The Flash S6E8, Arrow S8E7


This episode of keeps a lunatic sidekicks is brought to you by tweak Danica get awesome headphones get tweaked audio dot com and use the coupon code. Southgate get thirty percent off for chipping in a lifetime. Warranty can get there through the link on our website southgate needed groups dot com and they're still parrot annual listing Luna take sidekicks podcast. Look up above. What does that red skies world anyway? Well Welcome back to the ledge of the aero verse and the Multi Want so here I. Am Phil joining me as always that Yup miss bloodwork herself full wilhelm. Although her secret kernel apis look the ball so we had a the other full week this week. Yeah I mean but again that'll be the last one for a while. Maybe looking for people to it mean. Yeah you know 'cause we'll crisis zone they gotTA SPLIT UP The crisis. I'll know if I should to get the my My my my anger angry moment my local pictures cw. I won't be able to watch supergirl until Monday because the frigging They'RE GONNA have the post game steelers. postgame talk on at that time. which the game won't even on that channel it's on like the big? CBS Channel. But then they're going to do the post-game talk on CW. I'm like really interrupt. Frequent sixty minutes. Give me my my part crossover. That's right I said it. Make the old people wait the eight o'clock they'll be in bed anyway but yes so next week or hey. If you're listening to this podcast tomorrow you can join meatloaf live tomorrow night. Not Breath at nine fifteen immediately following the flash episode. We're going to break down the whole crowd while the first three parts of crisis for you with some special guests. I can't Hint Krypton. Report Mr Tyler. Mr James Superman Red Superman Campbell's Lilith. Oh now been sucked through a portal. She's about to become a hardware harbinger of things to come right Lilith really ignoring me. Lilith are you there all right. Oh really I can't hear you all right well like we said we have the full house this week. So Three there so I cannot hear you I hear nothing are while until we get back. Let me go over what we had this week. We had see like you said full House. We and a my list area about woman in season one episode eight a Mad Tea Party supergirl season five episode eight. The wrath of Ramakand lack lightning season three episode eight. The Book of Resistance Chapter Three the battle of Franklin terrorists again. Those panels keep getting longer and longer. I swear they're doing it. Just annoy me. The flash season the six episode eight the last temptation of Barry Allen part two and course Arrow season eight episode seven purgatory the last episode episode of Aero for Twenty nineteen because once again Ariza upset and crisis isn't coming until January so if it when we get little backup sure she'd be like Oh let's get closer to the Yeah so let's get to will I. Of course about woman begins the week sees one episode eight a Mad Tea Party where basically Alice's basically comes out everybody come out grow consis you know kaethe has a kid has it out with her other sister and I guess after Alice Attacks Everyone Kate and her father ready to give up on her which is just seems weird it's like weren't they like You know I swear before. Kate was like you know she sees it actually mentally ill or whatever now she's just like yeah. Let's put it down like a mad dog. I don't know just seen kind of sudden and out. I guess it was just a place place to bookmark. The check Mark Webber Act just because you know again crisis coming. We're not going to get back to this to lease January yes So like I say this every week pretty much when we talk about women it just seems so weird. I don't know if it's the pacing about that woman like they wanted to rush and get the origin out. We had to get the allison but then it's like it's almost like okay. We spent through this spin our wheels for a little bit. 'cause crisis uses is coming which was weird because like we saw red skies on like a lot of like whoa in the flash narrow allred skies at the end of the episode because crisis coming thing Black lightning. We didn't play that just from what next week saw promos. It looks like we're getting red skies so again no trying to remember banks were going red skies either. So that's that's very weird But again I don't know if I'll about woman's in this weird spot it's like are we caught up to the present day. I know we with. When they mentioned the Arkham breakout we were caught? Up last year's crossover but slow for here I'm not sure if they've definitively said we've caught up to the present day or maybe when crisis starts next week. Do a little bit of time jumped something that I now lilith