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Anytime you're not enjoying work. It's like it's up to you to say, okay, I'm not enjoying this. How am I going to re-engage? How am I gonna fire like fire myself up again and not everybody has the liberty to just stop working? But you know, when you're out at a out of your zone, and you're out of your lane, and you have to pay attention to that. I'm curly's Aken, I'm Danielle Weisberg. Welcome to skim from the couch. This podcast is where we go. Deep on career advice from women who have lifted from the good stuff like hiring and growing a team to the rough stuff like negotiating your salary and giving or getting hard feedback. We started the skin from a couch. So what better place to talk it all out than where it began on a couch? So please, welcome. Chelsea handler to the couch. Chelsea is a longtime friend of this game. And actually was one of our earliest investors. Thank you, you might know her from her stand up or her seven year run as the host of the late night talk show Chelsea lately on e or her Netflix shows Chelsea does and Chelsea were she's gone deep on everything from Silicon Valley to I lost. Gotta Chelsea has done it all, and of course, you might know her as the author of five bestselling books, including her latest one life will be the death of me and were recording on the day of its release. Congratulations Chelsea on that. And everything else were so excited to be celebrating with you here on the couch. Thank you. Hi girls. It's nice. You get it's good to see you. So we're going to start with an easy question for you scheme. Your resume for us, my resume loud mouth cash attrac- loud. Mouth Kesse check loud enough couches shack. And just getting rewarded for bad behavior? Was basically my entire career great. Yeah. I made a career out of being loud obnoxious in your face, and I just seem to work out. So I stuck with ice stuck stuck with as stuck stuck with it. I stuck with it. I skimmed with it. And and then, you know, eventually, you're just like wait a second. I do not like not way like it more. Like, wait. What am I doing moving forward? What am I gonna do with my life? What am I gonna do as import? What is something that is not on your s made that people would be surprised to know that you've done or do that's not on my resume. Okay. Let me think and thinking of something adventurous. But I guess I'm probably I pretty much telegraph that on my social media too. So everybody knows everything I do. There are no secrets is the problem with being do love your social can't, you know? I don't have any secrets. That's why. Because that's how I've been trained to not have secrets were you always the loud mouth growing up. Or is that like a personality that you put on? Well, it was. Yeah. I was youngest of six kids. So that comes with being like a little I was born like, you know, I was a firecracker, and it was loud and talk a and wanted what I wanted and was cute. So I got a lot of attention. And then and then my brother died. Died. And when he died that all of the attention that was swirling around me that I had felt retreated because everybody was grieving my brother dying, and I was nine years old. And so my personality combined without loss created a mouse drum of emotion of me, not only was I now like the rug was pulled out from under me in many senses of the word because my family was broken. But the person that I trusted the most was gone. And then the person I trusted second the most which was my dad he fell apart and never really recovered after my brother's death, and that made me be really strong and fierce and independent and fight all the time for what was what I thought was right or what I thought I deserved or respect. And I don't ever have to lean on a man, and I'm gonna be I'm not gonna have kids. Watch me watch me succeed in life without anybody. That was my story. So I want us to the book, which is doubt today. So yeah. Congratulations. Life will be the death of me. It is you've been a bestselling author before. It's that's nothing new. But this is a very different book than anything you've ever put out there. It is much more serious than the other books. And while you put yourself out there in many ways all the time. It was a different way and one of the reviews said raw, and I like Roth Kushtia word when you talk about. And we all have anyone who's been a fan of yours, we associated with this tough persona, and you're tough you're sarcastic. You're funny. Like, you seem the most confident person in the world, and so much of this book is talking about the therapy that you've gone through in recent years talked us just about this book, and how this was a release for you. It was a release because I was never allowed to I never allowed myself to be vulnerable. I mean, I moved out of nine hundred and fifty miles an hour because that's that way. I never had to sit still and deal with anything. And I thought things were going great. I was making a ton of money, and I I had been and I had this great career for so many years. And I just thought being in therapy was narcissistic like, oh, you have a show named after you books named after you, and you now you wanna go sit on the couch and naval gays like I just thought. Oh, I'm just so LA, you know, and I didn't want to start throwing around words like gratitude and the universe and kale and all that shit that comes with LA. You know, what I mean because there's trends, and it makes spirituality and like consciousness or mindfulness seem like a trend as well. When it shouldn't be shouldn't be diminished like that. Because it's so much adds so much value to your life. But I had a really hard time sitting