. This episode of Technophobia is sponsored by chief transcription. Dot Io cheap transportation offers ten cents per minute. Transcription using are happy robots, eighty five cents per minute using our human assistance. Cheap transcription io is cheaper and faster than everyone else. Cheap transcription dot I. This episode of Technophobe is brought to you by typewriter dot plus typewriter dot pluses, a full-service editorial agency that brings amazing editor's from places like The New York Times and techcrunch to work on your writing. Need a blog post white paper presentation. The typewriter team ripe for edit anything on nearly any top visit them at typewriter dot, plus for free quote. That's typewriter, thought plus typewriter dot plus. Welcome back to toby. The podcast about a better future I'm joined by faith popcorn. You're. Writer you're a you're. Futurist your marketing expert I'm a huge fan. Welcome to the show faith again. this is This is actually kind of surreal, but it's but I remember reading you as a as a youngster and and it's great to have you on What are you working? Well you know. What we do. We're hired to do for mainland. Fortune. Two hundred is to say you know to. You know people think I'm alone in a phone booth with the Cape, but I'm not have a company and you know. We're hired to say. Well. IBM or well American Express or welcome Kit. This is what the future's going to look like. We know that we know that because you know just looking at a website faith, popcorn dot, com, you'll see seventeen trends is like the oculus. You can look through those and you'll know what's going to happen in the future, so. So we come into an assignment knowing what's going to happen, but not necessarily for this particular client. How do they leverage it? And that's our work. How do you take what's going to be happening is shore. And have you you know what does that mean to your brand at your company or Whatever that is our work. So, for instance I mean like one of the old stories is we tell the hired for Kodak to say what's The future film? PERFECT ASSIGNMENT FOR US And we worked doing worked in. Into what you'd expect an interview. The stakeholders into the consumerism brainstormed and everything, and we came back and I'm. We always believed that you really should set? Be Able to say it like in a sentence and be able to write it on your hand if you've really done the right work behind it. We said the future film is digital. and. They said we asked you just in this way in Rochester with greasy hair. And all white man, they said we ask the future of film is. He said it's digital now now now with the future of film film F I L. I don't think you understood I I understood, it's digital and they go. Can you please excuse us? That was that we. I mean we're that. Was it never heard from again? But then nobody ever heard from them again because it's very hard to hear the future. You know I mean what's the future for a Home Depot? It's going to be rentals because for millennials anyway. Nobody wants to buy a home rentals one I mean millennials want experience. Not Mortgages Molina's wine a whole the whole. If they want to hang something on the wall, not the drill. Like float through burden lists and You, know I think we were the first to say that the and then facebook back to Suppo- so happy. seventy-one gender types some facebook you know. We told this to like a very large packaged goods company, and he said head of HR. Does that mean I have to build seventy-one bathrooms SNARK. No, just one bathroom. Just one everyone can go to. He said I'll you know so? People get really angry. They feel like it's an attack if you tell them, what's you know a lot of times? It's going to happen. But we've had some success. But. Does that's so. How do you do that? How do you tell somebody who's who? By dentists their stay now, everything else thinks they know everybody by dente. Their financial situation identity experience etc. How do you tell them? The bad news that that film is being replaced by digital? Some my father was a a criminal lawyer. In New York. And, he taught me how to build a circumstantial case because you cannot prove the future, so you show them. You know one of the things we do is. We do bad casting which is looking to the far future. Let's say nineteen, twenty, thirty, five and back casting to the present, so as a looked your agreeing thirty is going to be this. And it has her little risk attached and go. Yes, yeah, I can see that you know we back it up and. Talk about technology, we have future S. we have ten thousand futures all over the world and Blah Blah Blah. Then we come back to the present, and we show them how that vision futures starts now. And you know when I sometimes give talks. It's really fun I, go I tell him the future starts now. And then I make them say it. and I say when does the future stars who now wonders if you just start now so every second? The future you're were in your past and it's starting now and you have to do things now. That will meet your future time line if you agree where the time line is and what's going to happen, the toughest thing in future ISM is to know how fast the rollout is going. How fast and and that means you look for indicators along the path? At least you're on the right road. Some person from Maine said. If you don't know where you're going, every road leads there. So. At least we helped like where you're going. Okay, okay now let's watch the road and see how you know. HOW FAST DEVELOPED NOBODY! We just came off an assignment where we painted like the future and we said. All? Food will be delivered home. We told that to P. and G. and nineteen eighty. By the way they didn't care for that, but offered will be delivered home telemedicine home, everything home education home. Nobody's GonNa want to go out. There is going to be polluted. The political situation is going to be worn the street that dot. And they go you look you've got. You've got to scrub this deck. This was only last February. You GotTa Scrub this deck and make it less apocalyptic. I. Go okay. I scrubbed it up a little bit. You know presented this. That's