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LOST: Down the Hatch | Season 2, Episode 6: Abandoned


Dissolve THIS INTENT. Flowers were series now. Quite differently I this rule the guns that made them decide. To Thailand's six June. Lost is over but we have to go back down. The hatchets lost rewatch. Podcast here on post show recaps covering season two episode six abandoned Mike Bloom or how to sites Shannon shadow away the size episodes. Yeah exactly Shannon. Shannon Shannon is deal. I think we should be saying Anna Lou. Fish at the air making our fist at Andalucia as Shannon Rutherford finally gets a flashback. Only for it to be the final Shannon Rutherford episode of lost at least as far as the first and final. Yeah Maggie grace gets a flashback and it is the exit episode for Maggie Grace as well. We've finally arrived at this moment. Our first series regular death since boone. Man They really just the Boonen. Shannon situation just really didn't work out for lost so well. Well I mean we talked about before. I don't know why I thought like maybe it would be different on the re-watch but no no josh. Whatever happened happened? Seniors rally? Remember this back during the boom thing. Though right over there like well we can really like haege them down at all so you could tell that. Shannon might have been existing on borrowed time a bit loss on location for this episode. Daymond definitely talks about her debts. Faring a sort of use to bring together the Taylor's and eight one five which will certainly get into you. I think your mileage may vary as to not necessarily Shannon's death but how is she was utilized in season two but no matter what. This is a swan song for someone would probably do well in Black Swan considered. Yeah exactly all right. So we're GONNA talk about Shannon's buying a lower here on loss. We'll talk about the ramifications moving forward we'll talk about it and its historical context on loss. Down THE HATCH. Spoiler filled lost rewatch. Podcast subscribe to the podcast. If you have not done so already post show recaps com slash down the hatch for apple feed but we are everywhere you can find us including spotify very exciting that we are on spotify now. Please make sure you're getting your feedback into us as well. We've got a robust feedback section. Every single week down the hatchet post show recaps dot com is our email address. It can also hit us up on twitter at round. Howard Mike at Mike Bloom type and you can tag at post show recaps as well. Mike. Let's go forth into the jungle. Let's talk about. I didn't I didn't know if I want to go into the jungle. Seems to be happening there. This bad things bad things in the jungle. This week we want to go into the jungle with Eyes Wide. Open a not the song yes. Let's follow the creed directed by Adam Davidson written by Elizabeth Sarnoff it originally aired November. Second two thousand and five. This was two weeks after Ooh and found in the original airing and centers of course on Shannon and good news about this. Mike is because we finally have Shannon. Flashback we actually have our last actual lost series Bible Entry. Go OUT SORE. Not just no not being you know so so betraying our faith in hiding our own. Bible entries. Now we're actually going to the letter of the law itself. Yes this was written in the lost series Bible that was sent internally at ABC after the pilot Shannon being original an original cast member had an entry in this series Bible we have not had the occasion to read it here on the podcast because this is her. First flashback. So this is the final official lost series Bible entry for down the hatch not written by a member of the down the hatch community Ben Martell notes though that the entry lacks capitals. There will be no shouting so if you identify a word that requires some shouting Mike. Why don't you just pointed out as I as I as I read this? I think it should be entirely shouted. Okay I can't do very much not really enjoy an entire paragraph being shouted at maximum volume own volume issues to deal with to begin with with just you and I and our natural cadence of let's not add fuel to the fire. No idea what you're talking about right. This is what the law series Bible read about Shannon while we may perceive her to be little more than a rich Bitch Shannon is considerably more quote unquote complicated. That's a capital complicated. After too many drunken nights and rex sports cars was someone more about the wreck. Sports cars her wealthy and incredibly distant mother finally cancelled. Shannon's credit cards resourceful in her own way. Shannon solved her problem by seducing wealthy man three times her age and convinced him to take her to his home on Australia's Gold Coast a relationship which ended in disaster as they all do with Shannon and the arrival of overprotective boon to bring her back to captivity seventy this we turn this boon have shannon like locked in the basement like as a buffalo boone situation. I got it puts the lotion on the skin smart manipulative and extremely capable of being ruthless. In order to get what she wants. Shannon will be a constant catalyst for conflict in her new surroundings until she begins to fall for the one man on the island even less inclined to play Nice than she is Sawyer one. I think we talked about this before that. I guess the original the whole light sticks thing. The original road bat was that Shannon was gonNA fall for Sawyer. That really doesn't go anywhere obviously fall for and I think just fallen his arms later on this episode. I mean I think if she was born slur. I think it'd be more of like a Bonnie and Clyde thing I know that's more comparable to Celerion Cape but it would be like to not so morally right people sort of working together interesting actually again going back to the loss on location video for this episode Navy and Andrews Credits himself with the Shannon saieed relationship saying that he came up with the idea because he basically said you know I wanna I wanNA see how Middle America reacts to this with you know the Middle Eastern guy being with Miss America so I think it would be for many different reasons a very different narrative if we had Shannon Sawyer hooking up. Yeah I mean. There's a lot in here that I think indicates that the Shannon and Boone really existed on the show without great ideas for where they were GONNA fit in overall I think actually like Shannon's wealthy and incredibly distant mother finally cancelled Shannon's credit cards. Like basically makes its way into the episode here with some tweaks except I would say stepmother. She'd be very quick to point that out but I think just like. Where does this character fit in the greater collage of loss characters? You could see that they did not have a great handle on it and I think even launching into the description of Shannon as she may be may be hard to perceive for as little more than a quote unquote. Rich Bitch is like okay. I think that maybe they're just. They're they're never really get to that level of complicated that they really want to get to and yet here. We are with the band and and I think it's possible that we're going to go through this one a little quicker than we've gone through a reasonable. Frankly because I'm a little strapped for time this week so this may be a shorter episode of down the hatch. But I also do think that like it's complicated in this episode and Maggie. Grace does get to bring a lot of different layers to Shannon in this episode and and I think demonstrates why she's a really talented actress and then they just kill her And it was. It was never really a great look for lost. I thought back in the day it still does not hold up terribly. Well for me in the in the present day and yet even if I don't like the story turn very much. There's there's a lot that I do enjoy about the episode specifically. I think Maggie Grace's performance. Yeah and I think this is a great character. Turn for Shannon and to your point I think you know I still don't know where I land because this is going to be the first of many instances where we're going to have a flashback episode for a character that dies in the end we're gonna get that within Lucia. We've mentioned echo several times. You know and I. I'm still not sure what to feel about going to have the same. Yeah I guess what the analysts Echo. It's not their first episode whereas maybe the more agree to say is that this is Shannon one done and so it's one of those things where to your point. You start to throw up your hands at the end like Oh we found out so much more interesting stuff about Shannon and now we really won't see those character developments or those characteristics sketch themselves out. We've obviously seen Shane grow. As a character in a person over the course of law season one and the first episode of Season Two essentially watching this episode and I agree that I think they're really interesting things over the course of this episode and the flashbacks. In general I think are really interesting character. Study but it almost makes you feel like Oh man you know what would have happened. Had Shannon survive live long enough to crash? The Dharma van like many sports cars. Say what's direct sports cars. I missed opportunity that we didn't get a wreck. Sports car flashback. Well that's the thing as well as that you know I wonder. How do we kept sharing alive in? Dire flashback after abandoned. Would we have seen more of a transformation from Shannon into the person who starts off season? One you know. I think there have been a couple of comments not to skip ahead to the to the other section. That started talking about how this is. These are great and flashbacks. But I feel like they're still missing pieces for lack of a better term to make us feel and maybe too many blanks the transition from this very sweet but fundamentally broken person in Shannon at eighteen to Shannon going to Australia and conning boone out of money just because she can write all right. Well let's get into the episode. We'll talk through a with our summary. Plus eight sounds will actually begin with a sound but just to set the stage the way that the episode opens up. It's nighttime Shannon is sitting on the beach by fire. She's got some water hanging out with her dog. Vincent and she's trying to get vincent to drink some water and it plays out like this dog. That's the sound that's it. That's yeah I I just thought it'd be great to have in the ROLODEX. Moving forward Shannon saying thirsty dog like any time like you and I are getting too hot for a ship. He had thirsty dog. Exactly I okay. Walt great on you for giving away Vincent. Obviously you saw Shannon's vulnerabilities and how she needed that comfort. Josh is a bit of a hot take. Maybe I'm thirsty. Dog Cernan's a good dog on why she calls him dog. I called my cat cat. Oh if you if you think that this is disqualifying of Shannon Calling Vincent dog then. You should not be a fly on the wall for the way that I hang out with my kitties call call them. Turns Little Shits Little Cat Protective Services on your Josh? No I love my kitties but the Kurds and their cats and sometimes I call them as such. I think that's the terms of endearment. I think it also depends on the person like I think if Shannon started the episode. Being like you're thirsty piece of crap like play is cu terrible burden exactly beast of burden know. Maybe it is literally just. There's dog you know maybe it's just like what's dog you know. What is up dog anyway? I don't know I don't know. Maybe that's what Sabrina Carlisle's dresses are made as possible but she she feeds visit some water. You thirsty dog and turns outside is thirsty. Dog Site shows up in. Gather your things. I'm so excited to come with me right now. Wh- awesome. I know it's like get like a stomach. He's got like a little Cabana package for her. Yeah it's like a group of maybe. It's a toilet trees like. Oh yes will be spending the night in the shack so these he's built a love shack. Great Lindelof suggestion. If you want to submit your limbaugh Lindelof came through the mail you say. I haven't listened but I know that they're starting to very slowly pile up a little louder. Walt send men but Shannon is going to be taken to this little Cabana. This tent that Saieed made. There's we've got all sorts of amenities in huge Shannon. There's there's route this hand. Tortuous this flowers. That Flowers Jin Michael. That's Michael it does worry. You'll be quiet as he watches. This flour is boon. There's this weird line though inside says what do you think China goes? Does it have an inside? Wouldn't weird questions like what do you think is it just by virtue of the fact that there is a door you assume that there's an inside all the insight might be up for some debate but I think the existence of the inside is set in stone? What excites me? And it just revealed to be like a two dimensional flat. Is that what she's implying? Yes you're walks through and she's just out the other side it's like it's like a. Wylie Coyote thing she runs straight into it. It's an optical illusion Shannon. Are you the lesson are you impressed with my cousin? A Three D. abilities. Yeah so then they go in and he says it's all yours. Thanks and he goes. You're quite welcome. And this time the hopes I do feel like our expectations like the way that Shannon inside or just like they're like all right. I guess it's time to do the thing. Yeah there's a we're contemporary pause. Here were like he walks a few paces stops. They sort of each other a little bit. They're they're ready to go. Yeah I think this is also probably a moment wants to sit in this relationship. Considering IS THE LAST TIME A. They'll see it happen. I don't know I guess maybe this is the last time they kissed since they were by the fire. But it's just. It was very slow moving surprisingly so for the love shack. Those great is great. They're really they're they're they're they're doing it they're making out gun a gun involved. Yeah there's a gun involved Finkelstein Horn guns digging into my hip And isn't that ironic? Mike that the gun is your. You put the Chekhov's gun right. Yeah exactly exact same gun that's GonNa take out Shannon but you open the act with the gun. You close the whole thing with the gun. Checkoff loves this episode of Lost Big Fan. Oh yeah absolutely. Talking to the checkoff whispers. Recently as like abandons underrated I will say not enough Russian people from his opinion but he would say for like an Americanized show. He he really enjoys. I also like size line only carry it because I have someone to protect. You know considering his past where. He's carried a gun as part of an the army. Which or the National Guard. Would you would say you know has some sort of form of protection as well. It's sort of like a coal back to those days but at the same time. Now there's a much different level and form of protection and that his heart is in it here. Yeah I mean we should enjoy what we're getting from saieed in this episode to because it's going to be the last time he's