Material 237: Meat Suit


The good morning afternoon or evening pleased lead as appropriate. Hello there welcome to this episode number two. Do three seven of the material podcast. And I'm Andy and not go and I'm very very tired. Florence I on and I don't even have a baby yet and I'm like this tired Well do you think the adrenaline. We'll we'll offset the sleep deprivation I have experienced in this. Oh you know what I think. You're absolutely correct see. It's what people this week. Our people our colleagues are practicing this week at sea yes rate eight. It's just that They once they get on the plane home from Vegas assuming they don't live in Vegas than the they're just completely free of that. I need to step into that car. Karnal Carnal Desire. But you know when you're anticipating the arrival all of a new roommate. Well Okay you will have to pay everything for nearly arguably the the the. The child is already remade. The most like clingy digging room in my really violating your personal schimmel spreading Miami's houses I call it my meat suit. Yes taking up room. I mean this is. Why haven't been like cold at all this winter? Because I'm I just have a heater in front of me that's just been like generating heat. I mean anyway. This is the Florida eye on complaints about Being pregnant I just have one of those like oil fed like electric heaters. I got an Amazon seventy bucks by the way they're awesome. They're way way better than the regular space heater. Whether that's that's your next pitch. You could do an article that comparing the two. BTU's reliability you see. It's never too soon to start monetize this child. I and and it's and it's much you're being a much better parent doing this way by getting them into pageants or getting into commercial additions. That's like yeah I've just shaking pigging right head for the listeners. Just over here with like my head in my hands. Just because I'm just thinking I mean okay uh-huh and what not to rant on the record. Okay listen most. Most people know that I'm having most people know what I'm having at this point Which is fine originally was gonNA keep it a secret but then I decided May Whatever but yeah well and I'm going to have? I need to know what situation I'm getting into the when this person is here. And what they're you're going to have to deal with in terms of societal norms and the way like people look at them etcetera but ever since. I told people that it's girl I've I've been getting a lot of Little Princess mentions. Oh she's GonNa break all kinds of hearts I can tell yeah. Let's Oh oh she's already breath shortage three different people sons. And my answer. My answer is what about your daughter would if she likes your daughter you know it's just like I'm trying to hello. This is is your people's version of tender just like different like ox and land and livestock to swipe through the Lens that I will get that will present to that role the Dow. It's it's also just general American discourse around the gender of the the the sex organs of the child that I'm having anyway wasn't planning our talk about absolutely. That's my you know this is this is this is so laser focused on Google and collecting data and information. How close to the? Ah How careful are you going to be about making sure that the kids for the kids photo and name like don't appear anywhere. 'cause I know I know people that They they don't they they still. They like using instagram and whatever to send these postcards to their friends and family as we all do do but they're very very careful that they'll they'll never show their child's face they people who know them know what the child's name is but there is a substitute name that they use was like for their eighty dollars or eighty thousand followers. Do you have a data security plan for place for silly. Did discuss this Actually you know within the first the first time I tested positive on those sticks Discuss our going to do this. And and I think I'm going to use their first name just their first name kind of the same way I do like with my husband. Ryan referred him in the public And I really WANNA avoid their picture being outside of like a close friends group like instagram. Lets you do close close friends on stories and so basically if I ever post a picture of the child I wanted to be strategically like no face back. Only only I have a friend. Who does this Actually I'm sure people who listeners podcasts. No the person that I'm referring to. But he does this with his daughter her and I think it's kind of clever way. Because he wants to include her in the narrative of his life in like the things that he's talking about and he wants people to kind of see like hey. We went to Disneyland This Day or like we went. We did this. We had this really fun day together which I think is fair. Because that's his personal story and he he wants to talk about this time you spend with his kid but it doesn't necessarily mean like in like I've never seen this kid's face because they've never met. I never met her in person then so I will never see her face unless I meet her in person and I kind of want the same thing for if you get a Christmas card. It's because you you know. You are on that list of people that I trust not to like exploit the fears of my elder son. I know that's dish at minimum. It means that I trust you enough that I'm going to put the return address on this so that it comes back to me. It doesn't river up to you exactly and and I do know that a lot of my friends who are like on instagram. They do private accounts because they put a lot about their kids And on the flip aside I also know folks who used their kids like As models in their in their businesses and stuff. And that's again and that's exactly the choice that it's up to each family but being that I and my husband are also both like extremely online people. We don't want to make make that decision for the child because we're we're both extremely online. I mean I met him through. You know through live journal like back in the day. Hey We're both people who have spent a lot of time just like the Internet is where we socialize. You can honestly say that you quarter the old fashioned way Ask another these mobile APPS. No no it was. It was live journal via aim right because you can put your AOL instant message screen name and your choice in what he his feelings on every single track of three different cure albums before. Yeah Yeah Live. Journal was a lot That's by the way if I ever do I actually think somebody did this already. Eight so perhaps. I'm I think somebody did this here. Locally is what I mean but I've always wanted to do like a show or something where I like. Read My old life the journal entries because they're just so I mean their diary entries effectively. It's just that back. Then you could have it go specifically to just just fifteen people that you trusted which I really glad by the way recording. This Day. That twitter released. This is not a twitter podcast but recording this today. That twitter released And what Gita Jackson from Kaku called Live Journal Features Live Journal privacy features because now you can choose like exactly who who your tweets go do so if you all want to go to like the twenty two people who agree with you politically. Then it'll just go to those twenty two people To which I'm like. This is great like this is what the. Why can't I think like gives me an article idea? I need right down. Okay twitter twitter. Is I think a lot of the computing in power is devoted to receiving the request. How about you let us edit are tweets and turn it into something else it's a mandate we've got thousands and thou- it's even become a mean the give us the ability to target tweets by region based on a hash taken? No no I think it did say at a tweet. That's really only said no listening. We're listening we will let you have stickers on now again. I didn't but I never got any stickers by the way so must be nice for you folks anyway. Let's that's all that's all good stuff. I'm sure that will be listening. Everyone knows this. This really is like important topics you he just gave me an idea. That actually did jot down. 'cause I know some people on the Google photos team and I'm going to suggest to like I can I can talk to them. conversationally and like one of the I know who I'm going to send this to say. I really wish that at minimum google photos and even better Google camera had the ability for me to to designate. Like you you know what faces are in my groups so I wanna say that anytime you see a face of my kid dolores I want you to automatically blur now. Keep obviously keep a copy for me but I want you to make sure that if this has ever shared anywhere outside of my google photos or made into a public public album you will automatically preemptively blur that face. Yup sure show it to me if you if you need confirmation but that's like that's that would be interesting. I think it'll be even more interesting. That were like a camera feature so that you could make sure that if you want to make sure that like facebook and instagram never snapper are are able to clock that face ever. That's that's a feature that now if they do that. I can't write about it because I was about to say this sort of feature. That'd be that'd be writing two thousand words about what an awesome proactiv was going to say. That's the feature that I mean. Google still hasn't given US fence removal in photos. And so I think that to make it up to us. Those of US die. Hards have been asking for this feature since it was announced it. One of the I google. Does I think this would be a great feature and not only that but considering what we talk about on this podcast bringing back around It would you have to make Google fall into better prices in terms of privacy controls. You'd be like look what we did for you to kind of help you. Oh so that you can trust