better, okay and then covert hit, and they call me and say. Could you put that stuff back in Oma Gosh because what Kobe did was compressed the future It just compressed it. Because Bill Gates was talking about a virus in two thousand fifteen. I mean that's five year I mean people don't. Not What is it called Nimby not in my backyard. Yeah Not GonNa Happen here. You know China not here, but here is everywhere. I mean obviously we're all connected, and if it's happening, it's going to happen in another. Are we creating a or creating economy and terms of? In terms of humanity people like I guess us, let's say and listeners who who do believe in the potential for a dystopia. And those who? Refuse to accept it. you know so funny I was talking to these guys at run some buildings. Buildings and I said. How you think is going to go. It's going to be okay like June, July you know I can see where people are paying their rent. maybe sixty percent seventy percent said June or July. What about how about just being conservative in two years? And they said No. Let's June July. Finding kidding really so. People don't like to. They get very very scared to look ahead. I'm doing a Webinar when it is. We just We just did it with my friend from Campbell. Soup Doug Conan who is chairman and I was telling you when we weren't recording which we created the Goodness Company for Candle Campbell's because it was such a good company so sweet so nice and the in good triplets and everything. and. So he he really understands goodness very good person, and then a guy named. You might want to interview him. He's very intelligent. Doctor Harold Koplowitz whose head of the Child Mind Institute Spot, child, psychiatrist, and the name of the podcast is particularly on his whereas my blankie Because, everybody is looking for a blanket, you WANNA blanket food, you WANNA blankie in people. Let me, see, I. You you just want to feel safe and secure. And it's it's getting harder I'm just going to get into some harder and harder to do. So whereas my blanket, where's your blankie? John. Where's my blankie? My blankie is thinking that it's not going to be so awful. I guess. Is the is going to be so awful for you. because. You are. Not. A group of group that is going to be awful for. Let me put it that way. You know there's a tremendous divide while we're working on five G. with companies right people haven't hit Tucci. Wasn't for a company that you know like comcast. I mean they service of those places with two g nothing. So I think It's to be the great divide. and. If I were on the other side, and that was kind of brought up in the street a bit on the East village. and. You know where you learn not to look anybody. Don't look anybody in the eye, and then you know gangland a bit and Certain people and you've met them. Decide. They have got to get out of there. They have got to. CLIMB UP, An American I say is still one of the places it's not a caste system and you can. It's not easy, but lift yourself out of that and. You know. That's. What I did, and that's what I would do if I were them and I'm not saying it's easy. But he is gonNA fall further and further behind down there. Is. There and I asked Richard Florida this. Is there any hope for some a town like like Morgantown West Virginia? My grandmother grew up across from across the river from wheeling. For example is there hope for those small places out in the middle of at the middle of America. Well tell me about that place 'cause I. Don't know it so i. don't be so like wheeling wheeling for example is. Is pretty much in the Meth, belt? It's a little bit. It's the Lancaster and all these all the city's up or the town's, nor in northern Pennsylvania, and then over into West Virginia, the panhandle, and the edges of Ohio or or that's the rust belt, former, the rust belt, and then turn into the meth belt right right. So, then math belt as in methodists or down. AS OPIATES OPIATES, I'll be okay. So so the so the question, the question I've always had is do I ever get to recreate. Do my children ever get to recreate the joy of like running around in a wide open field out in the middle of the middle of Martins Ferry Ohio in the in the shadow of a of a dead steel mill, but in a town that's still kinda vibrant. That has a little store that has little library that has a tax base. Etcetera Etcetera does that still exists or does that go away, or are we rebuilding that right now? Thanks to cove it. Actually I think that that's the. The American Dream not not the dream of getting well. There are many American dreams of course, but like in the sixties it was six sixties. It was like you know getting your house in Levittown. That looks like everybody else getting on the train and going to work wearing tie and going to work at IBM whatever I think, people are like hankering hungering for those towns like up here in Hudson New York or even above that and I think that people have learned through this thing that maybe they don't have to live in the big bad city. Maybe they can do their work further away. And I think a lot of people in this time research. Is this the work? I really want to do. do I have the privilege of jumping out of it and doing something else, and you have less and less I. Guess Flexibility More and more responsibility. You have lots of kids, but yeah, no I think that little town is going to be iconic and beautiful So it's, it's coming back or never left. Left left coming back. I think it will come back I think people take a deep sigh of relief when they walk into town like that. Go really nobody's like yelling at me and. Can Go buy something and you know my kid. I have my twenty two year old. She goes to Wash U. IN SAINT LOUIS. When she said, I, keep saying come home, come home. You know because we're a sixth generation New Yorkers. East village tough people. And she says money. When they say hello in Saint Louis. They mean it I love it. Came into Western, and what did I do wrong? So Yeah? I'm from Ohio so I came here in one of pure products that the American Midwest came here and got me I guess. I don't know what you don't look to. Sweet I think what I know. You