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Answering Your Questions (The 5th Thing) with Scuba Steve (12-03-19)


I'm a total sheets KNOB. I've tried all cotton bamboo linen but I just discovered eucalyptus bedsheets and all I can say is they are amazing. Eucalyptus is so oh much softer and cooler than my other sheets. And it breeds which is perfect for me. Because I'm such a hot sleeper eucalyptus is also sustainable. Which I love? And they're made by an awesome company company. Get this called. SHEAF and giggles go to sheets. GIGGLES DOT COM and look for eucalyptus sheets by sheets and giggles and promise. You'll be as obsessed as I am. Okay so have a fun guest today for the fifth thing our Q.. And A. Episode. So Scuba Steve say okay he comes to us. All the way from California cornea just moved to Nashville. And is now the newest member of the bobby bones. Show yes I am. Yeah so do you know anything about four things with Tehran hosted by Amy Brown and there are four things okay so every Thursday. There's a four things episode. We're talking about four totally different things sometimes. Sometimes it's an interview which in fact this coming Thursday. I haven't interview with Stephen Young. Who is the founder of Home Street? Home which is an organization initiation in Nashville that works with the homeless and he himself was homeless for five years so I sat down with him for all four things. So sometimes it's four totally random things or it's a sit down with one person about four things and for him. We went through his life before he was homeless and how he ended up homeless because he had a he had he was had a career looking at a life. He wasn't it just everything kind of fell apart and then what life was like on the streets for five years and then how he got off the streets and the now oh he cares for the homeless. We met the charity event. Go yes that's a really cool story and that'd be a show that I would like to listen to. Yes so yeah AH SCUBA Stephen. His wife they came to the event pimping joy was a part of the night and it. It's yeah I feel like it's a must listen for a lot of people and you know something interesting. That he touched on this time of year is a time where we We want to give a lot and serve others because we have the giving spirit and we feel oh like we have so much and we've been blessed it's time to give back and we were just talking about how that's amazing and everything and I'm guilty of it for sure but he said his phone is like blowing up right now and he's like it's just you know it's hard because you know what about March and April and May June and July when people are still homeless and they still need help but so he touches on some of that which I think is just some insight that we all could use especially if you're looking to help others and he said he'll straight up. I don't WanNa ruin too much of the podcast but I feel like this was impactful to me like he will ask people that are calling right now that have big church groups that want to come volunteer families and do whatever and while he wants the help and he appreciates that he says. Do you really want to help the homeless. And they say well yeah absolutely he said okay. Call me back in February MHM Get this same group of people and come back in February because that is when you will be needed right now. You're one of thousands where you can make more of an impact if you just show up on the months where it's pretty silent so anyway just something to sit on. If you're thinking of serving those that have less in your community. A lot of you are not listening in Nashville but wherever it is and then definitely check out Thursday's episode because that'll be interesting another thing just to talk about. Oh I think I was saying we have the four things on Thursday. The Tuesday episode is what we call the fifth thing where we do QNA. So I get less emails from listeners with questions for things with Amy Brown edging Dot Com and then sort through them and then address them. And today we're GONNA do four questions so you'll read the question. I'll share the answer but before we get to that I was just talking to Steve. Steve Do we do I call you. Steve Steve You can call Steve in the setting for like Scuba Steve would be on air personality for your radio personality analogy. Yeah but this is my podcast personality. So I'm Steve Right now okay. So Steve and his wife. They're new to Nashville and I know in your wife is so sweet and I look forward to meeting. Your son just brought him here after Thanksgiving you have. He's held Liza year. Now Yeah so crazy so welcome and and I thought something we can do for your wife to to welcome her hair as you need to give her a four things tote go along with the fourth in now that you've you've I like to give guests that have come on the podcast tote and so now now that you're officially guest I'll give you a tote that you can give to