Mock Draft from the 6,7 & 8 Episode 022


Welcome to the fantasy football overtime podcast. I'm your host Jake's Isky with me as always are tyler. Hollerbach and Matt Win. Welcome to another mock draft just wanted to give a quick intro here. We knocked out a quick mock draft that we thought was interesting for everybody. We did a twelve team P. R. MOCK DRAFT ON ESPN. You think it turned out pretty good and hope you enjoy. All right. So just to recap before the starts were GonNa, be doing a full PTR mock draft mad is at the six spot. I am at the seven and Holler you're at the eight isn't that great? This is going to be intense all three of us back to back AC wrote no prisoners. Draft has started while it's apparently on ESPN I'll turn my sound down there. Yeah. Thanks. All right. Pick one off the board. No surprises there Christian McCaffrey are honestly I wasn't expecting anything else no, that's the obvious choice. What's not obvious who I'm going to get number six new hemans maybe in the sixties. Also there's one minute on the clock for each one of these picks. So we'll be moving pretty quickly here. Quick on your feet also have a defense and kicker you out I didn't set so dated, we can probably end this like around fourteen. Yeah. No, it's fun. All right. This guy I haven't even looked at defenses or kicker. So no be picking random people. But yeah, we got a QB two running backs to on receivers. Flex pretty standard stuff there. Pick to off the board SAQUON. Barkley and number three followed up quickly Alvin Kamara number four, Zeke Elliott. No surprises for the through the first four picks. No I was I thought I was getting Henry for sure at six Oh henry at five or you saw Derek Hendra. I'm on the clock it's six. I've been preaching go with running backs, but that's Michael Thomas is right there for you. Right now it's between Michael Thomas or Dalvand Cook. If I knew cook was going to play and there wasn't an issue at the holdout, I would go with Cook but I'm going to have to alter my strategy and take Michael Thomas. There, it is I wide receiver route. The Board Matt Takes Michael Thomas you are on the clock Jake I am, and here's what I'm thinking. We've been preaching running backs I'm going running back. I was against taking cook cooking the first, but it's a mock. Let's see what happens. Dalvand Cook. It is Ooh pressure on me at number eight. Yeah I think Cook Fonda seven is pretty great and he's only fall into seven right now. Right? Yeah. If he comes out tomorrow and says that he's Santa New contract and ready to go, he's going or I don't like I don't like picking at six even I got Michael Thomas and he's obviously the best wide receiver I worried. Because my next running back up is C. I could tell you guys you're picking after me you got to picture. My seven running back is Joe Mixon not Kenyan drake. Six I have some wide receivers definitely up there. So I am going to take Davante Adams foul against. Yeah richest. Held true or the word I would've taken cook if you didn't. Have Harry Jones hold up sorry about Aaron Jones at nine your little early. The one thing that we have preached consistently though is being adaptable in your drafts in going with the flow and that's kind of what we had to do. Julio next full disclosure Matt. If you'd take a ten delvin Cook I would have been working out of panicking to do that's that's kind of. Where I was at who my guy goes, he doesn't hold is go Kenya Eleven mixing twelve. I don't know if we mentioned this but Julio Jones pick ten where going I mean that that's what happened in ours like that's it's a good spot for Jones. I think like me and Madison being some spicy spots here Josh Jacobs just went off and a Mile Sanders here come. Running backs going early, two picks until you're up, tyler, what do you think? Yeah where's your head? It's gotta be running back. It's gotTa Be Austin Eh cler he's in Matera three range Julio's gone well, another blessing in disguise Terry Hill, just went off the board. So Yup Callo who've kill end Kelsey. Still. There you lucked out I did it's hundred percent gotta be at clear. Just going to double check here. Yeah. I think there's a clear line here between Ecuador and Chubb I think an even bigger line here between Godwin and Hopkins and Exeter especially already have Davante Adams. Yeah. So we are taking Austin Eh cler analysis fire Matt is panicking I. Know What? He wants me to do but I know what I'm doing and I'm going Nick Job Chris Carson no I'm going to jump I talked about it in our other mock I wanted job in the first he failed to me in a second at a no doubt pick who's your best running back available here my best running back available is currently Clyde Edwards Layer. I know you're not comfortable with that big. I'm not comfortable. I take early dude, take early otherwise Godwin just played no running back strategy to work for somebody you gotTA show us one on one scenario of no running back I mean I'm not going wide receiver I will not under any circumstances Patty Mahomes Carson C. H. and girly I really really like early