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Wrestlemania Night 1: Instant Reaction


If you don't know Sirius. Xm THAN LISTEN UP Commercial Free Music Plus sports comedy talk and news. They have it all and right now you can get your first three months of Sirius. Xm outside the car for just one dollars go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to see offer details and to subscribe offer available to new series Xm streaming subscribers Sirius Xm no car required. This is the busted open podcast. You can listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm Channel One fifty. Six will come to a wrestlemainia night. One edition of the busted open. Podcasts myself David. Greco and Tommy Dreamer and pretty surreal night when it comes to Wrestlemainia Tommy. What did you think man they were in kidding where they talked about it being different and I love the open man? I really did Stephanie. Mcmahon add added pure class to the beginning of the event of the event. And when we said it was going to be different only said it was going to be special and it's great that they stretched out over two nights for something that I totally didn't understand yet until I started watching it the key ingredient to watching something that long and how you know bullying I will always talk about in mark about working for the pop working for reactions. Working for the fans I overall view the athletes worked their asses off. However I missed the fans. it was a solid wrestlemainia but without the fans man it was everything. I know how much a fans made to me because of like e C W and they were a big part of the show but I mean wrestlemainia. It was. It's special but it's going to have it's almost like that aspect on it for the rest of its existence again phenomenal work by everybody that opening and I know you liked it because I saw your post the the national anthem in the beginning showing clips. I it was. It was class. It really was that opening made it stowe so special and it was like man. I'm in I'm all in and I also here's one day. I got to tell everybody I have nothing but respect Like I said when I go to see all my favorite sports teams play When I sit in the parking lot and I sit in traffic it made me a bigger have bigger appreciation for what the fan goes through I almost want to laugh because I think you know. The only negative coming out of last year was everyone sitting in traffic at the meadowlands at the meadowlands at a life. And you know people sitting there for a few hours. I actually think people would miss that right now but There were so many fans online in like zoom. Google hangouts watching the show together which was special and I wish somehow someway people are able to capture that magic and show how a community how how world came together with something for wrestlemainia. And why I love doing this show and while I love wrestling we have nothing. But the corona virus trending until wrestling happens and then wrestling gives us that break that we really really need from what's going on and nothing but respect for the nation but for wrestling fans and for the again the performers for working so so hard on during a time when we need it most. Yeah and I Open Tommy as well and well put comedy because it's absolutely true. You know this show. The busted open nation being able to talk to them. I did the same thing boy and I jumped on the bus open discord and we spoke with them for a few minutes and you know just dozens and dozens of people that were on that just to be able to talk to them before an event like this that opened got me teary-eyed that montage like you said I seriously I got teary eyed. And then then you saw the video montage of what you would have seen in the stadium in Tampa and then you're waiting for the PYRO to hit the start the show and there's no pyro now it's kind of like a punch to the gut for me. 'cause you're used to that big extravagant pyro and and the crowd going crazy and right away you missed it and then you kinda fell into the show a little bit and by the end of the show by the way was only three hours number one. I was expecting it to be four was only three which was smart because I think four would have been way too long. I kinda define the first forty. Five minutes was rough for me but after that I kind of got used to the fact that there was no crowd. Will THIS BE WRESTLEMAINIA? I'd go back and watch again. Probably not because of all the ill feelings of everything that's going on in the world it would be tough to go back and watch this wrestlemainia but as I'm sitting in my living room watching what daughter if felt great watching it with my wife I it felt good being with family and watching it in the living room and talking to fans on social media so for that fact alone. I'm glad that we had this night tonight. Dave I saw people posting pictures of them dressing up as their favorite. You know Wrestling characters and watching Wrestlemainia You and I always talk about memories that we have with our fathers. Both our father's passed away at and this is going to be something that people like remember forever and what you said was so interesting in the sense of it took a while to get used to. But then you got into it That's what we're all experiencing right now. it's take. I when I went to the grocery store and I had a stand a far distance to wait for a it was weird. And it's it's IT'S. I'm ominous at the proper word ominous But we're getting used to it Staying indoors or doing things together. We're all getting used to this and it's also it's going to go away but yeah man it's like that learning curve as a fan and if you think about it you know we went on on the podcast to and we we did wrestlemainia one. There was no pyro there. I don't know when they brought in. And that's a hell of a trivia question who got the first pyro at a Wrestlemainia Or was adjust wrestlemainia bottom. Yeah it's we're all learning curve it. My daughter's said that we're living in history right now. You know where you know you groping you study. You know the era of play or of you know that we're in that right now. Oh that's why I said it's going to be in the story books but it's also going to be a feel the Asterik because we all want to be there together and it's funny because you saw I all week for last forever. Vince McMahon should cancel wrestlemainia. They should cancel wrestlemainia. How could they make people do that? But yet those same people wrestlemanias. Great Wrestlemainia One trend going on so everyone who was still wanna be a hater for certain things. But they're still going back to loving that fact that wrestlemainia happened and I wanted to be like in all your faces. 