or probably rebidding hard-drive No no euphemism Via I was GONNA say maybe five through some quick thoughts l. An supergirl Burl Bhagat once again the battle with the agent skinner from the X. Files And of course. Lena Oh Lena in a makes off with myriad car goes the chaves her and stops lexus. Automated defenses from Boston Earth Kryptonite. So is Lena going to forgive Kara. Maybe eventually and again I mean probably all this probably come after crisis but hey lena's and crazes raises lacks well spoilers. At the end of the Superhero episode we saw the Monitor had lax. and He needs them for some purpose and hey is that the book destiny. We saw the monitor olding. I told you people that book at Destiny's coming in all gonna use that those changes fate with berries and telling everyone mark my words I keep saying it and saying it but not people believe me member. Oliver Changing his fate with berries with the book of destiny. Estany mark my words. That's right Luca. Thank you And again with worry But Yeah Oh wanNA and other air over snooze. There's I don't know face said what episode is but I guess in one of the episodes coming up in a twenty twenty supergirl girl after crisis there is still making the rounds on the Internet data car ripping her shirt open in front of like a crawl on feels like reporters so so. Are we really going the bend this route and having her reveal her identity to the world spend his friends lers to some kind of dream thing or another black mercy. Sisters something are is. It's GonNa you know we do have those contact lenses where people can see whatever they want. So is this Lena somehow somehow plotting out Kara or something. Who knows who knows how much crisis is going to change things Lilith where are you We also had black late. Ning this is going to be the like the weirdest one I think when it comes crisis wise because this show even more than I think about woman about woman's pretty grounded on the. She was in the crossover last year. It's like black. Lightning seems very grounded. Like the yeah you have people superpowers. But that's it like you really really don't see a lot of It's like Ooh some people have superpowers besides that very realistic world and then again. I don't know if a little talk has. She usually doesn't watch previews but next week. It looks like black lightning's going to have a crisis I crossover but from the previews it looks like red. Sky Is and Looks like maybe he's fighting. Evil other third dimensional version of his daughter or something so yeah I mean I knew. She said she believes her people who only watch Bach. Lightning Sal. Well how much of a shock and that can be for them. It's very grounding troublesome. They're going to be dealing with alternate realities and like we said last week. I I think I heard that black. Lightning is only going to appear on the flash and then what the legends episode after the break so for doing red skies on black lightning on Monday where we have to get a portal. There has to be a portal. He fall you know. I just wonder if it's going to be him going through a portal by itself or any the you know like a barrier Cisco or anything yes very on But I did like this. Episode would actually was wasn't a almost like a bottle episode. Well Not really but I mean Jefferson was basically protecting one building where what is his third grade. Teacher lived. Forget what grade. It was but To Him Henderson Henderson. Rhythm in Henderson come the terms Were at least uneasy truce We see in this Finally we see her come face to face their attacker and finally that math comes off again. This this whole it's I notice Superhero trope but just a little masking everyone into shock. Now it's you got Lyndon in Gambia. And you know I guess. Lind's dropped her drugs so she goes cold Turkey and again I mean. I don't think they would change a lot block. But it's like with crisis you could change it much but again if there's only people who white lightning are they gonNA turn them off the raiders. I would use but again I mean I know. Love has a theory that like on the first show runner or whatever that they really don't want any part of the bigger air overs. Wait what's the distance. I see a portal opening. I think loop through that Porter What's Love Hellfire. What yeah my computer hates for can get local? So I've been talking anyway. Sorry I've been talking for fourteen eight minutes. Why don't we? Why don't we hear from his little? Anyway I don't know so what I just briefly league touched on that woman supergirl and black lightning but What did you don't you don't WanNa talk anything about so? What did you think about what I was saying? I mean they'd like the amped up the whole Alice thing