Madrid Best Barca in El Clasico


Welcome insulates edition of ESPN FC down. Thomas shown by Craig Burley and Stevie Nicole today in Spain. Of course all about the Ramzan second looking back for Shauna Renou in attendance pulls the game spawned in Italy first taste of Mexico against Saddam. Twenty one minutes same Grayson with a great chance to make it one nil. Nowhere near the town hundred million U. It'd be leased. F- Natalia off chance hair candidates before the break twenty cross just an on the pace for Twad just made himself big enough. Fulminate later betsy with the Opportunity Kwa straight answer. Russia. Veron does well. He had a mix up a grown under pressure. And that's why I think he gives it to close to mature at different animal in the second. Half Great Challenge Save Ice Go. 'cause I test by STAG and it wasn't happy with these defendants switching. All from the initial comic Marvel Save Five minutes later once again. It's east this time tonight by. Pk on the line so surprised how much he gets on the heads of because he's having to take a step backwards. Poetry gets on too much but this dig in but he once again old Malayan and with the SAGAAF closeable many-sided chances this law school. I should at least it's out for sure. Ramage it make the breakthrough Venetia Zephyr. The flags off. Pk One now. He's trying to put an bonk on. I think I think actually it's comfortably going to saved by test. Dagan vacation comes the NFL. Hey thought it'd be one one messy one on one with the keeper Marcelo tracking back. Well Veron getting blockhead but Marcello getting bucket and the three points that'd be late on some Marianna Dias with the goal potable. Wait lose a goal straight from throw on these clean through and right here. Remiss not actually helped bone shop over test into the back of the celebrations around for the house in the Spanish capital as it finishes Real Madrid to Vaseline nail calls a huge game regarding the significance the title race in Spain Round Madrid fat to the top of the Table One Clare of fossil and it also means that Zidane Saddam side have the advantage when it comes to heads a hedge which remember separate sides if they're equal on points ahead of goal difference Craig far from Classic Classic. I think it's fair to say but close enough was enjoyable. Second half was so weird because it was enjoyable from a Real Madrid Barcelona result but we were saying July second half. They've been in Real Madrid half for this ten minute period during the second half and harden and for Real Madrid. It was a little bit like the city game in some sense where the first half little timid bustling. Hedberg Chances Look more dangerous four or five and then there was like a kick up the bucks. I just pressed a little bit better the Pasta Sharper Sweat. She play. Tiffany. Cartier quite a lot full bucks with Palin forward and bustle of the answer. They really didn't have the answer. I was desperate for twenty minutes. Yeah from Barcelona Persona. Antibodies point of view. It was the over. Twenty minutes was done going on messy. We started out for us. We say Grease Mun watching what was going on. Nobody was dominant. And and and the last half of the four south it could have been three. No boss free really good CIANCI's and that makes you think what what what they really are Real Madrid. Because they clearly. What went the start of the game not to lose the game. They clearly tried to stay in good solid positions. But it could have been phenol done a half time so that can be then what has to be. There was what we saw in the second half when they could've shoot shoot a scored four goals and completely dominated again on the commentary that we had there was talk about grysman and possibly mountain graphic could have started in Greece Mun. Ms Thought chance right very good one in the first half where he was leaning Bach and he blended over but then there was another. There was another one ten minutes later. We're cement run down the right hand side. It was clear on greenman literally stood behind Raphael when he could have made it a run but an easy ball across the sex shot bolts and he had a top and an almost to me that you didn't want to go ahead and another one as well. It was it was on the path. Pathak spot in my opinion for him. He's on the rate Hans. Eight all institution chicken on his left. And he's the whole show instead he's looking around for Massey and he just ruled it to the state and coming away possession. There is no way that he does that when he's playing for Franz when he's blame France he drops a shoulder comes in. Say It's all corner. Meanwhile it's a conversation. We've had about Barcelona before. When messy has an off day they put in performances? I had a couple of chances. Didn't take them and then there's no answer by the way got a couple of times is where the game in the second half think valve. Mail the Miami Casimiro Israel on the edge of the box and it was you know there was no messing around today. I think Steve is right the first half because we're on putting on the pressure. Ideally wanted to bowl to drop further but when the challenges come in and you have to take a little bit. But it's not. It's not rocket science. The heavily reliant on St Louis Suarez on some of the other guys are not able to play the one thing from Real Madrid on. It was a surprise to some people as as they started to take control of the game. It was no surprise it. Tony Gross was the guy. Give me the ball. I under pressure. Marta just taking this thing out at the right time on getting on the Front for the right time because he's so good. Technically at Boston. The bill that ten minute period you will chain will yes those if