your wife and so we were talking about the four things. I know. It's hard to come up with four things but I'm just gonNA share with Y'all we use to help Steve do this and we made some cheat sheets which I have on my instagram radio. Dot Com or even shop spas instagram. Where we you have a picture of a toast you can see it but then you can swipe to see list that we made that are super helpful so steve was like oh I feel like a bad husband? I can't think of the fourth eggs but this is going to be a great gift. He can give his wife and so we went through the list and I just started rattling stuff off the tee cheat and you didn't necessarily pick stuff from the list but it helped trigger things in your head to help if you come up with it so one of the four things can be cute. Is your son Elliott Son's name boom. Then I think I said something like Margarita or whatever and you're like no no no. She loves whiskey. Which Whiskey is so cute on a tote so you got Elliott whiskey and then friends is on the cheat sheet for sure and you were saying something about the office? Yes and I was like well if she loves friends. Friends is super cute on a toad because we can write it like F. Dot our dot. Yeah and she loves friends. Shoes did Kyrie Irving makes these. He has different kind of shoes. Spongebob squarepants but recently came out with friends edition of his shoe and has like the color scheme on the bottom and his his friends on the back. Well yeah they're pretty cool. And you gotta this gotTa those. Yeah and now. She'll have a tote to MAC. And then for the fourth thing we went with live music Dick and on the cheat sheet. It says like nineties hip hop nineties country whatever country songs country music and then that triggers so I bring this up because were were approaching the deadline. Like it's happening. The cutoff is soon so if you're struggling to come up with your four things and you wanNA order totes as gifts yeah It's I can't say the exact date because it just depends on orders that come in but Mary called me today and said that it's going to be soon and it's zero pressure to get a tow like we're not forcing the tell but we just want to give you a heads up in case you're wanting a tote. We don't want anybody to be bombed. They missed the cutoff. Time to get it and delivery for Christmas photoed though. Okay I'll be your enforcer which I hope you're like your wife loves it it'll be super cute and she can carry. It proudly knowing that are tote support Haiti so anyway radio DOT COM. If you WanNa see where you can get a tote but I guess now that some in housekeeping steps out of the way. Let's get to the questions. All right. Steve will read the question from the listener. And then I will answer carried away the first question from Kelly. Hi Amy I have a random question about how you eased your way back into eating meat again after going along time being mainly Vegan. Did you have a bad reaction. I love to hear more about your experience about this. Okay so I personally didn't have a bad reaction but I would say during my Vegan days there was probably only a year that I was super hardcore. And that's the year I was trying to get pregnant and I just went full-blown gluten free. Obviously when you're being and I was about to say dairy free but there's no dairy and when you're a Vegan I don't think But I I still wore leather. I'm sure I wasn't full blown Vegan. I guess consuming food wise. I was and then I just would be more vegetarian because sometimes times I would eat goat cheese and I just felt better. But here's what I learned before I went Vegan. I was consuming meat. That wasn't high quality like I didn't really we know the difference in quality meat versus which I get not a lot of people have access to grass fed beef or hormone free chicken but I think it is becoming becoming a little bit more readily available and if you have the option I would opt for that because I was feeling crummy because of the type of meat I was eating so for me. I was like now that I'm Vegan. Vegetarian I just feel great but then several years went by. I was just if I ever crave meat. I would have it and I never. My stomach didn't get upset from it. And then also I think because I dabbled with it once I reintroduced it full full-time because now now I have meet almost every day it. It's it doesn't affect me but everybody's digestion is so different you can't go based on me. I would say if you want to reintroduce meat into your life life that you do one product at a time you do it slowly. You try to reach for high quality if you can because I think that's just overall going to be better for our bodies in general you can take food enzymes to support your digestion. I take food enzymes no matter what. And maybe that's why I've been taking those ever since I became a what's the year I became a Vegan. I also started taking digestive enzymes because I was vegetarian because of Kimberly Snyder