and I'm just you know. Kate's biggest defender Bonello son cheeses data count. Put the mad dog down. I'm just like I'm like okay. Then she went from zero crazy two point five seconds. Yeah and my his. It's like we're conspiracy a kind of a little bit of a break for this show but we come back to this Kinda over linked the whole Allison Wonderland and everything in to make a mad tea party or well. I mean besides crisis I guess they must they wanted to leave it in like not a cliffhanger but you know this is the last last episode besides the crisis episode until next year. So is it just like I guess they want a delay chatterly or they're gonNA kill Alice. You know some you know. Yeah which you know. They've done some brave moon so like Closing that chapter which you know. They're not cause clearly a lot more but yeah. I'm over the Allison Wonderland thing the lawn but this this episode just smacked me of okay okay. Let's wrap it up and then stop 'cause crisis coming. Yeah it is that it does help people bend the show you know they can get like. Sometimes it takes the show six episodes really get going and if you don't have time for that on a weekly basis so oh did you see there. I confronted I see it. I guess they're saying in the in the James Tynan's Batman comments that are coming up. I guess at first Lucious Fox is gonNA take like the tech side of l.. Oh for job. 'cause boil alerts Alford's dead but then he's like kind of grooming loop to take that job like boy wonder where they got that idea all actions more logical in the current books than it is. Shell right now. Yeah the yeah but I'm just like Lucozade costume and stuff. It was actually but now loses is grooming him to be the Tech Guy. That sounds familiar. Yeah Yeah y'all know half filled out when they do certain things from TV pincay incoming all right. I think I think I think that woman is actually improved a little bit off three episodes. So Oh yeah I think it had fine say like like fine. The you know like all for a lot of first season she hasn't I find sway in style and like again. The pacing is just weird. 'cause they like they WANNA do the origin and you're starting back at scratch but it's like a crisis is coming. So Oh yeah that's like we didn't see any red skies at the end of this episode right. Not that I'm aware so. That's what I'm saying is I don't know if this episode was up the dates arena do a time jump when we get to the crisis episode. Probably so yeah. They'll fix it in post. Don't worry about it. I'm from my mouth. They said like it's like he's not klay phases as it's like you can make it. Looks like a metal or something I get it. But he's just like. Hey slaps on what is face at hair. I Click a girl I can look at your. It's okay can we point to me. It's fine it's spy it'll get better. Don't worry about it. Let's talk about super grow. The quaker I hate the title Khan on so many levels. I don't care about hope. I only hear about Lena. So y'all must forgot about it. Hope our hours. His like the caution was like. Oh yeah that one girl said you think there's still hope for the for your fantastic. Victor Carin Lena Romance now only in fanfare the all. It can only exist in fantastic. I I will admit to it but I just have to say that it did feel super arised Episode right before crisis. Do you think you think on that front. Do you think all these shows wanted to kind of like many the season finales before crisis they have to in that unfortunate Like obviously when it comes to just like whatever for the crisis prices part like. It's not about her. It's about the mini Superman or whatever that are GONNA be there. Got Live action Kevin Conroy as old old man Bruce Taylor Argus Argus So much other stuff is so far outside of like supergirl. Bat Woman is pretty much the flashing Show that it's like did we really need. Don't outdo the other than that. The Clark's cousin like sand and already mentioned it. But talking to tyler about this the other day I mean did you see. That's still that's floating around for the second half of the season where she's like ripping her shirt open in front of reporters is is going to be like a dream or something or we haven't been this moment. We're not GONNA have our say it might have been this moment if they really want like next season to be of last. I season because once you do that. You just can't put edgy new back in a bottle for TV. Show your bedroom for them housecall liver. Yeah so definitely probably not what we think. I mean if nothing else I just don't think super get more than one one more season because that superman trials does coming Superman Lois Lane. Say I wouldn't be so quick to jump onto that Superman and Lois bandwagon afford TV. Show at