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June 1st: Weld County Commissioner Chairman Mike Freeman


From. Good Monday of Northern Colorado welcome in to no code now on tenor. Schwinn to your host Brian Kelly during the production work here on a fine I don't know it's fine. It's transitioned from being okay. The temperature's nice out there. Sunshine to home. My goodness can I get into the air conditioner a little bit excited to be with you here on this Monday afternoon a lot of ground to cover not a lot of time to do it, and we will be going into of the. The northern Colorado News that you need to hear we'll give an update on the riots and the protests that are happening around the country. You know we kind of broke this all down on Friday. In the first segment, we broke down everything, regarding George Floyd, and how it is all played out and paying out to this point. Really, that's still the base of where we're at that time. Line is the base of where we're at now. We're just adding more of the same on there. We'll hear some some different reactions from mayor. Michael, Hancock and And what his responses as these continue the protests all ready happening down Denver at the moment they have. They started about noon a little bit after today. And things are continuing to go south in some of these protests and some of these riots. May the mayor of Atlanta Kisha Lance. Bottoms had a very powerful message that we will play back for you here in just a little bit about the riots and looting. There is a difference that I. Don't want this to get lost. We're diving. Right into this here WANNA get your thoughts out there. The feed mill, hotline, nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, or they all female through one, nine, nine six. I don't want this to get lost. There's a difference between the protesters and the looters and the riders. There is a difference because the protesters are the ones who are out peaceful. We saw one. In for goodness, Sakes, Lebron James tweeted it and said the media is not covering this. It was from a media outlet that he re tweeted it from so I. Don't know where that was coming from, but it was it was. In Denver where the entire group of protesters lay down on their stomachs with their hands behind their back, showing showing their sign of of solidarity. That's that's a protester. Right of a writer or a looter are the people that you're seeing bust, open shops and rob from people. Make no mistake about it is robbing from people and you know there there's There's a lot of different things going on it. It's so hard to stay caught up on, so we will. We will present all of that and much much more here. Like I said get to the Noko News. Well County Commissioner Chairman Mike Freeman will join me later in the program. We'll get an update about weld county, because a believe it or not Cova. Nineteen is still a thing and it seems like it's kind of been swept under the rug here lately, but we're GONNA, we're GonNa Talk With Commissioner about that. We're going to talk about the recovery. How things have been going I I? Know really this is one of those dates to June. First a this has been the longest shortest year in the history of the world we're. We're six. Six months in and I know there's been a lot of jokes about what's June going to bring and this and that well we're about to find out June versus the date that a lot of businesses are opening backup restaurants in particular. They took the weekend. They took the long weekend and got setup, and they're ready to roll, so we'll talk with Commissioner Freeman about that. And then. Of course we'll get to the headline that caught my but okay. Let's dive into this so if you haven't been paying attention, there have been. Protests nationwide from Texas to obviously ground zero in Minnesota new. York is the new hotspot that we're seeing right now denver even into, Fort, Collins obviously in California. They're all over the. They're all over the place. The National Guard being activated in a lot of different areas, president trump having to stay in a bunker last night outside of the White House after protests continued outside of the white. House last night, some of the lights shut off and and it was confirmed that they was confirmed. The president trump was in fact in a bunker last night taken to a bunker four extreme safety measures. This is starting to reach that next level You saw in Denver that the curfew was put into place, and there was a curfew put into place that was an eight o'clock curfew by mayor Michael Hancock for the last couple of days. Well, he is extending the curfew for city and county of Denver for the next four nights nine pm to five am, so he pushed her back in our in this coming from Chris Vander Veen at nine news but again that that That curfew from nine pm to five am to This is to stop the looting and the violence in the. Violent protests, not the protests, not the peaceful protests, which there that we're starting to see the media swingback around on and by me. I mean a lot of social media. Outlets even