and she was a huge pusher. She's a picture when it came to digestive enzymes like she was big on probiotics every morning. So I do hot lemon water. Then I would do for her probiotics and before every meal I would do food enzyme. And she didn't have her own line back then but she now has her own line. which is what I take and I have it on my Amazon page? which again you can find that at radio DOT COM? But I think food enzymes are super important. You could also just take away the whatever prior thoughts you have to me because sometimes win. You're not eating meat. You can like think horrible things about it. which if you you are legit vegetarian or Vegan because you like a respecting the animals like I've all the respect for you on that? That's why I do. EAT Meat Steve. Oh Yeah Amy Yeah. Okay -Tarian and we accommodate her when we go out to restaurants and make sure we pick things for her so thoughtful. Because it's hard when you're that you don't want to be the person like I can't even go to Disneyland. They have now gluten free menus and Vegetarian Menus and so they make it easier now when you can right. I think we're living in a different time where it is coming a little more accessible but like something happens for me at least it did. I got really obsessed about how I was eating. And it created created a disordered eating pattern because I was so strict on what I wouldn't wouldn't consume that I was like hyper focused on ingredients and like didn't want to eat this and I thought if I have because they said that this meat and this ingredient in this that is bad for you and while I still think it's general a good thing to keep in your back. Pocket is like the general rule not to consume certain things every once in a while. It's fine like your life is not going to end me over. But in my brain it was it was an unhealthy. I was at the unhealthy place so for you mentally. It might be that you need to give yourself like you know the permission to eat the meat because you might have put up so many walls and is on just meet. It could be insert. Whatever you've eliminated from your diet that you're bringing back in and you can have a healthier relationship with it so but that's not for everybody not everybody that doesn't eat? Meat has a disordered eating patterns. That's not what I'm implying at all but for me I did because it developed all all kinds of things that I was scared of which made me think I'm going to pull up this instagram. Like literally wall recording this. I'm pulling it up. I follow the well necessities. She she someone who's come on my podcast. Before she is super awesome. When it comes to trying to help people deal with eating disorders and past eating disorders and while this isn't related to introducing meet back into your diet it's pertaining to food and this time of year we just wrapped Thanksgiving and we've got Christmas coming up been all the holiday parties and food and she put this post up on her instagram? That says Changer Language and she said these are things we stay in our minds and allowed allowed. Oh I'm sorry. She said the things we say in our minds and allowed having effect on ourselves and others so being be mindful. Listen and monitor. So it's something we tell ourselves is. I can't believe I ate that right all the time. Well you could switch it to. I'm proud of myself for eating and enjoying okay and then I'm so full. Okay oops I overdid it but I know this feeling will dissipate soon. 'cause sometimes too when I'm so full I can't can't believe I blew it. We just keep eating because we have that horrible feeling and we don't want to feel that way ever again because of course them we're going to eat clean for the rest of our lives. We're never going to eat anything ever bad again right. Sure yeah of course but just say this is going to go away soon. I don't need to go crazy. I have to workout extra tomorrow. That's a lie. Retell ourself and then she wants you to switch to food and exercise or not an exchange system. My Body knows what to do with all food. This helps just like take away the anxiety and stress. That's around on this time of year when you're around food you normally aren't around because that will cause you to overeat again it's causing you to have unhealthy relationship with the food and then it'll stress doesn't help you. Stress can make you hold onto weight as well so then. Here's another one. I was so bad I have no self control will change that too. It's just food. There's nothing more to it. Who Cares? Let it go. I never eat like this. I am flexible with my food choices. Because that was me I was like I never eat like this. But if I had a mentality of like unflexible go with the flow whatever fine. I'll have some Maltodextrin today. I I prefer to stay away from that ingredient but if it's in whatever I'm eating who cares or what is that. It's like a food additive. That I think it just is not good but a lot. A