'Mad' Jack Churchill: The Bagpipe Playing Soldier Who Hunted Nazis with a Longbow - Part 2


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Since I was thirteen and now at seventeen I am so honored to be the youngest person to have her own. Podcast on iheartradio. It's called. Let's be real with Sammy. J in-depth and unfiltered conversations with celebrities activists athletes and influence. We'll cover topics. We're curious about topics. My guests are passionate about and topics. Many of us are just too afraid to talk about. I get past the fluff to what he'll we go there and it's fun pretty crazy and very revealing. Listen to let's be real with Sammy. J on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast. Ridiculous history is a production of I. Heart Radio Welcome back to the show ridiculous historians as always. Thank you so much for tuning in. We're glad to have you but before you listen to this episode. If you have not yet listened to part one of exploits a bad Jack Churchill. Please go ahead and listen to that part before you listen to this episode. See No what's going on totally you might be asking yourself. Why did you make it to parts guys? We gotta do to these a week. And sometimes we just have to ourselves favor and make the occasional two-parter but I think this one is perfect for because there's a lot to it a lot to unpack lots of cool details in Quentin Tarantino esque bloodbath scenarios involved in this man's life so absolutely worthy of a two part. We bless you mad. Jack with a two parter. We've had to learn about the Bagpipe too. So that's a second unless I'm Ben. I'm no and we were both pretty good now. We're all right yeah. I think the coffees kicking in. That's our super producer. Casey peg on the ones and Zeros. Casey how you doing doing great so go great. I mean you could be you know here in the states. It's weird because a lot of my friends who were from different parts of the world always ask me about the American especially the Southern American habit of asking people how they're doing because a lot of countries and a Lotta cultures you. You don't ask people that unless you really want to know right and here the correct answer is like what you just say case like great fine. Yeah you ever say I may not so great. Could be better. Yeah WanNa bore you with the details but I will will. We live in corporate America. Too when we record this stuff. So it's amazing what you can get away with in the break room. I'm a big fan of just Someone's given up on the day if you say. Hey how's it going? And they say oh you know. Live the dream or like Monday's home got a bad case of the Mondays. I gotTa say though Ben. Starting off record this Peek behind the curtain. We do these back to back so it's still Monday Just like it was when we did part one of Mad Jack and we don't typically record Mondays at ten. Am but you've been out of town for a bit and we're kind of playing a little catch up And it's a nice way to set the tone for the day. Being here on the shipping container the sweltering smelly shipping container with you And Super Producer. Casey Pegam out there peering through the glass. It warms my heart. It really gives me a good way to kick off a Monday so I don't have a case of the Mondays awesome. Do It's a good thing. It's a disease that I relish a time. Zones are so messed up for me right now man. It's probably going to be like four thirty. Am on a Saturday for me for most of the week. Mad Jack Though. This is a guy who lives in the moment when we last left off with the adventures of Lieutenant Colonel Churchill. He was in his prime. He was seen as a living icon for the allied forces especially the British and he was in charge of the number two commando and the number two commando. They were literally. I think I can say this on this. Show they were bad asses. I could say bad asses on the show right. And you don't have to ask permission for me to say bad asses. I mean we just the science teachers that we earlier built such a great relationship with during the fact. Yeah when I was a sham. We were obviously. We're obviously joking. I think we're obviously joking. Oh we were absolutely junk. I think we're both big fans of science. Yeah it's a reason. Podcasts can happen so anyway Magic Churchill. He is as much of a symbol as he is a soldier and a leader and as you mentioned in our previous episode. Knoll this comes to a head at the battle of Salerno in nineteen forty three. The number two commando group is tasked with stopping Germans from placing artillery fire on the western half of the bay and surprise surprise mad. Jack is the man in charge of the final counter attack. Lee We set up this episode with a question at the of part one. Here's the thing mad. Jack told his forces to shout something when they attacked and it was part of this big of the speed strategy that he came up with it that he's still sort of famous for a because you know launching. A counterattack is tough. Someone else's already sort of controlling the field. And so what did he do? Will he did quite a lot. Ben Here at the Battle of Salerno. He had a strategy in mind. He cut his men up into sit not not cut them up literally within rods