the national media outlets are starting to swing back around. Say Yes, it is kind of getting lost underneath, but they are still there. They're still there. My Mayor Michael Hancock spoke yesterday on what was happening in Denver over the weekend so again he. You'll hear them reference yesterday. He's talking about Saturday. He made this speech Sunday, on the thirty first talking about events that had happened the thirtieth WANNA. Play that for you right now. What happened was reckless inexcusable. And unacceptable. I WANNA be clear. Those who took part in the earlier demonstrations yesterday? Peacefully and with with respect for others and our city. Are not the ones. We are talking about here. We had three successful demonstrations yesterday where people express their outrage over the death of George Fly. Without any violent or destructive acts, so this is these mayors governors and everybody's coming together. Say let's draw this line. Let's figure this out where this line is. Because there are successful protests they it's. It's every person's right to protest. We saw this happen just mere. It feels like three thousand years ago, but it was earlier in May. We saw people out protesting this shutdown of the government and on the outside looking in. Let's just call it how it is. It seems like it's two completely different. People two different agendas two different backgrounds. It's everybody's right to protest. And that's what these these mayors in these governors are wanting to make sure is not lost is that they are not condemning the peaceful protests by any sense of the imagination. They're not condemning that, but these writers. These looters have lost that and again I want to a message from the mayor of Atlantic Kishan Lance bottoms. We're GONNA. Play it in a couple of parts for you here but let's go ahead and plays back because she had one of the strongest messages that I've heard so far above everything else I am a mother. I am a mother. To. Four black children in America. One of whom is eighteen years old. And when I saw the murder of George Floyd, I hurt like a mother would hurt. And on yesterday when I heard. There were rumors about violent protests in Atlanta deal with a mother would do I. Call My son and I said. Where are you? I said I cannot protect you. Black boys shouldn't be out today. Out Concern. Me An out care about where we are in America. I wear this each and every day and I pray over my children each and every day. So what I see happening on the streets of Atlanta is not Atlanta. This is not a protest. This is not in the spirit of Martin Luther King Junior. This is chaos. A protest has purpose. When Dr King was assassinated, we do this to our city. So some of these messages starting to line up right, you can hear the passion. You can hear still that grief in her voice as she addresses. What is going on in Atlanta right now and. A city that has historically been transcending with these different protests, the different marches that has happened and the the mayor again we're gonNA. We're GONNA play the rest of this here. The mayor of Atlantic Kisha Lance Bottoms. She came back. She continued on this this conversation it was she. She continued to pick up the intensity of what she was talking about. You're not honoring the legacy of Martin Luther King Junior and the civil rights movement. You're not protesting anything running out with Brown liquor in your hands breaking windows in the city. CI, killer Mike Own half the side so when you burn down the city, you're burning down our community if you want change in America, go I registered to vote. Show up at the polls on June ninth. Don't end November that is a change we need in this country. You disgraced in our city. You are disgracing the life of George Lorden every other person who has been killed in this country. We are better than this. We're better than this. As a city, we are better than this as a country. Go home. Go home. That's been the reigning sound clip from around the country today and Hopefully having an impact on on the people out there because there is a way to do this, there is a way to go about this. This is why a America has been the greatest country we've ever seen because we value this. Week value the freedom of speech. We valued fight for injustices. But it's not happening the right way in a lot of cases right now. And we cannot be remissed if we did not mention the ways that it it. It is positively taken place. You know their stories out there and and these are the ones that I'm going to continue to try and focus on The ones that I'm going to continue to try and share you know. There's the the story coming out that one of the squadron one of the police officers got separated from Squadron and protesters again. Protesters, not looters, not writers protesters. stood arm in arm and you're no harmful fell upon him. He was back behind. The line of these protesters making sure that no one harmed this policeman. You see different people dropping off waters for these police officers. We're going to see lot. The age of social media