still, and if you're basing your success on you know, what's in your Bank account and all the great vacations, you're taking it's going pretty well. But then at the end of the day on like, I haven't even thought about what I really want to do. I've just been saying. Yes to what's been saying. Yes to me. So for me therapy was about a validating. The fact that I had a right to be in therapy. Like, I thought, you know, everyone does and that my injury was worthy for a long time. I thought well, I wasn't raped. I wasn't molested. I don't have anything to be upset about look at my life. And and you know, that may very well be true. But everybody is pain is deserving to be heard, and what my therapist did over and over again. Was relitigate back to me why I deserve to be upset about my brother dying. When I was nine years old. He's like you have every right to be like that and your patterns of behavior throughout your life. Are a direct result of that? So diminishing, it doesn't do anybody any favors looking at it and going through it and trying to cut through it and say, okay, this is me this is who I am. Now, I can identify what my shortcomings are. And and be better for it. Finally. I was like I can't do this anymore. This is I want to be in a state of action not reaction. I don't want to react to everything. How did you cope with actually looking backwards? Did you really take the year off and? Sit in it. Because I think for people that are listening to our podcast for the two of us. It's always about what you're doing next. What's coming next that? I think people don't even know how to look back like where do you start? Yeah. I think I think taking the time for yourself to even think about your own life is so important because we're all just hustling all the time. And then you think like where did that year go? There's too many incredible moments. I've had in my life that I don't remember, you know, like that. I just was like I can't wait to go to bed. I'm so tired. I'm so tired. What is the point of that? You know? I got it. I got all the what I needed. So now, let me see what I can give back or what's needed from me rather than just, you know, like, I said cashing a check or not thoughtful about what you're putting out there. I mean, you guys must feel like starting a business like this. How crazier last few years have been and you know, and you feel like it's going to calm down. And you're going to get to the point where it's going to relax, and that's not happening. I turned forty. I'm not going to be on camera. I just showed a documentary where? On camera. You know, like a when I turned for I'm going to retire. Like, I you have all these ideas. So I was like, well let me start putting into motion. Like, actually, you know, what I want out of my life. And then maybe I'll be able to give something more and contribute more than I have been because I felt like I wasn't doing a good enough job. So take away the celebrity part of you like at the end of the day like you are a high powered businesswoman. And we thank you. You're welcome. And we deal with a lot of high-powered business professionals and a things like their beer, dealing with mental health come up a lot in ten of social conversations and thing that we hear a lot as I just don't have time. Like, it's not it's forget the money part of it for a second. Like, I just don't have time. There's so many other things I have to do. And if I have an extra hour, I wanna go home and see my family or I want to maybe let go workout for a little bit in. I think part when you become successful in your careers. You've got to get really good at compartmentalizing and compartmentalizing enables us to multitask. In many ways Nabil's us to have clear clear-headed focus when needed. How do you sort of reconcile the I don't have time or you know, I am just going, and I'm focusing on them compartmentalizing with would you obviously have found in such a value in doing therapy. I would say to people. I mean, I read this in a book called essential ISM that I love, and I would say to people like if you don't make your time a priority. Somebody else will. So it's up to you like, do you want to be in charge of your happiness? Do you want to be in charge of your life? Like, I meditate every morning now for twenty minutes. This is a sentence. I thought would never ever come out of my mouth. I mean, it makes me wanna you know, I have to say it every day. Just he'll get less. Nauseous say that because I feel like a traitor something that I've done for this book tour, which is, you know, this is I'm speaking in languages. I haven't spoken I've been on a book tour five or six times before it five times before this and always while a how to show always while I was doing standup always doing a tour doing everything everything everything I could do to show everybody, I was stronger tougher Chelsea. Could handle a Chelsea can handle it like the more? You throw out me the more. I'm gonna do. This is the first time in my life that I actually had time to write a book without having the book. I I just wrote this. And then I was like maybe this is a buck and gave it and they were like, yes, this is a book. But this is the first time I've had one focused my attention on one thing rather than eighty things. So the integrity of the work is at a different level. And now that I see that it makes me realize that you can't do fifty thousand things at the same time. You know, even with something like the skin like, you guys are doing everything that's skim related. So even though you're probably feeling so spread thin. It's got you've got the same agenda. So you're on the right track. Because you're not doing the skin and fifty