this year it's early and I don't like him being rb one but I went with early there it is Todd Gurley. You feel choice. Best Tracy you've ever made on your C. H.. I've missed the running back. I've wanted by one pick both ways I thought I was going to get derrick. Henry and shove and I missed him that hurts there's no way helpless fallen deal with me the next went. And Godwin Pretty Standard after that. Yeah. Pregnancy a pretty big wide receiver run here on that's looking at the quick draft board. That's the best available for the next seven picks. I'm sure there's going to be a lot going here and I have lenny as my best running back here and we know Matt's not GonNa Take Them Jake Stock and take him I'll gobble up at three eight Tampa Bay running backs go back to back God WanNa to nine Evans at two ten they're playing around. And No, they switch positions, oh sorry wide receiver my there goes Lamar at two twelve rape before Him Kenny G. who does play wide receiver. I will tell you this. So if C. H. Makes his way back, probably will take him here. You've these more goal is So starting out the third round goes kiddle at three one and then Dj more at three to I'm sure all three of us were kind of open DJ either Patrick Mahomes to get drafted. So I don't have to make that choice whole you're going to be looking at them right here. Want him to go. Yeah I. Know He's coming up there goes the allaire takes that decision out for. Off The board goes Juju you're looking at Chris Carson and Mahomes is your next album that's all under percents Robinson there. must been listening to the hot takes up. Man I'm either yeah, I'm either looking at Carson or mahomes please take mahomes sust don't make me never hear the end of it but you're getting them in the third I know in the middle I'll give mad props for getting mahomes in the third I. Don't I don't want him though. Lennie. Lennie. That's my best running back. Made I mean it's it's not the best. Either there Chris Connor Gordon Carson Higher. But yeah, I'm not on a train. That's fine. Everything I'm going again everything I always preach here it is mos- Holmes Fan Boys on the clock twenty seconds. He just doesn't. He would draft us in any Li absolutely if we weren't, he just doesn't want to. MAHOMES hands down. But since we're sitting here and he has to admit to it, he's debating it there it is folks Patrick Mahomes. Wow I have Patrick Mahomes Todd Gurley, and Michael. Thomas and he just grimaced saying that out loud I know it's not what I planned at all but you gotta take the best player. I guys this is the benefit of going running back early. Now you can take Allen, Robinson yeah, I have delvin Cook and. Nick Chubb. If Cook is there, you know to start the season I have to rb ones and I get a wide receiver one and Allen. Robinson love it. I was definitely going to go a second wide receiver there as well. If it came back to me running backs on the Board Carson David, Johnson Lab Bell Melvin Gordon Wu easy answer for you Bel-, Yeah I see you going La Belle here, I don't think. So that's the best. Try to wait till. I was thinking is I have I was thinking reach for James Conner here or take like Amari Cooper as my wide receiver to which I don't mind doing. That's do I think in that scenario if you're thinking wide receiver or James Connor thank you made the right decision. I do think conor will fall to you the next pick for sure. For Sure That's the logic I would have i. don't think as many people as high as me and Matt are at least public. Yeah. I, don't think so either. So after three rounds, Matt Has Mahomes, girly Michael Thomas Jake Has Delvin Cook Nick Saban Alan? Robinson Tyler has Austin ECKERD Davante Adams and Amari Cooper. Not the biggest fan of team. I'm not the big like I love the players on my team obviously Patrick Mahomes in Michael Thomas or studs. But I'm a little worried about what the next couple of rounds are going to look like Carson theline just went off the board. So to recap here, we'll go round three KITTLE DJ more. Clyde Layer Juju four net and then Mahomes to Matt Allen Robinson to me in Cooper to tyler followed up by Carson Feeling Beckham and now Kelvin Ridley round out the third. I'll pick twelve went ridley woods at the turn apparently doesn't want me to have any wide receivers All Right Tyler, you'll be the next one of us up. Here. Zach urged just went off the boy was kind of all day. Don't look Tyler's deep in thought over there. He's lacking James Connor. Now, he's already Q in them up ready to go I mean everybody else? Bad Juju. Juju gone oh I want everybody that bad Juju. Connor gets picked all there's David Johnson. Love Bell is still there Taylor. Why haven't you picked him good Melvin Gordon Elvin Gordon goes yeah I don't know if I have much debate here connor is my best Acre Guy. We've been talking about him all pretty much almost twenty episodes whenever we can fit in Jim Aj. Brown is my next best wide receiver on the board definitely lock it in James Connor R B two I like it squad is Coming along there it is, and again, this is why you