Oh Komo how offered like welcome to another episode of my Tennis Journal show if your regular listener than thanks for dropping again and if you're new to the shore there's a fair chance that you are from the world of boxing so thank you very much for taking the time to press play. All of my guests I try and find special people that I can learn from and we can all learn from and this week show is an absolute talk. Of God's our local loon Dean Sutherland. Who's a former multiple world champion in kickboxing? And as treason transitioned into the world of professional boxing. This guy is only twenty years old. But what you hear them you will hear on. Relentless determination disciplined focused strategic approach to everything that he does. He is currently working fulltime and is working probably harder than most professional tennis players that I knew of. So you retreat. I just sit by. Listen we spoke for about an hour and the guys fee only ground but as aiming for you know the stars. It's unbelievable in terms of other guests. Pullback look at the back catalogue never knew if you how many shows you how to have before he can call back but go in Chattanooga there's twenty guests in their all world class in the room rights and you learn from the wall if you like what you hear take a second press subscribe right. Review gives the five star rating on wherever podcasting up. We've got and share it with your spouse. I'm doing it for the most genuine of reasons and I'm a one man band trying to help everyone. I can so yet take a second press the buttons that need to grasp so without further. Ado. I'm GONNA pass you over Sutherland. So welcome to the shooter Dean. The thing I said to you in a first message that become fascinated with box in because all of a for poured cashier redon Spencer. And Jake Spencer. If you're listening to this this is all your fault but when when I first heard about US Paul Cat Nick and his son windows kick box and he said all you need to have a look at this guy and he got your your video up on the website and I was like why it was like disciplined the termination laser beam focused so. Start me off by running. By what typical day is in almost a typical day or a typical week in the life of Dean are currently a professional box. Still having to work through well man so just now. It's early morning. Runs over the tradition and then afterwards come home. Get dinner get changed. And I'm either Auburn Dean and David. Lloyd's June conditioning or Skyhawks. Jim intended from walks in work. So it's so and even a nighttime so when you say early early talking in five o'clock up and you'd run in four or five miles now and what's the purpose of that opposite getting miles on under Judah senior like takes bosses must have fought term when you go into the championship round. The very first thing that goes isn't your arms. Legs move your legs non elsewhere ca but moves to cut and get your definitely definitely my ideal. F- If you can't move your feet you can either be standing targe or you can't get to the target. How strong roots is basically the do the running like intense? We talk about having a good view to Max but it is it literally the strength in your legs. There's not lungs as or is it a combination of stuff at the longer as obviously hind. But it's a mixture between the longer Judas runs for your leg strength basically and then the sprint were in the box spot on the issue. Not there the your lung capacity like the approximate okay. So you didn't David Lloyd's in India given because this is going to be like give them a show done about them and do you have a specific coach there or do you go in and do dog of God a sun in Dundee automobile through a couple of the guys that getting far at con- sports performance was okay and he's done work in research and especially for some of the top sports sites guys specifically for m. e bulletin. Okay at some been doing a lot worked with him. Felt massive improvements coming along with it. And it's just picking your training ten different field and open up the skill. The lots are running by spotted actually thought the complete athlete. The telling yourself into. I think that was the thing hit me when I watched. Your video was clear to me that you don't WanNa leave any on turned up. It always like it's not what twenty one now. Twenty twenty three twenty one year right very unusual certainly in the world. I come from to have someone that age focused and disciplined in terms of working fulltime job. There's tennis players are full time. Call them profession but they are not working. They're probably not doing the work outside you you which and the whole thing of the you mentioned the near video of the three things you value things like health relationships and loyalty and if we go back to your early kick boxing day for what was your introduction to kick box and we'll see if we can tie those things together well started pick one to windows three and a half years old three was an ideal was far too much energy right and I love the power in believe show turned to blue power job. I was out and from there basically very I. I came along. I didn't even really need an introduction to study on in St enthusiastic. Okay I think the big thing that then set on the course compete with fresh competition did thing I think it must have been about five five or six years old that ended up with two of first competition and I think that King Dr set the bar exactly what was going to do. Pastoral really loves the Path I was going to be successful through hard work and a base they went from. That was the very first competition. I went which was a highland in ships and then increase to squash championships in there and then for the Cuando cannot run out where the number competitions to go and the box because there's so named different organizations that could be one every single weekend. Okay so my coach from a pick one. Take me along to that and it was the same. Just love the whole adrenaline-wash they get for all that can't hungry. Success kept welcome. Excuse me what's the difference being taekwondo and kickboxing? Itf Taekwondo right very little difference between the Tae Kwan. Shing the Olympics is WTO which is just the legs okay but