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Lifestyle off you got Kim Beazley people the People WanNa know was the Mike Lawn of safety thought Batman uh-huh Batman Robin with the bullshit no more he's fucked Batman and Robin is hair long definitely enjoy it seems really immature I just feel like all MTV productions are like super and now MTV has a couple of shows like screens tight it was actually pretty domino stuff I like on MTV was like documentaries like like Docu series like there was this one where well I mean that's just funniest because that's ashed TV but like there was this one specific one that they had and I think it was like it was called one bad choice we're like they documented like real life shit that happened to people and like how I don't understand why they did that because the original was really good Iran versions but I wasn't sure which one was the original or not the original was the one that was a little bit more this one is I don't know if you watched it but teen wolf remember they turn the TV show and there was also serious life and because of this one decision their whole life spiraled into crazy shit after that like there was this one episode where this girl she went to this party with her friend like she likes her parents or whatever until I and someone said no these are real I thought teen Titan was fan made and I thought she was fan made and then I was like I didn't know that those Ah yes or no catheters funny but one bad choice was like it was like ten I think it was like a ten episode series of like examples of stuff that happened to somebody in serious range sorta Teen Titan trailer that's that's a series of a movie I thought it was a series and my raw thought those move okay I I could be wrong yes I saw a lot of people a lot of people were talking about the team times trailer that's all ms because like Saturday Saturdays awesome fat chicken they get onto never prepared right but yeah it looks like it's going to be as new streaming show okay yes them outside of the club and like they're drunk and like they had to drive home or whatever but doesn't make is chasing behind them and then eventually she basically was like yeah because the original cartoon was Dole Yeah I heard and then when they did it to that teen titans go and they made a real Kinsey wrote it was wack and real dark it was okay I woke up in a hospital and my parents were looking through the glass and they started crying because they were talking to the police officer and I'm looking like what the fuck like what happened last night like what's going on they're out partying and this guy kept buying them drinks at the club and she was like okay you know this is cool or whatever and then he kept following them around then she was like okay this is weird like let's leave then he followed no she she she said she was looking through the glass and she could barely make out what was going on and I think she overheard the doctor say something like yeah she going on I realize these are real holy Shit you've kamikaze going on this show like a whole shitload trailers and stuff man like TV shows would the show him back to back it was like painting titans man Jam like they were just showing all of them I just back to back to back and I would just like Kareem was actually really haven't watched the movie they made into a tight liked it yeah okay they cancelled it passed away or something and her friend that was in the passenger seat like she crashed the car and killed their friend so because of that I think she had to go to jail like it was this whole thing because that one she's like golden she's from another planet like what are the in that trailer she is black she's Erica Bodu Jill Scott Black and lights good does this all you think the preview my a movie I think it's a show I think it's a TV show coming the redoing it no no this is like a live action one is not a cartoon it does it was a great show a great show so maybe teens is doing that maybe there the streaming at doesn't say not Netflix is definitely not in August. We thought like a Netflix original it would be good if it was it was streaming on Netflix we know they just rewrite isn't she younger than you fucking work see that's why DC sucks because they can't even get fucking story straight and black so I saw like her orange the orange glow but she's black she's she has a forget girl this did you ask if supergirl with a superhero I mean it could be you know supergirl Superman's cousin Kara sisters his cousin yes his cousin how do you get a cousin really five seasons or some shit it was some hit Mrs here and there but the first Netflix I two season was movies that's what I saw fear to walk in day one so I would say okay well the thing with the teen titans won it might be good I guess I can kind of see how they would make her black because there's no there's no what's his name anymore there's no Cyborg so there are fire being black you know just never even thought about star fires brace until this is a backlash yeah I was like well a couple or not but not like this you're saying well yeah actually not take your right Arm v Last Jessica Jone Jones they've removed the black person from the team and everybody knows that they had not made fire black and white then be pissed off have one teams she's just she's as Orange Orange but she's she's pretty safe look so yeah they they the siege worst show on television supergirl it looks like it is ashes aim looks so it was like shedding look so or what are they they pay with all of these were fan made gonna take a you see you on many series you see you see a girl supergirl trailer for that to know the movie or this I don't know my have this is why we need to hear you work much weight so did you see the people mad because star fires choose but you know I didn't really pay because I haven't watched it and then I saw somebody tweet light well 'cause they were pointing about the colors and this that and other it wasn't she white or they're not all white so why y'all trip about Lucchese wasn't all that good you know but she was talking about called how we end or some off all that maybe Madison tweet what well yeah look at all of the teen titans late they're all different colors changeling was green starfighter was orange you know raven was like purplish really sexualize all she's definitely one of them so so yeah so our L. and betrayal and she looked like she sells in essential oils in little five points but you gotta look deleted not just say I'm lying complaining about it it yet she is definitely people are high no she's black Christina's Orange Y'all stupidest book wait a minute she got that last the Croutons the dog remember I remember the damn dog is no I I don't know the or stories dog I think he came with superheroes tomography who's like horrible don't come on that's right this is gonNA sound real you knew I was running Oh oh power would shave butter Orlando's or whatever so like why are you so freaky going I don't remember being that Corny like in the comics I never liked like all you can do is talk to fish like a quick more down she is black star have you seen star fire in the Commerce Nah I read the comic I mean this is a bad they might pull this off but so yes but he's still corny them you're supposed to be like you know the replant blue all related suit on the other side of the plane just coincidentally Oh man you in the desert that shit you big spear that's it I have a question okay okay so my question is does show with like a whole bunch of other people like and seen it go see the movie movie I watched about twenty minutes I'm not missing much I'm really good on those yeah no yeah this is for real this assistant for she does hair he's Corny he is the trailer was okay though and maybe my expectations are so low yeah if you just see like Superman Conglo but she's clearly black Dude Ish oh she's got that so glow get him when you get that glow glow so if we near water what fucking good are you right there's no flying wish right I mean there's no walking business so we're in fucking Arizona what fucking good is London she's Outerspace Negro let let me an atomic black person Jay Wright we don't ever get aliens alien every down take an extra maps right like a force with other people he's injustice league so what's I guess then what's the point of him yeah I have no idea so that's what you're no that's like the gas storm you can't do that Oh never mind now he can only he can talk to fish controls the offense to I mean you have a spear you know that's that's like super strength or something I don't know I came with strength of superfoods probably ash took like flies you know the different little fucking stones or some shit but the thing is that might be useful right you never know with true hey can upgrade to a super hope all right you seem is a mobile Halle Berry worst movies ever like in life in her whole films Papa he's like he's like the super super bad bitch to see okay I haven't seen the movie again that's kind of why do we're fine fucking light guard he's Black Star surprised at home he's the most worthless fucking superhero it's not really scales but after a little scale shit shit off but I can't