go on running back is so good looking at Aj Brown Cooper, Cup Tyler Lockett here, and this is a very easy decision for me actually comes down to players for you lock in home I'm going Aj Brown wow, that's a better pick that is your pick gotta go with your rankings agent Brown tire and lock them both, but I was easy. Run of wide receivers here not for me I need a running back you think and scrolls. Girls? Taylor. Is Not GonNa make it to you. I'm looking at David Montgomery. Kareem Hunt I like David Montgomery and if I want him, this is where I'm going to have to take them I can get cream hot on the way back. If I decide I want them you have you're not going to get one running on that. Now right I'm GonNa David Montgomery. Is a guy that is going to get a lot of volume like he had two hundred over two hundred and forty touches as a rookie, and they don't have anybody else except for to recall or Tariq Cohen, and he's not going to get any other the running work. So I like Montgomery I love it. It's. High, floor yeah exactly what I need right now you absolutely Robert Woods and Cooper Cup went seven picks part you guys how do you feel about that with woods going before i? Up. Last year it was like you're crazy if you thought woods overcut, but that's that's how it's been. This year's woods is gone before him with cooks out I think it benefits woods more I would agree I also have woods ranked above cup now, and then love bell gets taken off the board four nine for love. Bell. That's pretty good value there. I'm not to voice my opinion. Yeah. Yeah. Wow for me. That's a reach on Sutton rounding out the end of the fourth. We'd Keenan Illinois at four, ten, sutton it for eleven lock with the last pick in the fourth as long as I can get Jonathan Taylor or hunt Taylor just went off the board single Terry went off the board I am all in on getting Kareem Hunt here I need Kareem I'm up in three more picks its swift, and then hunt or the next two running backs. This is worthy draft actually starts to like for me start I think my first four picks are pretty easy I do not have. An easy decision at five we always say avoid the tight ends but Mark Andrews is up there he goes. Yeah he's gone longer than normal. So I'm definitely not taken a tight end goes to you I- Hilton Matt. You're on the clock I think homebody that knows me knows I love Kareem Hunt I just bought his autograph Jersey I got hanging up. It is on the wall. He's an absolute stud. If Chubb were to go down all of a sudden I have a top five running back and fantasy football. He is my third running back and I am standalone value in your flex her. Upside. So I already know where Jake's going here I don't know. I don't know if you do. Dj Shower one, hundred percent it's not one hundred percent I'm looking at wider see risk currently I'd do have Landry Charlie Parker and metcalf kind of the top guys off of bailable here I like to running back I was thinking going hunt but matt took him and I'm actually torn on what I WANNA do I know this is a really tough spot right here it wasn't honored percent. I am. I just want to say that it is not one hundred percent but I, did I even had 'em cluttered value above the rest of the ones there. Yeah. I was honestly and wait Oh. Wait till you pick. Tyler, what are you thinking here? I have Keenan Allen up a little bit on the players left is even left not now what a change your mind if I told you you got picked. Yeah. We grew. So that is between devante Parker and Marquees Hollywood Brown is Mark Ingram's my next running back up Jarvis Landry. Made Me Pick Jarvis Landry. Ran Time didn't you? Loops Jarvis Landry. For Tyler Hey. It could be worse for auto drafting. They're all right there five nine Dak thinks he's worth forty million press scouts I don't hate it and he's my qb three right now. Yeah. He's a good fantasy quarterback and he's got so many weapons but I don't know I don't know about him in real life with that forty Mil year on Oh I look at my roster. Nevada. Deck at quarterback over having a shark I would feel a lot less happy about my current team. So I'm GonNa wait on running on a quarterback I was terrified when I took mahomes and when I took Michael Thomas of what I was. GonNa get but what ended up happening around four and five I'm actually feeling a lot better. You get a set it and forget it a quarterback. You don't have to worry until Mahomes by week and you can just stream there will do whatever I got the best player in football. So yeah, it's a set it and forget it. All right. UH, round around five we'll just ignore that Communist de'andre served at five ten parker at five eleven and then metcalf at five twelve festival available players right now Tyler Boyd Aj Green you know they're going back to back. Yeah. That's according to ESPN or yourself yes. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. You got boy green digs. Marquees Brown at running backs you got to Cohen Camakers, von Roggio, and Darryl Henderson, so you got you got the the handcuff backfield together in the next five year Oh. Darren. Waller goes tyler. You've got to like to see that absolutely know you're not high on him whatsoever. All right, Tyler, walk us through what you're thinking here. Are you considering tight end quarterback at this point you lock in wide receivers and running backs I mean you guys are picking ahead of me? No actually next. So it is on me I am hoping here to get actually Mark Ingram all he just went off the board God. This game yes say a player. You don't want right whoever you say gets picked. So I I just I have him at rb twenty, three Aj Green goes pick to. Pick three, I know you're eyeing up AJ green and now it comes down here for me. Michael Gallup went right before Tyler Tyler is on the clock. Let's take a look here. So really gone to my head is everybody knows I'm big on Jordan Howard but it's not that time right now he's weighed on they're not quite the time. Oh, no is most are still they're. Still. there. Started still on the board most is the other guy that I'm getting higher and higher on is Tarik Cohen I think he can be a season winner. I really think Chicago is GonNa be a little bit better this year but we're gonNA take a gamble as much as I don't like them. I like his value here is most art if most figures out the whole contracting with San, Fran that's a steal. But if he doesn't then if if most goes to any other team in the NFL, he's GonNa, lose value I like the pick hours debating there as well for me I'm. GonNa go with a DART throw I feel like, I have a pretty good upside and safe options here. So I'm GonNa Throw Cat of a Hail Mary could be league winner option. I don't think he's very safe but I'm with Markey's brow that was also in my head if I made it to my wide receivers he's my wide receiver four. So He's got the League winning upside him Lamar decided to click. So I'm on the clock now I am torn between Tyler Boyd Stefan Digs and Marvin Jones definitely going wide receiver here I have a two running that excuse me three running backs. And Wide Receiver so I'm either going boyd or digs here was going to be clocks running out turning red six seconds. I'm guessing buoyed I'm guessing that Oh draft I'm getting my merced Sheriff Stefan Digs I went with digs as my wide receiver to now I have not gotten digs in a single draft or mock draft that I've done this year yet until right there would you have taken digs or murky brown that would have been right in there too I like digs a little more than brown though I think they both represent the same thing I don't think either one of them will be. Very. Safe and I think they have both have higher upside. If Josh Allen can just figure out the deep ball, it'll be huge for digs but that's a big goes in based on name. All right. So let's recap our teams right now. So my team after six rounds as Patrick Mahomes Todd Gurley David Montgomery Kareem Hunt Michael Thomas and Stefan digs. Mine is awesome Ecuador James, Connor Rahim Mozart at running back and wide receivers, Davante Adams Amari Cooper and Jarvis Landry. Then I'm wrong with Devon, Cook Nick Chubb Ellen Robinson Aj Brown Dj Shark and Marquees Hollywood. Brown. Teams are getting a little bit better. And who's going off your jake es Keller Murray went right after Matt than. eshelman buoyed deshaun Watson and James White and to start off round seven we're looking at. Cookson. Cohen off the board disappointed that Cooks Matt you're going to be the next one of us on the clock. Here. At this point. So now I have a lot of options actually I got three running backs I got my quarterback and I got to receiver. So really the best available player is what I'm looking at here tyler be calling it now it's possible while Ronald Jones and deeming Williams and then higby read off the board. So Oh I don't know if I would have pulled the trigger, but he was definitely in the conversation I might make tyler cry here Jordan. Might all still early forum you got von and carry on, keep trying to talk me out of it acres. Out of him to pick ovens Jacob Dobbins is right there ten seconds it's going to be Jordan. Howard. Column on I purposely did not pick them last time thinking he would get back to me tyler is weeping over here. Before I'll take them GonNa finished top twenty four. Jake. What are we thinking here? You're on the clock I am on the clock. Realistically what I was thinking of this point is I wanted Ronald Jones or to re Cohen they both went off right before me. What's left at running back has acres, Vaughn Daryl Henderson, and carry on Johnson. So I'm not thinking running back here about your guy jk Dobbins thing it's a little early for him. If the computer will let me, you'll see pick there goes. Wow. Asan Yep he's my qb three at this point. So that's a good pick in the seventh round. thinking. Again this is a tier ranking thing. I have him in that second tier of quarterbacks and he was my highest ranked one yet so he lasted longer than he should have forced her very, very happy for that one I to improve satisfied with my team. So I am looking at best available for me that right now is Marvin Jones or will fuller I am going to go