the age of everything now now now we're gonNA. Continue to see this. We're GONNA. See things that we never thought we'd see in America. Because we've got the ability to see it now. In like I said there's a way to go about this. And right now we're in a country that is very torn. But positive communication, and it starts from the top with our leaders. It starts from the very top of their leaders. But having mayors come together on the same front. Condemning this? We, all agree. The Derek. Chavez the murder of George Floyd. Should be in prison for the rest of his life. It's time to come together and have a conversation. It's time to have that conversation. But let's do it the right way. Noko now here for eighteen. The time we'll take a break, we'll come back on the other side getting to northern Colorado News and much much more. It's Noko now right here on thirteen ten KFI. BASS UNC bears target game coverage lives on thirteen ten, Kfi. AMAC into Noko now on this Monday afternoon four twenty one the time here. In Northern Colorado I'm tanner rang. Kelly my producer as always. So obviously this. The newsroom is just a crazy place at the moment, and it's been that way. It seeming seems like for quite some time now we're going to do our best to stay up on what matters to northern Colorado live from the auto collision specialist studios again. It's no co now when it get your thoughts out through the all female hotline, nine, seven, zero, three, five, three, thirteen, ten, nine, seven, zero, three, five three. Three thirteen, ten, or that ult-, feed mill, text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine six. If you're a new TEXTER, I'll have to do to subscribers text. KF K. Three, one, nine, nine six, and we'll get you up and rolling all right. Let's take a look around northern Colorado starting first with the Colorado in in JC Marmaduke friend of the show here. Larimer county extends facemask requirement indefinitely. This doesn't really come much of surprise larimer. County and Fort Collins have been leading the way with a much more conservative approach when it comes to businesses opening back up, and in which fashioned that they are opening backup, but larimer county extending indefinitely now brings them in alignment with Fort. Collins Policy, so we kind of saw this coming county masks requirement calls for people to our face coverings inside most businesses unless the business can adhere to a strict social distancing checklist. Checklist it was set to expire on Saturday the same day. The county amended the order to remove the end date for cons extended the city mask requirement on Friday the county, also of the order to address the reopening of restaurants, an indoor gyms people are required to wear face coverings when they enter those businesses, but can remove them to eat and drink exercising. Carry out other activities approved by the health department, so I know that a lot of people hearing that are like. What the Hell is the point. If you're going to go in there, but it's it's those first common gathering moments right when I walk into a restaurant. If they're busy, then you're going to stand there and be amongst other people. That's the thought process behind and I know a lot of restaurants are saying. Wait in your car. Call us in a call in will say yeah. You're good to go. Come on, or you hold up. Wait a minute, and then they'll come out and get you, so that's the idea. Is that that initial first gathering point in these differ businesses is where that they they want those masks, being worn both Armor County and Fort, Collins, mask mandates are effective in Fort Collins city limits and people are expected to follow the more stringent requirement whenever multiple regulations conflict with each other that means fort, Collins businesses can't opt out of the mask requirement, but most businesses outside of city limits can do so if you're in Fort Collins. And you own a business or you're going into a business they are. They are more. Tightly Monitoring, they're more tightly enforcing. The use of the mask? And what that means going forward is that they're going to be the last ones coming out of this as well a in terms of the business standpoint in communities. This story continues here in communities that don't have their own face covering requirements including love and Wellington residents are expected to follow only the county policy. Municipal mastercards are intended to slow the spread of the coronavirus which we all know so this is. This is news coming out the Larimer county now extending facemask requirement in definitely, let's jump over to Loveland with the Loveland reporter Herald. We're getting around the news here in Noko Loveland brewers eager to try out the new normal Obviously, we spoke with Kyle Carbajal last week. The Wiley roots, and how things are going to affect, say with people saying that breweries cannot open unless they've got food that they can present and serve their love and breweries are are ready. Get Rolling. Most of levels craft burgers never opened restaurants