or Split Them. Up is probably more appropriate. We're into six columns flanks right Parallel columns under the cover of nights in the the part of the field in which they were fighting was really densely overgrown so. His counterattack was very unlikely to catch the Germans off guard because of all the crunching and chopping through foliage. They would have had to do to To get to them right so he needed an edge didn't he? Yes this is the greatest part This was cracking me up Over the weekend. Here's a magic does and says all right. We can't go in there quietly. We can't be subtle So guys I want you to get a running start and when you attack. I want you all to scream. I'm sorry what just scream command. Which is what is that film. I think it's with Will Ferrell where he's doing park but yelling park were while he does it. Well that's also in the office or yeah so he basically makes them yell commando while they're doing commandos and also not wearing underpants as it turns out. They're going commando yellow. I never understood that why. Why is going commando Wearing no underpants. I don't know it's just sometimes. Life gets to really don't have time to wash your Unmentionable government issued skivvies. Yeah where you just Yeah you gotta cut down to the essentials that's right. I think it has to do with maneuverability. Perhaps you know if you're not wearing any breathes you can you got a little more wiggle room while okay. That sounds funny. I don't know if I'd be. Oh I would think the opposite though because you know if you got if you got your Australia. Just go Willy Nilly everywhere. You might have some maneuverability but you'll see me more vulnerable anything. The science teachers. You're GonNa feel about this talk. Well geography teachers might have a problem with little Australia. Yeah not geographically accurate No but it's true. They yell commando it really is like the the braveheart freedom kind of thing you know. I mean so again like they. They know that they're not going to be. They're not going to be able to do a covert kind of approach. So let's just take it all the way in the other direction right and just freak them out. It's really a kind of a theater of the mind almost right where you're catching them off guard in a different way by like surprising them literally by screaming. This thing who would do that. What's going on and think think about this too There are some practical things. A lot of these guys in the German forces. Don't speak English so they may not know the word commando exactly it. Sounds like an English word but then also this keeps the allied forces from shooting each other. They can't see each other so they know not to shoot in the direction of someone. Yellen commando him. Yelling at dislike repeatedly. Visit just the one time. I on the initial charge. Yeah you might all be yelling. Commands Ole time but it works so they they actually take almost a hundred and forty prisoners and during this time is still not enough for Churchill. He decides to sneak out from Camp. One night with his corporal. And this is the next Tarantino Moment Casey if you do the honors. Churchill Linens Corp. walk toward the town. They hope they're just going to catch a stray German or two. That'll be enough for their bloodlust. But then they hear Germans digging all around them and so they have a cigarette. That's the only source of white. They sneak up on two Germans and picture. This Churchill is coming out of the darkness. All you see is like the the faint life in the cigarette ember of the cigarette which kind of like you know illuminates and then dims with these drag right. Perfect what are they see? What they see is for all intents and purposes and insane man coming out of the darkest soared aloft swinging it hither and thither And then he ordered the men who were obviously peeing their pants to put their up and of course they complied. Because what else are you GONNA do? It was a stick up with a sore right. The didn't even fight at that time. They I conjecture that they had already. They already knew about magic. Perhaps his reputation preceded him and they thought this is like being on the night shift of a construction crew and then Batman comes to confront. You have to wonder if the character inglorious bastards played by ally Roth. The the bear Jew was in some way based on Mad Jack. Because again you know just that the the deal with that character was he using anachronistic weapon right a baseball bat and right and this is very similar to magic. We don't really have any accounts of him like unceremoniously murdering Nazis in hacking them to bits with his sword. But I'd like to believe that happened a timer to yes. That's the thing we have to remember that a lot of the reporting of Churchill's adventures came from allied sources that we're going to definitely spend the narrative to serve their propaganda. It's still a war crime if you murder even if it's a Nazi you know you're supposed to take prisoners. That's sort of the rules. I hope it's not a hot take but I was always under the impression that murder general was not a not a good luck. It's true agreed agreed. But but you're right you're right there there's