with something that I feel is more certain. So a higher floor with some big ceiling and taken the Martian Marvin Jones. I haven't heard that nickname before just made it a good aren't fair enough. You should tweet adamancy likes it. Now see you see what he thinks when you started talking I. Really Thought you were going to willful or when you said higher upset I was like Oh sure no get rid of will he's more consistent all garbage, but he does have some upset sure Ochola has the has the highest ceiling. There is right per game but not person because he can't play more than with get injured. All right. After my pick it went crowder at seems a lit- till early he is the safest jets player. Okay and then cam acres who might have though widest range of outcomes here could. A Stud in a steel at round seven but he could be real absolutely can use potential to be a three down back. It's just there's also potential that Henderson is gonNA play too. So we really don't know. Yeah and Malcolm. Brown. So we have no idea what this running back. Mark Brown no I have him he plays wide receiver. Right. So where's everyone's heads at right now tyler, what are you? What are you thinking here would coming back to me it's going to be best available. Again I'm probably leaning quarterback because I don't want to get stuck want that Tannahill. Yeah or like Brady Raise Stafford. Yeah. If you can land Brady Orion right here that's still pretty good value. So to round out to turn team twelve, took drill Henderson and carry on Johnson he's looking at that handcuffed potential at the running backs there and then Deebo Samuel it Eight two. So those buyer about halfway through the draft, how do you guys feel about your teams? I like it actually balanced really really like my team. I'll be honest with me starting running back in the first two rounds I thought I would have another one or two on my team at this point and I don't and I'm not actually upset I have a lot of good depth that wide receiver you got to be flexible with with how the draft plays out if you go in with just a set strategy. Pick of the draft right there Eban Ingram. The worst pick hasn't happened yet. He is getting to the top of the best available according to ESPN though I Darius Guide guys Yup. That will be the respect that you like to Darius guys yeah. Yeah. I know it's super grade came up here. So I have I definitely going quarterback here I'm looking at Josh Allen Matt Ryan probably between those two brady is way too risky who knows what's going to happen going to a brand new team looking Li- Kinda really wants that rushing upside because I feel my team is pretty safe right now but also that consistency is good well ach in the consistency of Matt Ryan and I think that's a picky had to make their Yup I was really hoping you weren't going say Josh Allen. Ready for it I I was not just for your own sake I was really hoping anyone go on but I'm glad you didn't. Pick. If you'd waited on Ryan, he for sure wasn't getting back to you and then when you get that string of quarterback again, then all of a sudden you're right back in that position we're in Marie ended up with Philip rivers and our last month. So you did exactly what you had to do their. Yes. You did JK Dobbins a does come back. I was really trying to talk me I'm. Really, hoping knowing Matt what are you thinking here? I am going between my fifth running back because I really liked Zach Moss here but I think it makes a lot more sense for me to secure wide receiver. There's a lotta good wide receivers on the board that I like Dion Johnson and I like Henry Rugs I like Darius Slayton. Kirsten Kirk. Deontay Johnson though I'm really really high on this year I think he has a lot of potential to break out with Big Ben. So I'm perfectly fine with him as my third wide receiver in this scenario. Yeah, just Dublin back I did pick Jacob Dobbins 'cause I already had to starting back and I think you know if Mark Ingram gets hurt Dobbins is phenomenal value there could be league winter so yeah. Little bit riskier pick their the rookie running backs taking them here isn't a big deal. It's taken them in the second round right Oh boy picks coming up fast and furious year after Matt Johnston. We had Willfuller and then the worst pick in the draft. Darius skies off the Board of Eight Nine Hunter Henry Rob Gronkowski, and Emmanuel Sanders to round out row eight Jake I. Want an honest answer. Don't be biased. Don't think you have to fit a narrative here. If it was fourteen th round dairy GEIS's on the board would you take him? Yeah I, take him at that point like. Yes, you would take them at the twelfth round. Eleventh Yeah would honestly it depends on who I'm looking forward so like. Let's say it's Michael Harder. DERAs guys. I'm probably taking me go hartman. Yeah. To give you an example like that's what I mean like the round isn't the biggest thing. It's like who else's there? I had Emmanuel Sanders come off Philip Lindsey and then Kevin Coleman. I was kinda hoping to get Kevin Coleman down here in later rounds just for kind of a little