'cause wrestlemanias trending right now or Kudos to the network. Because it didn't crash for me now I probably. Some people had technical difficulties. But I didn't have any and you're right. It was trending. It was the escape that we're looking for Tommy. We wanted that escape for a few hours. We're getting to get it tomorrow. But you know we we had we had wings we it. Oh we had a couple of Daddy's sodas you know what I'm saying like it felt like Wrestlemainia. Even though I wanted to be in Tampa with the nation I was home with my family watch and so it was just as good. It was a lot of fun. My daughter was into it. You should have seen my daughter during that bone yard badge. She's like no no undertaker. Don't know watch out what you like. What you leg and I'm so excited. Just hearing her get excited for something that was you know. Obviously pre taped and You know almost like a movie it was. It was almost like watching a movie in that final match that we saw night number one but as long as it gave us on and escape and some excitement I think it definitely reached its goal to everyone tonight absolutely and you know for the time that were in. Could we nitpick it when I seriously heard that the tag team titles? We're going to fended in singles matches. I was like Oh my God Greco would go crazy but then I realized Dave understands the time that we are so he would save his rant but like that would be. How could you defend the tag titles? Were single but we get we understand. Were all going to make its. We're giving everybody a pass and so it should be the like. I said the men and women work so so hard. We're there little bit of polls hell. Yeah but it will. It will be forever remembered and you know they talk about Lows at the legends of the immortals. This is this is going to be in an immortals. One that we Kinda Will WanNa forget but we always remember where we were one. We watched this wrestlemainia and hopefully it stays a part of history. Because I want to come out of the back end of this being more appreciative for And being the more appreciate what we had as normal and that would oh this'll always be the concert reminder for men maybe we should start taking stuff a little bit more seriously or I'm talking about in the real world and then appreciate NOCCO crazy with at the end goal professional wrestling. You know everyone always talks about that smackdown after nine eleven and that was really the first public event after nine eleven. And you know I can never go back and watch that episode of smackdown. But I'm glad that there is dead episode of smackdown no way. Vince McMahon addressed The fans that night and I was talking about it with Mark Henry and on the show and I said I hope we see. Vince McMahon for night number one of Wrestlemainia. We didn't see Vince McMahon. But like you said we saw Stephanie McMahon. And that's what we're going to remember. We're going to remember. Stephanie McMahon Addressing us in night number one of Wrestlemainia thirty six in trying times and there was definitely some high points to Kevin. Owens Seth rollins match with Kevin Owens going off the top of that Tron. I Love I love the bone yard match. I don't care what anybody says. I was completely into it. You know there was. There was things that I really liked a maybe baby one day when we get to the other side of this and you know maybe after Wrestlemainia thirty seven. We're all back together again. Cheering and booing our favorites. I can go back and watch this wrestlemainia and say you know what this is something that we were able to do together the toughest of times like your daughter said this is history that we're going through a hundred years from now. Tommy. They're going to be talking about the Corona virus in two thousand twenty I. This is history being made and you mentioned about how you're at the grocery store you had this stand feet behind the first person that was in front of you online where adjusting this is all just an adjustment. We are adjusting. Life is GonNa be different when we get to the other side of this. We're not going to go back to where our life was two three months ago. That's not going to happen. Life is going to change just after like nine eleven life change for us the same thing here. The world will change. Hopefully you know will be able to learn from it hopefully will have normalcy but our lives are going to be different so there is going to be that weekend. In April were we had wrestlemainia thirty six and has wrestling fans. Were able to share it together. You know we talked about nine eleven. I was there and you know I was there. Bully was there. Mark was there. We were scared and it was like this moment of patriotism slash courage. When Vince McMahon addressed us and he was just like straight up. Anyone is going to be here tonight. You don't have to and that I was always Joe. I'm wrestling wrestling. And then when that happened I was just like wow I I do have a purpose I was pissed. I wasn't wrestling that day. Which then put me in that mindset again because you know at that time. There really weren't doing much with me but I was just like man I want to go out there and work a WanNa work out there because I always busted my ass for the people that showed up no matter how many people showed up. When I watched the vice thing with Chris. Ben Why gave me closure for something I've had for a long time and just like you said I can go back and like I felt it That opening montage went with the national anthem. Coming off a Stephanie's speech and another thing was John Cena speech that Friday night and our just like Manna. I'm I'm proud to say I worked in deputy on a December professional wrestler. And I'm proud to be like a part of this like through this through the podcast. I Hello I'm wrestling thirty years. I'm still out there doing it. And it was just like this is great and for many many reasons why it was so great. Re If we're GONNA break down the show. We don't have to do that but like we like. You said we had a moment with Kevin Owens the Becky Lynch thing. Kinda shocked me. I thought she was going to be so. I've already had emotions that. If there was ninety thousand people or how many people are going to be there? So straight up thank you. Wwe for a night might night started great because my daughter's did a theme dinner and it was Disney and when it's my turn to do a my theme dinner my house it's going to be wrestling and they're going to be Hating it but I'll be loving about. I'm just saying like you said it's a day with your family. Were all there together. I had done an interview recently and somebody had asked me about like going crazy out stuff and I straight up was like everybody always says night if I could spend one more day with my dad or one more hour one more minute. I wish I could. I can't. This is the way I could be with my family. And we're all GonNa remember what we did during this just like. We all remember where we're nine eleven at night at ten thirty at night. I'm talking to my friend Dave and we all had a great day of watching wrestling. Today's a great day and spending it with family and friends and enjoying it and have had escape. And congratulations to Braun strowman. And congratulations to you know Alexa. Bliss the Nikki Cross. And you're listening. Congratulations to everyone. That performed a tonight. I and thank you for not busting your ass for us and I can't wait for tomorrow night night number two and Tommy. I'd like to sit down with the again tomorrow. After nine number two and do a quick recap for the busted open nation. And I'd love to do that if you're free you know it'd be there all right. Well thank you nation. Thank you for giving us some time. You're on the busted open podcast after night. Number one of Wrestlemainia thirty six. We'll talk to you tomorrow night. Number two right here on the bus. Thanks for listening catches Monday through Saturday. I'm busted open from nine. Am To noon eastern on Sirius Xm by Nissan Channel. One fifty six. The busted open podcast.

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