lot of people put it. It's a preservative. I think they put it. It's and from what I've read can be carcinogenic so people are like stay away from it but you can get obsessed to where you don't just is using that as an example or maybe you're going over to someone's house and you're not one hundred percent. Sure that their beef you're serving. You is grass-fed okay. It's fine if you're eating eating you know non-organic ice cream like don't lose your mind. It's fine but that's what I would do to myself and it was miserable. The last when is I can't eat that because and then insert whatever reason and she wants you to change that to I don't need to announce my dietary choices. I'm confident that it works for for me and may not work for another so instead of. I used to do that to my family all the time. I can't eat that. Sorry but I should have just been more go with the flow and I feel like check. This thanksgiving and my husband was super proud of me was like the first holiday where I really didn't freak out about our get mad at myself for eating certain things or not and I didn't overeat I would say normally on Thanksgiving because I don't allow myself to have certain things Thanksgiving or Christmas. I go crazy because I'm like this Marwan here here but because I had such a relaxed attitude about it I really didn't Overdo it and I felt great like I woke up the next day and I wasn't puffy and like my sugar and sodium affect me big time time and I can see it in my face and you know. Put my jeans on the next day all good so anyway. That's a sidebar to this question but Kelly hopefully when you do reintroduce meet back into your life and it's easy because it's a bummer. 'cause I know some people try to do it and they do get sick for a little bit but I think your body will eventually adapt already eat pretty clean when it comes to like cleaning gene products from my house definitely trying to whip my home into shape there because questionable ingredients freak me out and so when it comes to makeup skin care. That's something I've been worrying about as well you've heard me talk about it. That's why I've made the switch to beauty counter because beauty counter is a clean makeup and skin care brand that started in two thousand thirteen and disrupted the beauty industry by shedding light on the need for stronger blogger ingredient regulations in the personal care products that we use daily and today beauty counter is leading clean beauty brand. They've created innovative and high performing products. That are safer and cleaner than even their like minded competitors. So what do they mean by clean over. Fifteen hundred. Questionable ingredients are never used Buchanan's formulations they call this. They're never list for moisturizers to make up. linzers ascend screen beauty counter is at the forefront of using clean ingredients to create products that are effective. And that really work personally. My obsession right. Now is the overnight. Resurfacing Peel if your new beauty counter. Now's the time to head to beauty counter dot com to check out special holiday offers before they're gone that's beauty counter dot com. No yeah no Promo Code necessary. Just clean makeup skincare and gifts for everyone you love okay. The next question next question from read I have a lot of trouble with anxiety at night. I go to bed at nine thirty and don't fall asleep until two or three in the morning. I've been taking over the counter sleep medication but I don't want to rely on those in the long term. I have heard you discuss how you have taken a Xanax. After your mother passed and it helps you sleep was was it hard to wean yourself off those. How did you get back into a normal sleep routine? Gosh I'm so happy to not be on relying on zanex anymore That was like a rough time and I totally understand needing it especially if you have anxiety and all you. Do you just crave sleep. You just want to sleep. You don't care how you get it but I wasn't taking large doses of Xanax and I never upped I- dosage a lot of times. You get used to it and you have to up it so no I never update so thankfully getting off of it was not hard for me but I know other people were series saying and my doctor took it very seriously. You do not want to get hooked on that 'cause you can so I think because I was monitored by a doctor who took it seriously and then you know I was aware of it myself because I didn't WanNa personally be on it. I don't WanNa be on Something like that long term but it was nice. I'M NOT GONNA lie. I wouldn't have survived that time. I don't think I would slept at all if I didn't have it. And then sometimes I would. You know drink wine to not recommended right which I would say that's one thing to beat anxiety for a better night's sleep is to stay away from alcohol. I thought it was making. Can you better but long term. It's actually horrible and alcohol. disruptor sleep before bed so steer