Bossa go the half because Real Madrid? We're closing them in their own. Half they didn't do the island and stop the kimmage dude off and for that ten minute period. This wasn't city and doing to this team. This is what's happened to this team. He couldn't pasta each other. And I guess it's a combination of just go with the Luke's yet just couldn't go. Let's promise cap? Markazi is also with us your assessment of the classic. Oh I mean I think from Madrid perspective. What we're seeing. Is that the. Dan Treats these games and Keilor's his team to the opposition to what he wants to achieve. And you know the boys saying that row. Madrid didn't want to lose this game first and foremost and they came out and they. They absorbed the pressure more pressure than they would have wanted but then he made the changes and then bends in mind as as isolated as they were earlier in the game and view go back round. Madrid's record in terms of keeping clean sheets and not competing goals against Barcelona Madrid. It's been pretty darn good Cincinnati spin around. You're going back to last season. What was strike me from? This game is just the fact that there were a lot of eyebrows raised when it was set in that was named as the manager when Valverde got the sack and I know that Lewis is Luis Suarez is out and I know that about other injuries but there was no tactical response. It seemed to what was going on what you talked about. The fact they weren't playing out and the substitutions that you made didn't make much of a difference might be a little bit more passing of the ball and some of the stocks from previous games would entail without ball. I mean the they you know the desperation to get valverde out to get a guy who had less experience oil gently at that level that level of club there's no disabling deference as it's not like sticking out like a sore thumb wasn't stay over to the other. I think what your all the time was just to try and take the pressure off because they move where the Oh. They sold us on all. This guy is going to change this and that so you can't really say yeah right because you're going to give the guy at Johns so I think we all. I think we all took salad. But no we're seeing that really. Nothing's changed gabby made a noise. If I'm not mistaken no I I think it is not good but it's not. I don't think it's it's the same as Stevie on this point. Endless possession requires chemistry requires movement from the front guys. When you only have to front guys who. I don't know if he was hiding as you guys suggested. But but certainly wasn't on top of his game and messy an off night and those guys. Don't don't move the way you're you're supposed to. Then all of a sudden it becomes very very difficult and you find yourself playing in front of the opposing defense most of the time and you know they did create those chances in the first half. I thought was down to individual situations but then in the second half when round Madrid to move their center of gravity a little bit further up the pitch all of a sudden Barcelona had real issues in an even playing out from the back and said you had no answer for that you get the feeling. Obviously it's going to be a tight title race. Oh right down to the wire. Space is an obvious answer. Now as to who you think is going to win league off the back of today or idea from one to the what we're doing is not going to be unlikely to be an array sure dropping points which is a bit disappointing and also it's likely that. Real Madrid will have only leaguer to focus on in a sense that obviously they will go into that Manchester City second big underdogs as opposed to Barcelona. Have you got no already live in theory? You would imagine the possible through against Napoli and really get city so that full well if the pill in the second half performance of the performance that dead for periods in the second half against city. It's not a given you're right. I mean not favorites to go through but it's not like three or four scoreline so I would say at the moment because of the he's of -ness of the continuity of the coaching staff and Dodd knows what he wants. He knows his players. Batta doesn't have the major injuries that Bossa hobble. What the cried about I would say Real Madrid. Not because they've gone top of the League today but just because I think that a little bit bombs a moment okay. The reason you may be right. They may get knocked out and if they do then clearly that will help them truth as the been kanus stumbling and bumbling and sits out the season yeah so I'll go real but not with any huge amount of confidence last word on this guy said Rao Madrid before this game and I'm sticking to it. I feel a little bit vindicated. Barcelona I think also have a bit of a tougher running and the boys are right. The Champions League and if Madrid do go out I think that's another checkmark for them. Despite of course if you think everyone's talking nonsense you can always tweet us at ESPN AFC. It's always nice to hear your questions how you can check out the latest edition an extra time over on our youtube channel and now another addition of obvious news from GEICO experts. Now say that wearing more clothes in the winter will in fact help you be warmer. We asked cold victim. Trent Patterson about this. And here's what he said. It was the weirdest thing I was a little cold put on a sweater then wasn't cold like was also an obvious news. Gyco makes it easy to save money and easy to reach them with licensed agents available? The clock so switching is a really smart decision. That's obvious news from GEICO and taking on Manchester United Three minutes into this one. We'll start thinking stephen switched off