like I said Tyler Very Divisive Superman Z.. Is kind of a bit of an older low and they have a kid like I honestly w like lightning is not doing it for people and he's got like full grown kids babies. It might not do it for a lot of people either SAN CW. I don't care if it makes sense. But if we're GONNA do commanded lowest show get brandon routh already getting them in crisis and I don't care for his wife Played dark make her lowest can know you would think thank you know the chemistry there and then it's the acronym where they get a divorce. Looking Dexter like dude. Where am I like working with your significant other in film TV? It's really stressful. You Work Eighteen hour days and you have to come home and do each other and wish that on anybody you know it. Wasn't that Dexter Surfing Weird. 'cause like wasn't she playing his sister but he was dating her in real life. Yeah and they got married and divorced and it ruined the show forever. That's Japan bite me. I don't care you know true and got time for your rose. Colored Fan grow glasses homie. I don't yet but no the brandon. I want more for Brandon. I do I want everybody like. It's just I feel like Superman women. Don't what about in this. Were getting a superman show. I mean if you WANNA keep supergirl. Why would people revolt back doc? Would people revolt if we had a weekly team up. Show that woman in supergirl. They're both very low rated shows. Unfortunately it hurts. It's my heart is a woman Ever Fan girl just like make sense. I mean hot do the world's finest show and I mean maybe combine their audiences which there might be some kind of here. We we gotTa Clean House in the DC shared universally glitches neon is. It'd be a bit much. I think that's what do 'cause I mean you go. You know you riot. You know there's going to be at least one death you know that. Yeah yeah so there may be. Hey that's those seven symbols. The you know the at the scene. They put at the end of every episode. This week with Nash though seven symbols bowls. That isn't GonNa be the seven who died. Is it 'cause I mean wondering if obviously right well CW. But I mean one of the symbols is an Arrow. Something like okay. Arkansas Kushner is at the order they die and cause the Arrow I think was the last one was like water. Be So lame if it was because what Brian. I was trying to figure out the symbols and I was like one. Looks like a helmet. I was a I I was like. That's supposed to be buried. What Oh oh they go? Yeah but I was GONNA say that Brandon Ralph's Outweigh Palmer. Water for Rape Palmer. Dies his lead in the show. That's what I'm saying. I don't know I don't know five rape as Rape Palmer. He's getting out of this crossover. That would be terrible because I know they said that. If if legends those were they definitely do want to have her back in some capacity. So I don't know but that's always that's the Hollywood's be happy. Yeah but he's also going to be superman to. You could always have superman but then when you have that tire that tyler aid show. I don't know Tom I don't know I don't know how honestly I don't know how everybody feels about. The whole situation are setting up their multi verse with crossovers. I mean really set it up with his crossover. So hey you want your cake man. You can have apple that often. TV Elise Eases Yours again. It I totally get. You're now like I talk to people on a daily basis my job now. People are no offence. Guys it it and people don't know about them. The multi like way after you explained. I don't I don't have time for this. I'm on my break. It's too long story. I'll use in comic books. I reading material is managed by the team fifteen minutes home. I'm sorry it's just like how do dumbness down. Were wonder yeah cause some people only wash the fire. Some people only watch whatever so. It's kind of like I don't know if they're gonNA go for it. I don't know I'm so nervous for this crossover now like I was now. Oh my God with his work with this makes things worse. I think it's good. I mean it's going to be good onscreen but like the after the aftermath like I just don't trust these people with the aftermath of the aftermath. Yeah I just mean that the actual event. I think it's going to be. Oh it's going to be amazing like I'm not going to nitpick I'm just GonNa Fan roll the whole three hours next year. The last to be the highest rated thing. CW's ever had mark my words. Oh me doom. Yeah yeah well. It's not hard to do but it's not hard to get along but yeah now supergirl any in anything more from her late late. I'm just I'm just so that I'm like a mad now about the crossover could is interfering with certain things just like damn it Am I at low. Lena's paints you feel so lonely