it FDA Cuando as very very similar to the border I self so it was a big transition right here at central member. Neil explain me all these different governing bodies and former different rule sets and stuff and it sounded to me is easy for me is neutrally can end but it felt like is there not a need to bring an argument were powerful political enough political thing about it. I think it's political to people. Don't get along very immature leaders of the organisms. The one who wants to be the kingpin can't be a lot seem as it comes down to end will things that comes down to politics and money so somebody's going to have to take a cut to go underneath did then. They're not going to do what they're wanting to be the heads of organizations and think it's Kinda despite our went out from the here. It's a shame because then only certain clubs will compete s our organization and it basically just funnels a we followed pool. Becomes very selective of what you've what you can do and who you can walk in. You can train Wednesday layout which is which is. That's the reason I think why can't balks in trance. Really Gordon for Olympic are the Laurie fundamentally too many different branches for it needs to become the one sold three A. It's a shame we not a similar situation in tennis book. Similar in the political side of things. We've got lots of different governing bodies within our sports so we've got the which is like the world international tennis vegetation you've got the ATP which is the man's the WTA you've got it from Davis Cup. Atp WANTS TO RUN THEIR OWN WORK. It even little things like this new thing and ut are which is a universal tennis saying signs like recently the decided. We're going to have one as well instead of actually cooling together. Why one thing just makes it. We're more diluted as you say so has way earlier or younger than I was pitching. Remember you saying that you'd want your goals in your first and I was thinking maybe ten eleven or wherever so. That is an insanely young age to have number one hundred clear memory and also realize that this is going to be your funnel if you like your work ethic can you drive and so on for them. What were your early experiences? Like in the kind of training or the coaching of the detail on doing kickboxing. Especially because I was so young on the really clever way that harmful through games right so you were excited about doing things then realize you are picking up which is what you should be doing. Be Like soldier working. It should be fun and relaxed but Little skills tips and tricks that you pick up wrong just by doing a fun game that you don't actually realize that stuff that you can take off from his unbelievable downside of podcasts. You can't see how big my face is. I had no idea you're going to see that but that's like music because in tennis. Go exactly the same thing. It's like a lot of people think it should be like rote learning just reps ABS- whereas say our like in the Judy Muller Foundation for example in my background performance Tennessee's very much about let the Games do the teaching for you. Actually that implicit learning rather than they can just do this. A thousand times sinking. I think this thing is well young kids but attention tension spawned drop can change in a second. So if you've got involved They're hyper excited to do. Then they're going to be involved but if you're just giving them the same rolls over and over and over and over again within three times you've lost interest in. That could be finished tennis coaches listening as the word there. Did you have seen coaches for a long time hud metric for a long period of time? And then I changed about a weaver in Box to basically find the bachelor root for myself this. It seemed to be because I was competing in such a early age when an early age. That seemed to be picking things that Ev- foster who always kinda bumps in. Ob Club to club. Because I was not as much more of that. The real challenge men like we've seen before you always need a cool. If I was the top of the class will be looking at somebody else to chase about it but my kickboxing but the kickboxing boxing gym. With notes seem that there is a four professional ball comes with the same general city them off kickboxing that we used to train in the world and stuff. I got to counter through the kickboxing right. And then just funneled into the professional bopping without club for six years now to be once. Yeah so it's the everything's working and the the in terms of in getting challenge in martial arts. Is that challenge in skill or size if you know what I mean. So if you're a good kid and you want to be challenged move up a week group or up Bosnia fair thing things. The world championships went to from fatty young age that the always trouble in different countries. Yeah so am I remember one year in Germany and German hunter squad over three hundred fighters which was massive for the tournament. But then you could go with likes being spent on a massive team but then she the French slightly smaller team when we saw. You always got new competition. Which was the good thing about traveling but if it were just in itself things can almost keep crossing the same possibly chiller and as the builder loft friendships through. Ms Welwitschia will do tennis relationships. Yeah I'm a little johnny. You're not thinking about really the ruthlessness. If I winded winded this morning just off flamed across. You don't want a whole Broccoli but but when you go internationally anybody you're upset you're more pride than yea or determination is good. You said that because I think it's not so much now but definitely when I was a younger coach. My early experiences of taken kids. Internationally were the assumed. The international kids were better than that because it was like maybe Britain as a tennis nation. Then wasn't accuracy to say Britain. I'm GonNa say scholar eighty now internationally. Everyone news ever come from Scotland so is almost of the must be. We've always produced relatively junior but those early experiences of the kids were almost the opposite of what you're saying or the human. They've got an accident. It must be amazing but now it's almost like I'm GonNa take you