clear of that I think that having in and nightly routine is super important. Follow Adam Bobo on instagram posts about this a lot. A D. A. M B O B. O that's his handle and that's his name but he he's coming on the podcast for and he comes on the bobby bones show now he's nursed. Bobo it's kind of a regular but he has lots of tips for sleeping but I would say. Make sure that during the day you're moving you're staying busy you're exercising. Your body needs all of that stuff stuff for healthy routine and get yourself tired before bed and then take take a hot bath. Don't watch TV if you have to be on your computer. Peter tried to get some blue-blocker glasses. That's what Bobo recommends. I got some to their helpful. No coffee after one or two. PM I am no caffeine so cut that like all that stuff. All these stimulants might be sneaking their way into your diet and you're not realizing how it's affecting your sleep. Keep your bedroom dream cool. I'm spitting off like different tips that you know we've even talked about on the podcasts. Before with Bobo or different articles but ah I think electronic devices. TV Blue Light quiet. Like how is anything on in your room. Do you have any lights like for me me my daughter. Sometimes she's right above me and I can tell when she's not sleeping because she's making so much noise upstairs and be like mom is trying to get some sleep. You've got to stop that like take. My husband got a fan for a room like a little cute table Fan and it's kind of loud so either like a fan that distracts some of the outside noise or a noise maker waves in our house so it sounds like the waves crashing all night long and it's so relaxing. Perfect says something like that because my hope is is that you wouldn't. You won't need to turn to something like xanax or medication. You can take a magnesium Melatonin so I I mean I know Bobo. Even recommended some magnesium pill. He may have it on his instagram page. But I think thank Bobo even mentioned something on the bobby bones recently. where he talked about everybody has a morning routine? You wake up you brush your teeth you wash your face you shower get dressed you go to work like like you make your breakfast your coffee like bit at night. We're all over the place and he's right like nothing if we could become more structured and routine with our nighttime schedules. It'd be much better for us because sleep is so important. Sleep is trumping Bobo. Says I mean he works with pro athletes and country stars and all kinds kinds of people and he's starting to recommend eight to ten hours of sleep especially for the pro athletes because their bodies are working so hard they need that ten hours to recover And we just don't prioritize sleep. Well how many hours do you think you'll get 'cause I mean. We work weird hours. Yeah I would say try to get at least six or seven and it doesn't seem to work for me if I get a good solid eight. I feel fully reenergize the next day but six or seven on average do you. Do you have trouble falling asleep. Yes I do. Yeah Yeah Okay. I don't have any tricks none that you have mentioned Usually for me and I don't know if it's popular but CBD for me. Yeah yeah now I gave sitting here like can I mention. CBD's something that's okay yes. It's definitely very pro. That and beyond but CD. DVD works for me. It's works wonders. You have a particular kind that you use or a usually. We'll go for a particular brand. It's called cushy punch okay I don't think you can get it Outside of California but have CD's and it will like my biggest problems. I can't turn my brain off. I'm constantly thinking about the next day what we have to do for work. What my wife life needs what my son needs all these different things for me? CBD kind of mutes all that and helps me quiet down in turn off yeah. No that's super helpful. I I I was worried about. Having Twenty three people at my house for Thanksgiving dog is crazy town and my one of the guests coming over was like hey. I know how your dog can be so I'm going to bring some CBD oil for your dog and she gave it to car my daughter and she was so chill. We're so perfect like I. I couldn't believe it and I was like whatever that is. We're buying it. I need a whole bottle and is there any for me. Because is it safe for me to take whatever the version is. Because I couldn't believe how well behaved. She was yeah. We had tons of people in our house and she was Chill Hill. That just shows them out and there's nothing wrong with fully natural. It's totally okay for them and for us too. Yeah I love it okay. All right next question this is from carly early. Ever since I heard your sister moved to Pagosa Springs Colorado I had to know more. I've been researching this adorable town. You I mentioned it and my husband and I are now planning a trip to Pagosa the summer. Hopefully over the fourth of July. Any tips. You or your sister could offer we of course will be checking