BrainStuff Classics: What Determines Your Hair Color?


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I'd and book appointments go to Homeadvisor DOT COM or download the free homeadvisor APP and start your next project. Welcome to brainstorm the production of iheartradio. Hey brain stuff lauren. Bogle bomb here with a classic episode from our archives featuring former host Christian savior. Today's topic topic is an excellent bit of everyday science. What determines your hair color and why do we go gray a brain stuff? It's Christian. I in Sagar. Sometimes you're right in the middle of cleaning up the drain in the shower. And you start pondering questions like. Why is my hair color different color from my mom's tair or my neighbors hair or my roommate's disgusting Soggy Three Foot Long Wolf's tail drain Wad? What's the real difference between blond hair black hair red hair and everything in between well? The main structural ingredient in human hair is a protein called Carrington. It's what your hair and fingernails are made of but also what's behind the Silky Sheen of wool bear claws and horse hooves. Mom Don't you just want to run your fingers through those Hove's but Carrington on its own is not very colorful and if all humans had in our hair was Carrollton Harrison. We'd look like eighteenth century. French aristocrats in powdered wigs. Because we'd all have the same sort of white colorless hair but at Carrington is not the only ingredient in human hair to create natural color. You need to add pigment. This is done by cells in the skin called Milan ascites lights. These MILANA sites create the natural pigment known as Melanin and deliver it to the cells that create the Karen for your hair and this melanin comes in two varieties varieties you melanin and feel melanin. You Melanin dark pigment. That gives hair brown or black color. Feel Melanin in is a lighter. Pigment that gives Harry Red Orange or yellowish color. Both of these are present in varying degrees. A person might have had a little of each or a a lot of one in almost none of the other so someone with black or dark brown hair probably has a lot of you. Mellon a redhead has a lot of feel melon ellen and blondes. Well they don't have very much of either one so what happens when we get older and start to go gray. Well you can probably guess over over time Milan. ASCITES start to die off and any new hair that grows has less pigment so it looks gray or white but you might be asking what what determines the Melanin to feel melanin mixture to begin with who writes that recipe well primarily it's your genes for example the Molyneaux court in in one receptor or MC One r gene when the protein associated with this gene is active Milan ascites. It stimulates them to make you Melanin Linden the pigment that colors black or brown hair when MC ONE R is not active in the Milan ascites cells they make mostly feel melon and instead and hello Louise's lease but the MC One r gene is not the only genetic factor that controls hair-color like most of your traits hair-color is actually affected affected by more than one genetic variable for example in twenty fourteen a study in the journal natural genetics linked blonde hair in northern Europeans nations to a genetic mutation in one single nucleotides controlling gene expression in hair follicles. They even bread mice with the the same tiny mutation in the mice had lighter colored for then mice without the mutation. Today's episode was written by Joe McCormick produced by Tyler. Clang brain stuff is production of iheartradio's house works to hear more from Joe. Check out his new podcast invention or the old standby stuff. 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