bit handcuff most her just because if some reason something happens to most I think Kevin Coleman is the best option there. Absolutely. So here's a good guys comparison. Would you take him over like a handcuff like Alexander Madison if you don't own cook like things like that like that's the Alexander Madison might be coming off the board and and my next pick go for it. We might just doesn't have any stand alone value which makes it tough. Right? That's the thing is like it's that that's where you start to like start to question Oh i WanNa Jack Ma. Oh. No Right. Before you saw that one hurts before matt goes Henry, Rugs Tom Brady, and then Zach Mark, Henry Road. The players like I had rugs and Moss and Mike you with three to go and they both got crossed off. So mad as on the clock. Ouch. Thinking you do have quarterback. Don't you I do who is that quarterback? You know who it is oh okay. You can say his name what are you thinking? Good without saying it. Yeah. Ten seconds. Goal. Of course, he's going for the stack. Wow. That's that's early. Isn't home nine hardman maybe early in the ninth or no, and it's around early. Yeah. But the guy like. Snagged right in front of me at this point, it's get your guy like don't worry about when they're going to go like get your guy. Around nine and there's a guy you really want that is going between rounds nine through eleven like you can justify taking him right? I just took Alexander Madison as the Delvin Cook owner you had to yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. He was not making it back to me so round nine I get my handcuff who could be a starter of cook decides to sit out. So I am on the clock I was thinking now him hinds but I'm GONNA go hot handcuff with upside there you go Latte Murray. So had I not been the Delvin Cook owner I would have taken Murray in my position but handcuffs with. standalone value is where does that? He has tr tremendous value? I almost took Madison just to put you in a tough spot I already have four running back. So I fully expected it, which is why Murray was second in My Queue Marlin Mac went right after Murray Gin looking at kind of a handcuff value maybe a couple weeks starter in the beginning of the season there. Let's recap our teams here. Quick again at running back I have often. James Connor, Rahim most and Latin, Murray at wide receiver I have Davante Adams Amari, Cooper Jarvis, Landry, and Marvin Jones with Matt Ryan at quarterback. My squad looks like Patrick Mahomes at quarterback Todd Gurley David Montgomery, Kareem Hunt, and Jordan Howard at running back Michael Thomas Stefan Digs Deontay Johnson and Michael Hartmann are my wide receivers unreal real quick to round. Out, round nine drew brees, Carson Wentz and Josh Allen. Little QB run. There was sterling shepherd and Kirk to start off around ten followed by Justin Jefferson little bit early there I think for him. But sure and then to round out my squad I have Wilson Cook Nick Allen Robinson Aj Brown and DJ circus starters with Markey's Hollywood Brown Jake, Dobbins and Madison on my bench. Are we feeling here boys? I'm feeling good. I love my squad. Like this, if I can I please have this team every league when are we going to go on tight end? Enron pretty soon. Yeah it's it's probably coming here Matt Stafford off the clock right in front you tyler, you're on the clock are you going to start the tight end run now? It's still way too early to many on there right now going through my head is Darius Slayton. I really liked here Lotte I think upside with the giants especially if Daniel. Jones does anything like Jake Kenneth Thinks Jerry Judy is here and then also somebody we don't talk a lot about is Robbie Anderson maybe here but I think I'm going to go with what I think is the highest upside out of them with Darius Layton Yeah. It's late in my queue as well. I like him you. You are on the clock what's going through your head here I am on the clock and I am also thinking upside here and I'm GonNa take what I think is the highest upside hime hines CD lamb sure your boy yup a big fantasy lamb was the you know all throughout the draft process. So Matt. What are you thinking? I'm looking at wide receiver. I'm probably GONNA go tight end next round there. So a lot of good ones also I'll. I'll be just fine waiting until the way back the him hines hines is still out there. I. Have a lot of running backs I might ask Judy it's either between Judy or hines right now for me, you have a lot of. Controversy in your head right now is just no I ended up going with Jerry Judy I think as a wide receiver to and Denver's offense. He's got a lot of potential Preston Williams John Brown, Robbie Anderson off the board golden. State as well and then Boston Scott to round out. ooh Jake's guy. I holy cow tight Enron tight end run had ended. Jin. Trout in her steered coke no fan. TJ Hopkinson and then Curtis Samuel Matt you're on the clock. I mean the tight ends are going tight ends are gone and there is a titan. No, they're not. They're about to be gone though I'm going to lock up. Johnnu. I. Think