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Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw


This message comes from n._p._r. Sponsor comcast business gig fueled network solutions that help businesses go beyond the expected to do the extraordinary gary comcast business beyond fast learn more at comcast business dot com before we get started. We want to acknowledge the death of writer tony morrison morrison. She died on monday. She was eight. She won the pulitzer prize. She won the nobel prize she won the presidential medal of freedom and she won the national humanities medal books like beloved soula the bluest eye and song of solomon have inspired countless young writers and thinkers documentary called tony morrison the pieces i am that's that's in theaters in some cities right now so seek that out the way things worked out this week after some discussion. We couldn't figure out a way to put together a show that would do justice to her work. In the way we thought it deserved but there's a flight of remembrances of her pros and her influence on and advocacy four other writers there are also plenty of clips avalaible where you can hear how she spoke about race and writing and life and beauty and we encourage you to spend some time with those well linked to some favourite remembrances in the newsletter so you can hear from some of the people who felt her influence most keenly she was a giant should be greatly greatly missed and what has muscles wise cracks muscles car chases muscles and too big movie stars the new film hobbs and shaw starring dwayne wayne the rock johnson and jason state the to play their characters from the fast and furious franchise spun off into a fresh adventure they jason mechanically enhanced super soldier played by idris elba to recover a deadly virus before it can melt the entire population of the planet into a series of small puddles. I'm linda holmes. 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Hey friends and of course me back in the studio after several weeks away. It's so good to talk to all of you and it's particularly good to be here to talk about a franchise that i have as much of a soft spot for as i do the fast and furious franchise because we point out the technical title of this movie the official title he's he's fast and furious presents colon hobson shock. It's totally groundbreaking. There are two anchor sands never been done and going to colan everything changed. Are you in fast and furious person generally. Oh yes i mean like many people came to it. Late tight seen the originals and really liked the trajectory trajectory. They took as they went on. I am i am one of those people. And how did you like this one. Well i mean i just have to say that. This movie had everything it had wrestling references it had instagram references. It had the correct pronunciation of <unk> samoa followed by a white person saying samoa it hang self awareness it had crazy action sequences and of course because it is part of the fast fast and furious franchise. It had a diverse cast in a message about family. It's true it's true. I tend to agree it does it. Is that sort of what could you possibly ask court christina tucker. What did you think i some point. During this film i murmured give this movie sixteen oscars and then i i walked out of the theater and literally immediately forgot everything that had just happened. I had a fantastic time when i was there and i loved every minute of it. Yeah it's funny chris and i saw the film together and my reaction to these movies and christmas because he seemed these movies with me before is that i always at at some point during the movie just say clamp my hands usually during the movie at some point and i did that but then chris and i went and had a drink and once we had to drink i said to him. The problem is i've already forgotten everything. During that movie chris you tend to be. I don't wanna say the wet blanket of the festival furious franchise but the textiles smothering trying to the saturated textile of the fast and furious franchise. Tell me why as a guy who likes the punching movie absolutely you persistently have i have. I have so many so many chips on my shoulder even though enjoy watching them with i enjoy being in the in the homes ian enthusiasm. Yes yes okay so when i reviewed the fate of the furious i asked the question why just rip off point break as the first fast and furious listed when you can rip off everything in hobson shaw we get to a point where cyborg idris elba has his back split open and he's being welded back together after after a battle in which his hyper alloy combat chassis has been damaged he is speaking to a disembodied electronically altered voice who is telling him they could be great assets if they could be turned to the dark side on like the you know it's like as i said burglary larceny and then there is grand theft auto and of course you know fast and furious you wanna go for grand theft auto. I think your question ocean more seriously you know. The first movie is so clearly template on point break which is a great woman directed action movie when justin lin back for the next two. It's gonna make eleven of these movies. None of them have been directed by a woman but that that millions talking points against get. I mean transposing the surf culture to los angeles street racing culture. I mean that's an interesting world. That's a great environment for for a movie as it has moved away from that and template itself more on on mission impossible. Oh really mission impossible. I often feel like these movies are the max fisher players making mission impossible. Yes sir yes. I will say the weird like i i saw some people commenting on occur asala reference in the final act of this movie which i didn't get and i mean i know i know of course alva pretty well but i haven't seen everything and i i didn't pick yeah. Well and i do think chris's right. There's some borrowing that goes some borrowing franchise to franchise. Does it bother you. Does it not bother you. I love