to lexical. He's not concentrating properly. And it goes up even. It doesn't even see covet loom which is incredible easy ball lindelof. Israel someone something these countries on the other end Jordan. Pickford it felt hand scoring. Thank goodness you're here. He's England's number one goalkeeper currently however I don't think he's filling many people feel confidence he would make a great double save hand to keep it one one late on. Yeah I mean it does save the second one which is crucial. I think he should school. And then what about this? Initially a great save from damaged hair to keep it one wants to keep cigarettes in at six and then down offside position it deflects off MC law goes into. The back of the goal is given bar and this allows the goal. I think well on chill. It wasn't happy come on the Headmaster Rick Gave Him a Red card? Most prized gave really good in the first half and we saw that car color on twelve cents off at the end. This is what he had to say about incident. I think it was a really difficult decision in our view. Citizens didn't affect the vision of fair. You have to decide if the vision of the hair is affected or not. An everyone knows the decision can be viewed differently. This shell Shell said told me he gets distracted because season is that God. What do you make of it? I I think he's correct. This is a really really difficult decision and you get into the question of whether VR should intervene. But of course. It's an offside decision. So the does intervene But there's there's such an element of subjectivity. Here in terms of you know does interfere. He's he's he's on. The ground is interfering with an opponent by being there personally. I'm not sure that he is and I thought that. Go should stand can also see how that might be disallowed as well and again. You're back to this decision. This is something where it's not something you see on offsides because there is interpretation here. I feel more comfortable. If the referee looked at it we spoke to former referee. Friend of the show. Peter Watson. He says they got the decision. Correct off the back of. He's GonNa he's going to be the FAA and the the referee Angelo. It comes on the show it comes in now is hardly at run until the river right. I know she's the Red Cow. Lick some headmaster. Honestly just Wayne's me up. We've talked about this. I'M WE GAB. It's subjective and I could see the referee. I think it was John. Marshall was Var maintain but ultimately go ask yourself would have saved that deflation hide seconds to not win there and I think the answer is a clear. No but that's the part of the law. That's the problem. Isn't it well so for example? If I don't play in front I mean on the goalkeeper and it goes top corner. I'm never gonNA make that save. The fact he's they're still means the goal only brush it is? Let's get the brass tacks premier league of said the founder Saluda because Goosen impaired the goalkeeper's version of the Bolton as complete and utter garbage. But the hair second here said we somebody. Please tell me when the shots taken. His vision is impaired. Why is he moving to the say that the ball's going to a feast versions impaled see? It's complete nonsense. Does that influence to go capability to make a save? That's the crux of the matter. And the answer is no because he's already Stevie said Movin clearly overseas right and there's no plant detainment takes a deflation is is planned to defeat ratepayer and when it goes cigarettes in her drags the leg away is planned to defer. There's not a hope in hell is going to get three to four yards to the left. We call and ask him. But it's subjective and he's in bed this why is it gonNa keep it moving the ray every kind of see the bowl? We'll be talking about the big picture of that result. We're GONNA talk for when a moment. But of course I was another game today in the Premier League as well Spurs taking on walls great performance by the visitors especially fact that they were one down after thirteen minutes along with the goal but just following earning kiss and of course it pops off of off the goalkeeper sticks home. Fourteen minutes later wolves respond. I've talked to the right wing getting forward and just say just go there and go on the goal then. Halftime says retake the lead. Nice finished memoria. Didn't we had this? These anemones left on a look. At what ten say divorce brings it in? And it's in the bucket fully our the mall the Wolves respond DOC and say into Georgia to to trial. Trial does really keep the move going stayed on his feet Simone and then Delta involved once again his bull through to route. Jimenez this beautiful finish as well from the strike guy. I think just goes too far too. And that gives them as tainted picky sport which he finish his Tottenham to wolves threes. Let's just take a look at what that means regarding the premier league table live close to find out the fate way. Clearly we'll be title winners. City opened his second defeat of Friday's Third Chelsea fourth. After draw against boomer. They are now three points. Clear of united in faith woes now level on points with social sign forty two two points ahead of Spurs by the way Sheffield United. Have a game in hand. I've chef unite went. They move up to fifth in the table waged with Manchester City. Being banned as it sounds from Europe next season means that the blades will be in the Champions League next campaign now. According to the bookies it will be less the city and Chelsea who will finish in the top four Manchester United then to join them in a Champions League spot. If indeed city on not allowed to qualify Garrett has become the most interesting thing about the primarily as an