feeling any semblance of joy for awhile. Yeah Yeah unfortunately happy saieed is here here for a little bit and then he's not going to be here. Josh. They're about to get real happy soon. Because I think this might be our first case of on island coitus. Wow is this our first on island bonefish at the I mean? Listen it's not going to be the last time in season two between you know the aforementioned stuff with Sawyer Andalucia son coming back together which will produce jeon eventually. We won't see they will deprive us of Eddie. Only only my only Michael. The little wallflower will be able to see that. But yeah this is a ground-breaking many ways. Michael The wallflower took a second. But we don't actually think he's a way we clarify. We shouldn't have to clarify but it's a joke crack all right. Keep going tallies in the jungle Sydney things. We gotTa Start Moving again soon. It's nighttime and Sawyer. Sawyer thinks that everyone's lost and he makes fun of analysts are still on. I don't know where that rags of the Sawyer. Dictators it's pretty high for me. I still range I just. It's out of nowhere like who'd have thought Sawyer would have studied you know. European explorers of your. Obviously the go-to is Christopher Columbus. Right otherwise you have. What like if we're going with down the family feud less Ponce de Leon. Might be up there Magellan. Ice Vasko Dig Gama like feel positively on might be like a solid number five so good on Sawyer for going a bit obscure but we should also mention like hi Cindy. She's actually talking. She's named in this episode hint. She'll be gone but certainly not forgotten this episode. Yeah Yeah Cindy's cities to be here and gone in just a short while. There's some arguing going on with. Like how soaraway what you're GONNA you're gonNA leave your friends behind. You'RE GONNA Leave Michael. Behind and sources. Michael Cares about his kid. Neither has squat to do with me. I love now that we can track like when Michael and Sawyer. Continue each other friends and when they showed. Sawyer said when he was in episodes ago. Like what happened to my friends. And now he's like micheals non my friends and then awkward timing. Michael Das- Michael grows off of a tree sprouts from a plant and says. Oh Nice to hear you say that Severi Awkward Very Awkward. Wow I didn't realize that you were plant the whole time. Could you possibly color your plant friends helping my arm and it's falling off Eddie. Aloe that you can spare engines looking at the shoulder and yet you we. I know my arms about to fall off. It's time to move. They gotTa Start Moving. Because they saw the others and everyone starting to panic. They're like no really good visual cool. Visual of Echo over the hill which is like it's very shadowy and for lack of better term. Smokey and I feel like actually my favorite thing. This episode does oddly. Enough is set up the next episode. Where you know. You talked about last episode. How we start to get a bit about what happened with details we get so much foreshadowing here and it really starts here where libby ass echo if they if they saw the kids and sort of like obviously. We saw kids walking through the jungle last episode. But it's like Oh man there were kids involved with the tailings and they got taken and obviously and Lucy is going to have her big confessional moment later on but there's so much great sort of dribbling of two zero seven in here that's really going to become fully manifested in the next episode back at the Love Shack side and Shannon or are in bed together. We heard this earlier. This is how we opened the episode. Where does all this mean? We're going steady and sites like no. It's an open relationship. I also love Nadia. I'll I'll settle with you in the afterlife. I I love also term going steady because it just brings back by bye Birdie and my well. She doesn't actually say but yeah. Hi Hugo yes Mr Aloe Mr Jaw. Yeah Walled John This speak? This is Stefan. Johnson. We'll hear from the other shirk. Yeah so the sites could go and get Janet some water. She's thirsty thirsty dog. Say IT'S GONNA go probably wouldn't have worked on her as well as it does on sit sure like what the hell are you calling me? Saieed is going to go and get the water and Shannon. It's GonNa be like very impressed. With how quickly? He comes back and when he comes back. It's actually not him. It's the ghost of Walt Jason. Forget Yeah I love the effect of the candle being blown out like we could. Obviously I think we're do a lot of relitigate as to is this walt. Or what does this wall represents? But it's very closely right when things you know all the flames blow out around. Joni shrouded in darkness and still sopping wet. It's an electromagnetic projection right. That's what we feel good about that. That's where you're at. Yeah I think that this is Walt. I don't exactly know why the message he's sending is hushed and backwards baby. He's still sort of getting used his powers he hasn't fully connected how to get his message across but yeah I mean. He doesn't have the best method of delivering his message. But I still. I think this is the real McCoy personally. What if So that they got more than they bargained for with Walt right like that's eventually why they're going to give him back to. What if part of the experimentation that they are doing on wall involves like electro magnetically projecting him to other parts of the island? And they're like we gotta test out like can we make somebody do something that they would not normally want to do. And who is like deeply expendable over eight one five and they decide on Shannon and so they have walt show up and they lied Shannon to her demise at the hands of details. Maybe that's part of why the others are roaming so close by to the tail. He's is because they have to have like two fixed points So this is sort of like a candid camera or a wall to do where. It's like a Neri. Oh my God throw a band of Pie in the face. The same. We're like you know we're going to present this scenario somebody and we'll see how they react in real life and you know maybe they expected that wouldn't get shot and the others would come out be like. Oh It's all one big joke by the way you're coming with us that's why we cindy what what would you do? That's another great little. Well well God I just said there were there. Were just reaching into the the hatch to pull out various GAC in thank you get slide. So that's the that's the cut a lost intro. And then when we come back sides trying to reassure Shannon. Nothing under. That was real. You find everything. Let's just go back to love shack round three arguments around one and two. I can't remember at the end of Man of science. Manifield did Shannon tell saieed that she saw walt. Yeah I did. Because she comes back doesn't come back from go back to the cage. This guy saw Walton and ruins. No you're crazy yeah it's actually in. Charlier kind of getting into it. You know what I think. I think that makes sense now. I'll double check us. Were sort of talking here but you would think then that site. It'd be like okay. This is a pattern and maybe that sort of tempers. The way that he approaches her for the rest of the episode we should. We should recognize the fact that she hasn't been completely silent about this. She's been silent pretty much on the rest of the season since then but she has not been silent on the idea that she saw Walton junk right and apparently baby. Aaron hasn't been silent either because there's GonNa come over because she heard Shannon freaking out a little under reported fact is that Claire and Shannon. Apparently our friends we've seen them walk around together a little bit. And she's she yeah. They're on team bottle. There there on the bottle bottle brigade. Charlie is gonNA come over and he's GonNa be very mad clear for waking up the baby. This is GONNA launch us into the story line of the episode where Claire is like a little trouble in paradise is beginning to brew here in season. Two episode six. This is all coming a little bit earlier than perhaps we anticipated. Now Look I can understand. Charlie's frustration. I could also imagine that. If he's indeed saddled up with Claire that they both sort of unbend undergoing this sleeplessness of caring for a newborn together at the same time. He has to remember that. This is a woman who was kidnapped you know. She says that the reason why she got arod up is basically because she was scared that something was happening so it would make so much more sense for her to basically feel like she has to mobilize anytime. There's a sound in the night. You know that the others are coming back to take her or take somebody else so give her a frigging break. That she woke up the kids he was prepared for an emergency site is GonNa Follow Shannon around. But come on. Let's come back to the shack. Come on I spent a long working on this thing. She's done because he doesn't believe her and she knows what she saw. And here's what we see. We see our first flashback. Shannon Rutherford eighteen years old. You could tell 'cause like there's just more innocent aura to Shannon. She hasn't. She hasn't wrecked any sports. Nary a scratch from Korea John Her yes the Lamborghini in perfect condition. Of course we will not be able to say the same for her father's car. Unfortunately Shannon is teaching ballet one of the kids like PAPA CBI and it would appear that Papa not but was looking is looking at her friend to whole Papa. Flirting with one of Shannon sprints and then after class Shannon's friend comes over to Shannon and says he is trying to recruit me to be his AU pair to which Shannon replies fear my ass. Yeah that's odd number. Two is really short but I felt like you thirsty dog and OPARA my ass. We could just bring those along for the right. Yeah it definitely seems like the shade and Sal Board is slowly building up. There's something fun irony in here because I'm pretty sure and this is largely done off camera in deleted scenes but I'm pretty sure not only become no pair but I'm pretty sure this guy flirting with her friend is the guy that she becomes the AU pair four. Yeah well by the end of the episode. She's very determined to to make her way however she has to. If that means being this man's AU pair a my ass off that. And she's going to do what she's gotTa do. I was I was going to feel as though because when Nora did. I never friend's name is Nora and she. Did you know this this French accent? I thought for a second that they were in France but I guess this just happened to be a French man who is in California Frenchman. What does it mean to OPARA my ass? Does that mean like you're going to be like watching it closely? You're you're going to take care of it. You're going to make sure that I'M GONNA. I'M GONNA maintain my figure keepers. So you'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA monitor my but Shannon gets the phone call. You Never Wanna get her. Father has been in an accident and we cut to the to the hospital. We see jack with his flashback hair. He's walking past. Yeah it makes sense. The doctor would be like you. Don't want that guy to talk to you okay. He's GonNa talk about how your father was spaghetti like. He just has horrible bedside. Handle is conversation. You had. That doctor actually ate some of your father because he loves baked Ziti. But I think that this doctor didn't do such a great job either when the White House my husband has dad. Yeah well here's a lot of information about the nitty gritty and how it happened instead of kind of just being like. I hate to tell you this. There's no easy way to say this. But you're he's he's no longer allies there also in like the middle of a hallway while they do this. There is some nice symbolically here in that Sabrina. And we'RE GONNA get into Sabrina. But her and the doctor are sort of in the front of the camera and Shannon's always one step behind them which I think is a very good body language symbol about how Sabrina is always blocking Shannon out. I will say I know you have to introduce Sabrina and her relation to Adam. But I just feel like Dr my husband. Adam how is he is like a pretty clunky dialogue? It's not great but also does your daughter WanNa come my stepdaughter. Actually they didn't show this but in Australian cop pops out of the room and writes down no blood relations blood relations. Yeah we'll tiger at Sabrina in a little while. Let's go back to the island. The Taylor's are walking. It's going to be like a day to camp and then Sawyer Wick drops. He's not doing well and he's GonNa get a visit from a doctor of his own. I thought that this will listen to a good amount of this scene. I thought this was a good opportunity for impact to stop down. We haven't really had a real conversation yet. So let's let's do that here. What's let's listen in on Libyan Sawyers Interaction and then? Let's talk about Libya for a little while let me just take a look at your cyber. Dr a clinical psychologist shrink. Maybe I talked to my show. I took a shot anyway. God got shot when he took my kid. Yeah it's been a real bad maybe okay. Let's go let's go. I'm a clinical psychologist. Yeah listen not not a medical doctor. Put your shoulder. Looks fine to me. You look fide. All right we haven't really talked about Libby very much we've done. We've we've talked about ANNALISA. Good amount we talk about Mr Recco as of last week. A good amount a couple episodes ago but we haven't really stopped down and talked about Cynthia Ouattara's who plays libby and this was a character that I that I think. A lot of people were very intrigued by over the course of season two especially after the ending of Dave where this clinical psychologist looks like. She was an inmate at Santa Rosa alongside Hurley. And she's going to die and we're not gonNA have any real elaboration on who. She is that she apparently. At least from what we assumed. She's telling the truth about is a widow. Maybe had a boat named after her. You know Libya is one of the most confounding characters to because it's not like the show didn't have opportunities to tell us what was going on with. Libby. Because Cynthia watchos returns a couple of times so she'll be back in meet Kevin Johnson in season. Four we're GONNA see her and season six select. She comes back but they just never really tell us what was up with Libby. Did you ever have any strong feelings? One way or the other about the character. Was she ever somebody who is a real mystery person for you was a character? That was like deeply unsatisfying for you just like what are your liberty takes. 