believe how hard they played them like that he's so worthless they wouldn't even build a hand right they gave me a hook like underwater why one woman is still the best movie that they wanted actually tight yeah it was the problem was the second alkyl man came on screen I was like I don't care about this we've man of Motor Comeback Right Oh okay here's a black and real life Black Tom Cassidy you've probably used to fight up or something like that but I just walked in but yeah they jumped into the desert fresh I so why why are the ten sharks or some shit up water and like use it donald because saying maybe you could use rain yeah I'm also used as well fucking worth so unless they have a mission under the water he's there he's going I don't think which is why pops over every once in a while percents I'm curious how they utilize him because the only thing I saw on the trailer we play am I don't own a car and he's his spirit things but I'm like there's no that makes fucked up but I feel like we'll stay that way she was she looked like she did the hair engine now so sometimes these codenames these codenames s man's bandies cousin is there anybody like who starts with white like White Panther no there's white knight wasn't as name on it wasn't the white ranger white males his wife jumped in the desert what would feel going like yeah yeah what's her name handyman she's going to ask you but I think the word is part of the trailer was when he and his we didn't see too I did not because I I haven't seen Justice Lee they have a not not just the other one of the movie I all the Shit that they can do and accomplish they can't build them hand Robak all those you know this fish and she'd grow back that's the last wave home I'll command should go fucking desert there's no fish over there so somebody jumps out can't buy rues the villain of on on they chop chop this you know if you got like a hook or some shit like the night like Peter Pan Fish Yeah yeah that's it he can't pull water from the ocean and make it into joining when he's in it right in the water wow yeah he's basically ron so he has like a suit is gail list like as low oh well okay they're orange because remember he had their orange suit atlas it was very interesting but it just didn't have enough of a grasp on you know what I'm saying because you didn't care about nobody in the whole fucking team that's why Harley Quinn was the Haha temporary it just it just it was over the top by too much to the point where it made according to me I feel you I feel you okay I I think a Harley Quinn joker would be super dope especially with those people Y- those who are characters planet from suicide squad I think that would have been though he's legend you know I don't know who played the joker suicide okay who jared jared leto jared leto he was pretty dope I I liked his twist it's tough yes it doesn't make any sense just killing them killing them killing them this is this is kind of like but but you know what I think the joker is the type of character you gotta put your own spin on it and then the do and way at drake album you want them to be good and like damn one eight this bitch is okay aquaman on the do they praise them in this either I'm sure they do you can you know then got his hand chopped off that's what I want to see if they're gonNA chop his head oh I remember her no she was a bad ass interest they kind of had her in the movie didn't they didn't do a good job and that's a good storyline they got there there's nothing only did they play him but they play the people that went to go see the movie because he had a very small part of but he was in all the trailers you know but yeah is joke was patch heath at this point no that was by far the best joker ever Dan Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson Eh I was like man black man has little tiny somebody to my do you only like tweeted me back do you only like black superheroes he's not black black is he is he a black person he played off of each other and saying like joker by himself would definitely be chewed emily I couldn't deal with that but how Harley kind of you know what I'm saying like tone announced you know there was no however O. Onnor however I liked how him in Harley with your like this hospital that they want they'll be leading hostile it looks terrible and like the little one liner jokes just looks fucking garbage tail the wife real white from the hill park slope then why would be why well because costume is all black because I figured he would just call black because black Adam is why right now who that is Souza's squadron at ours suicide Israel I saw at one time now yeah more than enough I felt oh my God and I wish people would oh my God it looks so people who is back on me I was like this from saying it was wack and I'm like Golly I got a little bit of faith for this teen titans a little bit I think it could be okay yeah see them trying to go dark route so I like the dynamic but they didn't they try to give you he was pissed because he didn't he felt like they played him in his role and suicide squad and they did they to DC has not really I mean their track record shit so I'm not surprised but this is this looks like one of the worst once it does it's too late it's too I just WanNa not when they are kind of late drake like everybody loves them but they're like averaging mediocre yeah so in a way so yeah aquaman will see the talk about ant man no never worried about extra trailers trailers supposed to be like this is what I wanted to see a kid in a grown man's body and all of these different types of things and not just twitter like I was reading Communists Black Manta's now black like actually get I remember black manager and he taught Luke Kuhn the trailers but obviously it would definitely just go to separate him an alley bad move I understand why you tried but I don't think anybody's going to light rail yeah just it just I don't know I saw a lot of people were really high okay well you know at least what this is about so I'm out of touch obviously but whenever he transformed issues like he he meant business right he meant business he can fight real barely on and off line and then washed it and that's why I was Tj was here because he and I were going back and forth he was that was other thing what if you read the comic that's how he is comic I'll write in someone calms alrea maybe in the new version of the comics but I'll never even like a little kid and he didn't wasn't i read he didn't so I thought you know w you know what I'm saying no no no ledger was this dark man yeah man she's she's ams garbage borough on joker different jokes of course of course his joke you didn't want it was just it was too modern it was too porn like he has the tattoos yeah keep that is like you treat 'em like Tom Hanks in big a big shoes that doesn't never seen him before I have a lot of people know about terrible we actors but I just couldn't believe it because it started out like the trailers started out like okay this might be aw come on now -solutely era yes we were like well you know it's getting excuses yeah hey July drink trae each thing that same doesn't matter same old trash say up trash man these movies like I'm not spend elsewhere and I'm like what is wrong with y'all I think I was coming Book Dot Com and I saw a couple of comic books I mean commenters said the same thing I'm like what's wrong I don't know it was just crazy who was this actor said that was the perfect played a role I forgot I don't even know isn't I don't know is apparently people know him and watch that because when I first of all I have a thing about movies that take place in one particular setting that should ask yeah man I just I don't name will make that tough right as you know what dude look corneas hell like you guys were house oversight right like a all the way interested and then when you turn the zammit was like this is it like this man ski exactly hey fi his see I don't yeah so you can catch them I mean I can recall watch watching it it's one of the things they're going to be really does what's GonNa be really wacked data geography skyscraper who with the with one legged rock I do WanNa see you get a man no my I probably know scientists mathematician but I know gravity to wait shit where you wait three hundred so muscles look like fucking pillow it looks fake Super Fe bat you say license animals slowly and I get the same excuse early trailer Eh still working on the same shit with Batman versus Superman Justice League and all those other movies and it did not because he tom cruise making with one leg is not gonNa make acros then when they had his leg he was like dangling from the thing and his leg was coming luth mound okay which which is like that's that's when it was supposed to go like own round down the second he said what in my hard earned money to the movie theater breath our two that they come out on TNT TBS stars they don't matter like I'm not I'm not paying volcano or something and everything starts going to show already yes right yeah and it just Philip Philip Mark Leagues Matt Interesting Right now he's in a train to do waiters source that is good good curve on it was like what's that other movie he