given that Liverpool forty run away with the title. Oh yeah without question. I think at this stage it is a legitimate wide open a race which was five teams going for four spots and possibly of Leicester continue to lose. They could get get sucked in there and it could be sixteen going for for for for two spot. So it's before you get into the whole business of whether city get banned for not. I'M NOT GONNA draw on the fifth so at least we got something to keep us going in these last couple of months of the season. He's very true. You take a look at it though. Chelsea hitting a bad. Patrick very much the wrong time. United Looking Better Brunette finances come in and really lifted this team. Yeah and the phone shape get behind the front two system with getting told me and Fred macmurray today to try and give them more of a solar base actually in the first half the played particularly well. This ship at goal gave away. There's nothing they can do. Some basic from the half. But that's the pasta really able to pasta quick bodies forward. The movement was good and they really dominated ever looking for Calvin Novato. All the more disrupted in the second half but there is no united in much better shape at the moment to get to the top four or five than they were three months ago. I think so. What in the basically we've kind of Ronin this team's all of it Bruno Fernandes. And even golly schools as horrendous goalkeeping from paying for it out of the quiz five scoring goals concern. We're coming from in order for them to get in the taught for all the top five when just reminded now this week focus will turn to the FA Cup and on the next edition of the show. We'll be looking back at Portsmouth against Arsenal Fratton Park. We have a new lead at the top area after this weekend with the wind. Es means that they ought to clear now via venter's match against into Milan was of course the spun because of the Corona virus meanwhile Atalanta winning by seven goals to to to maintain a three point lead over Roma in Fourth Gabala to digest. Let's start off with the announcement to postpone that game between you. An inter- I know is when you unhappy with. I wasn't happy with the way it went about. A lot of people are happy with it. Also because we're not sure when it's going to be played. The talk was of moving the entire match day or all five postponed games from this match day until May thirteenth and moving the copay Talia final which which endured specially weren't pleased with The difficulty is it's difficult to find a date to move it to because of course you've got the euro's coming up and you're somewhat limited in you can't simply extend the season but having decided to play it behind closed doors. Doing one eighty just seemed. Frankly unfair and unreasonable and now the talk is that they might actually simply play those postponed games next weekend. The weekend of of May seventh and eighth which of course and then moved the week of the Games that were supposed to be played that weekend at some point into the future so the situation is evolving and changing every day. would have been a lot easier just to play the Games and get it done with the game that did take place. Obviously the one team that seems to be benefits benefiting from all of this at the moment is lot. Co they just keep they keep taking a huge win for them and of course they. They jumped ahead of us in the table and they keep plugging along. The pressure isn't getting to them. They've got different people stepping up when what matters. And you gotTa give credit for she morning. Zygi because If there are jitters or whatever he certainly very good at keeping a lid on it meanwhile Atalanta of course seven. Two away against the lead share. What a Tale. This is turning into tremendous. I think you're the third highest scoring team in Europe. They had the twelfth highest wage bill in in Syria. Of course they're they're doing some serious damage in the in the Champions League in sometimes when you watch them play the way they go one on one and all over the pitch and they gamble but they create so many chances and in a game like this where you get the to the other team gets into it and you wonder which way it's going to happen. Did they go out and score five goals? Duvan getting getting Hatrick Maria. Getting on the scoresheet as well. They're easily one of the most fun teams in all of Europe to watch right now. Because you feel like something's always about to happen for the third consecutive season Manchester City. All your caravel winners defeating. Aston Villa this time round and Wembley by two goals to one They would take two nil lead in the first half. Thanks to goals From a Guero and robbery matter. They'll make an interesting just before the ha but in the end Manchester City holding on fate to win gamma call. This is a Fun Cup Fund. Wasn't it turned out to be? I mean it looked like the fund was only going to be on one side and the first half hour is the city. Took a tuna lead What was interesting was seeing pep. Guardiola go in and change his line-up not so much bravo goal. Which we're used to but getting start for for the local Kid Phil foden leaving. But none of those Silva and Kevin O'Brien initially on the bench and then obviously came and made a game of it was giving man of the match in the end. His Fight Song playlist club with so much talent. That is difficult for many games has been talk in England about well cut win the League now. So let's just get the team then you've got to go to try and keep everybody. Fresh show is not adopted. Selva Kevin Debroy read marriage. It doesn't care about England either. Doesn't he kiss? I'm sure he cares about the young one? Yeah just