because I think it's maybe just like a of always one comedian. So I knew I was winning. Everything's here and then internationally first world championships at ten up to cold theaters. I think me personally. I just didn't have that feeling off. Anybody was about just winning winning with holiday to do that way. But maybe other people that didn't have such as maybe just the mantles of the we internationally thinking off continental in Scotland Britain. Trench okay. Who how did you take defeats? The new indicated he'd lose. I am a hundred percent one of the worst loser ever get through massive massive tantrums especially when I was younger to throw single Toyota. The problem and that was Mu region told the next weekend which would go and keep or for the next competition. But they're the tears random facing the salt go. Where is the new Richard at the time? But I think that was just the whole of Sioux Volvo yet. The plan hiding my head and then someone's got to change. It wasn't teaching someone else saw. Yeah because if you reflect back after all the tears was that a learning process that you go through I what it would be like an fight game. They say before we talk box in the kick boxing. Would you play back the fight in your mind or would you have a coach? Said you did this up normally step back and let mccutcheon instructions outdoor work. This is what you can leave them more practices for stuff. But I've always been a visual learner of lighters. I always watch bites when lose. Wherever as that. And that's one thing even straight after performances like done. Gosper Edinburgh driving. I will watch my video constantly back and I think it's just such a visual learner. He Midland and do something. Brilliant always buckets at Kuta. This this maybe should have done that. I think it's always looking for that. We improve my cell phone was went to be patented. Was yesterday. Yeah I think that's the whole thing when I lost at shut it down thinking right. I'm not there yet. By the same time. Me More determination to think right person. Beat me I'm GonNa make sure that beat mixture three times. Yeah Yeah. Would you attribute any of this mentality to anyone in your family or friends or mum and dad leg Mamoepa vetere lacks the? I think they're more surprised than I on the host successful things. They've just these along just thinking at risk some comparative Noaa. It's went from being in a little time hall in Dean to internationally troppled Spent surprised into them. Couldn't say of anybody by Granta Cycle. Compare Okay I you've got to be back. Competitive Edge Him. He seems very very good cyclist a domestically. So I think maybe grew up in an era where you spend a Lotta time with your grandkids or not really bothering always go round. Didn't have a contest that we changed the recurrent. Insure them intriguing fees from the weekend. I did when I was always did as part of the routine year and the hunt them off on this on this stuff but I wouldn't say there's anybody specifically they came from but I would say that I think having up wind from such a early age polly's intimate especially Schule young. Yeah and it went in a basically. This is exactly. What's going to happen is interesting because in tennis quite often we see the players are doing that at the youngest age is actually becomes too much pressure for them when they get to and the teen teen is for example. I'm guessing the difference would be. We don't have classes in tennis. Cut to mean by that is you can say. I'm seventy five kilograms. I could be playing against somebody. Who's six eight and just completely different animals me but the even I think regardless different I think. Different mindsets of athletes they. I know like in the kicked. Boston does have to wreak agree. She got and stuff like that. I think the big thing that especially of obscene as a special starts coming close to the teen years yet. There's a lot more destruction. When highland rea- friends more wouldn't be football or member everybody else's into then gets slightly older teenagers in it starts becoming girls and stuff like that and I think I've had a really support a family move my girlfriend from a young age and again together for five years now that she's been supporting me and I think that always spoke to my friends from been able to the the this is? I'm going to do something different. And this is gopher and then I can speak to them and I've got the the tunnel vision here. That's different Israel because most people don't most people stray if you like what's your thoughts on if I said investment or sacrifice. How do you see the those kind of two words basically what you just said? Investment of first thing. I would say time here so you caught on fast wherever tiny you've got yet so instead of maybe Santa Watching TV and Be Watching for me. The Jewish taught a previous lights of done or other top professionals. If I can pick up things and sacrifice I think it would just come to for me. Just Bihar comes down to is the difference. Is I think between tennis. Inbox tennis handball. When Fox in your head on my correct the they've just as the win get safe as well they can do by heading year more or heart his tax best Ex exactly I the thing suck face as you need to be able to put in and willing to give up more than one other offer. The big scene is in Boston. And what you see. We top fashions as whoever their goule is forever. They must be competing against. They've got to do more runs for a long time. It's always the got to be a head and I think what is decided by the if you're willing to give up the time and everything into the then. I've done more preparation other passion plan. You're already one step ahead comes into remember Daley Thompson in he trained on Christmas Day. The reason train them just mistakes in you one day also was mean. Rival takeoff was like well. He's taken to Arkham working on it. Is that psychological? The reason I asked the sacrifice is I'm a bit of a wordsmith and I do think that words are power from and I hit a lot of people in Tennessee. Speaking about the sacrifices you make and it's not a sacrifice is an investment to invest. In your time your energy your effort your money of course to do this thing that