thousand other things on the side, or maybe you are or not. But but even though there's a lot of like antennas coming out of this. You're all you have one main focus you saying, no more. Yes. I try to say, no more. I try and be think about things in an essential way. Like is it essential for my, you know, me or my family's happiness or is not if it's not. And your constantly doing favors for people. That's gonna get old quick. And then you become resentful. And then you become rich when not order when he was thinking about this book tour, which is different in many ways because the book is different and you're at a different stage. Personally, did you have any hesitations about? I mean, this book is so much. It's honest in a different way. Were you nervous to get up there? And talk about it. I'm not I mean, I'm all be nervous. I'm going on. You know, I'm going on this book tour, so it's going to be different every night. But yes, I'm looking at the tour differently. I've looked at like how I want to present myself, and how what kind of conversations I wanna have. And I didn't think the tour match stand up because it's a more serious book. But I still wanted to have a really fun night with friends who know me, and we could talk about, you know, all the personal things that aren't in the book. So I that's why chose different people for each city. And we have cool authors that I've admired for a long time in certain cities y-. Yeah. I wanted totally to be different because I'm in a different place. And it doesn't mean like, you know, if you I wanted to. Just like gets in the next volition of me without fighting it so much and having it be so traumatic. So you talk about the volition of you. And I I want to kind of go back for second. Which is a lot of our listeners. You know, they read it in or we've talked about in previous podcasts, the idea of changing careers, the idea of reinventing yourself or Piven and think you've pivoted a lot. And you've done that with seemingly with intention like as a fan. You know? It's like, okay, stand up comedian make sense that you got this talk show. Like, okay. Maybe I don't know why you wanted to leave e but like you went to Netflix, all of a sudden, you're doing documentaries now all of a sudden, you're doing more documentaries. More books are all of those decisions intentional. And how do you think about kind of the reinvention of yourself along your career? I I mean there have been decisions that have been intentional. And there have been instances where they were. It was an intentional where I was you know, just kind of given a situation and had to figure out what to do with it. But I mean, you get yourself where you're going. All the time. And I think it to be honest about what you know, like being in a flow state. You know about being in a state where you feel like, oh, I'm creating this is right. This book feels right to me the documentary. I just shot for Netflix feels right to me it's about white privilege. These projects aren't about my ego. There about making you know, what I mean there where it's about just sharing an experience and kind of experiential. And that's where I really the things I really loved to do yet. You know, you get drawn to do a talk show because you did a talk show. So people think you should do another one and you get and then you get sucked into that. And you and then you're on a cycle. And you're like, well, I haven't really even thought about what I'm doing. I loved making the documentaries. And that's why net flicks is so great because they knew how passionate I was about that. And that's where I what I wanted to really do. So they were cool with it. I mean, not you know, everybody gets to make. I mean that just speaks to my privilege alone that I get to make documentary about it. So I'm sure I'll got a lot of shit for that too. But you know, I like getting a lotta shit for stuff. They'd change your definition of success. Yes. Yeah. I did. I think in your young you really really want everyone to know your name. And then you grow up, and you're like, I don't need everybody to. That's a little bit too much on the nose. And then you're like, I would like to go to some places and be able to walk around in a bathing suit without getting photograph at some point. So yes, you get I think I got a big dose of myself when you think about kind of your career pivots or have Aleutian witch of which of the ones that you did were you the most scared. That's a good question. I think I'm the most scared. You know, it's funny to talk about being scared now because now I feel like I'm in such a state of like, you know, how to get yourself to a place where you need to be calm relaxed and like the on your own team. I think that's the thing. I learned the most it's not that I've ever been so scared because I I don't have that feeling so much, but I felt on on not right where it's doesn't feel right? And when we ignore that intuition that we all are born with like that muscle is there, and it's about whether or not we want to use it and pay attention to it instinct is everything, and you know, we don't trust our instincts at all. I think 'cause we get tired. Tired and we're tired. We want the day to end we want somebody else to make the decision. And if you're not operating on your instincts, and you're not like in a flow state. You're not in it. You're just trying to get through it. And anytime, you're not enjoying work. It's like, it's it's up to you to say, okay. I'm not enjoying this. How am I going to re-engage? And how am I gonna fire like fire myself up again and not everybody has the liberty to just stop working? But you know, when you're out at a out of your zone, and you're