putting them in for the sake of a while. She's still big jump. Easley Games in EFI Cup games would be to the detriment of the shop reservoir the players so it's difficult for them to get a regular game but he's a heck of a talent. He's got great balance. Is it patronised and say Villa? Did well not really you know we came to new the they would have to fight and scrap for NFL Magor and they did lead future. He's the one in the second half from the head the rate at the end Bert. But they're only was to try and snatch something and the reason that was enjoyable was because the closer got today the end whilst there was only one goal. Aston Villa Fans. You stopped believing that maybe they might get a little bit comb and they zone over. Yeah exactly and so the atmosphere. The atmosphere changed and there was a attention to which made it enjoyable as patronising journey. We can obviously didn't play in the League and they dropped into the bottom three. They go up chilly. Wallet Vice City a few weeks ago home. Sex won anything for them. Today was a bonus. They wanted to win but it was a bonus. It didn't WANNA get was another shocking. Joel Right. Because they've got a big fight to stay up and the League and the don't WanNa stop dot conference anymore. The will somewhat competitive the rent rate to the end and not something for them to take away for the rest of the season where they've got a heck of a fight in the hunt as I say if they'd want today then it would have been a big shock and a big bonus but the important thing was the addition shape and there were competitive them a lot more reactions. That game at Wembley of course discussions about Alice happened across Europe. It's been a busy weekend. For Gavin Gills. Digest the latest edition of the podcast jobs on Monday. The week always worth checking out. Be Sure to take a look over on our youtube channel. That brings us to the end of two US. Paper foreseeing believe every decision that was made today by officials was the correct one. Here's the problem or qualified in these lovely. I think site but that ball set pretty low. Let's be honest so as particularly in the last two weeks date. Thank you very much craig into Stephen Mean. Craig will be back tomorrow with Islam. Ladies and gentlemen until then the by what means delays edition of extra time quite a twenty four hours in the world of football. Thank you very much for all of your tweets. A lot about the classic. Oh a lot about Leeann essay was does it mentioned Renaldo. Where was messy hiding? Did they find him yet? Always best game. No people just can't wait no matter what this guy's done for over a decade. They all have to put a quite one quite the the office got the old pilot quite scared really small minded some people out over gap linked. Maybe he was told that Donald was often stands with a little little messy hextall dot work. I don't know maybe they'll do not a bad game. It happens annoyed. Venetia teenager since messy to score at our PLASCO Gab. Can He'd be the real deal. Obviously they stay. Spent a ton of money on him And then all of a sudden he wasn't even the The Best Teenage Brazilian Forward around Madrid because Rodrigue. Oh all that all that time. I think he's somebody who still rising even in that game. He's don't make mistakes and this is one. It's good to remind ourselves that the guy is just nineteen years old. I know it feels like he's been a Real Madrid for the second season but You know he's got canes to iron out. I think it didn't good when when he was dropped from from the first team for a while But look he shows up in a team. Gareth Bale even hazard those are great people to to to learn from to look up to and yeah. I think he's got another level to go to no question about it. Maybe more than one St Pius. Just maybe as Lucky Amigo. Who had not come off the PK? Schindler listen some things a lot. You know what what Labor was he kept Oughta. It didn't hide it so many opportunities not say against some of the one on one and he tried to go say them sometimes. They should have passed when he typed. It comes with experience and you'll get out by plan to lend form you know it's one thing to to make a decision. Judah in a game and then keep repeating game off the game. It's another thing to lend format and changed up. Why stevie keeps saying that Reynolds isn't Whoa class? Let me change going one. Four Champions League. Well yes considerate well. Cloud Dyke is world class by winning a single Champions League right. I'll repeat us for the three thousand time when you've got to listen defendant decision making right right ultimately because when it's price you only go so you have to be cool. You have to be controlled when you see coup and controlled. Does that remind you of Rommel's how do you get really has been crawling around? See when he didn't win them carry him. Did they You know a key parts of as you smash it over the main points now saying if you could come collecting and control yes. Only a two hundred and sixty two yellow cavs and twenty-six red cow. That's the complete opposite of cool cow and in control. Is that just politics Dan at the way another to get so many yellow cows that means you often people which means either the beaten or your position to start with. So he's all of these. Things is nothing. I'm listening good player. Maybe he's great teams. But you don't just rock up and you're lucky to come in the tuna sixty two yellows endogenously all of and by the way cotton cloths but you. It's a CV that you can't argue against WHA- understand why well listen if you don't have you don't think we're told you makes any difference. Then I'm wasting. I think it's just it's just part of who he