again so you know what. Let's I'm putting that out in the author as a thing because I think if a I can do wonders I it should be able to do stuff like that especially for a company like Google which is very like these a lot of families and their advertising and like whenever we watched watch the keynote. Happy families using Google. So you know keeping me safe from the Internet we're we're going to be talking about CAS little bit later. But yeah that was one of the things that Google Selena's we have your attention point out that we do. We're not the bastards foods that the late night. COMEDIANS points out to be well okay just side side note about the ES And I he did disclose to Andy that I wanted to rant about this earlier this week as I do I just want to remind everyone would see yes is. It is the consumer electronics showcase. It say dog and pony show. There are beautifully cough dogs and perfectly brushed ponies that are just being paraded about in their best garments and and and students exactly. And that's what the tech exists for on the show floor. It exists just look at this like complete with this. Come touch this kind of thing. Let us also remember the. CBS is put on by the Consumer Trade Association. The CPA EH which is a lobbying group that spends a lot of money working with politicians to ensure that they can get favourable business laws to help companies. Like your favorite companies like Sony. Et Al in you to play nicely here in the United States so a lot of what is it C.. Sometimes I see a lot of headlines. Come out during this time name. That's like what innovations will be announced C. E. S. A.. C. Has is not about innovations. It's about here is what is going to be sold you in the next year. You're so when we talk about the Buzzword of five g you know we keep talking about it. I feel like we need to shift the discourse a little bit to to talk about the fact that we're not talking about five G. infrastructure here. We're just talking about how companies will continue to add ad five G. is like a Buzzword to everything because that's what they want to move you toward because if they move you towards five g. then you're going to get ramped up about it and then you're GonNa want the infrastructure infrastructure and you're GonNa lie you know you're going to do your part to make sure it gets whose Cell Towers get put in your neighborhood and all this stuff and I'm guilty of this by the way because I am embroiled embroiled in a battle next door about the viability of five Jenner little small town and whether or not it does melt brains mm-hmm so anyway. I just want to keep that in mind for everyone because they're always resolve these questions around see us like well. Why is this company announcing this like? They're not this. This isn't that kind of they're not there to like change the world. They're they're just to tell you like this is this is what they are planning to sell you in the next couple Boyer's and it's up it's up to the people who are at C. S. to kind of Go through the press releases and the things that are said and look for like look read between the lines is basically what I'm saying and by the way anybody can Google press releases its not journalists. Aren't the only people who have access to them. You can Google press release from any company. It's all public and you can. You can read between the lines and actually sometimes sometimes fun to read the lines themselves and Google if there's any any wines of the press release that sound like particularly snappy to Google search for that phrase and find about how often that turns up and oh good see I can drink again. That's going to be my next. You know let's see the other the other a drinking game would be a I. I'm trying to figure out how to talk about this without doing the devil's work but I'm sure you know flow. Hello about how There will always be a product or something that demos extremely really well on video and on day one of CAS everybody from like someone who has a youtube account with five thousand followers whereas to like someone who does tech coverage for like a national cable news thing will like have a special thing. Oh here I am on the here I am on the on the On the five G. Pogo stick and while you know what it really is doing and you know that okay number one. They are with the company the well known company that that is that that it has that available for press people to to to examine. They're not going could sell that. They're they're being cagey about. Oh well we have no ship dates or pricing to announce yet. They built three of those one to actually demo one to be charging charging backstage while the first one is being used and a third as a backup in case one of them breaks and they have no plans to make a fourth and no plans to sell any of them more than Theranos had by the way I think most people are kind of savvy enough to to see that There's there's a lot of announcements that are that that fit the form of an actual announcement seeing here is our new laptop here. Here are the specs of our new laptop. Here is the launch date. And here's how much it's going to be closing because it sounds like you're gonNA be. You're literally putting that in the store and we will be talking about that on. Today's podcast like literally putting those products on the shelf in the store for me to buy and so I know like this coming up. That's what the showcase is this. This is not like any talk of innovation. It's all just for me. It's all unless it's at a developer's conference because we were talking about this in relation to Google on all about android and saying like unless Google talks about at the developer's conference like I don't see it's not going to be a deep a deep dive because the developers conferences where Google goes. Okay here's how we make this thing happen and developers here's how you can implement it and the developers go into the code and then they kind of like break it apart and so we find out more and more about how this things implemented versus at a dog and pony show or it's just like put your best foot forward. Everybody look nice smile for the camera. vaseline on the teeth when you sit down sit down on the tail tale of your sport coat. Improves the whole line of your shoulders. That said that isn't that is actually a valuable tip that it it helps from broadcast news but but every time like I'm on camera like in a suit jacket and I'm sitting down. I always remember to do that. And I remember and I always end by Albert Brooks. Look myself in the camera and saying great tip I do want to just want to end that with saying that you know regardless of the fact that I am at home incubating a child I do have a bit of foam. Oh they see all the CS. It's just because it's the one time of year like it's right. It's new year. Everybody has their hair was freshly done for holidays and everybody is somewhat rested from the holidays. And so you get to see your colleagues that you don't normally get to see her. You're in a in every everybody has nothing to do with being part of the tech press or working with Berkeley intact. There are a lot of people that are in your life that are friends and you love seeing them but you live two thousand miles away. And they're not the kind of friends where they are inclined if they have a couple of days off and they're within in two hundred miles of you to make a detour to come and see you. Whereas I I do I do have plenty of friends like that man? It's reciprocal but I understand completely. If the person that I that I enjoy having lunch with like every year at their show if I find out that they are in Boston and they didn't say hey you wanna get together for reckless. I will well understand that. So yeah that's that's what I really miss about it. But that's pretty much it speaking of missing stuff finally finally solved the mystery about my my. Ah the pixel four rather Google Pixel for that review unit that I have okay this this is unfortunately another chapter in Andy's Andy's bum leg saga Now it's finally. It's getting better but unfortunately like week to week and month by month boasted day by day but only like this week. We've we've kind of like a little bit like the last week has been improved so much that I no longer have an excuse to not do the housekeeping sort of things that were like really really too painful to do like on the status of my leg and see one of the end a lot of the adaptation station of my office and my bedroom and stuff like that where basically I will admit that their their their youth there were like goat paths so to speak week. We're here is where close to simply dropped. Because I can't I can't hobble across the room to the dresser or to the hamper and and here's where a whole bunch of boxes are being stacked up and so that's what I try to get ahead. I had re- optimized in my living space to reduce the variable of having to walk from one place to another I will also say one thing. I'm taking away from this as I kind of really like having a having a cooler an ice chest like right next to the bed. That's pretty I I. It's winter so it's not as cold things but for the past ask like month I have been able to just simply wake up and as usual. I can for myself like a hot cup of tea. 