with their burris. Because all I wanted to do was brew and Sell Beer, but in the past week. They've been scrambling to figure out how to. To make their tap room's more alike restaurants. That's because of what I just mentioned is the state of Colorado requiring a food service that they're gonNA Open Nick Calloway. Open, levels work Wednesday possibly the first of Levin's eleven burris to reopen. He said as all the reopening level and Baru tap room's ORCs. BAR is out of commission and people are sitting only appropriately space tables inside an on the patio. The new rules require restaurant Barista have only fifty percent of their normal occupancy, which we've spoken and those different patriots to be sitting six feet apart from each other. We're doing all table service. Calloway said we're coming to tables to get orders or people can take their order up to the register where new with this whole table service thing. It's interesting for sure you know we've. We've spoke with on brew. Talk on With our Brouhaha stop, we get a chance to go round to all these different breweries. Crow Hop was one that I. Love the guys over there love the guys at Crow. Hop Co. owner and header destined. Canard said Dort. Said door to to to owner Jim, stopped in recently and proposed a deal. The restaurant would provide a full new inside the brewery, and would deliver customers orders to the taproom, and it's patio We just thought it would be mutually beneficial because he's just a Burri and not able to open up and I'm restricted to the number of tables have in here. Edward said I thought let's expand. He can have full service and I can get more tables out of it. So that cooperation is what's going to really search you. You're going to start to see this. Take hold look. I visited a couple of places over the weekend and leading up the rest of the week. You know I've talked about this before. I believe there's a there's an innate human feature in us that. CRAVES craves being social, and it craves normalcy and it craze routine because sometimes I mean there's a lot of think about if you don't have a routine right, if you can't just flip flip ahead and say oh I need another drink. I'm going to the bar. It's new right, so it takes some time and I did see quite a few people that editor at a restaurant. That did have this in place. They had it where they were only allowed to. Either use their APP to order, or you can have it and they'd come. You weren't supposed to leave your seat I. I saw a number of people. Get up to go pay I saw that and I saw a lot of people. You know as soon as somebody that they knew walked in it. Come up and have that conversation. You know they were weighted. We waited to get seated. They sat us where they wanted us at. And that's that was all fine and good but it it was. It was one of those things that it was just you can't. We can't take that away and we're GONNA continue to see this. You know people are going to get a to get very innovative with how they are doing things with the patio seating and extending into streets, and and other things. You Know Governor Police tweeting out last week that if you live near a restaurant, you should open up to your backyard to them right, and that's not GonNa Happen Right. Maybe it is okay. Maybe I shouldn't say that I don't know I'd be calling my insurance agent before. Four I did open a backup, but that's probably not going to happen a whole lot. These circumstances are still in place. Even though we're seeing these protests, we're seeing these large gatherings. From a business standpoint in northern Colorado in in Colorado, there are still strict Cova nineteen regulations. And I know. A lot of people are fighting. They're trying to figure out how to do that, so be patient I will throw that back out there. Be Patient with people. Make sure you're not just diving and make sure you're not gonNA be overwhelmed or upset because this is all new stuff that they're working through, and they're just very excited to be opening. Backup I. Know that there's been phenomenal support for most of the the businesses. The restaurants Burris distilleries. Whatever the case is that have opened back up. There's been great support so far. Keep that up if can I know. There's no doubt about it. There was an economic toll that was that was felt by everybody, but if you can do it, support your local business support whatever the local restaurant distilleries. burry right now there those are that's all fine and good. You know talking about those love and Burris that are opening, but there's breweries that don't have that location. You know they're not right next to a restaurant. They don't have that deal, so it's GonNa, be interesting to continue to watch, but just keep that in mind. Support local as always nocona speaking of local people mark Larson State Farm. Farm Insurance Agency. He's been at it for over thirty years. Man, do they to state farm? Have some great deals for you right now? they're rolling back a lot of money on a lot of car insurance because of the cove nineteen. Nobody was out driving