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Be sure to catch US live every weekday from seven pm to ten PM eastern four to seven Pacific or Fox sports radio find your local station for the odd couple at Fox sports radio DOT, com, or stream live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching F S. You're listening to the best of the odd couple with Chris Bruce and rob. Harker. Lakers clippers to night you wanNA, try to play it off like it's an exhibition game. Wholeheartedly disagree now is it the most important game in the world? No, but here's what I'm saying. If the Lakers come out and play a full game by give Lebron plays, it's thirty four minutes. Eighty plays his thirty four minutes. Then I'm telling you. This is virtually a must win for the Lakers. Stop Must Win for the Lakers and here's why I say it. Because the Lakers and this is a credit to them. Loving their attitude so far in a bubble Lebron James looks like the best leader in the game he's got his team zoned in their serious. He looks like he's in great shape like he took the shutdown seriously a worked out every day he looks great eighties playing their healthy and the clippers the exact opposite clippers been lolly gagging half the team's leaving the bubble you know where Lou Williams has been. A wise not playing well in the three exhibition games I mean they're just coasting through this thing not taking it seriously. Here's my point. If tonight. After. Nonchalantly, entering the bubble. Tonight with no mantras Herro no Lou Williams I haven't heard yet about beverly I. Guess He's a game time decision unless somebody can let me know as he planned or not, but he may not be playing either. If the Lakers under these circumstances can not beat the clippers. Then, how in the world am I supposed to have any confidence? Outside of well, Lebron is great that they're going to beat them in four out of seven games. I'm telling you the Lakers need to win this game tonight. Because if they don't, the clippers will have beaten him three out of four times to those times they will not have even had their full complement of players and I'm just telling you. It's going to be an issue and I think the Lakers would be in deep trouble if they meet the clippers in the playoffs seldom right and wrong. Again Chris I, can't believe you're saying the first game back after a four and a half month layoff is so massive and so important. To a Lakers, team just beat the clippers back in March right before the shutdown beat both teams were at full strength. That gay matters way more than this one. Chris. Do you really think any of that? For, the Lakers tweet was and they delivered this game doesn't mean anything there's no way on. Earth. To Clippers doesn't mean anything to the lake. To ranker's let's give it over under how many minutes Lebron, GonNa play tonight thirty. Where if he doesn't if he plays twenty some odd minutes if he doesn't. Play him late and all that. That's one thing that's why I preface what I said by if they come out and play it like a real game. The neighbor to win already tell you how it's GonNa go. Okay. They're going to both teams are gonNA come out hard in the first half. They're going to want to go at the national TV audience back on the court, but they're going to give way to the bench guys and with so many players missing Rondo a Bradley Louis, all these guys out you're GonNa see lineups that have never played together before ever you'll come no one's GonNa play heavy minutes, Dion Waiters Jr Smith they've never played with the Lien but. and Jr going to be playing get into play tonight against. The playoff working them back in it doesn't matter what they do. Tonight, it matters what they do in a month. In the first round of the playoffs I can see the Lakers capping Lebron's minutes listen Chris I. Know You a little bit about basketball. You know about soft tissue injuries and when you come back after a huge layoff, you don't WanNa go to hard and risk a hamstring injury and getting silent for a month. Okay. There's no way I. I'll be shocked if Lebron plays over thirty minutes tonight absolutely shocked every time that they say Lebron is not gonNA play a lot he ends up playing thirty seven minutes. I mean you. Wouldn't be coaching malpractice if they will let the Bronx thirty. Thirty five years old is not up to vote. Who It on the ground. Put me in the game I really want to win this meaningless game against an hours. Now, maybe Lebron old pull himself out, but don't tell me. That's perfectly did not intend Oliveira leading illegal. Let's go to the raptors warriors in the finals. Okay Kevin Durant said I'm playing I. WanNa play I WANNA play. Eleven minutes in goes down season over Lebron play in that Game Kevin Variety on brings stay on topic son. They'll be bringing. Brian Designs Kettering decided and not have the Ju- low flat Lebron. James. How it stop how Catherine said put me on the court win and he got hurt if Lebron does