you've said you want to do and I think that's the difference between what I'm feeling from your mindset versus giving tennis players Draft Cups you attended the I see as maybe say the norm norms of most people. I don't think your normal best sense but most people are sacrificing the Friday nights with their meets wherever well if you invest the time. The payoff is going to be way better. I think the people got too short vision a lot. It was just got what's happening tomorrow right. Okay I'm going out with my friends or I'm going to the movies or something like what especially Albacore to do my training. It's twelve weeks for its month. Just all you train up. You've got a game in the AFC. Trine game the weekend. I've got decide place. I eight twelve we. Ed could be far every second of every round or I could go in there and get the person in ten seconds to me. Thought you've got to give absolutely everything and I was GonNa ask you now. I'll park that until we get into the bulk of it because that was one of my fascination with the Boston world is at ten Twelve Week. Training Camp Mentality so I thought of you just described as so peak kickboxing best in the world. Can't get any better than that. Why or let's see what in your mind. What was peak kickboxing time? What Age were you were? You think I'll give fifteen fourteen fifteen. I think was the big PD where kept Boston's not funds? That are tall and my son and that up enough company out of time and he spent twenty thousand permanent year traveling classes and competition. I think one of fourteen. I think that was the big peak years that at really determined that Roy. Okay this is really really go from last because we re used to travel all over all over the world and we would always be winning A. It'd be different if I wasn't here. Basically like okay I think for you here. We can look elsewhere. Everything was working. It was click India. Spend a time with my parents and my brother travelling vote to take well sort of couse born as well so it's not just your brother did does job. I'm probably does. He was competing and unfortunately for him. starts to then become really competitive. Picked UP A REALLY NASTY. And he's still trying to rehabilitate jackie younger seventeen hundred. So he's starting to look for a job. He's a bit more brains. He's skills rain's coming. You've got good is Rona. He's more academic. I mean to learn tribe and stuff like that Jack Ma when he's still trying to get the whole recovery from his knees. I think don't think become a career for him or the professional boxers for me. Do you think your passion. They'll stick with loves the TREE MOUSE BACK in social part you got you. Can you make live in kickboxing? Not even professional kickboxing at the highest level. When it works out said the each twelve weeks. If you did out for your professional it'd be less than minimum wage. Yeah you probably making more apart thing job here so when it comes to like. Nah Yeah then that. That's the big reason. Why a lot of talk kick boxers get to a certain level. Mendon the Brunch. It goes a lot of them either. Goes the Boston route or the enemies? Nuts that's going not bigger. Sell some of the big names and point kickboxing remain Daniels? Mako pedes because the fight differently to the regular enemy fighters. The stunned out while you're in different day and I think that comes to get to the top and then you've really go anywhere else funnel to say so. That was that one of the reasons you transitioned into box. I came to the split. Were really done. Everything wanted to in the box and it came out and said done books and another thing I think the enemy say the things I will be very good at the stand ups by probably would have had to give up two or three years to concentrate on the wrestling. Jitsu stuff like that and for me. I love to compete. Nfl couldn't compete A. B. A. B. But a new straight with the box numbers I was GONNA go. I'm a spot and with some professional boxers and my team has already went professional walks and softer speaking Hayes. Mina Jarvis Kanga a simple veal of what will do as early dis. Like when you first went into this image of ahead of like somebody punched and you want to Kaitlin. I think just because Honda passionate about the watch that saw more as uh sued keynote never came Lou the people. I've been surprised as well. I've never heard that was about a still a help. Teaching kickboxing and stuff like that. I can still Joel the funds. Pay Him but I didn't but but the boxes are never actually had the Irish the deal. I've been out of the food. What the US Expos? Yeah Yeah so for me and the people listening does that mean I knew. It was essentially left-hander. Does that off course? Lying about great. I'm not sure. So it's okay I should be an Orthodox which Orthodox means you're left pond left legs free and your power your right hand your right leg to the buck. Okay an awkward so far right so my power is actually my okay so my right hunt and front my rate legs in front right. Which is I think than it's coming from the coming from the back to the front. Yes so power should become from my left side where my stronger sides my right. Okay I I write your hand cut food and stuff like that as my general power site right but after doing working and pulmonary injury on the left hand side and I kind of relied Mussa. Marais events been stuck with me right. Felt comfortable doing in. It's been awkward opponent own success with over just repetition in practice. That still seem refund sites much more profanity but my power precision and say I'm a left onsite vastly improved so I kinda gives him problems. I could go either. I can mix them much. Nf It means that the difference between the sunspot Orthodox is an Orthodox for a fight much more Orthodox seeming Tennessee. Eight hundred The same yeah but some of these are left time. Change you change. I watch box and the very first thing that you've got to work with the feet position because it means to touch each thing. I this is my my limited box official boxing day apart from the streets. Still Newman as the Denham intrusive visited there and that was the stance that he was doing. I and am I right in thinking so I'm right handed but who was my