right so why not they're! They're offering some money back, so make sure you check it out Mark Larson State Farm Insurance Agency. Forty, eight, ninety, five West Tenth Street here Greeley or you can call him at nine, seven, zero, three, five, six, eighty, seven, hundred, nine, seven, zero, three, five, six, eight, thousand, seven hundred, and let them know you heard about them right here on Noko, now. All right. Let's take a break. When we come back on the other side, we will get with Mike Freeman Weld County Commissioner chairman. What's the county up to? Nowadays as we start to move out of post, cove nineteen, but I the bottom of the hour news and weather center. Whole sports story in northern Colorado state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten KFI K. Hey. Four thirty six now here on no co now tanner Schwinn Kelly during the production. We're happy to be with you to start the week off. And like I've been mentioning, it's just been crazy. How fast this new cycle continues to change in just want to make sure we're staying up to date with the latest leaders here and our special featured interview. This afternoon is well. County Commissioner Chairman Mike Freeman Mike seems like. Just yesterday we were talking about all of the lockdowns and how things are progressing. Well it seems like yesterday or year ago. Depends on the depends on the day. Yeah, that's for sure. We kind of decided. That everyday feels like Monday tanner yeah. That's true. That's true and you'd never. It's a never ending, Monday at the moment, but hey, we gotta keep that positive attitude and and try and make Mondays the best So yes Michael let's get into this. Here's the county starts to reopen. Has there been anything that you haven't expected? That's been taking place, or is it gone pretty smoothly so far? I think it's gone really smoothly from everything that I've seen and heard you know. A number of restaurants are open. We've actually went out and eat at several of them. Trying to you know, continue to support local business and You know I, think the things are going really well. Yeah, there's no doubt about it, Mike, it's been. It's been fun watching things open back up here and and from the county standpoint I know we're starting to see city of Greeley Open backup, but are starting to open up a little bit more now and other as some really strict restrictions when different county offices were opening up. So. You know we're continuing to open more and more of you know are are obviously we're doing land use cases. We're still continuing to do physical distance, so you know you know keeping share spread out, but we're trying to do business as usual for the most part Some of some of the lobbyists especially for example, the clerk and recorder where they have tremendous amounts of people are doing a lot of stuff by -pointment, but you know we're continuing slowly. Get more and more opened up. Mike I. Did see as well There was a video up on the Weld County government. Facebook page Dr Mark Wallace you guys bidding him a G- A good retirement as he is elected to retire. Has that position been filled? Who is going to be taking that position? And how vital role will they be playing with the commissioners? Well, you know obviously, we have not filled that role. We we have Enron. People in place have great staff over there and we brought in some additional interim helped as we go through this, but we're not gonNA. Get in a hurry we'll. We'll take our time and make sure that we hire the right person going forward and you know I don't know how long it'll be. Be It'll take some time to advertise and and get things out there and do some interview so We're not in a tremendous rush. Fill that full-time we're we're. We're okay with the Enron people that we have in place moving forward, and as we continue to work through this, you know a Lotta the emergency. Stuff with Cova comes out of our emergency. Operation Center as well we. We have contracts doctors that'll be able to to fill the artist far prescriptions, and those kinds of things for a number of things that the health department does and so a while we're gonNA tremendously Miss Dr Wallis. He was here for twenty five years. I've known with Dr Wallace for close to twenty He's going to be very much missed, but I completely understand why. Why would want to spend more time with his family after twenty five years so I feel like we're in a good word in a good place, and we'll continue to run a very animal health department speaking with Wall. County Commissioner Chairman Mike Freeman he's are featured guest here on this Monday afternoon. Let's keep it on. Cova nineteen, a related to the county offering free cove nineteen testing. That's correct. We did today down at South. East walled actually tested eighty people today so those those results will be back in with twenty four to forty eight hours, and then Wednesday will be doing testing and Briggs Dale Friday and sufferings, and the next Monday at Southwest Weld and those are all from eleven to three on those days, and you can go