and I just WanNa care like I rooted related. I don't care about Kara. Are It meant like dude. What happens to losers in a any kind of house of L.? Show like think about like everybody what it likes to be good. They're like no. You don't have to go down a dark path in our raised without with Lena. Is this something about a luther. y'All let's take it with a grain of salt introduced. Luther Kasim like you. No words going. Yeah marketplace it. Didn't have to be this way. Man Jimmy if we were going to do at the gym anyway so let's get to the meat and potatoes the real stars of the era verse like let's not mince words. We'll talk with Flash Janeiro. You don't WanNA touch lately. There's nothing to say. Poor guy. The Book of Resistance Chapter Three the battle of Franklin tears the titles are just getting longer. At least you're in Fort. He's defending ability. Yes yeah I'm I'm I'm not watching the crossover late. Men of the season matters terms. Let me really the crossover. That's all the matters about issue while giving there's anything to this finally figured out as Khalil who attacked her out your little mass dropped off. Yeah but you don't watch the pre. You don't watch the previews for next week right now. I'm utterly shocked that they haven't episode sweet. Well the shock was it's GonNa Kinda fit in because hey half the half the half the scenes they were giving us for next week. Red Red skies baby red skies. That's nice yeah. They make something matter. If they're bringing stuffing someone's mentioned something about alternate realities like it almost looks like Jefferson's fighting lead like an evil version of Jennifer or something there go in there. Yeah well get for them. Yeah so so that and watch the Oscar say so might so it may be kind of fits the theme. Even though it's like the modern official crossover I guess for the people that only wanted black lightning. They're like hey. So there's this other universe were tactically out routine genitalia. Doing thing and see things called alternate realities. You know like I said that'll be the last episode. I ever of right now. We'll move on with my life and we don't roll the condor on Disney blues folk. PATAK's not sorry all right. So do you want WanNa get to flash narrow then yes trees for the love of God flash season six episode eight the last temptation burial partout of course parts you. That was just so weird that they wanted to do a two part before Cresa. I'm just like okay. Wait a dredge the budget weekend midseason finale or maybe they're like hey crisis we've got some money I don't know man it wasn't I'm not gonNA marry a two parter. Let's let's just be honest like the material is stretched very thin. But I still enjoyed it. We've had worse episodes looking at you. I did watch singing episode yet as the worst episode. And then the Irish get your powers episode and then that episode where it's frigging cecile in plastic I mean elongated man. Yeah but yeah I mean. I don't know I get the walking dead vibes but I mean I guess they wanted that. Cliffhanger Colbert has been taken over but it's like you know is going to get out even last week. I was like he's going to fix get he's going to give him the crisis normal pictures. Hardly we knew you goodbye spoilers. He's locked in a cell now he could always come back unless your leg teddy sears. I should like version version of like a dark flash. You're not getting damn well. I mean he could always be working with somebody. Net second half of the season or something. Fingers Angers Crafts Martha auto like I'm still upset. Come on Cw Venom he's GonNa die that so oh God you set your black. I don't know I don't know I don't let they put this on on hold basically what is okay. Fine Lackluster. Everybody spinning their wheels. Oh spinning their wheels. Build up this bomb between Irish in buried West Allen to the core but only because I'm a comic book Fan. I'm it's GONNA be audited kiddies elegant separately but together onscreen. Stop trying to buy time. Give me something really. Yeah Yeah it's gotten really bad in the last season enor- immediately like I know. Nate really works in. They have it repaired for this season for me so I have a lot of issues. What hug it's no good? I still enjoy it but it's just like stop wasting your time Important things really hollow and empty. Now because we're deepen the seasons takes the longest show goes on less money. They gave a At the age of this show is showing I mean. Did they kinda call stuff out a little bit though. 