out of your lane, and you have to pay attention to that. And I wish I had paid attention to it all the time because it's a lesson. You keep learning. I learned it when I was twenty alerted again when I was thirty and I learned it again when I was forty. There's a trees I'd like to see more of go on spring showers. Bring may flowers you just come up with that. I did. But I've been the allot and hoping that it's true and got me thinking about waiting for payoffs. And you know, what that leads to go on investing? See what I did there? I am following. Yeah. Okay. So Robin Hood is an investing app that lets you buy and sell stocks E T options and cryptos all commission free, which is important. Because other brokerages charge up do ten dollars for every trade, but Robin Hood doesn't charge any commission fees, meaning you can trade and keep all your profits. Robin Hood is giving listeners of skin from the couch a free stock like apple Ford or sprint to help you build your per folio. Sign up at skim dot, Robin, Hood dot com. That's skim dot Robin, Hood dot com. Someone that has not an Iowa. But is very interested in it didn't that I did that start this. I want to know. I mean, I know obviously, it was filmed, and it was on the show, but, you know, hearing you speak now about intuition and gratitude and all of these words you thought you would never use. Would you do you think that experience started that or like totally different and started with you in therapy? Well, the IRS go, which I, you know, my that's Shawna. Shawna, who Sarah, my sister's here, who's Trump also could for those who don't know what is Iowa Iowa is a plant grown, Peru. And then they mix it into hot tea, and they brew it. And then you drink it, and you get super fucked up your you have like a psychedelic trip, but it's all repressed memories in your brain. So you have like this phantasmagoria of images that run through that are of your childhood. So you see yourself as a little girl in my instance. I saw my sister Shauna me on our beach Martha's Vineyard that we grew up on. We don't have our own beach. But you know, there was a little day in front of our house. And I just saw our childhood play out like we were on kayaks, and we would tip each other over and we'd p in each other. You know, we pay like ph kayaks be laughing so hard. We would be, you know, peeing in our pants and a lot of peeing in our. Family. It's a theme. And then we had like this dog that was running across the bay. And I was like oh my God. That's white foot. I was like forgot about our dog. But all of the images were true. So I was like those are these are real things. This is real these are memories that I forgot and it just went around, and it was like this glistening light, and it just all the happiest days of my childhood, and for Shoshana and me, it was you know, it was my message was love your sister more. She's not you stop pretending stop demanding that she act more. Like you like I wanted her to be more adventurous and move out of the suburbs. Why do you wanna live on in New Jersey? What's wrong with you? We're supposed to leave New Jersey, you know, and I didn't understand or respect that she just had a different outlook than I did. I was all about me. Like, what is it going to do what I want to do? It doesn't make any sense because she doesn't want the attention. You do you bought the attention? And like, that's the that's the more Barrasso heart. Not her part. I want to go back to you talk about gut instinct, we both like think about gut instinct and intuition a love for me. Personally. I always thought that I have very strong intuition, and gut and I think that's what led us to start the skim. But I've actually found as the skin has become more of a thing. And there's more employees more people around the table that I've lost confidence. Sometimes in my gut that I I can't channel at the way. I used to drive. It drives me crazy. And I'm curious how have you been able to tap into your gut again? Like what we're where do you find that? And how would you tell other people who are listening to to really isolate their gut instinct, I think that's such a great point that you bring up because it's something I've wrestled with for a law like a about two years. I was like in a zone where I couldn't trust my gut. And that was like that was everything to me. I was like, I know everything for my gut. And I think it's such like it's so clear that when your world becomes really big and the business, you're creating or the brand or your show, whatever you're in. Wouldn't it starts to balloon your? Gut. There's too many voices around to hear your gut. You can't hear your own voice. And so for me another answer meditation, but I have to say like the most creative I've become in the recent months is every time I meditating in the morning. I forced myself to do it. No matter what twenty minutes every morning, but I think that's so important because we do get there's a cacophony of voices. And and and you hire more people, and there's more people chipping in and so you're not it's not left to you to make those decisions as frequently as it was before. Because there are so many people around you so to check in with yourself, you have to have really focused attention, and you know, meditating my guy was like go meditate for three months, and you have to just do it every morning, and I was like I could be dead in three months. I don't have three months to commit to something. I'm like that's longer than a pregnancy. He's like not actually. Well, whatever it sounds like one. And then and then I woke up, and I was like, I'm gonna do it. I've never done anything for three months. Who knows what the possibilities