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Hawaiians brave volcanic gases, lava to retrieve pets, belongings


By law the department of health and human services says families seeking asylum should turn themselves into authorities instead of attempting to cross illegally president trump has taken to twitter about the russia probe and the upcoming elections correspondent jeremy diamond president also sounding off on what the potential implications could be of this investigation on republican's chances to keep congress in the midterms he tweeted this is this phoney witch hunt going to go on even longer so it wrongfully impacts the midterm elections which is what the democrats always intended republicans better get tough and smart before it is too late hawaii's big island is grappling with mandatory evacuations lava flows and dangerous gases and the aftermath of a volcanic eruption correspondent steve nana's at least thirty five structures have been destroyed get back out some residents were allowed to return to their homes over the weekend to obtain vital items like medicine documents and even pets many say they are unsure when they can return or whether there will be a home to return to to me it was important to bring the things that made me feel like when it's not which is i don't know right now residents are being warned to be prepared to flee at a moment's notice of seismic activity flares up on wall street the dow jones industrial average rose ninety five points the sp five hundred gained nine the nasdaq closed up fifty six points i'm ann cates the deep state wants to stop donald trump now jerome corsi powerful new book killing the deep state rips the lid off the secret war against trump killing the deep state reveals for the first time the shocking facts about how the fbi cia and even the media plan to block president trump it's already a number one amazon bestseller newsmax says you can't.

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Hawaiians brave volcanic gases, lava to retrieve pets, belongings

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