'cause I boil water when in sprint but now I can just take a paper Bowl like off the off the nightstand off the stack take plastic spruyt or take a spoon. Take the box of cereal off the floor. Richard Ice Chest grabbed the almond milk and enjoy a lovely bowl. The cereal before I before I even like really really fully awake. That was pretty pretty nice but I'm sorry I'm getting. Is that for this. The terrible secret is that the pixel four has been missing for about a month and I knew Oh for fact that I hadn't lost it. There's between losing something and something simply being missing. I know it's in the house somewhere. I know that as soon as the next I'm I'm I I get to see when resumed cleaning the house. It will turn up very very quickly and sure enough of what I did some cleaning like three or four days. As ago I excavated a pile of a pile of laundry to almost The the the the primordial crust layer of the floor but between clean the floor layer and the laundry layer. There was the layer of my big gray gray laptop bag That I I thought was empty but I had the I had the phone a couple of things like in a pocket in this bag so it was. I actually saw so finally going to get around to doing my like the the final comprehensive like right up on the Pixel Four. I actually think it was kind of a good thing to have have a month off from using it and going back to it because I have had. I've had I know I know. I'm justifying just being Oscar Madison and but case it was it was. I'm just I'm just saying that. I always as one of the reasons why I always I. I never ever review a piece of hardware particularly a phone a couple of weeks after I got it. It's usually like at least a month so I have some time to get used to this. I'm not reacting reacting to this because it is new and different. I am not racking this because of the potential that I see in this feature. I'm racking this as someone who's been using it day to day to today and canal assess. How often do I use to work? And so if sharpened some opinions of the Pixel for I I think it's I think's thanks a terrific phone I really do. I think that anybody who is in a position where they need a new android phone. I think that should be on your short list of two or three Considering flagship well yeah I mean I think to me I think it's between Samsung. One plus an a pixel I egger and my choice among the three would probably be the pixel because I really really adore having Google as close to the metal as possible. Ah That's really what I really want However it got me it did get me concluding that if you don't necessarily absolutely need to replace replace your phone like right now I again. I've got Pixel One I've got a it's got a little Scott Bonus points it's like like I got an extra guy in the game because Google has given it android t giving it the next version of android and I didn't expect that it was going to okay gave me and what I'm finding is that I might decide to wait until the pixel five partly and one one of the big reasons. Why two big reasons why they both have to do with hardware motion sense? I love the idea. It's not worth the effort. I brought it up just me Nice. It's I think there's an amazing amount of potential there however it is right now just a couple of months after it's been released it's mostly potential unrealised. I want to see particularly what Google does Google CEO saying here are new. API's developers and new things. You developers can do motion sense starting with the Pixel for that. You already have in your pockets or if you look under your seats or whatever so that that's one factor. Another factor is that. I'm disappointed that support for face on lock is so spotty Even a couple of months later for kind of would I wouldn't say it's a deal breaker for me to have to enter a password every time I use paypal or my online banking APP but I do use those apps frequently enough and off off the pixel three at by the way I I don't want to deal with anything but the fingerprint at this point I really want to use the pixel for but it's it's it's too bad because the cameras a big leap from my pixel one so much speed a big limp. I like the styling so much of it is again a really nice big leap but you have that one practical thing. Where if I if I drop my pixel one like off a off a balcony and got the story and I really do have to buy another phone? I probably would bite the bullet and go ahead and get a pixel for however if I can tell myself that you can still so get along with your pixel one at least until you see if the next Samsung phone is so mind blowing that you're gonNA want to even go to that instead of a pixel or even to see if I feel as though I can wait for the Pixel five. I'm not so I'm not telling people to wait for the Pixel five however saying the pixel for A. Yeah I I feel like as good as I'm glad that Google is is putting both shoulders in idea of. Let's make really super great inexpensive or excuse me mid mid expensive phones and spent instead of just throwing our lot completely with flagship devices I breath and the value that they're delivering they delivered with three. A was just phenomenal. How I don't know if I might want to have it's for me? I don't buy phone every year every other year. It really is every three or four years like when I really see an excuse to really up my game and so I got. I've had like this is money like tape to tape underneath my desk for a few years now and spent the stack of bills and is getting has been getting thicker and thicker. So I feel as though I can spend nine hundred thousand dollars a phone when what if I fall in love with whatever that next phone is going to be but yeah we're I'm I'm taking a deep breath because you're just reminding me how much is left ahead for the air because it's only January's got again. Samsung Samsung Samsung has announced their unpacked events in San Francisco and just a few weeks. I was so excited because I already had bought tickets. It's for the for the Metropolitan Opera on February thirteenth and I was thinking if it relies on the eleventh and it's in New York City suddenly this becomes a business trip doesn't it which means that I can. I my personal budget. I can take this out of the out of the out of the business budget instead of the personal having fun budget. Yeah but I can't spend. I can't spend money to go to San Francisco for this and I'll be eight days away from giving birth so it's not. I am not having a baby at a Samsung keynote. That's not happening. I know it would like you're probably solidify why I know it really likes solidify my life as for what I chose to do with it but I just it's not having. I'm not doing not not again as as as we discussed last week we are. We are not living in sick and TV Sitcom land. Which means means that if there was ever any possibility of you having so-called wacky circumstances surrounding your birth? Any your child's birth. All of those circumstances were eminently preventable with such such simple things as perhaps eight days before I do I am not going to travel traveled to San Francisco and do a yeah covered a keynote. Exactly it's it's forty forty plus miles away from my hospital so you know Oh my God anyway okay and if you had any plans of making sure that like your child's face doesn't appear D Q matching. How many youtube videos you will be on? Hey this is. This is Chad of Jasdaq. I'm here I'm here in front of a woman giving birth right here smash that like bill. The Name Your Kids Sammy. Who Anyway I thought we'd name her blaze? Hey that's accurate name anyway so quick. GimMe GimMe Book Bush date. We are number three and number four. So we're actually climbing a little bit. Even though we're just holding on to just two slots I think that is a fine result. We can be very very proud of that as usual And so we're GONNA talk about. CAS after this message is we are. This episode is brought to you by pink. Dem from Ciller wins while you've been listening to this podcast How do you know if your website had gone down? Would you know if customers can click that by now but nor access your content. You might sub across the problem by lock. But that's no good you. You need a system you need something to tell you. 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Free trial while with no credit card required then when you sign up use the code material at checkout to get a huge thirty percent off your first invoice things supreme no from solar winds for their support of this show and relay. FM come with US dear listener errors on a magic voyage we coming to an oasis city in the middle of a desert where vice goes to say dudes. You guys are off the hook and I wonder how Andy and I go completely two different directions gene wilder on this one. Okay oh I was. I was more going to Not even the colloquial version of Cincinnati. Sorry that more like the Martin Scorsese Casino version of Cincinnati. It's like this is what this is where gangsters go to like like wash their sins away and gain the able to do exactly what they're doing back in Chicago and Kansas City Casino. Just in case anybody was wondering in terms of Martin Scorsese. JC Films Casinos. One of my favorite. I mean who doesn't WanNa Watch Sharon stone just completely fall apart. Okay speaking of actually not speaking falling apart not a good segue. Let's pretended good sale. Rates freaking is to protect come on Don. Don't make me a bad guy here okay. Consumer Electronics show. And so we're so glad glad that we're here. We're in our offices in our homes instead of their in Las Vegas because it's it's it's a lie. It's a very very busy show. There's a lot to see. There's a lot of companies throwing announcements that you that you have to Parse and it's it's hard work so Kudos to everyone who is doing the work this week. Yes I'm I'm perfectly willing to say that I'm too old to be excited about that amount of energy with that. Few really great and important pieces of news scattered across such a wide area That's just my thing but they're with us. We are focused on Google stuff and so there were there were a couple of specific topics This was definitely the event where Google decided to make a big play for position. chrome OS and chromebook. Says I know you. Can you think of these as these cheap. Two hundred dollar notebooks that you that you buy in blister packs of one hundred for your kid's school but they're actually serious super powered wonderful productivity tools as well and we are very very important thing to show off during CAS when Microsoft which is