probably a bit of A bit of embellishment And maybe maybe we're suppressing uglier deeds but war is war and wars hell. So we know that he did take prisoners in this case. He didn't kill either of those guys. He left one prisoner with its Corp. And he took the other with him using him as a human shield which I think is is actually a war crime. Is it really? I think it is yeah. Waves thrifty to me. If it's a civilian it's a war crime So let's guy was an approved human shield. I guess so yeah. He was a soldier. So we say we are not experts on the Geneva Conventions so Churchill takes. His prisoner turns human shield and goes to the other. Germans were digging and again. They're they're just. These guys are not expecting award. They're thinking like trenches or something. What are they digging? The trenches fortifications probably F. trains even for new trains. Even yeah this wasn't the most glorious job And then he's still again. He does not have a gun she just has this sword and he's walking around taking prisoners kind of a one by one and group by group basis by the end of it. He has forty two prisoners again. He does not have a gun. He is one person with a sword albeit a large sword. Gram and he's scaring forty two prisoners. He marches them all back Carrying their own weapons. They had weapons by. The way is kind of had a momentary lapse of reason as pink. Floyd would like to say where they just forgot because of the giant sword and the scary man. Yeah I love this detail. There wounded They dragged them in like a bring out your dead Monty Python esque cart behind them. He's making them do all the work. He's one man marching them in. I don't understand. This does almost sound like propaganda. This is almost too good to be true. Forty two people with guns. They have rifles. He later says something. Like always make my prisoners carry their own weapons slows them down for me come on. Man. Yeah it's a bit much but Gosh I love this character and I I can't believe there hasn't been some kind of you know dramatization of this guy's exploits because it is good stuff good fodder for cinema. I often think I feel like we're doing so much legwork for studios these days It's probably about once a month. I run into a story is ridiculous history that I think should be film agreed right. Yeah it's weird. How many are not films? I mean Ali was thirsty for stories. You know maybe we should reach out to some folks and see him get ep credits. And they're finally there finally be less gun shy about original stories. You know agreed Ben I dunno if you I I don't think he pointed this out But they were carrying their own weapons but he made sure to pull the firing pins or the Bolts or whatever 'em ordinance yes important detail we did not mention that he did have and take the rifle bolts out but still a gun is a gun on me. I'm not using that to diminish The impact of this story all and it did in fact earn him The first of two distinguished service orders that he received during his His military career ended up with forty two prisoners that he captured using only a sword and his pure unadulterated bravado the seventh daughter. I brought you here to prepare you to condition your mind and body so while the magic it is the family trade. I'm teaching you so that you will have the skills to survive. That is a gift from your family that I have been entrusted to deliver the seventh daughter. Listen on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast guys. It's bobby bones. I host the bobby bones show and I'm pretty much always sleepy because I wake up at three o'clock in the morning a couple of hours later I get all my friends together so we get into a room and we do a radio. Show with your allies. We tell our stories. We try to find as much good in the world possibly can and we look through the news of the day that you'll care about also your favorite country. Artists are always stopping by to hang out and share their lives and music too so wake up with a bunch of my friends on ninety eight point seven W M Z Q in Washington DC or wherever the rotates you on the iheartradio APP. It wasn't all glory trumpets and Angel firts however in one thousand nine hundred forty four. He was sent to assist. Tito's forces in Yugoslavia USA. Broz Tito and he led of full frontal assault on a tower that was very well defended. Churchill put together a a motley crue yet fifteen hundred partisans people fighting their native land He had the group the forty three commando and they have one troupe from forty commando and he led the commando forces while partisans stayed at the landing area but only Churchill and six other men made it to the objective and Churchill. Himself was actually playing a Bagpipe Song. It's a song called where he had no come back again and while he was playing this a mortar shell killed the other six men with him. He was the only person survived. He was knocked unconscious and he was captured. Ben Are you taking suck some pronunciation licenses with that Song Tyler? Is it actually spelled in such a way that you would say like that. It is. Yeah I didn't snuff got it. I love that No it's true. I mean this guy was in fact like a real life superhero. I mean