Jake was going there. Would have wasn't coming back to me only because I know the people that I'm drafting with and I know. Would have picked him. So what that tells me now is that I can wait on tate tight in a little bit longer. So let's see what else we got looking at tight ends. It's also you're on the clock you finish this first. Twenty seconds left even yeah. You can go ahead and talk it through. That's fine. I'm slow decided when I wanna do what are you thinking I don't know I'm thinking more league winning potential and I say that because I'm taking Tony Pollard because of Zeke gets injured I, have a top ten rb right there. I'm sure the guy that has Zeke did not like that pick no, I'm sure he didn't something I'm thinking here is I hardly ever go to Cuba but I think Roger's value still here is pretty big in the same boat I, think there's still a lot. Of tight ends. I can go also looking at wide receivers trying to get some rookie love in pitman running backs are pretty much dried up I don't see a lot of upside their Sony still there, but we all know their Gibson. He means we're going to lock Pitman I like the possibilities here I like it as well. I'm sure Matt does too. I know it's one of his sleepers that he likes. Yeah. PITMAN's Stud. Don't forget you guys. They are going to make us traffic kicker in defense in this one. So we only have a few rounds left of actual. Just a heads up, don't forget that right after tyler took Pittman Desha Jackson Sony Michelle, the hairy off the board raider round out the picks and round twelve right looks like I am back on the clock here another tight end when Jack. Doyle not being on him. They're still three or four tight ends that I'm still big on probably be in order Koseki gutter jar win then hooper. So definitely thinking, it might be time to take one of them Rogers astill on the board here I. Think this is going to be a one quarterback for everybody here league. So this is probably more traditional what's going to happen in your league rogers projected one. Thirty eight is the rank on here and it's pick one, thirty, seven though I'm just GonNa lock up tight end I think is going to finish top twelve. It's now if in Koseki all those. MIAMI. Dolphins Twenty Twenty AFC east champion Miami Dolphins. Yes. All right. So Tyler went tight end that tells me you're safe. Keep wish on tight end. So I'M GONNA keep filling my wide receiver and running back position here. Again, I'm going to high upside Guy Matt's not GonNa like this pick either in Tonio Gibson I like it in terms of it's a good pick but don't like it in terms of you on your team. Yes well, that makes. Seven Times in college. That's fine. Washington. There's plenty of balls to go around. That makes my choice very, very easy. The number one running back on the Indianapolis. Two Twenty Twenty Nine Team Hines Matt Love It con- back to our hot takes episode. He doesn't actually think that but any rate no I don't actually think that but I think it's plausible. I can see how it would happen. Round out round twelve for us map holy comeback already on the clock drafting very quickly. Right now they'd probably auto take. No, we don't have to recap them at this point. Yeah. I'm looking you guys can recap if you won't let me see what I WanNa do right just real quick Anthony Miller Hunter Renfro. Rogers did go here at the end around Twelve Austin Hooper's when other tight enough the board and then Paris Campbell got our first defense off the board shout out to the auto-pay with the steelers Defense Daniel Jones Chris, Herndon, big, Ben, and Duke, and now Matt's on the clock man there's. Starting to get pretty thin out there I like rookie wide receivers I think Denzel mims is my best flyer at this point. So I went with Denzel mims. Yeah. You don't know what you're going to get there could be league winning upside it could be nothing but at this point who cares you're going to drop them if they stink anyway. Waiver wire as a wide receiver six that's it's a risk you can take, and that's exactly what I'm thinking with this pick as well. I'm going Sammy Watkins. He's still has talent. You might be the number two in Kansas City if he stinks I'll drop them in who cares imagine that hardman versus Watkin, right? Yeah Weird. Yeah. Weird that I got and. I'm on the board I'm pretty solid everywhere at this point, a normally would look for not really handcuff, but just like rb to for what am I running back so McFarland still on the board just Jackson still on the board could go something with some upside like Brandon I, you especially at the beginning but I don't see that really being that much upside with deebo out but I'M GONNA Take a little bit of a sleeper here a lot of fantasy communities thinking about it. I Have Matt Ryan as well. I'M GONNA go with Russel Gauge wide receiver three for the Falcons. He was very serviceable when both I mean Ridley miss some time and so did Julio Julio played but he was he was beat up but banged up for sure pigs gone quick again dede westbrook fitzgerald went. Off The board Tannahill run, you