still kind of the dominant system there. I mean we're seeing all usually see us was a showcase of PC stuff laptops and peripherals referrals and like all the all the hardware and so it's good to kind of have this other platform. Yeah it's good it to have a showing there. He rapidly right. The Big Central News for chromebooks is there. Google's partnership with Intel are there. Let's let's face. Is there anybody who builds any hardware around Intel components. It is on some level partnership with Intel Microsoft and Intel Pretty Much Co.. Oh design every plant every windows machine that exists S Not not an NFL way to have the sort of. It's not apple. They don't have the person who designs the CPU's and the person who designs the OS persons who designs the dialing software in adjoining cubicle. So you have to have that kind of tie But last year Intel decided to launch a kind of a branding certified or a certification program for windows hardware called Project Athena This was a way to You have. It's a special certification that a manufacturer has to qualify for the given the specs and the performance and the design of a windows notebook that allows them to say. Oh this is project Athena certified and that will indicate that when you're if it's an ultra book but it's not just a fan but crappy and useless and nope not powerful enough and no battery life enough notebook. It is a thin light notebook that is capable was pretty much any any decent windows notebook you can get a set of specs and goals coordinator Intel quote engineered for mobile performance us us and the targets festival the whole list of specifications that have to be met like you have to have instant action meaning biometric log in it has to be able to wake from sleep and less than a second performance is going to require an I five or seven Cebu money. You can't have a qualcomm. CPU and they're well. Oh Yeah so you need an eye for an eye seven. CPU At least he gives a gigabytes ram at least two hundred fifty six gigabyte SSD battery life has to be Sixteen hours or more for video playback and nine or more in typical use and you have to be able to charge From zero to four hours a battery in less less than thirty minutes fat with fast charging over. USCC on the form factor has to be right so basically if you see if you are if if you were to do a A search on Amazon or new egg. And you know that I've got more than three hundred dollars to spend on a windows notebook. Want something that's really really powerful and useful but nonetheless. The less has the form factor. Something really really slim. You can just search for Project Athena so What Google and Intel announces that the project of the program is being extended to chromebooks obviously high end chromebooks? And that's kind of explains a lot of things I I was kind of confounded that I you and I both have have a pixel books. I think it's a great low laptop. I've just really really really love. It and I was kind of disappointed that there. It hasn't been like a sequel to the Pixel Book. They have they have the pixelbook. Go which is the affordable not super powerful but powerful enough version okay. That's it's useful. That's not what I was hoping for the demographic exactly and they also have the the the pixel slates and almost immediately afterward. We're saying. Yeah Yeah we're kind of getting out of the slate business or for the pixel line and for super cheap please by our inventory and it did seem where but now really really seems like okay. So they knew they. They're they at some point. They switched their plan from. Let's build super-powerful high end chromebooks to prove how studly A chromebook can be too. Let's work with Intel to create a specification so so that if other companies so other companies will be encouraged to chase after the people who have five hundred to a thousand dollars or more to spend on a pixel book and therefore we can spend and more money getting sued on defending ourselves from litigation from various governments which will be quite a quite a relief from us? That's it's I hope that. I hope that that was their plan. I hope that the Google themselves haven't given up on it so we don't win we can't make any money off of the pixelbook so we're happy to have someone else do it. Oh no no no. I don't think it's at all I think they're just trying out there. Just trying to see what sticks you know. It's it is strange though I I everytime I try to answer the question for myself. Who spends a thousand dollars on a chromebook? I never confident of the answer that either get through research through talking to people who are expert analysts or through trying to work it out for myself because it seems as it seems seems as though once. You're in that kind of rarified. Air Territory and a thousand bucks is a big chunk of change. If you're if you're looking for a laptop and you're not looking him for an apple one. That thousand bucks will buy you more or less any windows Laptop in any configure. Any simple any any but the higher end configurations that you want with whatever bill quality like whatever form factor you like you can buy at least an I five with a good amount of memory and a good aside. SSD and you don't have to hook up donegal's for everything everything or use a magnetic keyboard and just hard for me to figure out who who is has has that kind of money in their pocket that is not either going to spend even more money to get something. Ultra stylish like power MAC book or despoil simply say a even from. Let's get a Samsung or a Dell or HP note book of the same pedigree but something that runs windows and is not going to have a problem Dealing with files and it's I don't know what the math is on that I admit it I will. I will say that whatever or has been showcased at CS has me really excited for what's happening to cross to the crumble platform But in terms of what's coming out from Google I still think that they're just because this has been kind of everybody's minds like well. If if in case spoiler alert if Samsung is doing this thing thing you know making these sexy looking chromebooks that look even nicer than the pixelbook. Then what does this mean coming out of Google and I don't know now. Let's remember that Google makes the the the bones of these things. It's not so much the the muscles and the again that word meat suit that goes around. That's what that's Google mostly concerned and I think and I again just as evidenced by the slate it's just figuring out new form factors figuring out what works going forward and The Pixel book go is Kinda this like mash of what they were doing for the younger crowd with education. And what they were doing for us high end users so you can like it's basically it's a really cute chromebook that you can put links on what's kind of the you know it's this powerful but I really like the idea of these laptops coming out even from other manufacturers because ultimately this is going to expand the platform and make it just make it a bigger thing I mean it already has been. HP Samsung have already been making chromebooks. Not Lake we're about to talk about tease are. We'll talk about it now. The Samsung Galaxy chromebook. I want it I want this you and I I want it the minute I saw it. Not just because it's a color okay. Yes to read. My grandmother has dinner where they're gonna be called fiesta red. And I'm glad my dinner. Where is fiesta? Wear Red and it's it's not just like read head. Is this beautiful sort of reddish orange ish like and and don't don't worry if you're stick in the mud you can still buy it and boring gray but you can still. Why would you get this really cool like Renaissance Orange in the right light? Maybe even a little bit pink at the edges. It's let's let's this is this is Rhonda down starts at so. I got getting this other way. It starts at one thousand bucks starts at nine hundred ninety nine dollars GonNa be available available. By the end of March or in the end of the first quarter But with a gigabytes of Ram one hundred twenty eight gigabytes of storage to start at supports sports up to sixteen gigabytes of Ram and a terabyte of SSD storage. So that's probably considerably more than nine hundred ninety nine you you can get it with an I five or I. Seven and this is the tenth generation released generation Intel processors. So it's not as though you're buying something that's three years old or necessarily necessarily dumbed down for Mobile It's very almost looks like this. They handed over there. I Google handed over their first draft of the Pixel book to to Samsung because it looks not unlike a pixelbook. It's has the three hundred sixty degree Screen Screen backlit keys. That's the same. Two little sticks tried that gum on the hinge that keeps keeps it all together. has no fans or it'll run silently. Let's hope that it doesn't think that it doesn't get too hot. Actually wanted one of the specs of Project Fina is that owned by the way. Ah I don't think a part of the SPEC is that you can't have a fan but one of the specs is that you will however you design this to handle heat you cannot have it cut its performance because it's getting too hot so none of that. Shenanigans fingerprint sensor from locking two USB ports a micro st includes An SPN like much like much like and we'll and it's also So obviously has a touchscreen and will also work with standard Welcome style stylists to. If you don't want something that Dachshund side of this beautiful little springy plea Audi hole the side of it and it's yeah I obviously I haven't I haven't touched it but I've I've I want I. I saw the pictures in seeking out video again every every every tech BRO named Chad. Who has your has who has a an instagram or youtube? I've watched your video of of the Samsung Galaxy grow just to see it from as many angles as I possibly can and it looks. H W T T hot. It's it's it feels like put it this way