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"The Spring Fairy Boat Show" from Martin & Sylvia: Saturdays!


Hello this is David of sparkle stories and welcome to the podcast here in Texas. Spring has actually been springing for a while now and though the spring flowers might not be blooming up north quite yet. I have a spring story for you. That will certainly get you in the mood. It is from our Martin and Sylvia series and it is called Spring Ferry Boat. Show enjoy spring fairy boat show. Martin and Sylvia live in Toll House with lots of windows from their second story loft bedroom they can see their entire back yard with the. Tall Maple and oak trees on one side and the horse fence that borders the browns farm on the other along. The back of their yard is a stand of Birch and willow trees that line. A slow moving brooke brother and sister play in this Brooke all year. Long catching crayfish. In the summer building ferry houses in the autumn harvesting ice in the winter and enjoying the mud in the spring it was the beginning of spring where Martin and Sylvia live and after a very long and cold winter. The warmer weather was very welcome. Indeed it was raining now. Instead of snowing in the mix of the rain and the melting snow filled up there brooke to overflowing after several days of rain brother and sister were very excited when they woke up one morning to see sunshine filling their bedroom. I want to go outside said Sylvia immediately. What do you want to do? Asked Martin Make very houses said Sylvia with a nod. The fairies need spring houses. The winter ones are probably really dirty and crumbly wanted to help Martin Cock his head and said I kind of want to climb the spruce trees I McKay said Sylvia as she pulled out her mourning. Clothes I'll get started and you can help later. Brother and sister asked if they could explore a little before breakfast and Momma said with a smile. Great I'll call. When breakfast is ready. They got dressed in their rain. Clothes and muck boots and hats and headed into the soggy backyard. The bright morning sunshine made the ground sparkling Sylvia could see signs of spring everywhere. There were blades of green grass poking out of the Golden and Brown everywhere. She saw a few daffodil leaves sticking out to the muddy garden soil and then overhead. She spotted a V of geese returning north on their long flight from the south everything she saw made her smile and filled her with a bubbly joyful energy. She squished squashed along the short muddy trail to the Brooke and then stopped by one of the larger birch trees to marvel at the water. There was so much water. The brook looked like a slow moving shallow pond with a swift current in the middle there were rocks and logs that poked out of the water surface and she stepped carefully along their tops to see more clearly as she held onto too thin willow trees and stood on a wide flat rock. She quietly watched the water eased by. She could see where they built a rock wall last autumn and the tops of a few rock ferry houses but almost all their other creations were either underwater or had been washed away in the current. Sylvia squatted down to look at the water around her and saw that it was shallow. She could walk in the water without reaching the top of her muck boots but she was happy on the Rock. She saw stones and little spring plants under the water and then noticed a few tiny bugs swimming around life. It was exciting to see. She said happy. Springtime little thingies still squatting. She looked up at the water again and noticed a little leaf floating by it moved steadily and turned slightly as it floated. It looked like a tiny boat easing. Its way down a wide river. She continued to watch the little leaf. When another larger leaf caught her attention. It was a beech tree leaf. She thought because it was the shape of a teardrop and it was golden yellow. She remembered when Martin had shown her different leaves. Last autumn she watched the Golden Leaf approach and saw that it had something on. Its back as it floated closer. She could see that it was an acorn cap. A little acorn cap sitting in the middle of the leaf. It was like a passenger. This delighted Sylvia and she immediately thought that it might be some kind of fairy invention special ferry raft that used beech trees for the boat and ACORN caps for seats. Sylvia immediately wanted to make her own and looked around for leaves. That might work. She found a brown oak. Leaf and yellowish maple leaf and a thin dirty gold coloured birch tree leaf then as she returned down the path a few steps she found a small dried red berry and a few fissile. Burs do you want to go on a ferry boat she asked the Berry. And the thistles you do okay. Let's go try these boats out. She hopped along the rocks and logs again until she reached the same wide flat rock in organized her leaves the Berry went on the oak leaf and the maple and Birch leaves each. This'll then carefully gently. She eased one after the other into the water. Right about then. Martin arrived ready to help make ferry houses. Whoa he said when he saw the water. It's all flooded. Sylvia didn't respond because she was watching her ferry boats float. What are you doing? He asked as he joined her on the wide flat rock. I made ferry boats. She said as she pointed to the leaves. They're carrying things. Wow said Martin as he watched them float the oak leaf moved very slowly but the maple leaf found the current and increased speed the beach leaf dropped the thistle and then got caught in swirling Eddie along the side. I'll bet tree bark will go faster. Said Martin WanNa have ferry boat races. Sylvia hesitated sometimes. She enjoyed races and competitions. But this time I just like making them. She said you can make them and then we can race them said. Martin trying to convince her. I WANNA see which ones go faster. I like very boats that carry fairies said Sylvia still resistant to the idea of racing. But I really WanNa race said Martin who started to look around for materials. It'll be fun. We can each make a few boats and then you can choose which ones of yours you WANNA race. Sylvia didn't want to race but she also liked it when Martin played with her and she thought if they raced then he would play with their okay said Sylvia great said Martin and the two of them started to look for materials after a few minutes. Momma called them in for breakfast and they hopped along the logs and rocks back to the path. Brother and sister brought the bark and leaves in little sticks along with them and put them on the back porch table before coming inside. We're going to build ferry. Boats said Sylvia when she came inside the waters really big. Then we're gonNA raise them said Martin with a big smile. I think that the heavier boats might go faster. But I'm not sure Sylvia's side softly after he said this and then she came to the kitchen counter looking a little sad. Do you not want to make very boat. Sylvia asked Mama as she placed bowl of warm porridge with butter before her. Kinda said Sylvia. Not sure how to say this. It's just Martin really