'cause like even when you know Ramsey had berry control varies like. He's like why should he come back home. The Irish you're you basically you know. Hugh accepted his death breath in crisis. You didn't try to fight it because you lamp shade. It doesn't mean I'm not gonNA give crap about by. That is the rule China but I mean when killer frost. PTSD is at just like she's he no. She knocked Mishopin Chopin crisis you it now. I don't know I plus. She's pregnant with the whole thing. I know this closed as keeping bag your bag year by the end of the season or whatever is he just like being big news and excuse me like what belly. I don't see nothing now. Disease is going to be permanently. Be hearing groceries or standing behind a plant. Okay for my ninety kids. What's up if you ever watch the nanny? The leader the place. I think she was pregnant. Twice in the series in you you can tell you go back and watch the seasons now as adults early season when she was pregnant. Why why would she always sit down or was she like Holden Gordon stuff has always been like or like hiding behind plans shattered from behind or so obvious now? So that's the way I look forward to being and like I don't know Cisco Burn Polish backing. I Love Carlos like I've got sour grapes when it comes to Carlos now lay made me in his how he conducts himself. Outside of the character has Kinda Lake Howard me on the character a bit the last season if he now this season it's whatever wise. It was like zeal. Even is he not leaving. Yeah I don't don't don't play those games either Cooper get off the pot why I just one I mean it one. Is he getting his powers back in to another one. He's not gonNA make it out of crisis because again as he can replace by Chester. We are not keeping Chester. We Ralph and I. I didn't say anything but we gave Chesser at promise you. Somebody's getting a strongly worded letter in a basket full of rotten cheese. I don't know I just. I feel like somebody's dying from this cast because the cafe is pretty big. Now I mean yeah you know between zeal by to see. We got by go back in time in lake. Rabin Joe for meetings Waking Windsor. That was that baby Joe. It was out in the streets. The city feels at the office. Doing an could bet. That is Kennedy. I don't I guess to seals. Those daughter could babysit. I guess baby is terrible for. TV does but it's not like no you. You don't even throttle line. It's like oh the babysitter gotta get home my baby. There's always in the street. Nothing but no. I mean this Catholic and so big Cecile Ralph the Special Effects Budget Lake. Como all we gotTA CLEAN WE GOTTA clean out chester sticking around but then we have sticking around. We already got dream around Subaru. I am drawing the line at Chester. But then we got. What's her face now? You girl exactly. You're listening to all problems with the. That's what I'm saying. Look helping this cast is. I'm I swear I think you are. They're not as cool as you think you are being I did you say yes seriously. I mean we need like the Berry Iris. Now we need honestly as much loved. Joe He can go to. We need to notes you to people star. Labs will do they even did it even the day even call it out the at the end of the episode. When I was at CISCO'S I call member before all the double gangbangers and time travel and flash points what was just us? I bad guys. Yeah like people are algae for that. Look look how Aero Alaska Airlines doing where they're like. Yeah we're going to give you your service in a meaningful way a You're saying people communists owners wedge. They knew but again to that. Just like again general public. Go time travel. I can't think it time travel time travel makes me laugh. Honestly like advert fan primer would like like be most one of the most perp time travel movies ever. She's like yeah. Nobody's ever GONNA put thought into time travel as just a macguffin. Everybody Maddie Kinda Berry love's sweet time to the timeline. It's fine at this point. It's fine and like I don't know maybe it's just my impatience Sion's by one in buried a break free of Ramsey's horde like sooner. You know when he was like he'll Iras come on when he was gonNA save him his ears. We lightning rod phrasing. No but still it took them awhile to get get free after that you know until they blew up you know the the blood in the particle accelerator know many say I was waiting for his is the white star glow and it just like fight off the infection the symbol. I don't know man. I just hope that next after flashing dead or seasons avid obnoxious and at and I mean I know eventually got him the get distract Ramsey to put him in a cage but holiday defeat Ramsey. He called his mother in the second psycho. Oh let you infect me so I like to put your mother had always the mother saw. I just don't dig. You know maybe a serial killer like Here sometimes I put too much thought until it is late. Maybe he doesn't put enough