the same and gets injured, you will never hear the end of it from the Lakers. The season will be ruined. This could be Lebron's best final chance title. You think he wants to go up in smoke in the first game back against the Clippers Chris. Have you lost your mind? Why are you sitting here talking about Lebron, James Getting hurt he's thirty five years. Old Chris Right. He's got last year when he was thirty four never really injured before that j Mac Wise Lebron if you so you so worried about injury wise. The average thirty, five minutes a game that was during the regular season he worked right and and isn't tonight a regular season game. Oh. That goes back to my question. How much is this game matter? I would say like one percent at this if the Lakers truly play it like you said. Then, yeah, is not going matter but if they come out and they go hard and Lebron goes our ad goes hard they better win. Let me ask your frank for the win your Frank Fogel for this game. Are you in Hudson? This is a win at all costs. We've gotTA play a De la Baronne. We need you know of course you're why would I wouldn't say that under any circumstance? This time not Frank Vogel I'm not a I don't carry the Lakers water like you do I, hear Jack Give saying the Lakers better win got two best players. You got your full complement of your team that's GonNa be there in the plows minors. Raison. Rondo and the clippers have been leaving the bubble left and right. They don't have some of their best players. They've beaten you two out of three. This season there deeper. They're hungrier. They got more dog you better beat them than Ny. You're so wrong Chris what ours. Isn't the Lakers full complement of their team they're? On Ball defender though it is no their best on ball defender also was. Avery Bradley he's not there anymore. It's not the full cup of no, but Jason he's he's not coming back exactly working the new. Lisin? You you just not making. For All intents and purposes avery Bradley is not on the team. So stop it they never played a on. It's never played a game without avery. Bradley. A big game without Avery Bradley and now you want to diss is everything this matters so much when they don't have a starting guard shooting guard their backup point. That's reliable young. One, I would rather see twenty five minutes from Jr Smith and dion waiters. Lebron jeans because the Lakers to figure out what their lineups are and their benching how It out without Lebron James Because, you work in the bench guys figuring out. You're very little time on the court without Lebron, James You gotta get these guys used to playing with Lebron totally disagree. I would rather see Lebron play forty against the clippers in the playoffs thirty five tonight there's zero value in. Lebron going full bore tonight. There's no win they're. Doing. It. Certainly not to win if they get I'll tell you that and you think the clippers are going to walk away from this. We didn't have. Lou will we have herald? We took them down. Really. Create an honestly if the clippers beat the Lakers again I, not remember don't take away my preface that if the Lakers played his heart. Okay. Okay and the clippers still beat them they already think they're better than the Lakers they're very I'd better than late. No know. Why Nathalie Better Paul George has gotten out of the first round at six years be sure catch live editions of the odd couple with Chris Broussard Rob Parker Weekdays at seven. PM Eastern, four PM Pacific on Fox sports radio and the iheartradio APP. Sometimes, our food is more than just food. It's an intricate part of our community. So this year discovers giving five million dollars to support black owned restaurants to places like Rodney Scott, Barbecue and Charleston Post Office pies in Birmingham back in the day bakery, Savannah and hundreds more places in your local community all across the country learn how you can show your support at discover dot com you mentioned it to Rick Bucur you believe the NBA needs. Zaylon Williamson and the Pelicans in the playoffs explain yeah I don't think there's any debate about this from when Zion blew up do obviously bucur did not doubt IT I. Doubt it at least there's a delay 'em do very often. The reality is I on blew up at Duke and he became must see TV their TV ratings for Duke, Games with Zaire were astronomical the highest rated NCAA tournament game that year was Duke Michigan State Because of Zion. Okay. So he gets to the NBA and is must see TV Chris Right now, the TV marketplaces crowded I look in the In the studio here, and we got guys looking at their phones all the time guys watching Netflix. There's so many options out there video games getting someone's attention in this day, and age is extremely difficult. Okay. It's hard for TV hosts, radio? Host unit. Zion Williamson is that dude he is magnetic away. The Jama rant is not and it's not a knock on genre great player but he's not I gotta turn on my TV to see what John