you know you could call it happenstance you call it being in the right place the right time having good luck or whatever but I mean this guy seemed to have been blessed in some way by the Gods of war I mean really you know cheated death multiple times again i. I can't get away from the whole marching screaming into battle waving his sword and his reliance on this sword and bow and Arrow and he never even sure you had Weapons firearms. But you don't really hear much about him leaning too hard on those yeah. It reminds me. I've been reading a lot of Conan the barbarian. There's some great comics and graphic novels here and this guy is like a world war. Two CONAN the barbarian CONAN worships by the way a God called Crom who sits on a mountain top and just judges people when they die. So maybe maybe there was some sort of a divine force of war At work in the life of Mad Jack Churchill because something unusual happens when he gets captured the Nazi forces have a standing order to kill this man immediately whenever the opportunity presents but the officers who capture him ignore the order to kill him out of get this respect they also assumed he was related to Winston Churchill and so they said OK church Let's send him to Berlin and let's interrogate him when we first started researching this. I may or may not have made that. Same mistake myself. It's super understandable. Yeah it is but again. This guy's reputation preceded him. He was legendary even amongst his enemies. You know I mean to have your enemies respect you to that degree that takes a lot of Chutzpah is true. So when they interrogated him they found not only did he have no valuable information to offer them but he was a huge problem prisoner. He started trash fires. He was raising Cain with the other prisoners and with the guards eventually he was sent to the sought sin Hudson concentration camp. Where of course many many people would die but he did not. He escaped the camp pretty quickly after being Interns there along with a an officer from the Royal Air Force. Yeah they Joined forces and shimmied under a wire fence And left through an abandoned storm drain and then they walked two hundred twenty five miles By some accounts closer to ninety by others right through Nazi territory straight to the Baltic Sea And then they were captured a few miles from the shore and then they were transferred to another camp in Italy but once again Churchill escape that one two in one thousand nine hundred eighty five where he snuck away during a blackout And walked another hundred miles using a rusty can to cook things that he pilfered. You know the vegetables and such that he stole from these fields literally stealing crops That Nazis had kind of Commandeered right yeah. He was living a Hobo life. A for a second and eventually he finds an American regiment in Verona. And he's able to convince them. I'm a British officer. He's probably he's probably at a bit of a loss without his broad sword. But he's saying something like it's me. Broad Sword Guy Hamilton Bagpipes. I'll prove it to you. You know what I mean. Don't you want to hear? Will ye no come again and He convinces them so th. There's one other note here that that's pretty important comes to us from the vintage news dot com. He actually wanted to compliment one of the Germans that had held him as a prisoner. Guide him. Captain Hounds Thornier. Here's what Churchill wrote about him. He wrote a letter to Captain Corner. Actually and he said you've treated us well. If after the war you are ever in England and Scotland. Come in have dinner with my wife and myself. Pretty Weird Right. I don't think a lot of prisoners right that kind of stuff to their prison guards in their their wardens Interestingly enough this note later saved thorns life he was gonna be executed in Yugoslavia for war crimes and then someone said well if Mad Jack Likes Them. It can't be all bad exactly. I mean he really was kind of a man of the people and like we said at the top kind of the born Use the term raconteur because I just feel like that someone who tells great stories and kind of engender people's Whole People's attention. You know I mean it takes a lot of that storytelling ability to really rally people around you because you kind of have to control the narrative right and and get people to kind of get behind you and trust you in that way. I think that was a skill that he definitely possessed. He also remains in the army a lot of people when they when they escape like that. The government would be completely fine with them. Retiring right Rabin discharged not Churchill matter of fact in nineteen forty-five just a few months. After he had met back up with the American forces he was sent to Burma and he was going to be in the Pacific Theater fighting battles on land against Japan. But by the time you finally got there. The war was wrapping up. Nagasaki and Hiroshima had been bombed and Churchill was not happy he was he wasn't upset about the The nuclear deployment. He was upset because he thought the war was ending too soon and reportedly said. If it wasn't this is true if it wasn't for those. Damn Yanks we could have kept the war going another ten years. Wow