if I if I have given Somebody a thousand Rosen dollars for a notebook. This is what I'm expecting to take out of the box. Something that looks as good as this as well built as this case screen the it's For thirteen point three inch four K.. amyloid display now this. This is the one thing that kind of made me go. ooh This too bad a sixteen a sixteen sixteen to nine ratio screens. Well wide screen panel which that's the Samsung move because it got the guy wires exactly Klay. They're like hey we'll just put one of our. TV's which is fine as well. I mean I. It's over and turn into a media viewing or you could put some gaffer tape on like the left most sean six of it it just it just feels especially I. I really think that the rules should be that. If you've got a thirteen screen you have to have a one two three green third Ratio display because otherwise. It just looks weird. It looks like you want to hand it back and say hi Something something happened to the top inch and a half of the screen because I know that instinctively there should be like some more pixels up top there. Could you check like the truck truck delivered it in. Maybe it's like rattled around there somewhere. I really want those top pixels back because this is kind of freaking any there were a couple of other chromebooks that were announced to. Yeah that got highlighted does and Just just to show how important that Google thought that this was part of their masters. They I did have a blog post Alba Project Athena and highlighting these new chromebooks from From Samsung and a source and Lenovo But they both all three. We really went in different directions. ACIS has a new version of the chromebook flip. That isn't necessarily that much different from last year's version but it's significant fourteen screen tenth Jenner again tension ration- until CPU. All the two. And I seven longer battery life partial qualification for the certification so therefore power. But it's missing some of the finer details and This one also is gonNA be coming out. In March early March. They didn't announce the pricing. But but if they didn't they didn't decide to give it a whole new name and product number this route length of previous one is what the flipped for twenty something and something like that. That makes you think that they're probably number. Yup exactly whatever it is it's not going to the price is not going to deviate that much from the previous version. Which means would probably be around five hundred six hundred dollars that would be the version with cloth seats and the factory Stereo? If you want the I seven seven if you want the extra as Steve More than that but still very very solid machine priced at roughly what I would like to spend for a non-basic nine basic chromebook. I I really do think the sweet spot for chromebook is five to six hundred bucks because At five to six hundred bucks the advantages of chrome os over over the massive overhead and an finicky. -Ness of windows. That's really where you can't. You can't build a windows notebook for five five or six hundred dollars without making it without having to sacrifice performance and comforts whereas you can make a really great chromebook doc probably running the same intel process running on. I five that you would need have seven hundred windows notebook together level of performance And it looks perfectly another the three hundred sixty degree screen. So you get that kind of Mojo Lenovo went into a completely different completely different direction but what good because Sir advantage of chromebooks that they can be cheap so they had two different designs the idea pads line they have the yes. Sorry I jumped ahead there. I just really wanted to say duet the Antea ped- to see if we did this studio studio together. We probably have to say that we're together like in harmony. Oh yeah good point it brings to do what a lot of tune. I'm sure Jim can fix that. We're we're we're good regret so this really does seem like a more affordable version of the pixel slate Limit for I tell you the price Let me tell you. It's got got a template one inch display with one only one USB port for charging and for data and accessories magnetic keyboard cover by. That's including shooting in tutoring the price at other magnetic keyboard stand that's also included in there. It's going to be compatible with most stylists although it does not come with one they. CPU is the. I'm going to give you time to open a new browser tab because I'm not sure a lot of people come in saying I WANNA make sure that this is powerful enough to handle everything. I'm going to throw at it because I'm gonNA use this as a real laptop. Give me nothing less than mediatek. heliotrope e Sixty T.. CPU It's fine. I'm sure it's fine but I think you re you understand that you're probably not going to be running light remarkable on this twenty eighteen chip. Yeah it's fine it's fine I'm in you can run Light Ra- mobile I mean if I can if I can run light room mobile on the Pixel Book just find just kidding. That's an Intel Da. Hello the Dow flow. That's an Intel based configuration you're getting four gigabytes Aram which is on the left side. I think one hundred twenty eight gigabytes of storage which is fine not great but find. They're also promising. Chrome OS chromos updates through two thousand twenty eight which is very wow now and so wait for two hundred and seventy nine dollars. That's coming out in May okay. That's when you start to say okay. I don't mind that there's there's not as much application Ram. I don't mind that it's not even using Intel's Phony Bologna earn call. This core is something even though we used to to call it something called a seller on because we didn't want to offend the engineers who were working on the core processor line That's and that's when you get down to. This is a useful given that given that can be magnetically detached from From its keyboard and be used as just a regular slate. That's it's not bad at all I will let let's see if can I hold it from like one half of the screen and the rest of it will simply bend from gravity. I don't know is that. Is it water soluble. I'm hoping not. That's the price where sacrifices prices must be made but it's Lenovo and they don't make crummy stuff. I have a couple of different Lenovo Laptop. Some of them are actually pretty cheap. LAPTOPS OPS and both pretty darn good. So that's pretty good news on the more conventional side they have the idea pad flex five. Which again I'm having thing so many flashbacks to so many hip hop albums from like early eighties? It's like grandmaster flash affects five. Don't okay so this is more of a conventional convertible laptop with hinge. You can get up to an Intel. I five and once again. Latest generation processor wonderful of thirty two or sixty four gigs of EMC STORAGE NOT TCI SD but basically a flash drive. We'd like to see baron that but you can get one hundred twenty eight Gig. SSD Wi fi six. which is the latest version of Wifi backlit keyboard keyboard also spill resistant and that one starts at three hundred fifty nine bucks which is again what I feel. Those is the mid re a good price for cheap windows machine. Shane and a good price for a mid range chromebook. So I. I want to see We they didn't release the obviously the entire like builder order order a list of public cost of builds. This one out the way you'd like it but if if the base price is three and fifty nine with three for thirty two gigabytes of not really good S- quality storage I'm wondering if you budgeted five to six hundred dollars if you kind of it kind of put it into chromebook flip territory. Y could you get it out because if you start with a list generation until I five you've got enough potential horsepower so long as you're backing it up with Ram and storage and it might be more comfortable to use than a NASA's even though they th these are pretty well built in. That's a big fourteen in screen but it's I am. I'm glad to see the goodwill at least was putting chromebooks front and center and the it's having they're having great success us with chromebooks and education but the risk there is that it gets pigeonholed as a computer. Fear Kids fisher-price lined up hand crank writer when it's to me using the the pixelbook. It really is for what I need a little slim lightweight. Laptop the top four. It's better than the IPAD pro that I used to love used every day and loved because it really is the because it does introduce some pain in the butt things about because it is chrome. Os Windows or Mac but what you get in replacement for that is that the damn thing just keeps working. I've never had a situation in which I open up the LID and it doesn't work or stops working or it freezes up there have been times where it's slowed down a great deal because I had like two gigabytes of storage I left and I had like a kajillions tabs open crumbs. That's on me. I'M NOT GONNA blame anybody but beyond that but it really does. It really does point out that the chrome books books have a purpose beyond just simply being an alternative to windows and the IPAD so long as they can make it useful I think as as long as they can deliver that kind of kick butt advantage at five hundred dollars over pretty much anything else going. I'm really keen to get my hands on these and check them out. I'm not I'm not sure about the about the idea pad duet not sure but we'll find out But I'M GONNA but I'm glad that Google is is trying to make that point that this is not just for kids. This whole new platform does not the less than operating system. This is the alternative operating system. And maybe if you give one of these notebooks a try outside of the improvements you'll never notice the difference that no we still have a live. CAS stuff to the SCUSI. Because again this whole week has taken over by this trade show but we should take a little break. I I think I think we should. This episode of material is brought to you by Leonod. Whether you're working on a personal project or managing your Enterprises Infrastructure Leno does the pricing support and scale. You need to take your project to next level. 