Maran's. There's only a handful of guys like that listen. Kawai Leonard is an outstanding player. He's probably going to be a top twenty, five player time. He's not I got rearrange my schedule to watch Leonard. There are a couple of guys like that in Sports Patrick Mahomes is increasingly getting there. Recently. Yeah I mean he is. He's not in. Again. It's more difficult in the NBA He. He's I mean mess up your argument. He's there he's up there Mark Jackson hasn't one off game Lamar is there exactly I gotta see Lamar Jackson in the NBA listen? Anything like that Mahomes and we've never seen a guy with the power and the speed Ziya Williamson the size the girth around his waist, and he's still able to get that second jump faster than anybody I mean. I'm telling you right now it's tough to get viewers to watch sports honestly ratings for a lot of stuff for down. Before the pandemic obviously coming out right now everybody's watching sports but I think the NBA needs Zay the Pelicans to get that eight seed setting up a matchup Brandon Ingram wants revenge Lonzo ball wants revenge Josh Heart to an extent wants revenge, and then you got Zion who's going to be a load for Anthony Davis or Lebron whoever's guarding him I think that matchup would probably be Christian I'm not going overboard here. You could make an argument it will do among the best ratings ever for a first round NBA matchup. Ever Enough. Look. A lot of what you said is true in that Zion is definitely a an exciting player to watch. He is one of the most exciting players exciting draws in the league. Let's put it that way he people he's he's. A household name already people want to see what he can do he scores in bunches. I'll give you all that. But needs. Rebuke was right if the NBA Needs Zion Williamson in the playoffs. And that's not let me you had your moment. You had your five minutes. All right. If they needs Iowa sending the playoffs rookie, they're in trouble. They're trouble. All right. Lebron James wasn't in the playoffs as a rookie Lebron James went into playoffs Saito. Who is in the Leeann Time. Zaire Williamson, it would be nice. If he made the playoffs, it would be great. If he made the playoffs, it will be Dandy. If he made the playoffs, it will be icing on the cake. Yes. Yes. Yes. It would be better for the NBA if he made it but dean's. They still got Lebron James. They spill got James Harden to Russell Wilson a Russell Westbrook they've still got job Laura yes. If you want and you probably never saw John Moran Game You've seen highlights you've probably never watched a game I might even go ask because I to bears you. Job. Is. Not. Only productive. He is fun to watch the only things I ask got over Joh-. Is the name recognition. That's it. I went to Murray stay as I am with the do Zay I think Jock could beat Zion in the dunk contest. I think the crowd maybe be so high that they would give it the. Zion just because of his his name but jazz got a packager dunks. He's a tremendous passer. He can score he defends and he is led a group of no names who were garbage last year to the eighth seed right now. So they got been, enjoy Joel be they got Jimmy Butler and Bam Outta by you in Miami. Got Jason Tatum and a host of Nice players in Boston. They got yummy. Are you serious? They need via in the playoffs. This is where you hurt yourself. Day. Out of. Myself this is why you are known from sea to Shining Sea as Chris broussard's punching bag. Here's the here's. Your. I'm Gye who are hover as a guy who's covered the NBA maybe to close. Throughout, yeah that's a problem. You're too in bed with the league. No, you don't have an employee. Way. Of knowing stuff. Yeah I just. Want to just went to lunch with when I was hanging out here a guy who's like best buddies with one of the top players on the grizzlies he's been texting to throughout the. Say About John? La. I'm not going to reveal any of that stuff. I'll say Saturday. Say, John McCain is. He's in galvanizing force on that team leader of the team as a rookie. You don't see that a lot. He's got the guy's playing together. There's really good things going on a member. And I'm not disputing any of that I'm saying for the League and eyeball you deny is one word if you if you want to say, it'd be better for the League gives I know great for the. Really. So they're gonNA collapse if Ziya wouldn't use it as important they put Memphis. I gave. Friday afternoon. War. M Eastern. It might be Portland that's was first game. They're playing on a Friday at four PM nobody. That we allies the FDA. Its audience and guess who so more jerseys this year's I honor John Marin. Right, who's a number one draw the last year leave your the typical hitting you with facts. Yeah you. Don't care about basketball you care about all the. Facts you care about gambling. You Care About Jersey, sales, you care about storylines and drama and social media, followers and audit I. Bow. All Brow who been. That's what I wanted to see