it. I mean i feel like when it comes to borrowing. They do it well in that. They do it in a way that is inviting. It feels like they're going. Hey we we probably all like a lot of the same stuff actually right so that's just have fun with that. I'm and that to me is what really works about this franchise. As someone who also loves action should movies. I grew up almost not exclusively like honestly most the other things i found i found on my own but my mother was obsessed with action movies. We saw every every single john claude van damme steven seagal every single movie opening weekend every friday night. That was the majority of my days. Eh but i also feel like there are times where those movies or people who like take a lot of pride not you chris but like people who take a lot it can be very gatekeeper right like sarah and i feel this a lot in a lot of things i love. I'm a huge sports fan as much as i love it. I don't feel welcome in certain spaces around it. I'm i'm a huge comics fan. As much as i love it. I don't feel welcome in certain spaces around it and these movies to me. The references don't feel cheap. The references feel like hey. Let's just all get in on the fun. Yeah and let's keep going and get crazier and crazier right like i think we all know going from like fate of the furious eventually eventually these movies have to end up in space right there just like working their way there and this felt like the kind of villain that idris elba was felt like hey hey even we think this might be slightly too weird right in the main but we also know that you're probably with us. We're gonna do it feels really inviting and its own way and i think if it didn't that would be one thing but i think it like takes what it is doing seriously without taking itself seriously and that's why it really really works for me and just the overall sense of fun and inclusivity yeah. I totally like it would bother me more if there were no references if there was like oh no we're just we didn't invent this like who you could say where the terminator came from right the idea that they're kind of in culture with us is hilarious and bazaar right because i'm point. They call him a terminator. Exactly they call shalva. The terminator one was fully in world and honestly beautifully developed and i felt i had a great time. What more do i need and i do think one of the big things that distinguishes these films and this franchise is that people are always waiting for like what's the funny action idea that you've never seen before or at least that you haven't seen before four unless you've watched a lot of action movies that you may have never seen before even though it may have been done before. I think this movie actually has one in this movie. There's a a thing toward the end of the bunch of trucks went up to each other. It is one of my favorite action sequences. It's one of my favorite driving sequences ever. It's completely ridiculous. There's of course the necessary like something broke in. All the things being tied together ken someone hold it together their muscles of card and the other one is this sequence that i thought was really funny. That really made me giggle of they love in this film to put the two guys guys together like working on in parallel right so they'll have one guy doing one thing and the other guy doing another thing and they'll split screen them and there's one sequence where it's it's not split screen as much as it is. They just happened to be in two sides of the same room effectively. What they're doing is dwayne. The rock johnson is fighting. The horse is is duck and jason tatum is fighting. The bunch of duck sized horses. If you know the old would rather fight the duck sized forces or the horse i sized duck and i think they have a sort of a funny. Would you rather forbid guy or a bunch of smaller guys and i think that's really funny and they get to a point where there's no way that it would go down the way it goes down where you know one guy when he's done fighting just sits there and taps his watch at the other guy like go ahead and finish knocking off. All these dudes like that would never happen if you actually were tried to save the planet and you try to go up in some way i mean that stuff i like an and bringing in david leaches director who made <hes> atomic blonde and deadpool two and before that worked with chad's to helsinki on the first john where they were stunned coordinators second unit directors on many many films before this for for decades but i mean i think that's what you get you get a more inventive sense of i think the symmetry of that sequence the no that's my door pick another door. I think that probably comes from him. From you know just a whole career figuring out exactly where everything has to be in the frame. How can we work with the strengths of the actors that we have to make them both look good in which which i think that is a more for a more honorable and even artistic <hes> way of looking at it then the wall street journal story that we we spoke of before we started taping revealing that <hes> <hes> diesel of course johnson state them never want to lose a fight and associates not to fight. They can't lose a fight right. It's true and i of course i stand for the for the mission impossible films and i don't wanna lean into that too much. Even though i think part of my sort of <hes> snootiness about this franchise is is that they consistently do better than the hospital always watch them. I think they are they are taking stuff from franchise with. That's not any better on character but it is better on stunts and there's more versus food but <hes> six mission impossible movies in at least four of them. Tom cruise has either lost lost fight to a woman or been rescued by a woman now. If vin diesel ever does that i will eat my humble pie with decided not fights but in the fast and furious movies you do you have women who they might not be those particular guys but they are part of the group and they also and they also get in there and scrap and that's