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So that's something interests you go to Leno Dot com slash careers to find out more the URL for that twenty twenty dollars credit one more time is leno dot com slash material and enter the Promo code material. Twenty twenty are known for their support of this show and olive relay. FM well well well what would see esp without a little bit of the assistant creeping about you know the the the spent well see. The problem is that they spent so much for that like Google Assistant Pee. Wee's playhouse sort of X. Building off building that they've been setting up at the at sea that now it's a sunk cost. It's like they can't they they. They can't afford to write it off now so they have slides into to a ballpit by the way. Yeah so if you ever wanted to share a ballpit with thousands of thousands of people from outside I so you're gonna go see like a ball pit like chucky cheese. You worry about P Here you're gonNA worry about like analyst Lice endless the students and journalists cooties see. That's let me what we have to cover. We have to remind ourselves and everybody else in this. This is not like like a for a for a festival to which everybody is invited. This is press only industry only analysts. Only so oh. Google built this knowing that they're expecting grown adults who are here with responsibilities to want to go down a wacky slide landed a ballpit an in an environment where they're pretty much certain to be photographed or videoed by somebody doctor sholls into but you know that's what makes the. Es Fun Ish rush was stay three and you're so tired you don't even know who you are where you are anymore. Something genetic in your brain says a slad. I remember when I was. I felt so happy and free live when I was a little child. I wasn't so burden says today with all these felts cat gentlemen combs did I have okay. So they're putting highlights on the Google assistant again and announcing via blog posts and of course so kinds of other demos Some cool new feature is something which you might wonder why wait. We didn't have scheduled actions before now. schedule actions were Partly to flex exelon the tighter. Smart home degration that The Google assistant has a new now have timed actions can have certain things happened. You can say please please have the lights turn on today at five thirty or please turn off the turn off the heater tonight at four places manually doing so in the routines tab which is much just so much more convenient in every in every example they gave was all about What was all about home home automation. I wonder if I hope it's a little bit more flexible than that. Because I could. Sort of I could I could sort of. I can sort of get it into sort of make use of having the assistant. Please find at in two hours. Tell me how much which time it will take to commute to this distance and then tell me what that business is going to be. Yes you know and I'm just I'm just coming up with an an example out of my Just off the top of my head but I hope it's not just you know those things you've been doing for a very very long time with the Hugh App on your phone and you've probably really already set up all the routines that you are ever going to set up between the lights and the appliances and stuff like that. Well now. We're giving you a different way to do that and potentially surely clobber the existing schedules that you've already come to know and rely upon but not know sour grapes. I'm glad they're doing This one is kind of cool household notes serve looks like yellow sticky notes for smart displays. You can use the hey guillermo command like hey camera leave a note. That says I'm I know that I said that was going out for cigarettes. But I'm actually leaving. You're never coming back because I know that there's a bigger broader word world and continue on next note and that will be displayed on your smart display and people will not necessarily not have to sign in or like it'll just be there for people to see that's pretty cool A sort of a speed dial dial feature for household contacts sounds like being able to have like a kind of the old fashioned like ten slot speed. Dial off on your on the kitchen phone you can define that okay called the pizza place. And you don't have to say call Domino's. Tom Knows Pizza on one to eight myself boulevard nearby. So it's so that that's that's handy now this was Kinda subtle but this could be one of the neatest things that they are introducing. Es it's just simple as simple as natural reading of long form content. And I'll hear a quote the The blog post here. This experience is built on new voice. Data sets to create more expressive and more natural sounding voices. So it's it's easier to listen to F- for a longer period of time. So the idea is that there is a system that is sophisticated enough to speak a sentence. And tell you what the weather is or the answer to a question. But when when you've got a webpage or something if you're or something that you want to listen to while you're you're driving and you have to have this this voice speak two thousand words. You will ease. It has a rhythm to it if it has a a weakness S.. You're going to find it every by the time you get to paragraph number eight you are going to know that. Oh God it it. Does that lilt at the end of every third sentence and Oh my God. It's one of these people who who inflicts the end of every sentence like this and yep so it sounds like one of those things that sounds like a simple thing but it's only simple. La Seems simple before you take the existing voice model and then try to read five thousand words with it and then say oh he got improve this so I was. There's also there's also a assistant command. Hey Bureau read this page. When you're looking at a webpage and it's also sophisticated enough that obviously obviously it's not going to say and you're not goes colossal waste of bandwidth? Then you podcasts. Contact like me as you know. Please just maybe you could like. Have your tension grab by the huge block of two thousand word. Texts that inside this thing. So that's gotta be were also work with in conjunction with translation. So you can have it. Please speak I know. This is an English but at pleased to translate this into Canadian English or perhaps an even more foreign language supporting now. This is weird. Got The one source says forty two languages riches and other ones says twenty nine. So let's just say dozens of language is It's likely that yours is included. They're they're era also a little bit promise for the future quoting again here. We're also looking to include auto scrolling text highlighting capabilities that help users read the text as it's being read read aloud so as it's do as reading a certain word it will highlight the word that's reading so that that if you're learning to read or learn to read a certain language or even learning to speak a certain language like you've told it to please translate this French into English or Russian into English as it saying saying the English is highlighting the Russian text that could be quietly wonderful How that works They're also saying that now. This is something that they rolled out last year. You're used to that. They have interpreter mode the ability to have sort of like turn by turn translation Abusing the Gula System as translator. Well they've been integrating this into out reaching into various concierge based services and public services Mrs so now More hotel check in desks and more airports and more libraries and more human services departments will have Google nest Excuse me a nest home device on the table and so so and with with instructions in various languages that could handle the I'm the go to the hotel. And you are in the hotel Sir I will not buy this record. It is scratched. And that's Ah we talked to. I talked earlier about how a lot of stuff is being shown off because the demos well this but this really is something that demos really really well. They did of course have a video on their youtube channel about it and I'm hoping that's not a canned demo. I'm guessing. It doesn't have to be a canned demo but would just the ability to have again. It's turn by turn. Can't Trent. Not the Babel Fish. It can't translate what I'm saying as fast as I'm saying while I'm saying it it's like hi. Can you help me with a car reservation. Yes I will need the car at eight. PM that's fine. I couldn't do seven PM. If that's all you have. That's you know. Turn Against Ninety Day fiance. Lots of marriages are built on Google. Translate Great I could see I could see using this with The the woman who helps meekly my house She's primarily a Spanish Spanish speaker and even though I understand Spanish pretty well and I have a pretty basic grasp of it sometimes Sometimes they don't always I understand and I'd like you know wouldn't it be great to just have like we wait. Hold on a second. Let me turn this on and then we can just like talk that way in the kitchen like when we're talking about out something a little more technical that I'm not like used to hearing so I don't really know how to you know you're about to mix bleach and ammonia. If you do that we will both die. That's her saying it to me by the just by the way 'cause I hired her because she's amazing she can get anything anything anything and she only uses like whatever Greek cleaning stuff but yes so. That's what I'm doing I mean do it. It's it's I think part of that is just sort of like lay up the shot for When the new Pixel Buds? Come out. 