11 Trivia Questions on John Hughes Movies and Beer


It's eleven trivia questions on John Hughes, movies and beer recorded live at high point brewing and sandy miss California. This is trivia would buds. Be welcome to another episode of the trivia with buds podcast. I'm your host Ryan butts. Thanks for checking out the show, especially if you found this show from listening to pod quiz. Welcome all the pod quiz bandwagon listeners. So glad you guys are here. I love James and that show 'em have been listening to it for quite a number of years. So if you are stumbling onto my show because you listen to podcasts, thank you so much for checking it out my show comes out every day. And I try and do a little pop culture trivia in your ears daily. So sometimes they record conversations I have like this one with my friend Chad Phillips at high point brewing in San dem- is California. And we talked about John Hughes, movies and beer. Sometimes I sit down. I just read you questions from old slide shows that I have from live trivia nights. Sometimes I record live trivia nights. You can hear the players cheering and stuff like that. And sometimes I'm just like on the phone with a buddy of mine so be on the lookout for all different types of episodes. And if you ever want to shape this show. You can go to patriot dot com slash trivia with buds and donate five dollars or more to pick a topic that I do monthly. That's right. Every month. You get to pick a new topic that you want me to ask you some trivia questions on and here are some topics coming up from some loyalists Nur's of this show. We have an rice novels X files. We have seven wonders of the world, we have obscure sports Batman villains. Eighties. TV shows superhero alter egos alien races from futurama Schwarzenegger versus Stallone Greece. Two famous cars for movies American Girl doll, scrubs, little shop of horrors, the good place Dylan McKay and orange is the new black just to name a few. There's about thirty two patrons of this show. And again, you can find out all about that at patriotair dot com slash trivia. With buds. We are in a jump into today's episode again recorded in a quick conversation at a place where I host bingo in San Diego, California where Bill and Ted's excellent adventure takes place part of it. And they have a big mural up. That says be excellent to each other, which is very cool. I love that at this place, and you can play bingo with me there every single Sunday from four to six PM and the bingos pop culture, bingo. So it's not just numbers we do numbers. But we also switch it up. We do music, bingo, where I play songs, and you Mark off the songs as you hear them. We do picture bingo. So I might be like here's a bunch of eighties movies screen shots. And you'll Mark off the movies as you see him, and we give away a bunch of cool beer related, prizes and pop culture stuff. So if you ever find yourself in that way out that way on a Sunday come check it out. And you could see all my live trivia nights at trivia with buds dot com. All right. Let's dive into eleven quick questions with Chad and his wife and high point brewing in San Diego, California on John Hughes, movies and beer here. We go. Standing here. Beautiful sandy, miss California with my friend, shed Phillips at high point brewing. How's it going jet? Doing good. We just got done hosting some bingo how did today. Go awesome. Always fun. Always a good time. We did some music. Bingo. We did some. Number bingo weeds in picture, bingo. What's your favorite kind of Bengal? I like traditional traditional regular old, bingo, traditional Chad. By the way, is eighty six years old, right? Is that right? I think you and me are close to the same age in your here with your beautiful life who you put to work today. She's doing a lot of stocking of glasses and things back there. How's that going? Good, and how long have you guys been open here in San demons been a little over five months now. Wow. Five months, I thought it's closer to a year. But so I kind of got to know you guys probably two or three months ago. And that was like brand new guys had just opened the doors. Right. Exactly. Very cool. You're here on arrow highway in sandy miss, California. What do you think makes your brewery unique amongst all the other breweries popping up around southern California one. It's nice being the first one in San dem-. But to we've got a fun environment. We have fun events. Like, bingo, but also good catering. Trucks. Beer is really really flavorful traditional style. Beer. And I think that's really what separates. That's awesome, one of my favorite things is when he walk, and there's this board and from left to right. You can see the lighter beers to the darker beer. So I'm more of a light beer kind of guy, and I know to look towards the left side of this board. But if you like something darker like some of these ones, you got here, you got some great names for these. I'm going to just point some out the nitro house, drip. That's a nitro porter with. Railside cafe coffee, which is a place right here in San dem- us right rail side, a lot of local local shops, small business, very cool. And then you got the pudding stone porter right below that the imperial dropout and the nitro imperial dropout and more towards the beers that I enjoy myself because I could have more than like two before I pass out his to find blondes to bitter blondes magnum guy job the good kiddie. And the nice day. I tell me about this one this is fun to jitter juice. What's that? So jitter juice is double sits at about nine percent has a little bit of lactose milk sugar in there. And then we aged on four pounds of Espresso Veen's and four pounds a cocoa nibs. Oh, what is it? Coco nib. It's basically where cocoa comes from. So it gives it that good chocolate flavor. Kind of like mocha in the morning. It's a good way to all. I won't say start your day with beer, but if you come in in the afternoon and want good beer to sip on it's a good one to start with. I love it and cocoa nibs one of my favorite. Strippers at the tropical lay and upland, California. We're gonna jump into some trivia, this is John Hughes in beer related trivia. So I'm gonna ask you questions about John Hughes, movies and beer related things. You're probably John Hughes fan. We're about the same