thought over the air. Maybe you're hazardous calendars like I just can't t- need anymore. So hard word up. I want to hear that I will drive up there and kick your ass a will might be worth so yeah of course in the episode ends with red so I guess crisis officially starts immediately midnight right. Yes yes I'm like really I love it I like really it has to have. It has to start exactly at midnight. Credit risk is our drama. Okay and drama Queens WanNa make insurance they WANNA be fabulous either red skies and then I mean we got the the the teaser. He's here at the end of every episode this week in Nash Can put in by the Monitor. So does that mean. He's GONNA BE PARIAH THAN SUCH A. Bummer Yano it was more than that. Because he's promising empowering drags him in no hurry to or nothing what I guess I mean. We really can't go a too in depth on pariah because we have so many characters and we got a lot of stuff to get to Anna could said it was too he somehow Samat event. That's fine it's it's not gonNA be okay GONNA be okay ass in crisis team clash. Finally I mean. I don't even know if they know I. Who's he's gone? No one's mentioned anything on Flash butters have his powers at he didn't sense it or maybe I don't know but okay here's my big. What when When when Gypsies Dad showed up trinity he said dropped? Something like Oh yeah earth. Two's gone you know. I don't think the season the writers room was keeping in touch with ANA we. Yeah okay basically was because it soon so being they have so little time I pull it. Together Miana's okay. That's my nitpick with Aero I'm loving this season Arrow but mike okay. If you think all the multiversity at stake why wouldn't he call Berry in team Flash Casino. The secret base. Keep in what they tell not part. I'll try trying to be a better person. He can't keep us eager from basically his best friend. Oh sorry this publicity. Sorry sorrow my Laurie. All all right. Let's get the era. Okay is this was the weakest side Greg. What the weakest this week Susan eight episodes yeah purgatory? Because you know we're at yeah we episode for the season like I. I just wasn't feeling it. Why is this about off? y'All fe I know like I was like that too little too late on on his whole island dealing after they will arnold wannabe back here. Oh my God. I'm surprised surprised. They didn't give us just like some. I mean they didn't get the fight. I don't think one oh one reviews would've had one shot of connor and any fires. The people that I don't know just enough our I duNno one off. It is often well again. They're formula was tainted again this week and again I know he's in crisis but this is halo. This is the last episode the era this year. Yeah no kidding less. Well we'll get the episode won't know yeah the crisis one of the two more in twenty twenty and that's it I now three four episodes three more episodes arable. Get the cheat a little bit so being the episodes next week. It's going to be hazy shorter week next week. See we only both count black lightning four episodes next week. Plus you of Kevin's head. Yeah crying probably. Hey come over here on Tuesday night right after the flash beat with Kevin Smith like a Hollywood Yes I I don't know I don't know like it's so weird to me like I can't kitchen life without eero no wait. No one's injured like on UH Oh Hey even gone. Nobody has and it's remember. We'll be talking more Batmans and you know in a post aero world but a top their original original Batman Green Bet I four. We're we're going to have to run up the plane of big Arrow finale special. Yeah we definitely do have to do that. I don't care if anything else on that week. I think that week equation. Just focus on Aero. Yes agreed they're doing that After the after shows that was two hours the finale. Now if they're doing some kind of behind the scenes thing I thought but I don't. Yeah I don't know if it's before or after you do. They do the retrospective before. If they dented for gossip girl. I think it was a hill. And that's how Oh my God supranational going to be done. I'm probably going to be down with the. Oh I might be free of the DMZ DAB. You say that's the only thing keeping me on. CW though the Arrow versus still be watching the rest of them. But yeah we probably will be podcast casting about them as much will legend Avi but our past elections. Don't think you're getting out alleging Berkshire bubble that we were GONNA Batman here but we need to check on lighten. It lasts all we know it could be the last alleged supergirl. I know what he's going to be left on that show. Oh You know Sarah and Mick replacements I just need a does need to know whenever they bring very bad. I'm like yes. Oh my Lord episode was