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Power-washing our way into the weekend is the Friday, four on outside kiddos. I'm Clinton Yates big stories about this week as the NBA NHL crown first time champions team USA celebrated at big time at the World Cup. I this is just in the elevated California. Shares office has confirmed. It is investigating last night's post-game courtside incident seen on video from NBC bay area involving raptors president of basketball operations beside Jiri. According to reports jury pushed a deputy after he was stopped as he tried to join team on the floor to celebrate the raptors first NBA title. I'm going to jump in here Daego. I spent a lot of my life on the road as a musician when you started to or you're given a pass, and I have been on tour with aks, whose faces were on the side of trucks, backstage, the couldn't get to the stage because they didn't have their pass at the end of the day security guards, just doing his job, which means you keep that area safe, especially in a world where the NBA's had issues with people, shoving people. They shouldn't you keep these people safe, everybody that's on there. If you want to be on the floor, get a pass, or get somebody there that will allow him to get that access. Get to this later, but the point is security, there to protect Jiri from everybody else. Not to protect themselves from Jerry. Anyway, the NBA Katie goes down the warriors of doing a lot to me. I guess I just not just. K. D. Where or the warriors for you right now. Shop, you know, look, I think it's a big question, Mark. Right. I mean when you talk about arguably the best player in the world, we simply don't know if he will ever again be what he has been last several years. How can you answer any of those questions, with any kind of definitive nece? And then you throw on top of that what happened with Klay Thompson. We're talking about an ACL. This is an insignificant. This isn't a head cold. We're talking about another potentially career altering if not ending injury, everything. Right now is a question Mark for the warriors. It's been a remarkably bad week for them despite the fact that they were able to force it game six and it's not just questions about their future on the court, but about the organization as well. Let me have the opportunity to be melodramatic air. It's not just about the warriors. It's about the entire MBA. How many franchises across the league had been telling their fan base don't worry. We might stink now but we're gonna be great only hit the summer twenty nineteen because we're going to get a great. free agent. Now we're in a situation where you don't know what you can Bank on Katie. If you're going to sign him, Claes, top five free agent. You don't know of he's going to be even if he hits the market, who will he be? We're in a situation now where suddenly the best. And maybe only top five free agent available could be Kyrie. That's not save your franchise guy. What the big trend story for me. And this NBA finals at slowed management, Leonard told ESPN's, Rachel Nichols when he would not be in this place. He didn't have rest this season. He played only sixty games this is a second final in four years, where it's been decided by major injuries. I think this is a huge story going forward of players of teams resting their star players this whatever you say about this organization. At least they gave why the leverage to do that. I mean, overall here my issue is this is the warriors earned -sulting my intelligence. I mean serve curse coming out here talking about. We had no idea we would taken by surprise yadda yadda. I'm I'm sorry can look sit on my couch say that. Looks like it might be an achilles in the next game it happens. Don't follow up with me. Oh, my staff had no idea. I don't care if. Didn't have any idea they didn't know they should have known if they didn't know didn't protect him from it. That's a problems. But Kevin Durant people were involved in the decision that allowed, Kevin Durant to get back on the court as well. So that's fine themselves at some point at some point, though. I mean he's an adult. He's thirty years old. There is informed consent. We send boxers at into the ring every night is we will tomorrow night on ESPN. They know what the dangers are. Maybe that's not the most perfect analogy here. But, you know, if he had his own medical team told them, this is okay to and he made that decision. I just think there was a toxic environment ever since he came to Oakland about what he was dedicated to for that team from various reason, that's it was built up over the course of two seasons. You've got to play in this game. We need a pound of flesh or else. We're not going to consider any of this stuff legitimate, and that's what I have an issue. But if we take that stance, then you take the stance, Kevin Durant is so soft he won't consider his own future so off pressure about but pressure like he's a grown man. And he's the best player in the NBA right now. He is fully capable of looking at his own situation just like Hawaii ended when he walked away from the Spurs and said you can't make me play. So we're going to acknowledge that Kawai has the strength to do that. But Katie doesn't do for human beings doesn't have the same sort of. I don't know. Conversational syndicate, does anyway, moving on national TV, of course playing in the women's World Cup put up two touchdowns. One point after try I guess Thailand thirteen death. They got into a lot of discussion, Emily how they chose to celebrate their copious amounts to me was over reported ad nauseam. I wonder if the people who actually criticize these women for celebrating so much scoring. So many goals, actually put themselves in these women's shoes, if they considered how much pressure they've had over the last couple of months to repeat as champions. The media twin been let alone the fact that brought