was in where the world was followed it was an earthquake or something San Andreas Yes oh my God that's just as ridiculous talk about a lot of different stove die hard the first diehard yet I I was a kid when I wanted don't look so shitty job to those out of the building and the right don't you got a big ass leg motherfucker open like the hulk from one end of the building to the other I gotta I gotTA rocks big ask Tom Tom Tom Cruise yeah describe what's wrong security guard you got so here's the thing though skyscraper I got skyscraper in rampant I was in a white dude running around and fucking New Orleans he wasn't running around in New Orleans he was taking care of a baby th like that he has just had and then you'll know my motto it draws a little extending Louis together that long the same shitty type of power but yeah there's a scene where Paul Walker they're on their own one building and have to get to the other building the wife it's like the movie with Paul Walker around Hurricane Katrina that one was really good I forgot what it was called the hills Paul Walker and Hurricane Katrina Tom and she makes it and then he has kids so he has to throw in this is actually the name concept has trolls the movie trolls the children's it really was it was the hotel the hoops first burst. I'm talking about you being like like in phone booths okay like you're one takes on Netflix I wanNA say his favorite movies of all time yeah but that's probably won't but movie trolls it's the same concept I don't know what that is yeah it's stupid I have nieces so I wanNA jump into these topics movies we all we just discussed all them through the kid across the building or another movie I'm thinking about Nicholas Cage Nicholas Cage it looked like he was dropping quick buck make he's got I gotta go the company and he goes somewhere overseas and like this riot breaks out he's trying to get his family from one side of the size shit tell me about it but I go hey go go ahead and say I find it I'll find you all talk about something else like Brazil okay and while they're in Brazil is like Mustang why people can do everything as and it's funny you mentioned that because speaking of Paul Walker there's that one movie where he's damn spot off pretty well snakes on a plane copy life states will win it was the one with Sandra Bullock All be canneries who I respect with Samuel Jackson Nah I haven't seen one they have it seen that under saying here's does really good where they go these people they go to like Brazil or something don't remember watching I gotta go gotTa go gotta go back but the the best one like in one particular setting that was phone booth phone booth was really good let Kevin stay trying to watch this you gotTa Watch movies right it was rumoured or whatever but I guess everybody's saying that you know two of the most hated wrappers in the industry right now are doing something right I saw that talk talk about movies is okay so Takashi I'm so proud of myself for being able to say his name Takashi six nine nick manats drop the new song long whatever and I was like all right I listen to most of it no did you like it so don't charming it is true though it is it is demographic I represent that's all I'm not GonNa talk about that I don't like me like okay this is less annoying than I expected but yeah it's not you know whatever I think he's going to be a hit I mean I could see his his voice is really dope over beats like I think that's that's the best thing that he has to offer for sure and he could flow a little bit Takashi but it but it's like people don't hate him because of his music they hit him because he's a fuck boy playing it in the club but it's not it's kind of a transition song before the good song is in use soundcloud rapper Takashi says he looks like one Emma Graphic Elliott leave me the fuck alone I in Super Mec- fucking little warriors I might get the fuck out my fucking mentioned with the actually I shouldn't say anything because last time they they got in my aunts Miam- stay told me I was abused right well let's see how long he's young optimism back on camera just I've already was like in the hospital I just want my Cernan this podcast understand response yeah they were like Oh you're making excuses for abusers I was like what the fuck hey what did you say about him to do all I says damn and they jumped in ninety all the absolutely now I listened to it and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was gonna be but it wasn't like Oh my God this is great it was just the pot like they started as thirties so yeah I don't know and and you know I just I'm looking at the yard too many man I is opportunities in the head wounded warriors what else little baby John Watts God movie and other Ah I mean unless I didn't want to because you know actually out yeah I know I don't watch the video but I saw stills I looked up the news Takashi six nine was pistol whipped kidnapped robbed and hospitalized that's just a lie as they're saying he's the heat is daisy it yes y'all get people people will do the same shit that he salvaged that you say I know I'll get away with he is where he is because of his bullshit antics so it's just kinda like out no I really personally don't feel like he's ever going to get it but just some dollars in jewelry and around eighteen thousand dollars in cash and after they did that this is what gets me with the story they drove off with the mega in the back of the car still me three hooded gunmen blocked his driveway and pistol whipped him unconscious then proceeded to go to his house still seventy five hundred fifty fifty thousand I can just some details on the situation I know a lot of people were making fun of him because he got pistol whipped instead of instead of shot campus Oh and skate right and so then him still pistol it and I'm like I guess unconscious is somehow my name is in the headline but he already came out and said he's GonNa stop all the fucker what's his name die he made you believe that I know he's a child I don't know look look look look you gotta let that Man Grow He is a child and that's why I don't believe it just yet but I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt until he does something to prove me wrong but you are yeah allegedly occurred after he was wrapping up a music video three this is what God in you know with Stanton withhold I I don't think so I agree with you on both I feel like his music is good enough for him to do battle by himself but at the same time you're talking about Takashi Jesse like last week when he raced that little girl to prove that he was super fast or something in a parking deck all over me I am not stopping I will drive up the road now call the cops from there but you have to stay where you are you can't get in my car ask because you saw and the cops actually said no man I hope he's all right maybe this will change him make him come to the urban music star being come on come on come on it's pretty good now saying but here's the thing do you think is good enough where the music alone can I went to white women he he was he was a little pill tray ready called trae Red Malcolm I don't know how he'd be like what's special about him like he doesn't seem like he has like adult personality he seemed like he just be decent where people let's shift as you talk about people right why would you not have taken a piss with two bodyguards thank you and me it wasn't even knew exactly didn't even preplanned this just baked too I think is real I just think he's taking advantage of the fact that he dr they're fired it is a good question if he was at a video shoot they Muslim in the last one's love well if you he contacted some strangers on the road and limped over and was like could you help me like the movies like driving check with tattoos bad I'm not as a stranger whose limping towards you with tattooed all over his face and rainbow colored hair yeah I wouldn't I run them over for US yeah I'm honest about cars you you wasn't trump what are we watching why is he running like that means active we're not going to do that to this man he didn't pick locks that's kinda tight in the trunk will he comes out and he changes his shit well let's just say I hope he does okay so do you think that was chief keeps people I don't know but that that just go to Bert three people that were like walls and walls by himself but that's my thing why don't you have bodyguards as oh they win we oh yeah oh they mean the shit out of that a little show trying to find trying to find it I I show food stop it'd be episode of Buck Creek creepshow it'd be like okay the hell I mean is in the hospital fighting for his life right now instagram talking to you the chance I hope he's all right I really he has raised L. I'm just going to play like the first one minute been sitting back watching everything that has been said about media social media I think people who are really in tune with what it is some shit like I don't know like people soaking that's got to be little it's what you mean Louis bag it was like how do that so I guess he brought up the back or some shit and then allegedly people said that gapes out of the back of the car this is where he just funny to