out route house coffee but any hiking outdoor activities anything. You could help them out that okay well first of all I'm obsessed with Colorado especially PAGOSA springs like my family go there every summer every Christmas in fact we're going there and a couple of weeks for Christmas and there's Airbnb Galore so you shouldn't have have trouble finding a place to rent. There's some hotels I mean there's the hot springs like the resort there. But I feel like a quaint little air. AIRBNB would be fine. My sister used to actually AIRBNB. BNB out her house until they moved there full time. So I don't do that anymore but I know that there's cute places and speaking of the hot springs. That's definitely an activity you have to to do. It's like have you ever soaked in hot spring in Florida where I grew up. There's hot springs everywhere so these are right in the middle of town and my sister's coffee shop actually route house coffee coffee. It's it's right by the spring so you can go grab yourself a coffee. Then you can go enjoy that on the patio and then once you're done like go down the hot springs so okay you can soak in the summer or in the winter so you can soak when it's snowing and you're like in a bikini or a swimsuit or whatever like an. It's snowing with a beanie on. It's so fun but if you're going going around Fourth of July which I think is awesome. We went this last fourth of July. We typically try to go around the time of year if our vacation falls realm at that time but they have the cutest town parade. And it's like the quintessential smalltown parade. So that's a great time of year to grow and there is tons of hiking I would say you can just ask any local. The names of the trails like Doc. My family has done pretty much all them I I just can't think of. I know that there's one like Opal Lake. There's reservoir hill which isn't a major hike but there's piatra falls. I hope I'm saying these right but once you're in the town even if you just go to my sister's coffee shop and you're like Hey I wanNA hike anybody. Working there is a local and they're gonna be able to tell you like the thus places to go hike and then a great place to have dinner if you and your husband would go on. A date is Allie House. which my husband's sister's I husband or my husband's sister 'cause she's a part of it too? They're like part owners and Allie House. They just became loners. They're my nephew is a bus boy. Am I nieces. He says the hostess so cool and then you might see them there at night but they also both work at the coffee shop too so it's just a small town. Everybody has like five jobs and they all do everything thing especially in the winter like I'll see people working on the Ski Mountain at Wolf Creek that normally work at a fly fishing shop in the summer or are you from Pagosa Springs Boston Tech Your family just feel like a lot of people from Texas they go there. Yeah my husband's family. They have like a vacation in house there and then my sister. They used to go there like that but then they moved there fulltime from Austin cool they call it that part southern Colorado a lot of people call north Texas because everybody migrates there in the summer because Texas get so hot or they all go there in the winter. Because it's you can drive there you don't have to fly. I mean some it. It can be a thirteen hour drive but if you're taking a whole family on vacation it's helpful to be able to just take a straight shot up to Colorado and not have to fly and it it just quaint and a lot to do but yeah when you're driving around you just see Texas license plates like everywhere so I highly recommend you never heard of that. Sounds really cool. Yeah people run into carly really out there and your sister and your sister-in-law's has been and my brother in law my sister your whole on both brother-in-law's I never know what to call. My husband's sisters has it's been husband because my sister has my brother in law and my husband's sisters. My sister-in-law behooves her husband my sister-in-law's husband. WHO's on first? Okay next question and this is actually the final question or this is from Pam. Hey Amy I have come to love the liquid Stevia. You recommended my my question is do you think it's good for kids as well. Do you use it in things for your kids. I really hate putting sugar drinks and other food that needs sweetening for my children. But I've always heard such negative reports the impacts of sugar substitutes specifically for children. So I haven't given them anything but sugar when needed but I'd love to throw out the sugar girl together. What are your thoughts okay Pam? I'm no expert but I do. Use The liquid Stevia for things with my kids. My son will tolerate it. It's it's fine my daughter can't stand it somehow. She picks out the taste as she is the pickiest eater and cheer her palate is so I wouldn't say it's sophisticated anything she can dissect and be like