'cause that was one of the features that they were sort of the beginning of twenty eighteen that this was going to happen so it's like that twenty eighteen I was listening to Google assistant enabled headphones. That was doing but we're doing this sort of thing like it's just oh it does it does. It does work on the phone. I'm really really. It really would be A. This is what the future was supposed to be like sort of moment where I'm putting in the discreet. earpiece is that also has has a microphone and of course a little speaker and it animal here what the foreign language persons speaking person is saying and whispered into into my ear in my own language and then when I I I suppose there's no way around I'd have to say it in English but in the repeat back to me phonetically I will not buy this record. It is scratched. I will not buy this tape deck. That is vintage which just so that I can recreate speaking. Sorry Andy I called you out. There have sorry I am successful and and forward thinking I can look forward to the future. I am not so afraid of the unknown that that I must take solace in the familiarity of an archaic past. Give me a lot too hard. You download that APP for your phone that plays digital audio but puts a picture of a realistic cassette spinning. Well it plays. I decided that it's okay for me to do that. But yeah and of course as we alluded to earlier they had had to make sure that it's not really part of the whole Feature set that they're saying but continuing our commitment to privacy and losers. We're saying continuing nut beginning our commitment. I'm sorry I'm sorry. I wasn't supposed to say that continuing our commitment to privacy. The Google system is built to keep your information mation private safe and secure for instance. The assistant is designed to wait in standby mode until it is activated and when in standby mode. The Assistant Won't send what you are saying to Google or anybody else etc etc so walking through and there's new Google assistant commands. How do you keep if you ask? How do you keep information? Private will say we're so glad you asked now. Don't believe don't believe what that apple personal assistant will tell you. We're going to tell you the truth about Tim. Apple is it goats with trump. It really got hung him out to dry it doesn't you. Didn't you. Never see our CEO getting in trouble for any ethical lapse awake no sorry Ivan specifically told told not to talk about that but so it really does seem as though every single thing they do has to be filtered through. Make sure for you if you've got the microphone and there's still some time left on our clock we can sleep slip in a we really do care but no we don't sell your personal information. I don't care what your aunt kept telling you or what you're what your seventeen year. Old Nephew keeps that. We don't sell your information. We just sell ads based on what we know of you that we keep secret because I I mean we got. We spent a lot of money man figuring all this stuff out. We think that we're going to give away the stuff. No Man we. We are way too Venal to actually did not want to maximize profits in our in our totally legal but should not be Lille surveillance of you again. Perhaps I should not have put that in the press. Release I forgot that I've forgotten released. This google docs with edits visible. When I was supposed to make sure that turned that off before I hit the button? Oh Well Hey hey commits twenty twenty. We'll be doing okay so before we were quick little break that we need to take before we move onto our last bit but I do WanNa bring up just something that happened with the assistant last night which was again I mentioned. I've had insomnia. Unfortunately really my poor husband when he works from home the next day usually he'll stay up with me which is like oops but last night. He decided decided we were having this. Really deep discussion about bath bombs because yeah we were we were and it was like one thirty in the morning and the thing I absolutely do not like is in is asking Google anything after hours the way I call it like I don't have do not disturb or whatever I don't have I don't have that in our room because you never know if I'm like waking up in the middle of the night and you know immediately need to turn all the lights or something like I want to be able to do that kind of thing anyway And also because I have a smart lock the door whatever anyway And he decided to ask a question Russian to Google last night so he incited it. It did the whole loading thing. It was bad to answer him immediately. I replied not outdoor. Listen to him. Don't answer him right. Now is not the time to answer questions to which the assistant took a pause and then replied. I don't WanNa get in the middle title of this right now. That was like Smart Assistant. Now that's smart anyway. I just wanted to share that. But that's because that's never happened before where I've been like not no don't answer. I said don't answer him. This is not the time and just like I don't want to get in the middle of this right now anyway which makes me think. What has the assistant anyway? We will be back back after this episode of material is brought to you by Booz Allen modernizing for the future challenge especially for large organizations. And you may need to integrate legacy systems with new technology. You may need to incorporate a in analytics to work more efficiently and make fast decisions and everyone needs new ways of thinking to move to. What's next whether for government or commercial goals Booz Allen understands and they're helping some of the world's largest organisations modernize they understand the missions of government industry and the need to adapt to constant change? They provide open source solutions. So clients can integrate innovation from anywhere whether from visionary startups or major contractors plus. They're helping clients power new technologies with analytics and because security is everyone's priority. They integrate their capabilities with intelligence since grade cybersecurity with Booz Allen Integration means putting you in control of innovation integrate innovate get done with Booz Allen. Learn more at BOOZ ALLEN DOT com slash relay. That's BOOZ ALLEN DOT com slash relay. We'd like to think Booz Allen for their support of the show well before we go when it wouldn't the Google oriented podcast. We'd have to have something to say about a Faux Pas and something accountable on before you do the Faux Opa you label this Act Culture Club so I ask I have to to. You really want to hurt me. We will tumble for you. Dear listeners. CLA- okay just now Georgia's GonNa see all that used to be. That was like the act one slot until I moved it down and I decided that the template that used to write these things. It seems that they'll act. One one is always we always when we talk about. And here's some bad news about coach a Google corporate culture so we're just going to create this new segment called the Google Culture Club to see how well Google is getting along with. Its employees the government and the world Well assumed Upper Chai this is. Why if you're the CEO of really impressive and important and powerful company? You gotta be careful about everything everything you say he. I'm sure now especially with what we're following so he's He tweeted Dev about the the wildfires in Australia early which we talked about the last week and fortunately situations not getting a terribly bit still by huge problem but So we see tweeted devastating waiting to see the catastrophic bushfires in Australia. We've been working with emergency services to provide SOS alerts and Info on our crisis. Map and at Google. Org and Google irs are donating to support relief efforts and included a link to the crisis map of of Australia which is an example. Some of the cool things that Google APPs can do with with their data So with points to a interactive map of the Sea of fire situations in Australia. You Click on it and you get It's a map of Australia. We're just all these markers all the way down the coast and up the coast About not the fires and Queensland Emergency Warnings Fires that are going on fires that are safe. Tasmania information broken down by by area and is a good a demonstration of some of the use that that will can put to a state. And little if you're a little bit cynical you could say wouldn't it be nice if you just said that. Hey we're donating money and hey we our hearts go out without actually promoting any of your. I'll I'll that's a little bit cynical. That's fine but unfortunately Employees are following his account. And Sam Kern. Who is a Google Earth Responded saying quote. Yes the Australia Australia. Bushfires are devastating on that note. When is Google going to commit to the climate plan requested by twenty three hundred or more of its workers? There's and here. He linked to a medium post post back counts called. Google workers for action on climate and here was We're kind of familiar familiar with These medium posts which are Powerful mechanism that are being used by Google. Employees sometimes anonymously to get their message out. This is one was created on November fourth of last year. It's called Google worker for Action on climate from the open letter on climate action at Google will Assigned by two thousand three hundred and two Google Earth and apparently directed at alphabet. CFO Ruth Pratt Mixed four demands zero emissions is by twenty thirty zero contracts were able or accelerate the extraction of fossil fuels zero funding for climate denying or delaying think tanks lobbyists and politicians auditions. That seems like it should be obvious one and zero collaboration with entities enabling. The incarceration surveillance displacement or oppression shen of refugees or or frontline communities and no new. I don't believe that there was a response to this on behalf of Sundar Pichai. So so it's as I've been saying as I've said about Tim Cook on occasion. It's