right foot forward left for your right hundred your left for. Yeah Yeah Yeah so you are going right right. I on my right hand right handed. Yeah right like the front. Yeah so that was right right right right. Yeah generally should be set ups. It's called yet and my power sites should be colorful for fish here as funny because in in tennis terms like that this the shoulder is going. The furthest distance will be the power side. They got so much. The opposite from that was boxer. Power side should be from the box. Rotation through sake generates more power. You should have seen me wheel in on this bag for session right and the guy was like you know in your mind. You're going nail in this bag and the bag swinging everywhere. And he's like I could feel the game nudging for this boy and now going if hit the bank. Well it shouldn't move could not get ahead in any Schuermann. It was like almost now. You correct me. If I'm wrong worth correct me. The it was in my mind it was like he was in almost the same amount of power in as it comes out so it was the recoil of it that was equally as important. Putin your everything throughout the thing about the baking recent about punch buck so you can. The blog is if you're you punch your content don't your with your is talking about the game they said at the start was when you teach kids he this guy taught me confidently because he put it in a game context and all he said was. If you do that. I'm going to knock you know. That's a great big center keeping. That was what I was doing. My hand was good and it was your need to get your hands straight back A pretty good sale. I was amazed I was blown away by the Times. I've gone to box gyms on a few different things. The first one is how technical is again. Caveman in me was thinking. It's just if you're begging Swing but some of these kids that were in there were unbelievable so it was the first thing the second probably the most powerful thing was there was no hierarchy like I literally never been in in my life and instantly in there with semi pros and kids are twelve to adults that were fifty five sixty wherever and everyone just mixed in and helped that same happening. Combat jetsons in combat and extreme on those little tiny from. Yeah and there's much more elderly for their fire. A little distance there is more pedigree. Biscuit worker professional boxer Tony country or help you. It's not like is that a standard box and think from listening to the podcast. That pen for pain. That's the thing I keep coming out this abortion. Jim is where I'd like to hang in. 'cause I hear Heidar. Everyone knows me. Hit PEOPLE THINKING. They're better than someone because of a status and money and all that stuff so I was blown away with. Is that standard? And I would say so because there's no eagle in because if you've got Eagle in a boxing gym get punched. Somebody beggar business. Simple as we as the keep your head down. You have a loft with the people. Yeah but at a business that go there to do a job. So somebody's these walking about with the chest slim but they will get found out. Hedge might not have in standby well hop and and I think that's what I can't remember the word in by ticket picture of Mukundan and it was like a laminated sheet and it was essentially the essence of it was sparring is for learning. That can respect thing of show that you're learning and not. It's not knocking each other stuff so that standard as well or not invading especially if you travel different places okay. I know one big thing. This happening over automatic that a lot to do as came recorded witnessed professionals like done here but a lot of them seem to be doing it to try to give them more social media. Publicity advocate new. I'd say no like finger casual look gruden stuff. I come from a ball combined. Can I think you knew your than the person? You're getting off them here stat but especially in America just knew it seems to be that almost fun. Rebuilt eighteen inch the ruins which blocks and it was. Were talking about on the show where that you had been released by this box of him. Essentially either knocking guy down inspiring like an APSE. Sometimes that trump didn't shoot especially at the top older school professional. You'd be very very rare to find is sponsored through into that. I knew often that's good. I like Oh that can avoid fashioned values and respect. And that's the thing that really hit home with me is that. I knew there's can be i. Do you straighten this person. Trash talk in the movie street off and you see these guys trash talking each other but as soon as it's done from ABC the mutual respect detainers the bit that that's the thing I love about box in that respect that the habit the end of the day and I get the feeling that the trash talking is to sell tickets. That's one big thing. Though it is it seems to be that the more you can trust the beggar opportunities you get the more money can be called Law Fights nowadays. The hopping shouldn't happen but because if talked each other into anything all right this could this could be a good money maker that makes money. It makes sense Challah people so they can boost their show about different things to each other. People buy into these guys really. Don't up being watched to see the tooth and Talbot Hunkin after fate lying because bullpens walk in the club. The becoming a professional boxer. What do you have to do like what process if you wake up one day right? I'm going to transition from kickboxing into being professional freezer. Do you have to register? You've got you've got to go through after process for once I got saint from that doesn't mean you're saying professional boxing and you still got to go through the S. over here. You've got your impression Puerto box and control approval. She'll far Australia Clause Guven set in a boardroom. With Your Monitor. Sit Down to a representative board. The ask you questions about your background like a you. Basically have a conversation about them. The Oscar different things about what you've done in the past and if you hide any criminal record that up and stuff like their feet to them about step outside. Hold back in the tally. If you've been approved right okay. They're still about finish