that's a hot take right there. I that's That's not what you would call on. No it's definitely not on But he this was. This was the life that he was obviously best suited for. I can't imagine what his acclamation back into civilian. Life must have been like. You can't just go brandishing. A sword into the old corner bakery right right. Yeah you can't try to intimidate your uber driver with bagpipes. Though I bet someone's tried about so he wants to continue the lifestyle with which is well acquainted. He qualifies as a parachutist. He's in his forties at this point. He joins the highland light infantry where he moves to Palestine. Which is I could buy British forces at this time. And he trains with the British army fight Arab forces and while he's there he's also coordinating rescue efforts and evacuation efforts for civilians. That are under attack. Yeah He actually was a multiple hero. He saved five hundred patients. Um and some of the staff at the Adastra Hospital which was near Jerusalem And then he eventually went back to England. He refurbished steamboats. I mean this guy was a just an absolute gem. continued his His motorcycling career. And I imagine you know kept shoot narrows just not so much a Nazis. Yeah Yeah his love of. Eros follows him throughout his life. I guys my name. Is Sammy. 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Or wherever you get your he also eventually decides to move away from the UK and he says you know what my battling days are done. What's next what's my third act in? Life what is the what is the epilogue for Mad Jack. Churchill anything about it and he says you know what? I'm going to move to Australia so move Austrailia. She teaches land air warfare but spends most of his free time becoming a surfer so he goes Australia. He served for a while and he's a teacher he later goes back to England and he designs his own surfboards and it becomes the first person to surf. The five foot tidal bore of the river severn while he's working industrial and then he started the famous. Ron John Surf Shop Known the world over mainly in Panama City as well. Yeah pretty much is in the east coast. I think it is OK. Well is it. I Dunno you. See what he knew about Ron. John I feel like it's yeah I've only encountered it on the east coast. But that's because I've mostly been on the east coast like myrtle beach and stuff like totally Myrtle. Beach thousand percent. Yeah all right. We'll solve the mystery of Ron John for another episode by the time. Magic RETIRES FROM THE ARMY. It's nineteen fifty-nine. He is fifty three years old and he spends the last. He lives for a while. He spins last almost forty years. Thirty seven years of his life. Sailing ships along the Thames and piloting radio controlled model worships which is weird but seems seems like a happy ending for such violent life. It's on brand that he was able to take a little bit of that warlike instinct and bloodless and and just turn it into a nice hobby. You know piloting remote control ships. That's that's nice and his son said he was super chill. Did you see that part? I didn't his son said censored you know. Actually my dad was a very unassuming man and he always told me. People are less likely to shoot you if you smile at them. So the propaganda machine that we mentioned earlier is still going by the way Magic Churchill becomes the protagonist of a comic strip. There are books written about him And he is called one of if not the most inspirational impressive people that the Norwegian Royal Explorers Club has ever researched. There's a great quote on On Churchill from Aspen Lazarus. Who's the CO founder of the Norwegian Royal Explorers Club and he said of Jack Churchill that he was quote one of if not the most inspirational and impressive people? We ever searched in relation to this book and that book in question was sort of a compilation volume of accounts of various historical explorers. And adventurers that this this organization put together And and you know. Churchill continued on In his kind of eccentric marching to the beat of his own drummer kind of ways He would There's an there's an article from all it's interesting all that is interesting dot com about mad. Jack I'm talking about how he would take the train from the city to where he lived out in the country and he would often toss his briefcase out the window and then he was asked why he would do that he. He told the conductor that he was simply throwing his briefcase into his own backyard so he wouldn't have to carry it home from the station. Which I I kinda get if you've ever if you've ever ridden a train system regularly there's this weird thing where you'll pass by your own house but you can't get off because you have to go the station's right so I could see the fish inside their weird thing about Jack. Churchill and always reminds me of How close we all are to history? The weird thing about this guy is that he didn't pass away until Nineteen ninety-six the same year the Olympics were in Atlanta. Just ground. This modern history who is eighty nine years old and his legacy remains pretty popular. But there's there's one thing we have to mention. Let's let's drill into this just just