me literally got the charge it had to be one of them has bags where he liked pressed the button button at the bottom oh you nationwide everywhere era they don't fly hooded gunmen like it could have been chief three times you guys to sit down on the my stallone Instagram so I dunno Charlemagne was just lurking I aww we would like right around and like they had the back there we talked about this a trunk so Oh sorry we did have this truck trunk discussing I do realize that I have grown a lot to reason I will never stop evolving is because the best apology is always changed behavior in every day I scribe to grow and learn more and that all wrong I totally understand why all my ass and you have every right to be before the record in nineteen ninety seven I was having consensual sex with a young lady does he may look at Takashi career if he stops with the fuck ary yeah gene I attempted to have a dialogue about rape coach with an emphasis on the role men play in a clip was pulled from that conversation and I can honestly say I communicated tones and Shit like that happen and that was a good angle to they got him running Oh my God yeah yeah whoever made this y'all got talent ninety I didn't explain that situation well at all back in two thousand fifteen because the way social media took it was that I was confessing drugging and having sex with an incoherent well I know I don't want to talk about this either but okay so I guess he responded to backlash remember on the last episode message to mind that's what that chick said today shit so I don't know I clicked on the comments briefly and I saw a lot of people saying that they were personally a little bit torn by his response because you know there is after we went to the sex talk keyword we and Got Spanish fly which is an aphrodisiac not a drug we will both aware that we want to put this in a bottle of not TV interview I said I made a mistake I don't want young men are men in general to make the same mistakes I made regardless of what age they were so once again I apologize and we will talk again later this week and always remember that making mistakes is better than faking professions piece so yeah he basically just got on when you're in trouble for now have you have you ever been in a trunk period you're too young you say you've been in the trump why were you in the trunk along with a fragile ego filled with insecurities there was no legitimate reason for me to do what I did but I did it I immediately regretted it and I knew it was wrong in that because we were both wasted I also WanNa talk about the flat. TV Clip you know that video was from twenty thirteen. I'm discussing hitting a woman when I was sixteen years old okay the world a better place just by being the change I wanna see in the world when it may changes that I do want is I want the world to be a safe place for all women back in twenty fifty a certain amount of you know hey maybe he's telling the truth and maybe he has owned up in grown from those situations but you know a lot of you know rape survivors and woman that wasn't the case vanish not a drug is sold in the sex toy sold in drugstores it comes in flavors you know we got some and had consensual sex then we both passed out dis for how people were affected by that and how we perceive the conversation and all of the clips that have been floating around about him and like the rape charges and all this other AH is basically being found out about it and just apologize at a face because he has a brand you know he's selling books he's he's working with multiple platforms and you know he is this person victims of sexual abuse were saying you know this sounds like a lot of situations that I've been in where you know the person who's done x Y and Z to me you know the there's no way they were bodyguards with him out of music videos they might have been you know taking his bags from inside and taking them to where it's like for him to get away with that it just seems kind of ridiculous at a certain point so he had to do damage control so I don't know what are your thoughts are respected in her own and he look he owned up to the fact that he explained things wrong key fucked up he's I understand why y'all got upset even even like a year maybe year and a half ago you know basically invalidating Janet mock when they tried to get her on the on the fucking show to talk about you know her identity he has matured and I think that if you watch a breakfast club if you listen to the bringing idiots if you just follow Charlotte in general you hear it like he he if he's lying I don't know I don't know the guys I'm not going to sit here and try to figure out if he's alive or not but I think I think he hit on the key point where he says he's grown Louvre all you know on on that and when I listened to it That apology is definitely on brand who Charlemagne is now you know with a lot of people I'm not giving excuses right because I know here comes the same dumb ass blast scaling bills as no I'm just saying like sometimes motherfuckers just don't know and once they have should explain to them if they then change heart than I see no problem he went ed those little duval that came on the show like that without any type of statement right even though even the even the biggest allies fuck up sometimes you know like do not look my I like isn't the talent typically the first one to leave the video share with your body and then the director everybody in the back I think it's you can look it up but it's offensive word but at any rate at any rate always thought that we're was offensive yeah I think everybody Sophie Oh but at any rate but into much too much this is perfect racing superman that's pretty good that's pretty again you know and let's say let's say if you're wrong maybe I'm wrong but I I doubted let's let's say you're wrong you fucked up so then let's say somebody this catchphrases so and it sounds like he he had to say something like it was spiraling spiraling out of Control and was an egg people don't like he wants to do he's a lot more calm nowadays like he's not the same charlemagne that broke through the scene like he's still says stupid stuff like that so that's why I chuckled when he said all women because at one point he was questioning whether she was even one but I think he did go back on that at some point like about it is insist on some pretty insensitive things and he did have like their bag like he was you know by trying his best compute allies ask that's not what I was saying but I mean you know like like those of us who didn't for the longest time didn't know the and he had to control the narrative and if he's not that person and these clips are misrepresenting who he is now they need to say something you can let that just float out there I mean it's it's not a lot of the videos were old and we said that in the podcast people glanced over that Shit y'all do uninformed the be the same type of share with Charlemagne maybe he's said some shit in the past learn from it and now he's trying to correct it of course it could be fake we don't know is he still going to be where he's doing so I don't I think his view is doing this is because it pudge right so this this is also a good example of how last time on the show rod was saying that it's on brand charlemagne say silly things and stupid things and things that are just you know out there or whatever without having any type of like remorse or whatever but I think this apology is another example of when he does want to be taken seriously he's not afraid to be sambre and have like a quieter moment to sit down and try and like show people where he went wrong we said he we we yeah exactly yeah exactly this is a perfect example so I don't know just interesting to know so shutouts whoever whoever sent that says comes you afternoon says you know what I would appreciate you going around using the word Dyke do you then have to suck it up and be like you know what I fucked up yeah that was my mistake yeah it could is an advocate and learning and trying to approach things differently so you know like you always say you got to be the change you want to see in a row world that's one of the earlier wanted us to speak out on that just for like a follow up and I guess talk about this I haven't listened to the Song r Kelly is doing things again l. he bumped up shit like wasn't that long ago reset that shit about the chicks not attractive enough to be rate so it's like attorney was a bad word I use training for years and just a side we had the last conversation you didn't know dyke without a word that you're not supposed to use you did his making songs now this song have like intermissions I'm confused Nonni Street minutes due to fear underscore read I think that's funny cool did you did you listen to the video store is right yeah yeah assuming that the mice can automate getting when he was racing in the parking date visas has been the one thousand nine hundred thirty six that's what I should have been and I did it I pissed on order I'm sorry I had a bladder infection had to tragic night I had no plans listen to into brought up on damn shakes I was going to listen to it regardless said don't say nuts and then he kinda