know Taylor's favorite late round quarterback. Yeah bills. D.. Four D. Barrington. Evans and our handcuff and then jared Goff with Holler back. You're on the board at this point probably GonNa go one of the Arbutus four my running back both of them still here McFarland. Jackson I think Jackson's going to have a better time seeing the field if something does happen to. Actor. So we are GONNA wrap up here Justin Jackson. That's a good pick to clear at this point. Yeah. I, like that as well protect your early investments for sure. Now I, waited on tight end this whole time. So I have to go tight end because the is GonNa make us pick kickers and defenses here here comes. Let me take a look see who Jay Stern Burger No. No. You're either gonNA take Godart Iran or Darwin your they're gonNA take. It was between got her in Darwin the Hallway. I would go on with Goddard just GonNa see the more safe flora thing. I have a bunch running backs and wide receivers with drafting Mahomes I'm not even taking a backup quarterback so it allows me to stack another position. I, normally don't take too tight ends but with the fact that I waited to get John New, I'm going to also take another tight end to try to pair up. And see if just one of them can pan out. So I am going with Blake Jar win as a backup tight end I. Hope you drop John Week Three I. Hope I. Don't. I would probably mean he got injured I don't know what else I would do that I was really hoping you wouldn't take God or Darwin the round before because I needed one of them. So I WANNA make sure one of them fell to me. All right. The best part of the draft yet kickers and defenses are no draft in weakened skip this part. Yeah. We'll call recap our squads here. So Tyler, what do you got for your team? So I am Looking at quarterback Matt Ryan with my entire running back squad, and we're looking at Austin editor James Connor Rahim Oester let Murray and Justin Jackson pretty solid one rb one rb too wide receiver. We have Davante Adams Amari Cooper I know we talked a lot of episodes about cooper if you can get your wide receiver to I'm a fan of it in my flak is also I'd Receiver Jarvis Landry Marvin Jones Junior Darius Slayton Michael Pittman Russell Gauge, and then tighten Mike Sackey. This is kind of like how I liked to draft a team. There's a pretty good floor starters with a lot of potential season-long ceilings on the bench jake I, like it. What's your team look like? So for me I, came out with delvin Cook Nick Chubb Jk Dobbins Alexander Madison Tony Pollard Antonio. Gibson. At running back. I love that mix of safe and then potential upside I wide receiver and up with Allen, Robinson AJ Brown Dj. Dark. Hollywood. Brown, and then CD lamb again I love that safe. But also upside qb Russell Wilson. What you're going to get with him. He's safe that probably the one of the safest quarterbacks there is too early for a quarterback. Nunu and DEL scattered as my tight end I like it I like your squad and I you did what you liked to do. You drafted a lot of players on crappy teams you got. A job shop on. Cleveland you got Robinson on Chicago you got AJ Brown on Tennessee like there are a playoff team but they don't score a lot of points and then you got charcoal on Jacksonville you did kind of what you preach I. Did I don't like the job I don't like running back on a crappy team because they're just not going to get the touches except for the fact that the Vikings head coach just went there. So I think that he's looking at. Three hundred touches your big on Stefanski going to Cleveland. My squad ended up as Patrick Mahomes. My running backs were Todd Gurley David Montgomery, Kareem Hunt Jordan Howard and nineteen times. My wide receivers were Michael Thomas Stefan Digs Deontay. Johnson McColl Hartman Jerry Judy, and Denzel mims. You can't tell I like rookie or second year third year wide receivers. My tight end was Johnny Smith and then I just took a kicker Justin Tucker took for me that'll work. Then you take a backup titan. Johnny Smith and Blake Darwin I like the Combo of getting both of those one of them should be good enough to start. That's the thing like if you waste early pick I'm I shouldn't say waste but it's almost waist. If you take a calcium killing the second round, don't go out and draft another tight end and rounds nine or ten like if you're committing to them being the guy and use later picks on another positions. But for me, I took a tight end in double digit rounds. So then it made sense for. Me To pair it with another one hoping that one of them will pan out I. Think we all have teams that kind of worked out for us to since we all like your team don't forget to like us on facebook at fantasy football overtime podcast on twitter at F- Ot podcast check us out. We got a whole bunch of content. We appreciate you listening. We love to be conversational on twitter. So if you love any of our takes, if you hate our takes, let us know let's get into some arguments and some discussion. Thanks. TELMEX them. Later by. Over

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