are because I was such an impatient person always operating on impulse impulse. And then literally like, it's been six months. And if I don't do it. I feel it. I'm so much calmer. I don't react to things if I do I look away meditation. I think that will get you back into your life flow state in terms of decision making before you got all calm. What are the things that used to like trigger you a stress where did you kind of just lose it anything? I mean, if the fucking microwave looked at Iran. I mean, the if something like I have this. I still it's not like, I'm fixed. I'm just aware. Now, what my problems are. I mean now I'm on the road to like trying to get better at that at knowing because I think half of it is identification awareness and modification you identify the problem, and you're aware of it. And then you're like, let me try and not. To be a bitch right now. You know, and it's not stupid. But it makes you first of all makes you just so much calmer. And so the little things like I was driving the car the other. Jan I'm talking on the phone with my assistant, and might my big yeti container goes flying because of my driveways, pretty steep. And it just you know, all over my car everywhere. And it's like read I've got some electrolyte shit in it. And I was like oh my God. Fuck this is how I'm going to start my day. It's like seven thirty. And I just pulled over and I was like all right. Just pull over and just breathe. And I was like got can't doing this. But it and then I was fine. And I was able to laugh, and I wasn't freaking out about a Cup falling because who gives a shit like if you're going to be late you're going to be late. And if you're not you're not like at all works out. And I know that's a thing that people like I remember when my makeup artist used to go. Everything's gonna be okay. Everything's gonna be okay. Go stuff saying that doesn't mean anything. Nothing's going to be okay. There are children whatever country you want to choose being, you know, raped and murdered or whatever. And she goes. But you'll see even though all of these terrible things are happening. Like, you're either like breathing or you're not. So as long as you're breathing, which Oprah talks about on her all of her things, which is another thing. You know, I never thought I would be listening to. But it's so important. There's spirituality for a reason. It's too calm. And then you're like operating at a higher vibration, and you're pulling in people that you like let everything's less annoying. I mean, I take a lot of cannabis twos. Edibles legal and LA. So it's a whole new with a whole new world. Yeah. Okay. So there's a quote in the book that that stood out to us. And you said before you can be of use to other people you need to clean out your own injuries. And that's obviously what it sounds like you've been doing for the past few years since your show ended in two thousand seventeen you've gotten pretty political. Let's talk about that. What what prompted it. How do you deal with the backlash and how is it? I think opened you up to what you're doing. Now. I mean, wh what prompted it was the election, and what the I just felt out of control I felt like an out of control. So for me to feel out of control different thing. You know for me. That's the world is out of control. I've always been out of control, but the world is fine. So for me to feel like the world was also matching me I was like, well who's going to be in charge here, and you know, back to my nine year old cell phone, Michael I will. And I'll do whatever I can I'm gonna I can fix this. I could fix this situation. I can just go campaign for candidates. And if everybody does that, you know, if enough people do it, we'll see what we saw November. Which is exactly what happened enough people whereas outraged so that worked out, but what have I what I've learned is that you can't operate at a ten, you know, I was so angry. And I was so mad, and I was addicted to the news and finding out when they were going to remove Trump from office as if it was going to happen any moment every single day. And what I learned is that to be really effective. You can't be at a tent every crisis can't be a ten it has to be at a five and six and played it along game. And so that's a good lesson for me to learn with regard to life and regard to jobs, I treat everything like it's a temporary gig. I don't ever want to commit to anything. So it's like, well, why is that? Why are you choosing things? You don't want to commit to. And what are your commitment issues? Let's get both of those things out on the table. So we can find out what you really want to do. How do you? You know, we talk about the political stuff. Like, I mean are. Audiences very much down the middle politically. And I think, you know, I'm sure that you've definitely lost some of your audience and fans because you come out so vocally against Trump. How do you do you respond to criticism today maybe differently than you did when you first we're doing stand up, and I came on the show. I mean, I think we talk on the show all the time about it's not fun to not be liked. It's not fun to not be liked by an employee. It's not fun to not be liked by your audience or your customer, and is well, it's a gift to get feedback. It's like gift in quotes. Sometimes because you're like, I really hate hearing this right now, what is it like to be on such a public stage? And cure people say not nice things about you or strongly disagree with you. I don't I don't wanna be a person who only respects people who like me. It's it's powerful to like someone who doesn't like you and to not care that they don't like you. So I take a lot of pride in the interesting