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Sometimes our food is more than just food. It's part of our community. So this year discover is giving five million dollars to support black owned restaurants to places like Rodney, Scott, barbecue post office pies, and hundreds more learn how you can show your support at discover dot com. Hey, everybody. It's been higgins and is Ashley I and wear the host of the almost seem as podcast. I was the bachelor. And Know Firsthand how dating twenty five people at one time is not easy and I was on the show time or two or four, but I met my husband. So I'm Peru at the process works do interviews with the cast members creating the headlines and we know pretty much everyone. So where reliable source listen to almost famous on the iheartradio APP on Apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcast President trump on Tuesday participated in a swearing in ceremony for the US military first African American service chief is name is General Charles C. Q Brown. Okay. He's going to serve as air force chief of staff and the president said your family is very proud of you. This was in the office ceremony Tuesday afternoon alongside Brown and his family. The president complimented Brown's career adding and I'm very proud. Brown said he was honored to have the opportunity and expressed. Gratitude to the administration officials their military leaders and his family. Brown was confirmed in a unanimous ninety eight to zero vote by the Senate in June to become the next chief of staff of the Air Force Brown is the first. African American to sit on the Joint Chiefs of Staff since Colin Powell served as its chairman from nineteen eighty, nine to nineteen, eighty to nineteen, ninety three. So wow, Augusta first time they all agreed something along ninety eight. Yeah Ninety. Read all nothing every Democrat. Republican right. That's not a trump appointee. Owned by the military and so forth and saw signature saying that's what I think just does can't see him appoint anybody after he did. This part of his cabinet right joint. Chief of staff. He said, I'm very proud. Well, you know he got to say they're trying to get. Yeah. and. This is another thing he didn't do it for black people. Oh he got. The thing. Yeah. Since Colin Powell served from eighty nine to ninety three. Wow. Okay. Well congratulations again, his name is Charles CQ Brown. Hopefully, we'll be hearing and seeing more. From him. CIA seek to. Name. At the COOKOUT CQ. Or Quiz brand new in here. Wow Partner Yeah last week. Yeah. What Obama I'll never be back in Yankee. Well. I last year. Turn Guide emotional. In there with Obama yes he's a man. No way in the world I would thought I'd be standing here. He said, is your way out. Of My White House y you here. Hard Is. Coming up at the top of the hour, we'll have some sports talk with juniors sports talk coming up. You're listening to. Morning. Show. Hi I'm Holly Fry and I'm Tracy v Wilson and together we host a show called stuff you missed in history class as the name suggests we talk about some things that maybe either you didn't remember from history class or they were covered at all. There have always been women in history. There have always been black people and other people of there have always been people all over the LGBTQ. A spectrum as a part of the historical record tracy. We've had some really interesting episodes recently, what's one of your favorites the history of beekeeping which we had to abridge because that's Very involved how about you? I really really enjoyed researching are episode on Seneca Village, which was a settlement in what became central park that was mostly populated by black people who actually owned the property there, and unfortunately their time there was kind of a race. So this kind of material sounds good to you come listen to the show. We have new episodes on Mondays and Wednesdays, and then a behind the scenes many on Friday and a bonus classic episode from the Archive on Saturday you can find us on the iheartradio APP and Apple podcasts or wherever it is you listen. I've got great school questions and a million dollars to give away are used smarter than a fifth grader. Let's go. Get Ready. One of the most popular game shows of all time is coming to audio as podcast. Are you smarter than a fifth grader listen on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts?

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