litigation against their own federation for gender discrimination for all of that said, I think the little rich to upper us the police, how these women should or should not celebrate it perform on the field. Well, we talk a lot on this show about celebrating. It was ago, I was pretty Derek Dietrich homerun celebrations on this show. So we talk about, I think this is interesting, I think there is room and I've been looking at all of the clips. About this from everyone just about. The reaction to this. Our own Julie Foudy who I deferred usually in these things, one of the icons of the team. She said, I think they went too far hope solo said, she thought they went too far they're entitled to their opinion. I think what's, what's more. Interesting here is how so many people seem eager to jump on them, and it's not necessarily about the discussion about the celebrations but it's kind of a proxy conversation about women's sports, in general, that we're still struggling in this country to have a fair discussion about. They are underpaid the women relative to the men. They are under appreciated relative. The men they've been struggling to make a go of their professional league here in the United States military put. It's all in the kind. That's what the reaction, I think, has been so strong on both sides. It's like you can't criticize them at all. Because in these other respects, they have not been dealt with fairly, and I think, that's part of the discussion where you work your whole life. Your sacrifice everything to get the opportunity to play soccer at the highest level. You've done everything that your body could ask you to get to the highest platform, which is the World Cup. And then you score goal and we get to suddenly, tell you what level of celebration is appropriate for a life's work. I have no issue with going in celebrating that glorious moment. Don't act like you've been there before when you've never been there before, and you may not get there again. It's a lifetime's work to get there. Let them celebrate and other thing is women. Didn't create the role goals differential counts in this tournament. They didn't create the role, equally three south. I'm sure they would put in the rest of their bench, if they could. This is the world champion. Do we different argument than the celebration? I think at this point everybody says, if you wanted to score thirty one Austrailia did against American Samoa number years ago. Then then go also, let's not throw the baby out with the bath. I don't have to hate women's everything think celebration was wack and I happen to think that couple of Iraq on their own stand there. That's all later switching used to David Ortiz, six men, including the alleged gunman in custody, and several other suspects are still at large in the Sunday shooting. A former Red Sox star David Ortiz, in the Dominican Republic police are alleging that the man who coordinated the shooting was offered four hundred thousand American pistols, or about seventy eight hundred dollars to carry out the crime, but they declined to identify who offered the money. Meanwhile, according to update somewhere teases wife, Tiffany, poppy is in guarded condition, but has been able to sit up and take some steps he remains in the intensive care unit at Boston's Mass General hospital. You spend a lot of time in Boston. I this story off the top was very odd. You know. You hate to see I cons like this put themselves or get in situations. All sorts of speculation comes around about who's doing what why anybody is elsewhere, but I oughta magically think of the people of the DR, who root for and care about diversity and the people in Boston. Yeah. You know, I've been in Boston all sprang, covering the Bruins, and I just can't express enough but appreciation they have for him. He exudes joy, he exudes strength, obviously, was there after the Boston marathon, and it was a beacon of hope and, you know, when I was covering the Bruins everyone was talking about who's going to be the flag that for the last game was going to be Tom Brady. I was told that he had prior obligations was going to be Tim. Thomas is pretty much lived in a bunker since twenty eleven when he won the Stanley Cup. But the thing that was getting people, the most excited was this rumor going around that big Papi was going to a message from his hospital bed, that would brought the roof down David Ortiz, assemblies establish. He is not just an everyday kind of icon, the star the history of the Boston Red Sox. He is arguably the most beloved player in the history. I might have Ted Williams bigger star. I'm just going to say baseball, whatever we get to that. But what happened six years ago in the aftermath of the Boston marathon, bombings, I was at Fenway that day when he made his speech, he became an emblem for the city for the region and beyond as well. He became someone beloved by all Americans in a way that we don't see very often these days with baseball players you mentioned, the rumor mill this is one of those moments in life, where it's not about being I it's not about being loudest. It's about being patient. We're getting information from a different area. That's trying to give us what's going on criminally in this investigation. It would be great if we could all calm down on the rumor portion of it, and let this case, we're out, so we can get actual facts before we react to rooting for property coming up Nick VIN, exiles life has changed. Find out why and the Cavs making historic higher. Geico presents yet. Another voicemail from your roommate. Doubt the kitchen turns out when there's a grace fire, you're not supposed to throw water on it. Wouldn't own right? Anyways, the fire department is here and it's totally cool. Can you call back when you get a chance? The Geico insurance agency could help keep your personal property protected like if danger is your roommates middle name, visit