to to the to the WW Dot Welt Dot Org to register for those tests. Mike Freeman Wall County Commissioner chairman. Mike obviously the the new stories dominating the headlines have been these these protests these riots. It's kind of been taking over so far. Very peaceful ones here in Weld County. Yeah, I you know I don't expect to see the kind of things that you're seeing across the country in Weld County. thank goodness I don't know. It seems like the rest of the country's forgot. There was a code the nineteen because I. Don't really see any physical distancing and going on at those protests with thousands and thousands of people, and it's not really protests quite honestly kind of those are riots. They're destroy property, and you know I'm all for peaceful protests, but that's a long way from what's going on across this country right now will. It seems like that that's been the message here. from from every elected officials that there is a difference in. That line has been crossed and a lot of these circumstances. It absolutely been crossed. And you know, and I think part of it is. People are frustrated. You know get that. They've been following all these crazy. Stay at home orders and all this stuff for up to three months, and I think they're just you know they're ready to get out and go, but they're doing it in a really destructive manner. Has the governor been speaking? With local officials it seems like governor polls. You know he was having. Weekly even daily press conferences has kinda gone a little bit quiet at least from the media front. has been in contact with with Weld County and local officials. Not To my knowledge, I haven't had a conversation living for close to a month. He has not been contacting us. Right Well County Commissioner chairman. Mike Freeman. Let's follow up with that. Is that you off guard especially with with the strict guidelines that he's been putting into place. No I'm really not surprised that you know that he's not wanting to talk to us. that's that's not surprising at all. you know I think that I? Think that I think they're still well out of frustration because you know. One of the biggest frustrations were hearing from this from churches, and not understanding why churches can't do physical distancing and opening it just like other. Candidate churches are extremely important especially in Weld County and so i. think that hopefully he's going to figure out a way to go ahead and continue to open those up here shortly. I wish I could do more about it, but we're still back to the deal that we didn't close any businesses. We're not open any business. We're just trying to put guidelines, so people can can operate safely. I think we've seen that. We've seen our numbers. Continue to go down I. Think we've had one. In the last eleven days in Weld County I haven't seen the reports today. So you know there could have been another one too since then, but that's where we were going into the weekend, so. Really Good, not that every Potala doesn't matter, but at some point you know we've gotta get. We've got to continue to slowly. Get businesses back open and and get people back to work. It's really important for a lot of unintended health consequences that come from from people, not being able to support their families as well well, and that's where I was just GonNa. Go Commissioner. You know we've spoken a little bit off air as well that there are the mental health aspect of this is something that I think has been a little bit overlooked. I think it's been tremendously overlooked I. Mean we've seen domestic violence calls of jump dramatically suicide. have been dramatically increase as well so there's a lot of mental health issues that go along with people you know going bankrupt and not being able to support their families as well as you know as just being at home, and not in their normal positions, not normal places, so as it puts a lot of stress on families as well. Commissioner Freeman. What's next for Weld County well? What do you see the next couple of months looking like the next six months the next year? Well hopefully hopefully as we continue to get through this, and and we continue to do do these testings and and I think that I think that will help us continue to see where the numbers are at you know. Hopefully we don't see any kind of of surges going forward I. Don't I hope we don't? But who knows what comes in the fall, but my hope is that we're going to continue to get more and more businesses open and continue to move back closer to normal. We've gotta get back to normal at some point. And hopefully we're on track to do that. And hopefully by the end of the summer we'll be there and I certainly think one. One of the biggest mistakes that we could make would be not opening schools in the fall. I just think that would be a disaster. I don't know how can ever catch back up if they're not able to go back to school so hopefully. Hopefully we can get this sorted out and we can get things back to our schools are open, and we can see some sort of normalcy by the fall commissioned