a little bit. We TALKED ABOUT HIS ANACHRONISTIC WEAPON. Choice and we also talked about. Whether he deserves to be a worshiped or lionized the way he is And we we have a little bit of the We we have a little bit of perspective from an historian named Mike loads about how useful this longbow in this claymore. This broad sword may have been during war yes so based on some images of Churchill that were Kind of analysed This gentleman Story in the name of Mike Loads Deci decided that both were incredibly effective potentially of maiming and killing people The bow that he used was lightweight. was under forty pounds versus those medieval bows. You might know that we're quite tall And almost one hundred pounds each and then one hundred eighty pound modern of bows used used in war. Which would have had more of a compound kind of situation right And if and like we mentioned before the bow was a silent killer. You know you'd never you'd never hear it coming. Except for maybe a little woosh right right and loads says that. Churchill wasn't really one for stealth outside of the quiet deadly silent. Bow After all. He was a guy known to scream commando when he ran people. Historians think this was like we had said a sort of a psychological tactic was meant to intimidate the enemy into fearing that charge. But this probably wasn't the most efficient tactic because the clatter unclutter of a sword wouldn't be helpful this led historians again like Mike Alludes to say his tendency to love the sword was probably a an affectation of sorts His survival in fact may have had just as much to do with his his image as an insane person as did with his skill like German forces who saw him on the beach remembered the day in later some of those German forces were taken prisoner and prisoners who remembered seeing Churchill playing the pipes on the beaches of Normandy said that they didn't fire at him because they thought he was crazy. They felt sorry for him. So there was maybe. There was intimidation on the axis side but there was also pitying confusion when it came to. Mad Jack and then again we have to come back to it. There's that one quote that gives us a troubling look into his mind where he says we could have kept the war going for another ten years. Who wants war to keep going right? I don't know someone who's skillset particularly suited for a perpetual state of war But it was nice to know that he did kind of mellow out an old age and then play with you know model boats. It's true happy. Endings are often all too rare in the stories of war and so with that we bid due to Lieutenant Colonel John Malcolm Thorpe Fleming. Churchill also known as mad. Jack what do you think knoll do? We play this out with some bagpipes. Or do we just. Should we just let it go? I've heard a lot of bagpipes today. I think we absolutely have to play with some bagpipes. Ben No right huge. Thanks to Mad Jack. For being one of history's most fascinating Bad asses I don't mind saying an equal. Thanks for being. One of history's most bad ass producers Subaru Cirque Casey Peg Room Alex Williams who did not compose this Bagpipe Diddy he did compose our theme will probably be returning to at a later date. We're going to play out on this whole Bagpipe Situation Christopher Hussy Otas here in spirit Gabe Luger for all of his research chops big banks to Jonathan Strickland Aka the twister as well as ease jeffcoat. This concludes our episode. But not our show. We'd love to hear from you. Tell us more about little known heroes and villains or plain old eccentrics from the days of your you can find it on instagram. You can find us on facebook. You can find us on twitter. I especially like to recommend our facebook group page ridiculous historians. All you have to do to sign up is name me or my trustee co host or KC or honestly honestly just a drop a terrible joke in there and if it's if it's chuckle worthy I'll let you in. Yeah absolutely I mean. We're pretty easily amused. So it doesn't take much but Just let us know that you're not a Russian box. They'll like to say our show stuff they don't want you to know you can also check out on the Internet and on the facebook. If you want to check Ben and I out as individual human people you can do so at your leisure. I am on instagram exclusively. At how now Noah Brown and I am on instagram inner burst of creativity at Ben Bullen. I am also on twitter. As at Ben Bullen each S. W. Oh thank you thank you. Don't Casey I just have to say new. You're just killing it with a music today. Man and before go out. I think maybe we need to give you the last word because you have an update on our surf shop cluster. Yeah we we could not let this episode go by without clarifying very very important point Where is the Ron John? Surf Shop Franchise centered. Well it is mostly in Florida but there are also a couple of shops in South Carolina The aforementioned Myrtle Beach Alabama Maryland New Jersey. They also have some airports they have some in causing all in Mexico. They have one on Grand Turk in Turks Keiko's they have one in Las Vegas. They also have the Ron John Surf school and the Ranjan Kite School. 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