'cause I actually don't know that you would. I have ever really talked about this character. One of the very rare loss actress that we haven't shared our feelings on so I really like the character of libby because I guess shoot her clinical psychologist nature. Just how warm and sympathetic she is. And you know what really comes up against? I think one thing that they do well with details is really introduced. How they're not one BLOB. You know you see it from especially this episode with I'm GonNa say the power struggles going on but certainly the personality discrepancies between someone hardened like Annalisa. Someone who's a bit more sympathetic but still very quiet in his ways and Mr Echo and someone like libby whose job is to talk to people and I always enjoyed that Barbour personality of course I shipped her in Hurley. Once they came together I thought they bed built out the best qualities of one another. I think it's tough because on a show where you say. Essentially every other main character like had a lot of their history built out in a lot of their questions answered with the exception of someone like Walt for example she is someone who unfortunately got the short end of Echo. Stick she. She's someone who we find all these things like. Okay I guess she had a husband. Okay I guess. She was in Santa Rosa. But Again. Sort of like what? I ascribe to four but this these Shannon flashbacks. They give us a bit too many blanks to fill in. So I always thought this is one of the more frustratingly unresolved parts of lost even if you go in with the adage of losses about the characters. Not The larger mystery. This is one of the larger character mysteries that's been unsolved and I'm sure that you and I are going to be able to hopefully right. Libya's unwritten history together. But this is something that never really settled well with me. Even if the show like libby here is telling us you're flying. You can keep going all right. So one of the missions down the Hatch. Right is to fill in those blanks and make these unsatisfying notes. A little more satisfying. How can we enjoy the that? The show didn't really resolve in an over way or even resolve in any way it can. Can we do that? Is that a mission that we can undertake? Can we do that with Libby and Mike? You and I recently appeared on crazy hank. Tv We were with jam talking about live together die alone on crazy hang TV youtube channel. Highly recommend you watch that. It was about an hour of the three of us. Earning out about the season. Two Finale and was I thought very instructive for you and I to watch that at this early point and see Jesu. It's kind of where we're building towards the half that a little bit more fresher in mind there is that seeing where libby and desmond meet in a flashback and she gives him the boat and the boat is named after her. It's Elizabeth from her late husband. David and IT'S I. I'm not the first person to arrive at this by any stretch of the imagination. But let's see if we could build a theory out as we go here a little bit. There had been talk over the years. What if Libby is an agent of Jacob? What if she works for Jacob been like the same way that Ilana worked for Jacob in the same way that that Guide Brom Jacob? Remember Brom or is it Bram Bram Bram boy Brahms's boy. That's right I forgot. What if what if libby is part of that coalition and we know that up. That friends of Jacob can get to the island by way of airplanes. What if she knows that she is going to be on eight five and it's GonNa Crash? She's going to find herself with certain members of the tail section. What if she's trying to keep tabs on Mr Echo? If she knows that the smoke monster may have an interest in Mr Echo could there have been some greater mythology role for Libya long. Take a keen interest in early vetting. Hurley on Jacob's behalf. Or is she just thirsty dog? She may just be thirsty. Dog vichy issue dare to Hurley's on Jacob's behalf Jacobs. Oh pair to go in. And watch the ashes of all the people from Oceanic Eight fifteen on Jacob's behalf. Can we can we can we? Can we put that square peg into a round hole as we go throughout? Libya's Arkansas into I'll be curious. Yeah and I mean. Definitely this episode. There's not much to sort of speak to that. We're going to but I'm out to put a pin in it but I guess if we're sort of going off of maybe her role in the Taylor's you know obviously find out more about that next episode. But maybe she was trying to guide them in a certain direction in this episode. It seems like She's supportive of echoes idea to go inland to support Sawyer. Both physically and emotionally. May maybe. There's a reason why she should do that. Maybe she thought that they'd run into Richard Alpert. Who could help cure him like they did? A young Ben Linus once upon a time So we'll see let's keep it in mind because you never know. Meanwhile Hurley's with rose doing laundry rose doesn't like the the hatches Washer Dryer. Apparently she says needs a dryer when we have sun and fresh air and I didn't know that Jin's nickname was fresh air. Yeah listen he loves to fish and enjoy the fresh air there. So it's easier sometimes. It's easier to say fresh air. Cuan Shannon comes up. She wants to know if Michael. And what did they leave any of the stuff that they didn't put on the raft? I their clothes are still on the beach and Shannon walks off with Vincent. Rose says she feels bad for. Shannon. Can't be easy. Losing the One person you love on the island and heroic herb and I think he's a little bit like yeah they're both sort of feeling it down the line one much more sooner than the other for sure. Shannon is going to take vincent to waltz clothes the ICONIC WALT shirt guests Walton. Bring it although I feel like. Does he have multiple multiple? Copies isn't the only shirt he has and does he have twenty of them. Maybe he actually. Maybe that's one of his power is that he can duplicate shirts. That's very useful. Power on an island. Desert Island So the of continuity is outside Vince. Going TO SNIFF OUT Waltz shirt. She's like all right. You thirsty dog. the thirsty for the sense of a young child. Go find this boy and he goes no popular. Leisure to a place at trauma is good. Burn Burn Vincent's can lead Shannon on a goose chase through the jungle or a dog chased the jungle. And they're GONNA wind up at Boone Hill. The funeral site and I will say I'm surprised you know. They obviously didn't have Mr Echo to carve his grave but very nice engraving on Boone's actual will gravestone marker. Amino wasn't locked because lock was gone for the Buna role so I wonder who was able to use that craftsmanship. Yeah it's a good question Perhaps it a secret skill of Rodney. Sisto here's could with his hands rich. We owe you A. We'll figure this out. It's life is really busy right now for everybody. We definitely want to get back the lost RPG. Claire is with Aaron and lock shows up just like. Oh How's the cradle cheating you cradle to the grave Or grave to the cradle. In this case I guess I cradles great. It's the baby that's the problem. He's not asleep. He's been for eight hours straight. That is not good for a newborn Josh. Talk me through all of this. Mike was for you. We'll newborns are typically supposed to sleep seventeen to between fourteen and eighteen hours a day especially because I believe errands. What like a couple of weeks old at this point since Boon's death since we saw that gravestone being put into the sand and usually especially with newborn through these things called awake windows where babies are usually only really able to be up for like two or three hours at a time before needing rest again so errand being up for eight hours straight. Look all babies are different. I would say that my child especially starting off was not exactly sticking to that strict fourteen to eighteen hour window but a baby staying for eight hours straight is just nat good. Seems like a lot seems like a lot. John Locke comes up all right. Well here's the problem. You aren't swat alling Aaron. And he comes up and he swabs. Aaron babies like to be constructed. I mean I'll tell you. One Who did and his name was Astra James Blue. Yeah Asher. We tried swallowing him. Especially once we start putting him down the crib but He was one of those babies that needed his arms to be free. Maybe he's a little bit claustrophobic. In that regard so josh we invested in something. Big Marvel baby technologies today called a sleep sack which is essentially like a weighted sleeping bag for babies. Why are you sort of like? It's like made of heavier material. And just like a onesie use them up inside and the heavier materials sort of helps only bring about these ideas of swallowing and feeling constricted which is comforting but it also allows his arms to be phrased. It was the best of all possible worlds so I think something like that on like an instagram ad recently is like a sleeping bag suit. This handsome model who is romping through the forest wearing like a sleeping bag as if he was like exploring Mars baby model. No a human well not that babies can't be humans but like an adult human interest like I saw like the adult version of what you're describing. It looks comfortable. It looks cool. Listen what's good for? Babies must be good for adults. It looks like you're wearing a sleeping bag and if you're out in the wild you can literally just stopped down wherever you are and just go to bed. Yeah even though lock does say doesn't until it's until we become older that we take up the desire to become free. Yeah I don't know I don't mind a good constriction every once in a while. Yeah I mean I think you could swaddled me okay. Is that an offer. I kind of just like the general. You can swallow me but sure you can swallow me Mike. Okay when I o pair your ass off every night yeah okay. This is getting very odd locking and clearer talking and Clair's going cam about Charlie's like it's like we're married but I don't remember marrying him. I don't even know him well. Listen to you. Know Claire Freak. We'll find maternity leave that actually one of the things. She forgot was that she married. Charlie the station has she brings up. How Charlie's secretly religious. What do you mean? He's religious? Got This virgin. Mary statue unless like and says yeah. I found it in the jungle and Micheals How about that? I also think Claire Again. My sympathies are with Claire. Especially when she vocalized in this scene that she feels like everybody knows her baby better her and I feel like I love the Ataman Social Media. Especially you know. We've been given the opportunity to talk and sort of share positives and negatives with a bunch of other parents out there but there are some of those people that like definitely make you feel like a worse pair of Oh. You shouldn't be doing this. Why aren't you doing that? And so I feel like Clair's getting that in real life form here and I can imagine it feels a bit of an imposter syndrome. Literally everybody knows how to put this baby sleep. And they'RE IN CHARLIE'S CASE. Chastising her for not doing it. They should have paid sawyer to stay on the island because yeah or they should have. I'm sure there was. Maybe it could be used the hatches record player 'til like make a record of Sawyer doing reading the car magazines and just play that for Erin on loop. I do absolutely think with you saying that that they should have without any question whatsoever. Claire an errand have as much hatch access as they want. It shouldn't have to be like an automatic given that they are there all the time. Because how is Aaron going to sleep through the night with that beeping going off one hundred eight minutes unless you have somebody like on computer duty like ready to push the numbers in immediately on number one so there's just like errant beep number one so really like you could sleep through that maybe two beeps? You could sleep through. I think it's possible you could sleep through two beeps probably not more than that. But there's a baby. Yeah let's let the baby the new the new mom sleeping the underground bunker with the food and the and the the coziness the bed. Yeah the vet. It'd be hard makes sense. Yeah like it's interesting. I guess now we have to go back to everybody. Hates Hugo Hurley. You're telling people why don't you? Why don't you tell Claire? You give her an opportunity at least given the opportunity like I'll take care of Aaron. You go sleep down on the hatch hatch anyway Lock not happy about what he's just heard but there's more to talk about there let's go let's flash back We're going we're going back to the funeral for Shannon's father and she is going to have a special guest is going to roll into town. Let's listen in that sucks doesn't hey charged back uh-huh or the postal marky mark. Though I make team your mom's GonNa Freak seriously who doesn't serve booze awake. Scotch is back underage drinking. Yeah teacups. We don't know Boone's underage or not. He seems like he could be twenty one well especially when she's eighteen like I can imagine so a few things about this. I WANNA go back to the funeral. I wish we'd gotten the of how a boone and Shannon got fake. Id's Well I mean listen. He's from New York. Like I think you know it's a little easier to get into like an urban population than you know. An even in somewhere like California. I'm so intrigued. Josh why is literally nobody comforting? Shannon at the funeral of her father. Yeah everyone's terrible. Maybe everyone just like it's all Sabrina. S- friends who were invited. Yeah and what's the brand told her to told them to ice her out of the inaugural. Yeah Yeah I think that's possible. Here's boone with that. He's got like real nineties hair. Yay late nineties hairs Boone's got here. You know he's looking He's he's looking real. Can't hardly wait right now. Ooh Yeah maybe he and Shanshan gone locked in a bathroom during a big party. I'm really hashed out their feelings for each. Yeah it's possible Damai ducks to have sex tonight. The home I gotTa match him back hand articles on Green. That's possible I mean it's a nice little tongue in cheek thing that the first thing we hear boons as death sucks doesn't it and shave off its chain and saying you came back which has a whole new meaning to add so. I mean this is also say what you want to about the way. That shade intrigues boone. Especially right before they come onto the island but boone becomes very important role here. Shannon is alone she lost. I imagine like the only parents she really ever felt close to until now her stepbrother. Who seemed to get along with pretty well was entirely on a different side of the country. Nobody's comforting her at her own father's funeral. She feels for lack of a better term abandoned in this world the rights hermits. It's called that. And I think boone coming back here albeit for a short amount of time is perfect and that he sort of represents that form of comfort which I think. He does actually embody on the island as well as much as they may. Gripe with one another for this extremely new situation in a myriad of ways for these two shredded on this desert island. They did FIND COMFORT IN ONE. Another as a strange and weird as they may be A. And you begin to see that relationship here. Off-island Yeah No. It's it's sad to see the ways in which Shannon's life you know. She really did not have a lot of support along the way and you can imagine if she just had the right support like things could have been very very different for for her. She could come like like you