stopped so I I don't know I think you're right here right here I l John caught up in so blind everybody yeah like eighty verses Burns he was just talking and yes it would you talking in our Kelly singing voice green you can't read he you know he got dyslexia which I mean I guess Kinda makes sense you know I thought she was thirty one I didn't know that he had down he went he went up to Steve Harvey John Legend all he did yeah I wanNA know who owns are Kelly publishing I there's a whole big enough yeah yeah yeah his damage oh he tried to blame the parents parents who the little girl yeah they made up yeah and that's why he did not Chad I thought oh girl hello everybody hating you know so asked he he definitely went OJ owners how is Wendy Williams she said what about Aaliyah Essay love she said what about the I say hush say I'm a lawyer in your luxury ship for our school I fucked my homeboys Gertrude Rumor Wendy and then blamed it on his cousin he said Oh he r Kelly pulled out every single car you can name Oh my God he brought out the you know tearing a black man made it through ten and I was I can't do this it's the same beat but who is going to be singing the same way to same toll the WHOA WHOA I heard I've been lost weight I didn't make the end did detergent the of course it ends thirty that girl parents you remember remember oh about a I would say maybe about four five months ago the parents hefner because he has all these men but that was different but there was no rape allegations against about publishing but he'd never really said if he pissed on that girl if you how are you going to Mitt all this shit he only wanted to start your minutes mud of Agassi's PM at spotted by was like manny took me off the playlist he said I'm not convicted arrested but their court documents I don't think he prefers younger he's not a paedophile a meal the like to speak on because he I was like this is crazy three manage say you don't have you know own his music when you have been the game for thirty one years singing voice in America Oh my God nineteen that are in our age group like twenty eighth at that if I who des Moines it Adam and then the younger ones they may or may not know but as soon as he signed away his publishing ever yeah he just hanging up the WHO tripped out of high school somewhere pool OJ OJ yeah yeah he sure did if I did I need it I didn't but you know what I mean the thing which is that's true they said that two toss next Malcolm X. Tell you white women is rose the definition of sex leg go to the dictionary look it up let me know I'll be here I don't WanNa wait no more he's basically attracting these young girls that Wanna be talent in these housing them something me I admit this just shit not ladies these laser chasing me are they I said I had this lets you a Korean contracts it's the lear you that's probably when you cut it off probably could've Liza piss on that girl Eh. The Wendy Williams said he was like he didn't want to tell her because she asked him about Lia and he didn't want to say because my lawyers yes we check their ideas as ole it was really WanNa know her early yeah I believe that by ninety two percent I made that I made that I was killing her and I met there she was our is our our s has taken some of the big gangsters out there are Kelly locked up the motherfucking taxes going over r Kelly House over what you got what you got to realize is that his growl yeah sure outstanding young my brother Oh my God but you gotTa figure Sophie Light Women How was I don't stop that's fucked up that's a that's the route that you gotta go through but I'm down for it I mean that's been touring so much because I'm Bro Come Rain House they all know y'all going are Kelly's house and go fuck with nobody's saying us around R Kelly send you a text God says Betty r Kelly be who you are who she not me brought up Oh yeah well no I'm with them on that I do blame the fucking parents why are you sending your kids over to hang out with fucking pedophile are Kelly he stop by your daughter Nineteen minutes after we released the whole ep just went and we'll check you know what it is is like he did trapped in the closet all in one that was fifty three just you have those women over eighteen I'm confused yeah I think he was Scott Kelly or ninety five from and what I wanted to someone. Tom'll Jeez right day really wow do yeah he was talking about everything trapping clauses that was number fifty three now he's stepping up his money then he had the bar some Im's artello versus but then he talked about Chicago show town you know we need to look worried about me right and all these young bodies food on the table look if you really WanNa take r Kelly down listen to me off y'all really WanNa take our Kelly down the taxes the taxes is the one he said he owed the bureau also no file you peed off everybody and I was like Hate Nicky like get the fuck out here trying to get you all right exactly it's a Kashi is in Yeah I knew that I didn't know this lesson I r Kelly was the fads when he came out with agent but number that's when I knew take the levels and ladies a young we gotta support our our young young died he didn't know he hostile or beasts we are this is what he's safe we don't need the fair phrase bad they we got the gist definition of a cold Lonzo couldn't re and that was like within the minute firs Minnesota he was already oh wow I didn't know you can ring me neither they are feeling on your booty is giants who rats said he's just a man he just a man Oh you can't read read read and every day brother what prompted what what a what uh-huh bubby grab they was they was throwing a matter they was it like everybody using that house the hip Aj number the number sweetie twenty five hundred zero brainwashing. That have the picture of lear on the Damn fucking I just feel fight though it wasn't back there ating right he's got forty six kind of book you Miss Parker so what do you feel like it would take the black community disowned r Kelly terrible a white woman me James Brown to didn't we been like like canceled James Brown a longtime ago James where I thought James Brown into some other shit gotta get rid of Al Green Green do that was he was he abusive to I'm sure he was that's why he got the juries don't autumn things like you just come out and you just deny everything he's an accusation so which this ain't real you know just that's all it was just put this coming I'm done I'm hopeful die when he married Kim is it feel like that's what it Ed I'm ready to can would you wrong yeah castle that's what I was like you're not ready Ed Kelly r Kelly is one of the few singers writers whatever he loves arm by this speaker right here I'm an overall but not necessarily in the black community exactly I help them in the white community it's going to be a lot of sisters once he got what car dash talking about everybody was an abuser fucking seven yeah that was a whole different era of our cancel him if necessary no no he's dead so I'm not trying to fight over James Brown being cancelled in fuck in two thousand eighteen community him getting Kim Kardashian elevate him the black community himself that he was leading and say he's dumb shit you really believe everything he says I mean Ellie they said who has other like allegations against them that guy off of black ish the dad that awful blackish God oh I don't think so probably I'm thinking but Kawhi L. Because all you say that didn't elevate Connie West and the they say it yeah I haven't ever been arrested having been convicted haven't been perfect yes y'all opinions ain't GonNa lose my career where y'all opinions published away you know I really WanNa know so right got was r Kelly may stepping no checks that was it that was being forgot his name yes Anthony Anderson he does teddy bear well they said they said that he had I like what look because if he was the transport and that's not gonNa hurt him with this whole is the this is like again it's crazy I don't ever want to be that kind of popular like at this point a girl I I'm not saying to hand I'm not taking a picture take canceled canceled guy he's literally cancelled happiness worst thing to throw on somebody because they they don't pull their own hours really yeah don't cool off I'm torn because you wrote he may businesses you can read the contracts be yes there wasn't that was playing in every graduate step in the name of love whole bunch of them boy I pissed on girls and stuff man he came Martin's up yes as a wife beater and then apparently sexual misconduct allegations but everybody Oh you know who started a little weird but she was very sweet very very sweet so I did feel bad for not being engaging but I was just like you know what women Whoa what's that on top of the city factor chocolate factory man when he came out chocolate factory sh- man anyone is shit y'all Santa Barbara Kelly show has it on it on on that came later that's when he got are always been a little when it came to music that's it was weird though as Usha did they do when they do get called I've never seen grits coal always gone before they get cold Dan Ridge around it can be bye bye girl oh no no no no I did really love the show and I think okay that's who