Geico dot com to see how easy it is to switch and save on renter's insurance. Welcome back to the Friday force the discovery of the week week that is easy for me to say, let's read some tweets, look at Nikki had an iced coffee. For the first time yesterday. My new drink sidebars twenty nineteen next week good night set. Upset is coffee in the AM for me can't wait. Let's say. So. Ice coffee, this morning, just one of that. Everybody know on Twitter followers. Everybody say my phone a friend of my family. Disappointed. About is coughing before. So we'll disappointed but. Since it tastes. Good. Forget y'all outrage. It is outrageous. I mean what happens when he discovers cold brew five times better? Outrage Bruce to boost. I can't afford correct. Raised cheaper shooting ice call and he will do they have the cafeteria sonic. I. It is coffee. Tells imagine going the first forty seven years of your life. And then all of a sudden rut introduced to coffee. It's amazing ice copy, this budget's going to be good just down. Dick vitelle under reported stories. I really what you got. Yeah. The cath higher Lindsay Gottlieb, as assistant coach and I love it. I think this is a trend that should be going forward in sports. And, you know, I cover hockey for a living and Tronto Maples are the team that are setting the standard with hiring women to their front, office and Kyle Dube is hired Hayley Wickenheiser their head of player development highest role ever held by a female, also the first ever female fulltime scout Noel Needham. And he said, if we're only hiring white males were excluding, a lot of big qualified candidates out there. So I love with the cows did here, also because I mean, they hired her from a big time program. This is not just some wanna be some Rando, who came up their system. They got her away from which was already doing which to me says a lot about what women's opportunities in terms of what you go one route, you're not just but police in that sense isn't the NBA sort of still ahead of everybody. This. I mean game respects game, the NBA respect between the WNBA in the NBA from the players is one thing. Now we see coach leaving a successful college program to go. Join to join a staff here in the NBA. It just continues to assimilate into a world where I don't think gender really matters to anybody. That's involved in that league. It's one of the things that's inspiring about it. Hopefully, I just hope I'm related my mother's maiden name was Gottlieb in trying to figure out what do you get tickets out of that? If you're nice, you're other, I'll give you another reported story. It has to do with the New England Patriots. I know that sounds impossible. But by way of the patriots it involves the Texans the patriots have filed tampering charges against the Texans who last week, fired their general manager Brian gain. And in the course of this, the patriots, he's gone after Kazan the vice player vice president player personnel for the patriots. They filed the tampering charges, that's not the most under reported part of it. The most under reported part of this is that we're holding the Texans continually two different standard than we would hold the jets. The jets fire their GM in an awkward time for everybody and sports. Media explodes because it's New York. This is with Houston a division champion team coming off an eleven five season that should be in playoff contention. Again this year with a star quarterback, and we're not even talking about the fact that they've done this the complete wrong time in the complete wrong way. I'll tell you. It's most remarkable in that be roles. That was it. Vero. Machine. And if that's one of those fifteen years, right afford, real digital legitimately serious. Art. I'm trying to give great this love at this machine. Ties are all these phones courts this. As doing watch my real all done. I love that. Sorry, I see. This is the whole this part of the problem here. I am trying to bring awareness to the Texans not being held to the standard as the jets. I mean every time wait you told me I couldn't do it now, you're at my brain. This is what's got me worked up this week. Okay. I o see announcing this week that they were stripping the silver medallist from lift Lithuania. A canoeist silver medallist of his silver medal, every tested positive for steroids, like seventeen syllables silver, battles silver medallists, two ADM Lithuania. Trinidad sink country canoeist. I talk about this. Here's the headline though, you could see it. I was building up through it. But, you know, the thunder's been stolen from the twenty twelve Olympics in London seven years ago in they said, we had to do this before the statute of limitations runs out next year. They're going to continue to, I mean, after seven years. He gets a phone call. You weren't steroids. Back in twenty two fair. When he brought out a more day, I completely forgot where this what he's hoping that because. Next won the French Open. But lost Jeremy shafts love and we celebrate Lord Stanley's Cup in the peaceful transfer from power for Washington to Saint Louis. Got it fits boom. Saturday you could always see this on ESPN plus Tyson fury takes on Tom Schwartz. In the scheduled, twelve round made of 'em GM grin garden arena in Las Vegas, both fighters coming onto feed it, you can stream the under cards on ESPN two and he's deported starting at seven eastern chapel. Be there. Sportscenter six eastern. Keith olbermann. Lease icing sheet with the raptors went in the NBA China last night. They'll have the latest on the draft and free agency plus the most notable NFL minicamp. No-shows in interview with heavyweight Tyson fury. Sportscenter after PTI on ESPN the ESPN app right now. Here the fans cheering on surprised by that in and the players are telling them not to be doing that. Plus, these fans have been wonderful, but the tier for player who gets injured. Jason Budo sage. I