say earlier like she could have been the Black Swan but hopefully would like a less dark ending exactly. I'm intrigued so Shannon. I was obsessed with Marky mark specifically fear. Yeah exactly I wonder maybe if Shannon nowadays would have had like an Mark Wahlberg poster or is that just now that he's refined himself would you still is. He's still poster worthy as a person. So you're saying like not if the market mark phase like would she have a poster of him as Sergeant Dignam from departed? Yeah or like a pain and gain poster you know yeah or like him as the firemen in I heart Huckabee's yeah exactly like maybe just maybe just a whole collage various Walberg S-. She has a Ted to poster in her room right handed thunder buddies for life but the thing is despite her getting rid of that her saying I'm eighteen. She still has a dollhouse tea cups. I'm eighteen boone. Now drink out of these tiny little porcelain cups clear. Yeah Yeah now have lunch with me. I cooked it here. Dollhouse oven please. Let's dine on the Fisher Price Omelettes that I made in my These are very good. Yeah I made them myself Jeb Boone. I'm eighteen you think would've fisher price omelettes as he's just like gumming wits eighteen boone idiot now e spent all day forget. Now we're going to be playing very princess later on Yup. Yeah so he's trying to say like okay she's like. I applied for a New York. It's a very small chance. But there's a chance and she's and he's like all right. Well you should talk to Sabrina about getting paid for the room. Talk to her. She hates me. Just try. Just try and she says from day one supremo relationship with my dad and at the time. And you're watching it. You're like Oh this could be difference of opinion. Maybe it's just a misunderstanding. Both we'll get deeper into the episode and zooms like it's a bang on accurate read. Yeah we'd say there's a greater chance of getting into the Martha Graham Dance Company than it is of two of them reconciling back on the island. The Taylor's trek and Sawyer. Still not doing well there on the coast. Take a five minute recess. Echoes says we gotTa go back into the jungle that peninsula beheaded it just might not be passable may not be passed. And let's see it says may not an ECHO says may not. Yeah I and I love analysts. Say just sees right through it no no. You're risking our lives to help him. You clearly want him to get back to camp faster. Add a very echo like statement. At least the Ecuador brought a lot of great comments last week about how this might not be the echo of your but at least echo now who wants to atone for everything says it's the only way I know. Yeah she says you'd risk our lives to help him he says it's the only way I know and I think again like if you're reading echo with like like a lot of just what I have to do. Yeah I have to do it. I gotTA do. I have to do this this way if you read it. That way that it's like off He does not want to be doing it but he literally has no choice. Yeah I'm sure it was much easier for them to scramble across the rocks exodus style to get back to camp but he knows that the harder path is the more worthwhile one and another clue. Next episode analysts scoffs to him. I liked you better when you were like better when you weren't talking. She says query still with Locke Aaron is well and fully swaddled the swatting works every time. Unless you're Ashra Bloom I like they gotta wake up eventually right like eventually like your like. The swallow isn't going to work. Well I mean errands GonNa wake up right now. Actually I'm pretty sure Locke when Locke holds him. Maybe that's I wanted to break down locks decision here to initially sort of bulk at the idea of holding Aaron and maybe one of the reasons because he knows as soon as he does. And it's GonNa wake up. That could be possible. I relate to this. I get very nervous. Holding other people's children feels like a lot of responsibility. Not that I have anything against babies or children. I love babies and children. I was a nursery school teacher for a little while Is this Summer Camp Counselor? For many years I love kids. Mma proud proud uncle love kids but like I do think that there's something a little like I don't want to break the baby so I get it but apparently I'm missing out on that new baby smell. It's a little it's all I would say overrated but I think whatever you're expecting it's not that the peaches and cream. No no no. It does not smell like a starburst laws should. That's what you're implying. That was what I thought it would smell like Yeah so I I don't know I I also wonder if it's sort of not necessarily locked the I don't want to hold the bay because again he seems to show some sort of aptitude at least four swabbing. Maybe it's it's some sort of a personal thing as well. Maybe it's sort of connected him. I mean he never had children. Maybe it's something that he doesn't topic that hits a necessarily want to broach but he does and of course who happened to walk in right at that. Moment Charlie is like. Oh Oh oh oh by whereby interrupted? It's like Charlie relax. Yeah Jealousy is not a good look on him to human beings just talking about baby. So Charlie's is here and he said I came to go on. You Walk Claire. Well don't mind me do. This is awkward. Yeah that's up he goes. He's like you could tell like he doesn't really WANNA leave but he also doesn't want to come out and say hey it's a query. I think that Charlie might be doing heroin. I don't know if I should give my baby to a drug addict. Right right right. He's going to try and ferret that out on his own later. But he gave like Charlie the respect and like distance of being like all right. Well I don't want to jump to conclusions without vetting Charlie for myself. It's an interesting dichotomy is voltage represented in the way. These two guys speak around Aaron. Maybe this is just -Tario Queen naturally but he has a very like sauce on arming boys as he talks to arid and Charleston. Like what's going on and it's like well you're around a baby dude. Maybe you should not do that so eventually when we get to the whole fire plus water. Claire doesn't want Charlie around Aaron. Maybe we're sort of laying the seeds down yeah All right back in the jungle got their damn hockey stick. Still as they're all walking so slow through the jungle. I wanted to mention because we we start about a close up of feet but not the others feet is Bernard wearing sandals. Yeah I thought so. Yeah he took them from like when he was in Australia with with rose they went to go and visit the guy. Maybe like you had to take your shoes off and put on like monastery sandals and they got in such a little bit of a fight leaving that place that he forgot to put his shoes back on Although no say like oh he healed me and he's like yes amazing and so maybe he was so excited just kept the monastery sandals on and that's what he had on the flight or maybe he thought that these were better. Tsa SHOES LIKE EASY TO SLIP on slip off of that. Make sense to but I would say pretty bottom five like shoes to wear in the jungle right in yours though sandals bottom five I would say you don't really want sandals for your jungle track. Yeah unless you've got like feet of steel a steel. It's possible keep him away from the hatch. That's the case. Yeah that'd be very awkward. Bernard it'd be like walking on the walls. Ereck Oh don't worry my feet are made of titanium. That's my superpower steel steel feet. All right so they're going to walk. They're making noises with their steal feet. Syracuse fawing Jin's very concerned and. Here's Ana Lucia's GonNa show up and give the SPIEL about why everybody install. Shut THE HECK UP. There only got what can't talk at all. He talks he's getting hit us all killed by them. I thought they live the day back back way. How about you shut your mouth? Get your buddy over here moving. What happened to you you want to take you back with us. You want me to keep quiet need to tell me why came the personnel here? They took three of us. Nothing happened for two weeks and they came back and took nine more. They're animals they could be anywhere at anytime and we're moving through the jungle. Their junk. You could save you. Think one gun and one bullet is GONNA stop them again. So shut your mouth keep moving took my son. Bernard says they took my shoes. They took my shoes. They took my rings took about Rolex. Yeah it can be their animals. They could be anywhere there. Plants that grow on Trees Mica says great now rod and even play now. I could play their game for the first time. He has hope his search for law. That I wanNA talk about Michael on this. Because obviously the stuff is interesting. And this is a major foreshadowing. What we're going to see in the other forty eight days but Michael ultimately gives an ultimatum here and look. He's been sort of trying to ask them exactly what they are. What happened to them for basically as long as they've known them and they haven't been giving them the answers but Michael decides in this moment. You know listen you better tell me what the hell's going on because people are dying and you want us to keep moving forward and also say for the audience's sake. I'm glad he did that so we can finally learn a little bit about them. But what do you make of his decision to tell them right there right then? It's services the plot I think is really the big thing especially with where we're going to go at the end of the episode ramping up the paranoia but I do think that there is an element right now of and Lucius. Just like at this boiling point of frustration. Things are just not going the way she wants them to go you know. She wanted to cut around the island. Now they're cutting back into the jungle. They've had to stop. They've had to wait. She feels like we're just doing things my way. We're going to actually survive because we have to keep stopping. We're not going to and I get the I get the feeling that she's just like so pissed off at this point that you just kind of like mouths off. I think the way that endlessly describes the others you mentioned the animals comparison she's almost describing them as a force of nature. You know not like a group of people that you'd run into something that is as natural as the wind through this island and that's why she feels like she has to constantly keep her guard up is because at any moment in time they can slip him and take advantage of her and. I think that it's a really interesting way to look. I think it further subsists her sort of natural way of looking at things from the past few episodes especially this insistence of. Let's keep moving. We need to keep going. We'll see what happens the minute they stop going. Apparently Cindy gets kidnapped. And we'll say for as much credit as Michael for storing this whole conversation. Having her finally revealed things necessarily needed to added ad they took my son to it. Like she's telling this heartbreaking story about all these people who disappeared from her campaign yes but they also took my son. But what if someone's tuning into loss this week and they didn't know so they just needed the reminder? I suppose so it's sort of like or maybe those who have the short term memory loss. Hey maybe we forgot forgot Back at Boone Hill Shannon is there has been just looking at the grave and side shows up and he goes listen. I know what this is like nor dislike to lose someone you care deeply about. I don't I don't not believe that it is to someone you care deeply about but then fall in love with somebody else a few months later. Yeah it makes sense to me. And that's all that's all fine but she says this isn't about Boone. It's about the fact that I saw what and nobody believes me. And it's like why are we at Boone's grave then and she gets because go back. I'm GONNA find while they're not communicating. Well there is still in the early stages of their forever Coupling together. Yeah now did they. Sort of become physical. The the verbal connection EST or a falling apart. I will say like I am not going to say that. Saieed is being a bad island boyfriend here. I think it makes logical sense. If she's sort of you know sulking. Bhai Boone's gray for a portion of time that okay this might have something to do with Boon So I don't know if she hadn't necessarily thought that he should assume or that he should know the natural connection that she had with Boone off island if she never really went on into length about it. He's trying to be supportive of her right. Yeah I think it could be a but obviously the emotionality of their relationship still requires a lot of work so we're trying to chart like how. Why are these two? GonNa wind up together forever in the afterlife? You know. This is something that we need to like. Come up with some measure of a ruling on the field. By the end of this episode's let's just put up in an IT. Maybe not to mention I think her emotional fragility post boone. That we saw in the greater good I think has really bubbled up to the surface again like we definitely saw her in a vulnerable place in man of science man of faith but I feel like this moment as Brenna stirring up all of these bad memories and bad feelings. Maybe that's another reason why she's really connected to the boone. Gravesite is because she feels like she lost the only person who did believe her even though he did tell her in the flashback. We just saw. He didn't believe she get the Martha Graham Internship. And we'll see that she served rebukes him at the end of the flashbacks. She does have a connection to him. And now she's really really wishing she had that all right. So in flashback. Form Shannon's GonNa find out that she got into the school over a nice bowl of Alpha crunch cereal And also listen to some Nice Dave Matthews Band. Yeah got that. Dmv going on here quick trips to the DMV. She gets. She gets exciting news but then she also gets the bad news that her rent check bounced and room. It's like but wait. Aren't you like rich? Great Wine Aren't you like rich because no one Shin and we've been living together. I thought your name was Richard Reid. Rutherford I'm Shannon. I'm Shannon while I'm learning seventy things today. Wow I always thought that you're rich. It's a joke rag. We don't actually read. The flashback. Continues and here comes Sabrina. And let's just do it. I'm sorry I would have offered you something to drink but I have to be the meeting. Ten minutes yeah. My checks are bouncing. Well that's what happens when you make withdrawals and don't make deposits. When do I get the money that left me? The money from the will was no will. What Shannon Your father? And I had a living trust everything. Pass it to me. There was nothing specifically designated for you. Why would you do that? Well maybe he wanted you to find your own way. We all have to work. Most of us are the better for I can work. Just I just got this really prestigious internship and I'm not gonNA make any money for a while but I am going to be working like sixteen hours a day. The only thing I've ever seen you do sixteen hours. A day