told me you year, but what month are you? May. What may tenth! I knew it I knew what you should have made me guess. I may eleven O C. Tar We're both. We're both both slow and steady. Taurus they say we're stubborn, but I say we're not. We're just right. I think so yeah. We're slow to anger, but once, but once we get there then we're each year I. Forget it. Give me I i. always ask this and with you. This is kind of dangerous because it might last for. The might require court. What what is what is the? What does the world look like in ten years? In ten years. We've recovered. I think it might take close to that. I think that in ten years. You know. In you know better than I specifically but technology. You know we'll have. Really entered our workspace. Our life space our bodies and our hearts. So you know there's a guy in Japan. I can send you the video if you want. He married this little. Like little doll, she's program to talk in. He's so happy with her, so we're looking at robotic companions, you know. Can you imagine walking through the door and the Hey John? Martini perfect very dry. Everything perfect start looking at the Rumba, the vacuum cleaner write, and and then project that everything's GonNa be like that so I. Think also I think embedded technology is going to be. Don't shoot the Messenger but. People are putting chips in their fingers ready to get into doors, which is so nice I mean I. It was keep it was so happy I always lost my key. Now it's going to be like a little chip like in in years and years. That series Her phone is in her hand, and she's twenty thirty. Yeah, take a look at that you know she. It's embedded uploaded consciousness. I think that we're going to have taken. It's not going to go back to sweet nineteen fifties. In the the the little town you're talking about is gonNA. Be Like Disney tried to do this and they fail right. Yes, it was actually brilliant, but it couldn't pull it off. There's going to be little celebrations like like you can go to this town. All how cute! How cute, but everything's going to be so ticked up. Yes, driverless cars, of course anybody that says they won't be driverless cars, just smoking, dope or living in Detroit or whatever? But no, it's just going to be a technological future. No screens a communication and that's I. Think that's what Yulon. Musk is doing in annual communication with rain. Just every no screens like everything on the walls. Maybe small spaces that can change you know pods that can change everything that seems like cartoons you know is going to be here and that's a decade for hours at a little bit longer. It's not too long too long. How? A lot of it's happening, just not noticing. Evolution happens like little drops of you know. We are evolving into machines. This is our. Times evolution. In how evolution you know was! This is our time so and maybe machines that can survive the decimation of the planet. 'cause the decimation of the planet is happening I have to report in. And it's while somebody the Times. Did this wonderful magazines at horrible? Wonderful Saint Nineteen. Seventy eight was last time it could be turned around. Help that's not true. I think it might be true. So we're going to have to survive, pollution is in a colder darker may be place. People are buying bunkers. Really in the you know that rich people. And, I think they'll be food Like you know big spaces where you know, they'll be accompanied that stores food, right and like you pay a monthly. Membership! And if anything hits your, you have access to what no more looking around for toilet paper. It's going to be. Delivered to you. Yes, little. God signing shoulders. You know we did. If anybody tries to attack, you know. Little things. Yup. I'm sorry. No, it's all right. It's all right. It's not a it's not. It's not awful, sounds A. IT sounds just about right I guess I mean we're not going to. Go to war with technological wars. It's so barbaric that people going in fight when you can have computers going in fight. Technology is the is the only differentiator between you and the enemy, which is kinda scary because everybody makes the same stuff at this point. Somebody's going to you know somebody's going to Excel I. Think and then you know one of the things you know how. We have all these ethical and big quotes. You know where we can build a human. Let's say you know. But don't you know? Aren't you sure I would bet my farm on it? I. Don't have a form. That somebody's building a human of course. We're going to be able to build an program humans. You know just definitely. Already like the understanding Geno. So, but then they're going to be replanted on body parts. I think Eli. Musk is working on that, too. You know you go in for spine. Spine replacement. So you're you're you're on the? That's almost a cyberpunk attitude where. Are the entire world is we have replacement parts for everything, computers, computers, cell phones, and our on our spleens I guess yeah, but we won't have to make any phone calls. It was going to be great because fixes. This you ever try to get a tech guy on the. We'll get some mental butts. Popcorn this has been. This has been amazing. We went a little bit over time, but it was definitely worth it. My pleasure was so much fun to me. You I heard. Everybody likes you a now I. See why oh wonderful! That's got a lovely lovely. So I hope someday. I get to help you in person. The Hudson. One thing all over good. This has been technophobia. I'm John Biggs thanks for listening. We'll see you next week. Dopey has brought to you by happy. Fun Corp Happy Funk design. Driven Technology Company in. Brooklyn New York that specializes building, mobile and web applications for startups and fortune five hundred companies. Whether. It's a new mobile web application that will help people experience the Internet in a fun new way or software that will interface with a new piece of top secret hardware happy. Corp is always up to the challenge. Bigger small, happy fight for love, building software and loves working with great people. Come build with them. Happy Fun for Dot Com.

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