really makes my day to see okay that's cool light handshake go on so you could do it but man look because are just so why not sure I'm not hugging you get away from me we were at the coffee shop me Moco for this past weekend and I promise you this get this woman came out it's like Oh my God because he was cheating was it because when she was beaten road let's let's let's look I do remember them hot grits because he was cheating over and she's looking over and I'm looking fucker she looking at Oh you don't know me I was like oh please don't make it be one in here and try to act like we did something uh-huh keep it moving I feel bad because if you're listening I really wasn't trying to be rude in public I don't know what's going on doing that with your girl Zoltan I know time the older allegations that I guess got thrown out and now he has like some brand new fresh off come on what are you doing here bro Yeah we need some allies we need them ops sorry I don't trust any cops especially black ones I came Dr we got come off as smell bacon bitch face back let me get that number old solid yeah it's like a solid you can literally throw it out a comment and I believe it's just like rice yes Nah remember when he came all the way back around when there was actually trying to still his car he got caught in a fucked up situation and the cops I know him I know everybody put the handouts for me to see like a woman walk up I love that ahead by as I'd be maybe one time make yes bury it was a police officer for me a couple of weeks ago that was Funny Golfer that Yeah Copying your backlog of rain back pocket is real small real fast family members cop so that means hey I got some arcade you blow him I if you don't get the fuck away and I was like no yeah absolutely not no or put your guns down and he talked to him and then he turns turns how remember he had the gun in everything tears duck back today the day has like aware now what could be misconstrued misconstrue so you know she is she making like not jokes in a bad way with just lie house man I was listening the other day talking about your hey how you doing me too me too AH LA y'all ain't GonNa get me and we kinda going back and forth but there was one time we were recording some students and we have the interns and Shit I go out and there's usually do though right did some wrong wrong don't happen some no but mike is right like is rare away gun down right leave ever remember when the chick I felt up and so yeah but now I like you you're just it's just interesting because you just like aware of every single thing that you do it's legit has something in her eye while he don't ask you what she asked him he wouldn't do it and she he told her to come ask me he was like maybe Gal tripling and there's a backlash against them firing him for his offensive tweets you know from a couple of years ago they got James Gunn the brother brother but you know the director for guardians of the galaxy three took him out all killer came out of one of the movie the actors debut tasty was like y'all tripling some other actors bigger actors that's only movies light the Er like using the nigger word he wasn't quoting rat leary's he was definitely definitely tweeting offensive stuff blue and the white knew he got his ask to that was a lesson learned that's fair you know Josh Hater is I don't know I don't know yet racially insensitive stuff offensive races like all he's in his mid twenties now and then you know it's coming back to buy them how do you feel about that though hey you know and you never know like you know I don't know just a getaway going don't get away from me college is but he was quoting rap lyrics so even tens of clear okay acting while I don't like it your number that's it I haven't seen a lot I haven't either but but your story kind of like this whole metoo thing is crazy because like rent because you know he was tweeting white power and super niggardly and stuff like that okay but the thing about it was and this is back in the industry Robert Go away F- I think his name he told isn't it you know I work at a university so you know I mea Mona my co workers we'd be you know like me too much because we just any type of interaction you know for yourselves be pulled over somewhere and asked him to step out of the car he could be the one that'd be carbon is he good he good B. Thirty thirty from what I understand right because poplars and they know better but they don't so I find you know better now with him it was a little bit different is you should be you know this is this low over the top sometimes love everybody everybody going down man dead everybody going down Eh to know barbecue exactly they're going to help me to what's going on man what's going on down there yeah I know a hater yeah h. a. d. e. r. he plays for the Milwaukee brewers he's a relief pitcher We got a standing ovation wow that's crazy that's crazy galling to me on this fuck fuck that you've gotta work it out and she did the hell out of I think you darvish somebody struck him out and she amass clues in the in the dugout so he did that he got five games for doing something racially I'm an audit stuff so so yeah apparently Milwaukee got this thing going on and I think he's from Maryland though but but regardless so I I don't know Kalisa talking cop I don't care she's my show me the cop bitch yea and we talked about like when he was sixteen seventeen he he he I think he was quoting rap lyrics I don't know no no he wasn't he was Trevor Noah Trevor Noah digging up like his comedy routine about Aborigines woman yeah and and they're trying to take it when an interest you know went up to the director and you know and Assen is he was like Nah Nah kin so you can come over here where I was Major League Baseball is suspending remember I don't know if you know if you guys know but they suspended for the Chinese Iceland when do I blow in Shit Kenny doing that not a damn thing about getting caught up double bolt yeah who's your job angel I think kind of similar to gun you know people were saying that those tweets are not a representation of who he is now There was Dave Chapelle backlash now you know trevor no of face the backlash for stereotypes right and his like comedy it's GonNa be next you know starting to happen now but then what do comedians do can you tell jokes without being insensitive to I'm down and that was really the most interesting thing I saw today because now I'm thinking like we know what happened with sleep very slow so there's an it is it is and I'm still I don't know it's hard because you really have to look at their body of work I mean I agree with you for the most part but if a white dude a white comic was onstage making when Cuban jokes you're gonNa tell me it wouldn't bother you at all seeing like the world change before our hours into something new where you have to be on guard thing yeah yeah yeah I think I think I think that that's bad for comedy honestly personally I think it's bad for comedy because can live without it of course it can of course it was like a warm ovation was happy clever game along with it wasn't like no quick sit down they was like air by or insensitive tweets whatever which is how I feel about like what what what was that ball player I i WanNa say baseball eighty man is like all these tweets are coming back to bite a lot of people and you know ashes are being taken I was disappointed I thought that working it out because when I was go read the tweet and I think the one guy did Davinci oh the guy from I can't say his last night here run into really GonNa have some quiet Ariz talk shows no you'll be mad I feel like you can still make racial jokes and not not cross boundaries lines the situation like he tweeted something sensitive about Trayvon Martin Light Year two ago so you know so it was like like his thoughts a- and obviously minority right and the racially the racial jokes or the minority jokes toward Cubans okay with it goes screw up all of these kids cause just can't we can't have one of those getting caught up and some of those too but that's before they realized the power of twitter going back to the comedy thing bill bird in comedy so you know what I'm saying like this is not for in political goal speech like this isn't about you know power to the people what they're trying to shoot it we got a couple of we got we got a couple out there that'd be a and my brother my brother Love's show my brother now we need them on our part because he could be the one until they win in most cases not in all cases but in most cases like Yo what the fuck like it just doesn't make because in Josh haters ars still there they just can't bury right rash so you know the other thing is you know it's like pr people thought was absolutely hilarious and which is about us being athletic I mean able to run and something about the underground railroad I we used to run from shit you know slave all these shows are like where baseball yup this motherfucker got a standing ovation use that they you can be charged you should you know move your credibility this Dan third like I feel like I feel very slippery slope that's very oh it was it was very well done and I wasn't offended at all I was asking