age. Right. Not as much as you'd think. I. Okay. Oh boy. Here we go. This is going to be the first question. Number one. What John Hughes movies starred Anthony, Michael hall Kelly. Lebron and Bill Paxton. I have no idea we're talking eighties movies. A lot of teenage movies for John Hughes stuff like the breakfast club. Although this one's not the breakfast club. Any other guesses there? She's the John Hughes fan, you know, this one my dear John Hughes movie starred Anthony, Michael hall, Kelly. Lebron and Bill Paxton. So bad at weird science was the answer weird science day. There you go. They put that Barbie doll down. Turn it into a girl. Here's number two where did paps win. It's famous blue ribbon in eighteen ninety three. Where do you think that was at believe, I'm looking for the state? Let me check actually now looking for the type of event that this was at where do you think it was? County fair I'm gonna give it to you. It's the world's fair, but a fair in general was good enough for me Pabst blue ribbon one it's blue ribbon at the eighteen ninety three world's fair number three in what state are most of John Hughes movie set. I give you a hint. It's the state. I'm from. Oh, I know this one too. Most John Hughes movies, not east coast. Oh, not discuss. I'm way off then Illinois, Shurmur, Illinois. A lot of his movies are set their number four. There are nineteen different versions of what famous dark beer brand nineteen different versions of what famous dark beer brand. What's that brand or style? I would say that the brand is the same the companies the same different styles. Okay. Stout. Yes. Okay. So now, I need the other thing what did you say, Guinness Guinness? That's what I was looking there. So I would've that awkwardly to a guy who makes beer who just corrected me. Nice job. Jed number five. What's the nickname the bandits give themselves in the first home alone movie you've seen home alone? And it's the wet bandits. They turned those sinks on and leave them running number six. What beer slogan is the coldest tasting beer in the world. That sounds like every liquor store I've ever seen. Looking for the beard. It's natural. I it is Coors light or Coors Coors in general with the water from the Rockies number seven who plays the dad in the movie, Mr. mom, who's the star of that movie? I can picture them right now. Big east kind of a tall guy. He's holding kids on the cover, and he has to play the mama this movie. It's Michael Keaton Batman himself. Michael Keaton number eight beer is the second most popular beverage in the world right behind. What hint? It's not water t-, it is tea because of the huge Asian population who drinks tea every day number nine Hughes wrote the screenplay for classic for what comic strip character for the big screen in nineteen Ninety-three. John Hughes wrote the screenplay for what classic comic strip character for the big screen in ninety three. What do you think? Just totally. Yes. And say the mask Dennis the menace. But then I asked that was a pretty good guess that was also a comic. Yeah. And that was a comic before it was a movie, I believe number ten what country has the most individual beer brands. What country? Do you think that is? Now, it's gotta be the US that may be true. When I wrote this round, this is from two thousand seventeen it was Belgium. So it's either Belgium of the US. I am. I imagine and for two points. This is a really tough one. Maybe you know, this. What's the principles last name in the breakfast club? The mean principle. Any guesses? No, I don't know and the breakfast club until she made me watch it. Oh boy. That's a good wife. Vernon vernon. They hate Vernon. He goes to the bathroom and gets the thing. Stuck to his pants that was John Hughes and Bure questions. I think you've got more than half those right and most of them probably the beer related question. Good job. Chad anything coming up here at high point that you wanna plug or talk about what events we have coming up every Sunday. We got bingo, which is always fun single Demayo. Yeah. Barbecue coming in for may the fourth. They're going to do some Star Wars themed barbecue, we got some fun. We just started barely program. We've got some fun. Barely beers coming up, very cool. And there's a big dog event coming up where people can bring their dogs, and he'd do like a big dog walk and you drink beers something like that rooted dog training. I'm not exactly sure when the next one is. But it's always fun. And yeah, they they have a good time. There's there's a walk and training usually twice a month. Very cool. High point one of the best places they have a beer in all. Of southern California. Especially if you find yourself in San demus, thanks Chad yet, thank you. There. It was a fun chat with Chad. In the MRs they brew some of the best beer I've ever had. And they have this very low alcohol beer called river water. And it's like what you would refer to as river beer, you know, kind of like a light yellow colored beer, but it is very tasty. And as I get older, I can only drink like mostly light beers. If I have like three half in weisensee or three Stoute's or anything. That's that's a little bit darker than something that's super light. I feel like I get drunk way. Too quick. And then I'm aching the next day. But hey, that's your thirties. Right, beer, and John Hughes movies. He kicked butt on the beer, not so much the John Hughes movies. But maybe you did maybe you're playing along. And you're like, oh, man. I know that principals name, and I know where all the John Hughes movies take place. And if you want to be on the show, I love to have you on if your brand new listener. Or if you're a long-time listener, just send me an Email. Ryan buds at gmaiLcom. We could do a Skype call we could do an in person. If your local just let me know what you want to do what you want to promote to the audience of this show, and we will make it happen. All right, guys. If you want to support the show, go to patriot dot com slash trivia. With buds check out all the cool rewards over there. Get ready to mail those out in the next couple of days for the month of may, thanks for listening. Thanks for telling a friend, and we'll see you tomorrow for more trivia with buds. Cheers.

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