bet seems like did he take you a while to to come around to though? Yeah, that's a new. That's like a new ran news. Yeah. What about, you know, especially for our listeners who, you know, are probably not have dealing with likely. What happens when the public does that? But what happens when your coworkers? Give critical feedback where you find out that your boss had something, maybe not a nice about you. You know, we've all had those moments in a different scale. And I'm curious what your reaction used to be. And when you think back about that. What would you change? Yeah. I think that is first of all a huge always opportunity when somebody criticizes you because it's great to be like thank you for telling me that. Like, it feels really good to exercise that and be like, oh, thank you. I didn't. Oh, wow. I didn't realize I was coming across like, it's such an opportunity to prove that person wrong. My friend, Mary McCormack lie best friend was once said to me, she's like you shouldn't have been this is years ago. And she said you shouldn't have been at that party last night, you were really drunk, and I was like oh God. I better go out tonight and make a new impression. And she was like, that's actually really smart go out tonight. Don't drink and make sure you see all the same people. I'm like, all right. I'll try because then they breed, but that's pretty much what everything in life is. It's like you. That's an opportunity for you to do the opposite. So take the criticism. Think about it. If it's completely out of left field an inappropriate, then that's one thing. But there's always some truths a little everything. And it's good to be like, you know, what thanks for that note. And then flip it on its head and make a new impression. The next time. I feel like you would be really good at at negotiating for yourself. And that's something. We'll first of all are you? Yes. Okay. Yes. I think so I just had that feeling. What are some tips? How do you go into a negotiation with a lot of confidence? I think like any negotiation is about saying, hey, listen, like, this is what's happening. You can. I'm not sitting here waiting like there's a million opportunities in this world. And I don't want to ever feel like somebody's doing me a favor. You know? I still have that chip on my shoulder. So that's good. I don't wanna feel like that on. I'm sure it's happened and unbeknownst to me or you know, but I think confidence is everything you have to believe in yourself. Like, you really have to believe in what you're doing. Don't think you're a fake don't. I mean there. I went through two years where I was like who am I what am I do? You know, 'em fake. Am I even funny? Am I smart and my well read, what am I? And it's like don't play that game with yourself start with the things that you are and build on that so confidence is so essential in really manifesting things and making things happen because without your belief in yourself. You're never gonna get there in the first place. So I would just say that you have to believe in yourself. Figure out a way to do that to usually say if you're negotiating like a salary or contract. Do you say what you want? I. I'll say like where I wanna land. Yeah. I mean, I'm also, you know, I like to work hard like I like to show up improve myself to to a fault. I think all women are always trying to be like, oh, if you're one of the guys, you know, I'll do it will do extra two extra and I'm done with doing that. Like, I'm not doing extra anymore. You know what I mean? I've built a foundation for my life where I can be comfortable, and I don't wanna do extra. And I don't want to show up and think you're going to get that back. You know, you play one of the you think you're going to be like the cool chick. That's doing. And then you get a nobody cares anyway. In the end, nobody rewards you for that. So it's not about being more selfish. It's about being more strategic. Okay. Lightning round. We'll ask you questions. You answer. First thing that comes to your mind. You're going to be good at the. Yeah. What did you think you were going to be when you grow up? Oh, I thought for sure I would be a nanny I thought I was going to be a nanny to a bunch of jobs. I knew I didn't want kids. Interesting. First job waitress worst job. Working at a T shirt store, Martha's Vineyard folding t shirts in the back. Also depressing. Worst professional mistake you've made of God coasting that reality show. I did years ago called the lot with Steven Spielberg as a producer. It was a reality show host. They asked had me hosted. Yes. And after like, three episodes, I was like you guys. This is so bad. We know. I phone call. When you get good news, Shawna, usually first phone, call when you get bad news. I don't call people anymore. When I got bad news. You meditate? I just tried digest it when was the last time you negotiated for yourself. Just now we just we just just now. Yeah. We're doing a limited podcast for my tour. So we did that with iheart. How do people know when you're stressed? They know. What drives you? Vacation. I like that answer. I to me as well. What is your shameless? Plug my shameless plug to stand up comedy tour. I think that's the sit down comedy tour shit sit down. That's my play shameless fun Chelsea dot com. Thanks, Chelsea, congratulations. Thanks girls. Cannot mess. Stay almost. Thanks for hanging out with us. Join us next week for another episode of skin from the couch. And if you can't wait until then subscribe to our daily Email newsletter that gives you all the important, news and information you need to start your day. Sign about the skim dot com. 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