me laughing at this it was funny because you were you were expecting laugh you were expecting a comedy a yours funny like his yes he he he goes there and you try to tell those same type of jokes but they're not funding they come across like society sexual those of course you can but sometimes it's all their bit and that's all that was back in the day writing so it's changing it depends on the level of funny I was just saying this is making everybody laugh I honestly because here's the thing I take it for what it is but just overall so let's just say Josh Auditor right like if you if you tweet something years ago like she'd still be held accountable like to to the degree where you them so but this guy tweeted like Daschle in work yes the ER and they just didn't do too Josh ater baby for me with bill burr white comedian man like he told this guy's funniest fuck but he told a joke about black people that are Ooh and you are in a little demographic same see we haven't from a man in Milwaukee player Sane police interviewer and he got all these big politicians to like pretend that they were cool with light training kindergarteners to use guns and all this fucked up shit and Jason what's his name again he's from here Jason's spent Jason Spencer he got caught up he we like nine there's a lot like some people are cool I don't know if there was a backlash I think Louis C. K. I think he got in trouble yeah yeah yeah affecting jokes and that's what I'm saying that's why it's a slippery slope because it depends on how can you convey that like you know what I'm saying like if it's done poorly he convinced him to say nigger and he was like no no no Sasha Baron Cohen convinced the Jason Spencer to say nigger like three it is what it is I just think that I think the way that we're going into into history or recent history and tearing people down I think it's too greedy only the guys in the locker room the African Americans all the people that basically a lot yeah this is not that's not the guy I know can vouch for they interact with them on a day to day basis but in all in who you are as a person and bill burr does a he does a pocket Susan make those rules though no you can't you can't that's the problem you can't be like well and stuff like that and some something along those lines but the way he did it he did it in a way that wasn't like insensitive exactly depends on the comedy no I agree with you depends on how I will take it you know so as you might think it's funny but in two other blanks winter it's a it's a joke you're only depending on who says it little white do built they're making them fucking jokes and then start making jokes I that's the thing that kills when black people say this shit like their actions since then you know so if you're seventeen twenty four light cool knows like what are you talking about now I work conversation we had in the locker room he asked Jones to like at the he actually word so yeah Jason Spencer did you guys see that today Jason Lawmaker Guess What people won't look at it and be La you might be raised Andrew Schultz is a comedian and sometimes he just go like I don't find his job yea but yes like this headline funny woman or five Mile Racist so yeah yeah yes she was she was she auto some show on showtime actress Sasha Baron Cohen doing a new show where he dressed up like an AH brandon make me laugh so if if if SARS calling you island nigger and the rest of the audience laughs what do you do keep buying medical he said he was making the comment referencing somebody else that was saying similar things as in like poking fun like being sarcastic said at least John He's pushing back man but I think she was the one that Trista Sarah Silverman was the one that dressed in black face I think that's Disney Disney has like a certain brand and cool with with racism before which is that's very ironic to be honest because the home Mickey Mouse intoned to like he's trying to say something and under the guise of comedy yes so so yes it's all in how you that that's the same conversations it's slippery slope you started as a slippery making lines then where is that line in now I feel I'm not the one the police that shit you know what I'm saying so and just everything it's just like come on it was ten years ago and the Dude he explained himself we're really going to fire him over that like an I was in Disney with light not good I don't I don't agree with them let him go fucking ten years ago and he you say you know it's crazy to see how things are involve evolving in different and stuff like that I don't know I just can't help but think of like relating it to like how white people no I'm kidding I'm kidding when people came Roseanne's defense and we're like she's not like Roseanne history yeah the US anymore like like that's just kind of how I think about it like in terms of like the metoo movement and people like men specifically feeling like they have to put themselves in like a smaller space or something like they're kind of like Oh shit we can't do this and this and this and I remember like when a whole bunch of actresses where like coming out like this you know in a certain age or like damn like just like you can't say nigger at work anymore so ridiculous like Oh my God like you just you just can't be open about your east yeah I'm just like that's a bit too much because I feel like at some point your fucking up your own 'cause but because then you're Disney though right it was quote unquote allowed or people were afraid to speak out just seeing light people finally being able to push back on that and start Howard a loud he's like like like you're getting something off your chest man right beside him too change that's being made and obviously why it's being made and like why this progression can be something that's good in the long run it is good this sometimes a little bit over so people can here because you got to hear it and go up but I think for the most part watching it as a forty year old male knowing the things that He just got that well but I don't know can I can't help but thinking and I mean I know that this isn't necessarily what you may or may not mean but like it was all in he was all in s getting no it wasn't this kid that's the thing about it and it wasn't even a skit he was dead as he tame put his pants down and just do shit and he's he's in trouble he is definitely in big he's pushing back lawmakers yes way you gotta cut out right Kellyanne not no he was awesome we know so yeah it is it is a good thing but at the same time you I've seen people say oh well you know I do have to be a little bit more fall is long interesting to watch yeah you know tape plays like like you know like just take place while I'm alive Dan of Comedy man no but yes it's weird but yeah they they got petition for James Gunn they tried to get him back old guard is to me this happened to me this happened to me a lot of people were like damn it's like we can't even bureau females no and everyone was like literally not what we're asking Oughta speak people that know him personally and you know came to his evinces this is not this guy so over Vancouver I just don't want to be like in our personal space type shit but I just wanted to point that out just to say you know like you have to think of both sides obviously to see like the that's what like I am very very careful now like how I talk to people 'cause I joke a lot and lasting I want is anybody taking anything I said long so and and people are like is people love learning how to behave appropriately now the library some asshole might use a movement for their own personal gain and try to say that you did this or you did that and it's just like careful now and just make sure that I'm on my easing accusing and people will be like well if you should never worry about if you're not being problematic blah blah blah well that's not always the case yeah so yeah choppy Dick off putting your mouth here back you said it don't matter what the there's some like Yeah the the Muslims go he did a another one that was because he call him like Sanchez Leaguers you said you still early he didn't he didn't disagree it often was the clips I saying he didn't have any heavily what you say and then he did the Asian thing to Chinese senior Kenichi Red Dragon Yeah he's like a couple of seconds is when he's saying you gotTa be a baseball dangerous something like that you just got to come in Fox's yeah he thought that she was here he really come to get him off Nicholas Company so I said Cool Eight number eight member Alan Leslie tend to row pain the wrong way in trying to use it against yeah I do too so did you guys see about the two sisters that were patent it you know I read about that white race he's got them both the nagging eight slot year one why he I get it as soon as we walk out the door we got all my career right like no you had to like I was trying to hang them to dry knows who's locked up for like okay so so this chick she she does child daycare right and she hung winter trial off but why did she say she did it she may lie about that how would you like oh he's and you know obviously she helped them or whatever and then short like I guess the guarantee daycare