is. Isn't it as apply it to sixty two yellows twenty-six red cow? There's somebody who's read messed coming through these years. And then he's played world clock well. It doesn't matter if you've won everything but he has scholling would you prefer you with his CV or would you have preferred to? I've never said anything was wrong. We seavy toll gs a good well. I'm just telling you WANNA clues put then I in Ohio. How many yellow cards and red cards? Some delake Paolo Maldini with hard. Yeah 'cause I would consider having a world-class something the art of defending amongst others. Who might nine tell me roughly? I don't know I'm sure it's a lot less than that. Said heroes like think is one of the top three in the history of Football. Maybe even top two by by this stage. You're setting the bar kind of high with on DVD from that perspective. But could it be that secular almost as just an incredibly atypical defender and he brings so many other attributes to the table From Madrid perspective. They more than make up for the fact that he gives away yellow and red cards and sometimes just positioning is. The water should be any gambles too much rash and whatever but on balance all the other attributes makeup a world class player of the world class player is being rush and over the extending yourself. Making I mean come on man I'll come on. Tv CD's pay played. You must have played with guys who maybe were one footed or who. Maybe I had something. Maybe something very basic just couldn't do particularly well but then they could do other things so well the manager always have them in the lineup because the good things that they did far outweighed their weaknesses. Right it's part of football. Maybe this is what what's going is next question. What DOES MARINA AFTER? Due to make people happy he was winning games earlier with the defensive mindset which was not acceptable so they play modern football quote on quote. Lost people are still unhappy. Is MARINA THE ONLY PROBLEM HERE GAB? He's not the only problem but Maria didn't change the way he played because people were unhappy with it. Good managers don't do that. Great managers don't do that and certainly a guy like Joseph Marino doesn't do it if he changed against wolves today by the way. I'm not sure how much he changed. Because he took the lead in and they got back into it. I'm sure he wanted to win the game if he changes because he thought it would give spurs the best possible chance of winning this match. I think it's as simple as that and the reality is he took over team that she'll remind you many times it's fourteenth of the table now. They're what seven coming knocking on the door Depending on whether the United win their game in hand and depending what happens elsewhere and today a game got away from them. That's that's all it is and you can't have it both ways. The the fact of the matter is they weren't particularly good and one games earlier today. They've played better and they lost the game. But it's not because marina decided who people are being critical of me. Let me change the way I play. No He's going to do what he always does. He puts out the best team To get the resulted needs. And I'll tell you what he wouldn't have been happy with a draw against wolves he wanted to win this. Because Wolves are a direct opponent remains versus hunt for for a champion spot beaten. Yes God Rossi. We can go play more cohesive team and we'll yeah but they have lost three straight games now one of course in the Champions League so holly vote again doesn't tell the biggies known since to not talking about What did you do to occupy yourself when you were struggling to play golf? Read eat drink. Beer often see Steven Craig. Meditating to clear their minds in pill form yes. Nothing changed now. You didn't do anything to try. And all those things are arranged apart from the meditation. Well did you use to read always reading? Every three should be diverse. Did you. Yeah of course you take us. Oh my goodness anybody can play event. If you're over eighteen recommend blocking the Dell Stabach in general not address room in the mall and trading zones during the week of the paper. I was reading a newspaper right. Yup I just know. It's unfortunate for the newspaper industry. Whichever engine no. But nobody's just you know something to be said becoming. The paper was the racist VIP support. Notice AFFORD WHAT STEVE. Our operator to lutely. Yeah they pay you going to literally voice go. Who is the captain of ESPN FC? There is a captain. Isn't just a team working together to provide the best product on a daily basis spoken like a cup predictions Mars? Fa Cup match between pumping and astle start with cab. I would imagine arsenal have this. Because there's several divisions of Portsmouth in dark would say a massive arsenal also as well unfortunately finish on a negative. No Atlanta have confirmed that Joseph Martinez torn is ACL Solas may miss now much probably all of the season. Thank you very much a gentleman. Espn AFC then returns tomorrow. As we mentioned Portsmouth taking on our snow. We'll be headed to bring you all the actions that I've had a rumor. That shocker is back from holiday. Here's the thing saving money with. Geico is almost better than playing pickup basketball. Because there's always that guy who joins your game. He never passes the rock. He constantly bricks threes. And who completely hack you? And then put his hands up and say no foul no foul with gyco. It's easy to switch and save on car insurance. No need to fake. An ANKLE SPRAIN. Because you're absolutely exhausted. So switch and save with GYCO. It's almost better than sports.

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