story is sleep. I just need to Get New York and he just something something to get started back this week. It's an internship. Last year it was what in interior design? You'll never pay me back and you'll only eight yourself. Even more really want is Sabrina. I could do this. You're on your own only. I Hate Sabrina so much. Sabrina there's renew your terrible. I okay so there was no will but was there any. Ill will from Mr Rutherford towards his daughter. You assume not given how horrible this is for Shannon that. She misses her father the way that she does. Is it bad that there was no will sure? But the man's dead we don't need to drag him any further. Would he have left a decent amount of money to his daughter almost definitely? Sabrina is just sitting on the money. Pile like smog and just taking out her resentment on. Shannon for no reason other than being a horrible horrible person. She reminds me a lot of somebody in my life. I probably would have triggered by shots. Fired tear reminds me a lot of a friend of mine's mother who is abysmal. Human being and I just I everything about about. This character drives me nuts. I think the way that a lot of people feel really triggered by Susan might be how I feel about Sabrina. Carlyle I shared by both so. I'm the worst possible worlds to start the conversation. She has a meeting in ten minutes. Is the meeting like in her house could be how does she? How does she expect to get anywhere? And especially in California in ten minutes. After Ito assumingly a hopeful conversation as longer than twenty minutes didn't Dan Hadi Assay everywhere in L. A. Takes Twenty minutes. Isn't that from clueless. Oh Yeah I suppose so. She's got to be within at least a twenty minute radius. Maybe her ten minutes is a slow. Ten minutes and Shannon is a virgin. Who can't drive a sport? Problem makes sense but yes so first off. Oh my God I love Saieed crease. No in the Indian and the laws version would be. Oh my God. I'm in love with. Boone is definitely more of the Josh. Ah Plus definitely is more of a Josh. Why would they like a little snide Guy? I totally is snide and route. Sabrina with being would so happens. When you withdraw. And you don't deposit Shannon I would say look we call lock a full on Muni. Goku going to have a real hard time moment later when he's talking to Charlie about being a drug addict has shirts so so I I agree like Adam. Rutherford Zaveri caring father. But I feel like it's a slip of judgement for him to not give anything to shed it like. I could imagine that if it really was palpable from the beginning of this mixed family that shade and Sabrina don't like each other probably a good move to be like okay. Maybe I should leave something to Shannon because who knows what Sabrina is going to do. In the event of my death like maybe just a bad judgment on Adam Rutherford part but still how many things. If you died right now would be left unfulfilled. There's very important things that you need to get done because of emergencies like this and this is not a good thing but I think it is not an entirely unrelated -able thing. And if he has any faith in his spouse at all to whom all of his stuff is going to be bequeathed then like baby like you would think that like she would follow the wishes of the man who is now deceased but it doesn't work out that way but that is all nightmares. But then in that case this is like a Cinderella situation right of like the evil stepmother and the father is none the wiser here and now she can't go to the ball in New York. I am going to poke holes in Serena's logic of like I. It's an internship than it was interior design yes. Sabrina kids have varied Ngozi. They're going to try things out. You can't pick a path when you're sixteen years old and then stick with it the restaurant. Maybe you did with your wedding business but guess what nearly nobody is like that and also clearly you can spare the money. It's also like so cringe-worthy when she tried you could see her. Try TO GUILT SHANNON. By being like you'll never pay me back and you'll only more. I'm doing you more Sabrina. I also what is she assuming that if she gives shit in the money chain is going to go to New York and still gallivanting a bow and then come back like three months later and be like Oh. The internship didn't work out more money please. A hundred no. I don't know because then again I feel like maybe something's missing. You know. Maybe we should have seen Shannon. It's seventeen maybe if she was indeed acting this way maybe it would substantiate what Sabrina doing more but if she is still like this very sweet girl that we're led to believe at eighteen. Just her argument that much more. You know terrible yeah. What a disaster. What a disaster. This whole thing is Mike. It's it's terrible and I can imagine again. You could see how trauma because I mean what I can imagine. This is only what a day. Maybe a couple of days after her father died and her son. Mother literally tells her you're on your own. That's gotta be a terrible terrible feeling that you carry with you for the rest of your life that your own nut flesh and blood. But your family abandons you in every sense of the Word Arb- the episode does a great job of making you feel like horrible for Shannon. You know but then they kill her. So make sure you've makes you feel even more horrible for that. Like everyone else would have had their redemption and I guess saieed believes Shannon. But that's the only form of redemption. Show get yeah All right so back in the trial where you're playing backgammon. Troy is getting very lucky with those double sixes loss are yeah. Lot is lockets. Lucky with those double sixes and then they're talking about Claire and tell you got into a fight. It didn't say it was a fight. Yada Yada Yada your hair. When asked what happened? I think Charlie's definitely trying to big thirsty dog. Lock here with like well. Did you know Claire told me that she was the baby up for adoption? I have that information. You don't lock like well. Actually she told me back in season one too so yes it was a few episodes after she told you in raised by another but I still know the same information and you could hear Charlie. Just tuck his tail between his legs. I will also ask is lock saying that's an interesting thing to say for a heroin addict. Might be the worst burn. We've experienced in law so far I mean the way he delivers as a Now that's an interesting thing to say for a heroin addict the shade the shade. Yeah lock does a really shades. Charlie here look. This is the beginning of a critical storyline from my least favorite episode of lost ever and yet just given the events that have transpired up to this point. I don't think that any of its unfair from locks perspective and I think it's interesting the way he carefully picks his words. You know. We mentioned that. Burn but Charlie. Mealy falls up with recovering addict. Lack says yes. You're recovering. Oh I fully what you're up to and you're not being truthful to me so I'm GonNa Bank that away so when I punch you in the face later on the season it's all that more substantiated. Okay so let's go back into the jungle going through Sawyer is going to collapse once again after. Like really shading. Everybody right where he's like. Screw you gas. Got This sting takes three steps and falls down. Yeah Oh paramount asked and then he falls down Michael comes. Hey wake up left you by shut up and drink some water you thirsty. Because like I did. And then he tweets out and goes in is not doing doing well. So why are you still? You're seventy said it. Was it like him? Admitting his guilt on his quote unquote deathbed. Like Hey Michael just so you know. I'm not a good guy. I did this on. He's not ready yet to be absorbed so if you were to die in this moment he's not ready to die a good person he'll just die with the armor on what we're in the armor and then. I'll give Kudos to Michael prefer like seeing that Sawyer for signing me. I'm like yeah man. Whatever like I I know you're sawyer so like I know you got a good person to you at the end of the day like I'll keep listening to your BS and nodding along. Yeah all right. So he's freaking out and Everyone's freaking out an analyst regatta. Keep going no one wants leaves Sawyer except for Annalisa like I think like Cindy kind of wants to leave like maybe we should everyone else. What's build a stretcher will? Yeah I think Sydney's perspective is interesting because we're GONNA find out next episode cheap. She was pretty much. The caretaker of the kids Zaken and Emma dot taken so I wonder if Lusa is number one on the power rankings paranoia. Cindy might be number two because she had people very close to her taken. Yeah it's possible it's possible and maybe that's why the tail is a grabbers asking for you weren't on our list. But they really. Yeah you're gonNA owe pair their ass. You're going to bare their asthma. Sure Michael is gonNA apparel the asset of a stretcher. Dan is going to get a bill to stretch on the fly with the help of Mr Echo. Bernard's going to go get some stuff. They're going to carry They're going to carry sawyer through the rest of the way meanwhile Shannon and Saieed or now together site has caught up with Shannon. He's not taking her advice to go away and they're going to walk as she's GonNa continue to follow Vincent through the jungle. Let's listen in on how that's going. Why are you doing? I didn't ask you follow me. You'd rather be out here alone and get lost. Her handle thing ball does not out here following the Labrador talented. An effort to find the boy. Who's on around in the middle of Ocean? What do you talking about? We found the bottle on the beach with messages. That I know he's out here somewhere. I Saw Walt and the wrath is gone and he is all alone mostly. I wanted to play because I love the way that say it. Just Labrador following the bloodhound not a bloodhound. Yeah so she's just like say like listen. Don't talk to me like I'm some sort of loser. I knew something you don't know look at me. I can keep a secret. Yeah and I think her saying the raft has gone and he is all alone is also very interesting like obviously she's pursuing walt. Because it's Freaky Deke. And nobody believes her. But at the same time chant. Leave the kid alone. She's been left alone and we see this episode like training children too. So she's got a soft spot for kids right and then you're you brought it up. I think she's used to she knows what it's like to be all on your own scared environment feeling like nobody can be there for you and go celier. Not She wants to go out and find him and know that like somebody is there for you So I think it's a very poignant moment for her where maybe she's emotionally staking herself in Walton more than we might think despite walt the theory that one might be projecting himself around the islands. Courtesy of the others. Shannon is certainly projecting a bit of herself in Walt. Yeah Yeah I could see that. I think that that that tracks for me I think that that's like a big piece of why she's feeling so energized by this quest and of course sadly it's not going to the way that she she goes poorly. It goes poorly we. Meanwhile Taylor's check it through the jungle. Here comes Hollywood and vine slow jam. Hollywood invites which I wonder like maybe that was the music took. It's not a mountain. It's a hill. Seems like a tough job. I will also say I am. I guess a little bit of a power struggle going on but good on Michael for like mobilizing details to actually build the stretcher. We didn't talk about this thing before but I love Lucy of being like. Do you remember what happened to Goodwin in my? You know what I don't remember Goodwin. I'm sorry but whatever happened but we got a stretcher and it was like yeah well things that happened with Goodwin. We're not so great. They get a tiny Hollywood vine situation. They've got Sawyer in the HAMMOCK. It's really impressive. That they built that together so fast like I think talking and Pagoda. Balking at the idea of constructing such great hammock especially also for their teamwork hauling sawyers dead weight. They're not not not nothing job. A minus one set of hands. Because Cindy in the middle of all of this just go spontaneously missing all right. So let's talk about this because I think we should try to walk through the logistics of what happens because I watched seeing a couple of times so she was at the bottom. She was like I think it was libby. Her at the very bottom and I think the last thing we saw her was her handing some of the polls from the stretcher to libby and then libby getting helped up and then I guess they looked over the side and saw Cindy was gone. So I guess A. Do you believe she was outright taken by the others and be just that the others are very stealthy and that they were able to slip in slip out without making a glimpse of annoys. I would expect it. It's gotta be that right. I mean unless you just like dipped. She's like oh. I saw the kids just it. Yeah I could put the whole noise thing is just like escapes me. Because here absolutely don't hear anything maybe they're noises exertion in getting sawyer up the hill maybe trounce those but I mean if so I mean these these others are like rolling. Twenty on stealth checks. They're able to just like wrap Cindy and then slip out at Monsanto area. Lucky dice rolls this week. So yeah exactly. 