owner Dan hung on hung hung the kid careful out here man because they call them cops own everything every single thing hey do the people know that we got mean permit Patty Young Black Kid in a trial dog a. c. off she got probation but I think she got time served the patty what time was this well on a Friday or Saturday oh black boy literally hung literally like from a new real talk and one of her assistants saw him we're not trying to sleep on the fuck off had to get up in the morning she was saying that her four year old couldn't couldn't sleep yeah all I know is that a she was black in that kid was white probation Bra each aren't death penalty yeah just made it to jail listen she would be as y'all is being better something she hung him by his neck amish go read this my nfl also how they was trying to spin the narrative they were talking about how to find your race sniping at the race cars that's what they say a break all I know out of control the style laugh we was all laughing yeah me and my me and my homey Niger would I two out the door a he busts out laughing a phone in front of my door though right I need to call the cops exactly because the fucking Defense Mechanism Human Hey oh boy was like my man's getting married we we bought the bow so it's not gonNa be loud anymore Bouma man's getting married and she was my God and she's talking on my God all right so we were pre party and my brother spot for my bachelor party well not the Bachelor party kind of like a second hang hang with the fellas type of thing she's like are you guys having a party this shit I was in my I was in my limit out I I was in my head yeah she's like Oh my God is sold sorry about that young black father who was martyred for the Music Band too loud and then the jury the jury wait hold on it gets worse being Kinda really can't fall asleep don't know probably fuck you bitch nobody did I hear about that and we'll be allowed drink we base line up the music was all of this that's over Shit I don't blame her we will know we use it came down I call the fucking cops call how you how you it is on their dancing pro doing a copy something like that from school and across the street was like this guy you know like sometimes guys be having like man caves like in the garage type shit you know they just like roller basically see how have the fucking link right in front of me I read I read it earlier but basically I'm this lady she she wants to go right pick pick her daughter up I think it's time for questions don't forget to send your questions to is the mic still on g mail dot com or to our twitter the first question today is that's not fun of Gustaf Okay Wait Gustav I'm not saying I'm saying Gustaf Oh this is the first question is from Gustavo I'm just trying to pick up my kid from school and his the f word and it's just so loud and so ridiculous and it's just ridiculous and she was like okay we'll send somebody out to cops go out there right argued Chapelle has said some offensive stuff over the years especially regarding the transgender community and his recent stand up specials had a bunch of translators made jokes about transgender woman on and everything has settled and she's chicken off Myers Greasy to she didn't learn about every day shit they awarded the family four dollars back oh you mean right now she posts she told you she has she learned nothing honestly let me tell you she's just happy to have her German she and I don't always see eye to eye on social issues but it had never been a serious problem until a few months ago when I mentioned that Dave Chapelle was one of my all time favorite comedians now you can definitely it was a noise complaint that she fought him to go out there and I think the black is looking at them lack shit like I don't know what happened the exchange between him and the COP but I think he ended up I respect her gender identity and has confronted me on multiple occasions regarding my opinions on chapels humor and Trans Issues over the course of these conference he says hey guys longtime fan of the show I'm currently having conflicts with a friend that I was hoping you could provide some insight on one of my closest friends is a transgender impressing the thing to close the garage door down the COP shoot through the garage door three times I think it was four actually because you can see the wife counting the thing on the garage etc etc now this all fronts pretty bad on paper but in con in the context of the jokes that that he was telling I was fine with it however I also realized that I was hoping to hear your thoughts Gustav Gustaf I think first and foremost in a friendship you have you have to be open and honest and if you truly right denouncing Chapelle and his big humor or do we continue to stand my ground risking the damage to the friendship cutting ties us up at the question by the way this is a friend that's really important to me anyways uh-huh not no right now I want to come up with a fun name now I want to come up with a fun name the jury awarded the family now so you know they have like a court settlement house rewind rewind to begin let me let me be on so the bullets on the garage door he dies and then they take it to court because he was on my property my own business shit like you killed me of our noise complaints speaking from straight guys perspective and that my friend has every right to be offended by the jokes the problem is now that she knows that I'm Dave Chapelle fan I feel like her perception of me has changed she seems unsure as to whether or not as a black woman who's your friend she expressed the fact that she's uncomfortable about it I feel like you have a couple of options but obviously you know losing this friend sounds like something that it's got everything I got everything big amounts anyone share whatever like she she called the cops and you can hear you can hear like the responded talking to her like what's going on she was like Oh there's a public disturbance you know there's this guy and he's playing music and he doesn't WanNa do so with that being said it would probably be in your best interest not necessarily to lie just for the sake of line to keep the friendship but if you really like and like you know there's always going to be conflict amongst people because we because we aren't the same you know what I'm saying like we have different perspectives but I can never lost with that friend to explore why that should is detrimental to them and like why that might be hurtful to them even if it doesn't apply to you I feel like as a friend you can do nick Dave Chapelle you shouldn't lie to your friend just to save the relationship because even though I have a lot of friends and I don't see eye to eye with everything but I have to accept season versus who his friend is so for example let's just say the friend was a black woman and the guy is a white man and so this this is the thing again I'm putting myself into this perspective of the situation is about it right like if you feel that this person makes me laugh or whatever I don't we don't have to talk about this topic of conversation at all but I think it's bringing it oh no no no but I think it's good thing to also not just put it in the parking lot but also to try to discover damn I I realized who I am straight I too myself you know what I'm saying to make something right like it's it's if this isn't right then guess what we just don't touch this hoppy you know we just put it over here in the parking lot man and I have a transgender woman friend who is really like sensitive about this shit probably because he feels like he's attacking her you know an autonomy as as a woman and Shit like that so it's like you see cackling about that shade or like her asking you how you feel about this is something that affects her so you know Tation I've never argued with her about the issues that he's mentioned I've just stood my ground and restated the fact that I like him as a comedian despite him telling jokes so my question is do I lie and say that I've seen think it's you have to be very sensitive about that if somebody that you love and that's your friend regardless damn like this not lot I don't know about all that but just kind of like the way that it's funny but it's like you know that deep down like damn this is in you know and so I think the song that they said was plan was like I know it's fucking wasn't it was it was some drake she'll go I'm really racist Shit that really affects my friends so like I'm not going to bring it up around her I'm not GonNa you know whatever joining the parking lot but you don't have to live oh you live taking ready go oh eddie why she's selling on who Batman see torquing widow bucket of chicken on Oh my God you know what I'm already fucked do as much as over extend yourself to see where they're coming from and then maybe you might not think it's funny anymore or maybe it still is funny in a way to you where you're just like Oh my God my soul can align the garage killed me through the garage trying to get in the good graces of lies right just just a calmness situation right and then she comes over hanging out turns on the net flicks and

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