that with the school opening with that fall under the state guidelines or or Do you guys as the World County Commissioner Board have a right to say okay? Let's and I know that this could be different than the the businesses, not opening or not closing but. Do you expect schools in Weld County to be open come August Well. I expect that they will, but once again you know that is completely out of the purview of the board of County Commissioners. As well as you know school board. They have their own. Independent government operation as well. They've got an elected board. Who higher, their superintendent and run their school so I think the individual school boards are going to have to make that decision in each in each district. it's going to be interesting to see for sure commissioner on a little bit more of a personal note I know your sports. Fan have you become. Have you become a NASCAR FAN? Or what have you been watching because I? Know there's a couple of live events that have come back. You know I've been watching I. Guess I've been watching a lot of sporting events I. think that's mainly on I'm not much of a NASCAR and I did watch a little bit of the race the one time, but you know Hopefully baseball's going to get back in place here around the first of July still open to that and I'm really happy to hear the. The NFL say that they're going to. They're going to run a normal season so hopefully as we get closer to the fall, we're going to see sports. Come back. It's you know that's one of the other things. That's probably helpful for a lot of people's mental health as well. Yeah, there's no doubt about it. Yeah, I know you're golf fan. Did you watch the match? I watched a little bit of it. You know that's kind of fun? You know it was. It was Kinda fun deal. I'm glad to see people being able to go out and do that. And that Sun so yeah I watched a little bit of it and getting into play a lot more golf on at least on the weekends, which I certainly enjoyed doing couture. Let's get Outta here on this one I, but I am GonNa. Make you. I'M GONNA. Make you answer this question here? If the Rocky Mountain showdown happens this year. Does see you beat. See issue or you pull off an upset. You know my guess is that we're their out right now. In their programs see us going to be a pretty heavy favorite in that game. Hopefully they get to play it but I you know I don't know you know on the hugh alum, so it makes it really difficult. That game does. Yeah, you're Kinda split down the middle of their. Commissioner appreciate your time as always look forward to catching up here real soon and and again appreciate the work and the communication that you've been passing along the county. Absolutely, thank you. You have a great afternoon. Youtube that is welcoming Commissioner Chairman Mike Freeman he's. See you above fan so I head to just head to see on that. He's still found a way to give me a little bit of a political answer. Though he gave me that Paul, give me that politician speech. He wrote down the middle. He wouldn't wouldn't. I should've press press a little bit harder. That's what they teach you in journalism school appreciate while Kennedy Commission. Chairman. Mike Freeman's time this afternoon, WanNa say thanks to proactive physical therapy and And sports medicine locations in Eaton and angrily. It's time to get healthy. It's time to get going again and when you are ready to do that, it is the people you need to trust. It is proactive physical therapy whether it's Daryl Kate or todd and either the locations. They're going to get you back to better than you were before. And that's a guaranteed. They've done it with countless number of people here in northern Colorado for years upon years. College athletes working in there now I mean they've got so many different connections. They understand from the little guys from high school athletics all the way up to to to seniors who who have just had a hip or knee replacement, proactive, physical therapy and sports medicine all right. Let's take a break. We'll come back on the other side. The headline that caught my eye. We'll recap. My takeaways from this afternoon as well as set up the rest of the week. You're listening. Right here on thirteen ten KFI. Thirteen ten KFI preps radio is northern Colorado's home for the past high school coverage. Crack down. I can. Come back into no co now here on Monday afternoon. Appreciate, everybody joining us. We wrap up today's edition of Noko now. Excited with you again from the Auto Collision Specialists Studios. Special thanks to Weld County. Commissioner Chairman Mike Freeman for joining us this afternoon. obviously still some fiery conversations happening about cove nineteen. Of course, this is something that will continue to happen and I mean it's not just going to go away. I know it's not dominating the the news cycle like it was, but This is still something that really not a lot of direction still. Still on, you know the guidelines around but governor police not with the daily weekly press conferences which we expected right. I mean