if the Guy Fares. Joke me I, know you talking me from playing basketball until twenty nine? But still don't come but here's the thing Jay Matt. I. Look. I Like Zion. I like Zion alive like I said, he scores in bunches. Here's the thing about Zion. And I told you this. Now. He's clearly their most popular player. But he is not leading them to the playoffs. If they get there, he's not GonNa be the driving force. I told you they win and then. Let me finish I told you there are ten and nine. With Zion. They were eleven and five doesn't mean let me finish. They started terribly six and twenty two. They were eleven and five, and then Zion goes back in they go. Hand. Brother Finish Oregon you talk about facts. These are facts F. A. C. T. S., fax? Brandon Ingram was the all. Who led them in scoring and leads scoring Lonzo ball is the playmaker. He says, everybody up drew holiday is the wily veteran who still youthful enough to balshaw. They got a nice squad. Now don't get me wrong. Zion is important. Zionist is a great interior score. Any helps them a lot. Don't get me wrong. But Zion. May Not be a number one. He might. He's GonNa, always get your twenty five points a game, but he might actually be the second or third most important player on your team. So, can we chill? To wait. Nice pass-bys that was amazing by the way is Brandon and abandon your mind. I think it remains to be seen. So you're telling me a remains to be seen on Ingram three or four years into his career. Number, one Oh, like a a a great team like Kenzo Kimmel's ion beams lease their number one right now. But let's see if he can remain the number one I think he took. A number one. Contender is the question right and I would say probably, but I'm not fully certain on Ingram yet. So do you think they will try to build around England? John I mean ideally you'd have both but that may not you build around I think they're gonna I think they feel like their core is Lonzo. zay On and Ingram. and. Then they'll. They'll build around those interesting eight games. Those guys yeah. Well, they're young I mean really. Against Dad back there young not supposed to be I'm a big Fan after six and twenty to start. They've actually played basketball. Let me ask you a little. Laos and again I'M NOT BASHING MEMPHIS by pumping up the PELICANS. I'm just stating facts why do you think the NBA Pigs Zion, Williamson, and the Pelicans to debut on TV for the NBA restart. Look nobody has wants not rebuke or not myself denied Zairean is a draw we had an issue with one word need need. Need. Go fall apart trust me. That nobody's. GonNa. Fall. Lead means e. what is the need them Chris I need a Ferrari. Getting it? No, you don't need a variety. You. Know I'm sorry I drive a twelve year old car. I drive. A I read a fast car come on man I. I worked but off okay I want to drive a Ferrari I need. One need means if you don't get it, there's going to be problems you talked about Utah. which you talked about life about your wife trust me, you ain't getting a Ferrari. I try to poor since he would not do. You want a Ferrari, you need a car Fox sports radio has the best sports talk lineup in the nation catch all of our shows at Fox sports radio DOT COM, and within the iheartradio at search F. S. are to listen live. The only way is through a new podcast in partnership with iheartradio under armour join us as we hear from the world's greatest athletes, coaches and trainers they discuss how they utilize training competition and recovery improve their performance and push through. With twenty three, Olympic gold medals under his belt Michael. Phelps went out the way he wanted to as the greatest Olympian a history listen to Michael detail his life beyond sport and with his relentless determination sets new goals of raising mental health awareness and his life and artist. Here's Michael in reality. It's basically the same thing like what I'm trying to do on land is the same thing I was trying to do in the pool right. Goal. So now I'm just trying to learn how to do it on land. How can I make a difference? How can I help? How can I help somebody who's struggling from depression whether it's learned to swim whether things? It doesn't matter how can I help somebody become? How can I make the world a better place? Listen to the only way is through. Available now on the iheartradio APP. Or wherever you get your podcast. Did you see this player poll with the top one hundred players. Top one players in the League as voted by the players. Did you see that is is that? The Mars Lamar. Well whatever you whatever you WANNA, call it. It's total. Accent was number one padma hoses number four. What's your take on that? Silliness absurdity I like Lamar Jackson as much as the next guy. Okay. He's a dynamic player. I. Don't know if he's quite a generational talent. The Way Pat Mahomes is I think you have to have a playoff win before we can give you that moniker. But Chris to me? This is hey man, we're putting out