like this is part of your job as CEO. nope sometimes you quite rightly have to spend some time in the dunking booth and this was again. Didn't do anything mean by tweeting this out. But when you point out that A bunch of people are concerned about Google doing something seriously positive for about the about climate As opposed to something that's kind of symbolic they look are nifty data that we've been collecting. Perhaps you could at least respond to this again. He has to sit in the dunking booth for that. But yeah it's like. He probably probably tweeted out thinking while I really really really feel terrible situation. This is and maybe we can hope people with this with this visualization position. We can help. People don't understand exactly how and he didn't expect crap. Yeah sorry I mean not sorry. Sorry not sorry. It's it's just a you can you can you. Can you can agree with the idea that that Sam Curran was correct. Point this out while also feeling a measure of sympathy for Sundar Pichai. That like really just all. I just gave up. I gave some flowers to my dear mother on her eightieth birthday. And and now I gotta deal with. Hey you know where those flowers came from man like Meh workers got paid like this. My mom looks like roses. Okay sorry I mean it is a privilege to be able to censor yourself when when you don't WanNa bring that sort of vibe to a conversation and I'm saying this personal now just because of where we are in twenty twenty what what has been happening lately. How I've you know? Come to realize the the realities of the world and how things are done but you know in relation to Google on this. I the reason that we bring the stuff up is because it would just be really great to see. Google have a little bit of awareness beyond what they weren't us that corporations usually have in just kind of have them be like a rate. The stuff is happening behind the scenes and people are really happy with us about it You know it's just like it would be if be good form at the same time. Yeah anyway you know what good for the Google irs at Google who are doing the work of Collins stuff out when they see it because it is a lot harder for for people I mean you know good for good for people for using their privilege village. Forget that's what I'm going to say. Exactly on. Both sides of the equation is exactly. It's all giving a bunch of money away and and You Know Google irs like talking speaking internally like hey who about that thing that you didn't sign which should really help but you know it's all a two hundred twenty. Yeah I know there's we're you feel like our podcast is going towards year so I'm just like no but you know what this is keeps life interesting and and this is my favorite stuff to find on twitter and send to Andy because you'll be like good fine and I'm just like thanks Sandy. I went into the depth of twitter. For this what uh-huh it was dark. It was a time and place and I really had to like hold onto my one little flashlight. But you know we got there uh-huh and will link to all this stuff in the show notes if you want to follow along and like actually see what it is that we're talking about of course. Yes yes exactly. We're again we're like reading rainbow it's like and here's your public library and read more about this. So yes okay. Did I ever tell oh you. Here's what we're GONNA end the podcast today. Did I ever tell you if my gosh. I'm having total pregnancy brain that now I can't remember his name came from Reading Rainbow. He Yeah thank you. He pregnancy brain by the way is a real thing like I just forget things that I've always known. He snubbed me at comic con one year. And I've never forgiven him for it and so I have like a very personal vendetta against Lavar Burton for this reason. No problem putting all the record on on behalf of most most of our listeners. At this moment can you elaborate. On what the snubbing what form it took yes So in in Y'all might might be like really flow. You're making a big deal out of this year even know See you know the actress from Star Trek with like the dark curly hair. Yes yes so. She was with Lavar Burton and they were like just outside Some cafe in San Diego were there for comic con and I just wanted to say hello to him because this is when he was really popular on twitter her when he was like kind of one of the verified that would like secretly like people. Stop and you'd be like Oh my liver and he just I said to him I don't I don't even remember exactly what I said but I just remember him being like no no no not not here to talk not here to like engage with people and like I respect that from you know from I do respect the fact that like you're not you don't always have to be on and just because you're at comic con doesn't mean that people should be allowed to flood you because they were getting flooded it was just like the nerds also smell them and then just like turn their heads in and it's exactly you know like if you know the beetle who were on the quarter at their enduring their heyday and so I get it I totally get it but the the actress actress she was much more just kind about And she was like no no. I'm so sorry runaway. To another event it was just like I would have appreciate it like you know the carrot approach versus the stick approach. That's all I'm trying to say so. And because of that I have a have a snobbery abry flora Varberg versus Mark Hamill. Who's tweeted at me? Several Times in response to tweets that. I've Tweeden him you know. Are we talking talking. He's he's tweeted me a couple of times in the past couple of years not out of nowhere because I've because I've included him I've tagged act him but because I'm verified. I think it makes them more inclined to be like. Oh who is this person sane. So I try to use that to my advantage checkmark. That's how I use it to my advantage. This cat like Bar Cam talked to me. And so I I have not achieved that I've I- somewhere in in on my dropbox. There is a enlarged screen. Grab of just the twitter interface. Saying mark. Hamill liked her. Tweet I have. I have a couple of those. And it's like I keep flip-flopping between there's no way that this is a silly thing to pronounce an unframed is going to have on my wall. The question is is it as it should be more silly to take it to that one really great great framing shop to have a custom frame and acid free everything made for one hundred and fifty dollars or is it more silly because that means that. Hey if you see this this on the wall either a you're gonNA think he's being sarcastic he's being self deprecating by saying look how overblown especially with that little art light. That's on top of it when actually no it's because it really is or oh isn't that isn't that Kinda cute that he really that he that that really did like delight him that Mark Hamill like liked something thing that in an abstract way at least light something that he that indie created this or is it more like you went to cvs and you bought like a ten dollar frame and it's like do either either like don't don't try to get a little bit wet either your dive in gotta stay dry but none of this. I'm going to wait and up to my unease. It's right leaning into it if you're going to be that excited just got on it and and I'm perfectly happy with if if someone points to that and a floating question. Mark appears over their head saying that I try to one of the one of my metrics for 'em I living a proper are in good life. Is that if ten-year-old me gotta like gotTa look into who I am and what I do. What kind of eventers I I've had? Would they be pleased. Leased to be the past that that I that I'm going to that I have marked out this spot that they're going to be in in the next thirty or thirty or forty years and you know what the ten year old version of myself is ecstatic. And not probably because ten-year-old doesn't understand like okay when I say that Mark Mark Hamill saw something that I wrote and indicated approval that actually means a lot less in context. And I'm glad you're glut and and then seventy year old me is like Oh let the boy have his via be excited about 'cause why why. Why middle-aged Andy don't be the screen door on ten-year-old? Andy submarine exactly. You're so wise seven-year-old Andy thank you you always put things in proper perspective diff- and on that note. Everyone's you're listening by how now other other than childbirth What do you got for the future that you would actually like people to be able to check in on? Just go check out flow feed Florence DOT COM. I've been updating it with my latest work still updating this week and hoping to get out still hoping to get out a couple of roads honestly tact before I go on a self imposed maternity leave and you can see. I'm going to be on Boston. Awesome public radio again on Monday. It's usually about every week. I'm discombobulated because I've been on Mondays for the past few weeks instead of Friday my usual which means that my brain is pro. My brain at this point has been trained that if I'm at the if I'm in a WGN studio blathering about tech for twenty minutes or half hour. It must be Friday Friday which means that the next day is the weekend so it throws me so much to be applied for it to be Monday and now it's Wednesday and it means that like all of of like the stuff that I need to be a wake up early four and get dressed up for is done. I don't have to get dressed up for it and now this this on top of the usual will twilight zone between Christmas and new years of not knowing what day it is I honestly have thought it was Friday for the past week and it was only right once but I was right at once. Well that's going to do it for us this week. Everybody thank you so much for listening to us this week. Hope he listened to us again next week until then everybody have a fantastic seven days. Ace by at heavy

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