wants to race. It'll be fun said Martin. We can each make a bunch of boats and then race them like an experiment to see which boats go faster syllabi aside again and Mama asked. Would you rather not race? Sylvia looked quickly over at Martin and felt torn. She didn't want to disappoint him but she also didn't want to raise. I just like to make them. She said softly I liked him. Make boats that can carry fairies Said Mama so Martin wants to build fast boats and you want to build boats that can carry a lot of passengers. Yeah said Sylvia. Who brightened a little? Those can still race said Martin quickly they can but Sylvia wouldn't be building them for speed she would be building them for space. There's lots of reasons to build a boat. I'd go for looks said Daddy. As he came in from the bedroom I would build a very pretty boat with a tall sale. And maybe a masthead definitely one of those big steering wheels and if I was building about said Mama who narrowed her is a little in thought. I would try to see what kind could carry the most weight. It's kind of like what Martin wants to do but instead of speed I would be looking at strength but who would race me asked Martin with a frown. Will you would said Mama you would build boats for speed and see which of your boats is the fastest Sylvia would build for space and comfort and daddy would build for looks and form and I would build for strength and steadiness. Do you know what this is starting to sound like asked daddy what asked brother and sister? A boat show said daddy where people show off their boats. Some are showing for speed. Some for looks some for comfort and some four power probably other reasons to a boat. Show Ferry Boat Show said. Sylvia the first spring ferry boat show said Martin who is now excited about the idea. Will you build boats to asked Sylvia looking at Mama and daddy definitely said Daddy who was already imagining? What kind of boat to build? Sounds Fun added Momma but you have to use only natural things said Martin leaves and Bark and things that you find in the yard. Okay we already got some things said Sylvia pointing to the back porch great said Mama. Yeah said Daddy who chewed his breakfast and was quiet as he continued to think about what he was going to make for the rest of breakfast. They exchanged ideas and made a plan for finding more materials. I think those red saplings by the compost would be good suggested. Daddy I'll need a fair amount of Birchbark said Mama I wonder if there's any more milkweed pods considered Sylvia. I'm going to use my whittling knife to carve the bark stated Martin. When breakfast was over and everyone helped clean up. They all quickly dressed in outside clothes and went out. It was warmer now and the air smelled so fresh. The birds were singing several songs and flying overhead back and forth between the trees and the bird feeder. Everyone was in a bright cheerful springtime mood. Daddy gathered several saplings and dried stalks of grass and grain while Mama focused on bark and dried flower stems. Martin sat next to the back deck table and whittled thick piece of old bark and Sylvia focused on leaves and tiny twigs using mud to stick pieces together. They worked quietly all morning taking a quick break for a snack and then building building and building some are they mainly worked on their own boats but regularly helped each other out his well. Sylvia wanted to connect to leaves and daddy suggested that she used a bit of thin grapevine to tie them together. Mama was having trouble binding together. Some sticks and Martin suggested using some lengths of inner bark from his piece and they worked very well. Finally boats were complete Martin and Sylvia had each built a number of boats while Mama built to and Daddy had built only one. They carefully carried them all to the Brooke. Mama and Martin were in charge of launching while Daddy and Sylvia watched and described the boats as they passed by the first annual spring. Ferry Boat Show has begun called out Martin happily everyone else clapped and then watched as Martin put Sylvia's boats in I. There were eight little boats in total and they were all made of leaves twigs and bits of Bark. Each boat carried at least one passenger berries. Seeds few small pine cones the one even carried a stone they swirled weaved and both daddy and Sylvia clapped as they floated by have a good trip called Sylvia with a big smile then they looked back up to see Martin Carefully Pudding Daddy's boat into the water. It was big and it was a little heavy made from several sticks tied together dome of Bark over the top. He decorated it with dried flower. Stalks and several Rhododendron leaves. The boat was buried. Fancy indeed but not so good at floating. Martin pushed it along a few times but then it simply sank down and let the water run through it. Built for beauty. Said Daddy with a giggle. But not so sea-worthy let's put it up on that rock over there so fairies can admire. The craftsmanship suggested Mama who helped Martin place the lovely vote on another flat. Rock nearby. Mama's boats went next and she followed alongside placing pine cones and small pebbles acorns on top. Her Boat Woven Bark was able to carry the most and Mama was very pleased carried a lot more than I thought it could. She said pulling it out of the water. I'm going to work on it. Some more and see if having to supports on either side might help. Now my turn announced Martin. Sylvia came over to help him and she martin and Mama readied six boats total at the starting line mark set go said Martin and then all six boats were in the water right from the beginning. Three of them shot out front. One of them started to spin and another stood still and another sank down under the water. Martin's sloshed in the Brook to follow the three and cold out. I think that small bark one in the middle will win. I'm for the red stick. One called Daddy go white furry one called Sylvia looking at the one with little wisps of White Paper Birchbark on. Its back. The three bobbed and swirled and soon it was down to the small maple bark boat in the furry paper Birch Boat. They were side by side. When suddenly the White Birch started to spin the thick small bark boat than crossed the Finish Line Daddy's feet and everyone cheered the winner called Daddy. I knew it would be the small bark one because it was heavier than the others said. Martin racing to scoop it up and then he turned and asked. Can we do it again? I need some more time to work on mine said Mama and I need to make some more said Sylvia an I need to figure out how to make mine float said Daddy. We could talk about it during lunch. Suggested Mama and as the four walked toward the back porch. They appreciated the boats each other made and offered some more ideas about building the next group and then sat down for lunch feeling excited and inspired about their new spring tradition. The ferry boat show this has been an original story by sparkle stories of sparkle stories dot com copyright. Two thousand fourteen. We hope you enjoyed it.

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