what's in here. That's not normally. Would you hide. Mom Yeah what is like I can't I can't I can't have this like she wants. All the white sugar she she loses loses her mind that we don't keep sugar in our pantry. But I just don't I mean I have like coconut sugar but I don't just have straight processed white sugar in the pantry and Dan. I don't know where she even learned about that. But she's like why don't we keep sugar in our house or should go to our cousin's thousands and they have sugar in there. I mean she would straight up to stick a spoon spoon there if she could and I'm like well that's exactly why because you. I don't WANNA use that type of sugar although back to the first thing when we talked about if we happen to eat something with processed sugar. It's not the end of the world but if I can control when I'm baking at home I'm going to try to make sure that ingredients are her what I would want for my kids We do honey and we do maple syrup which those that's sugar but both natural forms of sugar. Nothing too crazy. And then I'll do the liquid Stevia and I don't think there's anything wrong with your kids consuming a good honey and a good maple syrup. You just have to watch how much they're consuming but liquid Stevia so far in my family has not been harmful harmful so I would say that it's fine and I do like the new naturals non alcohol version which that I do have on my Amazon page too so a lot of times people are are wondering specifically what I use and that's up there so that way there's no confusion and again that's radio dot com for that but I mean who knows you know in five years they might be like liquid liquids. TV As the devil. Don't you sweet and low in our in our and I thought it was the greatest thing ever kill you. You're like all right cool. Aw as diet coke was too good to retrieve the adults retain and or even like splendor for so many years I use splendor and thought it was so great and then now you hear horrible all things about splendor. So I've tried to anything that I promote are really like I try to always put a disclaimer. Like look not an expert here this people that I trust and listen to you. They recommend this product. And so I'm going to recommend it with a disclaimer that five years. I don't know what they're going to say about. Steve Ah I do little supper. Someone on the PODCASTS. Before that's her instagram. Handle by her name's Bethany and she has major digestive issues. and Ah she can. She is not a fan of Stevia. Now she thinks it's horrible and it can cause people to be bloated and have all kinds of issues. I don't have that experience with Stevia and sometimes she'll even me I know when I'm posting something like Stereo or whatever she was like. Amy I love this Zevia Oh. ZV shoutout if you're a regular listener you know we try to not go. Oh an episode without without mentioning which. I didn't plan on mentioning it all but normally my friend chase or if my husband were doing like an episode together we we let crack open a can of soda. It's a it's a non. There's no sugar in it. It's made with splendor. Nuts is made with Stevia. Okay so it's doesn't have sugar but it's like a flavored drink kind of like were better is like you know it just drove of by some oranges and you pick up the flavor like CVS like legit taste like orange drink. Okay cool or Orange Soda but it no sugar and I. I just know that one day. We're going to hear that they're bad for now. I'm I'm drinking movement so far so good all right. Well Steve Thank. Thank you podcast Steve. But if you hear on the bobby bones show. He's Scuba Steve. Thank you for joining me. And I'm glad that people we'll get to know you hear a little bit and then definitely on the bobby show and we're super excited to have you and put together this four things so if your wife and you can wrap it up. Give it to you for Christmas like you came up with them. Just all lucid. Yeah did totally. Yeah listen to this babe but listen to it I mean the listen to it. It's too late. Yeah okay well. We hope you'll have a great day and any parting words. Steve Peace Greece and chicken east. They said No. I've never heard that. I think I'm saying it wrong. Something like peace Greece and check angry. I I don't even know what it is. Okay it's A. It was cool if I could say right or wrong so do not mistake. Who who do you talk to about? How how you're feeling your friends and your family? How about your neighbors Fred? Rogers encouraged us to pay attention to Howard feeling to how other people are feeling too who he believed that talking about our feelings would help us make sense of the world. I'm Carbel Wallace. I don't know about you. But I'm having trouble into the world these days Join me for finding a new podcast about the lessons of Fred. Riders Checkout Finding Fred on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Wherever you listen?

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