the top one, hundred players in the league. How do we make some noise? How do we get people talking about us? Well. Maybe if we don't put. Patrick mahomes number one. The players are thinking I mean the players, how what other logic? That players are like how can we get some buzz? Yeah. How how how can players say that Lamar Jackson is better than Patrick Mahomes give me one way that Lamar Jackson's better. I, my thing I think, Pat Mahomes is not only the best player in the NFL but I have a caveat for that in a moment. He I think he's the best player in professional sports. That's because I think he's got go potential. He could end up being the greatest quarterback we've ever seen and Lebron is going to be hard for him to pass Jordan. And nobody else out there right now looks like they're gonNa Pass Jordan in in Baseball Mike Trials the best player but his team didn't even make the playoffs. So I'm Pat Mahomes what the way he started his career is unlike anything we've ever seen. He's not only the best player in baseball and football, but he's the best. Player in all sports in my in my view. is now is better than Lebron he's better at football than the Broncos a basket he's already achieved. He's an MVP and he's a super bowl champion in his first two years of starter. So he's at you don't get. Your Lebron's I two years but Lebron? Yes seventeen. For thirty five years old as well. So how can drive home now I'm not talking about historically. Lebron obviously historically is the second best player in NBA history, Pat Mahomes this far from the second best quarterback in the NFL history. So historically, no but right now right now Lebron thirty five year. Pat Mahomes is that guy? And and But for this list here, here's where I think they can rationalize the Lamar Jackson. I don't agree at the as I say hoses better. But when you the PRI-, it's a big problem ranking football players because the game is such a team game, the positions are so different of quarterbacks while that's the most important position, they're generally not the best football players, okay Tom. Brady's the best quarterback ever. There's no way he's the best football player ever. Because when I think of WHO's the best football player I kinda think okay. If we had guys at a camp in Utah beat New Orleans one, zero, six, zero, four. Guys in a camp. And they had to go through the gauntlet and you add tackle and you had the sprint and you had to catch and you had to throw and you had the block and you you know you had to show your strength speed athleticism all that cover guys. Tom Brady's not going to be the best guy at that That's what I think when I say who's a great football player And I would say saquon Barkley maybe a guy can elise picture a Christian McCaffrey doing some of the other things the football. Doesn't that just make them the best athlete Chris and. footling. Football look. I'm not trying to act like I was sensational football player but I played football through high school. Tackling his apart like every every year we all work on our tackling we will work going hitting. We will work going. You know catching the ball like football is not just being a quarterback. Tom Brady is not the best football player. We've ever seen no way. No. How is that possible? He ran what a five six forty. He's the best quarterback. and. So my point is I'm wondering where the players looking at that and saying, okay, I can see Lamar playing cornerback I can see Lamar playing running back. I can see Lamar plan why receiver safety I can't see because pantyhose ran a four eight. Maybe, they're thinking I can't I think Lamar's a would be a better all around football player. That's the only justification I can think of because otherwise I? Mean Pat Mahomes is certainly the best quarterback in the NFL and in today's standard that will make you the best player. Let's be honest. Chris you've followed Lebron's career for a long time. It. You, you and I both know if Lebron tried out at tight end right now. Six eight to sixty he would be dominant force in the. is of the Brian James would have been. An all pro receiver. Yeah. Sometimes, food is more than just food. It's a part of our community. So this year discovers giving five million dollars to support black owned restaurants to places like Rodney, Scott, barbecue, post office pies, and hundreds more learn how you can so support at discover dot com made by women is a new show brought to you by the Seneca Women podcast network and Iheartradio we bring you inspiring stories and shared learnings to help you successfully navigate today's environment benefit from the experiences of legendary entrepreneurs, as well as everyday women in business who found success their own way. Considerate. Your real world NBA design for the new now I'm Kim as a rally and you can listen to made by women on the iheartradio APP Apple Podcasts Arabia listened to your favorite shows.

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