'cause I think she's not visible for all of what like twenty seconds that she's already gone by that time but that also I think makes things much scarier and also hits home. What Anna Lucia? Warn them about of like. Yeah they're almost superhuman nick and appeared a moment's notice of course. We'll find out that they're far from superhuman at this point but maybe they're conspiring with other forces that are super human and can't take people at a moment's notice yes she's Mash. She's furious with echoes. It's all your fault. We risked our lives to say this guy. This one's on you. Yeah so she's pissed at Echo and then the whispers show up an Anna has the gun out she scoops. Even though it's all echoed does want them just to stay together. That's his own version of live together die alone ag going to experience somebody dying alone unfortunately very soon at the hands of this one of these people all right so we cut from that. We'll we'll return them momentarily. Meanwhile final flashback. Episode is Shannon is packing up her apartment. Boone shows up. I Guess Boone has been on this quest to talk to Sabrina about maybe getting Some money for Shannon. He's looking amazing. It's not just the hair now. He's got like this adidas sweater. This brown sweater jacket. It's got the genes the white V. Neck. He just looks fantastic. Do you think some brought outfit forum absolute. Because I because we're gonNA find out that she's swaddled him those quotes. Oh exactly. We felt much more comfortable. So we'll we'll find out like this is how Boone owns a business. That's how we find out that he gets evolved. His mother's company. I think there is a non zero chance Josh that Sabrina knew exactly what boom is up to. And to Stymie Shannon's approach decides to offer Buna job just to make sure that Shannon does money. Yeah I think that's it. Yeah because she hates Shannon that much because she's that off over person again. This is why she reminds me so much of this purchase. So I mean I guess when you have when you had your own company I guess you can sorta flaunt employment wherever you want to but just a petty petty very. This is very real. So He's like yeah. Listen I've got a good job. My Trust Fund is going to kick in at the end of the month. I'm going to have some money and then I can keep you. Afloat and Shan is very quick to turn that down very angry about it. She doesn't want any help from anybody. Says you don't believe me boone. You don't believe that I can do anything. She gives him his money back. Take Your Money. Go work for your mom. I don't want your money. This is complicated right because I think boone like very authentically as like I'm wealthy. I have money I can help you not in the way that we thought but I could definitely help you and Shane. And it's like I don't want that help because it's associated with your mom who had brick and hate and now also I've been jilted by so many human beings that emotionally. I don't feel ready to accept help from anybody right. This horrible from all sides right well. Should he situation? That's I mean to go back to like a sawyer referendum. This is the dog gets hit one too many times that things. They did something wrong when really. They didn't go to the point where she literally is biting the hand that feeds her. I wonder because again uses this word. Believe WE'RE GONNA be talking about this with the final sound. I wonder if boone had been more supportive of this whole Martha Graham thing like if he had said you know she said. Oh it's one three thousand chances like no no no. I think you're GONNA get it like you're you're an amazing dancer. You're an amazing teacher. I wonder if she would have been more responsive to him here because I wonder if that factored into her thinking that even someone like Boone has abandoned her and doesn't believe her. Yeah a very sad. It's really sad because again. This is someone who started these flashbacks. Very warm even when she sees boone. You know she. She falls into his arms very comfortingly. And now this is somebody who is going to resort to ex- ex- extra money from Boone through deception to be able to pay her way forward and it's a bad slippery slope here and she unfortunately doesn't have the people to help her up in the stretcher. Yeah all right. Well the slippery slope here comes for. Shannon as she incited or running a now. It's raining and she falls in the mud and she inside are going to get into one last fight. That's GONNA turn into one last reconciliation. That's going to turn into the return of Ghost Wall and the death of Shannon. It's a long sound clip is going to be some stretches harrowing rain in silence but I think we should just listen to the rest of the episode from here on out. Why don't you believe me? I need you to believe I do believe you. Don't no one joke worthless Shannon. You're not worth no. He's really go. I love only do around John And this ending is so good Yeah it's there's a lot like Shannon finally gets her moment where she's believed in. She sees ghost wall she fearlessly charges after ghost. Walt and imagine the world. Where ANA isn't there trigger-happy. Just shooting her right in the heart. great great aim. I mean well trained was going to say when you're an officer you better have that good of a name. Yeah so I guess it's sort of breaking down the scene. I guess we should start with the tears in the rain of it. All of say Shannon. Yes I am. I always just imagine in giving like the blade runners speed. Yeah exactly cancels out to be a replicant the entire time. Oh my God it's possible I've seen things. People would attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. So I mean I love. I always love these moments in las word. They sort of get to the heart of the matter where their innermost psychology becomes outer. And she says you know not only I need you to believe in me but I think the point that really hits home is you're just GonNa leave me. There is certainly a definitely a component of this. That's around belief and it's yet another interesting branch on the tree of faith right. There isn't just belief in something. There's also the want to be believed and we see that with lock and we see that with Jack and we'll see that with Ben and you know what the idea of following Jakup in that regard but Shannon is someone who wants people to believe in her and it's not an outright worship but it's at least you know not taking her just as a flighty rich bitch right and I love the sort of Meta aspect to this where she says people consider me a joke. And I'm worthless Josh. You have to wonder if there's a little bit of Meta Eakin here a bit that this is a character who not a lot of people light through her death and even though I think we put out some more positive qualities that have come after her I think if you're ranking the popularity of the main cast of loss at this point Shannon's near the bottom and I wonder if this is sort of a way to address to have the character sort of addressed the audience as well as a matter of being like you just think I'm this one thing but I am someone who has been hardened by so much sadness in my life that I eat a desperation that you would not believe I run and I get it and I'm glad that Shannon gets this level of depth before she goes but I do think so. I think this is something that that lost does from time to time where they have the death episode that is kind of like an attempt to justify the characters existence or deepen the character right before they go like you said analysts. Say they're going to do that with her later. In the season I think maybe more effectively because it ends up being like this really stunning plot twist that catapulted us into the final stretch of season two. And this is serving a very similar function. Actually with Shannon's death I just think that the do this kind of thing. Better in other instances five loss. I'd agree like this is the first instance I maybe. They also take this as a matter to improve on future instances like I said I think the fact that this was the first and only flashback for Shannon. It's not a great to have done this because she left so much to be fulfilled as a character. And maybe they. I think almost like the more courageous thing to have done would have been like. We've started her off on a bad foot and like now we can. We can try and tell wake a better. More compelling story with Shanti Maggie Grace's great. She's she's shows a lot of range in all through the first season. Frankly even when she's just like being like sort of like superficial means Shannon There's like pain. That's looking underneath that. You're getting her insides bonding together. Midway through the season Chee really demonstrated. I think a lot of rain as a as a performer. And I think that it was it was the writing that really underserved. Shannon. Yes I think. Specifically the roles she fulfill yeah. I think they wanted to build upon this fact of like. Wow they're on a desert island or really out of the real world and we'll show that by bringing these two people who are spoiled and rich and you know are used to getting all these creature comforts. How were they going to do in this more natural setting I think like exposes going to do their version of this much better? Expose is another episode where they're killing off characters that they just did not know how to write anymore and recognized as mistakes but with expose they kind of do it unapologetically and I think the tongue is firmly planted in. I think it's like it's gleeful. Cleave yeah LE- Fully Berry Nikki and Paulo alive. Because they're like we're sorry. This was a bad call. We shouldn't have done this. We screwed up our bad killing off Nikki empower. And we're going to do it in this big ROMP. Send up of an episode. We're here the abandoned is is kind of like an apology to the character apology to the audience for having the character on board feels like there's something like a lot heavier about about Shannon but it does feel Meta in the way where it's like. We recognize this character was a mistake. We were going to work in a race the mistake now and I get the instinct but I think maybe the stronger creative move would have been like how do you? How do you get this initial writing mistake? How do you? How do you fix it without having to kill the character but lost is very different if Shannon doesn't diet here so it's like speculate too much on what lost looks like if Shannon doesn't just like walk into Ana Lucia's bullet here you know who knows what branch off from there? Yeah and it's tough because I agree that I think there are elements of this character that I would like to see more particularly from the flashback perspective but I I guess. I'm hard pressed to think of another character. That would be at the receiving end the bullet that I'd be more satisfied with. Yeah because because that's the thing like I it's unfortunate because I feel like this needed to happen not Shannon specifically but I love with Dame says where I think we've expect been expecting this entire time and the reason why I love this ending so much. We're saying okay. The Taylor's will eventually come back to eight one five and it's going to be this. Big Heartwarming Reunion. Jin and sun are going to be back together. You know. Everyone's Michael is going to be super depressed but at least be able to see some friendly faces capable finally be able to be with Sawyer after she felt so guilty about not saying goodbye to him but this is not what any of us expected as to how these two groups would meet and it is shocking and it is dark and I feel like it is so well done that. These two groups are together but in true lost fashion like to quote another high-quality critically acclaimed. Show if you think that there's a happy ending here you haven't been paying attention losses unhappy. Yeah I mean at least for a little bit. You know this is going to come at the expense of not only Shannon dying but in such a brutal fashion it really sets things up this initial schism between the TAE lease and eight one five. That's never really ever going to go away particularly from analysts perspective. There's so much well done here. I love saieed pausing for a few seconds after Shannon and runs away because you could see the gears turning his head of. Oh my God Waltz Ghost Walt is real. What the hell does this mean before? He realized that he chased hassle chased after shaded. And Look. Maybe if you didn't take those few seconds and actually right after her initially maybe he'd been one at the other end of that gun. Ana Lucia doesn't even show remorse in these first few seconds maybe because she assumes that there are others but she just has the scowl on his face and Josh Roses. Small touch the final shot. But I love it so much especially knowing that we're going to be taking a week off of this where you see saieed holding shed and the woman that he just declared his love for is dead and you see site start to rise and then it cuts to lost loved that I feel like that's the ultimate cliffhanger not Shannon's dead but what's I going to do that because he has the capacity for brutality. He doesn't want to. He's a romantic at heart. But this is someone who just impeded in his romanticism. How is an fury stricken saieed? What is he going to do? Even in the presence of friends and I always loved Ireland Ridge to three super small but really gives a small hint as to what may happen next. He really tears into them so this ending is just so good on so many levels and in my opinion we'll get to the four point. Two Stars lifts a good chunk of my thoughts on this episode. Just on the way. It concludes okay. All right well. Let's get into the feedback. It's getting to the others section starting with behind the scenes. We've mentioned already that it's on the loss on location feature for abandoned on the DVD's Damon Lindelof says we knew that Shannon was going to die before we started season. Two Shannon's death served a number of story purposes. The most important being that we wanted the tail section people and our core group of castaways to be forced to merge under incredibly uncomfortable circumstances so Mike Shannon's the merge boot who just misses out on the jury or I think she's the last pre merge boot right he's last yeah and so they get to the merge they're like. Oh my God they voted out Shannon. Oh this war they say oh. Shannon was Medevac nurse. China's Medevac. Yeah LET'S SAWYER SHOULD BE MED EVAC at this point considering his shoulder and then Kuch is going to do it for Shannon except their boy at frogmarched beyond belief Shannon becoming no pair if she impo comino pair by the way for the peach man role in which she had been or no peach. Peach my ass no peach. My ass in a deleted scene from the episode Shannon is shown going to work for Felipe who is in. The first flashback episode in France as no pair Daniel Brennan wonders if this should have been in the episode. Because you have some feels incomplete. We never get any payoff in. Which Shannon proves her? Step mom or boone wrong. I don't know that I agree with that. Daniel I think I think the fact that Walt shows backup site has already said I believe you to Shannon and then what shows up inside sees wall is is pay off to the back that like Shannon is on the money about something ridiculous. Even though she's even though she's off the money in real life right exactly I I kinda see. I see what Daniels coming from in that. I think it would have been interesting. Capper I don't know if it's necessary but I think it could have been a nice tie around for her to see her approach. Felipe the guy that was flirting with. Aren't you like rich before and say I want to take up that job as an old pair? I feel like it would just be a nice bow on it not to say that. There's not a nice bow already with her. Turning Down Boone's help but it could have been a nice way for at least the audience as a whole to not make too many connections over right. She wasn't oh pair. I remember that back from season one. She watched finding nemo a lot in French. Yeah more from Daniel. Brennan was Shannon barely in the season prior to her death. It's frustrating because she became a more interesting character during the second half of the first season the beginning of the second season kills whatever momentum Shannon's character has and then kills her to Matt McGee ads in. I feel like they could have found some other kind of tragic ending for Shannon other than running around yelling at Sayyed and then getting shot. This should have been the beginning of a Shannon storyline that the ending and that does sour things. A bit on the rewatch. Some of the episodes momentum is squandered by the dread an annoyance with