don't know that not enough. There's some nights probably deserved it. This is a terrible. Look for Toronto sports city, which, by the way, I'm side on this show. Couple of weeks ago and said they got great shine for the way this entire process. Look, you get such a sales pitch of who we are sports city in these finals opportunities when you do. And it's not just in the arena was also interesting part when you take that approach to the best player going down. It's an absolutely savage. Look when you pay for a ticket to a game, which are paying for is entertainment. At some point, you may want your team to win but to want someone to be injured to make that happen is absolutely not even human. And the raptors fans are good should look to the raptors fans that are not and remind them that every single fan is Representative of a brand those fans represented the Toronto in Toronto Raptors brand as poorly as possible, and that's make light of this. But when you throw in the critique of the US women's national team by the members of the Katie in women's national teams, probably the worst week for US Canada relations, since the war eighteen twelve I'll I have to say they've been spending a lot. Time with Canadians spring and the Stanley Cup playoffs. Not all of them agree with us. A lot of them are embarrassed. They say sorry, sorry, sorry, I'm willing to give to run a little bit of a pass for just a quick reaction. Something they didn't know it was that. And then taking it back and Chinese, that's fair. But I will say this is a lifelong raiders fan for me. There's a certain reputation that comes with a certain fan base is, that's not based on the way, most of them act, the reputation of fan base is based on the worst, the worst apples do poison the welfare, everybody. That's the situation here for Toronto. Right. Or wrong. That's what people will partially. Remember of this series, I got I went to Penn State. I'm known as the person who flipped over in his truck. Clay. Rafael Nadal, winning his twelve French Open. I mean it's so mind boggling it so unfathomable that anyone could win twelve of the same major tournament. I mean when I was growing up. Royal Merson had the record twelve total. He wants six Australian Opens that scene like that would never be challenged my problem with Raphael. And the Dow, he's my villain because he's ruined this tournament. There is. No suspense. Let's face it anymore. He's too good for the good of the French Open, which is one of the great sports, have you ever covered it if you ever been around in the history of the world, you know, people tell you dynasty grade, etc. In this case, it's gone onto long fought him. I'm not telling you should stop, but it's to be falling in the ground every time he wins it like he's never done it before. That's my dear that's very, very good point. But what Bob even I know you're waiting for me to get to the nineteen sixty track. What did to the long jump in nineteen sixty five twenty nine two and a half ruining the event? Centrally for fifteen years before Carl Lewis. Mike pal verbs it exactly to beaming something, let's get to the hero. See well done my hero Carlyle for those who don't understand what happened last night, besides got involved in, but we'll just call altercation with a security guard at Auckland Rina's to county. This is some sort of share situation count. He says come here, let me say something to you what happens before. This is a very simple situation happens in a lot of black people's lives, where you're forced to encounter a position of authority, and you ask yourself. I'm not gonna let myself disrespected going to try to get out of the situation. Kyle from that. Okay. And there's a moment of brotherhood, embraces him and says, we're not letting this happen right now not on our watch not in our time. Not in this space drags him out of there. There's another angle where you can see a little differently. You can see the stair on guard's face Kyle Lowry after you endured, what you get in the crowd in excuse me in Oakland as well. Good on you might hear the week in real life. Forget about this program carry your next back to the tear bat to French clay actually Bharti's hero. The Australian who's now number two in the world. She wins the French Open her first major victory. The amazing thing about her story and their many amazing elements to her story when she was a junior, she was ranked as high as number two in the world juniors when she's eighteen years old or was it seventeen years old. She walks away from tennis, entirely to pursue a career in cricket in professional cricket. She didn't even really have experience in cricket. She spends two years, she's burned out in tennis comes back comes back three years ago. Steady rise up the rankings. It's a remarkable story of, and that's why she's my hero fits my hero. Jordan Bennington Saint Louis blues, goalie, there are a lot of here of the blues in this one, but fourteen in two after a loss in the Stanley Cup playoff for rookie goaltender is incredible work by him. It's why they host the hoisted the Cup night here. The week is eleven year old Layla. Anderson from state Laurie. Yeah, more putts. He has a rare autoimmune disease, only fifteen kids in the world have been diagnosed with this for a long time, only go from the hospital to her home. She had to go bone marrow transplants and chemo. But in the hospital, she prevented a lot of blues players. And when she finally got clearance to travel the team insisted she go to game seven the Stanley Cup final in Boston. She was there on the ice. She kissed the Cup and the cutest thing I talked to after the game she predicted a rally was going to score the first goal her months at n not. So sure she said mom, you'd never doubt, Brian Riley, and you never doubt me, shut also sidewalk bread whole not a long time. Actually.

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