we would slow down a little bit, but it just seems like it's been a little bit more rapidly on the lack of eating on the numbers, and it seems like the numbers were coming out so fast and furious, and not a lot of positive. Numbers at the beginning right, and now that we're starting to see those numbers. I mean one death and eleven days here in Weld, county, that's. You talk about flattening the curve or whatever the case is. Whatever terminology you WANNA use. That's. Doing it right I mean one death and eleven days is pretty remarkable, compared to where we were at a mere months ago and you know people are out and doing things so it will be interesting to continue to watch how things progress as we continue to get more guidance how those bands will start to be lifted. In new new technology, right a new new studies and better data on cove nineteen. We'll get into well. Is there a cure? Is there one of these antibody tests showing? And there are good. There is good news about it out there. There really truly is good news about ways that the different. The different vaccines and the antibodies are happening and how they're how they're working, and it's going to be continuing to be encouraging news from here on out, but okay. I'll tell you what let's get now to the headline the my eye. This story takes us to Wisconsin. Yes, Wisconsin here Dr Richard High and the University of Wisconsin. Green Bay has been helping his lab. Rats find forever homes after his first and second year, students complete their introduction to anatomy courses throughout the courses, students examined things like Eckerson, exercise, music and temperature affect the anatomy of the animals and high Wisconsin public radio that many students actually form bonds with their rats. That's actually one of the things that I. Really think is a great outcome of using research. Animal's Hind said the. The students that normally wouldn't get exposure to care for animals really take on that responsibility in fact Hind said that more than half of his students in his class wind up adopting their rats every year. Animals which hines say are very intelligent and intuitive of human emotions quote they're very into human interaction and being able to have fun with you. She told W PR so I look. I'm not a I'm not a road guy there. It's not that bad. You know I'd rather have a mouse or a hamster Gerbil. Then, then a reptile I'm terrified reptiles snakes. Lizards yet don't even like to way. A FROG feels right. I don't even that's just a no go, but I couldn't imagine having a pet rat either like. I get it like there's probably something there that you like. Hey, guys. This is my rat from this class. That I took like I. Get I kind of understand it. But I mean almost more than half a dopson. I don't know. I don't I. Don't know about that one. It is that time of year again where I am running the adopt. Program Road high in the newsletter, the anatomy and physiology students have been working with laboratory rats over the year, and they have eleven females up for adoption that have been raised since they were few weeks old this year. They are particularly friendly and fun bunch so who needs a craigslist ad. You want a new rat. You can go to the University of Wisconsin while University of Green Bay Wisconsin, but. Apparently, she'd been doing this for over twenty years, so there's been that many people in the last twenty years that want a pet rat. which is a surprise to me? Before we bid you do on this Monday afternoon. Do want to say thanks to Janai Crop Insurance and Jeanine Insurance Terry Gertz Janine Freeman up in all. You talk about people being well rounded and specializing in farming ranching and just about everything. That's what you're getting with Janai crop insurance and Jane Entrance. whether it is teri courage with Jeanine Insurance in just having somebody there that that knows you right when things when things hit the fan. You want to be able to talk to somebody you know. And the was local. You drive up there and talk to him. Jane and Insurance Janeane Crop Insurance, nine, hundred, zero, eight, three four eleven, sixty, nine, seven, zero, eight three. Three four eleven sixty do want to throw one more mention out there. It sounds like some city offices will start to open up on the third. That's this Wednesday, so we're going to attempt to get. Mayor John Gates on tomorrow afternoon and get an update on that I know there's more news coming out about that as well everybody. Stay safe. Stay healthy out. There will continue to update you on the the protests that are happening as this continues to take place again. Those protests already gathering so if you're heading Denver. For anything, avoid that downtown area at the moment. That's going to continue to grow overnight, so make sure you give us a like on facebook as well. No Co now for. Ryan Kelly I'm Tanner Schmidt that podcast. It'll be up on thirteen K dot, com, and just a minute. We'll talk to you tomorrow. This has been no cornell thirteen ten KFI.

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