Shannon's upcoming death. So I would disagree on that last point. I think that if you look at this episode as a whole as a farewell episode to Shannon I think it holds up maybe more than you might initially think but I will agree overall that I think the most egregious point against Shannon's over all arc is because we is that we saw her in the first episode where she had a prominent story line and then we barely saw any of her. She was with the bottle but grade brigade but she didn't speak at all. I think unfortunately this is just a side effect of becoming so hatch focused in the beginning of it that there really was no reason to involve Shannon. But I would rather see you know some chart. I would rather see some Shannon's up than some Charlie stuff and some of these early episodes. The Great Jim. Fells has a defensive. Shannon's death Jim writes in. I really loved that. They had to kill her off like that yes. The character had potential but they deliberately wrote her final episode that way he could have created an entirely different. Backstory are not shown her flashbacks at all. Instead I think they did a great job of showing exactly why she had not been of much use up to that point and made her death very tragic in that sense. Her walking into the jungle by herself was her first step becoming independent and then she dies and I do think that's one thing I guess I appreciate about. The way that Shannon goes is like an way. She does kind of go out on her terms like she's like fearlessly pushing forward a yeah. We know that it's a jungle of mystery and dangerous. Things happened into jungle. But to just like expect that you're just GONNA like turn a corner and get shot in the heart. You know you really gotta play on a lot. You're not to blame you know. And the fact that another Lindelof the fact that she's you know fearlessly going out looking for Walt because she believes in it so much I do appreciate that aspect of the way Shannon goes I agree and I guess. Sort of the thesis that I've sort of settled upon co up Josh. Is I think as an episode. I think I'm more on board with Shannon's death nine initially thought. But I think in makes Shannon's Arkansas into actually look worse that we did not get more for leading up to it because while this is a great episode and you feel the pain when she dies here I think they pace things out a bit more over the episodes to be quite honest. He would've cared more at. I remember at the Time People. Watch this. Oh my Gosh Shannon's they say at the same time like oh great. We haven't really seen her this season so she literally made a cameo in died. Yeah yeah yeah savant. Johnson had a good point. This is about what we had talked about before about should greater good flashback and abandoned flashbacks be switched from Stefan. I think it would have made both abandoned and collision stronger as well. Not just abandon greater good it would establish. Farside is willing to go for a woman. He loves he goes so far as to encourage his friend to kill himself in an act of terror. So after Anna Kills Shannon. We're going to be expecting serious retaliation. However he takes the high road which would show his growth as a person and instead of finally finding out about Shannon only to lose her. We'll get the focus on the man who has to deal the most with her loss. Do you think that that would've worked better for you? Mike? It's tough. Because one of the things we really been talking up in. This episode was really getting a lot of introspection into Shannon psychology and granted. I guess we would've had that more in the greater good but I do feel like the flashbacks pair nicely with the main action here on the island with her fruitlessly pursuing Walt. And hoping that her closest confidante believes her. I don't know how I would feel about. The flashback from the greater good unless maybe we get more scenes of like maybe talking with people about. I don't understand the way that Shannon's feeling you know. Maybe if you parse out those cited flashbacks between this and like collision you know maybe if we start to like not have flashbacks entirely focused around one character for an episode if we do like collision is half saieed. Half Ana Lucia for example. Because I do think that while the greater good flashbacks might not necessarily match up to the action on island. They do for abandoned. In my opinion this is from Dallas Cervo the Shannon. And the flashback. Scenes comes off as berry sweet not so cynical and it's very sad to see how these events must have ultimately shaped her into being so cynical yet is sad it is sad. She does have like this really sweet quality to her in the flashbacks. That's like totally absent from the way that she mostly operates on the island. Where it's like. This is somebody before a trauma and somebody you know right after the trauma and then somebody who's just been hurt has been so deepened. The longer she's lived with the trauma it stuff but again. I think it really shows Maggie. Grace's range I. I really think that she's a very underrated actress. Yeah and I think she was able to trump screaming and her final episode and some crying which is great. Because she's she's fantastic at both of those. I think you know lost as a show. Fundamentally is about connections and about people and I think she sort of a case of what happens when somebody loses all their connections and right and becoming sort of a shell of a person and it's crazy to imagine that the same Shannon who is sweetly teaching little girls do ballet is the same one who decides to prove to boone that she can do stuff on her own by falsely reporting that psyche left a bomb in the airport. Like it's it's such night and day but I guess as you're sort of meant to chart the moon phases in your own mind as to how to become this person it becomes that much more tragic. Let's talk about ghost. We've got some Ghost Walt theories this week. First of all from Stefan is walt responsible for Shannon Steph. How much do we want to blame this on wall to spoil the MVP sex? And I think a walt is very lucky that Sabrina in this episode seems like what was in consideration for it. All the funnier. I mean look. I don't know if the mechanics night. Which could project himself could have at least been a little closer to her the jungle. You know otherwise. She ran up after him and that when she literally ran after him into that patch of jungle. That's what she ran into Annalisa. You'd have to imagine at least knows what's going on from that capacity. Yeah all right. So this is from the Great Jesse Camacho. Watch lock and key Jesse Camacho on lock and key right now. We're going to get on postal recaps in the not terribly. Distant Future Jesse one of our very very excited for justice is really really really loved Jesse Jesse Rights and I have a pretty cool theory regarding ghosts. Plot seeings the others were so desperate to get their hands on wall. Surprise didn't start tests and experiments on him within hours of abducting him from the raft. What if some of these tests were extremely dangerous? And in some cases deadly perhaps walt was subjected some pretty harsh experiments. Due to his special abilities experiments that would kill any regular mortal being in the process of these tests. Watt was temporarily dead and dust. The man in black could take his form however again due to what special abilities? He hadn't quite crossed over the other side so in demand does take form. It's not fully formed almost somewhat faulty hence the backwards talk. What do you think is the man in black a temporarily dead? While I it's interesting. It reminds me a lot of that season opener for the season ender slash opener to that one buffy thing where buffy technically it was dead for like two minutes and so another slayer was created. It comes back to life. There are two slayers so there are two wolves then. Yeah I think that makes sense. I mean I guess. The men in black is very opportunistic right like as soon as he flat lines. He's a great. Take this form right now. Let's go ooh. Yeah Alright. So Devon Chubb has another theory Devon writes in either theory for why appeared to Shannon and the jungle pretty much. The only thing we know for sure about watts powers is that they manifest when he's upset such as the bird crashing into the window and special because Susan. Brian aren't listening to him. So Devon's theory is the moment that Shannon sees. Walt is immediately after he's taken off the raft in a state of complete distress. Walt reaches out with his psychic powers and forms a connection with the one thing he feels the closest to Vincent. So Vincent runs off either to go find walt because Walt has worked in tone and Shannon goes to find him because of the emotional attachment Shannon has formed with Vincent is able to bridge the gap between himself and Shannon through Vincent. Walt tries to warn Shannon. That he's been taken. But the message is garbled. Because of the tenuous connection is able to recreate the connection later. Who better to inherit the island that the wise? Yeah Walt the broken who has a better story than wall the Soaked Walt? Yeah I like the idea. That wall is the reason why we can't understand. Why because he's speaking in secret dog lying or he's got a bad. He's got bad service. I I've really liked this theory that he was trying to reach out to vincent initially and because Shannon is vincent keeper. She happens to be the one that you know is she was chasing after Brinson. That's why she saw him. So maybe just through pure happenstance low. Nothing has really happened. Stance on lost walls. Like oh Great Shannon. You're the one person I can talk to. So let me try to reach out to you. Can you hear me now? I think that's good. I think that's good. I like it. It's good all right. This is the let's move on from. Let's move on from. This is Jordan from Wisconsin. Who has some some thoughts about Cindy? He says my first rewatch Cindy at the temple and season six. We've shown up a few other times the others along the way. How was. She wiped away from the group. Why did she never try to unite the others with the eight one fibers on understand her story? So my fundamental belief is that it comes back to the kids like I really do think and I guess we'll see next episode. How close that connection is but I feel like when she finds that can in Dharma Ville. They are too. I don't know if they were tested as well along with Walter. They report a waltz class but I guess the more they got settled into life the more sending decided to as well and then of course when things fell apart and they became devoted members of the temple. So I guess also maybe she didn't want to link back with eight one five 'cause she saw what happened to nearly everybody else. Who's in the back of the plane with our once? They did that. Yeah Ben mortels theories. That city was kidnapped at all. She chose to go look for the others because she thought her fiance. Who is actually a stalker Gary troopers probably at the main campus? You would rather do anything else but have to see him again. Yeah so for those. That might not know Gary Troup. Who wrote batch win? Who was the guy who got sucked into the engine? I'll one of the characters I believe is cindy is a flight attendant named Cindy and I think reading between the lines that he harbored a crush on her. That was very much unrequited. Yeah seems seems accurate. Good good reason for Cindy dip out then for Benji holder. How did clear get this far into having a baby let alone her entire pregnancy without hearing about swallowing? I mean this has been talked about again and again she was going to give away. Yeah she didn't. She didn't think that she needed to know. I mean I personally learned about waddling by attending one of those baby preparation classes and I can imagine that Clara was staying away from those and I cannot imagine that Thomas was going to them. Yeah find asked. It never understood the lock clear relationship. I realized the significance. It's GonNa play later but during season two. It never made sense to me. They aren't overtly friendlier. Romantic or father daughter. So what is the relationship supposed to do other than be a foil for Charlie? I think locks just trying to be like locks things he wants to like activate people right wants you to be your best self wife. It's also this idea of comfort. You know it's really shaking up the status quo of like we Charlie and Claire. They're very into each other. Find Comfort in one another that there are cracks that there is trouble in paradise and I think when nobody really seems to be helping. Claire Lock is the one person to do something clear. Feels like she's abandoned lock. Is that person to offer a hand? And unlike Shannon does not bite that hand she decided to take it like I. I can understand why we can't really put it in a silo of father daughter or friends or romantic partners. Just think he's what she needs right. Now yeah certainly more the Charley right now. Yeah considering that Charlie dealing with his own issues at the moment and he's taking it out on Claire Yeah Some quick hits here Curtis Morrison had written in to that somebody in Ontario pushed the wrong button and a nuclear power plant and it took one hundred eight minutes to resolve so I guess I think we've found the hats is what Kurt. Oh my God. There's a new hatch. Do you think do you think Early like manager of standing around being like no no inter thirty two. It'll defied. Trent writes in and says Josh. Through your discussion. I think you discovered where your wedding ring went one of your cats. Aided Omar little turds. Well I didn't have the cats yet when my wedding ring went missing and when when we got dougie dugout and Lolo are the new kitties the first night we had them. Dougie had diarrhea right in front of me on my rug and I didn't see a ring so I think it's unlikely that he that he aided Yeah unless I don't know maybe it's become a part of him now. It's possible Benji holder says Mr Echo is the best person on this show. Don't ask me disqualify adding you Benji holder for shouting at. You said this and then Preston Ritter had wanted to write an alternate series Bible entry for Mr I. Love these like D- These dual series Bible entries now. We have multiple translations on it. Yes yes so. Let's see let's see what Preston Ritter wrote a man of the cloth. Mr Echo has not always been the most devout man of faith growing up orphaned poor and surrounded by crime lords in Nigeria. Echo is no stranger to the harshness of life so even as priest at the local church that raised them both. He and his brother have participated in several criminal acts to protect their village and secure much needed supplies but his brother soon grew disillusioned with what they were doing and sought to vote himself. True it to God and so he was killed for it now on the run for from the crime. Lord's Brother Trade Echoes Seeks Redemption for his criminal past in the death of his brother and he may have found the one person the island who can help them with that jaw