there. You get done and then you've got to see about fool medical. I'm which cost six hundred year to get done to be done privately in Scotland. There's only one place in which is dining clausewitz and be peon right when one of the holidays and you've got to get blood and blood tests done. You've got 'em Scud done you've got get seen by a doctor a body function and then you for all the results to come back and then if you do have anything that comes up. Get not seeing too far. He's tall. Once saw August finished famous. Enter your people record? I do that. I mean offices then you wait for reply and you get your box in cardiac. So that's the big long period takes a soon between sign moaning jar and get my professional only since lose half works out so it can take a while yet to expire. What would be the most common reason that a boxer would feel a medical or is it a lot people almost never looking an MRI scandal? I never get some in the chamber and something simple could come up in their right thought. You never know that you never know when I was getting my style. Actually infant had a of be unable decent. My sister okay so then I go under course of injection to make sure to hide essential and okay and what would be the name of heaven that I think because at inbox in Columbus would be book combination. Fayek end of kind if I wind up getting a blended could cost them. Har. It's basically for my dealer so I got and I think the best thing about think will professional books. I never had a major medical with kickball. You've got as almost a yearly amity. That once again not done in Europe to your day and our car was to make sure this literally light excessive and so how do you go about dumb question? But how'd you go about gang fight so you're six seven seven days so seven? Yeah terminology seven seventy know. How did you get number one? What's the proof sets guessing through a monitor? Yet your monitoring visit is in control of your face situation hop in so if you don't have a more but a slight hypocrisy monitored basically is in control of career right so you don't have a pro war. She's the one to get you fight okay. And then he gets his percentage of your parts that the from the fight so that I signed That ends up going into Canaan. Folks imposes humans promotional company as well Because I don't have a promote arts through his promotion high which was major thing. That's really really good for myself so at the I am tool from him right. I'm having a shoe here I would like to be on the show. Yeah and then. He's got to sort through watching. Aloma HOPKINS START. Your boxing clears you go up against. Journeyman was involved. So it's almost expedient fire that's been in their Louis Louis are gonNA people but they're not. They're there to do a job yet as to say the there to go in there and and really angel clear before it's even started but they are tat for me. Why did especially with the China when you learn a lot from them that you could give them an obsolete? Beat that and don't go away a lot in good journeyman. This very very really get stopped. Yeah because the technically what the if any good at reading other people as well. That's a big thing if you can do a good job against them and get complimented because they go and can't your every single top professional has joined a minimum or a warm up or fits. Just stay busy fight enough. Envy single ones fought journeyman. One the my very first second second third a third my third fight and it was host the hundred and third and to get complimented your vanity. That's a massive confidence business guy on the guy. Initially I think think he had the record for fifteen hundred fighters season that he had but that was what was coming out from him. Think he'd only be knocked like a handful of titles and all those and it was because he said he would be the person that would fall not pure like rate. Some of these pool. Don't need you. And he said because he was doing he decided early in his cue. That was the wave is going to go. He became a master protected and so he knew When things weren't going right and you do certain things. He was doing their bit the respect that he had from. Let's Spencer Lena. Professional boxer will huge hose. It was almost like he was that owes a master of history. The massive coach. What the do because he can really hand up and say. I'm going to Boston man. Some I'm going to let some punches me to get. The Pendleton is like those guys to France ones that the donkey work Lewis. I think you've got the often because basically decided right. I'm a don't personally think I'm good enough to go right to the very top so I'm going to be a professional walker. I'M GONNA make some money off So if I can learn defend myself and fight of Summit are really can fight every single. Weekend just depends. How much Wednesday do? The don't pay for travel costs to got paid for. They'RE GONNA the hotel paid for to get fuel off to sell eighty tech. There's no ties to. They can get caught up on Thursday. On the freighter. Israel up to them and the walkaway money. Some of the top top journeyman could could make fifty sixty conduct really works out a in the basic our yard vastly your frankness benchmark. Yes yeah I the way it gets refined? His last like you got pregnant. Pdf me into your learning before the ups and your last fight was guy either. I I decided that. That was the boxing union of Ireland Relic Pale. Okay so the way it works with that is it's got to have an heir. Shapur involved right so the title ended up becoming can be faint for me that fame Florida dot stay my head monitor. Hide Start Looking at the fight when we were four or five hundred. Ed Been Building up a we. Kind of Newburgh went feces tiller. At some point you had similar can offspring that he'd been a professional but longer than me will be old. Darn were volkstimme yet. But because I fought so regularly the star were both six at the same time day and that that was going to be that good piece. The ordeal people could get involved in exciting. That was a points points very enjoyable fight to be often especially if an upper team to hall road. The atmosphere with obsolete Electra. Stunned FREE CHOSEN. The show. It's already father was my nickname