true in in this movie yeah with an esa kirby they may not be that guy and i do think that you have to point out if you're gonna say well. You know tom cruise. Maybe lost a fight to a woman. I think if you're going to think about about the inclusivity i've said this before it gets hard to overestimate the amount of goodwill that this franchise built up by from the beginning being <music> a richly diverse cast in terms of race and as we were talking about gender as well including a lot of different folks i and i think the fact that it was like that has been something that has given it a sort of a populist appeal. That may be some of the franchises that it's it's hugely employee and have their weaker on that. It's true it's absolutely true and and you know my knee jerk thing when we're debating this as always we'll wait is casting more important than writing. Yes it is. I mean like that. We could still make the script stronger and i would like it if they did. Casting is the is the key thing i would wanna want to just add though too like i also really love the mission impossible movies and i really appreciate how seriously they take action as well like just always trying to find another another level but when it comes to both franchises i leave those movies not remembering plot points as much as i remember the action sequences and i honestly like until we're talking about it right now having seen every mission impossible in a theater and having watched more than once at home. I didn't remember that that he lost a fight to women. I love that letty is treated like equal and that he never questions like their abilities. He's right and so like that. Aspect of the role that the women play in movies is really interesting same thing with <hes> you know before she was wonder woman then gal gadoe was in the movies and so even though we don't always see them do all the things i'd love to see them do they're treated with a level of respect effect in equality within the gang right and a family that honestly sticks with me more yeah and i want to go back to something daisy that you were talking about earlier. Which is the stuff takes place when ultimately hobbs who is the one who's played by by dwayne the rock johnson. We've checked several times. He's ups takes everybody back to some and as you mention they really do spend a decent amount of time there and i think although it wasn't filmed there it was i think mostly walked in hawaii most of it most of the outside stuff and then some of the kind of the big super sets were in k. yeah but i liked that kind of change of scenery daisy. What'd you think i did like that too. I like that we went to all these different places. You know it's fun as as you were referencing earlier the movie has these kind side-by-side moments in so hobson shaw or not from the same place we kind of start spreading it out and that's something that the the main franchise has done you know in a really crazy increasingly crazy way as well like the first movie is just like we're in l._a. Right people who live somewhere within the bounds of physics in l._a. And we've gotten far far away on that so i like that they're you know globe hopping and i think it's fun to if you're going to talk about people needing to to save the world. I want them to be going around the world. If that's what they're trying to save as opposed to percents yeah people on the case not it kills three and so we better be his who is playing. <hes> shaw's sister shah's sister back when they were little kids when he was nine. Vanessa kirby was twelve years away from being conceived scam. I think vanessa kirby was great. Aside from the fact that got it is hilariously unbelievable that she is in any way close in age to one jason tatum her chemistry and the rock was kind of question mark but it's not really the point of these movies so i didn't really care but i'm just like oh okay so sort of obligatory at found out yeah and another thing that i talked about a little bit when <music> i came out of this movie was there is a plot contrivance that sets up a big giant epic final battle without guns and it is not just the fact that with the enormous weight of actual gun violence. I am not always <hes> psyched about watching a bunch of people shoot each other not that nobody shoots each other in the movie because they do but when it all comes down this is kind of my one beef with john wick movies i i find the horse fighting and the book fighting and all that stuff really inventive but then it comes down to just shooting people and in this one not only are you kind of spared that experience agreeance for the final battle but as always happens it then pushes them to do other things and that's how you get this the kind of truck fight and with the sort of the and there's a whole there's again story contrivance for this but sort of the weapons that are at hand end but not guns and i was surprised how refreshing i found it when so often we talk about these kind of bombastic final sequences. It's not that this isn't bombastic. Does it differently bombastic. It's not just a bunch of people all shooting at each other and i found it more interesting for that. I want to <hes> quote. One of one of hobbes's wait hobbes's johnson right tag. Yeah i get after it hashtag project rock he rallies his <hes> his extended family by saying they may have all the technology in the world but we have heart that's right and it was beautiful and i believe that well that brings us to the end of our show. You can follow chris at c._t. Clinic you can follow christine tucker at sea underscore grace tea and you can follow daisy at run d m r. I always say at my favorite twitter name on the internet. Thanks thanks to all of you guys for being here and thank you of course for listening to pop culture happy hour from n._p._r. If you have a second and you're so inclined do subscribe to who are newsletter. You can do that at n._p._r. Dot org slash pop culture newsletter. We will see you back here on friday. 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