la. You're saying that like the super friends announcer. Yeah that's like me doing like ghost voice. Meanwhile in the Hatch Yeah. Meanwhile on the Hatch. What did we get from? Jim Fells this week. On the music analysis. Surprise surprise. There's this Shannon theme. Interestingly enough it actually shares a very prominent chord with life and death which I guess is foreshadowing considering what happened to her and the death that surrounds her in her life. But that was mainly the main thing. Also if you listen closely to the daily stuff g Aquino was putting snatches of life and death in their fake out that Sawyer would be dying in this episode. Ooh Yeah Sherefield us even though he sees sort of on. Death's door at this point and he will be a little bit even though kids can feel him. It's actually interesting going back to the end of this episode this the dark version of Kate and Sawyer. Seeing the black course in the jungle right Yeah I could see that of like the. I'm seeing this thing and nobody believes me. That makes me feel better. There's no no. Smooch is at the end of this episode. Sadly I mean there was one one between site in shedded. Unfortunately not at the very end. Yeah they've really got it very significant physical connection I think is what went down between side and Shannon that night and the love shack had literally eternal ramifications. Yeah exactly I'm just very surprising. Call another person in Didn't die so they come back tearfully jackass to tell them about it all right. Let's do the twenty three points. Mvp's and L. VP's. Mike Has Three. Mvp's I've got to. I've got three Oh. Vp's Mike has to Mike kick off. Who's getting your first. Mvp I'M GONNA give it to Shannon here. Sure it is because this is really one of the final time will see her. Especially in this corporeal being but I thought this was an excellent episode for Maggie Grace. I think she became much more of a sympathetic character. In this episode ultimately she does go out bill being believed and so it was truly a tour to force episode for her. Whether or not he's the best person on the show don't ask me. I think that he proved himself to be one of the best people for the week. And that is Mr Echo who is getting yet another. Mvp point this week for deciding to cut through the jungle to save sawyers life and let's give point to the guy who constructed these stretcher. Help Save Sawyers life. I'm going to give it to Michael. Also extra credit for him finally being able to ply information out of analysts and also for like letting us get answers by literally stop and being like no no. No I'm done with this. Bs Let me know what's going on here. And I'm taking over this operation I will give another. Mvp point to John Locke Who shows up with more wisdom of how to do a thing that nobody else seems to know how to do. He knows how to build cradle and he knows how to swaddled and he also. I think very deftly handles the Charlie and Claire Drama. And now he's got his fingers on the pulse of what's going on with. Charlie so good for John. Locke this week getting a real kick. Start on that path and good on him for being so hatch obsessive. He's able to sort of pick his brain out of there for a second to help deal with this stuff and I have one more. Mvp point I'm GONNA give it to Saieed here. Part of is out of sympathy because his girlfriend does die here but as I mentioned before I do feel like as he might misunderstand where Shannon is coming from. Initially I do really think he's being supportive of her after all and the fact that he does serve as her savior or I guess as someone who believes her in her hour of need I think is very poignant. Yeah all right L. VP's I've got three. Let me cut to the chase all three going to Sabrina. Yes I do. I Know Shannon dies in this episode. But I've already broken precedent. I didn't take a point away from Boon for dying. I'm not GonNa do that for Shannon. I'm now going to allow myself the possibility to take points away from main characters when they died. Though I feel like the Carlisle ford-ford's deserve equal treatment on this front from trauma. This emphasis. Yes I agree. I agree but Sabrina. Oh Sabrina I hate Sabrina so much so three. Lv People in on Sabrina for being very very cool to Shannon. Right in your defenses of Sabrina. For next week's podcast and watch as I do not read. Yeah Brian elwood looking at you at a defensive of Susan saying Susan was hip to the fact. That Michael Sucks really early on Bryant. Said I recognize the paraphrasing price. That's something I recognized this. Be One of the bad. Bryant's now Brian. You're you're a great Brian. You're a great right nothing you can say. We'll change that well. Let me throw one more. Sabrina onto the pile here and I was seriously debating and making a full five point. Clean Sleep for Sabrina. The first for the first time but you know what I feel like this is emblematic of Charlie and season two. I'M GONNA throw a point his way just because he's really showing how he's not treating clear the best way and the fact that he has also you know trying to withhold information from everybody clearly showing jealousy as well. It's it's not going to be the worst. We see Charlie this season but far from the best sure. He deserves Novi P. I I would have loved to clean sweep on Sabrina but I totally understand the VPN. Charlie years the setting of the of the stakes urine in the season. Two rankings. Right now UH. Sabrina could've been The bottom anchor for season two in the L. VP's instead it's tied with Mr Kim. Jin's boss both are at the very bottom with negative for peace with Anson Mount Fiance Jewish at negative. Three right above them. Mr RECCO is in the lead for. Mvp points is now tied for second place with Kate but site is the overall leader of our MVP if we are taking the full show into account twelve. Mvp points against cates eleven. Mvp's we'll have. We have the full accounting of season. Two's rankings in our show notes and at the very end of the season we will update the full thing so that I can see where we are at in the spirit of that Mike. Let's get to the four point. Two Stars Ratings Section of the episode going to give abandoned a flat rate Let I'm going to give it a straight three. I think the things that it does really well. It does really well namely Maggie. Grace is really really greatest Shannon. I think that they do make us be overly bad for Shannon right as they get rid of her. I do think that they make the potential in the character only to realize it was too late to like. We should have seen it earlier. Thankfully we really enjoyed our time with Shannon here on lost while we had her on the podcast. Hopefully the thirsty dog will come along for the ride in some way shape or form but I think like a solid three feels about right to me for abandoned because otherwise like this just stopped like it feels a little meandering at times a little slow and I think just like compared to other episodes like this one. I think this this is maybe one of the weaker efforts right. So I'm going to get a smidge below your flat three and we'll give a pointed to point nine actually the episode that I would compare this the most to is homecoming which I gave a two point. Eight which is like I feel like both are fine episodes that are uneven. Wear there are really cool. Exciting moments I cannot wax Profane enough about the ending of abandoned how much I love it. And I think we talked about how the EXC characterization of Shannon is interesting. There's just overall some stuff that spotty here and there I I could really take her. Leave the lock Charlie Claire Plot even if it does set up stuff down the line and you know the Taylor stuff is interesting and I appreciate how much it sets up the other forty eight days but overall it's just a bit of a of a wandering through the jungle so overall I think it balances out to me to Justice Mitch below at three all right so I've got three. Mike's got a two point nine. The audience has this at a three point two so higher than both of us. I see it goes as low as a to looking at the audience. Scores Right now goes highest before us. So that's the range of two to four range for abandoned that gets us at three point. Two averaging all of those scores together leaves us with a three point. Oh four abandoned. Just above adrift as the at the very bottom of season to the sparse. Those rankings right now. Man of science man affair is the leader orientation ooh and found everybody hates Hugo abandoned and adrift that is the Season Two episode ranking as it currently stands I think we're going to get a shakeup in the ranking fairly significantly coming very soon as the other forty eight days is our next episode of this is actually a high variance episode. I can imagine the people who are going to save one of the best episodes of the show and then other people were going to because the Tallis don't matter that much just not really feeling it anymore. Yeah that being said we talked about science made if eight the orientation being game changing episodes and I feel like no matter what you say. The other forty eight days is up there as well wrong. I believe the first on island flashbacks You know we're seeing things from a different side of the island again. We got drips and drabs of detail e story but to actually see it in person. I think he does a great job of furthering. The mythos of the others of what is describing them as as animals but we get so much answered. We talked about how great leave vague. The whole Goodwin thing is to finally have that answered in this episode. I just remember loving this episode of the time. I think it's really well done sort of like abandoned. I think we'll talk about how in the long term. Maybe he doesn't play as well. Considering were gagged no characters only one of which will last past season three but I feel like as a general installment of loss. It's such an interesting addition to the mythos. I'm excited. I'm really excited to get into it. That's going to be our next podcast. It's going to be dropping in your feed March thirteenth. The other forty eight days coming your way. Send your feedback in for that episode. Down the hatch post a RECAPS DOT COM CA tag us on twitter at show recaps at round Howard at a Mike Bloom. Type subscribe to the podcast pushing recaps dot com slash down. The hatch is the way to do that for your apple feed but we're everywhere wherever we're that you could possibly on spotify. We're like plants growing in the jungle. We're everywhere we're absolutely everywhere. Ratings and reviews greatly appreciated. Mike and I were also as we mentioned. We were recently on. Crazy Hank. Tb Talking Live together die alone so check that out on Youtube if you WANNA do. We really want to sneak peek. Ask to US talking about the episode in July. We got our first little taste here. Nice little warm up. Is it going to be that long sixteen episodes from now Mike? I know we got a lot of season to you to get through buddy. You've got a lot of lost in our future. And what a great thing. I know. It's going to be really sad once like the balance shifts once we get past that point. That's when we're going to have to start figuring out. How do we extend the lifespan of down the hatch beyond the rewatch? Because I will not be ready to let this go ever. Never holding onto it tight. Yeah by that point. Maybe they will of announced the lost reboot or the law sequel dose. Then we'll stick around for that. That's what it'd be a nice tie in. Yeah we'll just throw the alias. Rewatch we'll just throw into the down the hatch feed. We'll mix it up with Earth Alcatraz which actually I believe. I think the writer of this episode. Who might be the last solo writer of any lost episode? I believe she was one. No way really. Yeah that's what I read on. Pedia this the last time I get a single writer for a lost episode the Alcatraz Elizabeth Sarnoff who is a really talented writer. Who's WHO's been credited with a ton of stuff. I believe. A frequent Damon Lindelof collaborator but has written on NYPD. Blue Dead would just a ton of different material on but she wrote on. Berry has which I love very very much so a big fan of of Liz Sarnoff and this is her first episode of the whole show. But she's She's on board all the way through the rest of the line. Get to the point. Where actually we're we're GONNA be talking about her in a month or so with hunting party. She is the CO writer of an episode of lost. That is credited as the worst episode of lost by many people stranger in a strange land. She's also the CO writer of two for the road. Yes So yeah there's there's some interesting stuff here. She did the man behind the curtain she did. She's great yeah for a lot. A lot of really fun lost episodes go to Liz Sarnoff so really fun to talk about one for episodes here. Mike what else you have going on push. A recaps is very busy right now. I can tell you that that you're you're partly responsible for that big of a little bit of a hand in there. So yes star. Trek Picard is humming along myself and Jessica Lisa covering this. Emily Shire behind. But we've been trying to watch at least like one or two every week. I was GONNA say we're getting close. We're the time this is being released episode seven. We'll have just released which is far and away my favorite episode of the of the season of the series. And I'm assuming might be a lot of other people as well to quote the kids all the fields with Star Trek episode seven. So I'm really excited to break all that down with Jessica lease also talking and writing about Australian survivor and US survivor. As well as island life gets rampant on so many pieces of pop culture so be sure to check everything out that I'm doing on parade true times or just in the general ethos everywhere is content everywhere you look. You shall see content much. Like I don't know I was GONNA say more plants in the jungle but we've really warned that with firs and the jungle whispers in the jungle pusher recaps hopping. It's not just down the hatch and start check carbs got a weekly better call. Saul podcast weekly walking dead weekly curb your enthusiasm. West road coming back. We'RE GONNA announce at front in the not too distant future coming back. March fifteen so a lot happening here on post show recaps wiggle room still in effect over at our H. P. For survivor forty had a very funny wand off this past week laughed for a solid minute straight. Labs a great a great time like fifty. You're thirsty dog in many. You're thirsty dogs. Did you laugh. Or How long is an? You're thirsty. Dot Com one more time and just get the official number on the field dog. Three seconds three twenty thirsty dogs. Let's have long. I laughed for on the line. Does this week a really really great time to check that out on pusher recaps and ROB has a podcast? We will be back next week. With the other ornate days drop in your feed on March Thirteenth. Until then everybody take care six point two eight hundred sixty four eight point six talk talk.

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