is and his nickname's key to exactly the same yet sell. When accordingly applaud things? I could improve tall and it was the first time in eight rows and stuff like that well and some dot colliver clear less than a year ago from a I tell you. I was quick alert for bar. A stepping stone passes from three. And a half defy exotic the so. You mentioned plan right. So that's cool. Because he touched on ten twelve week training camps. I never thought of it in terms of if I'm thinking no easy pharmacy Peres. Thinking the difference in Tennessee's you could play to the Grand Slam your play once every two days and you have to one say one fighters done you've gotTA re curricula against against a different opponent. So I was thinking of it more from that sense but I never thought of the pure almost absolute discipline required to peak for something three months away so what if was possible to condense that three months into minute or two? What was what was it like? Lots of roadworks year monitoring Lots of Frenchman in jump yet. Lots and lots of stuff but JIM strength. Ignition it finish on the box in the other things on for me. What what is a really really big things I like to do. As travel for my spot. Okay I think that you've got a lot more compatible spot and you get that little bit younger debts. 'cause you're somewhere new more trying to rush and it can be but more than just a SPA Kennedy more attentive and yeah. I think that especially if you step up in your face or spotted with people as much more experienced than yourself you're only going to learn from it and if you can hardly are southward to the well end up. It's only going to give you confidence for going into. Do you get like intense. We've got an expression of match fit. Is it a case of tapering towards that? So you can let doing the genetic fitness but then as you get closer and more specific in terms of as perpetual if you did that maybe three of four fight to be yeah right the top five thousand only to normal to fights in the. Eh but as a young prospect you got Kinda put yourself out there so I seven times in less than a year so I don't really have Couple routier is basically just right. There might be six weeks half that fight an ambitious straight back in general and then one day working late and hotter fight than it could be buckle chain. Could get a last minute call all. We've got this fight that you could be taken into these times there. Would you be interested in it? And that's what ends up happening. So I think I fought July twice in September November favorably March. Me Yeah right okay. And you mentioned your plan in your last one. Who comes up with a plan for how you GONNA tactically strategically books the that I've got this guy is veterinary although we don't specifically own for the other person's could work on good advice can adopt to that. I personally for me. I've never believed in on this person's will produce slowly all right. That's my cut out the change up yet to fight you so I don't. We never really cool. In what Kim Padre more just. The preparation is perfect. Yeah all the hardware Wherever opponent comes up that's the best. I have changed slightly that myself experienced. I've got cable channel. Cnn adopted Okay and especially my coaching team. Nova as well. Yeah and instead of a really good relationship with them. It doesn't need to be Bossy Long. Story Short and sharp that sticks yet recovered a very good balance in one of the big things. I would preach. Don't mind using that word in tennis because I would suggest if you say that for me. There's not much more pressure than someone standing in front of. You tryin literally knock you out in Tennis. But see is tough and some other. We know it's not as great as that. So what do you want to be thinking about when you're under pressure what they're what you're going to see a low of them tennis players practicing most of their time on what they're not good at and then? Lo and behold under real pressure it pops up on her head so if you are going into those last rains if you like or like four on fits you need to focus on what you get a massive transfer there also. The coaching thing that you mentioned there wants the coaching relationship is strong. It can be one word and they knew exactly even be a gesture and especially their their other is what you can't see. That's what they're seeing. It needs to be that connection. That the understand what? You're seeing what you're going through what you're doing well. What needs to be as to the wrong it should. It should never be doing this wrong. Your phone this any imperial. It should be not positive. mortgage was less bad. Exactly there's only so many different you're not trying to reinvent the wheel only so many ways you can box if you are doing literally every imagine in and more punches landed means less that they basic we're thinking of it in terms of them that right back to the start that video you said. I think I read something the other day it was like this is what I want. I wanted to fight this guy for the scores. Tell you on. This is my manager. So that could've single-minded laser beam focused. What is the short medium and long-term GonNa be for short time for me? Before the end of the winter squash the person the whole detail and then would be was my team. Earnest's WHO's Milana tournament and it's just something that and Whatnot Stephan story because you win. The Scotch Tales cost an idiot so then when it comes to brush Oron Skins but if anybody pulls out the quite look at the eightieth tight could be that if I've got the then maybe fifty four months. Dunblane abreast title fight comes up on an opponent poos on four weeks then the more or less. If I'm ready I'm caught one tails I'm calling for higher but again the for that would be short-term green before the end of the year to be run in the top twenty or before the end of the. I'm do well without jail which I never really thought it was going to happen. I think because I'm jumped up into big BIG RISKS. Hydrates the weeds. Excuse meaning talk at welterweight which is tainted on seven and a half store which is very very exciting week characters Brian Jenkins. There's some good names to get involved to not mix. I needed to