probably actually supergirl this week really. Yeah Yeah Wow that are important for Arrow in his last season that I have in my mind just didn't meet their criteria but like I mean I made me feel things. What do they salary you when they cut roy's arm off now the Whitney the day one when he showed up in the Red Lady I've been waiting? They were GONNA be speedy. This is going to be like well one. We're GONNA head it is Arma. When are we going to do this? That timeline yeah yeah. And I'm still bitter about the spin off and how they're handling the flash flash Is the whole thing with Arrow accepted. Said nine is going to be them right. No Oliver. That's what I'm insane. That's GonNa be weird so he's going to crisis episode bad door pilot and then the final ad in the kids are going to be not episode. Nine yeah then let's give you the final. That's what I'm saying. Is He dying crisis. And then you know is episode ten year to be Oh really dead. I don't know maybe we'll have to see what we pay overs. Think College is because they're spending their wheel because many had to like wrap it up and boy I again teasers. In southlake you'll become the next from here on out need to be lake at the end of the at the end of the year which was like literally impossible because a half filming schedules work but when you work with begin. It's hard for her. Everybody season the beginning open. Everyone sees with crossover. That's true that way you don't have to worry about you also. Have you have to think about their ratings. So basically we were were tweets. Not so I get Business standpoint but it's been it's been stressing me out the remember. Other years they would do the crossover then. Every show get like their midseason finale after the kernels. Although other I guess they become anti-climactic they have crisis that everyone has a commission. Now after exactly especially when you're chopping it up in the two parts. I'm so nervous for next week on. Well obviously Sunday's my birthday so I'm not going to be able to watch the row live. I'm not gonna be able to either. It's in London can be on an eleven o'clock here after the post office there are other ways Philo. I know maybe he might have to help. I'll be that are but it's just like you have a friend from Chicago to say. Oh yeah that could skype them watching together or something. They're not busy tyler. said he would keep it for or whatever just like what the I'm spoiled. I want the nice quality each. Yeah I know what you gotTa do you gotTa new. I mean again. It'll record at eleven. If nothing else I just watch the next day yeah. I felt so bad that they should have never started a crisis. This is on a Sunday late. Well I do have next Wednesday off. I should get drunk Tuesday night. Jerkin okay buddy. It is on that day me on the last year. I'm definitely be drawn all right so she already got it. Planned out green drinks junior cleanse Yup All right we get Outta here. Do Art everyone again. Join US here next week for crisis part one with a our special guests from the crypt tripped on report. And yes you. If you're listening to us on the podcast join us tomorrow night immediately. After Flash. Don't bother with Kevin Smith come join US talkback. Full talk back to you on TV. He won't talk back to you So e mail your thoughts night one to email us your thoughts capes lunatics at Djamil Dot com call voicemail. Six one four three eight two two seven three seven. That's six one four thirty capes remember to check out at all our social media links at linked tree that's Lan K.. T. R. DOT EE slash Capes lunatics and support the sponsors pod life the book hunter killer alert tweaked audio and check the show notes for the Southgate Media Group linked to Amazon as you do your holiday shopping and send your attributes. The master do all masculine and Wealth Hellfire. Where can people send you condolence cards home? Start character stock dropping refined me on interwebs via twitter at Little Hellfire or over on instagram at little tougher. sixty-nine Hello Meghan. I just need a shirt that says hello mega. They don't have this marsh emerge and I needed. Hbo Max in on that. Oh Hey people felt fire center home of Cologne. Meghan shirt put put a Martian on it white mushroom form. Her true form dammit here girl. You're out of this world anyway. Thank you for joining us again join. That's next week. Special guests crisis will be here to console you. Because you know they're going to do some kind of cliffhanger be big you've you've ever seen in the air over on the shore on TV. Carry out trail so again join us. Next week he'll fail this city the podcast with his broken multi multi multi.

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