take risks and I was just going. Take the wants to both at Mottain eleven will take a big step for me to do I went from one. World fails box and and yet I don't want to go right. Down Pecking order by. What does success long so for me? That was a big thing of quick fast apprenticeship yet instantly shootings. A big fight won't pick a risk Instantly jump to the opportunity with both hands monitor understands might set outgoing. She'd noise the boundaries of the modern aspirin yet. But you also knew that eager and willing harden liquor thing and I think that's the big thing excites him an excites me. That even though I'm young I don't have that fear Hero. If I get pop into a now it's more that of dunes alive now when to an loath enjoy success that you got falling so far short time it'd be the scarsdale freely for me for the twenty twenty one but stale made it sort comb left. Pale on the big goal as a role tailhook limit. Tweet twenty five twenty six million truly love the mindset. 'cause it's one thing that always appreciate the goal. I will do. Anything to get ahead in students have reached out and growth are stuff. But that's just the way that very simple. Hey where'd that we touched on a little bit there? This is purely from a box and fans point of view and a very young at that. It feels sometimes the very top of the game. They're almost trying to protect their zito. If you like. It's like if you talk about the learning that can happen through losing which most people seem to acknowledge that you learn more from yeah. I don't particularly like that mentality that you have to loose it. Learn to learn from winning but is there is that a pattern has always happened nerve. Relatively modern push a bit more of a modern for thing. I think you're proper you're older fires. They were just there. Get Pizza carefully. What laws in the NFL driven really the good? Keep that run cohere and obviously whoever was the big name. David wouldn't fight. I'm I think I was more old school waterman instead. I now I think our sold any politics and monetarism falls with deals. That's media that at money involved. Now these money involved in its crease when you look at the top. Sorta level yeah thought its investments that these companies are in money into so when it gets to the top. I think that the protect Z. Looks almost makes them feel invincible. All I don't have a loss on my talk in Tennessee teams around the big players. Sometimes the entourage's lake getting beyond and it does feel a little bit like that. Anthony Joshua's last fight. There was twenty eight people in his. And you can imagine and this is like Anthony. Th you're listening to a ticket I but you can imagine there must be a huge amount of yes men surrounding them does. He ain't what they're wanting to here and all this stuff so interesting but I think the younger generation in this modern time are will take rescue. You see a lot more younger players taking big risks. One of the big ones just Dial to anything. Gorman knitting twenty two or twenty fitting violent of US twenty one meet event on a talk show. I think the tool between them. Twenty three or twenty fight so they're basically just double figures with each other here state on Beecher shoe being so young yet and I think a lot more failures especially younger for doing that nowadays at the Kinda do the to take risks. Can't be there again volved. Because the big names are what could appear ed clear and less thing in terms of the role models for you in boxing. Who who's your. Who's the guy the the poster Guy Bef- Before he retires Floyd Mayweather the big thing. That was one of the big reasons even for ten point. A few just opposite loafed personnel. Pa It's the pure brilliant and the crossman absolute must across. What would you sum him up? Like in Tennessee of game style. And all that sort of stuff. So how would you sum up the technicalities of what? He does brilliantly and boxing I would say is one of the most strategic Klay on dedicated fires Hop Legislate Movements of people don't see each Twitches he's Two or three milliseconds ahead okay. But that's the difference uncertain why I think he's been so good near nobis believable but now nowadays the biggest fun I have just now especially being from the ceiling lava Shangri from touch sleep. These eighteen Lukamba can look August. She is closed is the most successful trump type. A one loss near enough four hundred five which of two time. Olympic gold or stuff like that but he looks effortless. Think thoughts what makes it look Almost like everybody else can slough of is like a rube off as rights are smooth away. Everything what shoe. Calculate and precise yeah. It's the same in tennis. Dd anymore can logically track it. But their brains process things much quicker so an analogy might work is lose Hamilton. Driving two hundred miles an hour like me and you drive in eight. He sees coroner's he sees turns eastward break. Went to an opportunity and tennis players always remember federal when Roddick was hitting serving one hundred and forty five miles an hour. Somebody asked him. How can you return to serve so quickly? He said sometimes it feels like him in that film. The Matrix is like the ball's coming two hundred and forty eight. Looks like it's GonNa slow motion what you're describing is exactly the same thing they see a little move and they can move. The was moved before you even knew that you exotic I think about all compact to the sacrifice and like if you asked some dealers may be done it for six months to the I never ever GonNa have it but if you look at them. It's always for me personally. The top top level boys is always done from a young ear. I think it's just when your brain's learning especially imprinted and I think you cut take thought nuts role unnatural belly in your brain so I think that's one thing that's been successful so far Making we've been doing it. You're only twenty we for sixteen and a half year Benton. Well I would say in my favorite type of people to speak with or spend time with. People ARE DRIVEN GOAL. Driven determined disciplined focused new schools. Get in one hundred percent urine. That got thank you so much thank you.

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